Negro Crotch-Bombers: America’s Big Trouble

Perfect idea, Al-CIA-da: Get dumb African Negroes to attack us with crotch bombs! Doesn’t the CIA/MOSSAD have anybody to come up with better false-flag plots? This is so INCOG MAN.

Nigerian Dufus Bomber

PEOPLE: HOW ABOUT all this non-stop jibber-jabber going on lately in the media over the Nigerian Negro and his underwear bomb? Every time something like this happens we have to listen to the same old crap 24/7 — all the endless droning of talking heads saying the exact same bull as the last hour show; new edgy “The Al Qaeda THREAT” typographics; the usual political tough guy finger-pointing; more nervous hand-wringing and hysteria over “systemic failures in our Homeland security.” Systemic is the new BS word they love so.

Haven’t you noticed how the media takes something like this and just goes on and on and on? Most of the time, pretty much inconclusively until the whole affair eventually peters out and Americans just forget it. To stay PC, all of us — including our white-haired old grandmothers — will now get bomb-sniffing dogs sticking their cold, wet noses up in our crotches, or get our junk felt up by stinking TSA freaks whenever we fly.

Sure, it could have been some real-life Muslim plot and not some inside job dealy. But, here’s the thing: None of these oh-so-smart TV talking heads ever seems to touch on WHY this crap is happening to America in the first place. They just take it for granted that all us dumb Goyim still subscribe to “they hate America just for it’s freedoms” routine. Haven’t you noticed that? Read on.   

Ron Paul, on the other hand, cuts to the chase with a bit of the real deal and gets hit with the usual Jew crap. Watch the following video:    

Ron Paul, some Obama lover I could care less about, and the Jew Ben Stein on Larry King. Stein goes on about the evil muslims being plain psychos and murderers, while Paul pointedly asks “why do they hate us in the first place?” Stein calls Paul’s arguments “anti-Semitic.” Why? Because these Jews know full-well where the conclusions to such talking and thinking invariably leads.    

Ron Paul is being used (a bit dangerously) as a “right wing conservative” much like Pat Buchanan. But neither of them will say the Jew out loud because they can’t and still get any exposure (Buchanan once described Capitol Hill as Israeli territory and the Jews are still livid to this day). These token Goyim have to skirt the main issue, hoping some of us out here will get it. The Jew knows the real history and the Jew Question, so he sees it long before most any sheeple.

And, sure, there are some definitely fishy things with this whole story. For one, a pretty believable lawyer and his wife saw some well-dressed “Indian” guy helping the Nigerian Muslim Terror Negro get aboard the two’s flight in Holland without having any passport (using cash, no less) and later, another well-dressed “Indian” looking guy was seen videotaping the whole affair inside the plane, during the scuffle with the “Terror” Negro. Another man’s carry-on luggage alerted bomb-sniffing dogs. What’s his story? All of this was not even mentioned in the mainstream news.    

Also, they first reported 50 grams of PETN, but then upped it to 80 soon after. ABC kept showing a video (still, above right) of PETN blowing up a plane, yet this explosion is most definitely bogus size-wise. They are using it to jack us up. Sure, the stuff could have blown out a fairly big hole in the fuselage (if held right next to the side), but nowhere near the giant explosion seen here.    

Watch this video below of 50 grams of PETN exploding while attached to a small sapling and compare it to the video ABC showed over and over to us plebs. It’s a fairly nasty little explosion — it would surely put a big-time hurting on your unit — but it’s obviously nowhere near the catastrophic bomb like ABC makes it out:

Compare this explosion to the ABC Jew propaganda above.

He was wearing FRUIT OF THE BOOM.

And what about that underwear evidence they keep showing? They say the whole thing supposedly burst into flames, burning the guy and the plane, etc., but a shot of the smoking gun underwear doesn’t seem to show much scorching or soot at all (right).

ABC made damn sure to spend a lot of time interviewing this one White liberal couple on board the plane, who just happened to be coming home with two Sudanese orphan kids they stupidly just adopted. They put up multiple photos of the smiling, happy family on the way to freedom in America. Ah, multiculturism! 

Something tells me that the whole thing was a concurrent plot to explain away or excuse the Yemeni Predator strike(s). They attacked the Muslims with Predators not once as reported, but twice this month and several times over the last decade. The Yemeni government attacked and killed 130 Somalian pirates, illegal Ethiopian immigrants or Sudanese refugees, all of which the mainstream media kept quiet about. The Fort Hood shooter is also supposed to have had a Yemeni connection.

Some kind of psyops bull is certainly going down. This may well be another orchestrated event for hidden, geopolitical reasons. The real power structure is using lies and paranoia to keep us in the dark and freaking about “terrorism.”

Plus, they’ve been trying to move the few Jews (300) still living there to Israel. Along with a 70 million US taxpayer bribe, they may have made another back room deal with the Yemenis: Let the Jews keep whatever bank accounts they have and leave, or we’ll smite whomever we want, when we want — without asking your permission.

Or it may have been a promise to the corrupted Saudis Monarchy, to destroy a sanctuary and base of Islamic Fundies, Wahibis and Shiites, as a tit-for-tat deal coming up over Iran and maybe the Palestinians, too. To lend a little terror spice to the befuddled masses back in the US, they launch “Operation Negro Crotch-Bomber.”

Phony Al Qaeda CIA/MOSSAD people may have picked-up on this particular idiot Negro, getting him all jacked up believing he was joining a real Al Qaeda. When they sent him out on his destined-to-fail Jihad mission, they gave him something inoperable and/or ineffectual. In the patsy’s hands, they knew the chances would be good that the passengers would end-up just fine, but result in the usual Media hullabaloo about Al Qaeda, terrorism, etc., etc.

Or, like I said before, it could be some genuinely pissed-off Muslims, but mostly powerless and relatively half-witted. Pretty much like all the other “homegrown” Muslim terrorists that crop up now and again.

Hey! I got a better idea: Why don’t we — instead of all this never-ending media bull; the stupid back and forth from Republicans and Democrats about national security and “who is tougher on terrorism” —  why don’t we just pull all our troops back home from the Mideast? Let’s do exactly what Ron Paul says we should. And give Israel the finger while we’re at it. How does that sound, America?

Man, just think about all the taxpayer’s money we can save. All the Muslims in the streets would be loving our asses (but that’s not why we should). We can put the troops to work guarding the border with Mexico and rounding up illegals for deportation. Hell, I bet even the Chinese would give us free tires for life.

Sure, the Jews back here — Neocons and all the rest — would be screaming bloody murder (as usual), but it’s pretty much long past the time for us to give those sorry bastards the big boot anyways.

Nah, we can’t be doing the smart thing. This might be a little too obvious a solution for America to handle. What would our owned-media then have to talk about ad nauseum?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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122 Responses to Negro Crotch-Bombers: America’s Big Trouble

  1. GDL/White Master says:

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  2. gtrman says:

    Ive only watched 1 and a half minutes of the vid, and i havent read the comments, so bear with me. This latest ‘ terrorist’ bullshit seems to be just an excuse to target a new demographic – the “african”. We know chinas got its paws in, this is just too convenient. Im fucking hopping mad right now after spending christmas and new year with fucking zombie people who want to watch vampire crap and ” this years best ads”, seriously i wish id have drunk whiskey instead of red wine and caused a fucking scene!

    Its ok to put on an “x” rated vampire movie at 8.00 with kids around, but ive got to keep my mouth shut about real kiddie killers?

    Dammit, i watch peoples kids go hungry cos their moms feeding imaginary fish on facebook?


    Everyone here is dead, and they love it. This is the uk, and ive known this all my life. I got through christmas by reading an autobiography by an acidic scottish comedian, Frankie Boyle. I bought it as a present for someone and then didnt let go till id finished.

    He didnt let me down. Page 5:” Ive been studying Israeli martial arts. I now know sixteen ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back “

  3. gtrman says:

    Ok, with this “TERRORISM” crap. – more people die every day from peanuts, aspirin and fucking car-crashes.

    Im chewing my cheeks with frustrated anger, this is bullshit!

  4. Akira says:

    All the dirt on the Dirty Ribbis and the Rabbi-Groupie:

    Transcripts of the dirty kike trying to pimp his widdle “Cutie Pie Darling”

    BTW, she’s a whore who’s also trying to entrap the filthy Pimp-Rabbi for some other Rabbi who fucked her, and is now in a feud over money with Pimp-Rabbi

  5. gtrman says:

    And with this “anti-semitism” crap. Lets ditch it for good. The word is “anti-jew”. Thats it.

    fuck them. This is my third bottle of red wine talking.

    Its “Anti-JEW” from now on.

    Maybe we’re being played. OK. It looks like a duck, whines like a duck and fucks us like a duck.

    Anti-jew is what i am

  6. WHITEMAN says:

    gtrman – there you go! Anti-Jew is it.

  7. gtrman says:

    Can you feel it? it rises from your solar-plexus up to your chest nd down again. Its pure anger. It is, as john lydon said, an energy.

    I wish i could bottle it and send it off to do some damage.

    Stallion made a good point the other day about these site being just a steam valve. Well he’s right on one level cos i’d be punching fucking walls otherwise.

    Believe me people, this year is going to be……….something else.

  8. gtrman says:

    the worst part of all this is, i like to think that the people here are decent! good! Honest! For fucks sake i was a poster boy for acid, mushrooms, pot, live-and-let-live blah blah…If I can see somethings wrong, then, somethings wrong!….And yet we are racist homophobe antiseite nazi blah blah……

    I dont give a fuck if youre jewish!!! just dont act like a jew!

    I dont give a fuck if youre a gay! just dont act like an obnoxious fag!!!

    I dont care if youre black! Just dont rob me and stop touching your dick you fucking caveman!!!!

    Love, the Nazi-Hippy

  9. Brigid says:

    Happy New Year, to all of you ready to fight back, instead of being the patsiers of the fucking Jews. The elders of Zion need to be castrated.

  10. gtrman says:

    Castrated? Thats just the entrance fee

  11. Flanders says:

    Hell, Brigid, they have already become the Elders of Brokeback Mountain. Castrating them would only make them more prissy. Pissing on their money counting machines would be a much more severe sanction. In fact, that would be sacreligious for them.

    I’ll leave you with a story to begin your new year.

    “A park ranger sacked for asking a black colleague if he ‘put polish’ on his legs has won £40,000 compensation after a judge ruled that skin colour is a ‘fact of life’.
    Michael Farmer said he was branded racist and even falsely accused of being a member of the British National Party after making the comment.

    Lambeth Council sacked him under its ‘zero tolerance’ policy on

    Read more:

    I wish everyone here a Happy White New Year!!!


  12. Flanders says:

    Phillip Marlowe, didn’t you say, “And to stay PC, all of us — including our white-haired old grandmothers — will now get bomb-sniffing dogs sticking their cold, wet noses up into our crotches whenever we fly.”?

    Grandmother arrested after refusing to delete JetBlue fight video

    “Marilyn Parver filmed an altercation between two passengers on a recent JetBlue flight. When she refused to delete the footage from her video camera, she says the airline threatened to blacklist her and accused her of interfering with a flight crew, which is a federal crime.

    You can read the account of Parver’s flight and subsequent arrest here.”

    Here’s the video that got grandma detained on JetBlue flight

    Here is the subpeona issued to the blogger where the above information was found. The subpeona was issued for a separate reason from the above, but the reason was because this blogger (and another, too) had published a security directive related to the Christmas “bomber”, which is the subject of the Incogman post.

    Full text of my subpoena from the Department of Homeland Security

    TSA backs off after their intimidation has been well-publicized.

    TSA backs off subpoenas in search for leaker of widely known security directive,0,3964528.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fmostviewed+%28L.A.+Times+-+Most+Viewed+Stories%29

    And, in somewhat related information, cops may face new restrictions on tasering.

    Federal court restricts Taser use by police
    Ninth Circuit ruling — allowing an officer to be held liable for injuries a man suffered after being Tasered — sets a precedent that may force agencies to revisit their policies.,0,3444530.story?track=rss

    “A federal appeals court this week ruled that a California police officer can be held liable for injuries suffered by an unarmed man he Tasered during a traffic stop. The decision, if allowed to stand, would set a rigorous legal precedent for when police are permitted to use the weapons and would force some law enforcement agencies throughout the state — and presumably the nation — to tighten their policies governing Taser use, experts said.


  13. Flanders says:

    Could Terror War be a Response by GOP and Israel Against Threats to Their Global Plans?

    “(CINCINNATI, Ohio) – When nothing adds up, it’s time we starting looking at what we know. Our recent terrorist, now dubbed “the crotch bomber” is another dupe. He could have been working for anyone, drugged, brainwashed or simply influenced, maybe by crazy Arabs, maybe by the Mossad, maybe by the CIA. We only know the game is falling apart.

    We do know a couple of things. His dad back in Nigeria, ran the national arms industry (DICON) in partnership with Israel, in particular, the Mossad.

    He was in daily contact with them. They run everything in Nigeria, from arms production to counter-terrorism. Though Islamic, Muttalab was a close associate of Israel. He has been misrepresented. His “banking” is a cover. Next, what do we know about the two Al Qaeda leaders Bush had released, the ones who planned this?

    According to ABC news, the al Qaeda leaders running the insurgency in Yemen were released from Guantanamo, although two of the highest ranking known terrorist there, without trial.

    Guantanamo prisoner #333, Muhamad Attik al-Harbi, and prisoner #372, Said Ali Shari, were sent to Saudi Arabia on Nov. 9, 2007, according to the Defense Department log of detainees who were released from American custody.”

    “The government of Yemen, as reported in The BBC, says that the Al Qaeda terrorists, led by those released by Bush, are really Israeli agents though they have organized attacks against US targets:

    Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said the security forces have arrested a group of alleged Islamist militants linked to Israeli intelligence.”

    “A passenger has come forward with disturbing new details about the plot to bring down a jet, including the astonishing claim that the accused terrorist was able to board the plane without a passport.”

    Much more information is within the report which is attributed to Gordon Duff, a Marine combat veteran.

    Here is the website for Nigeria Vision 2020, for which the father of the bomber is said to be the Chairman.

    A profile on the father:
    Nigeria:Mutallab – Profile in Courage

    Mutallab {the alleged “bomber”} Spent Only 27 Mins in Country, Says Govt

    NCAA Gives Travel Details of Terror Suspect

  14. Octo says:

    Latest from Curt Maynard:

    Khattab (aka Joseph Cohen) Removes All Traces of Link to Ft. Hood Killer Hasan

    So, given that Yousef al-Khattab is actually Joseph Cohen and one of the numerous fake Al Qaeda used to create a justification for war, then a link from Cohen to Nidal Hasan suggests that the Fort Hood incident was in reality a normal Mossad false-flag operation. – MR.

    My recommendation is if you heard it on the Jewtube [television] you ought to automatically disbelieve/disregard it. – CW.

  15. Steven10 says:

    I wonder if the Silverback got put on a terrorist no-fly list? It’s 2001 all over again.

  16. LW37 says:

    Abdulmutallab is a Falasha Jew Named “Abba dulmu Tal”
    “Abba” in Hebrew means Father
    “Dulmu” the place he was born
    “ Tal” means Dew.
    He left Yemen on December 7 on a flight to Ethiopia to visit his relatives.
    Now the picture is clear……………………..

  17. Flanders says:

    View the following in conjunction with the information contained in the Salem News link in my 12:54am post.

    Nigeria on path to crisis, military intervention, warns ex-US envoy

    ““Nigeria’s military, though much weakened, continues to regard itself as the ultimate custodian of the state,” Campbell { John Campbell, a former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria from 2004 to 2007} wrote in a paper published on Wednesday by the Council on Foreign Relations, a U.S.-based think-tank. According to a Reuters report, the former U.S. envoy warned that Nigeria is on the brink of constitutional crisis with its ailing president not transferring powers to his deputy and political king makers feuding over his succession. “The stakes are high … Continued access to oil revenue will be a powerful incentive for the king makers to find a way out of the current crisis, despite their regional, ethnic and religious divisions,” Campbell said.

  18. Flanders says:

    An additional article which I should have included with my last post:

    Bomb plot arrest highlights Nigeria’s Islamist militancy

  19. Hoff says:

    Search: Obama + Nigeria. No, the jews are not in control of the Nigerian state. That is why Nigeria is smear-slanderd all the time in the jews propganda-machine. The jews puppident diden’t go to Nigeria. American foreign politic is in fact jewish foreign politic.

    1 ls it good for Jewistan?

    2 ls it good for the jews?

    3 How much can we steal?

  20. Hoff says:

    There is nothing complicated about US foreign politic. Just check the three easy steps and you have spotted the jew in any of the 200 states in the world.

    The litmus test is easy: The name of the jews US puppident + X-state.

  21. kerdasi amaq says:

    I’ll say it: I am outraged that that “crotch”-bomber got on the plane without a passport and was allowed through airport security without a search; or so it seems. It also shows up how pointless and useless full body scanners will be.

  22. Hoff says:

    lf i know my Negro’s, the ‘junk’ would be the LAST place they’d place a bomb!!! LOL! -Biker-

    Hoff: Good point. -MUH DICK! l saw a Jew Springer trash all goyim on TalmudVision, TV this night. There was this blond white whore that wanted to get fucked. She was pretty good looking in the face, but the rest was a beer belly. She walked up to this nogger and toöd him he could fuck her for free. He said: -Hell no! There is always an exception.

    So Rosa was a shill. What a pile of BS. Thank you Hoff! -Bella-

    Hoff: Just look at this pic. We are told she defied the evil Nazis, all white people. That is what we are told to see. Now look around Rosa Parks and what do you see? An empty bus standing still. Rosa Parks is a jewish False Flag Photo op.

    Rosa Parks is to stupid white amerians what the jews False Flag Op Nelson Mandela is to stupid white Europeans. Say Rosa Parks or Mandela to any jew whore, the so called “journalists” or “politicians” and they all get the stupid look as christians that are in love with Jesus gets when they start to talk about their hero Jesus. Parks and Mandela is Jesus to secular white people.

    Parks-Mandela are all jew made. Take away the jews and nobody would ever heard a word about Parks-Mandela. The same goes for Obama NoBody. Just look at the face of the stupid white people when you say: Obama. They all get that stupid look and tears in their eyes. They can talk for hours about how Obama is going to Change everything and make the world a better place.

    Just look at how the jews spewed Obama after he became the demoCrap’s puppident candidate July 2oo9. Obama NoBody was hailed as the New Messiah. Next to every single “journalist” and all demoCrap “politicians” had that stupid face and tears in their eyes every time someone said: – Obama … (whatever blah blah blah). Obama NoBody is a jewish made false flag op.

    2oo9: January 20 – Minutes after the administration of the Oath of Office, Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, issues an order suspending last-minute federal regulations pushed through by outgoing President George W. Bush, planning to review everything still pending.[1]

    Hoff: l wonder what that fed regulation was about? This is funny >>>

    In one of his first official acts, President Obama issues a proclamation declaring January 20, 2009 a National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation.[2] Obama enacts a pay freeze for Senior White House Staff making more than $100,000 per year[3] and announces stricter guidelines regarding lobbyists in an effort to raise the ethical standards of the White House.[4]

    The Jew Rahm ”Rahmbo” Emanuel making ”… an effort to raise the ethical standards of the White House.” YEAH RIGHT!!!


    When Barack Obama decided he wanted to run for the Illinois Senate in 1996, he ensured his candidacy by successfully challenging the nomination petitions of his four competitors.
    Obama’s entry into federal politics was also marked by competitors falling by the wayside. He won both the 2004 primary and general election for the US Senate “after tough challengers imploded when their messy divorce files were unsealed,” the Chicago Tribune writes.

    The NYT reports that “the Tribune reporter … acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had ‘worked aggressively behind the scenes’ to push the story. But there are those in Chicago who believe that [David] Axelrod had an even more significant role – that he leaked the initial story.”
    Then on 25 June 2004, Obama’s Republican opponent, Jack Ryan, withdrew due to yet-another a sex scandal.

    2007, September – Presented a plan for “full withdrawal” of American troops in Iraq.

    Hoff: That the jews will withdraw their proxy war machine USA from lraq is a such a big BS that only retarded demoCrap’s could believe that BS. The jews have build the biggest US fortress in the world in the middle of Bagdad. America will be there with at least troops until the oil wells dries up.

    “Fortress America,” the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, is the largest, most expensive in the world, and one that few taxpayers have ever seen.


    Here is the warmonger – The Eternal Jew.

    “Olmert at AIPAC: United with Bush on Iran”

  23. Flanders says:

    Pakistan Taliban say they carried out CIA attack

    “The Pakistani Taliban claimed Friday that they used a turncoat CIA operative to carry out a suicide bombing that killed seven American CIA employees in Afghanistan as revenge for a top militant leader’s death in a U.S. missile strike.”

    “Hussain said a “CIA agent” contacted Pakistani Taliban commanders and said he’d been trained by the agency to take on militants but that he was willing to attack the U.S. intelligence operation on the militants’ behalf. He did not specify the nationality of the “agent.”

    Read more:

  24. jew hater says:

    Question about muh-dik bomber: Who benefited financially from the extremely questionable, timely, and highly suspicious mini false flag?

    Is the company manufacturing and installing the 150 high dollar body scanners in the U.S., and worldwide now, perhaps a jew owned company or is it the same israhell jew company that did airport security for the 911 false flag attacks?

    “One hundred and fifty new full-body scanning machines are set to be placed in airports across the United States as federal authorities work to close security loopholes exposed by the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a U.S.-bound airliner.”

    “The Transportation Security Administration ordered the scanners before the bombing attempt for up to $170,000 apiece. Plans are also in place to purchase an additional 300 units by 2012, TSA officials said.”

    Does obongo’s staged and ridiculous puppet stringery include the surreptitious new security regulations that seem to ban all communication by passengers with the outside world, even airline pay phones, have an ulterior purpose perhaps for use in another 911 type false flag?

    “The TSA directive outlined new screening measures that went into effect the same day as the airliner incident. It included many procedures that would be apparent to the traveling public, such as screening at boarding gates, patting down the upper legs and torso, physically inspecting all travelers’ belongings, looking carefully at syringes with powders and liquids, requiring that passengers remain in their seats one hour before landing, ***and disabling all onboard communications systems, including what is provided by the airline.***”

    I think there was a higher purpose for this little staged incident. It’s got jew stink (and nigger stank) all over it.

  25. Flanders says:

    Good links and a great anaylsis, Hoff. It is apparant that you have these suckers down.

    Jew hater, the security at the Schipol airport in the Netherlands is provided by an Israeli company, I think I ran across a link stating that yesterday and I’ll try to locate it. I think we will find that there will be Israeli “security” provided at many of the major airports. Has anyone run across more detailed information on that?

    LW37, can you provide links for your statement, “Abdulmutallab is a Falasha Jew”? Also, expand on what has been made clear to you, if it is more than the jewish nature of the name, that you are speaking about.

    I like this video. It’s only limitation is in the part about fear. It is INTENDED that we fear our own government, as well as the other items stated.

  26. hoff2 says:

    Jew hater, the security at the Schipol airport in the Netherlands is provided by an Israeli company, I think I ran across a link stating that yesterday and I’ll try to locate it. I think we will find that there will be Israeli “security” provided at many of the major airports. Has anyone run across more detailed information on that? -Flanderd-

    Hoff: l was in Moscow, Sovjet Dec 89. Just before the Berlin wall came down. The KGB officers was females in tailor-made uniforms and 4 inch stiletto heels. When l see a women in 4 inch stiletto heels, l look at’em 9D)

    One thing is for sure, they were NOT russian women. They all looked asiatic. But not only that, they were extremely smug looking. 4 inch stiletto heels, tailor-made uniform and smug look = The Boss.

    Sovjet 1989 was a jew run concentration camp. And one of the few places you could get out of the jews Gulag Sovjet was the international airport in Moscow. And who was in control pf who cpuld get in and who could get out? The jews.

    The standard Q when l tell people that jews are in control is: -How can they do that? The jews are very few?

    lmage that O’Hare Airport, Chicago was the only international airport in America. The only way in or out of America would be O’Hare airport, just the same as the international airport in Moscow. How many jews would it take to control every single person entering or leaving America?

    “O’Hare has 12 security checkpoints”,0,6257110.story

    How many jews would it take to totally control 12 checkpoints? 10-20 or 30 jews? One hundred jews would be enough to make sure that every single person entering or leaving America is scrutinized by at least one jews eyes.

    Most people do NOT understand how real power works. lt’s NOT about the number, it’s all about taking control of the few checkpoints, the passes. Take control of the checkpoints-passes and a very small group can control the biggest army there is.

    All states have very few checkpoints. Airports, the White House of any X-country and the parliament, the Secret Police and a few TV-radio channels, the ten biggest papers, the book printing and the campus, take control of these few checkpoints and you control the state.

    Who controls all the cjeckpoints in America and all western countries? The jews. How many jews do it take to control all the checkpoints in America? Top a thousand jews. Think of America as the jew run Sovjet. How many jews on all key positions controlling the few checkpoints in Sovjet did it take the jews to control Sovjet?

    Less then a thousand jews was in control of the Sovjet state. The rest just did what the jews told them to do.

    The Q is not if the jews are in control of all airport “security” companies. The Q is: -ls there one “security” company that is NOT controlled by jews left in the whole western world?

    Jewish power is spelled MONOPOLY. Bercause once you have monopoly you can BOYCOTT anyone that don’t do as you tell them to. To control the people that don’t obey is easy. All you have to do is to put them on a list. How the jews put YOU on a list. Once your on the list you can’t get out of America.

    “Commie Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America:”#1 Issue”, Gun Owners are Terrorists”

  27. hoff2 says:

    Take MONOPOLY on the few checkpoints and then you can BOYCOTT anyone you don’t like. This is how the jew controls the whole western world. The jews have taken monopoly of all checkpoints.

    Ten thousand jews can scrutinize every single airport, every single TV and radio channel, every single paper, every single book printed, every single “politician” and every single “journalist”, every single campus in the whole western world – AND the jews do it. When the jews spot a non-jew they don’t like the jews boycott this non-jew and start screaming: NAZI NAZI NAZI …

  28. I figure there are a few reasons for this ridiculous psych op. The first is, it is a damper on the start of Christmas for lots of people. And we all know what an evil time of year that is.

    Second, it just keeps that adrenalin pumpin’, the eternal fear factor that keeps people anesthetized and open to suggestion at any time.

    Third, the guy looks like any black kid he doesn’t even look like an Arab Muslim. That hits a few more notes.

    Fourth, AL QAEDAAHHHHHHHHHH! shiver shiver and international organization still out to get us.

    Fifth, it is maximum payoff as a diversion for other crappy stuff that lying Obummer and his pals are up to.

    oh, and Hoff is bang on the money there.

  29. anti-zionist says:

    Funny that the jews would cook up the term nazi, with the ashkenazi right in their name. They are either very smart or very stupid.

  30. Flanders says:

    Hoff, you are probably aware of the following witnesses statements about the “bomber”:

    Commenter says he was aboard NWA Flight 253, saw suspected terrorist board the plane

    I did find this description of how security at Schiphol Airport is supposed to be. I can spot quite a few deviations between the witnesses story and “the standard operating procedure”, which is said to be described in this Security Director article:

    A look inside Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport
    By Rhianna Daniels – 04.28.2009

    Besides the numerous cameras said to be in use, it is stated that L3 scanners are already in use.

    I will shorten my comments and include an excerpt on the gate boarding proceedures and allow you to review it for yourself:

    “At these gate-screening areas, five agents conduct behavior profiling interviews on each outgoing passenger. Questions depend on the traveler, but common questions include how long a person stayed in the area, where did a person stay, what portable electronic devices did a passenger bring into the country and did they pack their own bags. As four agents speak directly with passengers, and screen passports, another profiler oversees the whole operation, looking for suspicious behavior.”


    Also, this Wiki link is the best info I could find for now on Israeli “security”.

    “On a more limited focus, American airports have been turning to the Israeli government and Israeli-run firms to help upgrade security in the post-9/11 world. Israeli officials toured Los Angeles Airport in November 2008 to re-evaluate the airport after making security upgrade recommendations in 2006, and Ron’s company, New Age Security Solutions, based in Washington, D.C., consults on aviation security at Boston’s Logan International Airport.[12][19] Calling Ben Gurion “the world’s safest airport,” Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of Los Angeles, has implemented the Israeli review in order to bring state-of-the-art technology and other tactical measures to help secure LAX, considered to be the state’s primary terrorist target and singled out by the Al Qaeda network.

    Other US airports to incorporate Israeli tactics and systems include Port of Oakland and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. “The Israelis are legendary for their security, and this is an opportunity to see firsthand what they do, how they do it and, as importantly, the theory behind it,” said Steven Grossman, director of aviation at the Port of Oakland. He was so impressed with a briefing presented by the Israelis that he suggested a trip to Israel to the U.S. branch of Airports Council International in order to gain a deeper understanding of the methods employed by Israeli airport security and law enforcement.”

  31. Flanders says:

    Hof, when you said, “Take MONOPOLY on the few checkpoints and then you can BOYCOTT anyone you don’t like. This is how the jew controls the whole western world. The jews have taken monopoly of all checkpoints.”

    Did you mean something like this?

    “InfraGard is an information sharing and analysis effort serving the interests and combining the knowledge base of a wide range of members. At its most basic level, InfraGard is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector. InfraGard is an association of businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States. InfraGard Chapters are geographically linked with FBI Field Office territories.”

  32. Robdig says:

    Just scanning though various sources/blogs etc… and thought I would give a few facts about NW253. These are indeed facts and I will not give any opinions of what I “thought” happened. Just a comment at the end.

    I’m a pilot with KLM and do operate flights to and from Lagos, Nigeria. I was also on the NW253 flight on the 25th (as a pax) going home via DTW to Canada-it would get me home earlier-so, I thought…

    When you arrive at SPL from Lagos, there is a passport check done through the Dutch Military Police. It’s often if not, ALWAYS done from the Lagos flights. No passport, false passport, or whatever, you’re pulled aside and you’re not going anywhere.

    If you are connecting to another INTL flight-assuming you already have a boarding pass, (outside EU) you proceed to the gate of that flight since, you are in a ‘secure’ area. To the US, yes, you go through a sort of screening via security personnel. They ask questions about you, your trip, who packed your bag etc… Your passport is then checked and confirmed it is in the system, etc… You go through the “dreaded” security check at the gate and, whalla you’re on board.

    This is standard. There is no further customs check or whatever unless you are staying in NL.

    After landing in DTW, we taxied to the gate and we were asked to remain seated. The Dept. of Homeland security came on board in Business class (where I was sitting) and said “Hey, we know this guy” Then took him away. We deplaned about 20 min later.

    When we were held in the ‘holding’ area in DTW, yes, I also saw a man being pulled away. Yes, he was wearing an ‘orange’, more like maroon jacket. I never inquired or heard further about that.

    Yes, we were moved to another area after our hand bags were sniffed then moved back. Yes, we were told via the FBI that a bag was removed.

    Everyone was interviewed and I finally got though 6 hours later.

    Security is NOT the problem here, it’s the original source. As everyone is well aware, this man was on a watch list and known via different channels.


  33. Lynda says:

    Check out the comment on this story is by Wayne Madsen.

    According to the Madsen report, WMR’s Asian Intel has analyzed the case of the exploding briefs. This is a real Boris and Natasha cartoon – right out of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” which featured all these schtiks and scripts back in the 60s. Now available on DVD and still among the best political comment available.

    The Jews are obsessed with the Blacks and their dicks.

    So this script features a lone nut Nigerian patsy with quite a package. We knew this would just more political theatre / another false flag – we didn’t need see the news, read anything or see the video on YouTube.

    But for what it is worth, WMR thinks the machinery behind the curtain was CIA (of course), Mossad (of course) and interestingly RAW – India’s Research and Analysis Wing. This outfit would seem to be a new player – working with the big boys to subvert Pakistan.

    “The Satanic Trinity” by Wayne Madsen posted for Jan 2, 2010 on The Secrets of Zion

  34. Flanders says:

    Robdig, thanks for your report on this. I think that the “bomber” was sitting in Row 20, is that correct or did you notice while onboard? Can you state your observations while on the plane? Also, was “orangeman” known to have been on the flight? The “attorney witnesses” were seated in Row 27 according to their statements if I remember correctly.

  35. Flanders says:

    A German site, reporting on an Wayne Madsen article which had the following to say. A discussion about the breakdown of security at Schiphol preceded this excerpt. Note that later in the excerpt below is an explanation of the statement, that:

    “ICTS is also linked with Israeli espionage against the United States.”

    “The links between El Al security and Mossad are extremely close with
    abundant cross-pollination of senior personnel back and forth.

    The security company that allowed Reid to board American Airlines 63
    at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris was ICTS (International
    Consultants on Targeted Security) International. ICTS’s senior
    management are all ex-Israeli security officials, many of whom worked
    for El Al security. In 2003, ICTS’s chairman, Ezra Harel, and
    director Menachem Atzmon were detained and questioned by police in a
    criminal investigation of Harel’s business dealings. Harel was
    accused of paying bribes to Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)
    director Dan Cohen, an Israeli attorney who subsequently fled to
    Peru, for a lucrative contract involving Harel’s company Rogosin
    Industries and IEC. The illegal deals involved off-shore entities
    created by Cohen in the Channel Islands, Velsheda, CN, Cusley
    International Ltd. and APK Ltd. and Cobalt, an entity created by
    Harel to launder money through Bank Leumi in New York. Harel and
    Atzmon were also involved in a questionable deal in acquiring the
    port of Rostock, Germany through an entity called Kent Investment
    Holding Ltd. Atzmon operated through a number of entities, including
    Harmony Ventures, BV, Albermale Investment, Ltd., and Seehafen
    Rostock, the company that was managing the operations of thr port of

    ICTS’s president was Lior Zouker. Zouker stepped down in 2004. Harel,
    who started ICTS in 1982, retired in 2003 and was replaced by Elie
    Housman. Harel, a U.S.-Israeli dual citizen, died shortly after
    retiring. Harel for years had used Delawar-based corporations to
    conduct his worldwide business activities while his Israeli banking
    partner, Atzmon, was based in Zurich.

    It was ICTS that largely developed the passenger “profiling”
    procedures used at Schiphol and other airports around the world
    through its subsidiary, ICTS Holland Products BV.

    A significant shareholder in ICTS is an entity called “Everest
    Special Situations Fund LP” of Platinum House, 21 Ha’arba’a St.. Tel
    Aviv. According to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, the
    Everest entity is also financially linked to Metro One
    Telecommunications of Beaverton, Oregon; Simon Worldwide, an
    advertising firm in Los Angeles; Gyrodyne of New York City, a
    non-residential building operator; and Concord Camera Corporation,
    which, significantly, was headquartered at 4000 Hollywood Boulevard,
    Presidential Circle, 6th Floor, North Tower, Hollywood, Florida.

    ICTS is also linked with Israeli espionage against the United States.
    An ICTS board member, retired Major General Amos Lapidot, served as
    commander of the Israeli Air Force and authorized Israeli Air Force
    Colonel Aviem Sella, operating under official cover at the Israeli
    Consulate General in New York, and Rafael Eitan, head of LAKAM, an
    Israeli military technical intelligence gatherer, to accept U.S. Navy
    intelligence official Jonathan Pollard’s offer to spy for Israel.

    ICTS International, headquartered in Amstelveen, Netherlands, is also
    involved in providing various security controls at Schiphol airport.
    ICTS has a major presence around the world in airport security with
    contracts at Hong Kong, Bangkok, Suva, Auckland, Singapore, Macau,
    Chicago O’Hare, London Gatwick, Newark, Los Angeles, and Belfast. In
    1999, Detroit airport abruptly canceled its security contract with
    Argenbright Security Inc. and replaced it with Huntleigh of St.
    Louis. Huntleigh had recently been purchased by ICTS. In December
    2001, Huntleigh/ICTS screeners at San Diego Interntional Airport
    placed a dummy “test” grenade in the carry-on baggage of an unwitting
    Chicago-bound passenger. Huntleigh/ICTS also provided “security” at
    Boston’s Logan Airport on September 11, 2001.

    In June 2009, ICTS was reportedly teetering on the brink of
    bankruptcy and was attracting a number of potential buyers.

  36. NavVet says:

    “Ron Paul, some Obama lover I could care less about, and the Jew Ben Stein on Larry King. Stein goes on about the evil muslims being plain psychos and murderers, while Paul pointedly asks “why do they hate us in the first place?” Stein calls Paul’s arguments “anti-Semitic.” Why? Because these Jews know full-well where the conclusions to such talking and thinking invariably leads. ”
    Ron Paul an “Obama lover”? He’s anything but!

  37. NavVet says:

    Rahm Emanuel is absolutely a globalist hellbent on installing communism in America (communism does not apply to ‘them’ – just the masses). Just about every patriotic American is, or will be, on their “no fly” list so they can confiscate our firearms and prevent any future purchases.

  38. gtrman says:

    Billions in Recent Yememi Investments and The Underwear Bomber’s Daddy. It’s a Small World Ain’t It?

    ‘Daddy Warbucks, whose banking ties are under threat of serious set-backs, goes to the State Department and then the CIA and all of a sudden his lonely, college drop-out, populist son, ends up getting on a flight and setting his nuts on fire and the good-old U.S. of A can now come running in to the rescue to save all those precious investments in Yemen that are directly tied to, you guessed it, the underwear bomber’s daddy. A small world, ain’t it?

    I hope that clears things up a little bit.

    Either that or they just “hate us for our freedom”. Take your pick.’

  39. KimWSSmith says:

    Just another false flag op with too many contradictions. The “hero” who jumped over rows of seats, and took a “device” away from the “terrorist”. How could he have taken a “device” that other liars in this story claim was a “powder” sewn into his shorts?.
    Who was the Nazi jew who helped him onto the aircraft because he did not have a passport? Who was the Nazi jew with the camcorder who filmed the entire event. The photo at the end of the flight is a screen shot from a camcorder.
    It is obvious this “terrorist” attack was staged and meant to be recorded for all to see. This is just more fear mongering by our fascist dictator Obama and his select crew of Nazi jew trash who are hell bent on the total destruction of the United States of America.
    These sons of dogs and apes now have the “justification” for terror bombings in Jordan, Somalia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.
    The American sheeple still don’t get it.
    Oslama Obama will still be in office on Dec 21, 2012. A much anticipated point in time where it is thought the fight between good and evil will be settled; once and for all.
    IF this is that fight: one thing is for certain: The U.S., the UK and Nazi Israel are the evil that will certainly be defeated. Again: if this is that fight: Barak H. Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST. May God show no mercy on these pathetic mass murderers and their minions.

    “I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar soaked fingers out of the business of these [Third World] nations so full of depressed, exploited people, they will arrive at a solution of their own. And if unfortunately their revolution must be of the violent type because the “haves” refuse to share with the “have-nots” by any peaceful method, at least what they get will be their own, and not the American style, which they don’t want and above all don’t want crammed down their throats by Americans.”–General David Shoup [Former United States Marine Commandant 1966]

    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787.

    The Emperor Obama:

    Up To His Neck In Blood:

    30,000 More Troops Off To Operation Enduring Disaster

    “Whensoever the general Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.” Thomas Jefferson

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”– Abraham Lincoln, 1861

    ” Chathab, kalb ibn kalb – Liar, dog, son of a dog. “

  40. KimWSSmith says:

    Perhaps our first strike should be one of massive civil disobedience: Refuse to answer all questions in the upcoming “census” by proclaiming our rights under the 4th and 5th amendments of the U.S. CONSTITUTION.
    Let us begin with an oath of silence on every issue that helps these Nazi thugs maintain their grip on our rights. We should see, hear and report nothing to anyone who represents this fascist junta. THEY ARE THE “TERRORISTS”!

  41. Flanders says:

    KimWSSmith, good posts, but forget the word civil in the last one. The cards are laid on the table now for all to see. This is not another managed “civil rights” farce where civil disobedience will “buy concessions”. This is survival for the man on the street opposed to those who are intent upon enslaving or destroying all people. Take your choice, but prepare if you are not going to choose to be either a willing slave or dead.

    Shoup was a good Commandant. What he says in that quote is reminiscent of another old Marine, Gen. Smedley Butler. Here he is on “War is a racket”.

  42. White Patriot says:

    Ann Coulter one ups obongo and his gollywog bullshit:

    Ann Coulter says she’s afraid of anal, foreskin bombings
    Published on 01-06-2010

  43. gtrman says:

    yes, even the inside of our bodies are no longer private:

    Former EU Justice Commissioner: We need to Scan Inside Travelers’ Bodies For Bombs

    ‘The rampant delirium over the proposed implementation of full-body security scanners in airports reached new heights today as a former EU minister suggested that all passengers need to have their insides scanned to make sure they are not concealing bombs.

    The former European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom & Security, Franco Frattini, made the comments in an interview with European radio station Radio 24’

    Read more…

  44. Marshall says:

    Hey good comments about Obama as the antichrist. I don’t think he actually is, but he’s trying hard! Anybody remember this video? Are these kids saying “Alpha! Omega! Alpha! Omega!” ??? Spooky stuff. Why the paramilitary regalia? I see they have also employed the African tribal dance motif. Bizarre.

    I thought Jesus Christ was the Alpha and Omega…

    6.Revelation 1:8
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.
    Revelation 1:7-9 (in Context) Revelation 1 (Whole Chapter)
    7.Revelation 1:11
    Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.
    Revelation 1:10-12 (in Context) Revelation 1 (Whole Chapter)
    8.Revelation 21:6
    And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.
    Revelation 21:5-7 (in Context) Revelation 21 (Whole Chapter)
    9.Revelation 22:13
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
    Revelation 22:12-14 (in Context) Revelation 22 (Whole Chapter)

  45. Biker says:

    this started i think with pre-employment urinalysis here in the U.S. its been happening slowly, and has rapidly become invasive. take a piece of my skin, a lock of my hair, a tube of my blood, cup of my piss, and finally LOOK THROUGH me. bullshit

    take a sniff of my nuts while your at it ZOG, and see if they smell like AMERICAN cheese..

  46. Immer Gleich says:

    About that Coulter-Foreskin story.

    “If you didn’t lose your lunch over comments conservative doyenne Ann Coulter made about abortion doctors (“I’m not opposed to shooting abortionists”) or about Jews (“We just want Jews to be perfected, as they say”) or maybe even about John Edwards (whom she called a “faggot”), you might just lose it over her latest quip.”

    Fuck the baby killers! Fuck the Jews! Fuck John Edwards! Fuck the faggots! (not literally!). Fuck these fuckers telling us what we should and should not be outraged by. And fuck Ann Fucking Coulter!

    Remember the ‘outrage’ over her comment, “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” ?

    The only outrage was because of the Christianity part. Her kike bosses at NR choked on their matzoh balls.

    Didn’t “we” invade their countries and kill their leaders anyway?

    Somebody should invade America, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.

  47. kerdasi amaq says:

    “all questions in the upcoming “census” by proclaiming our rights under the 4th and 5th amendments of the U.S. CONSTITUTION.”

    Organise mass burnings of census forms.

  48. Immer Gleich says:

    “Organise mass burnings of census forms.”

    Encourage blacks to. They’re pissed off because of question 9, which asks if they are ‘black’ ‘african-american’ or ‘negro’

  49. KimWSSmith says:

    let’s record the burning of our census forms and post the videos on YOUTUBE!

  50. Octo says:

    Ann Coulter says she’s afraid of anal, foreskin bombings
    Published on 01-06-2010

    “Unless the bomb is inserted under the foreskin, and by the way, I don’t see a clear angle on the anus. That’s a pretty easy hiding place for this.”

    So THAT’S why the Jews institutionalized circumcision in America!,_foreskin_bombings/18837/0/7/7/Y/M.html

  51. China and Russia put the blame on some screwed up experiments of US for the earthquake that happened in Haiti.
    Chinese and Russian Military scientists, these reports say, are concurring with Canadian researcher, and former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, who in a very disturbing video released from his Japanese offices to the American public, details how the United States attacked China by the firing of a 90 Million Volt Shockwave from the Americans High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facilities in Alaska
    If we can recollect a previous news when US blamed Russia for the earthquake in Georgio. What do you guys think? Is it really possible to create an earthquake by humans?
    I came across this [url=]article about Haiti Earthquake[/url] in some blog it seems very interesting, but conspiracy theories have always been there.

  52. SBD TV says:

    The TSA, frontline defense against one of the most incompetent terrorist organisations on the planet. It’s shocking how their actions are leaked in advance and they still pull them off! All the TSA really does: is hold down the unemployment statistics for unemployable morons, and the ones making the money are the contract holders!


  53. SBD TV says:

    What I’d like to know is: how long would it take to organise a stunt like this? Would three days be enough?


  54. SBD TV says: – Last night BBC 2 in the UK aired a white washed documentary on the Christmas day Detroit underwear bomber (Abdul Farouk Mutallab). They failed to mention that Homeland security were overruled when they wanted to revoke his Visa, that he was escorted past ticket agents by a smartly dressed man and that somebody videotaped the whole incident. They use pointless witnesses instead of Kurt Haskell. They also failed to mention the health risks of full naked body scanners and that Michael Chertoff has business ties to the scanners. This is how the new world order operates folks…deception. Don’t let the public be spun by this documentary, that fails to ask the tough questions.

  55. Marshall says:

    Incogman RADIO??? Why not Incog? BlipTV too FREE!!!

    Also…anybody want completely FREE telephone off your PC? Marsh is a master at finding free things, because I’m a sailor!!! Our motto is, “Air is free, and everything else should be too” I’ve already tested Mediaring out, works like a charm, even off my laptop 😀

  56. Marshall says:


    In April of 1997 United States Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen said: “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” He made this statement at a conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and U.S. Strategy in his official capacity as the US Secretary of Defense; thus this can be taken as an official position of the United States. Further he used the word “are,” not “could,” “might” or “maybe sometime in the future.” He also added: “It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts.”

  57. gtrman says:

    “What a daft way to stop your spaniel eating the milkman”

    “As we know, one man once got on one plane in a pair of exploding hiking boots and as a result everyone else in the entire world is now forced to strip naked at airports and hand over their toiletries to a man in a high-visibility jacket.

    In other words, the behaviour of one man has skewed the concept of everyday life for everyone else. And we are seeing this all the time.”


    “We now think it’s normal behaviour to take off our clothes at an airport. But it isn’t. Nor is it normal to stand outside in the rain to have a cigarette or to do 30mph on a dual carriageway when it’s the middle of the night and everyone else is in bed. It’s stupid.

    And last week the stupidity made yet another lunge into the fabric of society with the news that government ministers were considering new laws that would force everyone to take a test before they were allowed to keep a dog.”

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