That’s Jigging in the Ghetto!

THE ONE THING that crossed my mind while waiting for my guide to pick me up at the exit of I-95 and Al Sharpton avenue, was just how disgusting the place looked before me. Stinky too. But everyone did say the Jigging around here was phenomenal and all. If I heard that once, I heard it a thousand times — why else would I ever think of coming to a total shit hole like this?

The surrounding landscape was a wild mixture of abandoned industrial buildings, run-down tenement houses and heaped garbage of all sorts. Just looking down at my feet I could see chicken bones, used condoms, Kool cigarette butts, empty orange soda bottles. Sure looks promising so far, I told myself.


ALL LIBERALS STOP RIGHT HERE! No use going on with some dull, sports-related, White male stuff. Go back to reading Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father,” or finish up that rad beadwork on your Levi jacket. And don’t forget the blueberry yogurt waiting for you in the fridge next to the bean sprouts!

Just then, my guide Mike Gardner pulled up in his shiny new trolling rig — red like most Jig-Rigs, long since discovered to attract tons of street game. Looking prepared for me, his outriggers were all set, ready to go. Gardner hopped out with a big cowboy smile and shaking my hand, asked me: “Ready for the hottest Deep Street Jigging action on the east coast?” “Damn right, Mike, let’s get this show on the road!” I enthusiastically replied.

Nice Jig-Rig, tricked-out for Deep Street trolling.

Mike’s first mate, Leif Billithong, a lean and rawboned twenty-something from Down Under, motioned me to climb aboard the truck’s Jigging bed. In his heavy Aussie accent he asked: “Bring any of those Street Bitches?” Rapala Street Bitches© were a new, very hot lure, now popular for Deep Street trolling in east coast Ghetto hot spots and damned hard to come by. It’s funny how lures get fashionable for a few months and then fade away. But I did land that whopping 272 lb. Street Ho with one in Detroit just the last month (photo below).

“Of course,” I told him, beaming.

Strapping myself into the fighting chair, with Leif just behind me and now wearing his comm gear, Mike pealed out, doing a fast U-turn onto Sharpton avenue. Soon, Leif had set me up with a Street Bitch© on the right rig and a Rebel NigNog Bouncer© on the left. Both had steel leaders since some of the game in this area were well-known to file their teeth into sharp points. And I knew that Mike would have plenty of other trolling baits at my disposal, such as these sure-fire favorites:

A few popular Deep Street trolling lures.

Not long passed before I heard Leif talking rapid-fire to Mike upfront behind the wheel. Leif tapped me on the shoulder and pointed off towards the intersection of Huxtable street and Martin Luther King boulevard. Sure enough, I spotted a nice pod of Hos and Gangstas, jive-shucking away to some inner jungle beat. At first they looked too small to bother with, but then I noticed several large ones sitting on a ratty old sofa up on the sidewalk nearby, chilling with 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor. Perfect! At least one, maybe two, were in the 300 plus pound class.

Mike then slowed a bit, jinking the truck from side to side. My lures bounced in rhythm, about 50 yards back. I watched approvingly as my Street Bitch© hopped the curb and bounced along the sidewalk enticingly. Just then one of the Gangstas sprang out from the pod, heading directly for my lure. Damn! I was hoping for one of the 300 pounders. Mike — ever so on the ball — hit the accelerator and just in time pulled the bait out of Gangsta boy’s reach. No wonder I paid him the big bucks!

Our troll was messed up by all this, so I expected Mike to go down the block and come back around for another pass at those two lunkers sitting on that couch, but he didn’t. Wondering why, I looked around towards the front. Leif was smiling a big shit-eating grin and pointing excitedly down the street. A mob riot was in progress at one of the few KFC restaurants still left in the city! Nothing excites a Jiggerman as much as seeing one of those Ghetto feeding frenzies. I was sure to hook a citation Mau Mau and soon!

Ace Ghetto Guide Mike Gardner, First mate Leif Billithong and client Jiggerman Ross McGinty seem to have their hands full with a fast-running Mambo Jambo!

Drawing closer to the scene of the feeding frenzy, Leif switched out my NigNog Bouncer© with the tried and true Irresistable© — a perfect facsimile of a KFC bucket of chicken. One has to match the hatch, as they say (I always jig the extra crispy version). On the other outrigger he put on a Rebel Fatty© — that giant drumstick lure with the insanely realistic grease paint job (buy the chicken or turkey version, doesn’t matter).

No sooner did I let it out 25, maybe 30 yards, when this absolutely enormous Sheboon burst out from the front screen door of a “beauty” parlor we just passed and came charging out into the street. WHAMMO! She smashed into my lure, practically throwing herself smack dab on top of it. Man, talk about exciting strikes! That’s the biggest thrill us Big-game Ghetto Jiggermen can have. Sure wished I had it on video.

Quickly, I pulled back hard on the rod to set the hook — before the Jig had a chance to know the Jig was up. Feeling the hook drive home I eased up a bit to see if she would make a run. Boy, did she! Immediately she got to her feet and made a beeline back towards the safety of the beauty parlor (evidently her daytime lair) — my drag was screaming like a bat out of hell and my rod was bent like a pretzel!

This was some big, fat Ghetto Hawg if there ever was one — she had to go 350 lbs. at the very least, I told myself breathlessly. If I could just land her, and that was a very big “IF,”  then I might break the State record. Plus, we were signed up for the Annual Ghetto Big-Nig Tournament and putting her in the truck might mean a lot of moolah for us.

But Mike knew I was in trouble even before I did. We couldn’t let her get back inside that beat-up screen door and cut my line. He floored it just in time, forcing my lunker to take a different direction. Leif, meanwhile, had my backside covered as he kept the fighting chair always pointed in the right direction — at my giant Negress lunker now running wild through the street!

Sure, Deep Street trolling is exciting and glamorous, but rooftop jigging with your pals is always fun, too.

Rooftop float-rig action. Looks like someone is about to get a big strike!

Normally, most of your larger scale Mambo Jambos and Sheboons don’t jump near as much as the smaller Gangstas and Hos, but sometimes you find ones that do. This was one of those times. I could only look on in awe as she porpoised up and down off the street, all the time shaking that fat glistening Sheboon head to and fro — trying vainly to throw my hook free. As she jumped, I bowed my rod before her, allowing just enough slack in my line to keep it from snapping as her massive hulk slammed back down on the pavement. I could have sworn I felt the ground shudder all the way into the truck.

This went on and on for minutes, maybe a half hour, before my trophy brawler sounded, running far into the distance as the teflon drag on Mike’s expensive gold Penn International screamed that sing-song I loved so much. Leif took a ladle of cold water and splashed it over my reel to keep it from overheating. I, too, could have used a splash of water on my face, now dripping and glistening with sweat as I fought my titanic battle with a real-life Moby Sheboon!

My 272 lb. Detroit Street Ho makes a run for it. Captain Jeremy Wadkins and First mate Bert Kahlback were a great help in landing my whopper Mau Mau!

Mike, realizing that things looked bad as my Sheboon whopper had run off with most of my line, threw the truck into reverse and expertly careened backwards down the street, as I furiously tried to reel in the slack. Thank goodness Mike never scrimps when it comes to the cost of Jigging tackle!

Soon, I had most of my line back and could see my Mau Mau brawler clearly. She was now rolling around in the gutter, trying to wrap my line around her giant girth to snap me off. In situations like this, the captain could do nothing as it was entirely up to the Jiggerman to handle. I kept my rod tip high and the line out of reach as I quickly followed her spastic movements out across the pavement. I knew I was succeeding when Leif patted me on the back.

When it finally sunk in that wasn’t working, she quickly sprang to her feet and took off like a runaway freight train for a rusty, green dumpster about a half-block away. Chances are, she already knew that was a safe haven to make for and must have used it many times in the past to have reached such a size. I realized my drag was set too light after that long tussle in the gutter, so I reached down to increase it a tad as she closed in on the dumpster. I almost panicked, knowing deep down that I had to stop her fast!

Got one on! Classic light action fly rodding at street level.

Some favorite light action lures and flies for Jiggermen.

Right as I almost got my drag set, she made it to the curb in front of the dumpster. I roared back on the rod, hoping and praying I could turn her back from her goal. Just then I saw something that to this day I still cannot believe, even knowing full-well that I saw it with my own two eyes. That massive, 350 lb. plus Negress lunker jumped clean of the curb, hurling herself bodily towards the yawning mouth of the dumpster and freedom.

She had to have been a good 15, 20 yards away when she launched herself off into space. And that dumpster was at least another 8 feet or so off the ground. One sometimes sees this kind of thing while trolling the basketball courts for young Gangstas, but rarely do Jiggers see such a giant Sheboon make that kind of leap!

Since Mike only recently bought his new Deep Street trolling rig, the video system was not yet installed and none of this is on tape. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Of all the Jiggermen in the world, I’m the most honest. Really.

Fly rod Jiggerman Dan Rathbone plays a nice one at a secret spot in Baltimore. Walls covered with game sign are always a good place to work your favorite Ho-fly. Other hot structure to look for: Liquor stores, basketball courts, crack dens and check cashing operations.

Veteran Jiggerman Neil Babcock stalks a likely-looking hole for Ho, somewhere deep in West Atlanta.

My Sheboon landed head first into the dumpster. A huge cloud of dust and bits of trash flew high up into the air all around her piggy feet. At first, I thought I lost her for good until I saw her head pop up, shaking side-to-side furiously, just above the lip of the dumpster. I was still hooked up!

There was a good chance I might end up still landing this baby. If Mike could get the truck backed up close enough to the dumpster, Leif should be able to get the flying gaff into her. I saw that Mike had the exact same idea as he worked the steering wheel like a madman, manoeuvering expertly over the curb and in-between the burned-out hulk of a Cadillac and a bent parking meter.

Concentrating hard on my prize, I had my line way too tight — that I will freely admit. For right at the moment Mike was backing close enough to the dumpster, the totally rusted old lid of the dumpster broke free and slammed down hard, snapping my line like it was gossamer! As my rod bounced back straight with a cruel finality, my heart sank deep in my gut. Thinking back, I still kick myself to this day.

Expert fly-tyer, Homer Harder whips up a bucket load of KFC “Sidewalk Bouncers” for his pal’s morning trip to a hot spot in South Central LA. Bouncers are killers for light action, both fly rod and spinning.

Fly rodder Bill Tyler with his IGNA (International Game Negro Association) world record for the 12 pound tippet class — A 287 lb., 6 oz. whopper Ho, landed in Detroit this past summer. Just look at that happy grin!

I knew my freed lunker Sheboon had by now buried herself deep in the dumpster — likely breathing hard and fast among the dried-up crap and street garbage after her valiant struggle to continue her Ghetto lifestyle. No way was I going to get this one to strike again. At least not on this trip, anyways.

As I sat there, shaking my head and pretending to wonder what went wrong, Leif patted me on the back, vainly trying to console me. All my visions of that citation lunker mounted and gracing the steel-reinforced walls of my trophy room just went up in smoke. Mike said something on his comm gear, which I couldn’t make out from the static or the dark daze enveloping me.

That’s when Mike climbed out of the captain’s seat and came around to the side of the Jigger bed. He spread his hands out on the side gunwales of the truck and with a feigned serious look and bobbing head, said this to me in his best imitation Uncle Rastus ebonics:

“Dat’s Jiggin’ in de Get-Towww!”



Stay tuned here for more Jiggermen articles!

Upcoming Flyrodding special will include: Sidewalk Streamer tactics for big Hos. Gangstas are Suckas for Nymphs. Roll Casting techniques in tight alley ways. Lotto Ticket and Food Stamp Dry Flies: Your key to success. Great Liquor Store hotspots. Level III Kevlar Jigging Vest Guide. Catch and Release: Is it really such a good idea?

The Future of America’s Great Traditions

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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158 Responses to That’s Jigging in the Ghetto!

  1. Biker says:

    we cant reverse the technology, im no fan of ‘big band music’ LOL! but the morality, the decency.. it wanst so long ago that we cant snatch it back! and im going to do my damdest to make this country something to believe in, and be proud of once again. join me… or get the hell outta the way buddy.

  2. Steven10 says:

    Ted you spewed all the communist catch phrases and buzz words. You’ve sucked up the Bolshevik bs ideaology.

  3. gtrman says:

    Here, Ted, suck on this:

    Boy, Were You Ever Wrong

    By Patrick Grimm
    So you thought the Jews were just another clannish and ethnocentric group interested in preserving their religious and cultural traditions. You believed the Jews when they told you that they only wanted to live and let live. You took them at their word when they said they were only desirous of a country where they could reside free of persecution. You didn’t think twice when they larded up their pronouncements with lots of inclusiveness and out-group words of good will. You believed the scholars who pinned all the blame for anti-Jewish persecution, pogroms, expulsions and genocide on those people who were not Jewish. You thought it not unseemly that these same Jews were a bit touchy when it came to their history and their preoccupation with Holocaust dramatizations. Boy, were you ever wrong.

    You knew your country was sick, didn’t you? Yes, you did. You can feel this sick degeneration down deep in your bones. It was a sixth sense you had. It spoke to you like a still small voice and it whispered ever so softly. It told you that the foundations were crumbling and the buffering institutions were being eroded. But you wanted to call it something else. You ranted about “liberalism”, “big government”, “high taxes”, “overregulation” and how bad those Democrats were. Perhaps you attended a few Tea Parties and whined to your friends about the dangers and wickedness of an Obama administration. You might have even dropped a few dollars in the coffers of yet another “conservative” group, thinking you were doing your due diligence. Sarah Palin is probably your girl in 2012. Her shallow rhetoric and inane sound bites did not dissuade you one bit. You, a solid red state flag-waving “patriot” probably cheered the war in Iraq even as the pseudo-mission became more and more opaque and fuzzy. This didn’t stop you from sending your precious son or daughter to “fight for democracy and freedom” and kill more Muslim people all for the nebulous pronouncements of War Party bureaucrats who knew nothing about Sherman tanks, but spent most of their time in think tanks.

    When your child came home from college or university mocking the religious beliefs you taught them since their birth and began spouting rehearsed bromides against the evils of white European culture, you blamed “liberal professors.” When your offspring waxed pretty about alternative lifestyles, the merits of homosexuality and the open-minded beauty of bi-curious pursuits, you blamed those damn liberals and Communists. You were half right, which still means that you were also half wrong too. You didn’t look any deeper, did you? You asked shallow questions and you got shallow answers. What did you expect?

    Now, as you glance about you and see very few Americans flying American flags (they are almost non-existent in my community), you are chagrined. Like you, many of our citizens know that a sick force has seized our government and our institutions. You know something is awry. But that’s all you know. You, even more than a liberal or a progressive, believe what the controlled, so-called “conservative” media tells you. You don’t ask questions. You are a “controlled opponent” and don’t even know it. You parrot the tired rehashed lines of a Glenn Beck, a Rush Limbaugh or (god forbid) a Sean Hannity. These folks talk about the symptoms all day long, but they want to leave the causes untouched.

    You know that patriotic fervor is dead in the USA, but you don’t know why. You know your dollar won’t buy you much, but you’ve done little to investigate exactly why this is the case. The hatred against your country grows, but you, like most Americans, assure your family that “we live in the best country in the world”, even though you share a typically American lack of curiosity about other nations. You’ve never been anywhere else. Europe must be jealous of America. That’s it. It couldn’t be that our foreign policy has created a hatred now erupting in violence aimed at our citizens.

    Despite all of the chaos now dragging this country into the abyss, you can’t think outside the box. If you just happened upon this little essay, you have already branded me as “anti-Semitic.” As almost every economy except Israel’s falls to rubble, you don’t ask why. Have you ever wondered why it seems that the Jews are the only ethnicity sitting pretty in the worst economy since the Depression? No, you don’t because you are a Zionist, an Israel-Firster, even as that crooked alliance extracts more blood from our people. You go to church and sit obediently in your pew as your minister defends the Jewish people, calls them “God’s Chosen” and declares Israel’s existence a fulfillment of all sorts of vague biblical prophecies. You don’t blanche when your preacher, a man with little knowledge outside of his skewed predilections towards the Bible, warns you that any resistance or criticism of Jews will earn you an eternity in hell. You try to jettison any negative thoughts you may have had about Jews in the past, quivering and genuflecting like a slave who must deny reality. You have long ago taken all your church’s ideas into your unthinking mind and made them the dogma that keeps you silent, ensuring that you will never defend yourself.

    Occasionally, cognitive dissonance will trouble you, but not for too long. If you own a business or work for a company that has dealings with Jews, you have surely noticed the two-faced ugly ways that Jews behave in the marketplace. You’ve seen them try to get something for nothing. Maybe they tried to “Jew you down” or hoodwinked you or stole from you or, god forbid, even tried to steal your company, robbing you of your birthright. (I have had many business dealings with Jews and they are always looking for a hand-out or some sort of extravagant special treatment not afforded others.) But you won’t, you can’t see these traits as quintessentially Jewish. You wouldn’t dare be particularistic or ethnically conscious. No way. It might get you labeled, and that would be worse than death. It would also be a sin against the Judaic god too, and he is known for having a short temper when somebody messes with his favorite pets. So you amble along, turning your lily-white cheek to the destroyer, smiling as you are displaced, dispossessed, disarmed by Jewish social policy and demoralized and debauched by the cancer that Jews mistakenly call entertainment.

    You never wonder why your immune system so reflexively attacks itself and not the malignancy that weakens your body just a little more each day. You never question why an outside group gets to decide how a European-founded country is run. You never ask why your group is the only group not allowed to name itself and to organize on its own behalf and for its own interests. You don’t even think you have any unique interests. Perhaps you really do believe that any curiosity might cause the early demise of the proverbial cat.

    Here’s the deal: You made one mistake. Either out of fear, ignorance, laziness or stupidity, you overlooked the Jew. You saw the Jew and his politically active brethren as just another political group and for that I can’t be too hard on you. As America becomes darker and more multicultural, the Jew becomes harder to recognize as a unique and pernicious danger to all races and peoples, including yours. It’s hard to pick out a freak when you’re right in the middle of a freak show put on by the freak himself. You’ve been busy shadowboxing in the dark and you’ve been swinging at phantoms who did not cause the dilemma that is destroying you. You didn’t realize that Judaism is not a true religion at all, but an evolutionary strategy designed to topple what they perceive to be “false idols”, that being anyone or anything that is not of them, by them and for them. The Jewish tribalists hate your guts. Their books order them to feel this way about you. They aren’t changing and they can count on your complicity or your cowardly silence as the cold war against your traditions rages unabated.

    Now there is only one thing for you to do, and I hope I have given you a small push in that direction. Do your homework. Do some research. Learn what motivates the Jew and his rancid activities. Does your mind still intrinsically call me an “anti-Semite” even now? It’s okay. I once was as you are. I know what you’re going through. Trust me, I do. Open your mind, think outside the box and dare to believe the unbelievable truth. It is the truth, and when you finally connect the dots you will never be fooled again.

  4. Biker says:

    great one GTRman!

    one of my favorite quotes, from the libertarian site i posted earlier (i dabbled in libertarianism also, sorry? LOL!)

    “The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.”
    — Thomas Sowell

  5. gtrman says:

    Biker, ive been trying to formulate a clumsy and almost certainly unoriginal analogy, that of society compared to a high school.

    The students (the masses) plot to take over the school, egged on by a few charismatic leaders. They say,”we have the numbers,come ON !”

    The students see the teachers as the only obstacle to this goal.

    They are unaware that above the staff, there are governors, and above that, people who appoint governors, and measures are already in place to deal with such an insurrection, and , if needs be, the police can be called in to assert authority with force.

    They also realise that the real achilles heel with the ‘rebels’ is that the majority will buckle under at the first pressure, or that many can be “bought off” with promises of reward.

    Im not sure where im going with this, like i say, its half-baked, and seems defeatist now ive written it down.

    Possible solution – quit school?

    If anyone can clarify this muddled thinking please do…ive had a couple of glasses of cheap red wine…

  6. Biker says:

    whats on OUR side GTRman, is that there are those WITHIN the ‘inner circle’ that feel just as we do! given the chance.. they might not join us, but they are in perfect position to take their own revenge… which will invariably and undoubtedly HELP us!

    you’re just thinking, and this will help us. KEEP thinking! “thoughts of defeat bring victory, for with this thought, we’ve been forwarned of pitfalls”

    on ‘high’ school? its bolshevik brainwashing, plain and simple, with “Jesus is a FRAUD” and ” you have no RIGHT to be white and proud of it” being the main cirriculum, whether its known or not… WE know it.. thats what its about

  7. Biker says:

    quit school? or educate the children to take as much from school as they do from TV. not ALL of it is true, alot of it is BULLSHIT. math, grammar and science? YES! history, cultures? NO.

  8. Marshall says:

    Well gtrman,

    From kindergarten through the 11th grade, both my grade and high school’s mascot actually WAS “The Rebels” LOL!!! During my 11th grade year, “political correctness” took the beloved bastion of my youth over and it was forced to change its nom de guerre to “The Buccaneers.”

    Is that symptomatic of society at large? Of course, I could ask if historical pirates are “politically correct” role models, but let’s not delve further. At least we weren’t named after some equally ferocious politically incorrect wilderness animal.

    Why is it that all high school and college mascots are named after agressive humans and animals?

    Hmm. I’ve never seen a football team named, “The Smithville Philosophers” win any pennants, or date any cheerleaders. The “Allentown Baby Fur Seals”…nope, just doesn’t “cut it.”

    I don’t know what they’re doing in the UK, but they’ve taken grade-school soccer here in places and actually made new rules so that neither team can even WIN because it would be detrimental to the self-esteem of the losing group. I’ll have to look that up and see if they’re still doing it.

    It’s downright bizarre. I have heard that, when one side gets up a goal, they have to rotate all their starters out for the bench-warmers so the other side can catch up LOL!!!

    “No child left behind.” Well no kidding, no child left “ahead” either!!!


  9. Biker says:

    HAHA Marsh! left ahead? the bastards make SURE that THAT doesnt happen!! you are RIGHT the hell ON!

  10. Biker says:

    YES, they do it here, my youngest was in tee-ball, till i yanked her out! she played her ass off, (i made sure of it! practicing with her for 2 hours EVERY DAY! she loved the game, and excelled! BUT…)others stood around with their fingers up their noses..uniforms unkempt, yelling back at the ‘coaches’, the world OWED them at LEAST 1st base!! and in the end… EVERYONE WINS!!! no losers, we ALL won! now LETS got get some ICE CREAM!!! YAY!!!!!! i yanked her right the hell outta that commie BULLSHIT! thats why BOTH of my children are in Taekwon-do.. sad that an ASIAN institution is all thats left of rewarding effort and practice without having to worry about hurt feelings.. but there it is, commie jews at work.. on the gaddam little league field!

  11. gtrman says:

    I second that “HAHA” marsh. I am quite literally L ing Out Loud.

    Hows this for baby gaga?
    Over-protective parents sleeping on floors of halls of residence ‘to help their children settle in’
    It is meant to be the time when the apron strings are untied.

    You wave goodbye as your not-so-little one heads off to college or university, happy that you have equipped them to make their way in life.

    But in the age of the over-protective parent, things are not so simple.
    Mothers and fathers are increasingly hanging around at their children’s student digs to keep an eye on them, university officials complain.

    They are even sleeping on the floor in halls of residence for several days to help their youngsters ‘settle in’, it is claimed.

    For fuck’s sake!

    Read more:

  12. gtrman says:

    wow. now im not sure about this Mark Glenn piece. Its supposed to bring a bit of seasonal cheer….

  13. kerdasi amaq says:

    Ted Demen

    Take your head from out where it is: and see clearly. A good grasp of reality is necessary to be a world builder. In short, one must have a good grasp of the negro character or your attempt at world building could be really short lived.

    The major flaw in your position is the assumption that other people(races) will reciprocate your fine feelings and adopt your belief system as their own. It’s not going to happen.

    Finally, the devisors of the “liberal” system know that it isn’t going to work, don’t mean it to work and never intended it to work. In short: it is a total delusion and so-called “liberals” like you have bought a very expensive pig in a poke!

  14. kerdasi amaq says:

    Looks like Obongo did some jigging, too: look at the whopper he caught!

    Or an obscure backwoods practice lost somewhere in a Louisiana swamp?

    If you’re part of Obama’s ‘colour-blind’ Administration, you’d go for the last option. Why? Because it’s one of the few places you’ll find a black physician. And being black seems to be the one and only qualification that Dr. Regina Benjamin – a 20 stone mountain of fat – seems to have.

  15. kerdasi amaq says:

    If a nigger and a fine white man both run into a tunnel at the exact same time, who comes out first? The fine white man, because the nigger had to stop and spraypaint his gang sign on the wall.

  16. It looks like you are a true specialist. Did you study about the matter? lol

  17. Flanders says:

    The White South African people are slightly ahead of the people of the US in being capable of understanding the benefits of diversity and the benefits of encourageing equality in White/Black relations.

    Curt Maynard gives an example:

    But, to be fair – the same benefits are far along in being widely practiced in the US {Again, from Curt}:

    And, WHO would be producing this video below giving away the “secrets” as to whom the Black oppressors are? Of course, the jew is hiding behind this one, just as they owned the record companies. Giving only the portion of the solution where the dumbass Jigaboos’ think that it is the Illuminati, implying that it is a code word for White, instead of realizing that Illuminati is an old jewish directed movement to assist jews in their establishment of communism (the normal jewish way of life).

    Similar to the jewish misdirection of Whites who are attempting to learn, by pointing in the direction of the Catholic Church as being the conspirators against the world – the leadership and finances of which have long been owned by the Rothschilds.

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