The Setup to Destroy America

by John Kaminski

Failure to recognize what’s really happening and who is really behind current events is going to cost us our lives, our country and our planet.

Although the thought has been in my mind for decades, it took a trailer from the controversial new Turkish movie “Valley of the Wolves” to jar my consciousness into really recognizing what is happening.

America is being set up to take the fall for everything that’s wrong with the world.

In the movie, Americans are portrayed as heartless killers, reminding me of the way Germans were portrayed as the evil perpetrators of World War II. And I sensed at that moment that very soon, if not already, Americans are going to be the targets of a worldwide backlash that will be far worse than anything the Germans ever experienced.

And rightly so, because what Americans have done to Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other countries is far worse than anything the Germans ever did to anyone.

But have you ever thought about the common factor that links Americans and Germans in their tragic fall from grace in the eyes of the world?

Created from well-known accounts of real events, the principal scene in “Valley of the Wolves” shows ruthless U.S. soldiers shooting up a wedding party in Iraq, butchering women and children, and then reveling in it, like they were slaughtering beings whom they regarded as less than human. Wonder where that idea came from?

I remembered a similar story in the real news from Afghanistan a few years back that curdled my blood, and was mostly covered up by mainstream media. And of course you’ve heard variations on this story for decades from that tortured territory called Palestine, and more lately, Iraq.

But this sense of foreboding about what is happening to Americans ­ how they have become mindless killer robots who enthusiastically rationalize the need to torture innocent people ­ led me to realize that the movie lacks one important component.

Namely, who is behind this reversion to barbarism and senselessness? How did all this come to pass, where the country known for its freedom and tolerance had suddenly turned totalitarian, and was even persecuting its own citizens who wanted accountability and justice, or even wanted to ask legitimate questions?

And why is it almost no one can see or describe it, or, for most, even fail to recognize what has happened, never mind bring it up in polite conversation?

How have Americans become so blind to the pain they are inflicting on the world, even as through draconian new laws they are actually inflicting the same pain on themselves?

The process of the perversion of America from a nation of God-fearing, community-loving folks didn’t happen overnight. Some people say it took about a century and a half. But over the past 50 years, Americans has morphed from a compassionate sanctuary for the oppressed into the world’s worst oppressors themselves.

Why? And how?

It all involves the subject we can’t talk about. If you mention a certain word, otherwise competent news organizations won’t touch the story. Ordinary people cringe at the mere mention of it. Many supposedly democratic countries have passed laws prohibiting even discussion of this topic.

Yes, it’s the elephant in the living room again.

What if the mysterious force behind all of these atrocities is the very same bunch that has provided all the information you have ingested throughout your life? How will you ever detox from deception if the very tools you have been given to think and act in this world were provided by the same folks? Which they have.

Think about the decline in morals we have experienced in the last half-century that has turned young females from prim ingenues committed to marriage, family and community into pill-popping prostitutes with no hope for anything except luxurious servitude. How do you think that happened, or who made that happen?

Think about newspapers, TV, and movies, and how they’re willing to tear down America, its people, and its religions, but always fail to mention one particular group, the same group that is behind all the changes, and owns all these media outlets.

Think about politicians that have all been bought off by so-called special interests, but when journalists report on these matters, they don’t tell you who these people really are. They only use vague labels, like New World Order, Communists or Illuminati, without telling you that these are all synonyms for the same group.

Think about supposedly progressive commentators like Noam Chomsky, Jeff Blankfort and William Blum, who will eagerly describe every American depredation they can catalog, yet never mention the motivating factor that changed the behavior of Americans. What factor do these three writers have in common?

Think about every elected official in this country, particularly in Congress, who won’t make a single decision without first checking with a certain group, because not to do, as everyone knows, would mean political suicide?

Do you see any connection between this subject that in your self-absorbed pragmatism you deem it imprudent (and unprofitable) to mention, and the intensification of atrocities that are done in your name?

Because you are unwilling to do so, you are about to lose your life, your country and your planet.

And all because you didn’t see that some people who pretend to mouth platitudes that seem progressive, compassionate, and reasonable to you were simply being disingenuous.

You refused to see that some people say one thing but mean something else. And because of that, you have made their agenda your agenda, without even noticing that your decision cost you everything and them nothing.

Do you think, at that moment when you draw your final breath, you will finally understand that you have been misled?

Now is the time to think about such things, because that moment draws ever closer and will arrive soon.

Don’t you see that you have not done all this to yourself, but that someone else has? And that your failure to recognize and identify who has deceived you, who has changed the shape of your life to suit their own needs, has robbed you of everything you held dear.

The word you were afraid to utter, the group you were afraid to identify (for fear of loss of revenue), has become the very factor that destroyed everything you hoped to love.

And still, in your fear, you do nothing, except maybe rail at the ready-made issues that have been constructed for you to make you feel that you are doing something, when in reality they have been constructed to keep you from focusing on the real problem.

Right now, if you harbor any hope of continued survival, you may wish to focus on that word you were always afraid to mention, and understand what your fear of saying that word has done to you. In case you haven’t noticed, it is about to destroy your life, your country, and your planet.

— John Kaminski


Just look at this scumbag Jew with his fat, shaven head and so-cool designer shades: State department “War on Terror” honcho and current ambassador to Bahrain, Joseph Adam Ereli (right) with Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff. Just like Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, Ereli is the son of an Israeli former member of the Hagana, once a big-time Zionist terrorist organization.

When the US invaded Iraq in October 2003, Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad told the leaders of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference:  “Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” Ereli, State department spokesman at the time, called the prime minister’s words “offensive and inflamatory.” Of course he did.

The lying Jews in our government and media are directly responsible for why America is now embroiled in the Mideast, right along with the on-going ruination of this country’s economy and morality. They’ve been kicked out of every single country they’ve ever lived in before — for damn good reasons.

When will YOU finally get it?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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208 Responses to The Setup to Destroy America

  1. Simon Gibson says:

    Blind, lukewarm, often merely nominal Christians lament the destruction of churches and cathedrals, and loss of art treasures and icons under Stalin’s regime; not knowing that Stalin got the power to destroy those carnal things because they were offensive to God, and not consistent with the Christianity of the New Testament that is the pattern for all true worship of God down through this present dispensation of the church, the body of Christ.

    Like the nonsense propounded about Prime Minister Putin being a model Christian and a macho superhuman, naive, superstitious patriotic Russians are even now flogging the folly that President Dimtry Medvedev is a sort of incarnation of Tzar Nicholas II, murdered with his family by Jewish CHEKA assassins …

  2. Biker says:

    DEATH TO AMERICA.. came when they stole our country. its NOT America.. its the people running it. i cant condone any ” death to America”… FUCK YOU! AMERICA will NOT DIE. America WILL RISE to the OCCASION! Europe? Australia? willing to get yer hands dirty? ” ohhh well, i dont know about…” get the FUCK outta the way! AMERICA .. WILL pull through!

  3. GDL/White Master says:

    Got that right Biker,

    I hate what is happening to all White nations, but there is only ONE United States of America, and this GREAT country will never die, nor be defeated…EVER, you sorry f***ing Jews!

  4. GDL/White Master says:

    I do not believe any other White nation will be free from Jew corruption until America herself is first free.

  5. Rainbow Warrior says:

    Israel: Attempting to take away Canadians Freedom of Speech
    Conservatives selling out Canadian rights
    Israel want’s to mussel them like dogs to shut them up.
    Israel has done this very6 same thing in many other countries. If you know any Canadians be sure to pass this on to them before it’s too late. They don’t want to be anyone’s lap dog. Most of them do not even realize this is happening it has not been on the news. Backroom deals never usually are.
    Harper is backstabbing his own citizens.

  6. Marshall says:

    Louis from Montreal who posts in here should have something to say on this one Rainbow Warrior. Canadians are totally at the mercy of Jew elites since they HAVE NO GUNS.

    They’re going to keep pushing them around until they smack ’em hard where it really hurts…their wallets!!! Start by boycotting them in any and every way possible. This is non-violent protest of the first order!!! It’s exponentially more effective than walking around with freaking sign and a megaphone, which doesn’t accomplish SQUAT and never has.

    BOYCOTT!!! DIVEST!!! This is within every individual Canadian’s power, and every American’s too for that matter. Don’t pay to see their movies. Don’t buy products related to their movies. Don’t watch their major media. Don’t buy any foodstuffs with the Kosher approval symbols on them. Don’t patronize Jewish elite establishments. Don’t buy “Calvin Klein” or other Jewish elite labelled clothing, including Levi’s jeans, which are now made in Chinese sweatshops!!!
    ANY economic activity that enriches THEM is only destroying YOU. They are using your own money against you!!! Don’t let them have any!!!

    Take that vampire’s blood supply away and watch ’em shrivel up like a spider on a hot stove man!!! 😀

  7. Akira says:

    Shimon Gibson,

    Thanks for your Jewish propaganda.

    – “the destruction of churches and cathedrals, and loss of art treasures and icons under Stalin’s regime … Stalin got the power to destroy those carnal things because they were offensive to God”

    Do you like dousing yourself with the blood of kidnapped Orthodox Christian kids,or you just sound like it?

    Notice how the Jews hate most of all those christian states that kept the Jews out, or kept them out of power:

    Byzantium, Russia

  8. Akira says:

    Shimon Gibson:

    Here’s one you Jews missed:

  9. hoff2 says:

    Lying Jew Scumbag part 2353324788/b

    Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews, says pamphlet for IDF troops

  10. Marshall says:

    The plot doth thicken Hoff!!!

    Check this out…

    World-reknowned Kabbalistic Rabbi Kaduri claimed “7-year Redemption” is already in effect in Israel. Also claimed to have spoken with the Moshiach who is currently alive and physically in Israel. Prophecized great natural disasters coming soon and all Jews should be making Aliyah to avoid the calamities. Zionism meets 2012!!!

    I’ve heard of a 7-year Tribulation, but no “7-year Redemption” LOL!!! What’s the deal with this guy? Amazingly, he also reveals the secret Kabbalistic name for Moshiach…with instructions to only be unsealed a year after his own death. He freaked out all the Orthodox Rabbinate with this one!!! They are trying to explain it all away as some sort of mistake!!!

    Yarim Ha’Am Veyokhiakh Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim

    The initials spell the Hebrew name of Jesus, Yehoshua. Yehoshua and Yeshua are effectively the same name, derived from the same Hebrew root of the word “salvation” as documented in Zechariah 6:11 and Ezra 3:2. ¬The same priest writes in Ezra, “Yeshua son of Yozadak” while writing in Zechariah “Yehoshua son of Yohozadak.” -The priest adds the holy abbreviation of God’s name, ho, in the father’s name Yozadak and in the name Yeshua.

  11. hoff2 says:

    Chapter 11.1 Zionist enthusiasm about the Holocaust

  12. Akira says:

    Here’s a video disproving any notion of Jewish talent or intelligence:

  13. Marshall says:

    LMAO Akira!!! That Jew sounds dumber than a box of hair.

    Hoff-well sure they cooperated. They both had the same goal- get the Jews out of Europe and into Palestine!!! David Ben Gurion only wanted the young Jews though, because they could be re-trained as true Zionists, not unlike Hitler’s brownshirts. Same idea, different goal.

    AGGGGGGGGHHHH!!! My beloved Blue Ridge mountains of NC have gone Catskill!!!!

    Jews in the wilderness. BWA-HAHAHAHA!!! Special merit badge available if you can come up with a way to sue a poison-ivy plant. Make sure to buy a brick for $250 when you visit.

    Nooooooo…it can’t be happening….:-O

  14. hoff2 says:

    When the jews controls the state…

    Two men have started appeals against the UK’s first convictions for inciting racial hatred via a foreign website.Simon Sheppard, 51, was sentenced to four years and 10 months, and Stephen Whittle, 42, to two years and four months at Leeds Crown Court in July.

  15. Marshall says:

    Isn’t THIS “inciting racial hatred?”

    In the Congressional Record, published by the United States Government Printing Office, Proceedings of the House, 1957, page 8559 you can read the following:

    “Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his “A Racial Program For the Twentieth Century,” wrote [in 1912]:

    ‘We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites , we will instill into the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America into our hands’.”

  16. Akira says:

    Re: Sheppard & Whittle (H2):

    “Judge Rodney Grant said that he had rarely seen material which was so abusive and insulting.”

    – He’s obviously then never read the filthy Talmud in which the boast about having killed christ, and now they celebrate their belief that He’s boiling in shit and cum for eternity.

  17. It won’t change until you get up and DO SOMETHING about it. You can sit here and chit-chat about the problem all you like, but it won’t change anything. You need to form up a formidable physical force before your chances of organizing are shot to death. BEFORE they completely collapse this country. You need to ACT NOW, while you still have food and ammo, because if you wait for them to move, you are TOAST….Go to and sign up. Pass it around to others. Get the Basic Training manual and learn something about your enemy. Good luck.

  18. gw2bc says:

    One of the Jews’ trained baboons pukes out insane brainwashed hate:
    Kamau Kambon says kill white people

    8:33 “…and the one idea is how we are going to exterminate white people, because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people offa da face of the planet to solve this problem.” (applause)

    Kamau Kambon’s justification for this: we whites are already trying to exterminate all blacks. Examples: making blacks smoke, making them have mortgages (no white people ever smoke or have mortgages in Kambon’s delusional system), making them do drugs (all whitey’s fault, sure), making them kill each other (you have a “pull trigger” button on your negro remote control unit, right?)

  19. Whitefella says:

    So, Gw2bc,

    Mr Kamau Baboon wants us Whites exterminated.

    Mr Noel ‘Porky’ Ignatiev wants us Whites exterminated.

    The pig-faced Mz Susan Sontag wants us Whites exterminated (like cancer).

    I’m sure we could add more “Exterminate Whites!” to the list.

    You know what? I’m beginning to feel poisecuted(!), by these rabid drooling White Haters.

    I really am.

    I’m guessing that as the jew becomes stronger and we grow ever weaker, we Whites will develop a strong sense of empathy with Palestinians.

  20. gw2bc says:

    Oh, what this pathetic idiot Kambon WON’T realize is that in the eyes of the Jews who control THE MONEY, we’re ALL Palestinians— him, us, everybody not of the Master Race.

    And this idiot says straight up that his wife is a psychologist, and that he himself has “taught at the university level,” and then he turns around and hallucinates that he’s “oppressed.” You know what I think? I think he knows that he and every vicious venomous black asshole like him have NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER, no one to blame but themselves and their own irresponsible stupidity, and this just makes him hate whites EVEN MORE.

  21. Simon Gibson says:

    @ Akira

    I notice that you have done nothing to answer my challenge, other than to provide us with an inflammatory innuendo about “dousing myself with the blood of kidnapped Orthodox Christian kids”, no doubt because you know you are exposed by the written word of God as a rank hypocrite before you start.

    I also notice that you have declared your weakness and inadequacy by attacking the challenger rather than answering the challenge, by changing my name into its Jewish version to try to support your stupid contention that I provided Jewish propaganda, when I denounced the carnal religious edifices and icons in Russia destroyed by permission of God under Stalin’s regime.

    If the Russian Orthodox Church is so high and holy, and all powerful, how come it got knocked over and flattened in pile a dust and rubble so easily by the commies backed by a few scruffy Jews and bars of Rothschild gold, and carted off like a lot of lame ducks to slave it out, and rot and die the gulags?

    Obviously God thought 1917 was time to start to judge the hypocrites in the Russian Orthodox Church, starting with those ‘Pharisees’ in long robes and decked out in other ludicrous paraphernalia, and often with bloated bellies from decades of gluttony, that you call the clergy and patriarchs; along with the abomination of icon and image worship, in the morbid, quasi-Jewish, tomb-like religious structures you call churches, and which have no justification as a place of Christian worship according the New Testament.

    The very fact that communist persecution of the Orthodox Church was required to revive the decadent spirituality of Christians in Russia proves my point; but sadly we now see that revival falling away again into the fake Christianity that was around before God raised up Stalin as an adversary to the hypocrisy that had been rampant in Orthodoxy prior to 1917.

    I further notice that you have chosen to not only attack a true Christian in your blindness and vindictive ignorance, but have ignored and apparently taken sides with that jerk called “Karl”who advocates “death to America”, like a lot of Russians do, largely because they want a scapegoat for what they suffered so lamely under the Jew communists they let take over their country.

    America is, doubtless, going the way of Russia under the Jew controlled communists, and God has doubtless raised up the abomination of Obama as an adversary to the hypocritical judaized, pro-Israel Christianity in the US, and to purge the iniquity of those who are true Christians in the country, just as he raised up Stalin; but it’s hardly helpful to aid and abet the incarceration and destruction of Christian America by calling for its downfall and demise before the time, and such sentiments are to my mind further undermining what’s left of God there and fostering the agenda of the enemy.

    I doubt that you’re even a true Christian “Akira”, and that’s something you would have in common with a lot of your sectarian co-religionists in Orthodoxy, especially in Russia, where superstition is often mistaken for faith.

  22. Akira says:

    @ Judaizer, I don’t know if you’re a Jew, but you talk shit and you smell bad, so, must be shit.

    “I notice that you have done nothing to answer my challenge”

    What challenge?

    Re: “your stupid contention that I provided Jewish propaganda, when I denounced the carnal religious edifices and icons in Russia destroyed by permission of God under Stalin’s regime.”

    – You celebrate the (temporary) destruction of the Churches and rape of the nuns and murder of the monks and denigration of the Cross in the greatest Christian nation there was. You’ve already marked yourself as Anti-Christ.

    Re: “If the Russian Orthodox Church is so high and holy, and all powerful, how come it got knocked over and flattened in pile a dust and rubble so easily by the commies backed by a few scruffy Jews and bars of Rothschild gold, and carted off like a lot of lame ducks to slave it out, and rot and die the gulags?”

    – You tell me when it happens here too. Russia’s still there. The Church is alive. Russia will still be there when America is a Zionist wasteland.

    Re: “The very fact that communist persecution of the Orthodox Church was required to revive the decadent spirituality of Christians in Russia”

    – True. The elites had fallen away into secularism, Freemasonry, corruption, Such is the way of the world. Now hopefully Christian Russia is restored. America had nothing to fall from or be restored to, having unfortunately been founded on Jewish principles from the start. Such is the way of the world.

    Re: “you have chosen [to] advocate “death to America”, like a lot of Russians do, largely because they want a scapegoat for what they suffered so lamely under the Jew communists they let take over their country.”

    – America is in fact dead. Finished, Kaput. Dead Man Walking. Every sensible person knows it. If being ruled for decades by filth like Kissinger and Brezhinsky and Emanuel doesn’t convince you of that then nothing will. Perhaps it’s a punishment for allowing the Jews to take over, for scheming with the British for the destruction of Germany and Russia. I don’t know. Unlike you, I don’t have a “hotline ta Jeeezez”

    Re: “America is, doubtless, going the way of Russia under the Jew controlled communists, and God has doubtless raised up the abomination of Obama as an adversary to the hypocritical judaized, pro-Israel Christianity in the US, and to purge the iniquity of those who are true Christians in the country, just as he raised up Stalin”

    – I see you understand how rancid America is.

    Re: “it’s hardly helpful to aid and abet the incarceration and destruction of Christian America by calling for its downfall and demise before the time”

    – Are you talking to me. You must be functionally illiterate. Anyway, where’s this “Christian America”?

    Re: “I doubt that you’re even a true Christian “Akira”, and that’s something you would have in common with a lot of your sectarian co-religionists in Orthodoxy, especially in Russia, where superstition is often mistaken for faith.”

    – Sure, I guess I’ll have ta git me somma them John Haggee books and Billy Graham videos and Pat Robertson tapes and go bow down to some dyke “bishop” and get blessed by some Freemason “preacher” like Jesse Jackson and then I guess I’ll be a real christian like you.

  23. Akira says:


    Glen Chancy:

    “My family members are Evangelicals of the Pentecostal variety. … being Orthodox for almost 10 years has distanced me quite a bit from the world of megachurches and televangelists. … my retired dad usually watches several hours of televangelism a day. … one of his favorite TV preachers thundered away at his congregation about God’s plans for His children.

    “Among his rantings was this gem, “God wants you to be happy! God wants you to be successful! If you can just empower God in your lives, health and wealth can be yours as a child of God!”

    “Evidently, you also needed to buy the good preacher’s latest DVD series on self-empowerment through the Gospel in order to really “unlock” God’s purpose for your life.

    “God wants only the best for His children, especially if they are willing to pony up $79.95 plus shipping and handling.

    “I shrugged, turned to my dad and said, “I suppose that the book of Job is really a misprint?”

    + + +

    “The Orthodox Christian Faith has already been where America is headed. Orthodox Christianity has survived in lands beset by wars, economic disasters, governmental collapses, foreign occupations, and all sorts of other calamities. The depth of the Orthodox Faith has preserved Christians through trials and tribulations that televangelists like T.D. Jakes or Joel Osteen can not even begin to imagine.

    “From the persecutions in Rome to the long, dark night of Islamic domination to the mass executions of the Communist Era – the Orthodox Christian Faith has triumphed over adversity. The true Gospel has the power to transform lives, to bring hope to the desperate, to give succor to the widow and the fatherless. The authentic Orthodox Faith motivates charity and teaches that you are wealthy because you have few wants, not because you have many possessions. In Orthodoxy, you take up the Cross and deny yourself in ascetic practice. You do not “name it and claim it” on your way to a millionaire lifestyle.”


  24. Akira says:

    Anyway, Jewpawn, rage away to your heart’s content.

    I won’t respond. Enjoy yourself.

  25. Biker says:

    ka- POW Akira!!

  26. Biker says:

    scary, but its from info wars.. so i question the credability. but still…

  27. Hoff says:

    One minute into video.

    “Joe Biden Highlights from AIPAC Speech”

  28. Marshall says:

    A “Bibi-Biden” ticket!!! Now that would be “change,” or not? I feel an overwhelming urge to vomit…WHY HOFF, WHY??? LOL

    More shameless Biden Jew ass-kissing here:

  29. Radio K.A.O.S. says:


    Are the wheels coming off? Helicopter Ben thinks the recovery is beginning. Any soldier who fires on his own people is a war criminal!

  30. Hoff says:

    Bibi-Biden ticket is what you … well, what We got. The first time l heard of that jews controls America. l simply refused to believe it. But all you really have to do is to get on the net and then you can watch videos upon videos where ALL major political players are down on their knees kissing jew-ass.

    The few that stand up to the criminal jews the jews kicks out of Washington DC. Just found another book about how the jews cotrols the american state.

    One Nation Unders israel

    As l said before, the jews have got kicked out a 150 times during the last years, starting in Egypt. Why? Because the non-jewish elite realised that the jews had taken control of their state. What all the jewish so called “intellectuals” have been thinking about the last 200 years is: Why did we get kicked out?

    What they came up with was that the got caught. To the jews the Q is not if they can take control of the state, the proble for the jews is to hide that they control the state at anay cost. The only one you will ever hear or read in the jews propaganda-machine “media” is stupid people that will deny jewish power at any cost. This is why the jews pay them good money. Because they are stupid.

    There are exceptions like Jim Traficant, but what difference does he make? Nothing. The whole american political system is corrupt to the core and yes, its the jews that have corrupted it. Just look at lllinois, the most corrupt state in USA. Who do you find in the center of it all? Chicago is a jewish mafia center. Search: Chicago + Jews.

  31. Akira says:

    Joe Biden on Shalom:

    He’s all for the ethno-cultically unitary Jewish state, but would freak out if asked if he thought diversity might not be the greatest thing for America, his alleged homeland.

  32. gtrman says:

    I wanted to share this thoughtful and well-written comment from an “Australian grandmother, Lynda, at Henry makows site:

    Don’t Take Your Eye off the Tribe, Reader Advises

    Your new paradigm has a lot of merit and is worth exploring. As a paradigm, I think it could successfully incorporate the idea that a race layer does exist as a dimension of the phenomena you are describing. I agree with you that it is not the inner core, but I do think it is one of the layers around the inner core. Anthropology can get really interesting if it takes into account the reality of mitochondrial DNA from the mother, 90% of which is coded by nuclear genes. The Illuminati know all about this.

    The Moriah has conquered / subverted and instrumentalized nations by means of Judaism. These are the nations (collectively styled ‘the goyim’) who are “to be re-educated to our pattern”. Protocols of Zion: 9.1 Within those populations, I think those who are following the eurekas! should consider that some of the goyim have been patrilineally incorporated into the nation that the Elders of the Protocols of Zion call: “the Chosen People” 14.1, our “gifted Tribe” 17.6; our collective force 16.1, “our people” whom they have sacrificed 2.5.

    The whole Mishpuka – so to speak – both extended and near kindred to the Moriah which is a deeper and more inward layer than the social masonry, the proxies, agents and puppets. In terms of the process of incorporation, it might take many centuries of “re-education” in a conquered nation for the descendants of the patrilineally incorporated to become matrilineally incorporated.

    At this time, I do think that the mitochondrial DNA goes back to Ur of the Chaldees. In this sense, I think we are looking at a nation that has been welded of many ethnicities. And it is a nation state which is the racial vehicle for the Illuminati which as a dynasty has no racial, ethnic or religious loyalties.

    When the Sages or the Elders speak about ‘our gifted tribe’ they are not talking about AGENTUR. They are certainly not talking about Gentile Masonry “merely a screen for our objects”. 4.2


    International Jewry is an echelon nation and it exists as a nation within all nations. Indeed, the representatives of its hierarchy governs all nations. But the inner reactive core of it is rabbinical; its deepest, inner layer is dynastic – of the lineage of David (Protocols 23, 24 deal with this exclusively)

    As you say, it certainly does not follow that every Jewish person is initiated into and collaborative with the agenda of the hierarchy.

    In my experience, (and through my business I deal with many Jewish people on a daily basis), I can truthfully say (like Oprah) I don’t know any Jews who sacrifice babies, traffick organs or advocate genocide of the goyim. But, they are certainly not as clueless as the goyim. They know the agenda and they are in damage control. And some of them are doing some very stupid things.

    That said, the nation within the nation has now become visible because The Moriah / the Elders of Zion are building the Trilaterals of their “bogey” 5.11 transnational superstate. They have the nations in hand so to speak. It was at this time that they said they would “entrust the responsible posts to our brother Jews” 8.3 – not proxies, puppets or AGENTUR.

    The puppet governments of all Western nations are clearly puppets. They are scared shitless (those who are at least smart enough to be scared). The scripts they have to read are just awful. I foresee a time when their directors will require them to dress up in chicken suits and do the chicken dance at their press conferences just to illustrate how pathetic is the state of the (goyim) nation to all those out there in tv land who are glued to the MSM.

    It is clear to me that the Elders want to use the bogey to ignite their long prepared Communist Revolution (by definition global) along the lines of a racial conflagration. Their transnational superstate (NWO) is now “reaching out in all directions like nippers and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions that it can not fail to subdue all the nations of the world.” 5.11

    They can not hide the fact that “their brother Jews” are in direct command of this project behind the government puppets. They have to reconnoiter on the race card. So their MSM is trying to put a Zionist label on their hierarchy: the individuals and orgs (virtually wall to wall Jewry) who own banks, dominate the corporate structure, who are seen to control all government puppets, all media, all educational institutions in terms of curricula and policy as well as policy making orgs in the West.

    Right now, the covert, inner, executive core to this is navigating a transitional period of Regime Change (the current Masonic Watchword). What you call the Illuminati, what John Todd called the Moriah, what the Protocols call ‘the Learned Elders’, what the Jews call ‘our Sages’ are very concerned about how the revelation of the nation of the Jews (“our collective force”) within all Western nations and the brother Jews in all positions of power is going to play at the box office.


    So far it is playing just fine. The majority of the goyim are not enraged. They are just yucking it up.

    But for the aware, the Jewish MSM is taking the tack of equating Zionism (clearly the guys with the bad guy script) as the racial supremacists. And they have put it all in. They have published the Talmud. Key evidences establishing the genocide agenda by a host of vectors has become public domain by the hidden hand. Dead Baxter ferrets do not lie.

    Anyone who thinks it was an initiative of the goyim to publish the Talmud would probably ask for an order of 9/11 nanothermite with their Happy Meal.

    The Moriah wants all “societies demoralized by us” 23.3 to implode in the fire of anarchy breaking out against the NWO. They want social implosions along the lines of ethnicity and race. They want bloody turmoil and revolution.

    The NWO is a BOGEY – it has been contrived to bring the nations to such a pitch that global revolution will break out in a fight for survival along race lines. The Jews who did not heed the torah to return to Israel have been assigned to carry the can. This is a boring and unacceptable re-run of the European Jews who did not heed the torah to return to Israel in the decades between the last world wars; they were sacrificed by the Judaic hierarchy through their agents, the Nazis.

    None of this will solve anything, it will create great misery for everyone and play directly into the hands of the true masters. And it will be boring and fascist.

    So now there are all these provocations in terms of race. A lot of this is coming from the Jews (who are agents of the agenda). They are out there on the message boards spewing the goyim with hate bait against the Jews.

    Furthermore, there is a spate of Jewish films that spin this masterfully e.g. The Believer (maybe it is The True Believer) with Ryan Gosling. That film is so good, a lot of its dialogue is quoted verbatim on neoNazi fora. (They think it is a goy film that somehow got produced – a real neoNazi film! where the Movement gets to write its own script and dialogue against the Jews). Ha ha. The neo Nazis go to that film for hate instruction. And since there is a lot of Jewish money behind the neo Nazi movement I am sure all the ‘neo Nazi’ Jews are laughing their heads off telling the neo Nazi rank and file how they want to be hated.

    Despite all our woes this is really funny, except for the holocaust sensitivity training scene in that film. The ancient Jew does tell them all straight and he does include in his statement the people who are recounting very credible Jewish tragedies during the years of world war II. He tells them essentially: ” you are the ones we cut off and pitched using a Yiddish term that is unprintable.”

    So they know.

    Against these facts, your statement: “Anti-Semites are protecting the Illuminati by blaming the racial Jew”. This is virtually a restatement of the Hoffman maxim: ” Those who hate the Jews (as a nation) and persecute them increase the power of the rabbis.”

    As there is not yet a critical mass in terms of enraged goyim (the down-side of dumbing down), there will continue to be a lot of Jews on the NET posing as neo-Nazis, atheists, White Identity etc increasing the power of the rabbis by assisting with the anti-Semitism. And they are good at spewing the goyim with hate bait against the Jews. They want these message boards to flame high enough to get onto the ADL hate watch list – evidence for why we need more hate law lockdown.

    The people who do believe in America are going to have to get this at the level of your post graduate seminar, Henry, and hose this stuff down.

  33. anti-zionist says:

    My attitude about the above post is simple. So you got big jew financing little jew. Little jew does the leg work with regards to say gay rights activism but is financed by big jew.
    Hello ,they are both guilty and they will pay. No way I am going to seperate the two and risk them slipping back in to the ranks. They will all go down with the jew ship. Makow is trying to save his ass.

  34. hoff2 says:

    At Incogman, we made the jews Hate List 9D)

    Ctrl + F = Hoff and Incogman.

    This is how you know that you are among the righteous Ladies and Gentlem, the jews write you up at their SHIT-list. — November 1, 2009

  35. hoff2 says:

    Br Nathan is there also. Ctrl + F = Real Zionist News

  36. Flanders says:

    gtrman, AZ shows why men are needed to do a man’s work, and why Granny’s should bake them apple pies.

    Here is some news from your neck of the woods which you might find interesting.

    “One-quarter of Europeans believe that “Jews have too much influence“

    31% agree that “Jews in general do not care about anything or anyone but their own kind.”

    45.7% of the Europeans somewhat or strongly agree that “Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians.”

    About 37.4% agree with the following statement: “Considering Israel’s policy, I can understand why people do not like Jews.”

    “According to new research conducted by Bielefeld University hatred towards Muslims decreased over the past year while hatred of Jews is growing. Israelis must be concerned. The sudden drop in European Islamophobia doesn’t fit into the Zionist global plan in which Muslims are cornered and ostracised as reactionaries while Israel is dropping bombs in the name of democracy and liberalism. According to the leading Israeli paper Ynet, “the level of resentment against most minorities declined – sexism considerably, Islamophobia slightly. There were only two exceptions: homophobia and anti-Semitism.” {Continues at the link}.

  37. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I’m surprised the percentage on all of those questions isn’t higher! After the genocide that has been committed against the Palestinians in the last 30 years, I would have thought that at least 98% would agree, that they are trying to exterminate them! Only 31% think Jews care only about their own kind! Not that I think an American poll would turn out any better!

  38. Rainbow Warrior says:

    West Bank Rabbi: Writes a book in the Book he says Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel including Children and even Babies
    They think it would make a good school book.

    I would think this might incite a bit of hate. Or is it just me who might have a problem with it?

  39. Fleur de lis says:

    “Nevada had the biggest increase in food-stamp participation rates from a year earlier, surging 54 percent, followed by a 46.5 percent jump in Utah, according to the USDA. Texas had the most recipients at 3.1 million, followed by California with 2.9 million and New York with 2.6 million. ”

    Can you say “Illegal aliens” boys and girls?

  40. Marshall says:

    Hey Fleur-

    “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” dontcha know? I guess all those recent gambling shows on Talmudvision started to attract some new “clientele” hmm? I bet those shows are broadcast in Spanish too…much better than “Telemundo” LOL!!!

  41. kerdasi amaq says:


    The weak point in their plans is the intrinsic weakness and shoddiness of their technological devices. When those break down and can’t be repaired there goes their dreams of one world government.

  42. Marshall says:

    Climate threatens our very existence LMAO!!! Who is this dipshit?

  43. Marshall says:

    It’s dubbed, how can you trust the translation?

  44. kerdasi amaq says:

    He’s meant to be the European equivalent of Obama; the guy who answers the phone when Kissinger calls.

    “If you reckon you can take comfort in the fact that Herman Van Rompuy, the new president of the European Council, has the look and manner of an aging and dozy rodent, forget about it. His call for the imposition of EU taxes is just the first of his European policies that are going to mean pain for this country.”

    “To understand Mr Van Rompuy’s antagonism to such symbols and elements of sovereignty, you must understand what it means to be a Belgian politician – and I do mean ‘Belgian’ rather than Flemish, despite Mr Van Rompuy’s Flemish name.
    There is no such thing as the Belgian nation. There is the Flemish nation, whose fatherland is Flanders and whose language is Dutch, and there is the Walloon nation, whose fatherland is Wallonia and whose language is French. In 1830, the big powers of the day forced the Flemings of Flanders and the Walloons of Wallonia to join together in a new, ‘non-identity’ state called Belgium.”

  45. Marshall says:

    LARRY “I piss on Christ” DAVID, and WOODY “I molest children” ALLEN team up on a new film that portrays Christians as insane, stupid rednecks. Wonder if he will end up “schtupping” the young gentile girl?

    WHEN THIS KIKE DIES I make a special pilgrimage to PISS ON HIS FREAKING GRAVE. How is that for “politically correct?”

  46. Akira says:

    Please don’t make fun of the literary genius who “presides” over the European Onion.

  47. CREW38 says:

    Hitler turned against Christianity from his early teens and sought his destiny in the occult.
    Not only did Hitler regard Christianity as a defective, failed enterprise, he saw himself as replacing both its God and its Christ. At one of the huge Nuremberg rallies hung a gigantic poster of himself, with the caption stolen from the Christian gospel of John: “In the beginning was the Word.” German youth were indoctrinated from infancy to pray to Hitler, who they were taught was sent from heaven to protect them. Nazi-approved sermons in German churches proclaimed, “Adolf Hitler is the voice of Jesus Christ.” And lest some readers [especially Jews] should conclude from this that Nazi Christians viewed Hitler as the mouthpiece of the New Testament Jesus, the statement is clarified to leave no doubt: “If Jehovah has lost all meaning for us Germans, the same must be said of Jesus Christ, his son…. He [Jesus] certainly lacks those characteristics which he would require to be a true German. Indeed, he is as disappointing, if we read the record carefully, as is his father
    Hitler’s words, Christianity “only added the seeds of decadence such as forgiveness, self-abnegation, weakness, false humility and the very denial of the evolutionary laws of survival of the fittest and would obviously be a handicap to the new species which he was personally commissioned by the “masters” to see properly birthed and nurtured. But Hitler perceptively placed the ultimate blame where it is due:

    Conscience is a Jewish invention. It is a blemish, like circumcision…. There is no such thing as truth, either in the moral or in the scientific sense. The new man would be the antithesis of the Jew.

  48. Akira says:

    Crew 38,

    Spoken like a real Jew.

    “No such thing as truth.”?

    Hate Christ more than anything?

    Follow the successful example of Hitler?

    Good work, Tavarich. Shalom.

  49. CREW38 says:

    The most enduring and profound controversy in the subject of Christianity is whether or not a person named Jesus Christ ever really existed!
    Jesus is a mythical figure in the tradition of pagan mythology and almost nothing in all of ancient literature would lead one to believe otherwise. Anyone wanting to believe Jesus lived and walked as a real live human being must do so despite the evidence, not because of it.
    There is not a conception associated with Christ that is not common to some or all of the Savior cults of antiquity.
    The gospel story is an artificial, non-historical work. It has been fabricated from source materials that can be identified and traced to their incorporation into the gospels. There is not a particle of hard evidence that ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ ever existed.

  50. CREW38 says:

    Hitler’s vision of returning to “pure” pagan religion was echoed, or more accurately anticipated, by psychoanalyst Carl Jung in 1923: “We [Germans] need new foundations. We must dig down to the primitive in us, for only out of the conflict between civilized man and the Germanic barbarian will there come what we need: a new experience of God.” When esotericist Jakov Wilhelm Hauer founded the Nordic Faith movement, Jung urged participation on the part of Germans who were “intelligent enough not only to believe but to know that the god of the Germans is WOTAN and not the Christian God.” The Nazis reciprocated by making Jung President of the German Medical Society for Psychotherapy in 1933, at which time he finally found a forum from which to expound a belief he had held since 1918: the need to distinguish between “German” and “Jewish” psychology. In his view, such a distinction was not anti-Semitic, it was liberating for both Aryans and Jews. When the Jews were fleeing Nazi Germany in ever-increasing numbers, Jung advised his followers in England to keep up their “negative feelings” about Jews and resist allowing them to participate as colleagues, as he also did. As for the destruction being wreaked by the Nazis, Noll notes that Jung viewed them as the necessary precursors to the great “light”, those whose task was to destroy to make “rebirth” possible. [Compare with Bailey’s assessment below.] It took until 1945 for Jung to finally denounce the Nazi extermination of the Jews, but he never retracted his proposal for a “Germanic, Jew-free psychotherapy”.

  51. Akira says:

    Good work, Crew 38, keep hammering away with your Jewish propaganda.

    “Liberate both Aryans and Jews”? — Good one. The real Zionist touch.

    “Nazi extermination of the Jews”? — Great. You got that from Elie Wiesel?

    Germans are “barbarians”, not “civilized”? — Fantastic! You sound like a real Elder of Zion.

    Should Finns and Portuguese also worship this Wotan? I guess you don’t care as long as they all start pissing on the Cross, like you and the (other) Jews do…

  52. Akira says:

    38 in Chinese is “San Ba”, which means a kind of Whiny Bitch.

    Crew 38: The Whiny Bitch Crew.

    Where’s the rest of your “possy”?

  53. CREW38 says:

    To remove the “bad seeds” of Christian (that is, Jewish) thinking, Nazi preparation of children for the new humanity would be diligent from cradle to grave, centered around the notion that they were born to die for their god, embodied in their Führer. The education began with revised fairy tales teaching new-humanity principles of heroes struggling and dying to set their race free. Then group membership started at age 10, followed by continuous reinforcement in group settings for the remainder of their lives, “so that they shall in no case suffer a relapse, and they don’t feel free again as long as they live,” as Hitler bluntly put it.

  54. Akira says:

    “preparation of children for the new humanity would be diligent from cradle to grave”

    “they shall in no case suffer a relapse, and they don’t feel free again as long as they live”

    Great. Enslave the “goyim”! Nice plan.

  55. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Where is James when you need him!!!

  56. Akira says:

    Forward’s 50’s Top American Jews: “The men and women who are leading the American Jewish community into the 21st century.”


    Top Picks:

    Jerry Silverman
    Michael Oren
    Sara Hurwitz
    Joel Coen & Ethan Coen


    Stuart Appelbaum
    Jeremy Ben-Ami
    Robert Bernstein
    Amy Dean
    Joel Engelman
    Marsha Levick
    Ruth Messinger
    Jay Michaelson
    Irving Moskowitz
    Jane Ramsey
    Steve Rosen [“Steve Rosen was under indictment in February 2009 on charges of receiving national security information and giving it to unauthorized persons. But the legal troubles didn’t stop Rosen, a former American Israel Public Affairs Committee staffer, from speaking out about national intelligence issues.”]


    Leonard Abess, Jr.
    Yonah Bookstein
    Shifra Bronznick
    Sam Harris
    J. Shawn Landres
    Jehuda Reinharz
    Greg Rosenbaum
    Michael Steinhardt
    David Zwiebel

    Media & Culture:

    Roger Cohen
    Dara Horn
    Adam Kirsch
    Sana Krasikov
    Ari Roth
    Lenore Skenazy and Ayelet Waldman
    Steven Spielberg


    David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel
    Howard Berman
    Eric Cantor
    Barney Frank
    Al Franken
    Susan Sher
    Arlen Specter


    Sarah Lefton
    Alysa Stanton
    Steven Wernick
    Eric Yoffie


    Bernard Madoff
    J. Ezra Merkin
    Solomon Dwek


    Jason Lezak
    Dmitriy Salita

  57. CREW38 says:

    When we National Socialists speak of a belief in God, we do not mean what naive Christians and their clerical exploiters have in mind. …The power of nature’s law is what we call the omnipotent force or God. …We National Socialists demand of ourselves that we live as naturally as possible, that is to say in accord with the laws of life. The more precisely we understand and observe the laws of nature and of life and the more we keep to them, the more we correspond to the will of this omnipotent force.

  58. Kit Hildreth says:

    You know it’s very odd, but I read a story of Waffen SS soldiers billeted in a Russian Peasant’s hut, after after (NO DOUBT eh?!!) a satisfactory day of wholesale atrocities, then spending the evening (ACTUALLY TALKING!?!) with the “untermensch” civilians(“Reichsheinie”Himmler had STRICT laws against that by the way!); what they heard, made many of them almost ready to convert to Soviet Communism: finding they had a tremendous number of views and attitudes in common.

    Just imagine an Israeli “soldier” after a satisfactory day of bumping off (at the behest of their “spiritual leaders” no doubt) pregnant Arab women in GAZA (A tee-shirt circulating in Israel shows a pregnant Arab women rubbed out with the catchy slogan of “Two For The Price of One Bullet”! I call it “salami genocide”- a little bit at a time rates equally little notice), offering his water bottle to a wounded Arab combatant – as another Waffen SS soldier did to a wounded Russian Tank man in a photo taken during the Battle of Kursk as I did….

    Propaganda – at which the “chosen ones” are masters and well on the way to having a monopoly on…It goes on and on…nice to have a site one express ones’ views to: until it’s spotted…

    The fact remains that since they were allowed into the Universities during the Forties and Fifties “They” have been systematically destroying the social fabric of this nation and sowing the seeds of doubt such that we’re now mere puppets on a string:including the current occupant of the White House along with all the others since Lyndon Johnson and the USS Liberty. If any other nation did what Israel did to our sailor boys (machine-gunning ’em in the water – WAR CRIME – and other declaration of war quality acts) we would have wiped them of the face of the map! We went to war with North Vietnam for – in comparison – NO reason at all. What does that say about “the good ‘ol USA” eh? Not much IMO.

  59. Harry says:

    The Turkish motion picture “Valley of the Wolves:Iraq” was inspired by the arrest and humiliation of Turkish special forces troops by Judaeo American forces on July 4, 2003. The Turkish troops were hooded and “frog hopped” , so to speak, before jUS cameras. Unlike the modern, gelded, Americans, Turks don’t take kindly to denigration. The movie deals with revenge by Turkish intelligence, through its agents, against the American Prefect. Gary Bussey plays a Jewish doctor harvesting organs from hapless Iraqi citizens kidnapped by contractors and jUS troops. In one scene there are organ boxes addressed to various Jew meccas (New York, Tel Aviv, etc) Where have we seen that story ? An entertaining motion picture. I enjoyed seeing cinema techniques employed against jUS and Israeli perps – you can get the DVD online.

  60. Harry says:

    “Crew 38” has been watching too much “History Channel” (or is it “Histrionics” ?) BS about Hitler and the occult, which is sheer Kike fantasy.

  61. Harry says:

    The SS was actually a well disciplined army. I’ve read a great deal about their exploits and I’ve never seen anything to suggest any of its members were “impressed” with Stalins Judaic Communism ? I would suggest Leon Degrelles “Campaign in Russia” for a true account of the conditions the SS and Wermacht fought under and their interaction with the locals, which was generally positive, but for the Reds.

  62. anti-zionist says:

    I agree Harry.

  63. Mike says:

    Yeah yeah ashkenazis exlax and grape fanta who cares wanna chat “normal non socially retarded” people can emkhail mee

  64. Frank Fredenburg says:

    If you feel that way Mike, why are you here? The Khazar’s have no shortage of blogs that delete any criticism of them, and ban those people that dare to commit the hate crimes. Hopefully somewhere along the line, you will wake up and become a hate monger yourself, and start opening your mouth. That’s what an anti-Semite is. You haven’t figured that out yet? If their kind get their way, this country soon wont exist. It’s already just a shell of what it once was!

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