Milking Old Adolf For All He’s Worth

If there is absolutely anything you take away from my blog it’s this: Spend some time thinking about what’s going down in today’s world and ask yourself why certain people still keep bringing up some guy — long dead and gone — every five minutes? Compare it to Stalin and Mao, who inflicted far more misery and death in the world. You hardly ever hear anything about these people, for some odd reason.* Why? You can stop reading here if you like, and just stew on that for awhile.

Just think: They put on tons of the most inane bull on TV†, but stay deathly silent about large periods of well-proven history. Just from the smallest amount of research, the horrible details of these events will shock you. Yet, all we ever seem to hear about is Adolf Hitler. Non-stop, actually. How many times do you turn on the TV and see old black and white films of Nazis goosestepping away; exposés on evil White NeoNazis in America or, for that matter, any White who dares to stand up for our race’s interest today?

It’s all connected, people. I should hope that, by now, America is starting to wake up and see the Jew’s tiresome Nazi slanders for what they really are: Nothing but a giant Jew head game — played out on White people to make us all hate ourselves and intimidate any from speaking out on what they do in America, or elsewhere in the world. An unbelievable amount of things can be directly traceable to Jews and far too much for this one blog post. Plain and simple. Read on.

It’s getting way old now, Jews. Way old. How long has it been since Der Führer man killed himself? 70 years ago? Yet you still go on and on about the guy. Absolutely anyone whoever says JACK about you Jews or whatever Israel does, gets the Nazi treatment. You’ve become a scratchy, whiney broken record.

You Jews just keep going one and on about the holocaust, don’t you? It’s like no one on the planet has ever suffered one thing except you persecuted Jews. Also, you seem to think that all of us Whites just have to blindly believe any obviously made-up stories of Jews — no matter how ludicrous. You even work to enact laws preventing the least question, or any open historical research on the subject. Many of us now have more than a sneaking suspicion that it’s all been a giant Jew propaganda gambit to extort money and sympathy.


Man, talk about historical, hysterical maniacs! You just keep going on and on about this Hitler guy. What you really don’t want is anyone to wonder why Hitler ever came into power in the first place.

Why did the Germans vote for the guy and even worshipped him? Because Hitler pulled some Jedi-mind tricks with his hands while making speeches in some Munich beer hall? Please. Hitler knew what a poison Jews had become to Germany and so did the German populace. The exact same things that happened to Germany before Hitler came to power, are now going on today in America of the 21st Century. That’s right: Look around at what’s happening to America.

As Germany lay ruined and prostrated by WW I, Khazar Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia, flooded the place with scam artists, thieves, homosexuals and Marxist Commies. Rich Banker Jews from the West came in, buying up distressed property and businesses, much like they did in the American South right after the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War).

At first, the hidden Globalist, Zionist Jews even secretly supported Adolf Hitler to scare the poorer Jews into immigrating to Palestine for their plans, but all that changed when Hitler turned the German economy around without any “help” of International Bankers. The rich Globalist Jews could not allow that kind of success to spread elsewhere, or even become widely known. They still work to keep that side of WW II history in the dark.

Germany used to be a great place for Jews to live since emancipation in 1848, when laws and quotas on the numbers of Jews allowed in schools and in all walks of life were removed. Jews moved to Germany from all over to enjoy things. Again, another giant correlation to the Jew’s real behavior in America.

Germany was indeed the Jew’s most favored nation. In fact, Jews in the USA overwhelmingly supported Germany during the first half of WW I, until the Zionists decided to use the war for their own selfish, nefarious reasons.

In 1916, Big Jewry cut a sneaky deal with Britain, offering to get America into the war if the Brits looked the other way and allowed the Jews to steal Palestine. Britain was losing the war by that time and the Germans were willing to sign a fair peace accord, going back to the way things were before 1914. But the Brits went along with a Satanic deal with the Zionists to give the International Jews a land neither of them lived on. This was called the Balfour Declaration (backed-up by the little known Landman document). All this brought terrible ramifications for the world till this day and not only to the Muslims.

America is paying dearly because of these people and their tricky, back-room games over the last century. How much more will we let these people get away with?

The Jewish Khazar Zionists had long coveted Palestine so they could turn it into a “Jewish Homeland.” Since 1882, the rich Globalist Jew, Edmond James de Rothschild started to quietly buy-up whatever land he could lay his immense, stinking family treasures on. Ask yourself this: Why did these Jewish big money powers start buying land there, long before there was even a possibility of Israel?

This is all historical facts and not some lone-nut “conspiracy theory” as you Jews often try to paint things when you want to use something different from the Hitler slanders. After the Zionists got their promise out of the desperate, war-weary Brits, they manipulated American politicians and started war crime propaganda against the Germans, so as to get good old American citizens pissed at Germany.

Jews have been doing the exact same thing all the way up to the present day, in case anyone has noticed.

You can’t turn on the TV for a lousy five minutes these days before some Jew (or paid Israel suck-up) is on the screen, yammering away about Iran and the designated Hitler of the day, Ahmadinejad. These people did the same about Saddam Hussein, which many of us still remember. Hell, when people like Jimmy Carter, Ron Paul and retired CIA Bin Laden expert Michael Scheuer tell the simple truth anymore about why the Muslims really hate America, you have the nerve to slander them all as “anti-Semites” just because they say what you don’t want America to think.

You think the whole world is out to get you. Always have. Well, maybe it’s time for all that to now come true. Your non-stop paranoia is rapidly now becoming self-fulfilling. Congrats.

Because of your guilt about stealing a land away from the poor people who lived there (Palestinians), you take the easy way out by hating these people to justify your acts. It’s easier for you. Same thing going on with the rest of the Islamic world since, naturally, other Muslim people feel a kinship with Palestinians. That’s why you hate them too. What’s more, you have the nerve to expect all of us Americans to go along with your racial and religious hate. We’re now getting the deal and you can’t stand to see that.

The majority of you that live in the Western countries, like America, just can’t stand the idea of Whites being in the majority. Inwardly, you’re jealous as hell that we have countries and you don’t (besides the stolen Israel that most of you don’t have the guts to move to). You especially hate the fact we have countries since you think you’re better than us to begin with. So you continually undermine our race by subtly attacking any of our institutions and values. You work to alienate other races against us. You take inward pleasure creating divisions in our sexes and the young.

You know these things are true, but instead of trying to put a stop to it all, it’s easier for you to simply pull out the Nazi card on anyone who dares to say something.

I was never a Nazi, skinhead type, nor a KKK member. Might as well be one now. It’s not worth my breath any longer to trot out the long-winded and tired caveats “well, I’m not being anti-Semitic here, but…” since even that effort obviously means nothing to you people.

You are a clear and present danger to my race and the future of my country. I will work tirelessly to convince as many other Whites as to the fact, even if it’s the last thing I do. I know that I can only do so much, but whatever I can manage just may be enough to get others take up the call.

And I know that, sooner or later, the true picture of how you people really are will spread like wildfire across America. At some point soon there will be nothing you can do to stop it, even censorship tactics will only prove it all to those Americans still on the fence. It’s inevitable. And there will be no possible way for you to control all the police and military, should you try to bring down a dictatorship on America.

From America it will spread. Canada, Britain, Germany, France and all Europe will come to their senses shortly thereafter. You will be hated from one end of this planet to the other. Already, everyone on the Internet is talking about you people constantly, as you run around like the little dutch boy trying to plug the dikes.

You will lose and the truth will come out like it always eventually does. Think Hitler was so bad? Wait to you see hundreds of millions of us Hitlers all over the planet and sitting right outside your door.

Enjoy the future, MOFOS!

— Phillip Marlowe


Jews know all this and sometimes even admit to it:

It’s a trick, we always use it.

Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli minister and Knesset member who headed the Meretz Party, interviewed on Democracy Now! by Amy Goodman. Aloni explains the “Antisemitic” or “holocaust” trick used by Israelis, Jews and philosemites to blame those who criticize Israel and its policies, for instance against the Palestinians.

Democracy Now!, New York, August 14, 2002 SOURCE

* Glenn Beck is scheduled to do a piece on Marxism and the genocides of Stalin, Mao and Che Guevarra, today. Although it hasn’t been broadcast as I wrote this and I have not seen it (this blog post is scheduled for 4pm EST), I can easily guess his people will balance it all out with the usual footage of old Adolf and his evil Nazis marching around and killing the Jews. He certainly will not touch any holocaust controversies with a ten-foot pole if he knows what’s good for him!

† It’s not just “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol,” either. History Channel is chock-full of the stupidest, non-history crap you would not believe. From “Pawn Stars” to even stuff on fixing-up old cars (what’s that got to do with history?). You will see all kinds of Nazi documentaries, but never anything about Communist atrocities like the Katyn Forrest massacre or the murdering Jew Commies. Now why is that, pray tell?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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93 Responses to Milking Old Adolf For All He’s Worth

  1. Rock says:

    Fernandes- I am 75% french decent. You could say fenchamerican. I dont take offence to the cuts to the french for being cowards. Personally, I walk around with a can of woopass in each hand. IMO, this whole goddammed planet is coward for not standing up to the zionist jews. And letting them get a such a stangle hold on everyone and everything.
    Your right, we are lucky for the first amendment. Thats why we guard it with the second amendment, ferociously.
    Hang in there man and keep resisting. Everything will come to a boil and the american people will get rid of our infection. Everything else will fall into place.

  2. Octo says:

    The only leader in world history to name and stand up to the Jew is also the most vilified person in world history.

    That’s a coincidence?

  3. Fernandes says:

    @ Octo

    No, there have been MANY people who tried to awake people to the jewish problem ! Henry Ford, our beloved Adolf Hitler, Benjamin Freedman and even Michael Jackson !

    The main problem is, the brainwashed white always associate all those truths to anti-Semitism, thus making it ” difficult ” to believe and spread the good word …

  4. Octo says:

    You are correct, of course. I meant leader in the political sense of the word.

    Let’s see what other political leaders: JFK, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill had to say about Adolf Hitler.

  5. Octo says:


    Avez-vous lu Guy Sajer est Le Soldat Oublié?

    Le c’est un livre excellent.

  6. Octo says:

    Voici une sélection traduite dans l’anglais. Guy Sajer était Alsacien qui a servi dans l’Armée allemande pendant la guerre.

    From The Forgotten Soldier, by Guy Sajer. Captain Wesreidau addresses Sajer’s company in the Gross Deutschland division: Russia: Autumn, 1943.
    Is he talking about Russia 1943, or the US and Europe today? Note the prescience.

    That’s why you’re fighting,” Hauptmann Wesreidau, our captain, said to us one day. “you’re nothing more than animals on the defensive, even when you’re obligated to ttake the offensive. So be brave: life is war ,and war is life. Liberty doesn’t exist.”

    ‘Germany is a great nation. Today our difficulties are immense. The system in which we more or less believe is every bit as good as the slogans on the other side. Even if we don’t always approve of what we have to do, we must carry out orders for the sake of our country, our comrades, and our families, against whom the other half of the world is fighting in the name of truth and justice. All of you are old enough to understand that. I have done a good deal of traveling – to South America, and even to New Zealand. Since Spain, I have fought in Poland and France, and now Russia – and I can tell you that everywhere there are the same dominating hypocrisies. Life, my father, the example of former times – all of these taught me to sustain my existence with rectitude and loyalty. And I have clung to these principles in spite of all the hardships and follies which have been my lot. Many times, when I could have responded with a thrust of the sword, I only smiled, and blamed myself, assuming that I myself was the cause of all my troubles.

    ‘When I had my first taste of war, in Spain, I thought of suicide – it all seemed so vile. But then I saw the ferocity of others, who also believed in the justice of their cause, and offered themselves up to acts of murder, as to a purification. I watched the soft, effete French shift from terror to toughness, and take up the arms they couldn’t use when they needed them, once we had restored their confidence, and offered them the hand of friendship. In general, human beings don’t accept the unaccustomed. Change frightens and upsets them, and they will fight even to preserve situations they have always detested. But a slick armchair philosopher can easily arouse a rabble to support an abstract proposition – for instance, “all men are equal” – even when the differences between men are obviously as great as the differences between cows and roosters. Then those exhausted societies, drained by their “liberty,” begin to bellow about their “convictions” and become a threat to us and to peace. It’s basic wisdom to keep people like that well fed and content, if one wishes to extract even a tenth of the possible return.

    ‘Something of this kind is happening on the other side. As a people, we are fortunate in being less indolent than they. If someone tells us to examine ourselves, we at least have the courage to do it. Our condition is not absolutely perfect, but at least we agree to look at other things, and take chances. We are now embarked on a risky enterprise, with no assurance of safety. We are advancing an idea of unity which is neither rich nor easily digestible, but the vast majority of the German people accept it and adhere to it, forging and forming it in admirable collective effort. This is where we are now risking everything. We are trying, taking due account of the attitudes of society, to change the face of the world, hoping to revive the ancient virtues buried under the layers of filth bequeathed to us by our forebears. We can expect no reward for this effort. We are loathed everywhere: if we should lose tomorrow those of us still alive after so much suffering will be judged without justice. We shall be accused of an infinity of murder, as if everywhere, and at all times, men at war did not behave in the same way. Those who have an interest in putting an end to our ideals will ridicule everything we believe in. We shall be spared nothing.

    Even the tombs of our heroes will be destroyed, only preserving – as a gesture of respect toward the dead – a few which contain figures of doubtful heroism, who were never fully committed to our cause. With our deaths, all the prodigies of heroism which our daily circumstances require of us, and the memory of our comrades, dead and alive, and our communion of spirits, our fears and our hopes, will vanish, and our history will never be told. Future generations will speak only of an idiotic, unqualified sacrifice. Whether you wanted it or not, you are now part of this undertaking, and nothing which follows can equal the efforts you have made, if you must sleep tomorrow under the quieter skies of the opposite camp. In that case, you will never be forgiven for having survived. You will either be rejected or preserved like a rare animal which has escaped a cataclysm. With other men, you will be as cats are to dogs and you will never have any real friends. Do you wish such an end for yourselves?

    ‘…Once the fighting begins, I will not tolerate doubt and defeatism. We shall be suffering not only in the interests of ultimate victory, but in the interests of daily victory against those who hurl themselves at us without respite, and whose only thought is to exterminate us, without any understanding of what is at stake.

  7. Biker says:

    im 25% french, 25 German, and the rest a Brit mix… which STILL = 100% WHITE. keep up the fight Fernandes!! as with Rock, not TOO much now, but when young… to paraphrase “messing with me was like trying to ram a stick of butter up a wildcats ass with a red hot poker” i was captian ASS-KICKER..where does this come from? the WHITE blood!! screw the nationalities… we are ONE people!

    its a shame to think that the city of light is on its way to looking like the vids posted of Liberia, and that Sarko the jew is pushing for more immigration, and less freedom… misery loves company, welcome to the west.. as Octo said, what happens to Europe on monday, happens to America on Tuesday.

  8. nebraska stuart says:


    “ Adolph was a hero and a credit to our race.”

    405,399 Patriot American hero soldiers, were killed by your devil god Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Murderer regime.

    This is your hero traitor

    I hope one of their families will get you one day and smash your Fuckedup brain.

  9. Saggy says:

    It’s not enough to say that the holocaust is a hoax, you need to demonstrate it. No problem, it’s easy to do. For example, there are two ‘gas chambers’ still in existence, visitors tours are given every day. But, the ‘gas chambers’ are obvious fakes, as they have, believe it or not, unbarred plate glass windows. Even stranger, no one laughs when they visit these places, instead they ooh and aah at the horrible Nazis. Thus is demonstrated the unbelievable power of incessant propaganda. See pictures at along with other easy demonstrations of the hoax.

  10. Biker says:

    it was for a LIE Nebraska, you get it? a fucking jew LIE!

    not ONCE did Germany attack the U.S.A. NOT ONE TIME IN TWO WORLD WARS. not once, the Americans did all the attacking MORON! knowing that most of white America was Germanic, as with Britain.. he REALLY DIDNT WANT WAR WITH THE WEST!! the death toll dor the West could’ve been much higher..

    ive got one word for you to respond to and explain..


  11. Biker says:

    here you go Nebraska, your, “hero’s”, start about the third paragraph.

    and YES im a veteran! as are my father, and BOTH grandfathers.. dont get your war knowledge from Hollywierd…we were NOT the ‘good guys’, we damn sure werent in my war, nor are we in the current war. cram your ‘band of brothers’ attitude up your ass, coming to you from a former paratrooper..

  12. nebraska stuart says:

    You are a traitor who changes to the enemy’s side”

    As you don’t have a Brain only traitors shit, you don’t deserve even a spit.

  13. Louis from Montreal says:

    nebraska stuart; Go drink the kool-aid and repeat the phrase; White people are evil, Germans are evil, anyone who opposes what Israel does is evil. You shouldn’t be here on this site. It is harmful to your fragile mind and might undermine the hard work that was put into making you a braindead idiot. Hurry up and send aid to Haiti or better yet, send aid to poor Israeli kids. You need to turn on the television and cry some salty tears for holocaust survivors, or maybe adopt a black child.

  14. foley says:

    Octo, thanks for the link.

    This article has good insights into how our highly evolved characteristics have caused us to be taken advantage of by people who hold in contempt the things we most value like generosity, honor, honesty. Qualities that are turned against us by aliens who want to destroy us.

    “To the rest of you I suggest that we shall see our problem clearly when we say to ourselves:

    We are Americans. This is our country. He who would take it from us, by force or by stealth, is our enemy. And it is our purpose — nay, it is our duty to our children and to their children and to our yet unborn posterity — it is our duty to use all feasible means to destroy him. ” Revilo P. Oliver

  15. Biker says:

    fuck you Nebraska, the Germans were never MY enemy. a patriot defies his king upon learning the TRUTH..

    did Iraq attack us? did Vietnam attack US? did Germany attack US? no, no, and NO!

    i dont deserve even a spit? what unit did you serve in dickwad? were you used for your patriotism? were you lied to? did you kill humans for that lie? unless you’ve been there you have no idea where im coming from… go back to your lego, or better yet, your haiti telethon…

  16. Biker says:

    every human that died in Iraq, over 1 million from both sides, died for a LIE!!

    NO W.M.D. .. where the hell are you stuck Nebraskovik? what dont you get?? Saddam was deemed a threat to Israel, and HE KNEW the deal, thats why even though his army was being decimated, he launched missles at ISRAEL. 2 wars and over 1 million dead, and fuckwits like you STILL dont get it..

  17. Biker says:

    still nothing on 300,000 Brits, French, Canadians, and Aussies WALKING away at Dunkirk huh Nebraskovik?

    Hitler ordered his forces to STOP. every man that boarded a ship at Dunkirk, owes his life to A.H.

  18. Biker says:

    too bad the West (jews) didnt reciprocate the favor to the people of Dresden? .. come ON Nebraskobitch… put ’em up asshole! your sorry jew ass just walked into a bitch slap seminar, hosted by yours truly.

  19. kerdasi amaq says:

    “405,399 Patriot American hero soldiers, were killed by your devil god Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Murderer regime.

    This is your hero traitor

    I hope one of their families will get you one day and smash your Fuckedup brain.”

    Ah the patriotard defense. Nebraska Stuart is probably one of the kikenvermin pretending to be a patriotic American. However the real culprit is FDR and the Wall Street banksters.

  20. nebraska stuart says:

    kerdasi amaq

    Another fucked up Irish
    You are not even American, so get back to your stinking island and don’t try to preach your “white unity way” on how should whites kill each others.
    Your History stinks, we don’t need Irish shit in America.

  21. nebraska stuart says:


    You just prove your Nazi traitor identity
    Why want you build up a memorial for your Nazi Dresden brothers where you live
    Lets see how many moments you will survive Traitor coward Moron.

  22. kerdasi amaq says:

    welcome back NS you’ve been here before under another name.

  23. White Patriot says:

    Ol neb stuart sounds like another chimpout jew that’s crying from having his ass kicked with the truth and exposed by incogman. Some of his other blogs are spreading like wildfire and it has them scared and scurrying around to post as many lies as they can. Hey neb, you got to learn to wipe your mouth after you shit.

  24. Maynard says:

    Off topic, but I could not resist. White woman raped by ”
    Teen” in broad daylight!

  25. incogman says:


    “During the 911 call, the witness told emergency dispatchers, ‘Yes, I think that there’s somebody, um, either taking advantage or raping somebody on Royalton by Birchall about two streets more, west or something like that. It’s a black guy taking off the pants of a white woman…'”

    These animals are now raping White women in broad daylight! Can you believe what is happening to America?

  26. Biker says:

    “Why want you build up a memorial for your Nazi Dresden brothers where you live
    Lets see how many moments you will survive Traitor coward Moron”

    couldnt have said it better dipshit… drunk, with a mouth full of pizza..

    the children burned alive in Dresden werent Nazi’s asswipe, they were innocent, (and white)….lot of that shit happens where ever theres jews around huh? Holodomor, Dresden, many American kids died in German bombing raids? Japanese bombing raids? add these.. to the Korean, Vietnamese, and Arab children to date.. fuck YOUR memorial asshole. keep thinking god and right are on your side, and ill see you in hell someday dumbass. as a murderer for Israhell, im probably going there first class myself..

  27. Biker says:

    DAMN Maynard, and INCOG!!! “sorry she drove by” WTF?!?!?!

    we need to rewind about 150 years.. to when Fontenet’s ass would BE SWINGING IN THE BREEZE, at the SPOT where the crime was committed!

  28. Anonymous says:

    sound like nebraska is a jew

  29. Trish M says:

    im with you biker

    • incogman says:

      Easy victim taken advantage of with whatever is handy…

      “The victim, a 26-year-old woman who has bipolar disorder and Asperger’s syndrome, was walking to the West Toledo branch library about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday when the assailant threatened her with a pair of scissors.”

      Why Whites are having this happen…

      I try not to be, you know, judging of people. I just can’t believe that someone is that sick, you know, to do that. It’s just not right.”

  30. Biker says:

    i wonder if the white above learned a damn thing Incog?? was there a glimmer of thought somewhere in her dull, brainwashed eyes? lets hope so…

    BELIEVE they are that sick!! wake UP!!!

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