Sick Jew Rats Using Little Palestinian Girl

On-line image in the background is from Israel’s Haaretz website, screen captured by your’s truly. The photo of the little girl (in the small ad above “Special offers”) is actually a little Palestinian girl photographed in Gaza on January 4, 2009. Jews are truly some nervy scum! The yellow area with the photo and caption is from a screen capture I did from where the Jews apparently stole the shot.

UPDATE 1/16: This link: HERE is from the Israeli Haaretz site where the ad USED to be at. Now they’ve replaced the whole page and minus the above ad, AFTER my blog post exposed them. The images here are screen captures from the time it was up. The sneaky Jews have been trying to say I photoshopped the whole thing (don’t you believe it!), even when anyone could go there and see for themselves at the time.


1/12: Look at this! Some slick Jew “charity” ad to feed “desperate hungry Israeli children” is shown here using the image of a little Palestinian girl, crying over the death of someone in her family by the Israeli Jew bombing of Gaza last year. I doubt much of the money will wind-up in Israel in the first place; more likely it will stay in the pockets of a bunch of sick New Yorker Jews (see below for another big-time Jew scam).

Sick Jews will stop at nothing, I mean nothing to suck shekels out of the gullible (including their own). What is certain is that this poor little girl and her Palestinian friends won’t see a dime. In fact, the Israelis have been blockading the Gaza from all sides right as we speak.

Here’s the Brooklyn, NY Jew site the link embedded in the ad takes you to:

Image used at the Meir Panim website. If you scroll down, you’ll see it’s really some sneaky Jews based in Brooklyn NY, who even had their scam ops classified as tax-free! Jews can send the money and get it deducted from their income taxes. America gets it from both ends (almost half of our foreign aid goes to Israel)!


Stolen shot of little Palestinian girl. One of her family was just killed by Jew bombs in the Gaza. Can you believe the unmitigated nerve of these Jew bastards in using this photo? They call it “chutzpah.” I just call it plain SICK.

Here’s one place the Jews could have stolen it: Gaza (4): A picture is worth… Go there for more information on the little girl and what else the Jews have been doing to these people.

Hat’s off to Rainbow Warrior for alerting me to this!

Jew scam commercial. Steve Johnson exposes the CGI being used and calls up the Jew scam operation responsible for the ad. Watch this video — especially if you call yourself a Christian Zionist!

Also, the same Jews were out trying to get you to spend $20, so they could send a $3 box of crackers to “holocaust” survivors for Hanukkah back before Christmas. You probably saw this spot a lot on FOX News, since the Christian Zionist “target demographics” watch this cable network news the most. Plus, I’m certain the Jews got an inside deal on commercial run-time costs (or gave someone a cut in the action).


                                               UPDATE 1/13:                                       

Jews redo website ad with another child after my blog post about it. But look closely at the selection they used. She looks more like some Peruvian child rather than some “desperate hungry” Israeli Jew child. What a bunch of Jew crap!

It’s still up on the Israel Haaretz website (1/13, for now): They will change it, believe you me.

                                                UPDATE 1/15:                                         

Just like I said: The Jews have now deleted the ads from their site. But I have screen captures and internet pages saved.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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262 Responses to Sick Jew Rats Using Little Palestinian Girl

  1. Flanders says:

    From: A site with extensive materials and information.

    — Joe Wood, (African-American author),
    in Berman, Paul. Blacks and Jews: Alliance and Arguments,
    Delacorte Press, NY, 1994, p. 112

    — Israel Shamir

  2. Biker says:

    just took my meds (aspirin), and cliff, you are STILL an asshole.

    10 hours per day at this blog? are you timing me peckerhead? if im spending 10 hours per day here, and YOU are KEEPING TRACK OF THIS?!?!?! L O effin L !! WHO is the IDIOT? who has the warped brain?

    it looks like that would be…YOU

  3. Cliford says:

    kerdasi amaq

    “I couldn’t care less about what what you think Cliffart as your feeble insults show that you are unable to refute what you read here.”

    I read the links your Nazi hero “Incogman the Faggot” added, there is NOTHING THERE BUT NEWS MORON.
    What do u read, your brainwashed sick jewish hate. with a name like you got, even an ape would sound more inteligent

  4. Biker says:

    damn, its SATURDAY cliff…. dont you have some chanting to do? or a chicken to spin and slaughter? dead Palestinian child to harvest organs from?

  5. Cliford says:

    INCOGMANS LIE – “Sick Jew Rats Using Little Palestinian Girl


  6. Steven10 says:

    Clifart, that’s because you are the liar. STFU dumbass. You discredit your tribe.

  7. Steven10 says:

    First of all how can Incogman go to the Israeli online paper and change anything? I went to the online paper and saw it for myself before it was changed. You obviously missed the party. Do yourself a favor and stop making an ass of yourself.

  8. Cliford says:


    You can see for yourself the LIES of Incogman, following is a link to Haaretz web site, CAN’T FIND THE BANNER THIS LIAR TALKS ABOUT.

    instead of Incogmans LIES you will find the following news.

    “Israel Defense Forces Brigadier-General Shalom Ben Aryeh told Israel Radio that the his delegation was one of the biggest and most skilled on the island. The Israeli delegation has built a field hospital that would be ready to begin operating in Saturday afternoon (Haiti time). “

    • incogman says:

      Jewboi: I thought I put you away in my SPAMblinka?

      Note: This Jew is in America but see how he brags about Israel. A true “Israel-Firster.” And you’re the liar too. All my screen captures are legit.

  9. GDL/White Master says:

    Looks like these Jews could come up with something different than “Nazi faggots”, but then again, Jews have a Nazi/Hitler fetish and they are a homo race of people.

    I believe these puny bastards actually believe their holocaust lies!

  10. Cliford says:


    “First of all how can Incogman go to the Israeli online paper and change anything”
    I am surprised the you underestimate the capabilities of Incogman.
    Incogman can change the site of the CIA if he wants, as he is one of them.
    Second Haaretz newspaper got scared from Incogman as they know his high level connections and he controls the media, so he made them switch the site.

    As an adult you swallow everything he says but you don’t trust he is capable to change a newspaper site ?

    • Steven10 says:

      Cliford, you really are a piece of work. Incogman didn’t change anything. He merely brought it to everyones attention after being alerted by RW and eventually it was directed to the attention of Haaretz. Haaretz finally made the correction. Are you really that dense?

  11. incogman says:

    Yeah, that’s right Jewboi, I control the media from my top-secret WP blog. STF and stop using other Jew’s names. Or better yet, enjoy my SPAMblinka with the previous “Cliford.”

  12. LW37 says:

    “Dumb idiots think they “caught me” at something. But hell, I comment and link, plus the right photo number so anyone can go check it out. I hope they do because they’ll see more sick stuff the Jews do to the Palestinians.”
    What the fuck happened to this Blog, you send me over to “check it out” and I got to see
    “Israel Defense Forces Brigadier-General Shalom Ben Aryeh told Israel Radio that the his delegation was one of the biggest and most skilled on the island. The Israeli delegation has built a field hospital that would be ready to begin operating in Saturday afternoon (Haiti time). “

    Hello….. is someone working here for the ADL.

    • incogman says:


      The Jews took the ad out of the website after I exposed them here. The photos in my above post are screen captures from the Haaaretz site and the Jew “charity” the ad was linked to. Note the ad at the Jew charity has a different girl in it now and one that looks distinctly Peruvian or something.

      The Jew commenting above waited until the Haaretz people took it out and then came here saying I was lying.

      It’s all a Tel Aviv two-step.

  13. Marshall says:

    Clifford doesn’t even spell his own name right. That should be a tip-off to anyone that he’s really a Hasbaroid. A field hospital in Haiti? Looks like we may see some AIDS-invested organs on the market pretty soon.

    Kidney earthquake blowout special 50% off!!! Buy one, get one free!!! Trade in your old liver and get 0% down financing!!! Crazy Heimie’s prices are INSANE!!!


  14. LW37 says:


    ???? puzzled can’t understand a word of your explanation.
    Sounds strange………… too many pictures, too many changes, but sorry I don’t hit the answer what the fuck is goin on here.
    I am more confused now then before.

  15. Major Tom says:


    Incogman has been exposed, so……………. He bullshits around with all kind of crap.
    Pictures up pictures down……, I loved this one
    “The Jew commenting above waited until the Haaretz people took it out” you see Haaretz was so conserned about a filthy scumbag rat named Incogman that stinks in his hole, that they took it out……… well I guess to any psycho there is some kind of limits.
    Its clear, he is a LIAR always has been. But now its obvious, see even his flock dosen’t cover him.

  16. White Patriot says:

    What’s this two fer one jew day? I thought jews kept in their cages on saturday. EVERYBODY saw the Palestinian girl picture being falsely portrayed as a jew on the jew site grubbing for money for stinking jews. Jews got caught. Jews changed it and lie to cover it up. That’s what jews do, they lie.

    The Sky is Falling — How he can cite all the criminal behavior and and the ruin of our country without ever once naming the jew is beyond me. The cartoon is prophetic. That star is strange.


  17. Yoda7777 says:

    Hitler should have finished the job and rid the world of all filthy jewkikes. How totally inconsiderate of him to leave so many standing.

  18. Flanders says:

    Incogman, I wonder whether you have considered arranging for the older comments to show up first?

    Those visitors who are new to the site would see more pertinent information in the earlier comments. Visitors could follow the threads as they chronologically appear and they would not be so likely to become confused or lose track of what is actually being said.

    The jewish trolls come in mostly at the later comments, and do so precisely in order to do what they are best at doing – CONFUSING issues.

  19. Irving says:

    “Newer comments at the top now and nested replies 4 levels deep turned on.
    OK, wait, you want the earliest comment pages to the front. Wait one.”

    Incogman is inventing a new way of Blogging.

    Incogman knows he is a LIAR so what shall he do.
    Well he will reorganise, get some comments from the past merge it wiht new once.
    This is not even pathetic its a shame for blogging.


  20. Flanders says:

    I don’t know yet, Incogman. It seems like a good way for the newer people who are reading to view without having the trash disinfo thrown in their faces. Although it may slow down our own comments. I’d be interested in knowing what others think about it, especially our regular commenters. Maybe most importantly, new readers, who have taken the time to get this far, can give their opinion on whether the change to an older comments first format has helped.

    • incogman says:

      I can reverse it so newer comments are first. Also, I can cut it down to less comments per page or more. Right now it’s at 70 before a new page is created. Please give me feedback.

      • GDL/White Master says:

        Older comments first works for me along with 70 per page….I’m fine with it either way personally.

      • kerdasi amaq says:

        I’d suggest setting up a second comments feed:which takes you to the front of the comments page. I like it the way it is.

  21. GDL/White Master says:

    The Jew hasn’t figured out that we White folks don’t want him around.

  22. Irving says:

    GDL/White Master

    What brains you got, sure you don’t WANT HIM ARROUND as he exposes all your LIES and more then that, the way conspiration works here………..

    Great blogging, lets here it Nazis’ how your stupid cospiracy works.

  23. Flanders says:

    Thank you for commenting “Disinfo Irving”. Anyone new to the site should be able to tell, by reading the early comments first, how your lies on behalf of the jews did not happen until AFTER Incogman exposed the jewish hoaxers who were using the Palestinean girl.

  24. Biker says:

    DAMMIT IRVING… PHONICS asshole, P H O N I C S. get hooked on them. if you can manage that with all the other weird shit you most likely have going on.

    why not try a blog where people share your twisted views? a bestiality workshop? go get your yarmukle polished? molest, murder, and harvest the organs of a Palestinian child?

    your buddies the Israelis do some twisted shit to the Palistinians, so WHAT about the picture dickhead. you want to debunk THIS one?? how about all the pics of dead Germans at collection centers after bombing runs bieng used as “holocasut footage” ? i could go ON and ON and ON… the fact that you try so hard to debunk this is proof enough to me that you are one sick fuck. SHOW ME all the starving jewish children!! SHOW ME ASSHOLE! i want links to REAMS of pics of all their suffering. a higher per capita income than the average American or European, and you jews are trying to SUCK MONEY out of people POORER than you to supposedly feed all the children in ISREAL that ARE NOT STARVING!

    FUCK the pic! put the pic af a REAL crying jew up there and it STILL WOULDNT MATTER!!! its FRAUD! no matter who is in the pic. using one of YOUR victims to garner pity and cash DOES make it all that much worse though, you are some sick bastards Irving.. S I C K.

  25. UltraR says:

    todays jew kid is tomorrows world scourge…
    fuck them all.

  26. UltraR says:

    and yes, you jewfucks can call me any name on your ADL list…, you all are still non human piles of shit.

  27. UltraR says:

    and talking about Hitler…, he couldn’t have finished something which he never started, and never happened…, savvy?

  28. Rainbow Warrior says:

    There have been no apologizes from HAARETZ or the Charity either. Not that I have found. As of January 17 Thank you for all the help. Really appreciated.

    • UltraR says:

      There won’t be any RW! The scumbags never have and never will, it’s not in their nature.
      Lets just be happy with having done a good deed, and exposed them. Let them shriek away as they usually do…, they know that we all are onto them, It feels good to be a thorn in their side!
      Keep it up! You do a mighty good work my friend!!

  29. American born says:

    Thats some typical low down money grubbing jew bullshit.

  30. Rainbow Warrior says:
    Israel flooded Gaza

    • incogman says:

      Man, those Israelis are despicable! While the Western media goes on about Haiti and ignores Palestine. Typical Jews.

      • American born says:

        If I read it right, the child lost a family member due to a bomb introduced by the israeli army. So the jews use her picture to get some cash. Wow..
        Thats perverse and sick. Trully twisted.

      • incogman says:

        That’s exactly right, American born. Once I put all this up, the lying Jews took her out. But that’s so typical of the Jews. Read some more here and you’ll see. Boy, will you!

  31. My dear fellow jew Cliford, I have something to say to you:


    Your friend,

    Rabbi Organlegger

  32. And to my fellow jew Irving:

    I don’t want either of your kidneys, I would just like to fondle them.

    Your friend,

    Rabbi Organlegger

  33. Biker says:

    another one Yid-free.. MARK LEVIN. red blooded American, Reagan republican. kosher konservative

    but his SON, born and raised in PENNSYLVANIA, died fighting for the IDF in 2006!!! the US wasnt in need of manpower at the time were they? TRAITOR JEW!!

  34. Steven10 says:

    I’d love see just one American to tell them to take that position paper and shove it up their ass!

  35. Yid-free says:

    Yeah, Biker.. No matter which military you’re in, you’re always working for the Jew.. I only hope that people wake up to the fact that these douche bags control both parties; even much of the “controlled opposition”–tea parties,etc… I don’t object to Brown winning, just his views with regard to Israel..

  36. Yid-free says:

    “The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.”

    — The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.

    So true…

  37. Bill in Ohio says:

    ‘Corral the 50 wealthiest jews and there will be no wars.’

    – Henry Ford

  38. themadjewess says:

    We turned that photograph in, what did YOU do incog? I even admitted I was arong, what did you do and still do Incog-
    Whaaah, Jews are bad tell your dad, ….on and on with your left wing Nazi shit.
    Meanwhile our nation is falling apart and you should be HAPPY asshole, YOUR non-President HATES Israel, so GET HAPPY for a damned CHANGE.
    Rush Limbaugh and the GOP finally are ADMITTING that Obama and his cohorts are BOLSHEVIKS, everyone IS catching the truth, EXCEPT incog… As USUAL.

    Limbaugh’s website claims of Obama: “His education plan is Maoist … and he is otherwise a Bolshevik. … [H]e would be a Stalinist if he thought he could get away with it”

  39. Geronimo says:

    YidFree: “Yeah, Biker.. No matter which military you’re in, you’re always working for the Jew.. I only hope that people wake up to the fact that these douche bags control both parties; even much of the “controlled opposition”–tea parties,etc…”

    Anyone following Ron Paul must know that even he has become a tool. For all the talk about “liberty” on the site just a simple post illuminating the fact their author of Austrain Economic theory was no Austrian but a Jew got me permanently banned with not so much as a email explaining why.

  40. Eckhart says:

    Irving was sent over here by the Jews after they were exposed.
    Irving: On the contrary, Incogman is NOT a Liar, he backs up everything he
    posts here. I really enjoy this site and it’s truths.

  41. L says:

    The NAZI’s lost already. Get over it…

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