Take a Big Whiff of Typical Negro Behavior


Please take a moment to watch the two videos below the “read rest” button. Although this may be Liberia today, much of the same kind of thing goes on wherever Negroes live — Haiti, South Africa, Kenya, Detroit, South Central LA. There may even be a good chance of this kind of thing happening in your neck of the woods, should you be unlucky enough to have a lot of them living nearby. Whenever they gather together in large enough crowds, they can devolve in a matter of seconds. I’ve personally seen this happen several times. They are indeed one worthless race! [INCOG] 

From Council of Conservative Citizens: America’s slave decendants living in Liberia

Liberia was founded by the American re-colonization society as a place for freed Negro slaves to repatriate back to Africa. It is the oldest self-ruled Negro Republic in Africa, becoming independent in 1847. It was built with money from white philanthropists in the US and protected by the United States army. The name means “Liberty.” The capital Monrovia, is named after US president Monroe. 

Today, Liberia receives massive amounts of money from the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations every year. White charities send money each year and white churches send missions to aid the Liberians. Pretty much, just like Haiti. 

As you can see from this video, Liberia today is not much different than Haiti. Pay close attention to the segment about Heroin. Liberia is a center of the diamond trade, both legal and illegal. However, the men use money from the diamonds to buy high dollar drugs like Heroin and Cocaine rather than use it to improve their living conditions. 

WARNING: The video below contains lots of profanity and disturbing images. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQSjyYRTDVM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTUw0vKksGc

Next time you see a professional race hustler like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson claiming blacks are mistreated in the US, remember that black people are astronomically better off in the US than any black people anywhere in the world. A black woman on welfare in the United States lives like a queen compared to her fellow Negroes in Africa, Brazil, or Haiti. Sharpton and Jackson should be thanking white people for their generosity. If Jackson and Sharpton want to improve the conditions of American Negroes, they should be telling their people to stop committing crimes, do their homework in school, and have better work ethic in the workplace. 

When you think about the “African-American” thug/hip-hop/gangsta/ghetto cultures in the United States, where do you think it is leading? In 90%+ black Detroit, Michigan the last big box grocery store closed down. Violence and theft has made it impossible for these stores to survive, creating a sprawling third world like environment right in America’s heartland. The black population of Detroit now survives on millions upon millions of Federal and state handouts, as well as white charities. Sound familiar? What will Detroit look like in fifty more years on it’s current path. Haiti and Liberia maybe?




Jews are so noble and enlightened they get awards all the time.

Jew organizations like the ADL and the $PLC have taking it upon themselves to brand the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) as racist for posting videos and articles on this kind of thing. Can you believe it? Whites merely reporting on real facts has these Jew bastards jumping up and down. Even putting up a simple picture of a black who’s ugly (not hard) would, more than likely, be deemed racist by these self-elected Thought Police. 

Here’s what the Jews of the ADL and $PLC really don’t like about CofCC: They have the guts to name the Jew. That’s right. The Jews act all irate whenever us Whites talk about the behavior of their precious Negroes, but it’s really any talking about the Jew they don’t want. They do the exact same thing with David Duke. The Jews always try to hide behind the other races and the homo stuff. 

Get the Jew and you’ll get at the real source of America’s troubles: 


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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130 Responses to Take a Big Whiff of Typical Negro Behavior

  1. gtrman says:

    With friends like these, who needs Yemenis?

    UN Troops Pepper Spray Starving Haitians

    ‘Thousands of hungry Haitians spilled into the streets defeating barbed wire and a tiny contingent of blue-helmeted UN peacekeepers distributing food. The chaotic scene unfolded outside the wrecked presidential palace in Port-au-Prince where aid agencies struggled to control 4000-strong mass of desperate Haitians, two weeks after the devastating earthquake struck. Security forces fired pepper spray into the air in an effort to disperse the thousands of men, women and children jostling for food.’

    Read more…


  2. Dark Dave says:

    The ‘French’ did us a favour.

  3. gtrman says:

    DOH! (from rense)

    Haiti: criminals ‘raping women and girls in camps’
    Haiti’s police chief has said that bandits were preying on vulnerable earthquake survivors, even raping women, in makeshift camps set up in the capital after the disaster.


  4. American born says:

    Great videos. niggers are worthless. These feral beasts in the vidoes have no place in advanced societies. They belong amost thier own kind. niggers are not human, not even worhty of being called animals. All that shit all over the beach is YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Those useless beasts create nothing exept rape, murder and violence. America gave them a nation and they turn it in to shit. TNB. America gives them welfare and they use it on drugs and alcohol. What a complete waste of life.

  5. gtrman says:

    Hey dude, thats out of order. Some of them can be civilised and become great sportsmen and actors, like O.J. Simpson.

    No, wait…….!

  6. American born says:

    Its so obvious that niggers cant govern themselves. They are 12 pct of the population here in the states and they account for 52 pct of the murders. 50 pct of niggers between the ages of 15 and 24 carry an STD. niggers are a cancer in society. They ruin everything within their grasp. niggers are a weapon of mass destruction. No matter where they are, no matter how much they are given they still remain as the lowest form of life on the planet. Its in the DNA of a nigger to be pure shit. Look at obama for instance. This guy is breaking apart at the seams and doesnt care who sees it. He is a renagade now. A one nigger against the American people. We havent seen anything yet with this mud. As the public shifts away from his insane nigger mentality he will show his monkey fangs soon. And his discusting wife will begin to show their seething hatred for the White man soon. I cant wait to see it. Maybe he smacks a female reporter soon, who knows but it will be some real nigger shit. I hope all that voted for him now feel pretty fucking stupid for buying into the hype…

  7. Jen says:

    Is dat negro celebratin’ a touchdown in dat photo?

  8. incogman says:

    Yeah, he just scored a hit with a molotav cocktail.

  9. GDL/White Master says:

    You got that right American born!

  10. Hoff says:

    Where are you, Hoff?

    Hi all. The jews got me! No, only joking … for now. Tech problem, be back soon.

  11. rocketman says:

    damn right american born, weapons of mass destruction.

  12. Octo says:

    @White Banshee

    Great Post!

  13. American born says:

    That nigger in the first photo is taking great pride and pleasure in seeing his neighborhood go up in flames. niggers never cease to amaze me in their inherhant ways to destroy their homelands. Be it here or there, they are all the same. BURN BABY BURN. niggers love to riot and rape and kill. The thrill of destruction is the fire that fuels the nigger beast…

  14. American born says:

    There is much to be said of the potential of the nigger beast. They are basically brain dead. The average IQ is 70. They carry no empathy in their unused brains. They are capable of canabalism, rape at the drop of a dime. Murder is a past time, good fun for them. As far as parenthood, that doesnt hamper them a bit. But when it comes down to it the nigger is ready for all out self destruction. ALL OUT. No holds barred. The polar oppisite of productive. Its baffling to me. But niggers are niggers. the self wreakage of the nigger is unpresidented. I doubt any of us will ever see another failed race as low as the savage nigger beast. Excuse my rant, but I grew up in an inner city area in the north east and have seen much of what they have to offer and none of it is good. The nigger has no place here. They belong in nigger africa. They are not like us humans. The nigger is a different breed.

  15. SBD TV says:

    Typical Negro Behaviour? Ad from Hebe TV…

  16. White Banshee says:

    Thank you Octo, you have some very good posts yourself!

  17. GDL/White Master says:

    American born,

    For a while when I was in middle school and first year of high school I unfortunately had to ride a bus with lots of negroes. Their behavior is obnoxious to say the least. Luckily my sister got her license and that ride ended. The negroes never messed with me, but they did others…but mainly they just yelled amongst themselves. They like to hang out in the aisles like monkeys and then get pissed if you bump them out of the way to get on/off the bus.

    When I was in elementary school a negro thought he would go ahead and try to bully me around. One day after I ate lunch I went to the bathroom in this old bathroom we called the dungeon. It was old and smelly down there. The negro came in with one of his brothas and proceeded to talk shit to me. I got in his face and we walked circles with each other for a bit. Finally, after the negro saw I wasn’t backing down his negro sidekick said “Come on man, let’s get out of here.” From that time on, and on through high school that negro never batted an eye at me. I saw him out in public one day and the puss looked away. I used to play basketball with negroes and Asians. As long as you don’t have pride in your own race, some negroes will call you a “light skinned brotha”, LMAO! (BULLSHIT!)

    A buddy of mine I have known since we were probably 5 now reads here at Incogland. He rode a bus with lots of negroes and remembers those experiences. He also now understands the Jew is responsible for this mess.

    Thats the thing about alot of White liberals, they never have been around negroes except for the one or two in their predominantly White area who says “hello.” Those braindead Whites have no clue about the TRUE reality and nature of negroes. Pisses me off!

  18. American born says:

    Ive had problems with niggers almost my whole life. Ive noticed that when they are delt with in a firm, nobullshit way they back down fast. They smell weakness like the ferel beast they are. I ofthen think of how our forefathers kept them in line. They definetly knew how to prevent nigger crime. Stick time and the rope where the punishment of the day. They were aware that kindness is taken as weakness by the nigger. Our people sure have lost their way. Its amazing that niggers and jews run free to disrupt our society. Absolutely amazing…. Time alters all though. The pedulum of time swings both ways throughout time. This nonscence is getting old and the White mans is growing tired of being stepped on and constantly berated by scum.

  19. GDL/White Master says:

    Absolutely American born,

    Just wiping the shit-eating liberal grin off of one’s face will change a negroe’s attitude. My personal experiences with negroes now are, they either say “what’s up” or something, or they just look away. I don’t wear that faggot weakling look on my face. The negro knows this with a White person too.

  20. incogman says:

    That’s true GDL and American born. Niggers know not to mess with a White who doesn’t put up with bull — unless he’s backed up with a handgun and more homies. Like feral beasts, they sense weakness and exploit it. Liberal Whites are just a big laff to them. I basically hate worse those cardigan-wearing Whites who make us all look like pathetic wimps!

  21. GDL/White Master says:


    I have heard negroes say that they respect a White man who stands for his race and doesn’t back down, but a wigger or liberal, they have no respect for. The negroes just want to take advantage of them. The negro is driven by fear and the presence of strong Whites will keep negroes in line like small children.

  22. American born says:

    It is ingrained deep in the nigger psychie to deeply fear the white man. Its similiar that the fear a dog holds for its master. If given too much lead on the leash they run wild and free, and the animal instinct is out. But when the leash is yanked firmly they get back in line and the training comes back into play.

  23. Octo says:

    Let’s see how Jews really feel about Obama, Iran and Palestinian genocide. By anti-semitic filmmakers Max Blumenthal and Jesse Rosenfeld, sequel to the Obama vid youtube repeatedly removed.


  24. Octo says:

    @White Banshee

    I’d like to read more about your views on the suppressed history of Whites, and wondered if you had any recommended reading, links or vids?

  25. gtrman says:

    The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti
    By F. William Engdahl
    Author of Full Spectrum Dominance:
    Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order

    A former US President becomes UN Special Envoy to earthquake-stricken Haiti. A born-again neo-conservative US business wheeler-dealer preacher claims Haitians are condemned for making a literal ‘pact with the Devil.’ Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Bolivian, French and Swiss rescue organizations accuse the US military of refusing landing rights to planes bearing necessary medicines and urgently needed potable water to the millions of Haitians stricken, injured and homeless.

    Behind the smoke, rubble and unending drama of human tragedy in the hapless Caribbean country, a drama is in full play for control of what geophysicists believe may be one of the world’s richest zones for hydrocarbons-oil and gas outside the Middle East, possibly orders of magnitude greater than that of nearby Venezuela.

    Haiti, and the larger island of Hispaniola of which it is a part, has the geological fate that it straddles one of the world’s most active geological zones, where the deepwater plates of three huge structures relentlessly rub against one another-the intersection of the North American, South American and Caribbean tectonic plates. Below the ocean and the waters of the Caribbean, these plates consist of an oceanic crust some 3 to 6 miles thick, floating atop an adjacent mantle. Haiti also lies at the edge of the region known as the Bermuda Triangle, a vast area in the Caribbean subject to bizarre and unexplained disturbances.

    This vast mass of underwater plates are in constant motion, rubbing against each other along lines analogous to cracks in a broken porcelain vase that has been reglued. The earth’s tectonic plates typically move at a rate 50 to 100 mm annually in relation to one another, and are the origin of earthquakes and of volcanoes. The regions of convergence of such plates are also areas where vast volumes of oil and gas can be pushed upwards from the Earth’s mantle. The geophysics surrounding the convergence of the three plates that run more or less directly beneath Port-au-Prince make the region prone to earthquakes such as the one that struck Haiti with devastating ferocity on January 12.


  26. gtrman says:

    just reading the guardian guide, i buy it on a saturday so i can always check that theres nothing on tv or radio to interest me. I havent always got access to the net so it comes in handy. The cover story is a promo piece for the family guy spinoff about the black character.

    “Co-creator Mike Henry (sounds jewish, unconfirmed) tells Amy Raphael ( evangelical buddhist shaman???? ) why he has no problem with “white folks” writing funnies for a “black” cartoon….”

    Henry says he “felt black” at high school. ” I went to school in Richmond, VA with very conservative people. I was always a little wacky, I always had a lot of passion and no hesitation in showing it. ( Im sure many rapists have felt the same way -gtrman ) Ive always felt a little funky. In a good way”

    It goes on, repeatedly describing the shows makers as a bunch of ” liberal white guys” ad nauseum.

    Not a peep about you-know-whos. Glad I was wearing my goggles

  27. American born says:

    It seems haiti may be of some intrest to many.

  28. American born says:

    Its like America is a big playgroung for the jews to have fun in ruining us. The smut they put on TV for our children to see is discusting. Do you know hisidic jews dont allow their children to watch TV. They know it destroys and perverts the minds of the impressionable youth. My mind keeps going back to pre ww2 Germany. A post I read here about jew ownership of practically everything in Germany. The Germans woke up and rid themselves of the cancer. I really believe jews are on borrowed time. The more paranoid they get the deeper they dig they dig in to suberversive ways. They are a sick race. Im an American and Im pissed off over this.

  29. gtrman says:

    Its not just America. I turn the page and see “Jonathan Bernstein” writing about Steven Seagal (jew) in “Lawman” and how Italian-Americans are up in arms and outraged at the way theyre portrayed in new show,”Jersey Shore”.

    It goes on and on. I wrote before here about watching BBCs “Newsnight” ( presented by Gavin Esler, Jon Sopel and Emily Maitliss, all jews) and every guest and interviewee was a jew.

    Except for “non-jew” Rupert Murdoch, who looks more like a 1930s era German newspaper cartoon every day! Clue, hes a jew

  30. Voir Dire says:

    It’s the same anywhere they exist: mayhem and murder. I feel horrible for the magnificent wildlife in Africa which is systematically being wiped. All efforts to preserve their wildlife have been from the Western world, and they are failing due to their astronomical population growth. I have photos saved from Africa Sucks website that are just gut-wrenching of the senseless, cruel ways that they kill or maim wildlife and even farm animals of the farmers they’ve killed and then stolen their land. I pointed out on another article about Haiti that their half of the large island they inhabit is completely denuded of any vegetation due to their scourge. I often marvel because they really do share many destructive traits with the Jews, but of course the Jews are much more clever in their wanton destruction owing to their high intelligence. Even to this seasoned veteran of black behavior, the videos are revolting.

    The Jews’ “you tube” constantly removes virtually everything that exposes blacks in their native states – even those types that might be found straight out of “National Geographic.” God forbid Whites awaken to what’s been done and continues being done year-in-and-year-out through both legal and illegal immigration and to this menace deliberately being imported to our midst.

    The following (warning: truly graphic; could give you nightmares) horrific video on Kenyan witch burnings was originally posted on Curt Maynard’s website, and of course deleted from youtube, but not before it was preserved on a White website dedicated to documenting what is being done to the Western/White world:


    And occasionally too, the British press still tells the truth (all stories I ever saw on the barbarism from Africa back when I still blogged at American Renaissance came from the British press; the American Jews’ News completely censors such stories as they don’t want Whites connecting-the-dots or delving too deeply into WHO exactly is responsible for our criminal immigration policies. Do recall Vdare’s Peter Brimelow was fired from his editorial job for writing his riveting, eye-opening book, Alien Nation, that was the first to identify the Jews’ as being responsible for the devastating 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

    Horror of Kenya’s ‘Witch’ Lynchings

    More news stories on Africa
    Odhiambo Joseph, BBC News, June 26, 2009

    Villagers, many straight from their farms, and armed with machetes, sticks and axes, are shouting and crowding round in a big group in Kenya’s fertile Kisii district.
    I can’t see clearly what is going on, but heavy smoke is rising from the ground and a horrible stench fills the air.
    More people are streaming up the hill, some of them with firewood and maize stalks.
    Suddenly an old woman breaks from the crowd, screaming for mercy. Three or four people go after her, beat her and drag her back, pushing her onto—what I can now see—is a raging fire.
    Burned alive
    I was witnessing a horrific practice which appears to be on the increase in Kenya—the lynching of people accused of being witches.
    I personally saw the burning alive of five elderly men and women in Itii village.
    I had been visiting relatives in a nearby town, when I heard what was happening. I dashed to the scene, accompanied by a village elder.
    He reacted as if what we were watching was quite normal, which was shocking for me.
    As a stranger I felt I had no choice but to stand by and watch. My fear was that if I showed any sign of disapproval, or made any false move, the angry mob could turn on me.
    Not one person was protesting or trying to stop the killing.
    Hours later, the police came and removed the charred bodies.
    Village youths who took part in the killings told me that the five victims had to die because they had bewitched a young boy.
    “Of course some people have been burned. But there is proof of witchcraft,” said one youth.
    He said that a child had spent the night walking around and then was unable to talk the following morning—except to one of the so-called witches.
    I asked the youths whether or not people involved in this supposed witchcraft should be punished.
    “Yes, they must be punished, every one,” said the first youth.
    “We are very angry and that’s why we end up punishing these people and even killing them.”
    His friend agreed: “In other communities, there are witches all round but in Kisii we have come up with a new method, we want to kill these people using our own hands.”

    (Posted on June 26, 2009)

  31. Voir Dire says:

    The eerie parallel of documenting Johannesburg’s precipitous decline to the chronicling through photography of “The Ruins of Detroit” is not surprising in the least to the racial realists who’ve managed to pierce through the multicultural miasma:



    Phillip: You should consider adding the above to your exemplary yet damning links.



  32. rocketman says:

    that show JERSEY SHORE is fuckin ridiculous, i’m from central (coastal) jersey.
    i grew up( in the summer months) in capemay/wildwood, very nice there .
    clean ocean and best of all too far south for the arrogant new yorkers to wanna travel.
    further north is the “JERSEY SHORE” that the stupid TV show is based on.
    seaside heights was garbage since the late 70’s and that dumb ass show on tv is accurate to reality there.
    quite a shame really, it is nice but once you have the stupid new yorkers there it turns to real shit.
    i don’t know why the italians would be so upset,they act in real life the same as stupid tv portays them.
    new yorkers in general are a stupid bunch,especially those from staten island .
    i watched that dumbass show here and there and i can tell you honestly that it is as close to reality as you can get.
    these people are bad enough on their own but ad a tv show to the mix and it’s sure to attract more idiots to the jersey shore.
    i no longer live in jersey but most of my family does, my sister lives close to seaside.
    i will not go there nor will i go to point pleasant(another nice place ruined by idiots).
    i will say if your there check out wildwood,it’s as nice as you can get.

    SEAGAL in lawman is just as stupid as jersey shore,am i to believe that trash?

  33. American born says:

    Im a Boston native, no longer live there. I lived in the Bronx for a few years. New york is a mess. Jersey shore is a shit show. It is obviously the brain child of some jew. The whole premis of the show is deceit and whoredom. The one thing the jew loves to project on American society. Im not Italian but if I was id be abit angry too. Instead of showing the Italian race for the productive members of society that they are, the jew portrays them as trash. The jews found a few Italian whores and a few perverts and displayed them as everyday Italians. Far from the truth. I grew up with Italians and most were stand up guys. But leave it to the jew to twist reality. jew reality is perverse.

  34. rocketman says:

    i just commented on that jersey shore thing, i hate to disagree but the italian guido idiots are pretty damn close to what the show portrays.
    not to say i don’t like italians, i know some and are as you say”stand up guys”.
    you having lived in the bronx must know that new yorkers for the most part are assholes.
    I don’t know much about boston except for the fact that the”BAD BOYS OF BOSTON,AEROSMITH” are actually from new hampshire.
    steven tyler is from newberry N.H.
    i lived near sunnapy lake where he has a home.

  35. American born says:

    The lower class guido is close to the nigger. They are into bling and rap music. The Italians I refer to are of a different mind set. But I avoid the guido nigger wanna be as much as anyone. The guido Italians are a shame on their ancestors. The culture has destroyed them. The guido has morped into typical street trash. Shows like jersey shore pushes the Italian youth to identify with this behavior. Ill bet this show influenced many to walk around like niggers with their pants half way down. The jew has a bone to pick with all Whites. Especially the decendants of the Romans. The jew gets quite a warm feeling inside defacing the young Italians.

  36. talmudHater says:

    Your blog is great. I have been hanging over at zogsnightmare.com

    There have been some problems but it has been a good run and now it is being incorporated into the Aryan Nations website.

    That said, I think there is also an even more sinister problem than the TNB that Whitey has to suffer and that is the mexcriment problem.

    Mexicans and other immigrants are sucking so much out of the economy and their gang related drug dealing and gun running are turning the border areas of the USA in to “no-go” areas and it is going to get much much worse. As you say, “GD” those filthy kikes in the Senate that opened up the door in the 1960s with the traitor Ted “the swimmer” Kennedy.

  37. GDL/White Master says:


    I live in North Carolina and in Gaston and Mecklenburg (City of Charlotte) Counties they busted over 400 MS-13 gang members. Only Puerto Rico has had bigger busts. These sorry sacks of shit say that it is easier to take over neighborhoods in NC than in California or New York.

    And you got it: “GD” those filthy kikes in the Senate that opened up the door in the 1960s with the traitor Ted “the swimmer” Kennedy.”

    Our time is coming!

  38. GDL/White Master says:

    The only reason these nigger/immigrant gangs are even around besides the Jew, is the fact that White folks have allowed it.

    When White people finally get sick and tired, load up, and start playing war with these scumbags, they’ll be running like rats and begging for forgiveness.



  39. American says:

    February is here.

    “Created in 1926 by black historian, scholar, educator and publisher Carter G. Woodson, it began as “Negro History Week.”

    By 1976, it morphed into Black History Month — a celebration of the contributions of blacks to America and their struggles to overcome. “- Chicago Sun Times

    What contribution? We’ve seen the videos above, and been to Chicago. LOL
    They must mean contribution by chasing out all the grocery chains in Detroit.

    And where is JEW-rat history month?

  40. Geronimo says:

    LOL didn’t we just have a week of MLK indoctrination and now an entire month is spent on practically the exact same segment of US history? Where’s Native American month? I can give the short story in a few sentences;

    European explorers and settlers encounter natives. Some are immediately hostile but more often than not they are interested in learning more about these newcomers and their strange items (firearms, horses, etc). They establish barter trade relationships and whatnot. Eastern financial interest soon inject their greedy hands into the situation via the military. Wars are fought, treatys are signed and ripped up, genocide occurs, natives react in kind, newspaper and pulp media hypes the vicious savage steriotype while ignoring the exploitation, and ultimately the forces of greed prevails. The end result – deforestation, dammed rivers, superhighways, pollution, suburban sprawl, corporate farming, so on and so forth.

    Seems to me this is just as deserving of a month’s observation. No, more so.

  41. Geronimo says:

    Personally I was looking forward to a global financial meltdown with resultant mob rules savagery in the street and guillotines repeating scenes from the French Revolution from Wall Street to Pennsulvania Blvd. I have two footlockers and several gun cases always at the ready. I grew up hunting and fishing and spend years in the Alaskan interior serving in the US Army…see ya! 🙂

  42. American says:

    Good to know ya, ‘Geronimo’!

  43. Geronomo says:

    Say goodbye to USA the world leader in technology and space exploration,

    Say hello to USA the Social Agency of a world in decline.


    I could not hope to improve on a comment made by a very keen observer so I shall repeat it;

    “History teaches us that the onset of the decline and fall of a civilization, society, or nation is marked by a turning away from advancement, exploration, expansion, curiosity, and adventure, and a turning inward to petty material comfort, the distribution of largesse to the masses for essentially non-productive purposes, to those who do no work in return for their reward, panem et circenses. I think we are seeing that now in this country. The outward appearence of strength is merely an illusion. The tree is decaying from within. Listen with the ears of history. Already the storm-blast whistles through the branches. The election of a man with essentially no experience, no record of accomplishment or achievement, no qualifications to hold high office, based mainly on political theater and collective racial guilt and the exploitation of that, is yet another indicator of this decline. History further shows that the outcome of the inevitable fall of a decaying culture is a long period of darkness, chaos, anarchy, further loss of knowledge, and generations of misery for the average individual. Is it too late to stop the madness? The recent election in MA gives me some small measure of hope, but ruination in as short a time as two to four years is certainly possible. Again, let history be your guide.

    JamesBurkes (02/01/2010, 8:34 AM )”

    Thank you President Obama, social worker to the world 🙁

  44. Geronimo says:

    “Hutch Holseberg and Crew Save Lives of Nine Haitian Sailors”


    I wonder if the possibility of having his boat pirated and a long swim ever entered this idiot’s mind…

  45. talmudHater says:

    A Thank You Letter from Starbucks.

    A Thank You Letter From Starbucks

    Written by Howard Schultz
    Tuesday, 11 July 2006

    Dear Starbucks Customer,

    First and foremost I want to thank you for making Starbucks the $6.4 billion global company it is today, with more than 90,000 employees, 9,700 stores, and 33 million weekly customers. Every latte and macchiato you drink at Starbucks is a contribution to the close alliance between the United States and Israel, in fact it is as I was assured when being honored with the “Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award” key to Israel’s longterm PR success. Your daily Chocolate Chips Frappucino helps paying for student projects in North America and Israel, presenting them with the badly needed Israeli perspective of the Intifada.

    Starbucks, through the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, an international network of Jewish education centres, sponsors Israeli military arms fairs in an effort to strengthen the special connection between the American, European and Israeli defense industries and to showcase the newest Israeli innovations in defense. As my contribution to the fight against the global rise of antiSemitism, the reason behind the current conflict in the MiddleEast, I help Aish HaTorah sponsoring the website “honestreporting.com” and produce material informing of Israel’s side of the story.

    Without you, my valued customer, I wouldn’t be able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars each year to protect Israeli citizens from terrorist attacks and keep reminding every Jew in America, to defend Israel at any cost. $5 billion per year from the US government are no way near enough to pay for all the weaponry, bulldozers and security fences needed to protect innocent Israeli citizens from antiSemitic Muslim terrorism. Corporate sponsorships are essential.

    Having the bigger picture in mind, Starbucks have donated a store to the US army to help in the “War on Terror”. I cannot emphasize enough, how vital the “War on Terror” is for the continued viability and prospering of the Jewish State.

    So next time you feel like chilling out at a Starbucks store, please remember that with every cup you drink at Starbucks you are helping with a noble cause. Howard Schultz Chairman & Chief Global Strategist
    Starbucks Coffee Stores

  46. GDL/White Master says:

    No doubt about it, the enemies of our White nations are first and foremost JEWS, along with their White liberal and Judeo do do followers.

    All White liberals teaching lies and leading children astray need to be drug by the hair into the deepest darkest negro ghetto. Most of these freaks never experience non-White behavior in its true form…..instead they are influenced by the Jew media.

    This school teacher tells the truth, after his personal experiences teaching negroes.


  47. Marshall says:

    That Starbucks letter looks a little “iffy” Talmudhater. Nevertheless, if it’s real, it would explain why they don’t carry any straight sweet tea that us “Suthern Redneks” must have like the air we breathe 😀

  48. Marshall says:

    That Starbucks letter looks a little “iffy” Talmudhater. Nevertheless, if it’s real, it would explain why they don’t carry any straight sweet tea that us “Suthern Redneks” must have like the air we breathe!!!

    GDL- “limousine liberals” are a kooky lot aren’t they? Al Gore in South Central…now THAT would be a “reality show,” hmm? 😀

  49. GDL/White Master says:

    Al Gore in South Central, reality show, damn what an idea Marshall….brilliant.

  50. aka gtrman says:

    The Carbon-Accredited Bonfire of the Vanities ?

  51. Marshall says:

    Why not GDL? Crips & Bloods vs. the Carbs & Blings “HEY!!! Do you KNOW what gasses that AK is releasi……AGGGHHHHH….” 😀

  52. Marshall says:

    Orfeo is expecting great treatment from Jews LOL!!!


  53. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Annual Black Female 40oz Drinking and Chicken Wing eating contest [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4k8gdELQDk&hl=en_GB&fs=1&] http://diversityiscrap.com/
    This may already have been posted. Orfeo.Is that you rockin’ the mike?

  54. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Their Tea Parties?”]
    03/26/2010: “Steven Crowder Is A Racist”


    No, not the KKK kind; the patronizing, “black peoples’ problems are all white peoples’ fault” kind. He’s also someone who would rather make a complete fool of himself than face reality, because he’s afraid liberals might call him a racist.

  55. L says:

    The NAZI’s lost already. Get over it…

  56. talmudHater says:

    I saw this video and I think it is good; anything that shows the degradation and squalor of the nigger army is another point for Whitey.

    btw/ This guy (Crowder) looks like a jew to me.

  57. Not only did the Nazis lose already… the Nazis were JEWS, LMAO, which is the funniest part of all of this satire we call Life. Nazis even stole their name from the Ashkenazi Jews and the Elite Jews with money paid and sacrificed the lives of other Jews to escape Europe during the war. White people are so fucking stupid, ignorant, and NIGGERish (they came up with that stupid ass name, didn’t they) that they don’t realize the Jews orchestrated Every Fucking Thing, including their hatred of the black man… oh wait, I mean nigger, and their hatred of everything Not white….including White Jews who don’t give a shit about white people anyway because they’re not God’s chosen and are nothing more than white Slaves for the Jew just like the rest of us. Rich Jews Control Everything, The Entire World, Wars, Racism, Poverty, Abortions… all of the things you Hate, they Created, you fucking redneck (a term you stole from fruit pickers working the fields in California) losers. Idiots. Wake the fuck up because if it comes down to a race war in the country…

  58. White folks are the odd man out… when everyone gangs up on you, then what? Niggers gonna laugh, Spics gonna laugh, Chinks gonna laugh… and you will be the new nigger, spic, chinky redneck with nothing to brag about except the credit you loaded up on when the JEWS were giving it to you for free, making you feel privileged for no GOOD reason… you clowns think so narrowly… you are also falling far behind. We got a nigger president because of you dumb asses….. lol.

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