Useless Tears for One Worthless Race

THE HAITI VICTIMHOOD Fest is now in full swing! As the mainstream media goes into never-ending TV coverage about the Haiti earthquake and how all the poor, downtrodden Haitians are once again unjustly victimized by fate and uncaring White people — media people will all act like us White guilt-trippers have to be so caring and pony up our hard-earned money to throw at them. They will never forget to tell you every minute how send your in your dollars for Haiti relief: “Go to our website and click on the ‘HELP NOW’ button to send a donation right now!”

This kind of thing is nothing new. It’s been going on and on and on — seemingly forever. From Africa, Haiti and the US. We have to give our tearful care and money to the poor, desperate, the always so “innocent and oppressed” Negroes, suffering from racism, rape, AIDS, starvation, drought, civil wars, dictators, corruption, military coups, crime, gangsterism, child rape, malaria, typhus, female circumcision, infestations, locusts, STDs, more famines, hurricanes, earthquakes. With these people, every five minutes it’s something, somewhere.

Folks, no matter what happens, we just keep giving and giving to this obviously totally worthless race. They want you, the White American, to pay and pay, yet still feel guilt about things hundreds of years ago that your ancestry had little or nothing to do with. Not only that, but sometimes if Mother Nature strikes, or when they themselves fail miserably — all too often even that gets turned around to be racist Whitey’s fault.

You watch: These poor Haitian victims will be fast-tracked into the US and Canada. Florida is now gearing up for massive waves of Haitian immigrants flooding the state. Already plane loads of Haitian refugees are arriving in Montreal, Canada as we speak, even though earlier immigrants went haywire just last year and torched neighborhoods over “police brutality.”

Like blacks anywhere in White countries, Haitians soon start acting however they please and scream bloody murder about racism should anyone dare say something. White’s wishes are being ignored there, just like here in the US.

And Obama just last week signed a new law allowing anyone with HIV (Aids) to gain entry into the US and putting all of us at risk. We’ll see thousands of disease-ridden Haitians making their way here (possibly near you) to collect social services and benefits, while spreading sickness. Will it be YOU — the White person who reads this — that ends-up paying for it all, right along with seeing your neighborhoods turn into little Haiti’s? Had enough yet, White person?

Hollywood elites fashionably act all concerned about blacks, apparently to ameliorate rich self-guilt. Whenever some disaster or trouble happens to black people (never Whites), you can be sure that plenty of photo ops and fund raisers will soon follow. This is your typical Jew-inspired White lunacy — they’ve done this to White countries just so we don’t go all Nazi on them. I’ve had it.

Back in the 1990’s, Jew pop singer Bono hosted those “Live Aid” concerts where American MTV kids poured money into Africa to help with famine relief. Youngsters all over America broke open their piggy banks, yet virtually all of this money ended-up in the pockets of corrupt tinpots and criminal gangs in those African countries. The criminals simply pretended to be NGO’s and took the free stuff from White dummies for resale, or officials demanded to be the ones to distribute the food, actually making the poor villagers pay for it on the spot!

These kind of people didn’t care one bit about their own countrymen, only that they could personally make a tidy profit off the deal!

Her brutal murder was completely ignored by the PC media, including FOX.

During the campaign of 2008, this liberal White girl from San Francisco named Krysten Brydum (right), was travelling around the country stumping for Obama. While in New Orleans, the libtard idiot happened to ride her bike through a black neighborhood late one night and the natives caught up to her, probably smacking her right off her bicycle.

One of the crazy apes emptied his entire semi-auto magazine into her head. Literally. The murderous shooter and his chums are probably all still laughing about it today (the crime will almost certainly stay unsolved).

Her bloody, splayed-out dead body was completely ignored by other blacks in the neighborhood till well into the next day when a church group of White volunteers arrived to clear house debris (how typical) from the Katrina hurricane and called police. It took Whites cleaning up for lazy-ass local blacks to pick-up a GD phone!

The national media stayed very silent about the crime, coming so close to the elections and Obama winning. They couldn’t mess that one up. But just try to imagine the media coverage if it was a black campaign worker in a rural all White neighborhood in the south? The media and liberals would still be yapping away about it today.

These people do not care one bit about us White people. Never have. None of these people, White liberals and media included, are not interested one bit in any White suffering. Certainly not the Jews. You’re just some schmuck who has to pay his taxes, donate to Negro suffering and keeps his mouth shut. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

Do you ever see groups of blacks travelling to a scene of disaster? Think about it here. How about when White people in a midwest town get hit by a river flood? Have you ever seen blacks from anywhere rushing to a White part of the country to help fill sand bags? Hell, they don’t even go to help other blacks! They would rather stay at home, screwing, watching TV and playing on the X-box while eating Popeye’s chicken.

Whenever a disaster happens to where blacks live, they literally sit around waiting for us Whites or the US government to rush in with food and water (they still go on and on about Katrina to this day). When it’s over, they also expect us to pay for the rebuilding and clean-up. Disaster or not, they still fully expect the government to feed them and give them even more money. If we’re not fast enough to satisfy these spoiled big-mouths, they raise holy hell about us Whites being secretly racist!

You never see them working to improve their lot. No serious efforts to organize themselves and establish competant, non-corrupt government lasts long. Criminal gangs, maybe. Infrastructure? Hell, they can’t even put in functional systems for water and sewage in places they control. They’ve received plenty of assistance from all sorts of White people to do such things, but far too often they turn around and sell the construction materials for quick pocket change among themselves.

Two stupid Negroes electrocuted to a crisp while out stealing copper in Texas.

And whatever does manage to get built, is threatened later on — like copper wiring theft. This is one big reason why neighborhoods quickly go to pot in cities where the majority are black. Local negroes go into any abandoned houses and buildings, pulling out all the wiring so they can resell the copper by the pound.

This makes house renovations and neighborhood clean-ups difficult and expensive, often even impossible. Look at Detroit, for crying out loud. On occasion, greedy black thieves even get electrocuted trying to cut away live high power electricity wires (above right) from unguarded infrastructure.

Just saying anything about it will get the White man branded as a racist. They can’t handle the least kind of criticism, even when it’s well-deserved. They would prefer you to shut your mouth and just hand them your wallet.

Remains of child found in a real-life Witchdoctor’s hut in South Africa.

When Pat Robertson said that a “pact with the devil” ritual might have something to do with all of Haiti’s troubles, liberals like the women on the TV show “The View” jumped all over him like he committed mass murder. Can’t be messin’ with the downtrodden brotherman and saying that kind of thing!

But blacks do easily devolve into barbarism, satanic rituals and even voodoo. Think that’s a lie? Human sacrifice is now on the rise in Uganda, with over 100 children and adults missing due to murder for voodoo ceremonies. South Africa has the same problem. Haiti is indeed a well-known voodoo hotspot in the Western world. And they do indeed perform the rituals Pat Robertson mentioned. Remember: What happens in Africa jumps to Haiti and then into the US. Just like vectors for jungle diseases like AIDs.

Let’s face the facts: Besides the Blacks in Africa and Haiti, the ones in America are a vile plague and a giant drain on Whites. They are way bad enough. Think about Affirmative Action, us losing jobs and promotions to lesser-qualified blacks just because they are “people of color,” and a multitude of other special assistance programs like Food stamps, Welfare and Section 8 housing for them to take advantage of in the US. They all know how to milk the system, too.

And don’t forget how violent and crime-ridden they are and how dearly they cost our countries just for police and prisons all over the place, to say nothing about the non-stop crime and violence. These “Gangstas” are often proud about the mayhem on the street they cause.

The entire Harvey family were all brutally murdered together in Richmond, Virginia in 2006. While tied up and in front of each other, the animals bashed their heads in with a hammer and slashed their throats. One of them was just a 6 year-old little girl.

While busy calling us evil and racist, these people are also killing us Whites left and right. In America we sometimes see unbelievably brutal slayings of innocent White people, all of which are carefully ignored by the national media.

Like the astoundingly horrifying torture killings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom or the five Whites executed in cold blood in the Wichita Horror.

And it’s not only on the rare occasion either; just this last November, 2009, the Gentry family, an entire family of five and a girlfriend of the son, were brutally murdered execution-style and burned in their home, just so the Negroes could steal a set of rims and a flat screen TV.

Most American Whites don’t have a clue that all this is going on in our countries (Europe, too), because the national media is owned by Globalist Jewry — who are clearly out to keep the White race in the dark.

Just go to my Black Crimes topics to see plenty of horrible crimes perpetrated on Whites over the last few years. Crimes that the lying media obviously prefers us Whites not to know a thing while they relentlessly propagandize us about “diversity.” To them, only White people can be evil, as they keep on bringing up just about any ancient crimes against “people of color” and slavery non-stop.

South African White farmers and even those living in urban settings must constantly be on guard, or risk black gangs robbing, raping and sometimes torturing and murdering the whole family. Almost 4000 Whites have fallen victim to a silent genocide so far since the end of apartheid in the ’90’s. The American media never breathes a word.

It’s very obvious that these people have lost all respect for Whites. You can see this in how black “comedians” openly mock Whites in America. Whites are portrayed as goofy-acting idiots, always so ridiculously polite and well-mannered. They now spit in our faces daily on TV and no one has the guts to say a word.

But we have to be so careful not to offend these Highnesses of Color with the least little thing we might say. Even the smallest awkward comment we might make on the job or in public will result in all kinds of trouble, even getting fired. See all the brouhaha about the Harry Reid’s “Negro dialect” comment about candidate Obama in 2008 that just came out last week? He said nothing, really (not that I care for Reid, a big-time Shabbos Goy).

And it has nothing to do with being poor, either. How many times do you read about some rich rap star, “promising” black executive, or sports figure committing some heinous crime or losing it all to drugs? How many poor Whites commit crime in America? I’m telling you: These spoiled black brats are one worthless bunch!

We now have ourselves a violent and backwards race who have been turned into major league prima donnas by the Jewish social engineers and White liberal do-gooders. They never raise themselves up, never work hard to improve their lot in life and still, to this day, prefer to blame the White man for any of his problems. They do it in America and everywhere else, even places Whites don’t even live anymore.

Every single Negro-run country or city, sooner or later, turns into a open cesspool, ruled by corrupt, sometimes murderous officials.

Isn’t it time for us to call a spade, a spade (sorry for the pun)? We need to come to the logical conclusion that these people are the most worthless race on the planet, and the best thing we can possibly do for them is to give them a big dose of “tough love.”

We should just hand them a book on farming, business fundamentals and maybe a book or two (with pictures) on the history of the White civilization and then tell them to get to work! And if you mess up this time, tough damn shit!

In this day and age, White people had better start looking after ourselves instead of spending all our time and efforts on other races. One, it’s obvious they never learn; two, they don’t seem to work real hard raising themselves up and three, they never appreciate much that we’ve done, or are too proud to say anything. It’s easier for them just to call us all racists until the next disaster hits them and they come begging with outstretched hands.

I know that all this may seem a little mean, or “racist” and White “supremacist,” but there you have it. They want us White Americans to not ever say a word, so that’s why they intimidate you to keep it zipped for fear of being called those things. That’s the deal, man.

You just go ahead and give them another $50 dollars of your hard-earned money and pat yourself on the back for being so caring if you want. You can call yourself a good “global citizen” and all that jazz. I’ll be certain that the personal mob cronies of whatever Dictator-for-life they have, will love to put that fifty to fast use at some fancy casino while vacationing in the south of France or Vegas.

— Phillip Marlowe

White people: Are we going to stay stupid forever?

Haitians are now using dead bodies for road blocks and looting. Everybody knew it would come to this. Barry Soetoro and Billy Bob Clinton have already alluded that this “might” happen, because they know what kind of people they really are.

Black racist AP writer is angry about White heroes portrayed in the movie Avatar. And here’s a great comment from the blog “Why Blacks Suck,” bringing us this story:

Anonymous said…

USA aid pledged to Haiti in response to the earthquake: $100M.

Chinese aid pledged to Haiti: $1M.

Who are the fools here?

Blacks are the worst of breeds, incessantly biting the hand that feeds (rhyme not intendend). And we whites just keep on handing them steak after steak. When will we learn?



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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497 Responses to Useless Tears for One Worthless Race

  1. KA Telegraph says:

    “If you’ve tears (of laughter) to shed, prepare to shed ‘em. Yes, in these dark days that are upon us, occasions for joy are rare. But now I bring you one in the person of Amanda Kijera (seen here with her two sprogs) ‘civic journalist and activist in Haiti.’”

    “Not once did I envision myself becoming a receptacle for a Black man’s rage at the white world, but that is what I became. While I take issue with my brother’s behavior, I’m grateful for the experience.”

    I begged him to stop. ….He didn’t care that I was a Malcolm X scholar. He told me to shut up, and then slapped me in the face. Overpowered, I gave up fighting halfway through the night.”

    “But it gets even better. It seems white men are to blame for this rape”

    I’ll bet she’s jewish!

  2. Fleur says:

    KA Telegraph, that is incredible, ironic, funny and despicable all at once.

    And the dumb n*ggerfuxated whore writes about this experience to blame whites.

    “Not once did I envision myself becoming a receptacle for a Black man’s rage at the white world, but that is what I became”

    That is all you are whore…..a sperm receptacle of stupidity. You were simply being ‘muh-dik’ed’ and you blame white people for that.
    It just never ends with these libtarded people!!!

  3. bill james says:

    worthless niggers….all of them!

  4. Frank says:

    thank you for reporting the truth

  5. Nick B, Kenya says:

    Brilliant article. Nothing but the truth.

  6. NiggaHater says:

    I am DONE DONE DONE with blacks. I actually tried to help these fuckers and they stabbed me in the back. They are fucking dangerous, ALL of them. I have turned into the biggest racist biggot. When they walk by now, I terrorize them. They are so shit scared, they back down like little babies. Fuck them. I tell them, “Hi, I’m racist!” Then I let them know what hillbillies like to do to them. Fuck blacks. I am totally for the NWO annihilation of them.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    For some reason there is a lot of oj simpson stories on today. You have to hand it to oj on one thing. He is one determined and dogged investigator. He searched every golf course in Florida six days a week to find the real killers of those two in California.

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