White Do-Gooders Go Haiti-Orphan Crazy

AREN’T THEY JUST so adorable? Last year in Haiti, White saps Chris and Melissa Bunch (above) came close to getting two Haitian “orphans” to call their own, but the Haitian birth mother unexpectedly showed up and wanted them back! Too bad. Apparently, they are still trying to nab a few real orphans, but no luck so far. Chances are, it’s for the best since it’s probable they will grow up to be murderous street gangstas, or unwed mothers in about 10 years. The White taxpayer will once again have to pick up the tab to support these worthless people, in prison or not.

NOTE to White Liberals: Got something to say here?

OMG! Just like real Hollywood celebrities!

Look, I’m sick and tired of your phony-ass altruistic motives. You blubbering idiots could care less about your own race and have zero problem spending the taxpayer dime on an obviously worthless race, who often hate us simply for being White. You ever think about helping any White people anywhere? Your misplaced multicult ideologies are literally now turning America into a Third-World shithole and all just so you can prove how “globally caring” to your friends. White America is fast getting fed the hell up with your ridiculous, insane crap! Got it? Then read on if you got any guts left. Which I doubt.

The mainstream media is obviously doing it’s best to be low-key about the Haitians looting and rioting after the earthquake. They make sure to talk about the disaster-prone Haitians being so patient and well-behaved waiting for their hand-outs. They now constantly use the new word of the hour: resilient. Like in “these Haitians are just so ‘resilient’ in the face of disaster.” Yeah, I bet.

Of course, some of what’s really happening is coming out now. Three thousand Haitian criminals escaped the main prison, stealing guard uniforms and guns. They set fire to the place and killed a few prison guards on the way out.  Now they roam the streets, raping and robbing. Criminal gangs have barricaded the roads from neighboring Dominican Republic with dead bodies so they can shake down relief columns. Men are trampling women and children to be the first in line at US food giveaway points. Gangs of machete-wielding Negroes are on the loose robbing each other.

These are violent and spoiled children. That’s why the country has always sucked big-time and why White countries (mostly the US) end-up supporting their worthless hides. Haitians are even complaining about the food being bad because they confuse production dates with expiration on the labeling! Pretty bad when you consider what these people sometimes eat:

Here’s a shot of Haitians preparing the delicious, traditional Haitian Mudcakes, using real dirt. Yum!

Former Playboy playmate cradles her “bundle of joy.” Krabacher has set-up Mercy and Sharing Foundation in Aspen, Colorado to bilk the Nouveau Riche for Haitian orphans.

The one thing the media is not keeping quiet about is all the White do-gooders clamoring about bringing poor Haitian orphans into the US. Seems that several hundred White couples have been waiting for their own little Haitian(s) and the State department has been a little too slow, or the Haitians are not going along with the deal. Evidently, they are too worried that some Haitian in the future is going to raise hell about little Deshawn or Monique getting a free ride when they could have lived the life of a pampered princes back in the Mother shithole.

The mainstream media is keeping us abreast on all the efforts being made to save the little “tykes” as they call them. This morning, Jewish Governer Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania accompanied 53 back to Pittsburgh to the so-concerned White liberals.

Ask yourself this: Whenever you watch these video reports about Haitian orphans, why don’t you ever see a black face in the crowd, or some happy American Negro couple getting his own little “tyke” to take home? What’s that tell you? Where’s South Africa and Kenya in taking a few? Holland and France are bringing them in (once considered White countries).

Or how about Israel? What a laugh there. The Jews have been bragging about sending over a few hospital tents and doctors. And, don’t forget, last year these people committed a huge man-made disaster on the Gaza, killing 1,400, which “our” media barely covered (compare to the coverage of Haiti). Also get this: Just yesterday, without any prior warning, the Israelis opened a dam that flooded out two Palestinian villages, washing-out a hundred families in Gaza. The locals said the Jews did it on purpose and that would not surprise me in the least.

The Israelis also may be on the verge of starting another war once again. The Lebanese are reporting Israeli military build-up and border incursions as we speak. But the US media stays silent on anything the Israelis do, unless it’s has something to do with Israel’s “bountiful humanitarian efforts.” Hypocrites.

Complete with teddy bears!

The Haitian “tykes” delivered to the Pittsburgh hospital had 53 clean beds waiting for them, each with a cute little teddy bear propped up on the pillow (right). Excuse me — gimmee a second here — suddenly, I’m a little verklempt.

Thankfully, all this was to check them out first for communicable diseases. Yep, that’s a damn good idea for these people. May as well finger-print and take mugshots right the hell now, too.

Your tax dollars are going to pay for it all. The plane trip cost us a fortune, since they used a military C-130 to bring them here because the donated chartered plane suddenly became unavailable. Imagine how much that trip cost the rest of us Americans?

Homeland security instituted an emergency humanitarian program to allow them to come here. We’ll hear that excuse in the near future and not just for cute little “tykes,” either. Big Tykes will be coming here and they may very well end up near you. Won’t make any difference if they are AIDS-ridden since Obama signed a law allowing them in with the disease. You watch: They’ll get free medicine, social services, food stamps and maybe even your job or your kid’s job down the road, too.

They won’t care one bit about you, Whitey!

 This Haitian boy probably lost his big chunk of meat moments after this shot. Or was shot himself.

A little Haitian frisbee, anyone?

These kind of “people” don’t belong in the USA. Never have. They are barely more than jungle animals. Even when they get a little civilization, they eventually turn it into a cesspool and start killing each other off. They do this even in America after living here for generations and getting special treatment left and right. They are bringing the White race down to their level (probably what hidden Jewish oligarchs had in mind all along).

All blacks ever seem to care about is themselves and what each of them can get, for as little work or effort possible. To them, it’s ME, ME, ME.

Whites have been pissed on by the mainstream media for slavery and being so evil for decades now, but they sure seem to forget whenever we do things like this, don’t they? Maybe that’s why they keep getting away with trashing our race, since all we ever do is go along with how they tell us we should act. Never do we speak up in our defense.

I, for one, have had more than enough of this game. Are we going to be stupid saps for much longer?

People: The White race has a giant Achilles heel. We are far too altruistic for our own good. This weakness has long been recognized and taken advantage of by other races. We must start acting in our best interest, or the greatest race this planet has ever seen will be no more. Our countries will be turned into giant shitholes, ruled over by an evil and devious race who never cared one bit about White people. In fact, they hate us and always have.

And that race is the GD Jews. Figure it out!

— Phillip Marlowe

Haitians looting in the streets. Most Negroes devolve to this level fairly quickly, even in the US. Imagine your children having to grow up in such a country? They will, the way things are going.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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254 Responses to White Do-Gooders Go Haiti-Orphan Crazy

  1. Inquisitor says:

    This thread is about haiti niggers being sold as animal pets to white people.

    Should we be allowing such a dangerous animal to be imported into the community as a pet.

  2. The Prodigal Son says:

    I don’t own a T.V.

    Blacks are not allowed in synagogues either – so maybe that’s the ticket for you guys…

    Like I said – you think EXACTLY LIKE THEM, so you’d probably get along swimmingly! You could pass the Desert Eagle back & forth and exterminate anything that came near you that wasn’t white.

  3. Orion14 says:

    Portugese have nigger in them, like Sicilians. I guess you are an American then, since “American” now means some brown mamzir who speaks spanglish.

  4. American born says:

    Negative. No more niggers in America… They cause enough problems and have proven to be a problem here..

  5. Orion14 says:

    Prod Son has a familiar writing style….

  6. Inquisitor says:


    you think EXACTLY LIKE THEM, so you’d probably get along swimmingly! You could pass the Desert Eagle back & forth and exterminate anything that came near you that wasn’t white.

    you are actually starting to convert me….

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey prodigal son, did gd make man in his image or did man come from the monkeys and how come we have black man and white man were there white monkeys and black monkeys, or do you believe in the gd made us from clay thing

  8. Inquisitor says:

    How should one dispose of their haitian niglet when they have lost their novelty value?

    Maybe madonna will open up a niglet rescue center in hollywood where whites can dump their unwanted haitian niglets……

  9. American born says:

    The Portugese race is a strong one. The Romans and the Spanish fought to gain controll. They lost. Portugal owns the coast. Portugese is spoken thru out South America as well. Brazil is a Portugese speaking nation. Your view on the Portugese is an ignorant one. Portugese goes way back in European history. The language is still spoken by millions a good race proves this.

  10. American born says:

    Anyway you call me out on my beliefs on niggers. Why the sensitvity for the ape nigger orion14?? Are you a nigger fool. Do you have boot lips and an afro???

  11. Inquisitor says:

    this thread is not about portugese being attacked niggers, it is about the buying selling and returning of litle niglet animal pets…. made popular by madonna…..

    i personally wish madonna had dressed her niglet in a gorilla suit and put a leash on the vile beast and had that shot as front cover on vogue and vanity fair.

    madonna and her pet groid niglet…. her husband guy ritchie divorced her when she braught thaT MONSTROUS pet home…

  12. Orion14 says:

    I didn’t call you out on anything, flag sucker. I just noted that the Portugese have nigger blood in them. Hundreds of years of the Moors and then breeding with African slaves does that to a people. Same for Spain. Same for Southern France.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree with one thing on this site, the do gooder rich bitches and all the do gooder whites adopting little black dolls are creating angry adult blacks, I have seen it many times as many people over here “adopt” little black koreans, indians, and the ozzie abo, the idiots are creating racisim by their actions, black should adopt black and white should adopt white., hey prodical son which religion is the real one, are you just as hypocrytical as all the other so called christians

  14. American born says:

    The only niggers that speak Portugese are the conquered ones. The ones my ancestors sold like lumber. As far as my German roots, I think I dont need to go any futher.. Im a proud American, and proud of my roots. If you have a soft spot for the nigger race then you may have some White guilt issues. If you are even a White..

  15. Inquisitor says:

    i hope madonna poses with her niglet with a burning cross and a rope tied around its neck… now that would get the worlds attention for her next album

  16. American born says:

    niggers never came in Portugal. Arabs yes. niggers never came to Portugal orion14..

  17. Anonymous says:

    you lot have serious anger management problems, but then hey the authorities (government employees) are such useless FKs that follow the letter of every law because they are sheep and cannot think for themselves, this is why humankind is doomed

  18. American born says:

    I just reread your babble on Portugal. They dont speak spanish in Portugal. They speak Portugese.

  19. Anonymous says:

    arabs ey, then you do have jew in you

  20. American born says:

    To a wierdo like yourself who wont even post a name. Believe anything you want. As I said before, this is my heritage. Dont like it go fuck yourself…

  21. Anonymous says:

    American born,

    Don’t waste your time here. These people have their own perverted ideas that they won’t soon part with.

  22. American born says:

    I agree , anti jew sites attract jews like flies on shit. This is a good site though. Ill be back when I have some free time.. A luxury to me. Anyways have a good one and stay away from jews and niggers., The confusion of the jew can make anyone alittle batty. TO HELL WITH THE JEW….

  23. Australian born says:

    there’s your name cock head, ya fuckin racist scumbag, I hope ya mother gets fucked by a big black nigger

  24. American born says:

    Australian jew … Go fuck a kangaroo you nigger LOL…

  25. Australian born says:

    american jew, how did you know i am married to a kangaroo? honestly get some counseling

  26. The Prodigal Son says:

    Orion 14,

    You said, “Hey Prod Son, look up the word Adam. Use a Strong Concordance. Stop quoting from something you know absolutely nothing about.”

    Yeah, I’ve seen your brilliant theory about how Adam means ‘red’, or ‘ruddy’…

    So Adam was an American Indian? That kind of ‘Red Man’? Just like the snuff right genius? Maybe you should take your own advice and “Stop quoting from something you know absolutely nothing about.”

    Here. Before I go – I’ll give you a Bible study lesson AND an etymology lesson. Now you won’t have to sound like a moron anymore! Your welcome.

    The generic usage in Genesis meaning “mankind” reflects the view that Adam was the ancestor of all men. Etymologically it is the *MASCULINE* form of the word adamah meaning ground or earth and related to the words adom (red), admoni (ruddy) and dam (blood).

    “And the LORD God formed (man = Hebrew ‘adam) of the dust of the (ground = Hebrew ‘adamah), and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” – Genesis 2:7

    Gen. 2:7 explains that the man was called Adam because he was formed from the ground (‘adamah).

    “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground (‘adamah); for out of it wast thou taken : for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” – Genesis 3:19

    ‘adam = man:

    ‘adamah = ground:

  27. Inquisitor says:

    go buy a niglet australian born…. i here they are having an earth quake sale over at haiti…. buy one get one free….

  28. Australian born says:

    now what would I do with a nigger, I ain’t no bloody cannabil

  29. Inquisitor says:

    teach it to climb trees ….. you might want to spay it first to reduce its violence….

  30. Australian born says:

    I met a man in prison, named jack Vantongeron or something he ws an asian hater (used to bomb chinese resturaunts), used to walk around with a copy of mien kemp, he liked himself as a nazi, turns out he had the jew in him, what I am saying is every whitey can trace himself back to jew so accept it are you jew or monkey

  31. The Prodigal Son says:

    “Hey Prodigal Son which religion is the real one, are you just as hypocrytical as all the other so called Christians?”

    All ‘religions’ are bunk.

    The one true faith in the one true God is known in the West as Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The one true God is the Holy Trinity… Who is:

    The Father, the Son (Who became man through the Theotokos – the Virgin Mary, in the person of Jesus the Christ) and the Holy Spirit.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  32. Inquisitor says:

    who knows australian born…… ?

    maybe he had a copy of aipac leading australians to their death in iran…

  33. Australian born says:

    gotta go I smell me some roo meat, at least the kanga doesn’t complain abpout being oppressed c ya fuckers

  34. Inquisitor says:

    australian born do you believe in free robust debate or do you think australians should be imprisoned for thought crimes…..

    this is the modern media…. it is not centrally controlled anymore….. people will awaken to their manipulation and mental conditioning… yes they will debate all ideas without fear of imprisonment…

    the anc just called terre blanche homosexual and the worlds media prints it…. have you seen the slaughter and rapes of white women by niggers….

  35. Hoff says:

    the anc just called terre blanche homosexual and the worlds media prints it…. have you seen the slaughter and rapes of white women by niggers….

    Hoff: Got a link The jew ALWAYS accuse their enemies to be homos. Just another day in the jew’s smear-slander factory.

  36. Inquisitor says:

    i think this idea may have come from malema in zimbabwe…… how convenient that malema was in zim at the time of the sad departure of terre blanche. he was pictured with a nigger that had a revolution t shirt on at the time of his death…

  37. Anonymous says:

    American born,

    I thought I told you to stop wasting your time here…

    Seriously, friend, this is no place for a White man to seek knowledge.

  38. Anonymous says:

    “Eastern Orthodox Christianity”

    Soooo, that’s why my Bible was written in Greek. (I just puked in my mouth a bit).

  39. Anonymous says:

    This place is a rats nest of divisive strategies. They all are futile attempts by fools.

  40. Anonymous says:

    We will be the victors regardless of these foolish men.

    ? Sieg Heil! ?


  41. Inquisitor says:

    this thread is about the buying and selling of niglets. Children indoctrinated by hollywood celebraties that want to follow celebrities grabbing international attention by buying infant groids.

    They should follow paris and buy a chiwawa and dress it up in outfits.

  42. Inquisitor says:

    A pet groid is a nasty thing to deal with.

  43. The Prodigal Son says:

    No-name Genius,

    No wonder you won’t leave your name. This way – no one will know how ignorant you are?

    “‘Eastern Orthodox Christianity’

    Soooo, that’s why my Bible was written in Greek. (I just puked in my mouth a bit).”

    Wait! Don’t swallow that puke yet!

    I’d bet the farm that you don’t have a Greek Bible at all… and if you do – you certainly can’t read it!

    Where do you think Greece is anyway? Isn’t it near California somewhere? Ha!

    The Greek Orthodox Church IS PART of Eastern Orthodoxy!

  44. Inquisitor says:

    Does anyone know how much one of these pet groids cost?

    I think you could make a fortune selling pet groids in jewhollywood. I read that the playboy girl has opened a pet groid store in colorado…..

    Import the pet groids, mark them up and move them on.

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