ZioQueen Nancy Pelosi Soaks America

Spoiled Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (left) toasting the freaky-looking Zionist, Knesset speaker Dalia Itzik, during an official dinner in 2007 at Israel’s Parliament in Jerusalem. Pelosi is a total “Shabbos Goy,” or quite possibly even a lousy Jew herself! [INCOG]  

Concerned about America’s economy? Well, read this one on Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House (Congress). Seems that this modern-day Queen Esther has been making the US Military fly around her so-special progeny, even when her precious Highness was not a part of the party!  

Alexandra Pelosi is listed here (misspelled).

That’s right. Judicial Watch and Doug Ross discovered that military planes have been used to ferry this woman’s family, even when no members of our so-called representative government were even onboard. That’s like $18,000 dollars an hour taxpayer expense versus the spoiled brats climbing aboard a commercial flight! Read more here.  

FOIA requests uncovered thousands of pages of travel docs, like the one above right (go to link for more). Note that yenta-daughter Alexandra Pelosi is listed here. She’s the Elitist HBO documentary filmmaker who has made a nepotistic career going around the country smearing Christians and the little people of America, those that make it even possible for Israel to exist! UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE! Had enough of these arrogant people yet?  

Only recently was it uncovered that Pelosi’s own little travel junkets cost us over $100,000, just in food and drink served. As TV reporter John Stossel would say: It’s your money! But Stossel won’t report on this or anything about the orthodox Jew’s Kosher scam Racket — since he’s a big fat Jew himself, of course. Read on for more info on Nancy Pelosi from reformed Jew and orthodox Christian, Brother Kapner. 

Pelosi and one of her real masters, Ehud Barak, pointed out by Christopher Bollyn as a member of the troika responsible for the greatest and most evil false-flag in history — 9/11. [INCOG]  

Pelosi and Her Zionist Jew Enablers

By Brother Nathan Kapner

The "concerned" Rabbi Saperstein

“RABBIS AND JEWISH CONGRESSMEN all thronged to Pelosi’s first celebratory event in DC to congratulate the Congresswoman in her role as the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House,” wrote the Washington Jewish Week in January of 2007. “Nancy is our Queen Esther of modern times,” exclaimed Jewish Congressman Robert Rush, as a myriad of Jews, (along with Rabbi David Saperstein who gave the keynote address and joined Pelosi on the podium with her six grandchildren, two of whom are Jewish), basked in their Jew-bought politician, Nancy Patricia Pelosi, during the reception.  

Designated in Newsweek’s 2009 list as the most influential rabbi in America and described in a Washington Post profile as “the quintessential religious lobbyist on Capitol Hill,” Rabbi Saperstein represents the national Reform Jewish Movement to Congress. And conversely, Pelosi represents the all-pervasive Jewish movement around which the nation revolves.  

Rabbi Saperstein protesting about Darfur and getting busted outside the Sudanese Embassy (bottom right) in a made-for-TV moment — he most certainly didn’t suffer any time in jail. Funny how this major league Jew hypocrite kept silent about Israel deporting thousands of Darfur refugees who illegally crossed over the border from Egypt into Israel (left). The phony little Jew rat is also well-noted for not breathing a single word about Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza. Hypocrites! [INCOG]  

The scope, depth and centralized structure of Jewish influence in the political life of America far exceeds anything which can be conceived as a “lobby.” Nancy Pelosi is a prime illustration of the breadth of Jewish influence-peddling in America.  

The measure of Jewish power must take into account both direct and indirect Jewish influence on national and local levels through which the networks of Jewish influence operate. Jewish power is exercised directly on political decision makers and abetted by the Jewish-occupied mainstream media.  

Jewish influence is exercised indirectly through censure of any utterance by Gentiles that employs the word “Jew” in a critical manner. Jews own not only the political and cultural life of America but the minds and tongues of the downtrodden White Christian majority.  

A KEY COMPONENT of Pelosi’s rise to power is rooted with the old-money California Jewish political machinery with networks all over the San Francisco Bay Area, especially the “new Jew-money” of Silicon Valley.  

Unlike publicity hungry Jews elsewhere, old money San Francisco Jews tend to stay out of the national limelight, preferring to flaunt their wealth only among each other usually at some private enclave. One of these private enclaves is Nancy Pelosi’s own multimillion-dollar home in the Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco at which she hosted her Jewish enablers in August of 2009.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Among the Zionist Jewish guests, that is, the Jewish manipulators of US Congress, with whom Pelosi was “schmoozing with the wealthy and well-connected,” were the Jews, David Axelrod, Obama’s special adviser, Mark Zandi, an economic adviser to Obama, and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida.  

The Jewish millionaire ‘locals’ in attendance included Elizabeth Fisher, heiress of The Gap fortunes; Marc Stanley, Chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council, Amy Friedkin, President of AIPAC from 2002 until 2004; Rabbi Doug Kahn, Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco who advised Pelosi to repudiate Carter’s book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid;” and Eugene Eidenberg, a former Carter staffer. Pelosi’s husband is a large stockholder in Eidenberg’s investment firm, Granite Ventures.  

In other words, Jews donate to Pelosi and Pelosi returns the favor by legislating for Jewish interests. Pelosi was the key sponsor of HR 34, a Pelosi-led declaration passed on January 9, 2009 which recognized and applauded the Jewish slaughter of Gaza civilians.  

Pelosi is a personal friend of Naomi Lauter, the national community consultant for AIPAC. “We were neighbors in Presidio Terrace in 1970,” remembers Naomi Lauter. “The Pelosis would come to our house for Passover.” Lauter fondly recalls Pelosi serving on the committee to build San Francisco’s Holocaust Memorial.

“Nancy Pelosi is deeply connected to the Jewish community,” says Sam Lauter, son of Naomi Lauter, a Zionist lobbyist in San Francisco who has an extensive network of contacts in DC and served as Senator Biden’s personal assistant. “It comes from her soul.” (He means from her bank account provided by San Francisco Jews.)  

Jews make up less than 2% of the American population—yet they have 100% influence over Congressmen, Senators, and Jew-bought Congresswomen like Nancy Pelosi, who serves the interests of the Jews, NOT her American constituency.  

Read more from reformed Jew and Christian, Brother Nathan’s site HERE  


Traitorous Nancy Pelosi and Israel This is why America is in Iraq and Afghanistan. These kind of people are out and out traitors and will one day swing from a rope, man or woman.  



Ron Paul describes Nancy Pelosi’s first act in 2006 was to remove a supplementary bill requiring a vote before going to war with Iran simply because Israel’s leadership told her to. That’s how bad it is, people. A foreign nation and race now has control over the American government. No question about it. This is how American citizens and soldiers end-up dying for the lousy Jews. Figure it out!  

The Darfur Deception  

The SDC was established in July 2004 through the combined efforts of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the American Jewish World Service. It has since been joined by a broad spectrum of political and religious organizations, a gaggle of celebrities and prominent intellectuals. It has spawned student chapters all across the country that range from the high school to university levels. Led by an advertising executive, it is the only organization capable of bringing together such unlikely partners as the Reverend Al Sharpton and author Elie Wiesel, actor George Clooney and former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton. If the signature activity of the anti-Vietnam war movement was the teach-in, for the SDC it is the advertising campaign. The expert has been replaced by the celebrity, the campaigner by the advertising agent. With an annual budget of $14 million the SDC employs the DC-based PR firm M+R Strategic Services (M&R) for its publicity. While M&R boasts a clientele comprising mainly green and humanitarian non-profits, in 2002 it was exposed by PR Watch for using its progressive credentials to greenwash DuPont, one of the world’s leading polluters. The centrality of propaganda to the SDC’s success was underscored by the fact that in the period between Spring 2007 and January 2008, the president of M&R Bill Wasserman also served as Save Darfur’s executive director. Read more here 


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. ????? says:

    @ Marshall Stax, ‘The Emeralds’ are obviously Irish posers. Have you had your Ah-Sid today?

  2. ????? says:

    James The Jew:

    “There’s so much pain and real suffering I’d like to cause… I do not want those sub-human snakes to die a quick death. That would be too kind… Slow. Real slow like…”


    And here we see the Son of Satan, the Christ-Killer, in his element.

    If you people can’t see that James the Jew is a sick, twisted, Zionist hate-monger provocateur, then you need some new X-ray spex to see past the maya.

  3. ????? says:

    James The Jew:

    “There’s so much pain and real suffering I’d like to cause… I do not want those sub-human snakes to die a quick death. That would be too kind… Slow. Real slow like…”


    And here we see the Son of Satan, the Christ-Killer, in his element.

    If you people can’t see that James the Jew is a sick, twisted, Zionist hate-monger provocateur, then you need some new X-ray spex to see past the maya.

  4. JamesTheJust says:

    Akira the slanty eyed gook. a.k.a. gwNObc, you may have others fooled that you are some shinning example of knowledge, but I have not been fooled by you from day one. You steer people in the direction you want them to go. I see you “PSYCO”ology in action. You are very good.

    Many of my kinspeople here talk about White this or White that, but when a mamzer, like you, comes along then many of them seem to fall all over themselves to ingratiate themselves with “it”. Just like they will watch jew movies and then complain about the movie – their minds already altered in ways they cannot “see” and the jew running off to the bank to deposit their chump change. They cannot seem to understand that they fight against themselves; that they are indeed part of the problem they claim they want to fix; just like when they give you, an admitted mamzer and someone who seems to have no compunction in changing your name, the time of day.

    White people don’t change their name. Only Jews change their name.

    You hate me because I state the truth and I am CONSISTENT. That PERFECTLY ok with me. You’d much rather have pliable subjects, but I am neither pliable, nor am I YOUR subject.

    When “things” (mamzers) like you hate me, it only confirms that I am on the right path.

    Why are you at a White sight, mamzer boy? Are you keeping tabs?…steering the course so to speak? A line must not be crossed you know. Keep them on the Internet and keep them ON THE INTERNET. Vent your frustrations while Rome burns.

    A more appropriate question is, why the hell is any self-respecting white person giving their time of day to this “thing”?

    Do you think you will win or survive the upcoming battle being divided against yourself?

  5. ????? says:

    James The Jew:

    “There’s so much pain and real suffering I’d like to cause… I do not want those sub-human snakes to die a quick death. That would be too kind… Slow. Real slow like…”


    And here we see the Son of Satan, the Christ-Killer, in his element:

    “…slanty eyed gook…PSYCO…mamzer…you hate me…you hate me…when things like you hate me, it only confirms that I am on the right path…why the hell is any self-respecting white person giving their time of day to this “thing”?” Blah blah blah. “Oy vey. I’m oppressed!” Blah blah blah.

    If you people can’t see that James the Jew is a sick, twisted, Zionist hate-monger provocateur, then you need some new X-ray spex to see past the maya.

  6. ????? says:

    James The Jew:

    “There’s so much pain and real suffering I’d like to cause… I do not want those sub-human snakes to die a quick death. That would be too kind… Slow. Real slow like…”


    And here we see the Son of Satan, the Christ-Killer, in his element:

    “…slanty eyed gook…PSYCO…mamzer…you hate me…you hate me…when things like you hate me, it only confirms that I am on the right path…why the hell is any self-respecting white person giving their time of day to this “thing”?” Blah blah blah. “Oy vey. I’m oppressed!” Blah blah blah.

    If you people can’t see that James the Jew is a sick, twisted, Zionist hate-monger provocateur, then you need some new X-ray spex to see past the maya.

  7. Marshall says:

    Akira, I was just pulling your chain man. I’m sure there are many fine Japanese rock & rollers. (ahem) I even have a Takamine acoustic, SWEET!!! Also a Japanese Stratocaster, so there!!!

    This “anime” stuff is pretty freaking strange though. I remember watching “Speed Racer” as a kid, and thought it was rather bizarre, to say the least. Now Akira, don’t be offended, but this goes into my “WTF Japanese?” category…


    JTJ, nice to see you posting, but what is it with this “mamzer” stuff? You are aware that’s what the Synagogue of Satan calls Jesus Christ… a “bastard”…right?

    If you believe what Jesus said, your “bloodline” or anyone’s doesn’t mean JACK SQUAT.

    That’s Marsh’s opinion. We have been over this before. Flesh does not inherit Christ’s Kingdom. That includes the very last corpuscle of your blood cell mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic DNA identity JTJ.

    LOL!!! Did I just rattle that off?

    The realm of spirit is NOT the realm of flesh in any form…

    Christ’s Kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD. Why people fight over the supposed “Holy Land” just boggles my mind. It makes no sense at all, JTJ.

    Quite a few knights have died over this matter throughout history, whilst killing a whole slew of other people on their way. They all end up ONE WAY. DEAD.

    Lucky? I don’t think so.

  8. lex icon says:

    “mamzer” is a Jewish term. I believe it refers to children of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother.

  9. Marshall says:


    Watching the Haiti disaster is a great study for anyone who wants to see humanity and how we react to crisis situations. There are many more to come.

    I sometimes wonder about the story of Job in the OT Bible. God makes a bet with Satan that he can perform all sorts of pestilence and afflictions on Job, and he will still remain faithful. Are you familiar with that story?

    Did I interpret that story the wrong way? No offense to anyone who follows Christ, because we all have to endure trials in this life, if we are to even see it. That always struck me as a strange story from the OT.

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki must have been alot worse to deal with Akira.

    Who created the atomic bomb?

    “I have become the destroyer of worlds” Oppenheimer quoting the Vedas? Einstein? Manhattan Project? JEWS!!!

    Marshall Math 101 states as a postulate:

    Bad intentions = Bad inventions.

    Nuclear power seems to be a pretty good thing so far. Fantastic engineering. There’s a plant right up the road from me. Here’s my question.

    If it takes constant water flow over this reaction to keep it cool and manageable, what happens if there is no water available?

  10. Marshall says:


    I thought “Jewish lineage” was passed down through the mother, not the father, according to the horrible excuse for law the Jews have, that they made up for themselves.

    Seems to follow, that eventually Jewish children will become a bunch of metrosexual wussies, or freaks-of-nature like these Shekinah-worshipping black hatted rabbis, who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, much less get laid with any self-respecting gentile girl from a nice, normal Christian family.


    No matter where they go, people seem to get the impression that HEY…that guy is a JEW!!!

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    JTJ, nice to see you posting, but what is it with this “mamzer” stuff? You are aware that’s what the Synagogue of Satan calls Jesus Christ… a “bastard”…right?

    Mamzer is simply Hebrew for bastard and “bastard” was simply a term the WHITE Israelites employed for those who were not full-blooded White. Honestly Marshall, I shown scripture before about all this. YES Yahshua was a RACIST – BIG TIME. BTW: The Celts who use Gaelic speak better Hebrew than the damned jews.

    A mamzer shall not enter into the Temple of YHWH even unto his tenth generation. What does that mean!

    If you believe what Jesus said, your “bloodline” or anyone’s doesn’t mean JACK SQUAT.

    Where does HE say that Marshall?

    You guys aren’t getting it. Yahshua said very clearly that HE had only come for the Lost (put away in divorcement) Sheep House of Israel. HE sent HIS apostle ONLY to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. This includes those who went under the cloud (Exodus) and those who migrated to Troy Greece, Rome and Northern Europe earlier to that time. It does not include everyone.

    The universalist interpretation is dead wrong and scripture, when placed in its historical context proves this.

    There are those whom YHWH planted (created) and those whom YHWH did NOT plant. Read the parable of the Wheat and the Tares.

    It’s all so clear to me. I can’t believe people can’t “see” it.

    Oh I know…I should just love those jews. I mean, they’ve only slaughtered MILLION upon MILLIONS of my kinspeople. I shouldn’t want them dead. Afterall maybe they’ll change. Then again, I KNOW they won’t. They’ll just keep on killing my people. So I should just wish them well.

    I have nothing personally against the Japanese. They have a culture and a way of life which suits them well. I’ve even lived there for four years. But when all is said and done; it is MY PEOPLE who are being conspired against by the jews. This is personal! NO MERCY!

  12. JamesTheJust says:


    I thought “Jewish lineage” was passed down through the mother, not the father, according to the horrible excuse for law the Jews have, that they made up for themselves.

    Genetics, which is what this is REALLY all about, is passed through both the mother and the father. The jew-law about the mother being a jew is simply a lie based on the fact that the mother of both the Edomite (jew which only means Judaen) and the Israelites was Eve. The fathers were not the same.

  13. Marshall says:

    Well then you have read into the Zohar, JTJ, surprise!!! Ring-a-ding-ding.

    Anyone who would follow these black-hatted kike international criminals anywhere only says….

    I AM A STOOGE OF THE JEW. Why don’t you write it on your forehead or wear a block on it, with leather strapped around your arm, JTJ?

    The laws you never obey, have become your oppositional legal system, that seems to make you quite a bit of money.

    Why do you not e-mail me?

    If incog is getting all these millions of hits, then where is JTJ at


    Nowhere. What’s wrong with this picture? OH…GOOGLE is run by Jews…well sure it is.

    They don’t like gentiles who are hip to their games. Their games are pretty large, and the heartland of the USA is finally catching wise…


  14. JamesTheJust says:

    Why don’t YOU go on http://www.Christogenea.org ?

    You can reach me there as well as a host of other people.

    Do you seriously believe that I would e-mail someone I have never met? I have already made that mistake once and I won’t make it again. It is far easier for an administrator of a site to control nefarious behavior than it is for an e-mail client to control it.

    You have accused me of being that which I have demonstrated over and over again to HATE with a perfect hate. So prove me wrong. Go to the site and read the history of the White race. What are you afraid of?

    You have already posted your e-mail and your home address, if it is indeed valid.

    You have unjustly insulted me for telling you the truth.

    You have claimed to be White; even of royal lineage. Prove it.

  15. Steve McCulley says:

    I ate a piece of fruit today. All it had was the brand sticker (Suntina) on it. Never heard of it before, so I did a little research and found out it was grown in Israel. I threw up a little in my mouth. Got it at CostCo.

  16. American says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Steve. It figures that the JEWS wouldn’t tell the truth about where it was grown, like most produce. I just checked an avocado, and it says “Agricom- CHILE”. How come JEWS feel it necessary to omit material information?

    And to top it off, a fella named Brendon O’Connell in Australia exposed the JEWS selling STOLEN fruit from the Palestinian lands as their own!

  17. GDL/White Master says:

    Some fruit that comes to mind….Del Monte and Dole. Both from Costa Rica.

    Sounds fishy boys.

  18. Flanders says:

    Speaking of fruit:

    “A further abuse, of course, is not only that we are no longer seeing the easily debunked bin Laden doubles whose video tapes were “mysteriously” released by SITE Intelligence, the Rita Katz/Israeli group that seems to find them in trash bins behind delicatessens. The “new” audio tape itself contains statements claiming credit for 9/11 in direct contradiction to the real bin Laden videos, the only ones authenticated. If you wondered why the FBI doesn’t list Osama bin Laden as a suspect in 9/11, I think you have your answer. If they think the bin Laden “admissions” aren’t credibile, I wonder who the FBI is investigating or if they have simply been told to mind their own business.

    The terrorist incident itself is the last thing Al Qaeda would ever take responsibilty for despite the claims by SITE Intelligence that they found an unnamed and unverified internet site that confirmed this. Who in the name of all that is holy would want to take responsibility for an idiot who was led onto an American bound plane by passing around searches, customs and passport control in an airport run by an Israeli security company but who carried a “bomb” designed by a three year old.

    Who would be so stupid as to try to pass off this childish tape when reliable witnesses saw the terrorist being led onto the plane in Amsterdam in a manner that required full cooperation from security personnel, passport control and the airline itself. We don’t even have to go into the fact that the “terrorists” in Yemen that supposedly claimed responsibilty were released from Guantanamo under the personal signature of Vice President Cheney in 2007 or that before the incident, the government of Yemen tied these individuals to Israeli controllers thru captured computers.

    I am only thankful that the duped terrorist, or as Lee Oswald had said, “patsy”, was the moronic son of a long time Mossad business associate in Nigeria. Mr. Mutallab, banker, but mostly head of Nigeria’s defense industry, DICON, managed almost entirely by Israelis, may have much more story to tell other than the one he told CIA Chief of Station on November 19, 2009. Do we want to follow former Homeland Security director Chertoff, not only a Jewish activist but currently representing companies selling body scanners to airports and the mysterious ability for someone on worldwide terrorist watch lists to be escorted onto a US bound airliner without passport or search?

    Billions in profits were realized almost instantly after this incident. Companies tied to Chertoff, Israel and India were on the receiving end.

    The only reliable information the world has on Osama bin Laden is that he was killed by American troops on December 13, 2001 and buried outside Tora Bora by his following, 30 Mujahideen. At least 6 of these witnesses were alive at last check. Since his death, every “leaked” video or statement has been timed for convenient electoral “terrorist” scares, been childishly unprofessional and has only worked to discredit Islam.

    Every effort has been made by the MSM/corporate press to cover the facts behind the Christmas “bombing” and push the blame on everyone but the obvious culprits.” [Obvious culprits? Those who have primary control of the media and the “lobbying” power to commit treason as a matter of daily operations? – The entire article is at the link].


  19. Flanders says:

    From the comments section of, “ISRAEL: PLEASE, NO MORE BIN LADEN TAPES, NOBODY IS BUYING IT!” [This might be titled: “Clark gets it – At least most of it”.

    “clark says:
    January 30, 2010 at 1:02 am

    As a man with Jewish blood–so don’t tell me I’m anti-semetic, Abe Mossad–who grew amongst the elite, and in the shadows of the WTC, I’d just like to comment: I am now convinced that the Zionists, in collusion with the banking magnates, have actually succeeded in conquering ‘We the People;’ We just don’t realize it yet.

    They have divided us along Red and Blue, Black and White, Christian and Muslim, ‘us and them’ lines of prejudice, and while we stand pointing fingers across the battlefield at each other, the elite runs–no casually walks–right down the middle with our Rights, our Money, our Freedoms, and, soon, our Democracy. Nothing we see occurring before us is accidental–not the underwear, nor the Haitian disaster–and their plans are simply being enacted one at a time in a grand synchronicity to foment the complete fascist take-over of this land and, eventually, as many of the lands of the world as possible. It is shocking and difficult to come to terms with, but ‘they’ will continue their false flags–perhaps next at the Olympics–until we are fully immersed in fear and thus willing to hand over all publicity that remains under the Constitution. It is only a matter of time: there is no stopping it. Believe me, I’ve looked for holes or cracks in the armor, but our Gov’t has been bought and the documents have been signed.

    The only option that remains is a military rebellion, but notice that most of our troops–especially the more localized National Guard–are otherwise occupied? Notice that our police departments have become militarized and trained to fear the citizens? Notice that Homeland Security and FEMA are designed not to assist but to secure and control? Our servants have been privatized, if not physically, then simply mentally. ‘Guilty till proven innocent’ is the new MO.

    I am personally heartbroken to realize that both Israel and the magnate families that I once admired so greatly have an equal hand in this, while those that we have been taught to fear and hate–namely, the Muslim “terrorists”–are as much our bedfellows as our neighbors are. (Personally, I’m disgusted with myself that I ever believed otherwise. Apologies to the Afghanis, the Palestinians, and so on.) Simply, the Zionists believe–and have for some time–that it is their ‘manifest destiny’ to rule over all the world, and they will go to ANY lengths to fulfill this pogrom (ironic, isn’t it?).

    It’s a simple strategy really; it’s ‘just get your man into the office at the top of the pyramid of power,’ as the CEO of that firm; the head of that agency or that bank; that corporate regulator; that media outlet; and, of course, into as many positions in the Administration as possible. Now that the Zs have secured many of the highest positions in the Fed, Congress, the MSM, and in the security Agencies, who of the citizenry can fight them? (They throw their little ADL “anti-semite” bombs at us, and we run and hide, for shame.) Even the privately-owned security firms–like Prince’s Blackwater or whatever they’re called now, Xgames or something?–have been bought with blood-soaked money. Indeed, they have sold their warrior’s Code of Honor for the nickels and dimes that accidentally spill out of the Zionists’ pockets. We’ve become power whores.

    We need another JFK–yes, JFK, who was the only president to fight the Fed, sadly, to his grave–but heroes are hard to find and even harder to hear above the din of the Zionist-controlled MSM. I am not a Christian in the traditional sense, but I now understand what they mean when they say, ‘get right with God’ because the end of our America is nigh.

    At least now they’ve discovered that it only takes a small operation–poorly planned at best, but really how much does a pair of Hanes and a Mossad escort cost?–and very few tax dollars to pull off a false-flag that carries enough leverage by which to enact the policy or security change they seek.

    That said, if you look at the roots that the Zionists have grown into the upcoming Olympics, it seems almost a no-brainer–especially with their government now suspended!–that a false-flag is imminent; I certainly pray that I’m incorrect. “Osama binCIA MossadObamaBush’s” return to the public eye is a sign of things to come, of that I’m sure.

    I say, keep writing, G. It’s about we have left in our arsenal. Thank you. -C”

  20. SBD TV says:


    Part II


    Part III


  21. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Incog me thinks you did a little touch-up job on Nancy Pelosi’s picture. It suits her her fine though! Now she looks like a suck-up, too!
    John Hagee is another one that should have those lips, painted on him!

  22. Anonymous says:

    @Steve McCulley “I ate a piece of fruit today. All it had was the brand sticker (Suntina) on it. Never heard of it before, so I did a little research and found out it was grown in Israel. I threw up a little in my mouth. Got it at CostCo.”

    WTF, ‘Suntina’ is a spanish-sounding name. Is this a ‘Mexican produce made in Israel’ False Fruit operation? Is it a fact that not even Israeli produce growers cannot avoid the impulse to cover their identities? Good god.

  23. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Are you kiddin’ me????’Artist’ displays Auschwitz model made from gold teeth of Holocau$t victims

    The name ‘Rolexgate’ for this piece of ‘art’ depicting the entrance to Auschwitz couldn’t be more fitting. The stories of the holocau$t and Auschwitz have put many a Rolex on the wrists of Jewish profiteers in the industry of history/guilt modification and extortion.

    more photos at Haaretz

    Jewish/Danish/Chilean artist Marco Evaristti is also looking for a pay day. He’ll probably want to sell his ‘art’ to a well heeled collector or holocaust museum and continue the tradition of making money in the ‘Shoah business.’

    Part of Evaristti’s story as in the Copenhagen Post …

    A proportion of the model’s materials come from gold teeth fillings of the camp’s prisoners, which included Evaristti’s own grandmother. It also includes a train car made of diamonds, while a Rolex watch showing the time a five minutes to 12 adorning the model’s entrance.

    The exhibit was first displayed in late October at a gallery in Berlin, where it created such a furore that it was removed after just a few hours.

    Evaristti said the exhibit wasn’t just a reminder of the death associated with the Holocaust, but also of the looting the Nazis conducted. He said he bought the teeth from an Austrian man a couple of years ago.

    ‘I had to appear to him to be a Nazi myself,’ said the artist. ‘I disguised myself and cut my hair very short.’

    ‘I’m just glad I was able to buy those gold teeth myself, rather than them ending up in the hands of Nazis.’ {more}

    Be sure to see: Danish Hollywood-Holocaust: Macabre Auschwitz exhibition made of Jewish tooth gold

    In a TV program January 13 Evaristti explained that he had been invited to do the project by the Mosaisk Trosssamfund, the major Jewish organization in Denmark.

    The Auschwitz entrance also contains teeth from Evaristti’s grandmother. She survived the extermination camp, so Evaristi has according to himself, not bought, but inherited them. {more}

    Hmm, the jewish tradition of extracting the gold from the teeth of their dead family members never occurred to me. I’ve missed out on saving some ‘art’ materials in the past. I’ll have to remember that for any future pre-funeral arraignments.
    Posted by kenny’s sideshow at 6:22 PM 0 comments Links to this post
    Labels: holocaust, jewish question
    I think the silly born bastard could use one o’ these.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8BWBn26bX0&hl=en_GB&fs=1&]

  24. Marshall says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL to discover that Jews took the gold teeth out of their own relatives’ skulls…and then blamed the Nazis for doing it LMAO!!!

    You only have to watch this movie to see Jew family values in action. The mother even rips off her own husband and son in the end…what slime they are!!!


  25. Octo says:

    RE: The Avalanches Frontier Psychiatrist Vid

    A cross between Jew Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles and a Fellini film, except it was entertaining.

  26. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    F$cknuts.All o’them.Round the twist.Monday, February 1, 2010
    Holyhoaxer extraordinaire Thomas Blatt – At Sobibor “250,000 people roasted on huge pyres made from iron rails, fueled with diesel oil”
    Blatt says he survived the gas chambers on the whim of the SS commandant, who said to him, “Come, little one”, as a selection was made of so-called “work Jews.”

    The Nazis needed Thomas to work as a “fireman”, burning the clothes and personal effects of those gassed upon arrival at the camp.

    He eventually escaped after an inmate uprising at Sobibor, surviving in the forest. He claims he survived being shot in the face, and has a bullet lodged in his jaw.

    Blatt is now one of the primary “eyewitnesses” “testifying” against John Demjanjuk.

    Thomas Blatt holds up a newspaper showing himself along with Karl August Frenzel, a member of the Nazi S.S. staff at the Sobibor extermination camp, where Blatt was part of a revolt that led to his escape from the camp in 1943. [1]

    Holocaust survivor, 82, tells of grim role as ‘fireman’ in Nazi death camp

    20 January 2010
    The Scotsman
    By Allan Hall in Munich

    THE lights dimmed in a Munich court yesterday as the survivor of a Nazi death camp where 250,000 people died described how he stayed alive amid the carnage.

    Thomas Blatt, 82, using the tip of his ballpoint pen on a map of the camp projected on to the walls of the court, transported a generation far removed from the horrors of the Holocaust back 67 years to a place called Sobibor in Poland.

    Metres away from him, lying on a specially constructed bed and apparently asleep for the whole of his testimony, was the man prosecutors allege may have driven Mr Blatt’s parents at bayonet-point into the gas chamber at Sobibor in April 1943.

    He does not remember John Demjanjuk from the murder factory hidden in a pine forest, and cannot say if he is guilty as charged of aiding in the murders of 27,900 Dutch Jews who were gassed during his alleged tenure there.

    But Mr Blatt was the first witness at 89-year-old Demjanjuk’s trial able to take the judge, lawyers and relatives of the dead back to those dark days.

    As relatives of those killed in Sobibor during the six months Demjanjuk allegedly worked as a guard there wept in court, Mr Blatt said: “I survived the murder project of the Nazis, and the Ukrainians, like Demjanjuk, were the worst of the worst in the camp.”

    Shipped off to Sobibor from his home only 43 miles away, his mother, father and ten-year-old brother were gassed and burned within an hour of arrival.

    He survived on the whim of the SS commandant, who said to him, “Come, little one”, as a selection was made of so-called “work Jews” who were needed by the guards to keep the camp functioning.

    He told of his various tasks. “I became what was known as the ‘fireman’,” he said.

    After sorting through the clothes of arriving victims, he was left with piles of passports, love letters, birth certificates, bank account statements and greeting cards taken from those about to die. He burned them in a pit, as the people they once belonged to burned on the “roasts” – huge funeral pyres constructed on iron rails and fuelled with diesel oil that sat next to the gas chamber.

    After the victims were undressed, they went along the “Road to Heaven” – a path lined with barbed wire fences interwoven with fir boughs that made it invisible to the rest of the camp.

    Asked by Judge Ralph Alt if he could recognise Demjanjuk as a guard there, he said wistfully: “Was he there? More than 60 years have passed. I cannot even remember the faces of my parents.

    “The court must decide if he was there. If he was there when I was there, then I can imagine he shoved Jews forward at bayonet point to the gas chambers. Without the 100 or so Ukrainians who were there, the Germans would never have managed to kill 250,000 Jews.”

    Demjanjuk claims he was a prisoner of the Germans for the whole of the war and questions the authenticity of a key piece of evidence – an SS identity card that prosecutors say features a photo of a young Demjanjuk and says he worked at Sobibor.

    Arrested, tried and sentenced to death by an Israeli court nearly 20 years ago for being a guard in another camp, he was cleared after new evidence surfaced. He was extradited from the US to Germany last year to stand trial for being in Sobibor. He has not said a word since the trial began last month.

    source: http://news.scotsman.com/world/Holocaust-survivor-82-tells-of.5995937.jp

    HolocaustDenialVidoes.com has an excellent detailed breakdown of Blatt’s fraudulent story here.

    2009 interview with Blatt by Der Spiegel:

    SPIEGEL: And how did you get through the remaining year and a half until the end of the war?

    Blatt: Freedom was difficult. If I had been a Christian boy, I’d have had a better chance. People would have taken care of me. But where could I go? There was no Jewish community anymore in my hometown of Izbica, and the Polish farmers saw us mainly as Christ’s murderers. A farmer hid me and some others at first, in exchange for money we’d taken with us from Sobibor. Later he tried to shoot us. I still have the bullet in my jaw. After that I hid in the woods or in abandoned buildings.

    Blatt speaking to students [2]

    “Vhat part of my story don’t you believe?” [3]
    Posted by Lone Wolf at 7:40 AM 13 comments
    Labels: Sobibor, Tales of the Holohoax, The Holocaust™ Hoax
    Thursday, January 28, 2010

  27. Flanders says:

    Geronimo, I located this article which indicates that the jews are well aware of the sell-out of America by Truman. The article also places the Truman decision to abdicate US interests in favor of Israeli interests in the modern perspective. As usual the argument, even in this article clearly critical of Israel, is couched with ultimate Israeli interests in mind [clearly, to me at least, that not to do so would result in this jewish author being branded ANTI-SEMITE!!!].

    It is from Haaretz.com [19/01/2009]

    “Obama’s choice: Truman or Marshall

    By Akiva Eldar

    Tags: barack obama, Akiva Eldar

    Click here for more articles by Akiva Eldar

    In March 1948, then-U.S. secretary of state George Marshall informed president Harry Truman that he personally would not vote for Truman due to the president’s support for the establishment of the State of Israel. Marshall argued that this contradicted American interests and accused Truman of supporting Israel out of electoral considerations – namely, Jewish money and votes. Marshall was being a bit unfair: The Holocaust of European Jewry also affected Truman’s support for the establishment of a Jewish state. At that time, the prospect of a black man entering the White House seemed like science fiction.

    Today, Barack Obama has received the votes, and the money, of about 80 percent of American Jews, even though his rival, John McCain, was more outspokenly sympathetic to the Jewish state. Israelis were the only people in the world who hoped the Republican candidate would win. The new president can thus permit himself to reexamine the “special relationship” with Israel, especially with regard to its shared values with the United States and its contribution to American interests.

    What shared values did the black American liberal observe over the last few days as he watched the broadcasts of sites bombed by Israel in the heart of the world’s most densely populated region? Is it possible to expect that the memory of the horrors of the Holocaust will influence Obama’s relationship with Israel? Last week, a Jewish member of Britain’s parliament said his grandmother was not murdered by the Nazis in order to provide a pretext for Israeli soldiers to murder Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza.

    The spokesman for the Israeli consulate in New York boasted of the masses who attended a solidarity demonstration with the children of Sderot. He did not mention the masses of Jews who do not know where to hide their shame at the sight of pictures of Palestinian men weeping bitterly over the families who perished under the ruins of their houses.

    Israeli spokesmen try to cope with the values question by using the following question/argument: “Would the United States have restrained itself in the face of ongoing rocket fire from Mexico at its children, in its sovereign territory?” It is hard to believe that such a comparison will make any impression on an intelligent man like Obama. Mexico is not under an American aerial and naval blockade, nor is it considered occupied territory under international law. The U.S. Army and American settlers have not controlled parts of Mexico for the past 41 years (and the United States was a guarantor of the Oslo Accords, which stated that Gaza and the West Bank constitute a single political entity).

    As for Israel’s contribution to American interests, the second component of the “special relationship,” this has been in doubt for years. Every time Jews kill Arabs in the territories, American flags are burned in Egypt and Jordan. In both of its wars against Iraq, the United States managed (or failed to manage) without Israel’s help, and even thanked it for remaining on the sidelines. And fear of the pro-Israel lobby sometimes compels the administration and Congress to subordinate their policy to Israel, in violation of American interests. There is no better example of this than the restraint displayed by the last two U.S. administrations toward the ongoing expansion of the settlements, which utterly contradicts the Oslo process, the road map peace plan and the Annapolis declaration.

    Obama has two choices. First, he can let the Israelis bleed and kill all the way to an ostracized apartheid state, observing from the sidelines as Israel endangers peace in the Middle East and undermines his country’s interests, just as George Marshall predicted. The second option is to stand at Israel’s side in its struggle to achieve peace and maintain its Jewish and moral character en route to regional acceptance, which has been offered by 22 Arab states. Or in other words, to finish Truman’s work.”

  28. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Asked by Judge Ralph Alt if he could recognise Demjanjuk as a guard there, he said wistfully: “Was he there? More than 60 years have passed. I cannot even remember the faces of my parents.

    “The court must decide if he was there. If he was there when I was there, then I can imagine he shoved Jews forward at bayonet point to the gas chambers. Without the 100 or so Ukrainians who were there, the Germans would never have managed to kill 250,000 Jews.”And how much of the rest of your evidence can you imagine.you selectively senile old shitkike.Take your typhus riddled ragbag and get the f£ck outta here!!![youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TgNCoVmziQ&hl=en_GB&fs=1&]

  29. ????? says:

    Speaking of fishy fruits, another fruity gem from James the Jew:

    “Yahshua was a RACIST – BIG TIME. BTW: The Celts who use Gaelic speak better Hebrew than the damned jews.”

    We’ll be dealing with this acid burnout fallout for decades yet.

  30. ????? says:

    Speaking of fishy fruits, another fruity gem from James the Jew:

    “Yahshua was a RACIST – BIG TIME. BTW: The Celts who use Gaelic speak better Hebrew than the damned jews.”

    We’ll be dealing with this acid burnout fallout for decades yet.

  31. Flanders says:

    Geronimo, This may not be directly on our subject, but I can give you my impression of what the Marshall Plan was used for. Purported as an avenue for assisting recovery of Europe after WWII, It is my contention that it was used by those communists within the US State Dept, placed in position during WWII, to funnel and to disburse monies to European communists.

    This was being done at a time when communism was under heavy attacks in the US. The American people were never aware that the taxpayer funds were being used to spread the communism which they so opposed. They were not aware that Europe was being saturated with communist views – thanks to the monies of anti-communist taxpayers.

    This has come back in the form of European protests against the policies of the US which seem to Americans to be supportive of leftist views. The US has created it’s own opposition through the Marshall Plan.

    Now, the communist/jewish aims are to bring the US into the ranks of the communist world (jewish controlled). Those same countries of Europe, who were once as much or more anti-communist as the US, are now orchestrating against the vestiges of remaining anti-communist resistence in the US, and many of the Europeans do not realize the extent to which they are themselves subjected to communism [How they could not be aware after being witnesses to the EU takeover seems incomprehensible] .

    Now, those Europeans ask how Americans can not be aware of the need for the European style of “socialism” since Jerry Springer and numerous other of the the jewish networks media programming depict an America which to them is clearly undeserving of respect or praise. When the Europeans see “American” leaders supporting Israel, they feel confident that their “more cosmopolitan socialist” approach is the key to overcoming evil. Unfortunately, too many of our fellow Americans contribute to that low opinion of America, despite America being the only nation where the [undiluted and native] people continue to resist the communist/jewish yoke.

    This following article sheds information which illustrates the feeling, if not the facts, which stoke my contention. Keep in mind that his “tears” occur while in the “beautiful former Rothschild chateau”, appropriately now interspersed with undistinguished modern office buildings.


  32. Fleur de lis says:

    Interesting Flanders, These very Communists are the ones that supposedly killed off G. Patton’s ‘invade Soviet Union’ idea, and eventually his US Presidential plans. They killed this ultra-brave patriot warrior in a car wreck it seems. I am sure you read about that.

    “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism,
    but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism,
    until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.” Nikita Khrushchev

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Another shooting the Jews are using to destroy the second Amendment. Those rats never seen a shooting, they didn’t have wet dreams over!
    Taking Aim At Gun tragedies: Brooklyn Borough President To Honor Teen Advocate Kristine Arroyo

  34. Barney says:

    It seems to me that there is too much infighting here when we should be concentrating on the Jew.

    It goes without saying that there are kikes among us, pretending to be human while steering us in any number of false directions, but do we have to fight among ourselves? Almost certainly some of us are not what we seem, but my feeling is that those who are being insulted generally have a lot to contribute to the debate, and sooner or later infiltrators are weeded out anyway.

    I’m particularly suspicious of those who choose “names” made up of non-alphabetic characters and then do nothing but insult people. Don’t such people have names? How does one pronounce a series of squares? It reeks of kike to me.

    Lets get on with the real work and stop insulting each other. There’ll be plenty of time for insults once we’ve deposed the enemy of God and humanity.

    Yes, I’m guilty of using a nom-de-plume to protect my anonymity, but I try not to make unfounded accusations against seemingly genuine posters.

  35. kerdasi amaq says:

    Is she (Kristine Arroyo) Mexican or Hispanic? Sounds like a gang shooting to me.

    No doubt, the crooks and outlaws will be cheering her on. With all those, let’s call them what they are, uncivilised Mexican trash running loose I’d want a gun, too.

  36. Marshall says:

    Cannibal, re Sobibor- “a collection of work Jews?” Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    Flanders- Aren’t taxpayer dollars NOW being used to fund Communists? I mean…aren’t the same bankers who funded the creation of the Soviet Union getting what is looking like 23 TRILLION in bailout money now? I find it hard to believe that Goldman Sachs or AIG needed all that money, not that they should have gotten a single DIME in the first place.

    We are getting ROBBED!!! This is nothing but high treason people. Instead of getting re-nominated, Bernanke should be in FREAKING JAIL. I hope Timmy Geithner ends up there, for sure…but I’m not going to hold my breath. We’ll see what happens.

    The Protocols…the Protocols.

    Fleur- We know Patton was onto these scumbags in a major way. Of course he was prophetically right, in that we would end up fighting the Soviets eventually.

    It NEVER made any sense to me why we would ally with Russia in WW2. Given a choice between NAZIS and JEW COMMIES, I’ll take Nazis any day of the week. Patton pretty much felt the same, and wanted to make the Nazis allies against the Soviets, which wouldn’t have been hard to do LOL!!!

  37. Geronimo says:

    The first thing that needs to happen is to recognize what exactly is the key enabler, the primary weapon at the root of slavery for men and nations. Hitler recognized it for what it was and took steps to isolate Germany from it’s influence, and of course he and millions paid the price to daring to unshackle themselves from “the root of all evil”. The chains of slavery are invisible yet they are everywhere you look. That big multi-story house you really don’t need is no house, it’s a prison. A PRISON YOU VOLUNTEER YOURSELF INTO BY SIGNING OFF ON A LIFETIME OF DEBT. . The string of pearls around your girl’s neck, that too is a connection to slavery. Love isn’t bought through shiny trinkets and rare minerals, love is spiritual. When we kill off what makes us human in order to satisfy unsatiable desires of the ego this is the end result – a miserable life of self-induced, perpetual slavery. It is materialism which drives us to slavery and madness, to act inhumanely against our fellow man, against child and wife, against even the very earth and sky which subsist us.

    In order to unbind the chains it is necessary to unbind your very soul from middle eastern religions and societies from wence they came. Look at their history, look at what happened to Europe when the infected Roman Empire brought Christianity and it’s hidden parasite Judaism with it. It, all of it, is E V I L.

    We are all children of the lost people of Atlantis. It was their survivors which landed on the Atlantic shores of Europe and North America. We are brethern.


  38. Geronimo says:

    (cont) Look into European pre-Christian Paganism and then compare to Native American spiritualism. It is fact. Hitler’s research into Atlantis-based archeology was fiercely resisted and marginalized by the academics of capitalist nations. There’s a good reason for that.

    Well guess what? Archeologist are on the verge of confirming it.

  39. Marshall says:

    Atlantis-based archeology is very much on the Masonic agenda as well Geronimo. I remember reading a book a long time ago by a man named “Churchward,” a Mason, who was studying the Pacific Islanders and drawing conclusions about the lost continent of “Mu” aka Atlantis.

    In fact, I have pretty well come to the conclusion that at the top, ALL secret societies envision a global society based on what they believe the governmental structure of Atlantis was, with themselves running things, naturally.

    I have heard it stated that their goal in a nutshell is…get this…

    “A Columbian Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis and all Challengers shall be destroyed.”

    Do those names ring any bells? 😀

    The similarity between the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids is noteworthy to me. I find it more than a bit coincidental. I have also read that the “Quetzalcoatl” deity worshipped by the lost South American civilizations was a white man…dressed as a “plumed serpent,” who taught them many things. This could all be BS as well, but the serpent symbolism certainly holds up between the two cultures. The concept of “serpent illumination” is by no means uncommon either LOL!!!

    If we accept the premise of “continental drift,” which seems entirely plausible to me, as I have PERSONALLY dug up Trilobites in the mountains of Pennsylvania in slate only inches below the surface!!! That means the entire range was on the ocean floor at some point…quite a mind-blower as a kid…right around Shawnee-on-the-Delaware near Allentown.

    If continental drift is true, then at one point both areas of development were in close proximity to each other…the fabled “Pangaea.” In fact, there would be no reason to ascribe great ocean-crossing sailing skills to explain such influences on this continent at that point, not that I don’t think the Phoenicians went pretty much everywhere they wanted to.

    There are many strange twists to the Atlantis tale. Plato said it was just off the coast of Gibraltar. That’s a far cry from The South Pacific. Sir Francis Bacon, Mason, whom many claim to actually BE Shakespeare…even wrote a book, “The New Atlantis,” and this may indeed be “America’s Secret Destiny,” as referred to by Manly P. Hall.

    This being the case, the “New World Order” envisioned by Masonry is nothing new at all, but in fact the oldest order imaginable.


  40. Marshall says:

    Oh…referring to home ownership…it’s probably no accident that it’s called a “mortgage,” from the Latin word for DEATH LOL!!! Miss a payment or two and you’ll find out just what you “own.”

    I came to FL to live on my boat, free and clear, and eventually go to the islands…maybe even all the way down to Equador.

    Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne had different plans for me however, so here I am, trying to get together about $60K cash to get her back in the water, not to mention the money I’ll need to set sail for any length of time.

  41. Anonymous says:

    “.. it is demonstrated that to capture a man it is not sufficient to enslave his body–it is necessary to enlist his reason; that to free a man it is not enough to strike the shackles from his limbs–his mind must be liberated from the bounds of his own ignorance…

    Philosophy bestows life in that it reveals the dignity and purpose of living. Materiality bestows death in that it benumbs or clouds those faculties of the human soul which should be responsive to the enlivening impulses of creative thought and ennobling virtue. How inferior to these standards of remote days are the laws by which men live in the twentieth century! ”



  42. Geronimo says:


    I too have sought the road less travelled in life. It’s reward is greater than all the gold in Tel-Aviv.

    I wish you well my friend.

  43. Geronimo says:


  44. Marshall says:

    Anonymous or Geronimo?

    That seems a poetic way of saying, “Free your mind, your ass will follow.”

    I held down a mortgage for a good ten years man…it really ropes you into staying put and being utterly dependent on your job. Lose your job, lose your house. That’s what everybody is dealing with these days…the job I used to do at IBM was physically outsourced to India. Now, Indians are computer and math-savvy, but try getting tech support over the phone with them. You need a freeaking translator…it’s like talking to a cab driver who just set foot in NYC.

    That’s why I say EVERYTHING in the economy comes down to jobs, period. It’s a vicious cycle. No job, no income. No income, no support of the local economy. Eventually everything and everybody suffers, including real estate…commercial and private. No tax-base even!!!

    Just look at Detroit since the big carmakers have gone belly-up. What could possibly bring that area back? This is the BIG problem that we are facing in America…our manufacturing base is shrivelled up, which was the entire source of our prosperity!!! My God…giving money to bankers helps nobody but bankers, and bankers don’t help anybody unless they can lay claim to your real assets right up front. This you know.

    Of course, the eco-fascist globalists want to continue the process, because it delivers everything into their waiting greedy hands eventually, just like your house if you can’t make the payments.
    Obama “Nationalizes” GM, well that means the industry is now owned by the government! Fascism! Boing!

    “A service economy.” What kind of BS is that? I perform a service by repairing boats, but if no boats are being built, eventually there’s going to be nothing to service!!! Furthermore, where are my parts and materials going to come from? Are they providing jobs for Americans if they’re coming from Taiwan?

    Enough of that rant, but that’s what’s been going on for a very long time. People who have never worked in a manufacturing environment don’t realize how vital it all is. It’s the wellspring that makes everything else possible.


    You know Col. Kurtz’s character was based on that Joseph Conrad novel “Heart of Darkness” right? I had to do a high school paper on that book right at the time Apocalypse Now came out. How very convenient!

    I also did a fascinating paper then on how Bugs Bunny cartoons defy the laws of physics 😀

  45. Bella says:

    Pelosi is a Jew. Besides other stuff she also owns a vineyard worth 45mill.

  46. Octo says:

    Have you ever been to a wine tasting there?

  47. Flanders says:

    “Don’t be fooled by the “Judeo-Democrats”

    Nanci Pelosi speaking at AIPAC.
    Take a look at the page this photo comes from:

    Lieberman Scholars”

    “There are philosophical differences between the Democrat Zionists and the Republican Zionists, but we are Goyim to all of them.

    Don’t be a sucker! Don’t be fooled into following Democrat Zionists, or Liberal Zionists, or Green Party Zionists.
    Furthermore, don’t be fooled into following Zionists who pretend to be exposing the 9/11 attack.

    Mike Berger, Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, Dylan Avery, and virtually everybody else in this 9/11 movement is protecting the Zionists, not exposing them or calling for their arrest.

    • Selecting between a Democrat Zionist and Republican Zionist is foolish. All of these Zionists need to be arrested.
    The police departments should be told to wise up and grow a backbone.

    Tell the police to stop behaving like Zionist attack dogs!

    Send our articles and photos — such as the boys and the Goyim Policeman — to police departments, and tell them to look into the corruption.

    Take a look at how easy it is to find contact information for police departments:

    Just take a couple departments once a week, and send them some links.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking the police are our enemy. Many of them are Goyim, just like you and I.

    If the police had a lot of public support, and some honest information about Zionism, they could help us.

    The police should arrest FBI officials, Chertoff, Silverstein, Rothschild, Bronfman, Newhouse, and thousands of other Zionists in our government, media, school system, and banking system.

    We have enough evidence to justify arresting Zionists. We only need to find policemen to carry out their duty.”


  48. Biker says:

    another good one Incog, the Ron Paul vid at the end of the piece says it all.

    Pelosi = TRAITOROUS BITCH!!! thats cool though, rope is cheap! we can afford another 6 feet…

  49. McBragg says:

    Pelosi is an F’in JEWESS!!!!! Hideous!!! (BTW so is SARAH Palin!!!)

  50. L says:

    The NAZI’s lost already. Get over it…

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