Israel: Getting Away With Pure Murder

“Tob shebe goyyim harog”

(Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed)  — Rabbi Simon ben Yohair, Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10.  

Mossad team lookout, "Gail Folliard," traveled under a Irish passport.

HOPEFULLY BY NOW, everyone (at least those who pay attention to a world beyond “American Idol”) should have heard something about the Dubai assassination of the Palestinian Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, by the Mossad, obviously. They must have found out the guy was going to be in Dubai (probably via phone taps they have everywhere), so they decided to dispatch a team of 11 killers using European passports* to whack him. Of course, the ever-so-innocent Jews are not owning up to a thing, saying they have “no comment” but everybody knows they did it. Who else would it be?

After slipping into Dubai, the hit squad (including the woman on the right) closely tailed the guy back to his room, carrying tennis rackets so people would think they were only harmless sports buffs on holiday (see video below). Locating his room, the killers used some kind of electronic device to unlock his door (one attempt failed). Gaining access, they quickly overpowered the surprised man, punching his face and torturing him in some way. They smothered him with a pillow, with probably one of the killers kneeling on his chest, forcing the air out. It all took less than 10 minutes. The Palestinian guy fought back as best he could, but had no chance against multiple Jew thugs. Read on.

Dubai MEDIA’s report on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh’s assassination.  

The Jews took off to parts unknown (Israel, more than likely), to back-slap and toast each other for a job well done. I’m certain Jews all over (including those that read here) had themselves a hearty laugh. Dubai authorities have threatened to put out arrest warrants for Israel’s prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu, and they should. So should every country in the world, actually. These cowardly people kill at the drop of the hat and are proud of it.     

Events like this should give everyone pause to think exactly what kind of people we are dealing with here. They see absolutely no problem killing anyone whom they declare as enemies to their race. They call it “state-sponsored killing.” Since this guy was Hamas, they’ll also use the terrorist label on the guy — no matter what he really was.

They also have plenty of other labels they can use — like Nazi and even something called “Amalek,” which is the orthodoxy’s catch-all term for “eternal enemy” of Jews. Amalek means any non-Jew who, just by virtue of being born non-Jew, puts them into a secret army fighting Jews. You could be some innocent little Palestinian girl and just because they say you failed to follow the Jew’s Noahide laws for non-Jews, makes you worthy of death. I am not kidding here — they always have a ready excuse to kill you dead.  

“Collective punishment” means precisely that, both in words and deeds to these evil bastards. Lower right: Brig. Gen. Avichai Rontzki, chief rabbi for the Israel “Defense” forces. Does that guy look like a man of God to you?  

“It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments — there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

– Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, in the recent book “King’s Torah”


This is how they justify things in their evil little brains: They believe God promised them the planet and your presence is only tolerated for slavery, or they will end your existence. They especially hate those who dare to expose their true nature and that alone is more than enough reason for them to kill you dead. Sure, some of them don’t believe all this, but many of them in power obviously believe in something called “collective punishment,” which is basically their form of race murder. The Palestinians in toto are all targets because some of them have the temerity to fight back.  

You can read HERE the words of Jewry justifying “collective punishment” (for now). This document gets removed from the Internet often, I’ve had several links to this 404’d, so it might not be there in the future.  

Since Jews feel they can readily bandy about the term “collective responsibility” on people, we should be able to do the exact same thing about the Jew’s true behavior. A few lefty Jews in San Francisco might march around with signs saying “NOT IN MY NAME,” whenever people demonstrate against how Israel treats the Palestinians, but we desparately need to care less, since they are so few of them, versus the hard core bastard Jews who get all the TV exposure. Got that, liberals?  

We know they’ve killed people all over whom they thought, correctly or not, were terrorists. The movie “Munich” by Jew Steven Spielberg charted the course of a Mossad hit team tracking down and killing the Black September Freedom Fighters who took the Israeli Olympic team hostage in 1972. Because the vengeance team’s head member expressed a certain amount of angst over such wanton Jew killing, people have called the movie “well-balanced.” That’s pure Jew bull, because they did it anyways.  

This so-called Jew angst sure as hell never stops Jews from acting all prideful after getting a little payback, even if they make mistakes (oh yes they do). During one of their street murders in Norway (cleverly ignored in Spielberg’s movie), they targeted the wrong guy (a young Morrocan father-to-be). The hit team was nabbed before they could escape. In the end, the killers spent little time in jail before Israeli authorities made back room deals with Norway to get them freed.  

The woman shooter in the team, Sylvia Rafael, died in South Africa in 2005 (safe and out of the way in the now Jew/Negro controlled SA). Her body did get shipped back to Israel for burial. Jews consider this murderous bitch as some kind of “Femme Nikita”  for Jewry, even though her hit team screwed-up, big time. “One day they’ll write books and name streets after her,” predicted Jew “veteran defense” correspondent Eitan Haber.  

With friends like this, who the hell needs enemies?  

Jews always say nervy, boastful things about their crimes, sooner or later. Like when they awarded medals years later to the Mossad agents (terrorists, actually) who took part in the 1950’s Lavon Affair false-flag terrorist attacks against American interests in Egypt (to get us to attack Egypt). That medal ceremony was giant slap in America’s face and without our lousy mainstream US media even breathing a word. 

Daughter of Terrorists and MOSSAD assassin.

Besides the uncountable Muslims they’ve now freely assassinated in countries like Lebanon, Jews also kill people just about anywhere whom they think threatens Israel and they can get away with it. Politician Tzipi Livni (right), once took part in in an elite Mossad operation to poison a top Iraqi scientist in Paris, France back in 1983. Tzipi is the head of Israel’s Kadima party and was close runner-up to winning the election to prime minister last year; she’s considered Jew royalty since both her parents were members of the terror group Irgun.

Mossad agents killed South African businessman, Alan Kidger, for supplying chemicals and hi tech equipment to Iraq in 1991. To send a message, or to misdirect police towards blacks, the Mossad killers hacked off both his legs and arms and painted his bloody torso black.

But there’s far too many of these kinds of Mossad killings to list here. Also, there’s good damn reason to suspect them of killing people in the West who may embarrass or present future problems for the Jewish NWO. To escape public scrutiny from murder investigations, it appears they have specialized teams that perform “unfortunate” accident killings of Jew enemies. I know that sounds all tin-foil hat crazy, but it’s not as far-fetched as you think when you look the numerous curious “accidents” that have befallen certain people down through the years.  

First off, consider the problem Toyota is having with the stuck accelerators. Imagine the possibility of being able to do that to a car’s electronics remotely? Say you want to kill X. You know he drives down a certain road at a certain time of the day. If you cause his car to wildly accelerate at a sharp curve in the road, he may fly out of control and smash into a guard rail. Trailing or stationed killers nearby would then run up to the just wrecked vehicle acting like merely concerned passersby. At that point, all they got to do is check on the guy to see if he’s dead, if not, finish him off by grabbing him by the back of the neck and slamming his head violently against the steering wheel. They could also close off the victim’s breathing passages with a hand over the face, or give his neck a quick snap. Simple and diabolical, actually.   

Popular pro-White politician, Dr. Jörg Haider’s “accidental” death had many people questioning what really happened. The Zionist media went into overdrive explaining it all away, while calling the guy a Nazi and hypocritically alluding to him being a closet homo.   

And this may have been the way they killed this one guy in Austria, Dr. Jörg Haider, just a couple of years ago. He was a pro-White patriot who was gaining fast in the polls in his region and had “sympathetic views of Nazi Germany.” That’s enough for Jews to wish cancer on you right there. 

The Mossad was known to have spied on him. Just 2 weeks before his suspicious death, he went on record during an interview saying the banking mafia had to be abolished. They can’t have a White guy in a formerly Nazi country talking like that! Jews were happy the guy was killed (some even came here and laughed about his death in my comments section). The Jew media then started smearing him with rumors of homosexuality, etc., etc., after he was dead and unable to defend himself. Typical Jew tactics!  

Lawrence of Arabia

T. E. Lawerence, popularly known as “Lawrence of Arabia,” was an English archeologist and adventurer enlisted by the British government during WWI to arouse the native Arabs to fight against the Turkish Ottaman empire who were allied to Germany. In return, the British promised the Arabs they would get their own lands. After the war, Lawrence was openly disappointed that the Balfour Declaration negated his promises to the Arabs of the Levant (afterwards called the Palestine Mandate) and he saw that the Rothschilds had been buying up land since the 1880’s.  

Disgusted, but famous due to books and articles on his exploits during the war (a block-buster movie on him came out in the late 60’s), he laid low in the countryside, rode his motorcycle and even joined the airforce as a mechanic and enlisted man. Lawrence had numerous contacts with the anti-Zionist/pro-Hitler people in the upper crust of Britain, right as the Jews were getting real antsy about Hitler’s success at bringing Germany out of the Depression. In May 1935, he was on his way to meet German admirer and writer Henry Williamson, when a mysterious black car ran him off the road and sped off. The accident was forever blamed on Lawrence swerving to avoid two cycling schoolboys, yet specks of black paint were found on his motorbike. MI-5 took over the investigation and covered up the whole business.   

George C. Patton

Since WWII the personal writings of one of America’s greatest generals, George C. Patton, revealed a man now regretful of what his country did to Germany. In a letter to his wife, he said: “Actually the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe . . . I prefer the Germans.” He was also highly critical of the Jews and even the Nuremburg “war crimes” tribunal where 2400 of the 3000 involved were Jews, many of whom comported themselves around in military uniforms they did not deserve to wear. He wrote: “I am frankly opposed to this war criminal stuff. It is not cricket and it is Semitic. I am also opposed to sending POWs to work as slaves in foreign lands, where many will be starved to death.”  

Patton wanted to quit and spill the beans back in the States, possibly even run for political office (where he would have slaughtered Ike), when a truck slammed into the rear of his staff car a month before his planned resignation.  

In 2008, after a decade of research, military historian Robert Wilcox said that an assassin named Douglas Bazata confessed to him that he was ordered by OSS head “Wild Bill” Donovan to kill Patton. Bazatta fired some kind of low-velocity projectile into the back of Patton’s neck soon after his Cadillac ended up in the ditch. Amazingly, Patton was not killed outright (tough SOB) and apparently was on the way to complete recovery when Soviet NKVD agents were allowed to slip into his room and finish him off with poison. Patton’s wife and associates were always deeply suspicious of what really happened to “old blood and guts.” Read more here.  

James Forrestal

Secretary of the Defense, James Forrestal was doing everything he could to keep America’s politics from becoming subverted by Zionists. At the time, powerful American Jews were trying to force president Truman to support the UN partition plan of Palestine that allowed the Jews to immediately declare the formation of Israel.  

In a powerful memo (January 21, 1948) to Truman, Forrestal wrote about the dangers to American national security flowing from this entanglement: “It is doubtful if there is any segment of our foreign relations of greater importance or of greater danger to the security of the United States than our relations in the Middle East.” He warned against doing “permanent injury to our relations with the Moslem world” and “stumble into war.” At the same time, the sneaky Jew Zionists were also secretly promising financial support to Truman’s opponent in the upcoming election, Thomas Dewey. That’s how these Jews do it — work both ends of the stick against the middle.  

Forrestal was unceremoniously fired out of the blue, flown to a rich Zionist’s private enclave, Jupiter Island, and tended to by a special army psychiatrist. Then he was checked into Bethesda Naval hospital, supposedly because of his lingering depression. The night before his brother was due to have him released, he was thrown out his 16th floor window. The Forrestal “suicide” has often been blamed on his inner knowledge of the UFO business and membership in Majestic 12; rarely will you hear one iota of his role in standing up to the powerful Zionist interests that were dead-set on forcing this country to vote for the UN partition plan. This immediately allowed the Zionists to declare the State of Israel. His dire warnings have since come blisteringly true for America. Read more here.  

This blog post barely scratches the surface of what International Jewry has felt free to do. It doesn’t even touch the very possible John F. Kennedy assassination (go HERE), nor the thousands of Palestinians, Iranians, other Muslims and even Christian non-Jews killed assassination-style, while living in Lebanon and elsewhere in the world. See the notes below for sources of shocking stuff these people have gotten away with over the years.  

Jewry has often been described as a giant criminal network for damn good reason. The entire race is literally a International Mobster family of millions. Outright murder is but a tool for these criminal people to freely use against any of Goyim who dares to fight back. To them, it’s not the issue of committing crimes of this nature, the only problem they have is getting caught and possibly being embarrassed in any press not controlled by them. 

America’s blind support of Israel has the world hating our guts. The Jews don’t care! Hell, our stupidity makes them think they can get away with pure murder anymore. Events like Dubai, makes a mockery out of all the money America gives these people.

You can read the things they say, see the crap they do in the world and put two and two together. Just look at Commie Jewry’s involvement in the Soviet secret police forces, where they arrested what they called “Enemies of the State,” or the intelligentsia, and put bullets in the back of their heads. Being a member of the intellectual class and not Jewish was more than enough reason for Commie Jews to whack you dead. If they had total control of America, just what do you think might happen should you finally decide enough is enough with these evil people?  

Go back and read that quote at the top of this article and think hard. THINK GD HARD!  

— Phillip Marlowe  


Eli Cara and Urie Zoshie Kelman

* Three of these Mossad Dubai killers were using Irish passports, the rest British, German and French. The Mossad once used New Zealand passports until 2004, when several Jew agents (some escaped) were caught red-handed stealing identities of disabled people. The judge made the two they did manage to nab (right) serve a couple of months in jail and to pay $50,000 to a handicap charity, before being deported back to Israel to do more of God-knows-what Mossad evils in the world. Read more here  

Want to know just how subversive these people have been to America? Read chapter 40 from Douglass Reed’s book “The Controversy of Zion”: The Invasion of America. Make damn sure you read some of Gordon Thomas’ book Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, too. The failed assassination attempt on Khaled Mashal by Bibi Netanyahu. Blowing up Synagogues and American libraries.

Ask yourself this while reading from these sources: Is this all merely “conspiracy talk” and simply untrue, or is Israel the bandit state of the world, capable of pretty much anything?  


NOTE!  These people are NOT THE ISRAELITES of the Bible’s Old Testament! This is a mostly Hunnish/Turkish race, who donned the cloak of Judaism in the misty past, yet have retained ancient criminal and parasitic functions among Gentile host nations. Over the centuries, their subversive behavior has eventually caused the Gentile populations to rise up and throw them bodily out, or worse. This has happened at least 79 times (some say 109). Now, a semi-hidden Globalist oligarchy has almost total control of important and powerful parts of America and other White, European nations, as well as having a stolen country in the Mideast that we are brainwashed and coerced into supporting — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. According to their books of the Talmud (never, ever talked about by the US mainstream press), we are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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