Israel, Iran and Building The Big One

THE REPORT OUT last week by the new director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya Amano, was seized upon by pro-Zionists and Jews in the US eager to provide more fodder for Iran war hysteria. Supposedly, Iran has continued weapons-related activity, contradicting the 2004 American intelligence report that said Iran was not working on a bomb.

As the Zionist talking points media now goes on about “evil Iran” building the bomb, the report actually makes no assessment on how close they are (they are nowhere near). In fact, thousands of Iranian gas centrifuges in Natanz are not even spinning, or running at half-speed.        

Unlike Israel, Iran has fully complied with every single international Non-Proliferation Treaty requirement. Iran is also a signatory member of the NPT, which Israel refuses to do. UN IAEA inspectors, video and monitoring equipment are on hand and to reconfigure the enrichment centrifuges for weapons grade uranium without them knowing is nearly impossible. 

The Iranians did scale up a small part of their stock to 19.5%, ostensibly for medical research or hospital use (it needs to be at least 90% for a bomb). The report also says Iran built “uranium billet machining” equipment that could be used to make bomb components. But for actual bomb-making purposes, this could have easily been hidden, unless the equipment is really meant for mass producing certain other things (below) — things that give Israel-Firsters and Zionist war planners conniption fits!

Read on for what the Pro-Zionist media is not talking about!

Regardless of the media paranoia propaganda, the Iranians are still a ways off from getting the big one, unless they get specific materials and technical help. Which is why Israel-Firsters always fret about Pakistan going radical jihadi and helping Iran out (besides having the bomb themselves).     

All Iran has done so far is build enough uranium hexafluoride gas centrifuges to create low-enriched (3.5%) uranium fuel pellets. This can only be used to fuel a future nuclear reactor — not make a bomb. To get material that could be used in a bomb (and a very tactically inconvenient bomb), they would have to enrich a lot more to bomb-grade level and do so very secretively — under the eyes of IAEA inspectors, remote cameras and embedded CIA/MOSSAD spies. It’s also technically hard to do, requiring more and more complicated centrifuges (P2, P3, P4), which the Iranians apparently do not have.

Uranium is not the issue, plutonium is. If the Iranians did manage to enrich the uranium high enough, they could only build a uranium bomb (U-235) — just like that big one they dropped on Hiroshima. Using this against an enemy presents a host of major problems:        

One: the bomb would be necessarily have to be very large and heavy and could not sit atop any old missile. It would most likely have to be delivered by aircraft, one that would need to fly a long way through aircraft defenses of both the Americans in Iraq and the Israel defenses. Two: the bomb would use up large amounts of highly-enriched uranium and would take a fairly long period of time to make more than one weapon with the centrifuges they have (or don’t have, actually).

Iranian centrifuge

Understand that it takes thousands of these centrifuges (right) to make anything at all. We’re talking about separating out and collecting individual atoms of a certain mass here — a day’s worth of work from thousands of centrifuges is literally measured in tiny grains like black salt.        

On the other hand — once you had enough of the 90% enriched material — a uranium bomb would be technically easy to make. Basically, when two “sub-critical masses” are brought together, the thing goes super-critical, i. e. blows-up big time. They have to use a gun-like design with explosives on one end to bring the pieces (not a ball, but a cylinder within a set of rings) together fast enough; if not, the material goes radioactively hot too soon, melts away without the big kaboom and all you get is a very nasty radioactive blob.        

But the uranium gun is relatively easy to do (and the info is out there). In fact, the Los Alamos scientists back during WWII were so sure of the physics, they didn’t feel the need to test the design. They just dropped the first one they built on Hiroshima (Little Boy). The Trinity test at Alamagordo, New Mexico on July 16, 1945, was the plutonium implosion bomb, exceedingly more difficult to engineer (more in a minute).        

Also, the Los Alamos scientists did not have a lot of enriched uranium for testing the gun design. It took them 2 years to come up with hardly enough for one bomb, using the somewhat primitive gaseous diffusion equipment of the time, housed in the world’s largest building (K25) at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Manhattan Project was a truly remarkable American engineering and scientific achievement.

At the time, the Los Alamos scientists already knew plutonium could make a smaller bomb and have a larger “yield” (convenience, plus more dead people), so they built the first production reactors to make plutonium in Hanford, Washington, while still accumulating enriched uranium back in Tennessee.       

This is the plutonium bomb dropped on Nagasaki called “Fat Man,” which killed about 80,000 people. You can see just how massive it was. Little Boy was not much smaller. The Israelis have stolen top-secret US designs that allows them to build weapons that can fit submarine-launched cruise missiles. And yeah, the Israelis have submarines, too.        

Plutonium (Pu-239) is what Iran really needs to throw Jews into a tizzy (as if that takes a whole lot). Plutonium is a by-product of fission from uranium. Uranium pellets are stacked into a rod, the tiny splitting of atoms causes heat, which turns water in pipes running nearby to steam (to generate power). After about a month, the pellets are removed and dipped into a special chemical bath to remove the plutonium that has formed on the pellets. Generally speaking, a large enough reactor can create enough material for 1-2 bombs a month.        

The reactor (Beshehr I) now coming on line is capable making small amounts of plutonium, but all the spent fuel must be returned to Russia, by international agreement with the Iranians. They have a deal for a Russian reactor (Beshehr II) that’s also capable, but they have not even started building it. The Iranians would have to build any secret reactor deep underground and protected, so they could keep Israel from bombing it from the air(like they did to Iraq in 1981).  

France built Israel’s first reactor in the early 1960’s, but Israel secretly enlarged it and added Dr. No-style subterranean factories to process the plutonium and make bombs (rich “American” Jews secretly financed the whole thing). Kennedy planned to send nuclear inspectors to Israel to check into the matter, but was conveniently whacked in Dallas before anything was ever done.   

The actual engineering behind building plutonium bombs is steep. The Israelis stole our designs, so they didn’t have too much problem there. And yes, they did several underground tests in the Negev desert and probably tested one in the South Atlantic with help from the apartheid government of South Africa. The US media kept quiet.    

A little run-down of bomb design might be interesting here. First, about 12 pounds (or less) of plutonium 239 is cast and machined into two hemispheres, making a grape fruit-sized hollow sphere. The two halves fit together, but are separated with some sort of specially textured gold foil. Surrounding that is another sphere of uranium and beryllium to reflect back escaping neutrons. Held in the center of the plutonium sphere, is a small ball of beryllium/polonium-210 called a “initiator.” The surface of the initiator is covered with curious etchings that look something like the claret symbol on your keyboard (<). This set of spheres is called the “pit” or “physics package.”

Two different speed high explosives (called “lenses”) surround the nested spheres and have a petal-like or butterfly wing shape (highly classified). On detonation, they instantaneously and equally compress the spheres down so the plutonium reaches the size necessary to go critical. It has to be perfectly uniform all the way around.

Under high pressure from the implosion and contact with the now intensely hot plutonium; the beryllium/polonium-210 initiator emits a burst of atom-splitting neutrons, triggering the weapon to explode and burning alive tens of thousands of hapless people in a massive fireball.     

It’s a truly God-awful invention of mankind.        

Beryllium and polonium-210 in large enough quantities are not exactly easy to come up with either. A few years ago, Neocon Israel-Firsters tried to say Iran had beryllium, but the laptop computer data origins were doubted by many foreign analysts and the CIA has refused any examination from disinterested parties.

Many of the details in this latest IAEA report stem from this computer laptop, supposedly smuggled out of Iran by MEK — a crazy, cult-like bunch of Marxist Iranian terrorists at war with Iran and secretly supported by the CIA and MOSSAD (the US lets them live at a camp in Iraq). The data may also be a war-mongering hoax created by Israel’s MOSSAD — just like how they jacked us all up over the Nigerian yellow cake uranium letters to prove Saddam Hussein’s WMD. Former CIA official, Philip Giraldi, said a document on Iranian neutron initiators was forged by the MOSSAD. On the other hand, it is indeed possible that Iran has made or acquired both materials.             

Last month, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, made a big to-do about Iran buying “dual-use” hardware. This was high-speed camera equipment that could be used in testing high explosive designs for implosion. One thing they mentioned (without any detail) was that it could give the Iranians “two stage” capability, meaning they could use the equipment to design the specific shapes that would only require two parts, instead of the 16 used in the Fat Man bomb; allowing significantly smaller warheads, capable of use on top of missiles.     

Each section of explosives has a special kind of detonator, which has to go off at exactly the same moment, right down to a millionth of a second. These specialty detonators are a form of electronic pulse timers called “thyristors,” and are definitely not allowed for export!     

Asher Karni

A greedy orthodox Jew named Asher Karni (right) who immigrated here from Israel once knowingly sold 200 medical devices called triggered spark-gaps to Pakistan. Triggered spark-gaps are considered “dual-use,” meaning they could be used to break-up kidney stones or take the place of the thyristors used to detonate plutonium bombs. About 60 of them did make it to Pakistan — a Muslim country — and now they got the bomb. Jews will sell their mothers to make a buck!        

The North Koreans apparently have not mastered the design. They hollowed out a mountain and set one off inside, but it only exploded partially. Right now, there’s a giant highly-radioactive cave someplace in North Korea.        

The Iranians would have to test any bomb they come up with. No question about it. The minute they did, we would know it from particular seismic signatures. Plus, making a bomb design small enough to fit on a missile is extremely hard (see photo above). The first plutonium bomb we made (Fat Man) was gigantic, even bigger than Little Boy.        

What the Jews are freaking over:        

Besides the usual Jew psychoses that the entire world is out to get them, there are other strategic and military fears that the mainstream media stays silent about, mostly because the big bosses prefer the sheeple to remain clueless, so we continue joining the military and spending our tax dollars financing their schemes. Once you know the deal, you can see how they tip-toe around certain subjects.

First off, the globalist Jews are worried that the Eurasian and Mideast oil chess game will be checkmated by Russia and China by using Iran as proxy. It should be obvious to anyone with half-a-brain by now, that us going into Iraq and Afghanistan because of Islamofascists, terrorists and “nation building,” blah, blah, blah, was nothing but a bunch of bovine excrement fed to us by the pro-Zionist and owned media. 

Second, the mega-wealthy globalist Jews have sunk a lot of money and time into Israel, ever since the 19th century when the Rothschilds, Warburgs, et. al., bought the whole Zionist spiel, hook line and sinker (the Rothschilds already wanted to be the “King of the Jews”). They’ve also killed off a lot of oblivious Goyim during WWI and WWII in convoluted schemes to set the stage for a return of the Chosenites to the Holy Land and the eventual ouster of Arabs dirtying up the place. 

Anything that puts Israel and these NWO global gambits in the slightest danger deserves more dead Goyim. They won’t take a chance on Iran getting any plutonium, so expect a false-flag attack and war soon. Iran will do whatever it can to retaliate. The Russians and Chinese may try to help Iran, in which case it could escalate wildly out of control, real fast. 

Tactically, the Israelis and Israel-Firsters in the American military establishment may be even more concerned about the Iranians making ammunition from depleted uranium (DU), like anti-tank shells and even penetrators for bunker-busting bombs (to break through concrete and steel).        

To understand this, you have to think about rifle ballistics. Why do they use lead for bullets and not steel? Because lead is heavy and carries energy down range the best. When you hit a target, the heavier the missile the better. That’s why getting hit by a locomotive hurts a helluva lot more than getting hit by a Yugo at the same speed. Depleted uranium is even heavier than lead and punches right through just about everything.        

One of the biggest open secrets of American military strength is our use of depleted uranium tank shells. Other country’s militaries know all about it (the US media keeps us in the dark). With those babies you can take out enemy tanks at twice the distance of the other guy’s (about 2 miles). That’s why Saddam Hussein’s “mother of all battles” in the first gulf war was such a washout. Our tanks blew the hell out of whatever Iraqi tanks survived the air attacks, where we had the upper hand too.        

Now, making depleted uranium tank shells should present no problems for the Iranians (not just tank shells, now). This effort may be behind the IAEA report on the Iranian uranium billet machining capability, now being trumpeted by the pro-Zionist media as Iran setting-up equipment to make bombs. If they can make enough, they might even supply the Syrians, or anyone who has had enough of Israel’s bullying tactics. These shells could be fired from anti-Tank cannons, easily concealed from aircraft, which would make mince-meat of the invading Jew’s armor.       

Another thing the Iranians could do if they kicked out the Russians and quit the NPT (grounds for the Zionists to go to war right there), is make what is called a “dirty bomb.” They would surround a conventional explosive with pounds of plutonium, ground into an extremely fine powder. Next, they would figure out the wind pattern over Israel at the time and launch a missile to detonate at a certain altitude so a cone of radiation spreads across the targeted location (probably Tel Aviv, but possibly Israel’s Negev facilities).        

Remember, first they have to get the plutonium to do this. Uranium could be used, but is not nearly as deadly as plutonium dust. One little mote of this insanely evil material, if breathed, will kill you dead. The victim will become a bleeding, toothless and hairless lump of drooling, yellow-gray flesh in a matter of days.        

A dirty bomb is basically a mass killer weapon going off in slow motion. It would be nearly impossible to vacuum it all up — ignoring the always unfair reality of the Palestinians — the Holy Land will be unlivable for 24,000 years. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea after-all?        

The really big deal NOW:        

The Israelis are freaking over the S-300 anti-aircraft system that Russia signed a contract with Iran to deliver years ago. Once the Iranians have this system set-up and operational, the Jews will have a much harder time taking out Iranian nuclear sites later on with conventional air attacks. The S-300 is a potent and capable piece of equipment, on par with America’s missile systems. It can track 100 targets at once and engage up to 12 at the same time; blowing the incoming aircraft out of the sky up to 90 miles out. Already, Russia has shipped components to Tehran, but not the whole thing.        

One mobile unit of the Russian S-300 anti-Aircraft system. The Israelis are now kissing some serious Putin ass, just to get the Russians to renege on the deal to Iran. As usual, the lousy Zionist-controlled US media is not breathing a word on this story to the American people. They would prefer to go on and on (every hour) alluding to crazy Muslims nuking “freedom-loving” Israel or America in a month or two.

Israel is doing whatever they can to keep the Russians from making it operational: Last week Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu promised Vladimir Putin that Israel will build a monument to the murderous Red Army of WWII in Israel. Unbelievable! This shows just how much respect the Jews have for America. Anyone who dares to tell you how much Israel is “our little friend,” then ask them point blank why they would build a monument to the damn commie army?        

It’s really this S-300 system business that has the Jew’s panties up in a bunch at the moment, not the so-called bellicose language of Ahmadinejad. Of course, the US media has stayed embarrassingly silent on the S-300 and the “real politick” going on behind the scenes. It’s really amazing the degree of control the Jews have over America’s media. Disgusting, actually.

“What would serve the Jew-hating world better as repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter? Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”

– Professor David Perlmutter, Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2002

America is not in danger from Iran. Sure, Israel ass-kissers will try to scare you by saying Iranian secret agent terrorist teams might try to sneak one in aboard a tractor trailer out of Mexico, but what would be the point? We could turn Iran into a sheet of radioactive glass in less than 30 minutes. They know it, we know it. It would be suicide.        

The real problem child has always been Israel for starting all this mess in the first place. They probably have well over 200 nuclear weapons (it could be hundreds more) and have made not-so-subtle threats to use them — not just on Muslims, now — actually on anyone, if it comes down to it. Bet you didn’t know all that, huh?      

They call this the “Sampson Option” after the blinded, Biblical figure who brought the house down on the heads of the evil Philistines, as they were having themselves a large time. Basically, if Israel is ever in danger of being over-run by Goyim hordes, they would purposefully spark a global thermonuclear war to kill millions outright and possibly the rest of the planet through a nuclear winter.      

How’s that sound for a people who arrogantly try to come off as “A Light Unto Nations?”      

Israel has long stolen US designs that enable them to build nuclear packages small enough to fit atop intercontinental ballistic and submarine-launched cruise missiles. Although they have not fully tested ICBMs, they do have the capability with the Shavit system. They have regional missiles that can reach pretty much anywhere in Europe and eastern Russia from Israel. They have also successfully tested the Popeye Turbo cruise missile (SLCM) in the Indian Ocean. The Popeye has a range of 350 kilometers (possibly up to 1500) and can carry a plutonium bomb, which Israel has of course.        

Israel also has three modern dolphin-class ocean-going submarines (plus older models). These highly capable and extremely silent running diesel-electric subs were built and mostly subsidized by Germany (more holocaust guilt trip blackmail). They have special tubes quietly requested by Israel, capable of firing nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and totally unnecessary for conventional torpedoes. Israeli engineers also modified launching pads in the German dockyards to accommodate nuclear warhead missiles. Why in the hell would Israel need submarines, let alone ocean-going nuclear capability, in the first place?     

Should Russia supply Iran with an operational S-300 system, Israel could resort to using ballistic missiles. Not only that, Israeli war planners have discussed using tactical nukes to destroy Iranian underground nuclear facilities. This could result in catastrophic fall-out and, depending on the wind patterns at time of launch, cause thousands of dead residents in Tehran. As if that might make a difference to Jews.     

Speaking of radiation: Here’s another big thing that the media has long suppressed: In 2005, New York city paid the department of Energy to do radiological sweep over the New York area. Supposedly, they found a radiation hot spot on east side of Manhattan. Guess where? Right at the Israeli consulate building! This went totally unmentioned in the Zionist-controlled media. What was it? Who knows, maybe the bastards have themselves a bomb in the basement!

Both sets of nutcases are nothing but big trouble for America. However, one set has millions of embedded agents in our countries (who look mostly like us) and near-total control over our thought patterns via politics and the media. These nutcases have long been experts at a wide variety of manipulation; they see no problem using propaganda, social engineering, world-wide criminal acts and false-flag terror on our unaware populations to advance themselves. Can you guess which bunch of nutcases is really the most dangerous?    

The Jews are basically like this evil little kid on the playground — a spoiled brat whom everyone hates. Unfortunately for the rest of the kids, Itzy the Jew has mesmerized a big stupid old dummy (the USA) to back him up. Little Itzy also has himself a full auto machine gun but wants us to beat-up his enemy, little Jamal, because crazy Itzy is worried he might be trying to get strapped too.     

Itzy Israel just has to be the baddest kid on the block, or he’ll set his attack dog on you.       

If we were smart and had these Jew rats off our backs, America should declare this to the world: Until Israel gives up her bombs, we will not allow any Israeli attacks on Iran. We will not support Israel in any way, financial or otherwise, until Israel completely lives up to UN resolution 242 and drops the law of return preventing Palestinians from returning to the West bank and Gaza. Furthermore, they must turn over any illegal construction (lived in or not) on the West bank and east Jerusalem to the Palestinians as reparations for past war crimes. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

And that’s not Nazi talk at all. Good, plain old American.     

All countries in this volatile region should go bomb-less, including that nation of spiteful hypocrites in Israel. We should also declare that if Israel or Iran ever use such weapons anywhere, including on each other, we will find out where their leadership is hiding and melt the bastards in place, no matter how deep the rat hole goes, or how long it takes.        

Somehow people think that Israelis are just like us, sane-thinking and would never, ever use such devices. But as we have seen, Jews are psychotic and a vengengeful people; willing to do anything in their quest to dominate the region and very possibly the entire planet. They are not only a scourge to the White race, but a clear and present danger to all humanity.        

Paranoid Jews have brought on all this crap to America and the world. If these people, their corrupt “shabbos goy” co-conspirators in Washington, DC and elsewhere, keep up these global games, all of us might soon pay a really, really big price — in a twinkling of an eye.        

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Octo says:

    A Jew commited suicide! Stop the presses!—death-by_b_478741.html

    The last kike I recall offing himself was Joan River’s husband. The line attributed to Churchill comes to mind:

    — “If I were married to you, Winston, I would poison you.”

    — “And if I were married to you, Madam, I would take it.”

    You can’t even find legitimate data on suicide by race. I know, I’ve tried. But I think we all know what the rates are for Aryan males, especially lately.

  2. Biker says:

    @ hoff.

    “its all in your mind…the falling is great, its the abrupt stop at the end of it thats an S.O.B.”

    i cant remember if i first heard that in the Airborne or the Ironworkers LOL! but you probably heard something similar huh?

  3. Biker says:

    @ Octo.. WTF are you doing on Electric Scotland?! LOL! my name is somewhat common, but VERY Scot, lots of great greats from the Ulster plantations to the Appalachians. i visit the site quite regularly. damn, im English, French, German and Scot.. and dont have ANY ancestry that wasnt wholesale F*CKED by the JEW.

  4. Biker says:

    white male suicide is definately a product of the infestation, and the wars for said infestation. EVERYTHING is against the white man… everything.. from child support to hate crimes. from affirmative action to race mixing. from neverending deployment to no opportunity upon return. ‘they’ have done everything they could to beat us down, and the generation preceding us let them.

  5. Biker says:

    there is no JEW there is only me, there is no F*CKIN JEW.. there is only me!

    “ME”.. white males need to rediscover this, fuck everything, its ME. all ME. pity whores, cowards and cunts stand aside, its ALL about ME.

  6. Toby says:

    A Plea For Sanity To My Fellow Americans
    (not necessarily directed to anyone on this forum – most of you guys are ‘jew-wise’ – but just to Americans in general):

    Do not, under any circumstances, fight in any more jew fomented-jew created-jew designed wars. And, ALL wars are jew fomented. To to so (fight jew wars) is to be a party to jews’ mass murder sprees – wherein millions of innocent people perish. Jews have started every *#%*@**@! war in this world since day 1. Jews ca$h in big time from wars and also eliminate many people/races/religions who they deem undesireable.

    Stop fighting in jew wars. If jews want a #*#$%^@ war so badly, let them fight each other…………jew-problem solved.

  7. gtrman says:

    Octo –

    Elton johns never written a lyric in his life, he’ll write a tune, someone will put words to it, or vice versa:

    “The 1991 film documentary Two Rooms described the John/Taupin writing style, which involves Taupin writing the lyrics on his own and John then putting them to music, with no further interaction between the two. This however was a process that was to change considerably over the years as their collaborations became far more intimate in their creation.”

  8. gtrman says:

    Stop me before I hurt myself. This book just keeps getting better.

    I have barely scratched the surface of the information in this book.

    Notice how I didn’t use the word “Jews” in this story. We wouldn’t want anybody to think we were anti-Semitic, would we? Certainly I couldn’t be talking about ALL Jews, could I? It’s simply ridiculous to think that it could be ALL Jews, is it not? Or is it? This question is the top choice of Jews wanting to distract you from the point you were trying to make.

    Or (!) . . . are the wily Brits, as both Willing and Eustace Mullins insist, merely setting up the repulsive Israelis for annihilation, to the cheers of the whole world? Stay tuned. Hopefully the book will come out before the annihilation begins.
    ( BIZWOG

    (stands for “British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government”)

    The inside story of the inside job)

  9. Geronimo says:

    @Biker “its all in your mind…the falling is great, its the abrupt stop at the end of it thats an S.O.B. i cant remember if i first heard that in the Airborne or the Ironworkers LOL! ”

    I heard that in the Airborne too, IMO it wasn’t the jump or the stop that was the SOB, it was the loooong fucking walk afterwards! 🙂

  10. gtrman says:

    “I have watched you from afar for the 17 years I have lived in Germany and I cry for you. I have seen you sink into an alcohol and drug-fuelled culture of sleaze, decadence, pornography, pop trivia and casual violence: submerged in a tidal wave of mass immigration and political correctness.

    I have witnessed how you lost your senses and grew obese on the promises of easy credit and gorged yourself upon cheap, mind-numbing entertainment, abandoning your higher intellectual values and the ingrained moral integrity that was yours as of right as a freeborn-Englishman to a corporate parasitic system that pandered to your ever-growing addiction for instant gratification.”

    another stirring piece of writing by mike james:

  11. Octo says:

    “there is no JEW there is only me, there is no F*CKIN JEW.. there is only me!” — Biker

    “damn, im English, French, German and Scot.. and dont have ANY ancestry that wasnt wholesale F*CKED by the JEW.”

    No one here does. If proving to someone, with dead certainty, that whoever and wherever who are, you positively have ancestors whose deaths were — at the very least — caused indirectly but intentionally by Jews, and that doesn’t motivate that person to do something, WTF does?

    And that’s not even taking into account the incalculable suffering our ancestors suffered at their hands.

    “EVERYTHING is against the white man… everything.. from child support to hate crimes. from affirmative action to race mixing. from neverending deployment to no opportunity upon return. ‘they’ have done everything they could to beat us down, and the generation preceding us let them.”

    — Biker

    Thank You.

  12. Octo says:


    I have some therapy for these parents who “don’t want to know.”

  13. Biker says:

    you’re welcome…

  14. Octo says:

    The Myth Of The Suicide Bomber

    Why “Suicide Bombing” Must be a Myth and
    What Purposes it Really Serves

    By “impatient From

  15. gtrman says:

    Joseph Reyes, a Roman Catholic, is accused of violating a Jewish court order that forbids him to “expose” his three-year-old Roman Catholic daughter Ela to any other “faith” than Judaism.

    The 35-year-old Chicagoan could face jail for having blessed his child with the sacrament of baptism, and for taking the Christian girl to a Roman Catholic cathedral. Local JSM television crews even have evidence of Mr Reyes taking his own child into the Christian temple.

    When Mr Reyes married his ex-wife, he denied Christ and converted to her Pharisaic cult, which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ condemned in the strongest possible terms. Fortunately, Mr Reyes returned to the Light and the Truth. The couple separated in 2004, and their child was born after the separation. He claims that they had made no agreement to raise their daughter in the Judaic cult.

    Mr Reyes, an unemployed veteran of the Zionists’ war in Afghanistan, told a Chicago television station that the couple did not keep kosher, did not observe Shabbat and rarely attended synagogue, but said that they had held a baby blessing for Ela at their synagogue shortly after she was born.

  16. Biker says:

    LOL Geronimo!!! isnt that walk a BASTARD.. when the legs get a ride its .. just effin WRONG. 4 fan trash can never gave ME a ride … HOME

  17. Flanders says:

    Happy Purim! [Sundown – Feb 28, 2010] – Now take the elevator up to Floor 40, put your blindfolds on so you don’t get scared – and let Biker take all of you on a short tour!

  18. Former Liberal says:

    Brilliant article Incogman.
    Im gonna forward this to some sheep i know.
    Keep up the great work.

  19. Hoff says:


    The Tsarist pogroms were actually the hapless police and Russian people desperately trying to defend themselves from Jewish terrorist activities. E. Michael Jones said every “pogrom” began with a crates of bombs and guns arriving secretly from Jacob Schiff back in Jew York City. -Octo-

    Hoff: Good point. l diden’t think of that as clear. Of course it was the jews that stirred up shit, but as always the jews blame the goy for what the jews themself do.

    First the jews are in the street throwing bombs at the russians. Then blaming the russians for defending themself and then go to the ameriucan people and cry “pogroms” and “persecution”. Then on top of that the americans let the jews in by the millions from 1881 to present. Did l hear. -Lying Jew Scumbags!

    Can’t say l did Biker. The brothers l worked for was dead serious about safety. No Hillbilly macho nonsense there. The main scaffold was 4 feet wide, it could stand witout anchors, but ity got a bit swinggy at the top 30 meter up. The first times your not that cocky, but once you got the hang of it there was nothing to it. l remember this rockie, he was shaking and swetting all over, and he was five feet above the ground. Hehehe … 9D)


    Typing hint, when l write l, l press L.

  20. hoff2 says:

    The Jews Proxy War Machine America

    Liquidating the Empire
    Patrick J. Buchanan

    … We spend more on defense than the next 10 nations combined. Our Navy exceeds in firepower the next 13 navies combined. We have 100,000 troops in Iraq, 100,000 in Afghanistan or headed there, 28,000 in Korea, over 35,000 in Japan and 50,000 in Germany. By the Department of Defense’s “Base Structure Report,” there are 716 U.S. bases in 38 countries … Is it not absurd to borrow hundreds of billion annually from China — to defend Asia from China? Is it not a symptom of senility to borrow from all over the world in order to defend that world?

  21. Octo says:


    Comment from a Gulf War Vet:

    Hello, I am not sure if this goes to Mr. Bollyn or not but I am giving it a shot. I was reading your August 15, 2004 article on depleted uranium and Gulf War Vets. I was a combat engineer during the Gulf War and I wanted to support your article. I am 39 years old and have spent my days since the war in college and now I teach school. I am a non-smoker and live a simple life. In December I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and it spread a bit to the lymphnods. The surgery was hell and now I face a life with cancer. Well thanks for your time and thanks so much for your article on this subject. I am filing a claim with the VA.

    Bollyn’s Response: This vet is suffering from the effects of D.U. exposure, as are many others. This is an extremely dangerous weapon that should be banned. My four-part series on depleted uranium can be read here:

    Marion Fulk and Christopher Bollyn
    My research on “depleted” uranium weapons was aided immensely by Marion Fulk of Livermore, California (left). Marion spent most of his working life as a scientist in the employ of the U.S. government, from the Manhattan Project to Livermore Lab. Now retired, Fulk said he wanted to help inform the public of the long-term damage to human health caused by the use of uranium-tipped weapons.

  22. Biker says:

    @ Octo.

    thanks for the link, i have some symptoms but nothing that really cant be attributed to being middle age, and my occupation. joint pain, memory loss etc. i know its nasy stuff (D.U.) and im alot luckier than some guys i know.. my buddy had 2 stillborn children after getting back, and the third was born crippled and blind. another guy died from lung cancer. this dude could run 3 miles in a flack jacket and full ruck sack no problem, 6 months after we got back he was out of breath climbing a flight of stairs, and i heard it got worse from there, dead in a year.. 28 years old.

    id bitch about what i got, but with the system already screwing over vets that really need it, i’d feel like a pussy, or a jew for doing so, you know? when i was at the Pgh VA hospital for x-rays last year (when my medical ran out after layoff, i went back to the VA for a bit) i met a Marine, and his family. this kid had just turned 20, and had lost EVERYTHING on the left side of his body in Iraq. arm, leg, eye, ear.. and was badly burnt on the rest of what was left of him. i felt like a real piece of shite sitting there with my ‘joint pain’, when this fucking CHILD had hardly any joints left to cause him pain. my god, he was 18 when it happened.. i could still smell the ‘pampers’ on him if you know what i mean.

    war is a bastard,. but war when you dont have to fight it, or when you fight it for someone else, i feel is one of mankinds greatest crimes against humanity… ours and theirs. it could be the DP, it could be all the pills and shots we got before deployment, or it could be ISRAEL. without which, there would have been no deployment, nor (constant) war in the middle east..

    thanks for the Bollyn link buddy.

  23. Biker says:

    a Local hero. this one didnt have to worry about being screwed over by the VA. i didnt know him, but his story was ALL over our local news. 19 years old, and he is GONE. another Appalachian highlander in the ground for Israel…

  24. Bella says:

    This is for anyone with ill health. Hyper nutrition can help. You can order flash frozen wheat grass juice delivered & mix it with distilled water. Next google up Dr. Norman Walker, he lived to the age of 100 & he invented the best juice machine available. Also when you eat do not mix starch with protein. It’s not good to be acidic!!! And everyone should google Alan Watt , I’m reading his book & it is awesome.

  25. Marshall says:


    You can catch Alan Watt on RBN nightly 😀

  26. IS IS says:

    Does that “new” di-rector GEN-eral have slant eyes , play golf, wear a NIKE hat , is married to a swedish white wimmin, is of dago/sicilian/arabic origins ? THOSE appear to be the minimum qualifications, eh momo ?

  27. Marshall says:

    What are you going on about ISIS? LEAVE POOR TIGER ALONE!!! Did you not catch his press conference? For shame, ISIS… 😀

  28. Marshall says:


    Here we have Jew Homeland Security trying to label rotating vets as “terror risks” and putting them on “no gun” lists!!! Not in anyone’s wildest dreams could this shit be happening…except in the twisted, squirming pile of psychosis between the ears of the JEW.

    Maybe Skeletor Chertoff should drop by his local VA for a friendly chat, hmm? Never happen…he’s in Israhell now I bet, counting his shekels from the airline security scanners he’s been selling.

  29. INCOG MAN says:

    OK, Biker I deleted it all.

    And I never do that. Just so you know.

  30. Biker says:

    again, bitte forgive me. just ….. erase it all and ill see you in a day or three. im DRUNK. highly, completey, HAMMERT

  31. gtrman says:

    Biker – take a break from the jew stuff. Jew- free movie here, never heard of it till yesterday, surprisingly good. Micheal Madsen (surely hes not a jew?) breaks his vow of not fighting again ( after killing someone sparring ) to fight the “king of the gypsies” to raise money for his sons heart op. Set in Ireland.

    “Strength and Honour”

  32. Octo says:

    “Micheal Madsen (surely hes not a jew?) breaks his vow of not fighting again ( after killing someone sparring ) to fight the “king of the gypsies” to raise money for his sons heart op. Set in Ireland.”

    The Quiet Man, sans heart op.

  33. American born says:

    @ BIKER

  34. gtrman says:

    “Imagine the horror, imagine the type of people who could do such a thing. How do they live with themselves? How do they sleep at night?

    They do it by watching Lost and American Idol and by eating chocolate cake. They read comic books and watch sports. It makes life easy because the media will not intrude on their fantasy world but instead will promote the fantasy. Oh, but who won the gold metal in curling and who was eliminated on American Idol.”

    Iraq war Coalition Deaths 4,696

    Injured 30,000

    Iraqi civilian deaths and injured, 1,366,650

    Afghanistan coalition Deaths 1,659

    American taxpayers bill as of today $964,044,305,874

    Great article:

  35. gtrman says:

    In his concluding theme, “Domestic Impediments,” Brzezinski exposes the Jewish Lobby and their total control of Obama’s foreign policy decisions:

    “Special interest lobbies have become overly influential in US politics. Thanks to their access to Congress, a variety of lobbies — some financially well endowed, some backed by foreign interests — have been promoting, to an unprecedented degree, legislative intervention in foreign-policy making.

    Promoted by lobbies, Congress not only actively opposes foreign policy decisions but even imposes some on the president. The pending legislation on sanctions against Iran is but one example. Such congressional intervention makes it more difficult to ensure that US — not foreign — interests are the point of departure.”

  36. gtrman says:

    German woman breaks silence about Red Army rapes
    An 80-year-old German woman has broken an old taboo of silence over the rapes she endured at the hands of Soviet soldiers in the second world war with a searing book about the crimes of the Red Army as it marched towards Berlin.

    “Why Did I Have To Be A Girl” by Gabriele Koepp is the first book published about the rapes under a victim’s real name. Mrs Koepp was one of an estimated two million German girls and women raped by Soviet soldiers, encouraged by their leader Josef Stalin to regard the crime as a spoil of war after Hitler’s invasion had left 26 million Russians dead.

    “Frau. Komm,” was a phrase that women dreaded hearing from Red Army soldiers. In the weeks after the city fell the rape epidemic was so bad that even the Catholic church countenanced abortion for some victims.

  37. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    gtrman.Related to your open salon post. The Gulf
    The United Nations Sanctions on Iraq

    by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

    I. The U.S.-UN Sanctions on Iraq
    II. The Impact of the Sanctions
    II.I Genocide through Economic Warfare
    II.II Oil for Food or Oil for Blood?
    II.III The Objective of the Sanctions: Paying the Price
    II.IV. An Illegal Policy
    III. False Pretexts
    III.I Weapons of Mass Destruction: Permissible for Our Clients
    III.II Weapons of Mass Destruction: Reserving the Right
    III.III The United Nations Weapons Inspections
    III.IV Inspections or Intelligence Gathering?
    III.V The Ongoing War
    III.VI U.S. Objectives

    “[A] war of collective punishment, a war of mass destruction directed at the civilian population of Iraq. The UN, at the insistence of the U.S., and contrary to international conventions and treaties, has created, in Iraq, a zone of misery and death – with no end in sight… The toll of these sanctions on an entire generation of Iraqi children is incalculable. What are the implications of Iraqi children growing up traumatised by hunger and disease, if they survive at all? How can the deeds of one leader or even an entire government be used to justify this unprecedented, internationally sanctioned violation of human rights?… The devastating effects continue to harm the environment, agricultural production and health of the Iraqi people significantly.”

    (Catholic Worker Magazine, January/February 1998)

    check out the list of sanctioned articles.

  38. Bella says:

    Did anyone notice that that goof ‘cooffee anon’ of U.N. fame is married to a rothchilde broad??

  39. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Great spot Bella.And there in the photo is brad shit and john voights’ half-chat angelina jewlie.

  40. L says:

    The NAZI’s lost already. Get over it…

  41. SBD TV says:

    What do you make of this?

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