It’s Black History Joke Month…


… and the phony Negro Invention Myths are flying!

I’m sure everyone by now has noticed how much effort the liberal mainstream media, public schools and libraries have been trying to instill racial pride in blacks by saying they invented this and that. They take the smallest patent and inflate it to make it look like the worthless Negroes invented the whole thing themselves!

In effect, they steal the proper recognition of Whites who really deserve it. Council of Conservative Citizens has been doing a bang-up job exposing the bogus BS for what it is, like the following story where they took the words “Gamma” and “Cell” and try to say it meant blacks invented the cell phone! Please visit CofCC site for more. Also, go to the site Black Invention Myths to get the real story behind so many inventions now being sold as Negro invented. Liberal multicults can’t stand the place and bombard it with DDOS attacks (go HERE, if that site is overwhelmed). [INCOG] News Team (Link: HERE)

Dr. Henry T. Sampson and Dr. George H. Miley (both pictured at right), are two engineering professor teaching in Illinois. Though it looks like Sampson has since retired from teaching and now writes books on the history of blacks in theater and movies. In 1971 they jointly obtained a patent for their own version of a “Gamma Electric Cell” they designed to convert gamma rays into electrical output.

Sampson was also employed once at a Naval Weapons station in California where he worked on developing binders for rocket propellant. It is alleged that he also holds patents that grew out of this research.

Henry T. Sampson, a Mulatto, could be considered a significant black scientist. However, that is not what the Afro-mythologists are calling him. Last year actually received an e-mails from a parent who’s child was asked to write reports on Sampson, because “he invented the cell phone.”

Apparently the Afro-Mythologists saw the words “gamma,” and “cell” and said “hot dog” a Negro invented the cell phone. Now the media and the public schools are propagandizing this false and easily disprovable claim.

It is also noteworthy, that absolutely none of the Afro-mythologists mention that the patent in question was jointly obtained with a white scientist! Nor do they mention that the first patent for a device that converts gamma rays into electricity was obtained by white scientist Bernard Gross in 1964.

Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

What does converting gamma rays into electricity have to do with cell phones? Absolutely nothing!

Who really invented the cell phone? A White named Martin Cooper is considered to be the father of the cell phone.

In 1973 Cooper took out a patent for his new invention the “radio telephone system.” When Cooper first walked onto the streets of New York with it, people were stunned. Cooper remains a leader in communications innovation to this day.

So what have we learned?

Henry T. Sampson, was not the first to convert gamma rays to electricity. A white scientist did it first seven years earlier.

Sampson only co-created a similar device with a white scientist.

That device had nothing to do with cellular phone technology and has no bearing whatsoever on the history of the cell phone.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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189 Responses to It’s Black History Joke Month…

  1. Marshall says:

    Hmm…was it a “hate crime” or not? How would the FBI know? Could the jig who yelled, “It’s a black world!!!” give them a clue? NO ARRESTS YET??? WTF??? :-O

  2. Biker says:

    no! its not a hate crime unless its the meek, mild mannerd black folk are the victims!! Akron, around here its called CRACKron. i told you about my experience with Cleveland niggers Marsh, crackron niggers are pretty much in the same metro area… ALL of larger northeastern Ohio towns are fuckin junky assed nigger infested shitholes. STAY AWAY!!!

    look at gaddam YOUNGSTOWN for instance, any big great lakes town is the same.. DETROIT is another.. when the industry left, most of the whites left.. and then, in came the NIGGERS. the whites that stayed are mostly elderly, fixed income people that cant leave.. they’d get 10 grand for the house they’ve owned for 40 years, IF they could sell it in a rapidly darkening neighborhood in todays market. the others that dont leave? STUPID, and DOOMED.

  3. Fleur de lis says:

    How outrageous that they even have pose this event as a possible hate crime!!!! Yes it was a hate crime, no question!

    I predict in the future there will be auspicious moments when whites will be fully prepared (with ar-15’s and shotguns) for a hate crime events involving 30-50 animals attacking them.

    Roaming primates harassing whites makes me so pissed. Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana major cities are truly less than desirable places to live. Invest in more brass/lead today.

  4. Fleur de lis says:

    Damn this is good news!!! This is a huge sum of money in the red for the jew owners and negroes playas.,1633902

  5. gtrman says:

    i figure that if jews claim to be white , it cant be a “hate” crime if I hate’em!

  6. Yid-free says:

    A little somefin’ for Black History Monf.

  7. Steven10 says:

    Little nigger got his shit mouth bloodied good.

  8. gtrman says:

    an’ nowh he neeh an amboolans

  9. Marshall says:

    Now go get yer ^%&$in shine box!!!

  10. gtrman says:

    the dumb woman on the bus can be heard saying “get pinky” “whoop his white ass” etc and stupidly, “you can press charges, i gots it all on tape”.


  11. Marshall says:

    I heard that bee-yatch yelling “Beat Pinky’s ass” LOL!!! We got alot of old white dudes like that down in the Keys…I say bring it!!! 😀

    Even she can also become famous for 15 minutes here:


  12. Biker says:


    if it would have gone the other way, NONE of the niggers would have been saying, “oooooh nooo!!!” its as if… “we dont LOSE! you stand there and take it white man”

    we need MORE whites like this!! makes me want to pack my Glock, my Kama, and go ride an inner city bus all day…. waiting.

  13. DTN8 says:

    coon is as coon does.

  14. DTN8 says:

    Had one of them threaten a coworker last night, Mardi Gras debris passing through to get swishers and newports. F— the lot of ’em.

  15. Marshall says:

    Hey…check out the KIKE MTV “safe sex” ad guys…doubt the long-term Jew agenda yet?

    “We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America into our hands’.”

  16. Fleur de lis says:

    White woman mating with negroes is the sorriest act in all creation!!!!!

  17. Fleur de lis says:

    Notice that oblivious young white girl on the bus as this all transpires. She didn’t flinch or seem to do anything as a reaction to this extraordinary situation. Is this the typical liberal, ‘nothing bad can happen to me around corn rolled nigs’, white woman in America? I must ask

  18. Biker says:

    just caught this on the 6 o’clock news.. im less than 100 miles from downtown, and id NEVER heard of this! nigger rapes his infant daughter, and takes her out into the woods and leaves her to freeze to death. the only reason it was ‘news’ is because they were talking about jury selection.

  19. Biker says:

    and this one.. of course his family was on the TV “we ask you all to pray for our family, this is so terrible! i cant believe this happened! he was such a nice boy… trying to turn his life around. we just cant believe that he did this” niggah had a rap sheet a mile long, beat a female officer half to death, was armed.. and they cant believe it? well, even after the beating that female cop had the prescence of mind to shoot his ass DEAD. believe it now niggahs?

  20. gtrman says:

    start at 3 mins

  21. Biker says:

    ‘lil Joe!! same M.O. Marsh! LOL

    great vids GTRman… them, talking TRUTH on them. you gatta love it!

  22. Octo says:


    Who’s gonna tell Poor Aunt Sarah Joe’s run off to Fire Lake?

  23. Octo says:


    I got yer Buddhist leanings right yere!

    Let’s weigh the pros and cons of one satori inducing yank versus a long, slow peel…

  24. Biker says:

    @ octo

    former buddhist, former lukewarm buddhist.. aw hell, hot Korean chick i met in Taekwon do drug me there, and i followed the scent if ya get me, LOL! i did kind of get into it though, no hell, no collection plates, no fear, fire, and death. refreshing for a while, but it still left me searching for the answer that i still havnt found.

    im for a chat… getting her number, then a quick yank and run!! then call her later and ask what she’d give to get her nippies back.

  25. Biker says:

    just kidding! for any female readers. im not like that… your duct tape is safe around me.

  26. GDL/White Master says:

    Little Tyrone was watching his mom cook dinner. He covered his face in flour and said LOOK! I’m a White boy. His mom slapped him on the head and said, show ur daddy what you did! His dad slapped him upside the head and said, show ur granny the stupid shit you done. His granny slapped him across the head and asked, what you have to say for urself? Tyrone said, I’ve only been White 5 minutes and I already hate you niggers!


  27. Steven10 says:

    Duke lacrosse accuser gets jail. Great black history jokes to pass along.

  28. Flanders says:

    “The criminal who tried to escape belonged to the race which is recognized as superior because the White slaves have to work hard to support it, encourage its guinea-pig style breeding, and provide it with Cadillacs and other necessities of life. He was a black gorilla, so huge that his wrists were too big for handcuffs, and his hundred-mile an hour attempt to escape was halted by a roadblock that was set by directions over short-wave radio that anyone could hear. The camera-man was waiting, shot his ‘footage,’ and the poison-pen press and our enemies’ boob-tubes made the incident a national agitation, at the time and for a year thereafter while the courts were troubled with litigation about the incident.”

    “The incidents in Los Angeles have proved three things. The least and most obvious one is that the savages are, de facto (as diplomats say) racially superior to the White slaves who work for them and who are even so humble and degraded that they do so without objection. The degenerate Whites, furthermore, frankly acknowledge their racial inferiority by electing or tolerating nigger mayors, nigger legislators and Congressmen, nigger governors, nigger judges, and nigger commanders of the armed forces.

    The second lesson is that our enemies’ plans for the final enslavement and extermination of Aryans in the United States have not changed. For decades it has required no wit to see that, as I have often pointed out in these pages, the intensive and highly successful campaign in the boob-hatcheries, the Jesus shops, the press, and the boob-tubes to make Aryans feel guilty for existing, presupposed plans for a eventual insurrection by the niggers and a consequent race war in which we would be decisively defeated.

    Whether the pursuit and arrest of the nigger criminal in Los Angeles was carefully planned in advance or, as is hardly likely, was an unscheduled incident, it was immediately and intensively used by the electronic sewers that most Americans maintain in their living rooms to deliver the Jewish sewage the thoughtless and uncomprehending boobs eagerly lap up. That outpouring of excrement to incite in Whites hatred of their own race and to stimulate the niggers’ innate hatred of it was obviously planned in preparation for the outbreak in Los Angeles that took place a year or more after the arrest. It was doubtless planned with the foreknowledge that no honest jury could do other than acquit the four policemen who were being persecuted for having done their duty.

    As I noted above, in Los Angeles, where the niggers had such fun in hauling Aryans from their automobiles and killing or maiming them, the word ‘revolution’ was openly mentioned for the first time. If you wish, you may classify that event as the first preliminary opening of guerrilla warfare that will be conducted intermittently but on a progressively increasing scale henceforth. Most of the victims, needless to say, have been made so imbecile by their schools and churches that they will not have the slightest comprehension that what happens to them is what they themselves ordained.”

  29. American born says:

    That video from YID FREE is great. A 67 year old WHITE GUY beats the piss out of the big mouth arrogant nigger. LOL. niggers are crap. They take their q,s from rap music and tv. They are all the same. They are entitled little babies. Notice at the end of the video the nigger says he will kill the guy when he sees him again. niggers are filth. Take your beating like a man. Not a baby. The White Guy tried to avoid the savage but the nigger had to look “cool” infront of the other niggers egging him on. DUMB BABY PUNK NIGGER… To be nigger is to be trash…

  30. American born says:

    niggers are so lost in civilized culture. You can see it in their souless eyes. Confusion. They dont know which way is up or down. They walk the streets talking to themselves. It really is comedic to watch them. I live in Las Vegas and see the antics of the nigger daily. The bumbs, gangstas, “uppity ones”, they are all clearly out of their element. NIGGERS SUCK. Ive lived all over the United States and they are all the same in every city Ive lived in. Stupid head dressing and they dress up like fools. It reminds me of the savages in liberia and other killing fields of africa. niggers are niggers where ever they roam. They are mentally inept of being civil. There is no way to adjust the mentallity of the nigger. As they continue to TERRORIZE Americans the freedom to do so fuels their predatory ways. Unchecked the nigger will tear down anyone and anything anywhere they are. NIGGERS ARE A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION without reguard for anything or anyone.

  31. Octo says:

    “Whether you call it Buddhism or another religion, self-discipline, that’s important,” he said. “Self-discipline with awareness of consequences.”

    — Dalai Lama to Tiger Woods

    “What’s self-discipline to a nigger?”

    — Octo to Dalai Lama

  32. Flanders says:

    Bill Gates: No scholarships for Whites. Not such bad news – what does a jewish dumbed-down education do for anyone – just puts them in debt to jew bankers.

  33. Biker says:

    Gates is a jew, although he doesnt spin and slaughter chickens, he IS jew by heritage. check the pic on the TIME cover… THAT is a JEW!

  34. Octo says:

    Minority students — who make up 93% of the world pop — are unhappy about not getting enough attention for black history monf, which is to be expected when you’re dealing with a race of children.

    You think niggers could stage this by themselves?

  35. Marshall says:


  36. GDL/White Master says:

    Incog, didn’t you say you once witnessed two sheboons beating the shit out of a buck in Wal-Mart? Well, not that but still funny….LMAO!

  37. Hoff says:

    CDC: Nearly 50% of Black Women Ages 14 to 49 Have Genital Herpes

  38. L says:

    The NAZI’s lost already. Get over it…

  39. idrankthekoolaid says:

    One of them invented Kwanaza!

  40. JewessMurphy says:

    This sounds like the white inventor argument.

    Everyone makes contributions not just white people.

  41. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Agabond. If that’s you in the picture you are a damn sight easier on the eye than themadjewess.
    So what about black racism? Black violent crime. Black rape of white women. Black sexual incontinence. The jewish monopoly on trans-atlantic black slavery, according to Professor Tony Lewis, One of your lads. Gangsta rap. Encouraged and promoted by jews, performed by feeble minded blacks, regardless of the effects ( entirely negative) in the black community.

    Or to put it more bluntly. Why are black concerns, any business of mine?

  42. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Nah. You’re o.k. I’ll pass.


    Riskay Feat. Aviance and Real – Smell Yo Dick

    No But you can kiss my arse!

  43. KA Telegraph says:

    Officially Africa has six teams in the World Cup, but in reality they have seven. This is a report on the inglorious adventure of Africa’s seventh team…

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