Had Enough of the BULL$%@# Yet?

FELLOW WHITE PEOPLE! Haven’t you just had it up to here? All the non-stop, never-ending Politically Correct bull$%@# — all the anti-White bias, race huckstering, Zionist war-mongering, White male bashing, radical feminism, illegal immigrants, holocaust indoctrination, hush crimes against Whites, multicult brainwashing, censorship tactics, culture wars, increasing media immorality, disgusting ads on TV, anti-Christianity, pushing interracial sex, radical homosexual rights, freaky gender-bending, talking heads on the news, whiny liberals, Jew spew, clever lying and blatant hypocrisies up the ying yang — 24/7, day-in, friggin’ day-out!


It seems like every five minutes they have some story in the media about all us “evil and racist” White people. But really, this kind of thing has been going on now for decades. No matter how small the so-called racist event was, the media will act like it’s such a “major concern” for our country.

Why is that? Because it’s us decent and regular Whites who they want to keep shut-up and intimidated, that’s why! They just can’t ever leave us alone and STFU, since the prospect of White solidarity in absolutely any form is frightening as all hell to them. Just saying the least thing in our race’s defense has these people wailing away about a “resurgence” of Militias, KKK and goose-stepping Nazis. Know what I’m saying? Well then, read on and get to the REAL bottom of things.

Whites can’t even protest against what the politicians are now doing in Washington DC before the liberal mainstream media goes off about “all the racists” in the crowd. Do they ever say JACK whenever other races attack Whites? Never! But even the smallest nonsense story out there now becomes media fodder for these people. Often-times, the “hate crime” story of the day turns out false, or even committed by the “victimized” minority group themselves, but the media almost never comes back to report that important turn of events.

Here’s just a few recent phony events* to illustrate the situation:

  • How about the story where race freaks made a big stink about some Walmart reducing the prices of black Barbie dolls to move the merchandise? Seems like they were not selling too well, so the store put them on sale to make room for incoming product, as stores normally do. This caused the race hustlers to say they were “valuing Whiteness more than blackness.” This story even went on ABC national news.
  • In Missouri, two White students were suspended and threatened to be charged with hate crimes because they dropped a bag of white cotton balls near the University of Missouri black student center. Liberal campus activists actually held “candle light vigils” over this non-affair!
  • Another White man in Waldo, Kansas got the black prima donnas all upset, demanding a witness be charged with a hate crime just for describing to police that a perp in a serial rape crime was black!
  • Or how about the story at the University of California where someone put up an invitation to a “Ghetto party” called the Compton Cookout, and told Whites to dress-up as Gangstas and Hos. The whole thing was blamed on a predominately White fraternity, over which the university and liberal media went haywire. In fact, the whole thing was the doing of a self-styled black comedian and rabble rouser who calls himself “Jiggiboo Jones.”
  • Some White sorority in Arkansas beat black competitors in a line dance contest, which made blacks scream “RACISM!” The big mouths made it so bad that the sponsors (Sprite and Coca-cola) had to name the second place finishers as “co-first place finishers” and awarded them the same prize. Whites can’t even be allowed to win anymore!
  • Mulatto sportscaster, Bryant Gumbel, denigrated the Winter Olympics because of a lack of black athletes. He compared it on-air to a “GOP convention.”
  • Congressmen Conyers from Michigan blames Whites for the lack of blacks helping out the relief efforts in the Haiti earthquake. Virtually all volunteers were White, but he says ZILCH about lazy-ass blacks ignoring the call.
  • CVS pharmacies in certain neighborhoods had so many problems with blacks shoplifting condoms they resorted to extra security measures which made blacks howl racism!
  • Even the census is racist to these people. Turns out many blacks still use the word “Negro” so the census people had to include a box in the check-off forms for the word and the race hustlers raised holy hell about that too!

Make clear note on how the liberal media plays up absolutely any “race crime” committed by Whites, no matter how trivial and insignificant, but carefully ignores any real race crime against White people. One recent example are the “Flash mob” attacks on White pedestrians in the Philadelphia area, where blacks organize on the Internet to go out and rough-up defenseless White people found on the street. You think ABC World News Tonight will do report on this? Don’t hold your breath!

Glen Singleton

Professional black race hustlers like Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (who make millions extorting corporations) may be the ones most Whites know about, but there’s plenty of others working this scam. Like Glen Singleton (right), who charges public school systems $100,000 so he can visit and call all the White teachers “racist” as the prime reason why black students do so poorly. According to him, even the non-White teachers have “subconsciously” picked up this secret racism.

Funny thing, predominately black school systems get more tax dollars than the rest, but even with that, black students continue to fail abysmally. It’s so embarrassing to Politically Correct educators, that they scramble to find excuses, anything and everything but the obvious: Blacks are generally less intelligent than Whites and are often too spoiled and militant to work hard for a good education — even when simply learning to speak proper english is virtually a guarantee for them to get a good job over White applicants.

These kinds of things are only possible because of all the White haters through-out politics, media and education — it’s literally a cottage industry hating Whitey.


Leonard Pitts

Another example: Leonard Pitts (right) of the Miami Herald. This is the guy who infamously mocked Whites  who were understandably angry about the brutal Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom torture slaying by writing the editorial saying “cry me a river.” Sure, the “oppressed” black man kept his job too. Now he’s busy writing about the Tea Party people being all racist and getting away with that, too. Hell, the national news does the same damn thing, really.

Or how about the black, Dedrik Muhammed, in the Huffington Post saying: “We hold that so-called whites must cease to exist as whites in order to realize themselves as something else… The white race is neither a biological nor a cultural formation; it is a strategy for securing to some an advantage in a competitive society…”

It’s amazing (well, maybe not so much) all the Jews out there making shekels attacking Whitey. They’ve found a lucrative niche market in getting paranoid corporations and schools to pay them big bucks lecturing captive audiences about the “secret racism” of us White people. These Jew race hucksters pretend to be a “White who has seen the light” and pretend to be such experts on “the problem.”

Tim Wise on CNN

When you read the words of this one Jew guy named Tim Wise (left) at his race huckster’s stupid website, you’ll want to find any way possible to reach through the Internet and choke his fat neck. Check it out and you’ll feel the same, or maybe lose your lunch on the keyboard.

Like far too many Jews, Wise tries to come off as another White, yet the guy is a Jew and fully admits it. In one of his articles, he talks about his grandfather, a poor, downtrodden Jew immigrant who took advantage of his White skin color to get ahead in America. Yet, this guy is actually doing the exact same thing — taking advantage of his skin color to financially exploit the Politically Correct business, while getting his Jew-thrills attacking Whitey. This is the kind of Jew masquerading as White, who infest the news media.

Same thing is going on with the Jewess intellectual named Paula Rothenburg (right). She goes around to all the universities and schools pushing convoluted Jew race nonsense on “White Privilege” and “Stealth Racism” (She’s actually the one who invented these terms used to attack Whites). In-between writing books on all us evil Whites, rich Jews like her bounce from campus to campus giving talks to the impressionable young, kids who have no idea these people are subversive, White-hating Jews, while selling their book crap on the side.

And then there’s the self-elected elitist Jew boy, James Kuntsler, who openly calls Whites “Yeast People.” He so loves the term (but chickenly claims a buddy invented it). He openly salivates for the day when our world of “strip malls, NASCAR ovals and moron culture” comes to a crashing halt due to the economy. Of course, he ignores all the Jew scamsters (as usual for a Jew), and the possibility that all us “Yeast People” might soon come around and kick his arrogant Jew ass out of the country.

But it’s not just some small time race hustlers either. These Jews have turned this whole race hustling and Whitey-be-bad business into huge money-making operations. From donations, sticking it to Whites in the courts, to even getting at our tax money. Oh yeah, they do. For example: The State of California gives millions of state tax dollars to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for holyhoax hucksterism. The US holocaust museum in Washington DC gets tens of millions yearly in federal tax dollars.

All to brainwash the American public on how “victimized” Jews have been, when the truth of the matter is that far more White people have been genocided than Jews, even if you believe all the made-up BS about gas chambers. Look into it.

Potok, on the now openly homo Anderson Cooper’s CNN show.

Or how about the Southern “Poverty” Law Center ($PLC)? They’ve created a multi-million dollar business going out and attacking Whites over anything. They have over 200 million in assets, including an expensively designed office building in Atlanta, Georgia and the Jews pay themselves fabulously. “Poverty” my White ass.

The mainstream media trots out Jews Mark Potok (right) and Morris Dees, from the $PLC, all the time to talk about White racism. Anytime there’s any kind of incident, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN will cut to Potak intoning about on the “perfect storm” of economic woes, the black Obama getting elected and liberal politics amping up Whites; making us want to join evil White organizations like Militias, NeoNazis and the KKK.

Make clear note that these anti-White people are on TV all the time, never do you see any articulate pro-White person who can fully voice our viewpoints. They may put on David Duke once in blue moon (always specifically introduced as “former Klansman…”), or they’ll dig up the least glib and photogenic Skinhead they can find at some podunk bar (no offense, Skinhead readers).

Photo from the Jew ADL website.

The Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith (ADL) does the same thing as the $PLC, even though it’s mission was ostensibly to protect Jewry. Maybe keeping us Whiteys down is the major part of the strategy? They have a 70 million dollar a year budget and fancy midtown Manhattan offices to do whatever the hell they want — including pushing interracial sex on us Goyim (right). Funny, these hypocrites openly try to keep other Jews from marrying outside of the tribe all the time.

Hell, these Jew organizations actually insinuate themselves with the FBI and local police across the nation to spot out evil White “haters” out here. They mass mail expensive glossy magazines, chock-full of attack articles on White people, who we are and even where we live, to police departments all across America (Israel also flys in American law enforcement people for “conferences,” but are really just vacations). Talk about Jew race narcs!

They’ve elected themselves, for profit of course, to keep a wary eye on us evil Whiteys and scream bloody murder should we say anything they happen to deem “politically incorrect.” It’s a dream job for these Jew Jobs — getting rich while attacking the White race.

Propagandizing the masses: A) Time magazine special issue in the ’90’s touting “the world’s first multicultural society” and the mongrelization of Whites using a image “created by a computer” to show the future race. This was a lie — the professional model was Caucasian and her skin tones and hair were merely altered using the new program, Adobe PhotoShop. B) Recent Newsweek magazine report on the “terrible” possibility that White children might naturally prefer other Whites from birth. C and D) Blatant multicult propaganda for Mestizo immigration into the US. D, on the lower right, came out during the “Grand Bargain” debates (Amnesty) in the Senate in spring, 2007 and didn’t contain one single word from the opposing side. It was all pure Jewish propaganda.


And the PC business and diversity brainwashing is all over our national media too. Newsweek recently ran a big article that actually printed the words “it’s horrifying to imagine kids being proud to be White.” The cover showed a White baby under the title “IS YOUR BABY RACIST?” They called upon White parents to show their children multicult indoctrination movies and lecture the children, as close to age 3 as possible so they would not miss the “right development window,” meaning ease of brainwashing.

A substantial percentage of these liberals in media, or as they now insist being called “progressive,” are nothing but subversive little Jew bastards, never letting on they are a Jew. They often even change their names, because they don’t want us Goyim to connect the dots on Jewry. If you ask them if they are Jewish, they act all offended, like it has nothing to do with it. Right.

And no, these people are not working from top secret instructions from Jew headquarters — that’s clearly ridiculous. But they use insane ideas to make a mockery of any of us who fight back by painting us as mere  “conspiracy theorists.” It’s a clever little trick used by these people.

No, Jews (and many brainwashed White liberals too, unfortunately) simply have a inner, atavistic hatred of Whites and America being a White country (or used to be). They’ve been attacking our race and our institutions for decades now, pushing all sorts of lefty causes, multiculturism, miscegenation and immigration of non-Whites. Efforts that put our own race in eventual jeopardy. Just think of where it’s all going.

A group of young Los Angeles Jews from the “Jewish Progressive Alliance” out protesting for illegal Mestizo immigrants. These types have long been doing everything they can to destroy White demographics and their actions are literally turning America into a Third World country. But do you think Jew-niks like this live anywhere near South Central LA? Don’t make me laugh. I guarantee you, all these spoiled brats drive home to gated mansions in Brentwood or Hancock Park; each behind the wheel of a shiny new BMW that Daddy Jewbucks bought them for their 16th birthday. For “socially-conscious” pampered Jews like this, out protesting about something is nothing but a chance for them to say: “Look what a revolutionary I am and how caring!” And these self-centered Jew brats always make sure to take plenty of pictures, like the one above, so they can show off to friends and Jew family later.


This week, HBO debuted a documentary called “The Grand Bargain.” It followed well-funded special interest groups, liberal activist lobbyists and one of Teddy Kennedy’s Jew handlers pushing for Amnesty back in May/June 2007. All through-out the piece they made snide comments about all us racist “xenophobes” and “nativists” out here trying to put a stop to them. This film was pure political propaganda on a ostensibly entertainment network.

Fortunately, the SHAMnesty bill, or “The Grand Bargain” of 2007 was stopped in it’s tracks. But listen up folks, it’s now coming back. Obama has a new bill to legalize the 20 million plus illegals already here. That’s why the media timed this documentary to go up on HBO right now. Expect all sorts of similiar media brainwashing tactics in the months ahead (like the magazine covers above).

As a side note, at the end of the documentary they credited the Ford Foundation for funding the film. Obama’s mother was employed by the Ford Foundation (and worked for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s father). She renamed little Barack as Barry Soetoro and enrolled him in a Muslim school as a Indonesian citizen. Little Soetoro has now grown up to be our first illegal alien president. No lie.

Foundations, like Ford and Rockefeller, have long been involved in the education arena, quietly funding left wing education since the fifties, or even earlier. They are directly connected to the filthy rich Jew globalist class behind the NWO. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or any kind of crazy conspiracy theorist to see what’s really going down.

Another thing: Emboldened by the Health Care bill passage, Obama and his socialist pals will now try to head off as much White voter backlash as possible in the 2012 elections; by pushing for Amnesty for Illegals and giving voting rights back to convicted felons (since most are black) — all to gain millions more votes for democrats.

Just think long and hard, White America, on that strategy: These people are willing to further turn the US into the crapper just for their own selfish political purposes!

But far more importantly, doing all this will end-up completely neutering what’s left of White people’s political power in America, probably forever should we not put a stop to it and soon. Maybe that’s the whole idea to begin with?

And it’s not just America, either. They are doing this very thing to pretty much all White countries. Canada and Britain are even further along the path to White racial suicide than we are. The Whites in South Africa are now openly discriminated against, politically powerless, property stolen and even violently murdered in their own homes.

You think the mainstream media is going to report any of this? Hell, they don’t even report on what happens to Whites in America, when you get down to it. They would rather raise Cain about black Barbies getting sold for less than White Barbies at a Walmart, then even the most horrifying story of a White family murdered by black criminals.

How friggin’ messed up is that?



Liberals, Militant blacks and all the rest of the entire PC business are mere symptoms of the disease. The virus behind all the coughing, high temperature and runny nose of America today is THE JEW! No if’s, and’s or but’s.

Until all of us gets it about the Jew, these people will run America straight into the ground.

If we don’t start doing something, we are also going to be in for real trouble as a race. If you don’t care what happens to White people (including your children) and happen to be White yourself, then you’re too far gone. I’m surprised you can even sit straight, since your brain is now so pickled in Jew diversity brine that your spine has already atrophied clean away.

White people: Why fight it any longer? I mean really. We’ve seen that no matter what we ever do or say, they will still slander us with nonsense words like “racists” and “anti-Semites” because that’s the whole point of all this to begin with: Keeping you silent to make you fear getting called “racist.”

Just tell these fools: “Yeah, I’m racist as hell, now shut your fat face.”

We’ve got to fight these people now — TODAY. We need to do this by alerting all Whites to what is truly going on. You won’t see Glenn Beck or anyone else on TV telling you the unvarnished truth, since to do so would mean the loss of their cushy TV jobs. Immediately. You see what happened to Lou Dobbs, didn’t you? Just taking the position of being against illegal immigration is enough to get you fired, or eased out in some fashion.

And yes, the Jew has done all of this to America. From liberal race-baiting, to attacking Christianity, to pushing for interracial sex and non-White immigration. And the “conservative” Jews† do everything they can for that outlaw country of Israel. The Jew has been a poison to the concept of America.

They mean the end of America as we know it and very possibly the end of our race, if they have anything to do with it. Get that one straight.

The Jews have cleverly usurped our financial system, own the media and manipulate our political process through greed and backroom tactics. All their efforts in conjunction with one another are expressly designed to keep a giant Jew headlock on America and to keep us fearful of talking openly with one another.

Each of us must stand forth and work tirelessly to spread the news, alerting every fellow White we can about these people. We simply must break the back of their power in our countries. No two ways about it.

— Phillip Marlowe

*All these event just happened in the last couple of months or so. Think of all the money and time wasted in the never-ending PC games created by these people!

†NeoCON Jew Jobs have the same game going on about evil Muslims, Iran and “Islamofascist” terrorists. And sure, a precious few Jews write stuff critical about themselves. These are called “self-hating” Jews by the Jews, but the media knows not to use the term, so they label them “far left” to get White conservatives to stupidly ignore what they might say. This is quite purposeful.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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427 Responses to Had Enough of the BULL$%@# Yet?

  1. Julian Lee says:

    Don’t forget people: a simple


    takes people to IncogLand now.
    Tell your friends and relatives.
    Write it, post it, sticker it, and scrawl it everywhere.

  2. Julian Lee says:

    Speaking of the Gentile waking-up phenomenon. Here’s a recent video and account appearing at YouTube on 9-11. It’s very forthright and sharp about the Zionist problem:


    Of course, it’s not likely to last long; his account is likely to be suspended. So many of these have gone up, and disappeared for years. However, I’m sensing an increase in the number of such accounts and videos there. They can’t seem to police them any more. It’s a good sign. David Duke is still slugging, and better than ever. New Gentiles are waking up daily. So much is happening.

  3. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Julian Lee.
    Great stuff.
    “I’m sensing an increase in the number of such accounts and videos there. They can’t seem to police them any more. It’s a good sign. ”

    It’s King Canute and the Little Dutch Boy combined.
    Perhaps their power is overstated by us and them. To silence thought that is.

  4. GTRman says:

    What Your TV Is Telling You to Do
    NBC Universal’s Shows Are Sending Viewers Signals to Recycle, Exercise and Eat Right. Why?

    In just one week on NBC, the detectives on “Law and Order” investigated a cash-for-clunkers scam, a nurse on “Mercy” organized a group bike ride, Al Gore made a guest appearance on “30 Rock,” and “The Office” turned Dwight Schrute into a cape-wearing superhero obsessed with recycling.

    Coincidence? Hardly. NBC Universal planted these eco-friendly elements into scripted television shows to influence viewers and help sell ads.

    The tactic—General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal calls it “behavior placement”—is designed to sway viewers to adopt actions they see modeled in their favorite shows. And it helps sell ads to marketers who want to associate their brands with a feel-good, socially aware show.

    This is the power of persuasion that NBCU hopes to tap. “Subtle messaging woven into shows mainstreams it, and mainstreaming is an effective way to get a message across,” says Lauren Zalaznick, president of NBCU Women & Lifestyle Entertainment Networks, which oversees the effort.

    Television’s Benevolent Mind Control Program

    America is a nation of mostly poor, unattractive people who take their cues on life from the fictional actions of rich, attractive characters on television. The NBC network, your father figure, has decided to educate our slackjawed populace. With television!


  5. Fleur says:

    Just by the opening sentence of this article, just being white means being a white supremicist!! F.U. OongaBooga Zulu King for writing that. Sick of this talk in the public news!

    “White supremacy is so last century. These days it’s on-trend to be a mixed-race supremacist . Unlike the British National Party, mixed-race people can now point to scientifically credible research that highlights the various biological advantages of their ethnicity.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1268580/At-Its-cool-mixed-race-handy-Im-African-American-Jewish-Geordie-Irish-Scottish-Hungarian.html#ixzz0m5ECU1Qj


  6. Michael says:

    I was living in California in the early 1970’s when some horrible murders were taking place. All of the victims were white. It was years latter that I happened upon a book written by Clark Howard that is tittled “Zebra” it recounts the activity of black men associated with the nation of islam who randomly chose victims to rape,rob,murder and mutilate.These animals called themselves the “Death Angels” and had 23 victims. Their goal was to sacrifice nine “blue eyed devils” each for their god,allah. Even though this group was caught , is there any reason that this activity does not continue to this day? Look at all the missing people throughout the year in America. The books SBN:399-90050-0. Get it if you can still find it.

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