Knock, Knock — Telegram For The GD Jews!

Western Union Telegram STOP Who the HELL do you think you are? STOP  You SUCK STOP America has had enough STOP GET OUT JEWS!

THAT’S RIGHT, JEWS: You SUCK big-time and America is now rapidly waking up to the fact. We hereby deliver a message to you Jews and that message is: GET THE HELL OUT! There, is that clear enough for you?

Where you go is not our problem: The island of Madagascar, the jungles of Brazil, Tierra del Fuego — we don’t give a flying flock where you end-up, just as long as it’s not any of our White countries — that’s all we really care about. Of course, wherever that may be, the same GD thing will happen should you manage to snooker another race to implant yourselves among. If you do find a spot without a worthwhile host to suck on, you wouldn’t last a lousy 10 years, if that.

Do I have an issue with the Jews? Uh… hell yeah, I do! Does the rest of the planet? Ditto! Millions of newly awakened are now getting around to learning all the sordid details about you people. Trust me, the more they look into the matter, the more they’ll end-up just like me: Angry and pissed as hell. Read on Jews, if you got any guts, or you’re the usual masochistic type who gets off on the whole Jew victimhood/Nazi schtik. You know who you are.

Sure, you just go ahead and call all this stuff “conspiracy theory” and have yourselves a hearty har-har. But look out the window, or go on-line, Jewboys: We’re out here in the night — all across the broadband, behind your back at the party, maybe even that nice Goyish couple living next door — all of us now yapping up a storm about you.

Your treacherous little buds in that crappy little place called IsraHELL were part and parcel to the biggest false-flag Conspiracy ever in the history of the planet: 9/11. That’s right: Conspiracy with a big fat capital “C.” Just like the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty and countless other Zionist MOSSAD operations exposed the world over, which your controlled and owned media obviously bends over backward never to say a word.

And don’t you dare sit there with that smug Jew grin on your fat, ugly face and try to tell me GD otherwise!

Sure, we know you people don’t get any “secret messages” from some secret Jew headquarters up in the Catskills, either. You would like people to think we think that. No, besides your usual “Sayanim” MOSSAD connections, you’re just acting from your own inner racial hatred of the White race, your “Chosen One” arrogance, or hating anything clean and decent in the world. The very fact that we have countries and you don’t (excepting stolen IsraHELL, of course), irks you to the arrogant core.

Your crazed IsraHELL compadres had zero problem dropping phosphor bombs on defenseless non-Jews in Gaza — women and children, too. They even machine-gunned those poor people’s animals in the Gaza Zoo out of pure Jew spite. It’s nothing but a big laugh for you Zionist bastards to bulldoze down Palestinian homes, or even peaceful protesters like Rachel Corrie. And how about that latest mob-style hit in Dubai, where the MOSSAD obviously had the blessings of IsraHELL’s crime family boss, Bibi Netanyahu?

Let’s not forget all those fancy-suit wearing “dual loyalty” NeoCON jobs you got in Washington DC; strutting around town with Powerpoint presentations and policy papers, working over-time to get America into more never-ending wars against IsraHELL’s enemies. Wars that have destroyed our treasury and put us well on the road to bankruptcy. We’ve killed millions at the behest of Jew paranoia and the regional ambitions of that lousy state of Israel.

These war-mongering IsraHELL Firsters may dress differently than you, wear silk ties and cut their hair short, but underneath the cologne, fancy government titles and swagger, these Jews are no different than the rest of you — Ashkenazi Khazar “Jews” who swear traitorous allegiance to International Jewry and Israel. Don’t even try to say otherwise.

Yeah, us “single loyalty” Americans have had quite enough of you New World Order traitors. But will we spring another Kristallnacht on your Jew ass?

Oh yeah, we will. When the time comes, they’ll be plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth, alright. You’ll probably drop down on your knobby knees — sobbing and praying about the “God who forsook you.” Oh, you remember him now do you? HaShem? YHWH? G-D? And you thought you could get away with being a fun-loving atheist for the rest of your life — foot-loose and fancy-free in America, didn’t you? Time is fast running out on your scumbag nightclub and bath house pick-up lines.

And we don’t care one bit whether you tell us you’re liberal, or that newly resurrected Commie word you now have out: “progressive.” We don’t care if you call yourselves moderate, or conservative, either. Even if you come clean and call yourselves what you most often are: Anarchist, Marxist, Bolshevik, Menshevik, Stalinist, Commie — whatever fashionable political image you dream up that says “YOU.”

It’s all mere semantics for continual trouble of one sort, or another from you people. Head games — the same tired gibberish, double-talk and convoluted Jewish rationales — anything and everything you can come up with to keep the rest of us Goyim confused and divided. All smoke and mirrors so we don’t see you smiling, big-mouthed bastards behind the curtain.

And didn’t I tell you to wipe that GD smile off your face?

Should any fellow Jew come out and criticise your behavior in the world, instead of listening to what he has to say and doing something about it; all of you Jews jump on the poor schmuck as a “self-hating” Jew. God forbid if any of the rest of us dare say a word. America just can’t win with you people!

And you know something else, Jews? We’re now sick and tired of it all! We’ve had it up to here with your GD crap, all the sleaze, all the PC games and all the made-up victimized “Holy People” crap you’ve been playing on us ever since we let you into this country. You think we’re nothing but stupid Goyim who will forever fail to put two-and-two together and finally figure out old Hitler was damned right all along?

Did I say Hitler? Oh me, oh my — I must be a big old bad Nazi man, huh? How much more can you milk this Nazi and Hitler crap? It’s never-ending with you people about the guy. Hell, anytime someone says one GD thing, he suddenly becomes the reincarnation of the Fuhrer man and it’s 1939 all over again. Used to be Saddam Hussein, now it’s Ahmadinejad. Can’t ever not have enemies, can you?

You Jews have been kicked out of every single country you’ve ever lived in and for damn good reasons. America will soon be next on the Jew hit parade. You had it good here, but your behavior screwed it up once again.

Just imagine seeing mobs of us pissed-off Goyim running amok through your oh-so-eclectic city abode — going crazy, slashing your water bed, sex dolls and leather gay biker outfits. The hopped-up mob will bust up your faux victorian red velvet furniture and douse your equally fake persians with the sickly sweet Manishevitz red wine found in the kitchen.

Laughing uproariously, the Gentiles will be anything but gentile, flinging like frisbees your funky Pier 1 imports dishware, stomping to bits the crap on your walls you call “art,” right along with that favorite mall fashion portrait of yourself on the end table.

Your commie intellectual books and shaven gayboy pedophilic porn mags; the triple-X bestiality DVD’s and Superman comics — everything will get thrown together into a huge pile and burned down into a melted blob, just like your brains. They’ll bust up all your chintzy fake gold menorahs; the New Ager bric-a-brac you keep around for the chicks and all that stupid “chotskies” shit you bought at that cheap-ass “South of the Border” tourist trap the last time you drove down to Florida for your once a decade visit to Bubbi.

But you just can’t handle her incessant whine about you marrying a nice Jewish girl because you’re so gay!

Fact the facts, Jews: You’re totally selfish, disgustingly immoral and perverted. We just can’t believe you have the GD chutzpah to make a big stink about pedophilia in the Catholic church, considering all the rabbi perverts out there. I guess owning the media does come in handy.

And the business about rabbi molesters is totally believable too, considering that so many Jews are at the forefront of radical homosexuality and promoting vile faggotry. We see how the predominately Jewish Hollywood and media pushes the envelope daily when it comes to any kind of nasty crap — right along with a huge smut business filled to the brim with you sick mothers.

If you had your way, you would insist that gay group sex is openly taught in Goyim-only kindergartens. Later, the dumbed-down kids will have on-site abortion services in elementary schools, paid for by big Jew government and available right after the holocaust indoctrination class bell. Let’s not even imagine what kinds of vile activism you have in store for our pets and barnyard animals down the road.

Oh yeah, it’s time for you to go now, Jews.

You had better keep a suitcase of clothes, the phone number of a taxi service and the flight schedule for El Al airlines handy. Never can tell when you might have to make a middle of the night “Aliya” to Israel, or what the rest of us would call a quick fugitive getaway.

After all those years of sodomite fun with rabbi Maurice and his pet gerbils, you’ll have plenty of room up your fat ass for hiding the most precious thing in your lousy life: Money. You’ll be stuffing shekels, diamonds, secret numbers and passbooks to IsraHELL bank accounts; all kinds of things right up your butt — which won’t be anything new.

Yeah, we’ve figured out your little financial con jobs and swindles on the world. From Los Angeles to Washington DC. From Wall Street to Tel Aviv — nothing but Jew trickery to enrich yourselves. Your greedy Jew globalists find and set-up corrupt Goyim in power positions and then sit back, smack their fat lips and suck money out of befuddled host populations.

The Federal Reserve/AIG/Goldman Sachs TARP “bailout” was pure Jew thievery of the American taxpayers. Everyone is now talking about it. Hell, the FED itself is the world’s longest running scam operation, ever. Or, how about the latest financial doings in Iceland and Greece — where the citizenry were fleeced by the backroom dealings of Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn (appropriate name for a Jew) with a corrupt, debt-ridden Greek government.

Let’s not forget the relatively smaller Jew financial scam operators (far too numerous to name the ones exposed here), like Bernie Madoff and his so-innocent (“it’s all the Gentile’s fault”) wife Ruth’s 65 billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Even so, all these recently uncovered Jew criminal scams are mere chump-change as compared to the giant globalist gambits like what the geo-politically subversive Jew, George Soros (Schwartz), pulls off all the time.

When you lesser crooks make your escape to Thieve’s World (IsraHELL), you’ll find yourself among the Red Mafiya, mean fat old oligarchs from Russia, all sorts of financial scam artists and bottom feeders from around the globe. You might try to pretend you’re just like them, or at least until your criminal neighbors rip off whatever you have left and reduce you to cleaning toilets in some nasty Tel Aviv whore house.

Speaking of Tel Aviv whore houses, we’re going to put a stop to that filthy White slavery business you run from countries like the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Our scientists will work to seed your flesh pipeline with a special, genetically engineered virus just for Jews, one that makes all your tiny, circumcised peckers rot off in IsraHELL.

As they once said in the American Old West: Get out, while the getting’s good. You know it’s only a matter of time for you people, don’t you? What? Are you anxiously waiting for the final implementation of the Stalinist Police State, never-ending immigration of Third Worlders and Marxism on America to save your Commie asses?

Well, I guess that just proves things, now doesn’t it?

Oh, we know how badly you New World Order Jews want to destroy our Constitution and steal the rights of God-fearing Americans. You’ve been gradually working towards this for decades, hoping no one will notice. Can’t have something written by a bunch of old dead White men stand in your way, now.

Fuggitaboutit, Jewboys. Millions of us have guns and know how to use them. And we’re damn sure not going to give them up, because by then everyone, and I mean everyone, will know exactly what the deal is with you people. Unh-uh, no way, Jose. America is filled with plenty of White boys who can shoot like you would not believe.

It’s a rush to the finish line as your Big Jewry tries to carefully and quietly create the circumstances for Internet censorship, Commie-Jew police tactics and removing our right to bear arms. Too fast and everyone will see; too slow, and it might be too late. A lot of people at the moment may not quite understand the direction we’re headed, but enough are starting to seriously suspect the usual suspects and are talking. Oh, yes we are. Big time.

Did I leave something out? It’s so hard to remember everything when the list just goes on and on. Yeah, you’re about as arrogant and stuck-up as they come. You thought you had America all sewn-up and in your pocket, being a “Chosen One” and such a hot shit, right? Guess what? You’re not.

When the time comes, I’ll personally be down at the border of Mexico for the big send-off you so richly deserve — taking my rightful place as one of many given the honor of ceremoniously planting a big steel-toed boot upside your fat butts — as we kick you trouble-making bastards off our soil. When I eventually tire, others will gladly step forward to take my place and make your farewell exit memorable.

To keep the mass expulsion from having any bottlenecks, we’ll set-up a series of automatic ass kicking machines designed to look just like that statue of the hamburger guy, Big Boy. Why? Because it’s so American and everyone will get a big “kick” out of it, that’s why. Who’s going to make a fuss about us going all Nazi and Fascist when we obviously still have a sense of humor?

Sure, you’re going to scream bloody murder at first, but soon you’ll be whimpering like wet poodles for us to forgive you — just this one time. The thing is, in another 50 or so years, you’ll only be back to the same old PC head games on a unaware population that you Jews will bank on them not even remembering. Whether it’s part of your nature, or part of your nurture — we don’t give a shit anymore.

I’m afraid we may have to put your Wall street scam artists, Hollywood and TV people to work as slaves in our newly returned manufacturing companies so we can pay off some of the bills you’ve run up on America. We’ll have to go to China with our hats in our hand, explain about the Jew and ask for a little patience. No one will be surprised when the Chinese kindly understand and only request that we don’t send any more of you to Shanghai.

Others of you may cream your pants at the thought of a little pain at the hands of sadists in uniform. We know all about your masochistic lusts for Nazi porn and how this kind of thing gets you off. We only have to turn on the TV to see fifty years worth of Hollywood Jew thrills — evil Nazis in black uniforms goose-stepping around and trying to take over the planet, or yet another pud-jerker “holocaust” torture flick, guaranteed to at least get nominated for an Oscar.

Hell, I bet some skinny little Jew somewhere is reading this right now and whanking off as we speak!

And I’m so sure you’re going to get all scaredy cat about being shoved into yet another imaginary gas chamber. You people have sucked-down every bit of the holocost hoax — far more than we and believe every bit of the old Soviet WWII propaganda, Zionist blackmail material and every stupid story out of any imaginative old Jew’s mouth. Well, at least that’s the big act you put up for us Goyim.

But don’t worry, you’ll soon only be kicked across the border, or rudely shoved on-board a ship, or plane out of here. We want you gone as soon as “humanely” possible. Sure, we might put a few of you to work for awhile on the assembly line making cheap parachutes — so we can air drop you and your buds over the Congo. If you survive your trip, you can live with all the monkey-humping, HIV-afflicted Negroes in multicultural jungle bliss, or you can walk on to Israel. Yeah, like that’ll be the day.

And don’t cry here, Jews. Think about the positive: You’ll now have decades upon decades of new material. Imagine all the pity-blather you can dream up in your old age elsewhere. Hasn’t the Nazi stuff gotten a little worn-out and hackneyed by now? Haven’t almost all of the professional victims of WWII died and gone to that great big old concentration camp in the sky?

Or maybe you just blithely expect us to believe that the holocaust schmeil is really a multi-generational experience? You hysterical hypocrites can’t stand the thought of losing a good blackmail game and will gin up some more nonsense to justify the continual brainwashing.

Would you not agree with me that a whole new chapter of Jewish sufferink is in order here? Besides making easy money, isn’t whining about something, anything, what you most love to do?

Just think of all the made-up stories you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren: How you remained ever stoic and never buckled under the NeoNazi whip; even though you were starved to skin and bones from a diet of mealy potato skins, gravel and wood chip broth. The time you faced down the evil, Dr. Evil, in the selection line of the Pungo II death camp and INCOG MAN’s genocidal Big Boy Death Apparatus — now refitted with giant chopping blades and monster truck wheels!

After witnessing and suffering far too many horrors for one innocent Jewish lad, you decided you had enough and put your always-so-clever Jew mind to the task. At just the right moment, you threw off the lustful clutches of Elsa, She-Wolf of the KKK, whom you fooled with your dark brooding looks, phony-ass worldly persona and cheap Borat impressions.

Fleeing the scorned Goyim bitch from hell, you’re forced to kill a dozen skinhead camp guards with your bare fists to make your escape. At one point, the evil NeoNazis almost had you cornered, but you put the Jew-Jitsu on them and executed a perfect pole vault over an electrified barbed wire fence.

Zig-zagging your way through a hail of bullets and more grasping blond shiksas, you found freedom in sunny Cancun!

You can milk this whole schtik for decades to come, even making up new stuff along the way without anyone questioning one damn thing, or risk going to jail. You’ll write books and thousands of trees will have to be sacrificed for the paper to tell your made-up crap to whomever is still stupid enough about you people to buy it.

Fellow Jews and the gullible of the world, will cry when they see your stellar performance on Oprah’s transplanted new show out of Tel Aviv; sobbing out your made-up memories on her couch: “It was just like yesterday when I last saw my broken-down grandmother, herded towards that horrific Big Boy contraption and turned into a giant hamburger for the NeoNazis…”


Yep, it’s only a matter of time for real America to give you people your walking papers. You’ll be fired, Jews. You’ve just been too selfish a race and way too much a burden on the whole American concept. We got your number, alright.

We’ll be just fine without you, don’t kid yourselves. Oh, wait, who am I talking with here?

More than just fine after a while. It might take a two or three years to mend the financial destruction you wrought and another decade or so to clear our heads of your corruptions and brainwashing, but it’ll happen. Nazi Germany rapidly became the most financially self-sufficient and successful country in Europe once they gave you the big boot. The possibility of the rest of the world seeing this happen was more than enough for the Zionist oligarchy to put us all on the path to war. A world war that cost 55 million lives, but the only thing you seem to care about is making money off your own dead!

Goodbye, ciao, sayanora and auf wiedersehen. Can’t say it’s been nice knowing you Jews, because it hasn’t. Now get the GD flock out of our countries!

And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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688 Responses to Knock, Knock — Telegram For The GD Jews!

  1. Biker says:

    POCKET battleships MORON.. POCKET!!!

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Slavs. The town i live in there are a lot, well a few hundred Serbs. Good people. Very family oriented. They built a Church twenty years ago. No problem to anyone. Proud and mindful of their heritage. Easy going, but you wouldn’t cross them. Some of those lads are big. Like Biker.

  3. Biker says:

    yeah… why was BELGRADE, the capital of SERBIA, named the capital of Yugoslavia?!

    because the west/east jews had to give the bitch-slapped Serbs something for their trouble? LOL!

  4. slavs says:

    Too bad General Mihajlovich rescued amerikan pilots in serbia only to be shot by the freemason polish jew Tito…you amerikans always stab your allies in the back…but beyond that, I just think it’s time for the human race to disappear off this planet. With human trafficking in Kosovo and all over the world and all the shit that you men do, animals don’t even prey on their own kind like that. Human beings are lower than animals. The Serbian women who have been brutalized by the croats and now the albanians thanks to amerika bombing the shit out of their country, which was never a threat to you Mcgoyim, I would not wish upon your wife, your daughter or your sister, biker. But above that, the homo sapien project needs to be scrapped and that sadistic, pedophile, blood thirsty god that created man in his image really needs to stop getting off on the orgy of human sadism and let the apes take over. I hope the precession of the equinoxes in 2012 really does flip the god damned earth upside down.

  5. ????? says:

    Raving Lunatic: “I hope the precession of the equinoxes in 2012 really does flip the god damned earth upside down.”

    No need for that, my fine-feathered Slavophile.

    The world has already turned heel-over-bollocks.

    Cannibal Rabbi has started to make use of such modern devices as the comma and the space-bar. And now that you are here, CR is no longer the most unreadable commentator hereabouts.

  6. ????? says:

    Raving Lunatic: “I hope the precession of the equinoxes in 2012 really does flip the god damned earth upside down.”

    No need for that, my fine-feathered Slavophile.

    The world has already turned heel-over-bollocks.

    Cannibal Rabbi has started to make use of such modern devices as the comma and the space-bar. And now that you are here, CR is no longer the most unreadable commentator hereabouts.

  7. SBD TV says:


    Sweet dreams yiddish ones!

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “Cannibal Rabbi has started to make use of such modern devices as the comma and the space-bar. And now that you are here, CR is no longer the most unreadable commentator hereabouts”.

    What the….!?!??**
    Why i oughtta…

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