My Videos Are BACK, For Now

Just to let you know, the video hosting site that I use, WN Tube was taken down and the account closed with no warning. The WN Tube people scrambled to find another host and eventually did.* Hat’s off to them. They took a long time working on the site, however. I was patient through the whole affair, even though I had a lot of traffic coming here during the period; which I hate, since some of them may have tried to watch a few. It’s like having “lost customers.”

Please make a point to watch them and alert all your friends that they are mostly back and viewable. I try to make them as short and entertaining as I can. The videos apparently are not showing up all the time. I don’t know if it’s because they are working the bugs out of the site or what. If you see a big white spot, come back later.

The Jews seem to be working overtime to take down videos on the Internet without it becoming too obvious to the unaware sheeple. Go to any of my video pages up under my banner and you will see a image I now use for censored Youtube videos. Many others that are still “live” have also been censored before, but I’ve found replacements that haven’t been deleted (yet), or I’ve found them on WNTube. I do everything I can to get the video back on-line here. It’s on-going battle behind the scenes. I do have other videos stored that I’m thinking about putting into the ones deleted by the Jew thought police, but I wanted everyone to see how many have been taken down lately.

Let me take this moment to say something to those of you new to all this: I’m sorry, but all this stuff is terribly true. If you start a blog like this, you’ll understand that fact very soon. From a behind the scenes angle, you can see how the Jew tries to get rid of the most damaging items in careful, contrived ways, without bringing too much attention to his efforts.

The whole “Jew Question” is now fast spreading among people out in the Internet (I can see the search strings, increased traffic, etc.). The censoring Jew is becoming a little Dutch boy going around and sticking his pudgy fingers in the dike to stop it! He will fail.

I will not stop. I will do whatever I can, when I can.

Now, I’ve got something to ask of each of you. Go to “My Videos” page above, where I have a link to a high res WMV file for each one. Everybody should go to any video hosting sites you find and do a search to see if any of my videos are there. If not, take the few minutes of your time to register and sign up. Camp out there! Make that site your’s for Whites. Do searchs to see what’s on there. Figure what’s going down and then upload one of my WMV videos. Add tags and commentary. Put in a link with the video back to my blog here, if possible.

Come back to this particular post and leave a comment so everybody knows which