My Videos Are BACK, For Now

Just to let you know, the video hosting site that I use, WN Tube was taken down and the account closed with no warning. The WN Tube people scrambled to find another host and eventually did.* Hat’s off to them. They took a long time working on the site, however. I was patient through the whole affair, even though I had a lot of traffic coming here during the period; which I hate, since some of them may have tried to watch a few. It’s like having “lost customers.”

Please make a point to watch them and alert all your friends that they are mostly back and viewable. I try to make them as short and entertaining as I can. The videos apparently are not showing up all the time. I don’t know if it’s because they are working the bugs out of the site or what. If you see a big white spot, come back later.

The Jews seem to be working overtime to take down videos on the Internet without it becoming too obvious to the unaware sheeple. Go to any of my video pages up under my banner and you will see a image I now use for censored Youtube videos. Many others that are still “live” have also been censored before, but I’ve found replacements that haven’t been deleted (yet), or I’ve found them on WNTube. I do everything I can to get the video back on-line here. It’s on-going battle behind the scenes. I do have other videos stored that I’m thinking about putting into the ones deleted by the Jew thought police, but I wanted everyone to see how many have been taken down lately.

Let me take this moment to say something to those of you new to all this: I’m sorry, but all this stuff is terribly true. If you start a blog like this, you’ll understand that fact very soon. From a behind the scenes angle, you can see how the Jew tries to get rid of the most damaging items in careful, contrived ways, without bringing too much attention to his efforts.

The whole “Jew Question” is now fast spreading among people out in the Internet (I can see the search strings, increased traffic, etc.). The censoring Jew is becoming a little Dutch boy going around and sticking his pudgy fingers in the dike to stop it! He will fail.

I will not stop. I will do whatever I can, when I can.

Now, I’ve got something to ask of each of you. Go to “My Videos” page above, where I have a link to a high res WMV file for each one. Everybody should go to any video hosting sites you find and do a search to see if any of my videos are there. If not, take the few minutes of your time to register and sign up. Camp out there! Make that site your’s for Whites. Do searchs to see what’s on there. Figure what’s going down and then upload one of my WMV videos. Add tags and commentary. Put in a link with the video back to my blog here, if possible.

Come back to this particular post and leave a comment so everybody knows which one you hooked up with. Or, better yet, use the “My Videos” page up under my banner as a central location, or organise among yourselves someway.

Since the ADL Jews are embedded at Youtube and are on the look out for my vids, they will surely delete them, sooner or later, and possibly your account. But some of us should still try with secondary, sacrificial accounts.

Also, go to Vimeo, Blip TV, Metacafe, Daily Motion or wherever. Add any others you know down in my comment section and I’ll add it up here in this paragraph. Also, sign up to WNTube as a user and maybe download RealPlayer so you can capture videos from elsewhere to upload there.

I prefer, if you can, for you to use my high res WMV files for uploading any of my vids elsewhere on the Net (don’t at WNtube since they are already there). In fact, they may even look better elsewhere (there’s a bit of pixallation going on at WNTube). They looked fantastic at Vimeo till the Jews got me removed.

Let’s flood the Internet with the truth! It doesn’t have to be my videos, either. A few weeks ago, I noticed a video in my Old Video’s of the Week called “Slaytronic ZOG Wars Ensemble,” was deleted from Youtube. It was a great video too, done professionally and hard-hitting; the Jew recognized that. Anyone knows where I can find another copy, let me know.

The Jew knows which videos are most effective and persuasive from a media or facts standpoint. I believe they make conscious efforts to limit themselves to the ones most effective and persuasive. You kind of have to know media and the Jew Question to get a sense of what they do behind the scenes.

That’s why they made such efforts to get Denierbud thrown off Youtube and are still after him (go to his site and watch his videos before it’s too late). Denierbud mixes a laid-back anti-War message with hard, irrefutable logic that blows away the holocaust hoaxers. The Jews hate the guy.

I also want to tell you that I don’t know everything. I’m just some guy who knows parts of the problem and sees the handwriting on the wall for Whites and America. Sure, I do know some other things that I don’t like to talk about here, because I don’t want these people to figure out the deal on me.

But the reality is that it just doesn’t matter one whit who I am. The situation would be exactly the same tomorrow for you people if I got hit by a Mack truck with the Mad Jewess behind the wheel, crazed on crystal meth and Zionist Jew Task Force harangues.

I’m also totally ticked off at those who refuse to even look at the problem, because they are afraid that if they did, they might have to do a little something besides sticking a GD bumper sticker on a car for a change. We all know the type, unfortunately.

It’s not easy doing half-way decent videos and keeping up with a blog like this. I try to write as much as I can and do some nice photoshop graphics on occasion. No, I’m not looking for my ass kissed, or a little pat on the back, just want everyone to do a little something something, too. We have to break the log jam of Jewry’s brainwashing of our White nations and we have to do it NOW.

Let’s outdo the Jew!


*WNTube should be fully operational, but let me know if my videos are not on-line (the space here will be white). Also, please visit my page “Video of the Week” up under my banner at least once a week. I put time in to find good videos to watch and it does not get the traffic it should. Thanks.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    As Homer Simpson says. Sir William Gull was Jack the Ripper. He had two accomplices as well.

  2. ?? ????? says:


  3. ????? says:

    Kaminski’s Suicide-AIDS-Messiah Guy Debord:

    “I have long known about the police and pogromist origins of the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion], but I did not know that the fake, so crudely obvious, was, moreover, a plagiarism, and that in fact it was the simple reversal — in both its intention with respect to slavery and the quality of the writing — of such an excellent pamphlet.”

    [i.e. of Joly, which is a false claim.]


    “And so the Protocols marks a historical turning-point, because this horrible fake turned out to be exactly faithful to the spirit of Nazism, Stalinism and spectacular democracy. It is a “true fake,” as one says today. Joly wrote humorously against Napoleon-the-Small, and the Protocols are, on the contrary, written eulogistically and as if for Hitler. But both this humor and the eulogy spoke of real phenomena. Thus, 1903 is an important date in the appearance of the modern spectacle, which I had previously tended to date at the start of the War of 1914 (the patriotic “ballyhoo,” Kronstadt, the March on Rome).”

    + + +

    “On the subject of health, I believe I can say that your prescriptions have worked miracles. With a single Lopril 25 every day, my blood pressure has remained steady at 16.8 and 9.8, without any inconvenience other than my habitual insomnia. Alice is pursuing her research into the constitution of jargon brilliantly. And me, too, I pursue research into the dissolution of the world, but this is less pleasant. (I have noted recent multidisciplinary breakthroughs in the practice of the advanced medical commodity: one concerns work on a vaccine against “some” forms of cancer; another hopes to define AIDS as “a chronic illness.”

    + + +

    Debord viewed the gas chambers as the “essence” of the spectacle — meaning the apotheosis of the world as show — the Nazi murder of the Holy Six Million as the ultimate expression of the capitalist endgame — the ‘fortunately’ cut-short prelude to the capitalist future.

    + + +

    Debord dated the beginning of the “modern spectacle” to 1939 and the German invasion of Poland.

    For Debord and the Situationists, the “reality” of the Nazi death camps and gas chambers and genocide and murder of Jews, queers, Communists, anarchists etc., was/is our pre-destined “spectacular”.

    Debord uses “the society of the spectacle” to indicate the inevitable Nazi-ization of the West.

    Debord publicly renounced all historical “revisionists” [actually a misnomer, since all history is revision] and condembed Faurisson and Rassinier in 1967.

    + + +

    Here’s how Debord passed his time before contracting AIDS and offing himself:

    “The undersigned situationists have decided upon the exclusion of Eduardo Rothe, who has not applied the decisions taken in Paris in March (which prohibited the pursuit of imbecilic and false attacks in discussions with Comrade Salvadori); and also for his insolent absence from the communal meeting of the French and Italian sections at 2 pm on 21 April 1970.

    “For the SI, Beaulieu, Debord, Riesel, Salvadori, Sebastiani, Vaneigem, Vienet”

    [Multiply that 10,000-fold, and you’ll have Debord’s biography.]

    + + +

    “To Rene Riesel, Copies to all the people concerned, 7 September 1971 [under the letterhead of the Situationist International]

    “I have learned…that your wife, whom, as you certainly know, I consider to be, on the intellectual plane, a miserable cunt, and, on the “aesthetic” plane, a cow, has pretended that one day I asked to go to bed with her. This braggart is far above her means, as we once said of Claude Gallimard. [a revisionist]

    “Several months ago, Alice once jumped her and has not wanted to repeat the experience for a simple reason: your wife, because she doesn’t know at what moment it is fitting to simulate orgasm when she makes love with a woman — whereas she obviously knows when to do it when it is a question of the duped young men that she has been acquainted with — claimed, against all probability, that she had come. Much later, Alice made her admit the lie; and the sad mentality that this revealed sufficed to let things remain where they were.

    “You know very well that you have covered up, at the level of family life, many small lies, without mentioning the ridiculous exaggerations and stupid interpretations, while counting on the pity of your entourage or deluding yourself with the illusion that others do not notice them. But this last pure lie is too much. I denounce it publically, which immediately obliges you to live up to your responsibilties and submit to all the consequences.


    + + +

    “To Gianfranco Sanguinetti, 17 November 71

    “Dear Gianfranco:

    “Do you know the superb letter from Engels to Marx of 13 February 1851, after the schism of the League of Communists? … “For the moment, the essential for us is to print, either a quarterly journal in which we can directly attack and secure our position with respect to these people, or big books in which we can do the same thing without having to mention one of these dirty beasts.”

    + + +


    “The most recent war in the Middle East [Yom Kippur] is a summit of the spectacle. A manifest accord between Moscow and Washington — and no doubt all of the Arab governments — to finally arrive at a peace that is acceptable to the warmongering Arab populations.

    “Obviously Israel in the long term can be submerged, but what would the world be like at such a moment?”

    + + +

    When you have made the English translation [of “To Libertarians!”], send me several copies. … We are going to try to record a disk in Spanish, to be introduced into Spain as “cassettes,” thus using the technique of the contestataires of the East. … I suggest that you add something like a “Song of the British Internationalists active in the Iberian Region,” be detourning the song of the “Lincoln Brigade” as sung by Woody Guthrie to the melody of “Red River Valley.”

    + + +



  4. Hoff says:

    What you just saw in the video was the Auschwitz of USA. The Japane’s in America was the same as the jews in Germany. Alians, and the Jew mafia declared war on Germany in 1933.

    Frontpage all over the world: “Judea Declares War on Germany”

  5. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Finklestein made his reputation off the back of “The Holocaust Industry” and his subsequent “persecution” by the zionist establishment that runs American education. So we see that even in the supposed combatting of that industry, Finklestein, the zionist jew, is still making a profit from the lies, exaggerations and myths this industry is built upon. Like Chomsky he ponces around dispensing his unique jewish wisdom,concerning American and zionist hegemony,from on high, never, ever addressing the central premise that underpins modern jewish advantage.The holocaust. Let alone the mental imbalance that is judaism. I couldn’t give a fuck what his opinions are on the middle east. Why would anyone?I would attach more importance to the opinions of my dog than those two slippery bastards.He’s a good dog, and doesn;t tell lies by comission or omission. Does anyone really think the Palestinians’ terrible fate will be solved or ameliorated by fucking jews??? Not to mention the rest of their receipt of dastardly acts the wide world over? Have you lost your mind? The only hope, and it’s a slim one, is to get every self identifying jew right, the fuck, outta here.Express mail. No exceptions. No special dispensations. Gone,gone, gone.

  6. Fleur says:

    “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States.”

    Interesting Washington quote Akira. Was GW simply talking about God as being the invisible hand since the next sentence of his speech is the following:

    “Every step by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency; and in the important revolution just accomplished in the system of their united government the tranquil deliberations and voluntary consent of so many distinct communities from which the event has resulted can not be compared with the means by which most governments have been established without some return of pious gratitude, along with an humble anticipation of the future blessings which the past seem to presage.”

  7. ????? says:

    For someone so full of race-hatred for Jews, and who talks about preserving the White race from race mixers, how strange that Kaminski’s hero should be a Communist whose closest friends were rich Romanian-French queer Jewish Communists (Gérard Lebovici & Isidore Isou) and who was married to a Jewish Alsatian-Shanghainese lesbian.

    The Jew Lebovici was Debord’s sugar daddy. He financed Debord’s films, published his writings, and supported him financially when he was not selling anything.

    The Jew Lebovici was one of France’s first big media moguls. He managed the careers of Debord, Gérard Depardieu, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Catherine Deneuve, and Yves Montand. He produced for Debord, François Truffaut and Alain Resnais. He published Debord and William S. Burroughs. He was found dead in his car in 1984, four shots in the back of his head. Crime unsolved. Many accusations that Debord did it. Strenuosly denied.

    Anyway. Funny choice of a model for somebody who claims all Jews are born evil.

  8. ????? says:


    Did Washington use the word “God”?

    Hiding in plain sight. That’s what they do. “Providence”? Talking about God? Or is that just a cover-story for plausible deniability?

    Washington (and Jefferson)’s “god” was “Man”.

  9. Fleur says:

    Speaking of masons, this very morning I bought the big honking occultic satanic bible of freemasonry by Albert Pike (Morals and Dogma) Got it from a deceased jew’s estate sale. He was a F&AM, apparently

    A perfect hardcover 1960 edition for the whopping price of .50 cents. It has the two-headed eagle on the cover with the words in Latin ‘Ordo ab Chao’ (Order out of Chaos)

    Jews and chaos. Who would have thought? 🙂

  10. Fleur says:

    “Or is that just a cover-story for plausible deniability?”

    Hehe….I am with you. That is why I asked the question because like you say; hiding in plain sight to warn us?!! Could certainly be that.

    Didn’t GW renounce Masonry towards the end of his life? Remember reading something to that tune. I put up that video called the Regions of Saturn (aka Legions of Satan) that lightly mentions the conversation that Cornwallis had with GW upon his surrender; about the deception that the Revolutionary war actually was. The American citizen would eventually be bound (financialy) by the crown/bankers through future deception (mind control/banking).

  11. ????? says:



    No, I’m not referring to you (or Incogman)

    I was just looking for some direct quotes to show that the “Founding Fathers” of MSA (now JSA) usually spoke of “Providence”, not “God”.

    Then I’m reminded that for this generation of Patriotards, “Washington’s God” will be defined by a couple of Jews!

    Is there no part of American culture that is Judenrein? (And don’t say, “The American Nazi Party”, because you’d be very wrong.)

    From National Fucking Review:


    Michael and Jana Novak, father and daughter, are authors of Washington’s God…

    Q: Who is Washington’s God?

    A: The Great God Jehovah who led the people of Israel long ago, the same benevolent Providence that led the way through many dark times to the independence of the United States. That is the God Washington described in his letter to the Synagogue in Savannah, after the war.

    Washington was an active vestryman in his local Anglican parish; he came from a long line of Anglican worshipers and even ministers; and his children by marriage continued the tradition. He cherished the Book of Psalms and read from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

    Yet like many in the Anglican tradition, Washington leaned towards philosophical names for God, rather than confessional names. He almost always used names such as the “Supreme Author of all Good”; the “all wise disposer of Events”; a “Bountiful Providence” that watches over us, and “interposes” his actions in our favor. Almost never: “Savior” or “Redeemer,” or “Holy Trinity.”


    See? No Trinity for the Anti-Christ.


    Q: But wasn’t Washington a Freemason? Incompatible with being a Christian, isn’t it?

    A: In Europe Catholics found the two incompatible. In America, unlike Europe, virtually all Freemasons were also Christians. Many bishops, priests, and devout lay persons belonged to the Freemasons. Freemasonry was practiced as a benevolent association, almost like the charitable, community-serving arm of the Protestant churches. The Freemasons also gave vent to the philosophical impulse in human nature.

    Washington did join the Freemasons as a young man, and was proud of his belonging, as a work of service to his fellow man, and part of a movement of human improvement.


    Oh well then, I guess it’s a nice thing to be a Luciferian Slavemason and a Christian at the time, because some fucking Zionist Talmudist Kabbalah-reading motherfucking Jew says so!

    Some days are harder to bear than others…

  12. Hoff says:

    One Jew Expell You Diden’t Know – Or Think About As A Jew Expell

    ldi Amin expelled the jews from Uganda. Remenber the international smear-slander campaign against ldi Amin? This nogger knows more about jews then all white shit for brain liberal-communist demoCraps combined knows about jews.

  13. Hoff says:

    o4:44 Ever wondered why the jews HATE ldi Amin? Six sec video and you will get it. Go ldi GO!!!

    MOHAHAHAHA …Dead funny 8D)))))

  14. ????? says:

    One final coment on this filthy vomit-mongor Kaminski and his Jew-mileau and hyping of Debord’s Jewey Jewified Talmudic nihilism and his suicide for the “goyim” ethic.

    I already mentioned that the Commie Kaminski’s hero Debord closest friends were rich queer Jew Commies, his last wife was a Jewish-Alsatian-Shanghainese lesbian, his sugar daddy was a rich establishment media mogul Jew.

    The Jew Lebovici “advanced” Debord around 210,000 F (app. $230,000) per annum for movies that were virtually unwatched and texts that were virtually unread, but these Jewified cultural products would prove very influential for the Jewish revolution.

    + + +

    Debord’s first wife — in an omnisexual “open marriage” — was the Russian-Jewess Michèle Bernstein, who was also in on the ground floor of the Jews’ Situationist International racket, after the Jew Goldstein’s Lettrist International drifted apart. Berstein wrote horse horoscopes.

    Having “transcended art”, the Situationists became ever more socio-political, especially with the “uprising” of May 68. After this climax, Debord dumped the lesbo Commie Russian Jewess for the lesbo-commie Alsatian-Shanghainese Jewess.

    Her second husband, whom she married to get British citizenship, observed: “To me, she is the most Situationist of all. … I had the impression that she had a certain authority over Guy. She used it sparingly, but at the right moments.”

    + + +

    The Notre-Dame Affair was a Situationist contra-“spectacle” “action” performed by the Jew Goldstein’s Lettrists group’s Mourre, Berna [prob. a Jew], Desnoyers de Marbaix, and Rullier, on Easter Sunday, 1950, at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, while the mass was aired live on national TV.

    Mourre, dressed in the habit of a Dominican monk and backed by his co-conspirators, chose a quiet moment in the Easter High Mass to climb to the rostrum and declare:

    “Verily I say unto you: God is dead.”

    “We vomit the agonizing insipidity of your prayers.”

    “Today Easter day of the Holy Year, here under the emblem of Notre-Dame of Paris, we proclaim the death of the Christ-god, so that Man may live at last.”

    They were arrested by the police, who saved them the furious mob that chased them from the church.

    The Jew Ioan-Isodore Goldstein went by the name Isidore Isou. He wrote the Lettrist Manifesto


    “ISIDORE ISOU Begins the destruction of words for letters.
    “ISIDORE ISOU Wants letters to pull in among themselves all desires.
    “ISIDORE ISOU Makes people stop using foregone conclusions, words.
    “ISIDORE ISOU Shows another way out between WORDS and RENUNCIATION:

    The Jew Goldstein was one of Debore’s best friends and collaborators, his Jewish wives and his Jewish sugar-daddy helped him “create” the bilfe that Commie Kaminski wants to shove down your “goyische” throat.

    + + +

    From Nothingness Luther Blisset’s “Guy Debord is Really Dead”:


    “Butch, whose motorcycle is this? – It’s a chopper. – Whose chopper is this? – Zed’s. – Who’s Zed? – Zed’s dead, baby… Zed’s dead.: — Quentin Tarantino, 1994

    When Guy The Bore died the Italian reformist press responded with obvious, misleading ‘obits’ with nothing to be surprised about. The same lib-lab trash-shredders who swallowed and ruminated K. Popper’s dull tirades against TV, have later celebrated The Bore as a prophet of Berlusconi’s taking the field. For years the leftist Ignoranzhia has been mistaking the “spectacle” for the media insolence of the Establishment or the cyclic recurrence of people like Letizia Moratti [2], or Sgarbi-and Ferrara-style Tv rows… It ‘s no surprise then, that a critical theory attacking commodification and a system of production turning each of us in an insolent medium of the establishment, has been defused by a metonimy (the effect instead of the cause, the content instead of the container).

    The abuse of the epithet “situationist” and of the meaningless term “situationism” is due to the emphasis given the Debord’s analysis of the spectacle; savoir vivre, subversion of everyday life, psychogeography and Unitary Urbanism – in a word, the whole range of immediate and practical kinds of actions the Situationists suggested – were taken in little consideration. Thus “situationist” was doomed to become an uniformative term; cultural reporters then decided to attach it to whatever personage or artistic movement whose expressions were nihilistic enough to be considered “estreme” and spectacular enough to allow for second-class mass-mediology. Thus, the TV schedule of Italia Uno – decided by Carlo Freccero – was “situationist”, as well as Striscia la Notizia, and TV-truth on Guglielmi’s Raitre: “situationist” is whatever text written in a schizo-epigrammatic style, and so on. Most of these ‘wild labellers’ hardly knows The Society of the Spectacle and, taking it as a Talmud of radical critique (although it rather looks like a bunch of clues for crosswords) pretends to be inferring anything from it. “Situationist” has become a passe-partout opening all the doors, from that of a badly-chewed dadaism, to that of an easy-minded technological millenarianism. In a nihilistic world, whatever is real, is “situationist”.

    After all, wasn’t Debord[‘s] own attitude to allow his best known essay to be taken as a Talmud? Isn’t it true that, two years ago, in order to explain the fall of so-called ‘socialism’ in Eastern Europe, he didn’t do much more than recycling two laconic theses on bureaucracy, written 1/4 of century earlier and previously enclosed in the above mentioned book? During the last decade of his life, The Bore had endlessly tried to give his dramatis persona a place in the historical context; like the prisoners in Kafka’s short story, “In the Penal Colony”, he stepped into a machinery carving on his body not only his writings…but also the Law. In his case, the Law was the Right Interpretation, against slander and passive contemplation of the historical experience of the SI, and finally against pro-situ misleading information. The ceaseless hypertextual cross-references (from one line of the body-text to the other) seems to hide the desperate will to set up the proper bad reputation, to foster the proper way to contemplate, to bringabout the proper misleading information, in a word, the attempt not to change the style and to keep control. Such a task would involve the whole system and requires a group strategy: if a single will tries to reach it, (or simply to mark it), he or she will obtain exactly the opposite of what they were after. They used to care for style, now it’s Identity to be defended, but Identity freezes and kills style, and strenghtens the spectacle. Thus, after The Bore’s suicide, we inherit a body of rules which didn’t mean to be such, as well as a bunch of prophetic soliloquies. We’re left with holy writings, and only two things can be done with holy writings: you can either take them literally and be a fundamentalist, or taking them to mean whatever you like, without even reading them.

    The Bore [killed himself because he] he had chosen to more than three decades earlier, getting carefully ready for the moment when his time would have finished, deboredom would have come along, and he would be left with nothing but his own length to give an end to, sooner or later.


  15. gtrman says:

    Ive read Lydons ( Jonny Rottens) book and several others on him and the Pistols. As I recall, the “Bodies” song was based on him witnessing the event or the aftermath of the event in a toilet in a train station or a club and being horrified. Lydon was and is a very bright, insightful and perceptive man. Funny, too, but people tend not to see that. He hated all the spitting and the carbon copy “punks”.

    As for Kaminski, well I like his writing style. I’ll still read any new stuff he puts up. ( If I can get to his damn site, that is. )

  16. ????? says:


    One of the most bizarre moments in Yankee pop music TV history

  17. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Finkelstein has written of his parents’ experiences during World War II. His mother, Maryla Husyt Finkelstein, grew up in Warsaw, Poland, and survived the Warsaw Ghetto and the Majdanek concentration camp, as well as two slave labor camps. Her first husband died in the war. She considered the day of her liberation as the most horrible day of her life, since it first struck her then that she was alone, none of her parents and siblings having managed to survive. Norman’s father, Zacharias Finkelstein, was a survivor of both the Warsaw Ghetto and the Auschwitz concentration camp……………………………………………………………………………………………………Survived the Warsaw ghetto AND Aushwitz? BOTH!!!!?? How can this be?? Auschwitz was an industrial death factory. HALLEJEWLAH!!! PRAISE G-D. What are the odds?Gimme some ‘o THAT aktion!! Must have been like a sort of twisted version of the Karate Yid. Gas on. Gas off. Gas on. Gas off…………………………………………………………………Finkelstein grew up in New York City. In his forthcoming memoir, Finkelstein recalls his strong youthful identification with the outrage that his mother, witness to the genocidal atrocities of World War II, felt at the carnage wrought by the United States in Vietnam. One childhood friend recalls his mother’s “emotional investment in left-wing humanitarian causes as bordering on hysteria.” [7] He had ‘internalized (her) indignation’, a trait which he admits rendered him ‘insufferable’ when talking of the Vietnam War, and which imbued him with a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude at the time which he now regrets. But Finkelstein regards his absorption of his mother’s outlook — the refusal to put aside a sense of moral outrage in order to get on with one’s life — as a virtue…………………………………….Oh oh. Looks like: Mama’s got a brand new fag!……………………………………………….The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering was published in 2000. Here, Finkelstein argues that Elie Wiesel and others exploit the memory of the Holocaust as an “ideological weapon.” This is so the state of Israel, “one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, [can] cast itself as a victim state” in order to garner “immunity to criticism.”[20] He also alleges what he calls a “double shakedown” by “a repellent gang of plutocrats, hoodlums and hucksters” seeking enormous legal damages and financial settlements from Germany and Switzerland, moneys which then go to the lawyers and institutional actors involved in procuring them, rather than actual Holocaust survivors………………………………………………….Hey. Get the Reflections, Exploitation, Suffering part! Vampires don’t have reflections, and i’ve never seen Norman in a mirror. I doubt he has either. How’s that thwarted academic to fearless critic of yidrael going Norm? Good money? L’m a good boy momma. The rest is a dreary litany of, chomsky said this and hillberg said that, dershowitz wasn’t having any,tuchman threatened guttman, who in turn slapped kosinski, who started fighting with larry, curly and mo, who ended up rolling around the floor with the marx brothers, when in jumped issur danielovitch screaming, ” I’M KIKICUS” bringing proceedings to a shuddering halt…..Well you get the idea.

  18. gtrman says:

    Bizarre is the word Akira. There will be no strangeness like that on tv these days – everything ironed flat, rehearsed, sterile, dead, vacuous, bland, Prozacked.

    Not sure if the interviewers being ironic or not at the end of this,” Depends what Mr Murdoch says..”

  19. Marshall says:

    Funny stuff Cannibal. Maybe vampires don’t have reflections because all they do is project. 😀

  20. gtrman says:

    Anyone for schadenfrude? :

    Uma Thurman Movie ‘Motherhood’ BOMBS In England

    Uma Thurman’s attempt to be an average harried mom on film did not go over well UK audiences.

    ‘Motherhood,’ which was a decided flop in the US, was a monster bomb when it opened in the UK.

    According to The Guardian (via Page Six), the movie made about $130 its opening weekend in a movie theater in London.

    The film made just £88 on the weekend of Friday 5 March. On its debut Sunday, box office takings were £9, meaning one person bought a ticket.

    The disaster has now degenerated into a bitter confrontation between Metrodrome, responsible for marketing the film in the UK, and producer Jana Edelbaum, who blames the company for Motherhood’s atrocious performance.

    Why, she looks like Sarah Palin. Coincidence?

  21. gtrman says:

    Akira – can you get “Talk Sport” where you are? They appear to be “discussing” Freemasons.

    And theyve gotten rid of Galloway.

  22. ????? says:

    Can’t figure out what’s your point? (Dare I suggest that you could learn to write more clearly by following Shminkelstein’s literary standards? Or would that drive you round the bend AND over the edge?)

    Are you suggesting that no Jew had a hard time during the war?

    Or that they shouldn’t mention it, just because other Jewbo Holohoaxers have exaggerated everything?

    Or you suspect his parents actually spent the war years on the beach in Bermuda?

    Also, Krinkelstein didn’t say that the Holohoax Swiss Bank Bronfman scamsters took money that should have gone to former camp inmates or Jews who had been dispossessed. He pointed out that the money they got was under the false pretense that it would go to those people, and also he argued that they scammed the money in general, and used the JSA State Department to simply put the squeeze on Swiss bankers who chose to cave in rather than even lose more money after they’d been slandered already.

    Hence, “a double shakedown” by “a repellent gang of plutocrats, hoodlums and hucksters”, meaning that they scammed both the bankers and the people they were claiming to represent.

    I can easily think of some criticisms of Lincolnstein, but with so many other obvious mega-targets, I couldn’t be bothered.

    All I’ve said is that I like seeing Finkelsteiner piss off other Jews, and that he’s very effective and relentless in his criticism of Zionists and Zionist Entititians (even if he is motivated by a different Jewist philosophy), and he doesn’t give a fuck about trying to suck up to anyone but just speaks his mind.

    Also, his trashing of the Peters book was a service to humanity, since one of the Zioscum’s main propaganda lies is that Palestine was “a land without a people”.

    Paraphrasing Feshinkelstein: “Comparing Abe Foxman to Hitler is an insult to Hitler. At least Hitler wasn’t in it for the money.”

    That timeless quote alone makes up for a lot of the typical Jew arrogance he also displays.

  23. gtrman says:

    ” A deeper reading of recent events would suggest that the latest American Israeli rift is actually led by Netanyahu’s political partners. Interestingly enough, as much as America reveals growing disapproval of Israeli policy, the anti American attitude, demonstrated by Netanyahu’s allies at home, is overwhelming. It doesn’t take a genius to grasp that some of Netanyahu’s cabinet members are doing everything in their power to fire up a storm between Israel and its ‘closest ally’.”

  24. ????? says:

    Maybe Putzfrau Uma can remake the film in her next life and do a better job.

    [She’s from a famous Buddhist family.]

  25. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Akira. Can’t figure out what’s your point? (Dare I suggest that you could learn to write more clearly by following Shminkelstein’s literary standards? Or would that drive you round the bend AND over the edge?) . You can suggest whatever you want to . Can i suggest that Finkelstein is in the same game you accuse Kaminski of being in, namely not being fully honest as to his motivations due to reasons i’ve already explained. Why so discriminating in your criticism. ( Dare i suggest you could learn to comprehend more easily by following Kikeminski’s intellectual standards? Or would that send you ’round the twist AND off at the deep end?).

  26. ????? says:

    gtrman & Autophagious Pharisee,

    Link to PIL – Careering + Poptones [American Bandstand 1980].mp4 [97 MB]

    Does it prove that you should or you shouldn’t “give the kidz what they want”?

    Singapore Skins:

  27. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Akira. I enjoy watching Finkelstein trashing the trash too.I just wouldn’t set too much store by him due to resevations concerning his flakiness relating to issues i have already posited. Call it a draw.

  28. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Gtrman.As regards i have no reservations. He seems to have kicked that judaic shit right out the door. A great musician to boot.

  29. gtrman says:

    Cannibal – regarding above comment: Are there some words missing? As regards “——–what? who?————–”

    John Lydon? Thx

  30. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Gtrman. As regards Gilad Atzmon. What a doughball i am.

  31. Flanders says:

    Just ran across this and thought it belongs here. I don’t know too much about this myself, but I thought our cinema experts would be interested.

    The Matrix (1999)



  32. Lewis says:

    You will be banned. You bad boy.

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