Sarah Palin: Trojan Horse for the Zionists

Zionists Devour Tea Party with Palin Trojan Horse

By Brother Nathanael Kapner*

THE ZIONIST BEAST THAT NOW RULES AMERICA has usurped and consumed — like a drive-thru lunch at McDonalds — the latest populist flicker on the otherwise fascist political landscape…the ‘Tea Party Movement.’

Cleverly, deftly, the Zionists – as they always do – identified their target, sized up its strength and cohesion, and moved in for the kill on the middle-aged political (and otherwise) haunches of 2012 Presidential candidate-to-be, Sarah Palin.

Ms. Palin, who apparently (mercifully) turned down, some time back, a purported multi-million dollar nude photo shoot to continue running with the Zionist satanic gangster elite…sensing a far bigger payday down the road. (If the woman was homely and ugly, there would be no ‘Sarah Palin.’)

The shrewd, leveraged use of avowed Zionist and Israel-lover Palin to co-opt the Tea Party should come as no surprise to anyone.

For those who still practice the dying art of ‘memory,’ you’ll recall that shortly after she was installed as (designated loser) McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate, some felt that, as an outsider, Palin might actually be someone in the American political zoo who was not on bended knee to the de facto US Government in Tel Aviv.

As we all saw in short order, it didn’t take the Alaskan huntress long to show up in what might as well have been skull cap pasties declaring her undying loyalty (Read: ‘abject subservience’) to Zionist Israel and, by extension, the ultimate Jewish ‘God’s Eye’…the Rothschilds of the City of London.

Devouring The Tea Party

THE ‘KINDA CUTE’ TEA PARTY MOVEMENT began as a loose affiliation of a smattering of noisy American individuals and groups united in their opposition to Obama’s socialist/communist/open immigration agenda.

For some reason (hmm), the Zionist press gave this quaint, growing amalgam of fairly numerous, small, regional Tea Party-associated coffee klatches some media play. Make no mistake, most of the Party members were and are sincere grassroots noisemakers.

Over the weeks, these often disparate little power centers eventually morphed into the “Tea Party Nation,” and (hmm) invited Ex-Gov Palin to be the keynote speaker at their “First National Tea Party Convention”, (as they billed it), in Nashville Tennessee February 4-6, 2010.

For anyone even passively capable of remembering VP Candidate Sarah’s putrid declarations of fealty to Zion and Israel, the invitation to, and acceptance by, the one-time VP candidate should have stamped ‘Case Closed’ for the Tea Party movement then and there.

But who does real research anymore? A simple 10 minute examination of the Tea Party Nation’s actual background power brokers reveals heavy Jewish lobby interests deeply penetrated into the Tea Party organism. End of story. R.I.P.

IT’S A SIMPLE FACT OF POLITICAL LIFE in America that NO viable, honest political movement shall be permitted to take ten healthy breaths before being probed thoroughly and then taken over by the Zionist political machine…which makes Dr. Frankenstein’s lab success look like Mother Theresa.

Zionism – like a political Hydra – has tentacles firmly and terminally thrust into every major power center in America. We can now add to that sorry roster, the Tea Party ‘phenomenon.’

In fact, it would not surprise this writer, if the Tea Party blip on the radar was CREATED by Zionists for a little weekend fun to siphon off and control the palpable, if not truly formidable, discontent growing among the remaining semi-conscious sheeple grazing from sea to shining sea.

In the alternate, however, if the Tea Party movement was/is a genuine spasm of political anger – with even a remote chance of causing trouble to the status (Star of David) quo – it was immediately targeted for total control and usurpation by the Zionist masters when it began to force the Jewish media to cover it. (Hence the suggestion that the Tea Party populist ‘opposition’ may have been born of Zionism chicanery and manipulation in the first place.)

Savor this: Listed on the Tea Party Nation’s own Internet Home Site as one of its leading “Resources,” is the malignant Zionist, Jewish Neocon think tank, “The American Enterprise Institute,” which pushed the US into the illegal War Of Genocide in Iraq (two million Iraqi dead) and is currently propagandizing and demanding the (US) annihilation of Iran…to protect ‘brave little Israel’ – our only ‘democratic friend’ in the Middle East.

Next up in the chain of evidence of Zionist control of the Tea Party Nation, one finds as its leading sponsor and “featured Convention speaker,” Mr. Joseph Farah, publisher of World Net Daily, a RABID Pro-Israel Internet news and propaganda service.

AN UNABASHED lover of the racist, murderous, outlaw Zionist state of Israel and arch defender of its ongoing genocide of what remains of Palestine and its people, Mr. Farah joined ’sweet’ Sarah on the national convention podium.

Palin, of course, has made it quite clear that ‘yesterday’ wouldn’t be too soon to obliterate 80 million Iranians (to feed the blood lust of Zion). Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News was also represented on the Tea Party rostrum in a joint speech with Mr. Farah – more below. Zionist money-hunter, Rep Michelle Bachman, was also on the scheduled speaker list.

Since resigning as Alaska’s governor last July and winning near goddess-like approval from the Jewish neocons’ foremost US-based character assassin and henchman, William Kristol, who called her resignation a“shrewd move,” Palin came out swinging (the melodrama begins) against Obama in her keynote address and singing out the Tea Party’s 3 core values: -1- Fiscal Responsibility -2- Constitutionally Limited Government -3- Free Markets (a grand Zionist advantage).

In their enrapt, near-orgasmic throes of enthusiasm (the facts are that this is an overt and subliminal SEX issue), for Sarah’s old-time keynote rant, genuine Tea Party zealots failed to realize that Palin is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Zionist Power Bloc.

With Palin-enablers like Zionist Jews Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild, William Kristol, and Randy Scheunemann, the Tea Party patriots who tried to roll out a genuine populist renewal of ‘Americanism’ will, instead, be getting yet another onslaught of Zionist skullduggery and hardcore Jewish tribalism housed behind the square-rimmed designer glasses, People Mag fodder, politically ‘fresh’ malignantly Zionist ‘Christian’ soccer mom.

BIG Jewish Money And Advisers Behind Palin

IN SEEKING REVENGE FOR OBAMA’S ATTACKS on Faux News last year, Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, parent company of Fox Enterprises, has found an all-too willing accomplice (let’s genocide Iran) in patsy Palin.

If the ‘celebrity’ ex-Governor hopes to be America’s next teleprompter reader-in-chief, Sarah must now tout Rupert’s Zionist line which she will find as difficult to do as slipping on a pair of L’eggs panty hose, or pulling the trigger on a telescopically-sighted, and already dead elk or whatever other fur-covered mammal she decides to ‘drop’ for ’sport.’ (Imagine the painted lips and the curled toes if this woman was allowed to give the order to ‘drop’ Iran.)

Murdoch, a full-fledged drooling Zionist, whose mother, Elizabeth Joy Greene, was the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, (usually an oxymoron), brought his abiding interest and media spotlight to bear in full on Palin in mid-January 2010.

Fox News AND the Wall Street Journal, both owned by Murdoch’s News Corporation, featured Palin’s speech in a multiplicity of articles complete with a “splashy” WSJ Interactive Graphic Presentation on Palin. Most of America, of course, would have been happier with a photocopy of a TSA backscatter x-ray of the ex-Governor.

Just two weeks before her speech at the Tea Party ‘Convention’… Murdoch tabbed Palin as a Fox News “on-air contributor.”

If this was not enough, Rupert Murdoch bought, built, and installed, a TV studio in Palin’s home in Wasilla, Alaska, this past week so she could ‘contribute’ without the strain of transit to a local broadcast facility.

So, in sum, there is no argument, no question whatsoever, that big Zionist Murdoch money and influence now own Palin’s immediate and, perhaps, long-term future.

Sarah’s Zionist Jewish backers not only include rapacious Rupert and his News Corporation and well connected NY Jew, Arthur M. Siskind (Senior adviser to Murdoch), but none other than…drum roll…Jacob Rothschild, as well.

Follow this one: On the Board of Directors of Murdoch’s News Corporation, is one Andrew Knight, Chairman of J. Rothschild Capital Management Limited. (JRCML is a subsidiary of RIT Capital Partners whose Executive Director is “Lord” Jacob Rothschild.)

Murdoch has already appointed a start-up contingent of Zionist-Jewish advisers to guide, train, polish and manipulate Palin as she rolls down the tracks on the Zionist Express.

Advisers such as neocon Jews William Kristol, Dan Blumenthal (resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute), Randy Schuenemann (former foreign policy adviser to McCain) and Sam Schulman, (resident publicist for the American Enterprise Institute), are guaranteed to garner support for Palin from the well-heeled Jewish lobbies that rule America’s political life. View Palin’s Jewish Advisers HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE.

Palin Plays To The Jewish Lobby

“ISRAEL IS AMERICA’S CRITICAL ALLY,” declared ’sweet’ Sarah Palin from the podium to loud and dutiful applause at the Tea Party Nation’s convention last week. Yes, friends, there is only one ‘critical ally’ of the United States of America…and the Zionist state of Israel is it.

Sporting a pin on her lapel with two flags — for Israel and the United States — Palin spewed a carefully orchestrated script designed to please and make glow the Jewish lobbyists monitoring her every word. Palin gave them just what they wanted to hear: “It’s time for tough action against the dangerous regime of Iran.” (Translation: “Let’s nuke the Persian creeps and let ‘God’ sort them out.” Although I highly doubt Palin knows the difference between Persian and Arab).

Already vetted by AIPAC even before McCain ‘chose’ her as his running mate in July 2008, Palin made sure that her AIPAC pedigree is 100% secure when she told the Tea Party Convention audience, “Our President spent a year reaching out to hostile regimes and dangerous dictators. Now Israel, a proven friend, questions the strength of our support.”

Palin, knowing which side of the toast the yellow stuff goes on, then delivered a shoe-in for MILLIONS in Jewish campaign money in an interview with her media owner…er, sponsor, Fox News, only one day after her Tea Party speech:

Fox News: “Can Obama be defeated in 2012?”

Sarah Palin: “Say Obama played the war card. Say he decided to declare war on Iran. Say he decided to really come out and do whatever he could to support Israel, which I would like him to do. That would change the dynamics.”
View Entire Story HERE & HERE.

If it’s WAR that Palin wants, then she will have no trouble getting the WAR-MONGERING Jewish lobbies and their partners in the Jewish-owned media to scream for bloody, genocidal war with her.

One wonders if the bona fide, authentic, Tea Party patriot faithful actually know what has happened to their dreams and hopes. The coup is over…it’s game, set and match to the Zionists…the Tea Party is now just another kosher media circus.


*Kapner is a former Jew who turned orthodox Christian. The man tells it like it is! [INCOG]

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. TheGoyIDF says:

    Saw someone comment about the EDL, where here are some photos of them

    And some of Geert Wilders

  2. Anonymous says:

    Howdy! I’ve been doing lots of other things, in the 3D world. Annoe Oakley and I confer daily. I am sorry for fogetting to stop in, and say “Howdy”. This article is THE BEST delination of the Palinchiran Candidate, and the Zio Tyranny. As always, Kudo, Icogman.

    P.S. -Where can we go? We need to get out of Tel A-Dodgesky. Is there anywhere left to go? My TP groups are 110% co-opted. The shocking element is how little it takes….1 shekel. Not 30. Even those hip to the scene – Joo Tyranny – won’t do a single thing about it.

  3. Micheal says:

    Anon 4.02, is that you Nemesys?

  4. Nemesys says:

    Hi – that Howdy message was from me!

  5. Nemesys says:

    Incogman – I am very sorry about yout pal. I’m glad he is physically Ok. I feel like we are under absolutely direct physical danger. Have you read Darkmoon’s article, on the Occidental Observer site? Re: the death of America?

    We are gonna be hunted down like dogs. Our killers will be rewarded. What do we do?

  6. kerdasi amaq says:

    The good lord has already answered that question.

    Do unto others as… also reads: as they do unto you, so you do unto them!

  7. Geronino says:

    Does anyone have a link to information concerning the death of a “white supremacist” attorney at the hands of a black youth neighbor whom he once hired to cut his yard?

  8. Bella says:

    Akira, darling, you do have a way with words!

  9. Flanders says:

    I don’t know what is going on with the Nevada issue. I’m just posting the link in case someone else can make a connection as to who is screwing who, but I don’t think true Tea Partiers would ever be supporting Reid.

    “The Tea Party of Nevada’s most vocal opponents aren’t Democrats; they’re tea party activists. The Tea Party of Nevada has formed an official third party, and will be fielding its own candidate in the race to dislodge Harry Reid. But that’s drawn howls of protest from tea party groups that oppose officially forming a third party, with some even accusing the group of being a ruse cooked up by Democrats to split the conservative vote.”

  10. Jay says:

    Speaking of Trojan Horses look at this propaganda B.S. from this zionist troll.

    But we all know the anti-semitic trick

  11. Marshall says:


    The Talmud has its own interpretation of the Golden Rule:

    Moed Kattan 17a . If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.


  12. Marshall says:

    Not too hard to see where Palin’s bread is buttered- William Kristol is a backer

  13. kerdasi amaq says:


    Read Nemesys’s last post up the thread. Mine is a follow-on from that.

  14. Bella says:

    I must question the AGE of one such as ‘Christal’.

  15. Hoff says:

    One comment on the bogus accusation antismite or how the hell that jew bullshit is spelled:

    maryamsm I really don’t see why Jews need a country. Look at what they do with just 1/900th of the planet…imagine what they’d do to the rest.

  16. Geronimo says:

    Dr. Duke addresses the Tea Party.


  17. Flanders says:

    “Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin is an independent group of academic, religious and political leaders, dedicated to promoting consideration of Gov. Sarah Palin’s political positions in the wider American Jewish community.

    We find Ms. Palin’s policy positions on Israel, Iran, national security, fiscal responsibility, energy, and social policy – as well as her record on these issues as governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice President of the United States – to be serious, substantive and politically mainstream.”

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