The Jew Commies — Natural Born Killers


Probably the biggest hands-on killer ever in history, was a Soviet Major General named Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin. This guy was responsible for personally shooting tens of thousands (upwards of 50,000) people to death. For any reasonable and logical American reading this right now, one might think this story (and more below) would provide plenty of fascinating material for more than a few History Channel documentaries. Curious, you never hear a thing about this period of history, huh?

Jew? Or just a monster put to work by the Jews?

Just during the Katyn Forest genocides of Polish officers and intellectuals alone, Blokhin personally shot 7,000 in 28 days using a small caliber German Walther pistol, both for reliability and deniability — in case any graves were unearthed, they could accuse the Nazis (which they did, backed-up by lies from the Western powers).

Blokhin (right) and his murderous NKVD minions had it all down to a science. Blokhin would dress appropriately for his grisly task: a leather butcher’s apron, cap and shoulder-length gloves to keep his evil black Commie uniform free from blood and gore splatter.

First, the victim was brought to a red painted room (appropriately called the “Leninist” room), where his identity was checked before he was hustled into a nearby specially constructed Satanic little room; sound-proofed and with a concrete floor sloped to funnel blood down into a drainage pipe. Read on.

Just as the victim entered the killing room, Blokhin would come from behind, push the victim up against a log wall and fire a bullet into the back of the victim’s skull. Every three minutes during a 10 hour shift he shot a man dead and then went off to get drunk on vodka with his killer NKVD cohorts.

Exhumed Polish victim of the NKVD with bound hands.

The bodies were thrown into a truck twice a night, driven out to bulldozed mass graves and covered up by morning. Certainly not all of the victims died right off, a few probably ended-up bleeding and smothering to death. Also, the NKVD shot many right at the edge of the pits, in broad daylight. In 1959, KGB Director Alexander Shelepin released a report stating 21,857 Poles were shot on Stalin’s orders.

Remember all this when some Jew goes on about Nazi war crimes.

Blokhin received promotions and all the medals of state, but was stripped during Kruschev’s de-Stalinization campaigns of the ’50’s Later, he may have gone insane and drank himself to oblivion in Moscow. Few people in the West have even heard of the guy, but that’s not too surprising when just about everything bad to do with Jews is carefully censored out by millions of Jews all across the media and even now on the Internet (see below).

Was Blokhin Jewish? Knowing the makeup of the NKVD, it’s very possible. Or this guy could have been just some psycho, dredged-up at a prison or asylum and happy to do the dirty work — a sort of murderous “Golem” (monster created by rabbis to kill Jew enemies). No one even seems to know where the guy was born. His whole background is strangely blank and appears to have been purposefully erased long ago by Jewry, certainly due to his “work history.”

Contrary to what you might think, Jewish names are not always so apparent and makes research problematic. For instance, Miller is the third most common name for Jews in the United States, as well as a name used by many Gentiles. Don’t forget, Jews often change names for political and criminal scam reasons (most people have no idea how extensive this is). Also, Imperial Russian officials before the revolution changed Jew names to Russian-sounding ones, much like what American immigration authorities once did to foreign immigrants on Ellis island in the 19th century.

Southern Russian Jew, Rudolph Blokhin, resembled the NKVD killer.

But they are Jews from the Vitebsk region of Byelorussia and in the Ukraine who are indeed listed with the same surname as Blokhin, such as this Jewish guy (right) Rudolph Blokhin of Odessa, from around the same time, who bares more than a passing resemblence to the Killer Commie above and may be related.

Two of V. M. Blokhin’s bosses, Genrikh Yagoda and Nikolai Yezhov were definitely Jewish. The third, Lavrenty Beria, was from the mysterious Georgian race called the Mingrelians who, like Stalin, was supposedly raised in a Christian Orthodox family. One thing you might notice when reading bios of such people (like on Wikipedia), great stress is often made on a so-called Christian upbringing, even to the point of lying about it.*

One of the biggest controversies of all time is Stalin being Jewish. Some have said his real Georgian name, Djugashvili, means “son of a Jew.” Sure, he may have some Jewish blood (he looks it) and possibly two of his wives were Jewish (disputed), one the sister of Lazar Kaganovich, another truly genocidal Jew. We also know that the country of Georgia is currently a NWO/Israeli puppet state, so there may be a big crypto-Jew thing going on there. Another strong possibility is that Stalin, as a “Gentile,” could have out-jewed the Jews, stealing the hard efforts of International Jewry right from under them (which explains a lot of other very big things).

At one point, Stalin did work for the Rothschilds as a secret agent and strike breaker, probably even an arsonist too. Believe me, insanely rich Jewish forces knew all about this guy and probably used him in various plots against competitors and Christian Russia.

A) When Joseph Stalin was a young revolutionary, he went by the name of “Koba,” a Jewish insurrectionist against the Romans. B) The Jew, Yakov (Yankel) Yurovsky headed the execution team of the Czar’s family.* C) Mass murderering Jew, Genrikh Yagoda, looking Hitleresque in Red Square. D) Lazar Kaganovich, NKVD boss and brains behind the starvation genocide of the Holomodor. These men caused far more misery in the world than Hitler ever did, yet you never hear one word in the US media. Why is that?

Stalin’s secret police executed at least 800,000 people with the bullet in the back of the head routine. This does not include the millions starved to death, hung, or shot in mass.

Isai D. Berg, a Jewish section chief in the NKVD, invented the mobile gassing van in 1936 (disguised as a bread wagon), but you only ever hear about a supposed Nazi version. All these things occurred during decades of Jew-wrought civil war, purges and political suppressions.

Case in point: The Holodomor of Ukrainian Kulaks and other Russians in 1932/33 alone killed off 7 to 10 million, using enforced and protracted starvation — a cheap and still lethal method long favored by murderous Jewry, not just in Russia but also in the Armenian genocides instigated by the crypto-Jewish Donmeh “Young Turks”  as well.

In 1957, Soviet authorities admitted 20 to 40 million overall had died since the October “revolution” of 1917 (more like a Jewish coup d’etat). Alexander Solzhenitzyn said his demographic source in the Kremlin pegged the number at 66 million dead from Communism.

Also, according to Solzhenitzyn, at least 60% of the Commie secret police were Jews. Others, including Jews, say it was much higher. Stalin later became extremely paranoid of Jews, probably because he rightly thought they were trying to kill him (the “Doctor Plot” was real). Also, Stalin wanted to kill any “Menshivik” Jews allied with Trotsky (real name: Lev Bronstein), his long time political enemy. Jews today use these Trotskyite victims as proof that the Soviet Union was anti-Semitic, but the fact of the matter is that the real power structure was predominately Jewish. Most of those in the Bolshevik “revolution” and at least until Stalin’s death were Jewish. Any Jew victimization was merely the result of internal Jew gangster squabbles.

“Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka,” wrote Jewish historian Leonard Schapiro, “stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with, and possibly shot by, a Jewish investigator.”20 In Ukraine, “Jews made up nearly 80 percent of the rank-and-file Cheka agents,” reports W. Bruce Lincoln, an American professor of Russian history.21 (Beginning as the Cheka, or Vecheka) the Soviet secret police was later known as the GPU, OGPU, NKVD, MVD and KGB.)

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s early Soviet Regime

A) Trotsky killer Ramón Mercader released from Mexican prison and given a big Commie welcome by Fidel Castro in Cuba (Castro was a Sephardic Jew). B) Trotsky’s real name was Lev Bronstein and was financed by rich capitalist Jew bankers out to take over Christian Russia. C) Trotsky on his death bed, while Mercader lies in pain after being beat close to death by Trotsky’s bodyguards. Trotsky stopped them by shouting “this man has a story to tell!” D) The ice axe weapon used to bean Trotsky. E) Doctors checking out Trotsky’s bashed-in brain.

As a side note, Stalin later had Trotsky killed in Mexico city in 1940 when he dispatched the assassin Ramón Mercader (Marrano Jew). He seduced the unattractive Jewish American Princess and Trotskyist, Sylvia Ageloff (daughter of a NY real estate tycoon), so he could get close enough to Trotsky to drive an ice axe into his skull from behind.

Stalin is thought to have used his Jewish secret police for his “wet work” because he could not trust his army to have the same racial hatreds and contempt of the Goyim as his nasty little Jewish secret police. Some try to say the Jews were also victims and that’s true to a point, but hardly in the same numbers as Gentiles. For example: Out of 22,000 Katyn Forest Poles killed by Stalin, perhaps a measly 300 were Jews, including the head rabbi of the Polish army.

Lenin also liked to use Jews to do his dirty work. Lenin (proven to be at least partially Jewish) and the president of the first Soviet, Jacob Sverdlov (full Jew), dispatched a crew of criminal Jew killers headed by another Jew named Yakov (Yankel) Yurovsky* to liquidate the entire family of Czar Nicholas II and Alexandra.

As the doomed family sat in chairs in the cold basement of the Ipatiev house (a rich Jewish merchant), they were told to wait for a last minute photograph before being taken to another prison. Yurovsky came in, read a statement in front of the family and immediately pulled out a large caliber revolver and shot Czar Nicholas right in the face while his own family watched in stunned disbelief. The rest of the Jew killers came in and blew away the others at point blank range with machine pistols. Mother and father, four beautiful teenage girls, a little boy. Also killed were the family’s maid, cook, waiter and doctor. Some concern for workers, huh? All of them died from multiple gunshots or were finished off by clubbing and stabbing by bayonet. Read more here

One thing to bear in mind is that today’s Jewry does everything to becloud any Jew guilt of such crimes, partly to uphold the sacred holocaust mythos (only they can be victims) and partly to hide these things from becoming common knowledge among the oblivious American Goyim.

The Jews know all of this and some will even admit to it. But not in America — they know it’s far better to keep Israel’s big old dummy, a dummy.

That’s right. For example, we have this article published on a Israeli website, written by the Jew Steven Plocker called “Stalin’s Jews”. Although he tries to obfuscate some things (like Yezhov not being a Jew and the real percentages of Jews in the secret police), he generally gives an account that you will never see on the History Channel:

“…An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the “bloodthirsty dwarf…

…Stalin’s close associates and loyalists included member of the Central Committee and Politburo Lazar Kaganovich. Montefiore characterizes him as the “first Stalinist” and adds that those starving to death in Ukraine, an unparalleled tragedy in the history of human kind…

…Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity. We’ll mention just one more: Leonid Reichman, head of the NKVD’s special department and the organization’s chief interrogator, who was a particularly cruel sadist…

…Turns out that Jews too, when they become captivated by messianic ideology, can become great murderers, among the greatest known by modern history…”

Remember that the Soviets admitted in 1957 that 20 to 40 million were killed since 1917. No one can really know exactly how many. Back then people died like flies, or shot down like dogs by bloodthirsty and criminal Commies.

Plocker said Jews constituted 38.5% of the secret police (that number seems a little too pat). Solzhenitzyn pegged it at 60% (he was there and knew many in the real power structure). He also described all the commandants in the brutal Gulag system as Jewish. His last book on the subject still remains unpublished in America. Funny, huh?

But let’s be conservative and say only half of the Commie killers were Jews. That’s being more than fair. And if we took the low end figure of 20 million killed, that would put at least 10 million bloody corpses on Jewry’s doorstep. That’s a whole lot more than the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis (if you included the falsehoods of industrial gassings). The real number of dead Jews by the Nazis is probably somewhere between a half million and 1.5 million.

The evil Jew dwarf, Rakosi.

Also, keep in mind that Red politics are Jew-instigated to begin with; Marxism was the creation of Jew intellectuals and subversives (plus a few screwed-up Gentiles), who teamed-up with rich banker Jews in the West willing to pay the freight to overthrow the Goyim Monarchy of Russia. The New York banker, Jacob Schiff of Kuhn and Loeb, actually financed the whole thing with 200 million in gold and chartered a ship to take Trotsky and about 300 “American” Commie Jews to Finland, and then on into Russia by train. Funny that one never hears a word about this side of history, eh?

This whole Jewish Commie business later went on to kill tens of thousands in Eastern Europe too; like the murderous Hungarian communist Bela Kun (Cohen) and the evil Jew dwarf, Matyas Rakosi of the 1950’s (right). Even a lot of innocent people and Christians in places like Spain, Cuba and South America fell victim to the poisons of Jewish Marxist thought.

And let’s not forget the tens of millions more in China (maybe 70 million) and Indochina (Vietnam and Cambodia), and Indonesia were infected with this Jew Commie propaganda. One could even go so far as to say the 50,000 Americans who died in Vietnam were indirect victims of Jew Marxist thought, and the International Jew bankers in the West profited greatly financing the Military/Industrial complex. Same killing/money scam is going on right at this very minute. Think about it!

Will America soon get it’s very own taste of this horrible Jew Commie behavior? The way things are going, it’s not so impossible to imagine as some might say. Hell, we very well may deserve it.

Now, if you take into account the fearful amount of dead Germans during and after WWII (whether you think they deserved it or not), all of that was the result of Big Jewry’s efforts to bring down a country not under their Globalist Central banking financial thumb. This was because Germany was rapidly becoming quite successful without having Jew parasites scam the economy, like they are now doing to America.

Jew commissars in the Red Army and propagandists like Ilya Ehrenburg, exhorted the troops to rape and waste any German civilian found. At least 600,000 German civilians died from targeted allied saturation bombing. Even “Ike” Eisenhower himself purposefully allowed around a million German POWs to die from starvation and exposure after the war. Another 5 million or so German civilians died from starvation. The Secretary of Treasury under Roosevelt, the Jew Henry Morganthau, Jr., actually had a written plan to execute Germans without a trial and raze Germany’s industry to the ground.

If you add to this all the dead Gentiles in the Soviet Union during the last century, any clear-headed person just might make the observation that Jews have been the biggest genocidal race on this planet — ever! Yep, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what a destructive race Jewry has been to humanity.

Makes a person wonder why we always have so many movies and documentaries on the goose-stepping Nazis, now doesn’t it?

You could take the tack that might say Jews have been just as bloodthirsty as everyone else and call the whole thing with the Nazis a wash. In other words, up until 2000 it was pretty much tit for tat, so now we don’t need to hear any more crap about the “holocaust.” Wouldn’t that be a blessed relief?

If you are new to the “Jew Question,” ask yourself this: Why is it we never see very much of this side of history in the mainstream media? Coincidence? No, they’ve do not want us Americans to put two and two together and draw inconvenient conclusions about a history that has lead America into wars upon wars for this bunch.

What’s the reason for Jewry’s fixation on killing? Arrogance and pure hatred of non-Jews, taking up space on a planet that the Talmud says God promised them. Add to that a “Death Cult” of gargantuan porportions — just look at how obsessed they are about the “holocaust.”

This Jew Death Cult is so big that most people simply can’t get their heads around the whole thing, even if they know parts of the picture — like what the Jews have long been doing to the Palestinians and getting us Americans to do to everyone else.

The real question facing Americans today is when and how are we going to get these murderous, manipulative people off our backs.

— Phillip Marlowe


Quick video synopsis

*The Jews at Wikipedia have been busy changing everything they can get away when it comes to Jews. They are now even going so far as deleting the smallest references or questions mentioning Jews in the editing history. People are talking everywhere on how obvious this has now become.

They found some website (probably a Jew site) that declares Yurovsky (executioner of the Romanov family) was brought up in a Russian Orthodox (meaning Christian) family. They used the single site as reference, even though history has long documented Yurovsky being Jew. Even his real first name (Yakov) is a common Jewish Russian first name and Yankel is definitely the Yiddish diminuitive for Yakov (they missed that).


Screen capture by INCOG MAN (@9:38 PM EST 4/23/10).

In addition to which, the Russian historian Boris Sokolov personally took depositions from his mother Esther Moisseiva Yurovskaya, and his brothers Eli Meyer, and Leyba Yurovsky (very Jewish names) and they told him the family was Jewish. Yankel is supposed to have converted to Lutheranism sometime around 1900 (certainly as a ruse to mask his revolutionary activities from Czarist police, long clued-in to Jewry’s subversive nature). And the “historian” Helen Rappaport quoted by Wiki? She’s a Jew too!

This whole thing illustrates well how manipulated Kikepedia is by embedded Jewry and how Jewry works across the board to hide their past and current evils from the non-Jew. Tell a friend!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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221 Responses to The Jew Commies — Natural Born Killers

  1. rudolf says:

    thanks, I know about: ” the waters flowing eastward” but have not read it , but should
    thanks also for the link to the Armenians, that looks like the Jewish leaders, even Perez (labor) dictate the world, what is recognizable (as genozide here)
    but as in Solshenizyn’s book, some Jewish historians try to be honest even if not always in a complete view.. and then it is ignored, suppressed .

    <.."Prof. Auron started his presentation by quoting from an article written in 1918 by Shmuel Talkowsky…"
    <.."on April 10, 2001, the then Foreign Minister (now President) of Israel Shimon Peres was quoted as stating: “We regret attempts to create a similarity between the Holocaust and the Armenian allegations. Nothing similar to the Holocaust occurred. It is a tragedy, but not a genocide.” Reminding his audience that Israel’s Ambassador to Armenia Rivka Cohen made similar denialist remarks in February 2002, Prof. Auron considered these statements “as Israel’s escalation from passive to active denial, from moderate denial to hard-line denial.” He said that an Armenian friend “rightly” told him: “I do not know of any enlightened politician in a democratic state that has ever made remarks such as these; you, the Jews, of all people!”….
    considering that the same Zionist demand to put people in jail, who investigate a certain genozide. And even this fact of jailing scientists in a "modern, liberal" society is met (/avoided) with ignorance by mainstream intellectuals. Similarities to Soviet Bolshevism, where they closed down the institutes of history, jailed or executed historians: "the soviet man should not have a history, or a false one (marxist historical materialism)"

  2. rudolf says:

    Incogman, your article about Bolshevism is really necessary, because it is not generally known. not present in the media, what has happened there, only to compare the little bits about the Bolshevics and nothing about Jews involved,- with Hollywood’s obsession with Nazis (if true or fantasies) because, if it was known, what Jews or at least their youth who turned to communism, did in Russia, then The Israel lobby would have as much influence as Nazis have in Congress (that is probably why some conspiritists claim that it would be so…haha) .. my grandparents had read for example all the earlier books by Solshenitsyn maybe in the sixties.. they didn’t watch any Tv then.

    just had a look there – Bjerknes has written this book, yes thanks Akira, and there are many about communism – as are at Iamthewitness. thanks Hoff. I knew it, but have not found the time to read enough.

  3. GDL says:

    Yeah, it would do the American people well to know that these same type of Jew-psychos are controlling their nation and their demonic minions are dancing inside of everyone’s minds, setting them up for the execution.



    Then we’ll decide what to do with the Jew.

  4. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    It will be so easy to defang the Jews. Simply point out that the “Young Turks” were Jews, and that it is the Jews who seek to cover up the genocide they caused and who continue to use it for profit to pit Muslim against Christian, Christian against Muslim, and to watch as the Turks and Armenians struggle to stretch their tongues to the absolute limits to plunge them to the bottom of the deepest, darkest sewers of Jewry.

  5. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    A Jew identifies other Jews as swindlers looting America, but immediately goes into melodrama mode about the implications

    Animosities brewing as they are among the white trash elements of the country, I just hope this sucker doesn’t resolve into an ugly bout of attempted ethnic cleansing. Certainly Obama’s racial make-up has inspired a revival of the Ku Klux spirit around the NASCAR ovals. I’m sincerely worried that the misdeeds of people name Blankfein, Rubin, and Madoff could provoke a red-white-and-blue pogrom.

  6. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Democracy is a Failure

    Well, if we shouldn’t go back to this failed system of Democracy, then what should we do? Well, first thing to do would be to look through the systems and find which ones are “Jew-proof”. The easiest thing to do is to look at which systems the Jews are always criticizing people for supporting. Some examples are Monarchy and Fascism. Of course these Democratic Jews don’t want you to support any of those systems because they are pretty much Jew-proof! No one votes the leader in and it isn’t fair. The leader does what is right for the people and for the nation. The leader should take care of his people, and this is what we need now.

  7. Marshall says:

    I don’t think anybody will catch Marsh touring the Holy Land, because after about 5 minutes of these freaks I would be opening up on them with a flamethrower LMAO!!!

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Can’t separate the specific article, so with your indulgence i’ll post all of it.

    Now here is Margaret Huffstickler’s translation (from Spanish into English) of a harrowing chapter of Spanish historian Joaquin Bochaca’s book, Los Crimenes de los ‘Buenos’, which in English means – “The Crimes of the ‘Good Guys’”.


    by Joaquin Bochaca

    The Germans who lived outside of Germany, the Auslandsdeutsche, suffered various forms of persecution, from the mass killings in Czechoslovakia to dispossession pure and simple in Bolivia. Even though we dealt in another chapter with the deportations suffered by sixteen million Germans, we will now deal with the thefts, atrocities and outright exterminations that took place from the final days of the war until several months later.

    We will start with the case of the Germans from Czechoslovakia and the territory of the Sudetenland. May 1945. The war is over, and Czechoslovakia has already been “liberated.” The country of the Sudetenland, where, for centuries, Germans have made up the vast majority, is under martial law. In 1945, three and a half million Germans reside there. The civil administration is taken over by Czech national committees. President Benes has proclaimed in a decree:

    “The Germans and Hungarians can’t be trusted. You must seize the country’s administration from them, and their personal property.” The farms and agricultural machinery of the Germans were confiscated.

    These measures were supplemented by others of a political nature: “distinctive insignia for the Germans, limitation of the hours in which they could leave their homes, a ban on attending church, walking on sidewalks and receiving medical care in hospitals. Benes himself had declared in a speech:

    “All you need to leave the Germans is a handkerchief to soak up their tears.”

    Radio Prague began broadcasting the slogan:

    “Death to all Germans!”.

    In each city a concentration camp was created, but in large cities many were created. Corporal punishment was officially introduced. Disrespect to a policeman or a Czech partisan cost, if it was “minor offense,” ten lashes. If it was considered serious, the firing squad.

    Here’s what Manfred Lutgenhort, an eyewitness of the events he described, said:

    This is the case of Helena Burger: ‘Look, I’m bringing you these German sows,’ said Professor Zelenka, delivering to the mob twenty women, some of whom were sixty and seventy years old. They were savagely beaten. Then Helena Burger heard an order: ‘On your knees, German whores.’ The women knelt and their hair was cut off with bayonets. Helena Burger fainted, but was revived with a bucket of cold water.

    Then, with a kick, they broke two ribs. Finally they cut a piece of flesh from her foot two inches deep. When she returned home at night, her children did not recognize her. Several of her companions in misfortune had died as a consequence of the beatings. Two had committed suicide. Another had gone mad. Three weeks later, Helena Burger was transferred to Hagibor concentration camp, which contained 1200 prisoners distributed among four hangars. During the night, a female member of the Czech Red Cross noted the young and beautiful women, and at night led to the Russian soldiers to their hangars. Some women were raped up to forty-five times in the course of one night [Footnote: Documents on the Expulsion of the Germans from Eastern-Central Europe ].

    Now the testimony of Engineer Franz Resch:

    In Bokowitz I saw thousands of Germans, men and women, civilians and soldiers, and even ten year old children, brutally killed. The mobs beat up those defenseless beings. Their dislocated bodies were covered with hydrochloric acid, to increase the suffering. Some were still alive when they cut off their fingers to steal their rings. I also saw, in the field at Kladnow, how they poured boiling tar on bare backs of some prisoners, after which they were beaten with sticks. I lost my right kidney as a result of beatings I received. On May 10, the day after the official end of the war — even though Czechoslovakia had already been liberated for over a month — a freight train arrived at the field in Kladnow, full of wounded German soldiers. They were gathered in an open field and hand grenades were thrown at them. Most of them died [Footnote: White Book of the Sudeten Germans. Document # 5].

    The same scenes of horror were reproduced everywhere. In Iglau, the German mayor, was tried and, without being allowed to speak, was condemned to be scalped in open court. His screams were so terrible that the poor man broke his vocal cords.

    350 Iglau residents were forced to march completely naked, by night, at a fast pace; any who stopped or fell were finished off with rifle butts. After a 20 mile death march, there were no survivors. In view of what was happening, 1,200 Germans of Iglau preferred to take their own lives [Ibid. Id. Op. Cit. Document # 11 ]. In Freudenthal concentration camp the detainees were beaten until the guards were too tired to continue. Some prisoners were buried alive [Footnote: Documents on the Expulsion of the Germans from Eastern-Central Europe. ]. In the field of Morasko Ostrava, a peasant woman, eight months pregnant, was kicked in the stomach until she miscarried. As she lay dying her breasts were cut off [Footnote: White Book of the Sudeten Germans. Document # 14].

    All the inhabitants of the city of Saaz (about 3,000 Germans) were machine gunned by a unit of the Czech Army on May 15, six days after the end of the war [Footnote: Ibid. Id. Op. Cit. Document # 1].

    But the culmination took place in Prague, where more than half a million Germans lived. On May 13, 1945 Edouard Benes, the Grand Master of the Franc-Czech Freemasonry entered Prague, returning from London [Footnote: where he had comfortably sat out the war — MH]. Benes was the bel esprit, the spoiled child of well-meaning European liberal progressivism. With Benes came Massaryk, the other Buddha of orthodox liberalism.

    The reception prepared for them by their followers, at whose head was a Communist Jew named Slansky, was spectacular. Many Germans were hung by their feet from the big bill boards of Wenceslas Square, and doused with gasoline. Then, when the

    two great “humanitarians” arrived, the victims were burned to form living torches [Footnote: White Book of the Sudeten Germans. Document # 15.].

    In a book of over a thousand pages, the White Book of the Sudeten Germans,

    horrors are described that were unprecedented in the history of mankind. Czech and Jewish women, armed with batons, beating the bellies of pregnant German women until they miscarried. In one single concentration camp 10 women died every day as a consequence of these tortures [Footnote: Ibid. Id. Op. Cit. Document # 16.]. In another camp, detainees were forced to lick the smashed brains of their companions who had been beaten to death. Other detainees were forced to eat the infectious excrement of their fellow-prisoners who had died of dysentery [Footnote: ibid. Id. Op. Cit. Document # 17.].

    Czech and Jewish doctors refused medical help to German women who had been raped by Russian soldiers. Hundreds of thousands were killed or committed suicide. Such was the case, for example, in the city of Brno [Brunn], where in one day 275 women committed suicide [Footnote: ibid. Id. Op. Cit. Document # 17.]. In the Municipal Stadium in Prague, May 18, nine days after the war ended, five thousand prisoners, members of the SS, were machine gunned [Footnote: Louis Maischalsko: World Conquerors p. 120.].

    The total number of deaths in the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia came to at least 250,000, plus those who perished in the subsequent deportations and those who endured a slow agonizing death in the forced labor camps [Footnote: White Book of the Sudeten Germans. Document # 22.]. It is difficult to assess the number of deaths in the forced deportation and further deaths in forced labor camps. No witness can be trusted in this regard, since the figures that have advanced are third or fourth hand, and perhaps exaggerated. In any event, to the 250,000 massacred, according to the White Book of the Sudeten Germans, in the months following the end of the war, we must add, at a minimum, another 175,000 who died of mistreatment or starvation in the work camps, according to official West-German sources [Footnote: Comittee on the Sudeten Refugees. Part II, p. 86].

    The extermination of the Germans in Yugoslavia was carried out, at first, through a number of massacres without order or method, and later thanks to the legal support of an unjust law enacted by the so-called “Anti-Fascist Committee for the Liberation of Yugoslavia” on November 21, 1944. This “committee” was set up by Marshal Tito himself, acting as the secretary of Moses Pijade and Jakob Rankowitz. These laws, inter alia, prescribed that:

    a) All persons of German origin who lived in Yugoslavia automatically lost Yugoslav nationality, even if they or their parents had been born on Yugoslav territory. They also lost all their civil and political rights.

    b) All property, movable or immovable [i.e. real estate], of such persons was automatically confiscated by the state, which assumed full ownership.

    c) Persons of German ethnic origin could not claim any civil or political rights; they had no right to go to court or to use existing laws to protect their lives, their persons or property [Footnote: Maurice Bardèche;” Crimes de guerre des Alliés. p. 26-27 ].

    In short, the Germans were considered res nullius. Since they were not able to claim the protection of any law, anyone could do with them, literally, what he pleased, from robbing them to to slaughtering them. They had, in fact, fewer rights than a stray dog. This infamous legislation, unprecedented in the history of mankind, was known to the Western Allies, those authors of fine phrases about freedom and democracy. Winston

    Churchill had sent his son Randolph as a personal ambassador, traveling with “Marshal” Tito. There’s more: the amazing law that equated to the Germans in Yugoslavia to less than beasts and put them on the level of res nullius, ie “abandoned property” was read by the stations of the BBC in London. The author, then a boy, remembers hearing it with genuine amazement, and that it deeply disturbed him to hear the reading of those decrees just after a vibrant speech by a British bigshot who claimed that the war was being fought so that the doctrine “all men are equal” would become reality.

    As a result of these laws and their subsequent implementation, 250,000 Germans were no longer regarded as human. Nearly all were farmers, particularly numerous in the region of Marienbad (Maribor).

    Their land, farm implements, furniture, even their clothes were immediately seized. Anything that remained to them, then, they held precariously. Every German represented a work-value, which could be sold, transferred or exchanged for something.

    They could be rented out, or even destroyed by the state. In many cases, the Germans were rented to individuals, but sometimes they were also rented or transferred to other states, especially Russia. Moreover, the Germans had no right to live with their families; they had no rights over their children who, in thousands of cases, were taken away without explanation; they had no right to do or not do anything, or to stay in a particular place or leave without permission from their “owners.” Literally, they had become objects of the state and government.

    Such a situation had never existed in Europe; never had there existed in Europe men without the right to own anything, since even what they themselves created was not their property, they could not acquire, bequeath or give anything, they could not receive anything; were not entitled to receive food or clothing, and if they received the bare minimum to ensure their survival as slaves, it was as a favor and could be removed at the whim of the state.

    The most serious innovation established by this law was the ban on requesting protection from the courts or state institutions. This meant that Germans had no right to present a complaint, much less to sue anyone; it also meant that they had no right to carry any identification papers, including their certificate of baptism. They could be inspected at any time by any Yugoslav citizen, and if a paper was found they could be punished. In fact, they could incur any punishment for no reason whatever, because the fact that the Germans were prohibited from presenting complaints or suing meant that they could be subjected to any maltreatment without any Yugoslavian being called to account for it. All Yugoslavians had jurisdiction over them, and could become, at the same time, judge and executioner. This situation was exacerbated by the official propaganda, which made Yugoslavs believe that by inflicting ill-treatment on the Germans, they were carrying out an act of patriotism.

    The laws of November 21 were confirmed by another law of April 29, 1945, which, moreover, stipulated that such laws applied not only to Germans, or descendants of Germans, living in Yugoslavia, but also to Germans who were in Yugoslavia for any reason — that is, essentially, to German soldiers, who were also assimilated to the status of res nullius. These laws, it goes without saying, had as their object the mass extermination of the Germans in Yugoslavia, which was obtained by three methods: mass liquidation, mass deportation and extermination by famine and forced labor in concentration camps.

    The wholesale liquidations took place, almost entirely, during the anarchic period that preceded the laws of November 21, 1944, and their perpetrators were the partisans, who succeeded in exterminating entire villages. Following the laws of 21 November, the mass liquidations ceased and were replaced by individual liquidations permitted by law, that “Expressed a tendency to sadism to which the new legislation allowed free rein” [Footnote: Maurice Bardèche; Crimes de guerre des Alliés. p. 29 ].

    By 1948 the individual liquidations had ended; one of the last victims was the well-known Father Adalbert Schmidt, a Benedictine, who had spent the last 12 years of his life opposing National Socialism on grounds that he described as theological. Father Adalbert, who blindly believed in the equality of men, died from being beaten by his Yugoslavian “equals,” who had flogged him for several hours.

    But the fact is that by 1948 there were very few Germans alive in Yugoslavia: only 42,000 were eventually sent to Russia as “labor”, i.e. as slaves. They were sent on foot, and in winter, which means that many must have died on the way. In any case, nothing has been heard from them. In total, out of the German colony that was living in Yugoslavia when the war started, consisting of some 250,000, only some 10,000 managed to survive, fleeing to Austria and surrendering to American and British troops.

    * * *

    In the last days of the war, by May 1945, some 80,000 German soldiers had surrendered to the British in Austria, and were interned in a concentration camp in Karnten. At almost the same time the remains of the Croatian Army (some 290,000 officers and soldiers who had surrendered to the English and Americans) arrived at the camp. On May 17, these 370,000 soldiers were handed over to Tito.

    Please note that these soldiers, prisoners of war and members of regular armies, were covered by the Conventions of Geneva and the Hague and, therefore were entitled to correct treatment. Nevertheless, during the first three months following the end of the war they were liquidated without charges and without any trial, whether through systematic massacres around Bleiburg [Footnote: Eduardo Augusto García: THE BLEIBURG TRAGEDY. (sub-titled: DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE MASS-KILLING OF CROATS IN COMMUNIST YUGOSLAVIA DURING 1945. SUPPLEMENTS: THE TRAGEDY OF THE SLOVENES MASSACRE AND EXPULSION OF THE GERMAN MINORITY IN JUGOSLAVIA) Available online at ] or during the “death march” from Maribor to Ursac. Indeed, it can be observed that in the course of World War II the Communists were carrying out a particular technique of extermination, which consisted of forcing to march, by road or cross country, large masses of people whom they wanted to exterminate. This is verified as having been implemented not only by the Russian Communists but also, and especially, by the Yugoslav Communists and, specifically, Serbs.

    The horrific slaughter of Croatian and German prisoners in Bleiburg is commonly known as “The Tragedy of Bleiburg.” The bodies of these 370,000 soldiers who had been handed over to Tito by the Anglo-Americans have been found in the following mass graves:

    In Maribor (Marienbad), 40,000 dead;

    in Kcevje, about 30,000 corpses;

    in Bleiburg 40,000 female bodies atrociously mutilated;

    in Kranj, 2,500 bodies;

    Saint-Vid (Teskocelo) 25,000 corpses;

    in Potudik, 2,000 bodies;

    in Luknja Huda, some 16,000 corpses;

    in Bezigrad, 2,000 corpses

    in Hrastkik, 7,000 dead;

    in Lasko, 3,000 dead;

    in Kostenjevica, 7,000 dead;

    in Crna, 3,000 dead;

    in Kamnik, 1,000 bodies;

    Zagreb, eleven great pits containing approximately 80,000 bodies;

    in Cracano, 2,000 bodies;

    in Sosic, 3,000 dead;

    in Vrgin Most, 7,000 corpses

    in Dubocac, 2,000 dead;

    in Patravski-Kloster, 2,000 bodies;

    in Virovitica, 2,000 bodies;

    in Butmir-Kasindon, 2,000 bodies;

    in Kravarski, 5,000 dead;

    in Bjelovar, 8,000 dead;

    in Nasice, 4,000 dead;

    in Backi Jara, 5,000 bodies;

    in Vrach, 2,500 corpses. [Footnote: Maurice Bardèche: Ibid. Op. Cit. pág. 35.- The testimony of Bardeche is based on the criminal complaint of Klagenfurt’s lawyer, Peter Schottler, which was corroborated by the “Investigative Comittee on the Bleiburg Tragedy,” of Cleveland, Ohio (Author’s note)].

    Here we have a super-Katyn which, for its cruelty and its apalling size, is absolutely unique. These mass graves are continuous from the Austro-Yugoslav border to the Yugoslav-Romanian border. It is noteworthy that the Yugoslav Government has never denied the truth of the facts. When the “Committee to Investigate the Bleiburg Tragedy,” chaired by the American academics John Prcela and Joseph Hesimovic, reported the case to the United Nations, the Yugoslav delegate said cynically that the dead had to be buried, and that’s why were so many graves with corpses in Yugoslav territory [Footnote: National Zeitung, Munich, 10-IV-1965].

    It only remains for us to add, before closing this exposé of the crimes of the “good guys” in Yugoslavia, that the main perpetrators accused by the Committee to Investigate the Bleiburg Tragedy were Koca Popovic and Dusan Kvedr — apart from, of course, Marshal Tito. Well, Popovic became Minister of Foreign Affairs in Yugoslavia and Kvedr became Yugoslavia’s ambassador in Bonn. There’s no doubt: when the “good guys” are in charge, crime pays good dividends. One more example: the partisan “general” Ve?eslav Holjevac, a specialist in the extermination of Italian soldiers and civilians in the area of Trieste, was appointed mayor of Zagreb.

    The Banat region extends across the Transylvanian Alps, the Danube, and the Tisza and Mures rivers. At the time of Turkish rule, the Banat, from having been a fertile and prosperous region, had become a desolate place; for that reason it was necessary to appeal to German settlers, who contributed to its recovery. At the end of World War I the Banat, in spite of constituting a geographic and economic unit, was divided among Yugoslavia, Hungary and Romania [Footnote: Gran Enciclopedia Catalana, T. III, p. 123 ].

    We do not wish to go on and on describing demented acts of cruelty, even though there is documentation on thousands of cases, each more vomit-inducing than the last. We will mention only that the “fashion” in the Hungarian Banat was to tie German farmers spread eagled on tables, by the feet and hands, and open their carcasses with knives, as is done with pigs in France and Spain, leaving them bleeding to death. In Cernje, in the Hungarian Banat, all the Germans of the city, some 5,000, were beaten, to start with. Neither elderly nor children were spared.

    Then, armed gypsies went from house to house and made known to the German women who had not yet been beaten to death, that they were going to rape and then behead them. The rape and death of the German women of Cernje began on October 24, 1944. Many escaped that fate by committing suicide. Entire families committed suicide together. The sexton Johann Joldscheck was killed by bleeding him to death, as already described; before that he was made to watch the rape of his wife and two daughters by several Roma, and the beheading of his son [Footnote: Maurice Bardèche: Crimes de guerre des Alliés, pág. 44.].

    Let us not continue: the entire population of the German Banat, some 200,000 people, disappeared without trace, since after the first orgy of killings and torture the survivors were sent to the East, probably to Russia, on foot [Footnote: Ibid. Id. Op. Cit, p. 46. ]

    In Poland, the German minority fled, for the most part, before the arrival of the Red Army. It is estimated that only about thirty-five thousand German civilians remained in their homes in Poland. Virtually all of these were interned in the concentration camp in Lamsdorf, where the treatment they received was similar to that described when we dealt with the Czech and Yugoslavian concentration camps. A peculiarity of the Polish-or, in any case, of the lawless mob, consisted of their brutality to women and children. According to Dr. Esser, a survivor who managed to escape to West Germany, eight thousand six hundred children who were in Lamsdorf died of starvation and abuse, although most children were taken in trucks to the East and never heard of again. Priests were forbidden to exercise their ministry. The Lamsdorf Catholic priest on several occasions refused the last rites to dying prisoners, such was the “racist” hatred of this man, systematically incited by official propaganda [Footnote: Documentation sur L` Expulsión des Allemands en Pologne. testimony of Dr. Easer, military surgeon (Comission de juristes independentes franceses) Paris, 1951 ].

    There are no official figures on the casualties on the German civilian population living in Poland. It is known that about 350 or 400 managed to escape to the West. The fate of others is not known officially, although an independent committee of French jurists concluded that they were probably executed or left to die of starvation, unless they were handed over to the Russians, who worked their captives until they perished of physical exhaustion.

    * * *

    Everywhere, in varying degrees, the Auslandsdeutsche were mistreated. There were countries, such as Bolivia, which decreed the expropriation of property belonging to Germans, even Bolivian citizens of German origin. There were others, such as neutral Switzerland, which handed over to the Western Allies even their own citizens who had National Socialist ideas and, with more “reason,” German citizens residing in the Swiss Confederation, when the British, French or American demanded them.

    And, as all this happened, there was a deafening silence by the spiritual shepherds of Christianity. Some spoke out. Very few. Most, fearful, kept silent, while the rooster crowed three million times in the halls of the cardinals’ palaces, and Christ was crucified again, millions of times, in the persons of countless unfortunates tortured, defiled, mutilated and murdered.

  9. rudolf says:

    yes, C.R.
    of the Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia
    Sunic is also there or at ihr.

  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Thanks for the links.

    It’s a damned hard read.

  11. Lynda says:

    Thanks for posting this Cannibal Rabbi. The Bochaca article belongs with Incogman’s ‘Jew Commies Natural Born Killers’. And as companion pieces, both deserve wider circulation.

    This history belongs with James Bacque’s Crimes and Mercies detailing the Jew Morgenthau’s death policies for Germans in the Allied zones of the occupation and the Eisenhauer death camps for surrendered German civilians. ‘Operation Keelhaul’ and ‘Operation East Wind’.

    WW II was Jewry’s war and the Jew Communists (the Allies) genocided Germany on all fronts. The JewBot “America and the world Jews forced England into the war.” The Forrestal Diaries by James Forrestal, 1st US Secretary of Defense (1947-49) ed Millis Cassell. 1952; p. 129.

    Jewry and its Communist International fomented Communist revolutions throughout central Europe in the 1930s. Only Germany and Italy succeeded in really defeating the the Revolution on home turf. The Jew Communists could not really consolidate power in Yugoslavia, Chechoslavokia, Poland etc until the Soviet arrived.

    The World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany in 1933.

    The bestiality and sadistic horror of the atrocities committed upon the German population could only be Jewish. It reads exactly like what happened in the German ‘corridor’ of Poland – Danzig. One of the reasons why Hitler invaded Poland.

    The ‘Polish’ NKVD – the Jew Communists born in Poland – went on a rampage in Danzig – with cruelty and atrocities that defy description: children hung to die by being nailed to barn doors, pregnant women eviscerated and pigs sewn into their abdomens, men vivisected and the entrails thrown to the pigs. This is the Jew under the cloak of ‘Chech’ partisans, ‘Polish’ NKVD, ‘Serb’ nationalists. It is the Jew.

    These insane rages of bloodlust and sadism are systematic. And this is a Jew thing.

    “I am not an American of Jewish faith. I am a Jew. I have been a Jew for thousands of years. Hitler was right in one thing. He calls us a race and we are a race.” Rabbi Stephen Wise. N.Y. Heral Tribune. June 13, 1938.

  12. American says:

    Speaking of JEWish murderers, how about this teenager shot by JEWS the other day?

    Nothing says it like video!

  13. rudolf says:

    The Morgenthau Pan was made Aug.7.44 by him, his vice H.Dexter White (soviet spy ) and Eisenhower. The latter wanted cruel punishment for all of the German people, writes Fred Smith, vice finance minister. To make Germany an agrarian land would have meant the death of starvation of millions. When Lord Keynes asked Roosevelt end of Nov. if he did still plan to turn Germany into an agrarian land, Roosevelt said, it would be done, though the American people was told, the plan had been abandoned. And they deceived, changed the statistics and files.. (also about the camps for the prisoners). The “Morgenthau-boys” were at work then..
    from James Bacque Other Losses, epilogue 1 (my edition page ~ 250)
    astounding is here the work of finance

  14. Flanders says:

    Thanks for posting that article, which I don’t think anyone can enjoy reading, Cannibal Rabbi. It is important to understand just how unredeemably inhuman the savages are who have infiltrated and sabotaged our former ways of life. Thanks to Margaret Huffstickler for her work to do the translation.

  15. Flanders says:

    Barney, Good advice you gave for Dave and for all of us. I’m keeping a link since I’m sure your excellent post will come in handy again. It’s funny that you mentioned Apollonian, as I recently commented about his tricks at this site:

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The Scum Also Rises

    Testing the Limits Of Freedom Of Speech –
    Ernst Zundel Speaks Out
    Foreign Policy Journal’s Exclusive Interview With One
    Of The World’s Best-Known Political Prisoners

    Here is what happened, briefly: In the early months post-9/11 my wife, an avid Internetter, discovered a compelling research document entitled Stranger than Fiction: An Independent Investigation of 9/11 and the War on Terrorism by Anonymous, 11-11-2. She gave it to me over breakfast. I read it, found it interesting, and ran a few copies off on my printer for people on my mailing list. I did not write that lavishly footnoted paper. I did not research it. I merely copied it. Somebody must have concluded that I, with my background of thorough forensic investigations in other areas, showed more than ordinary interest in 9/11 as a potential political false flag common in intelligence agency operations!

    During my trial in Mannheim, ostensibly for “Holocaust Denial”, portions of my monthly newsletter, where I mentioned this booklet and the 9/11 topic, were referenced by the prosecution as criminal offenses. Only after it became clear that I welcomed the opportunity to have my attorneys present forensic evidence of a potential 9/11 cover-up were those portions of the accusation against me hastily dropped, and my trial became a “Holocaust Denial” show trial in the traditional Stalinist mode, ” accuse wildly but don’t allow a defense!”

  17. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Ism’s and Ishes: “Don’t Blame the Jews for What They Do!”???

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    We all know that the real ism behind Communism is Judaism, but Jews like the extended Rothschild clan pretended that the Communist Jews they put in power in Russia were not Jews, but instead were atheists diametrically opposed to Judaism. Strange thing was, these “atheists” protected synagogues and rabbis, while mass murdering and humiliating Christian clergy and turning Christian churches into ashes, or pig barns. Marx was a devout student of the Talmud, and Judaism holds that Jews are the Jewish god on Earth, such that the Jewish people are taught to worship themselves, as above so below. Just as the Jewish god rules the lesser Goy gods in the heavens, so the Jews rule the Goyim on Earth. Just as the Jewish god and his puppet Sammael scapegoat the Goyim for Jewish crimes against humanity, so the Jews scapegoat the Goyim and blame “atheism” for their Jewish crimes against humanity.

  18. Marshall says:

    Marx wasn’t any “atheist” Cannibal!!! Check out some of his choice poetry

    The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain,
    Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.
    See this sword? The prince of darkness sold it to me. –
    For me beats the time and gives the signs.
    Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.[p.12]

    Now I quote from [Marx’s] drama Oulanem:

    And they are also Oulanem, Oulanem.
    The name rings forth like death, rings forth
    Until it dies away in a wretched crawl.
    Stop, I’ve got it now! It rises from my soul….

    Yet I have power within my youthful arms
    To clench and crush you [i.e., personified humanity] with tempestuous force,
    While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.
    You will sink down and I shall follow laughing,
    Whispering in your ears, “Descend, come with me, friend.” [p.12]

    If there is a Something which devours,
    I’ll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins—
    The world which bulks between me and the abyss
    I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses….

    Words I teach all mixed up into a devilish muddle.
    Thus, anyone may think just what he chooses to think. [p.17]

    In his poem The Pale Maiden, he writes:

    Thus heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well.
    My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell. [p.20]

    With disdain I will throw my gauntlet full in the face of the world,
    And see the collapse of this pygmy giant whose fall will not stifle my ardor.
    Then will I wander godlike and victorious through the ruins of the world
    And, giving my words an active force, I will feel equal to the Creator. [24]

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    What utter kike gibberish.
    No-one with any vestigial sense, that wasn’t a genital mutilator,
    would allow that farrago of tripe to survive, and see the light of day.
    They would be too embarassed, and chuck it in the bin.
    It has no redeeming features, much like all kikey attempts at creativity or profundity.
    Utter shite!!

    Whereas these fellows go right to the core.

    The “Jealous” Jewish God and the Jews’ Hatred of the Diversity of Humankind

    The Jewish god is a jealous god. It seeks to rule and then exterminate all other gods, and with the gods, the human beings those gods protect. The Jews sought first to destroy the temples of the gods of human beings, then exterminate the human beings themselves. There is something to this, which is perhaps better explained by a religious person, rather than an amateur mystic like me.

    Love them, our children, by conquering the slimiest pedophile, the most horrifying monster, the most deadly disease, the Jew. Love them, our children, by taking from this World the Jew who seeks to seduce and murder them.

    The Jew is death and the love of death, the poison poured on your food, the poison that kills your gods, the poison that turns your blood into twelve fingered mutated monsters that mock and destroy life, that is the Jew, the Jew leaching into the soil with uranium and plutonium poison, that Jew that cuts down the trees and changes the corn into a mutant jealous Jewish god that demands tribute and kills all that is real and human, by twisting its living soul into the worship of death.


    We have murdered – in cold-blood- over TWO MILLION INNOCENT CIVILIAN HUMAN BEINGS – all for the greater glory of the most evil lying murdering cheating deceiving scum on the face of the earth – the IsraHELL Jews. The DOCUMENTED war crimes committed by our forces now fill volumes and are as bad or worse than any committed in military annals and it as even young school children today know – it has ALL been based on Jew LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES.

    Every decent Godly man woman and child in this once decent Christian nation SHOULD despise what our Godless killers stand for today. They defend NOTHING that is sacred or dear to America in ANY way WHATSOEVER!.


    Suicides by gulf-war veterans have reached such alarming proportions that they have now exceeded combat fatalities! Let that ugly fact sink in for a moment. American veterans are so filled with guilt from the vast magnitude and enormity of war crime atrocities they have committed – according to VA studies – that they are taking their own lives at home in greater numbers than actual combat casualties! That is how abysmally morally degenerate we have become.

    Here is how it will start. At some point many of the decent thinking moral Godly patriotic brave people left in America – will finally have had enough of the outright criminals like the Obamanoids and the Bushwhackers and the best Congress that Jew money can buy. These REAL Americans will then be labeled with the usual Jew and Jew useful idiot ( shabbus goy) mantras – -racists anti-Semitics – un-patriotic and the usual worn-out clichés.

    Yes – these sick depraved psychopathic Jew trained Obamanoids WILL kill you and your children and your husband and your neighbors. The transition from murdering civilians in Faluja Iraq -to murdering civilians in Fredericksburg USA – is just a matter of logistics to these sadistic Godless psychopathic trained killers.

    Our youth has already been conditioned to ENJOY watching suffering death sand horror from DECADES of watching and participating in the most ultra-violent Jew created WAR ‘games’ on earth!

    Also, check out this risible, pantomime in which one gruesome kike, fearlessly eviscerates another for it’s evident criminality.
    Forget about the words. Just watch the hands. “I’m a jew, i’m a jew. Whatcha’ gonna’ do?

    Scroll down the recent shows sidebar, to reveal a “thousand points of kike”.

    Tonight’s show has Ahmadinejad, so might be worth a watch to see if rosenscheisse maintains the same, toothless demeanor.

    I’m guessing not.

  20. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Soviet commander admits USSR came close to defeat by Nazis

    Zhukov, the most decorated general in the history of both Russia and the Soviet Union, admitted that Soviet generals were not confident that they could hold the German forces at the Mozhaisk defence line outside Moscow.

  21. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    A treasonous kike?
    You’re putting me on right??

    In 1929 an employee of the political department of the Berlin police Willie Lehman offered his services to the International Department of OGPU. First, he empathized with Russia and the Russians. In his youth he served at a German war ship in the Far East and witnessed the Battle of Tsushima. He forever remembered sinking heroic Russian battleships with raised Andreev flags. Second, Lehman did not like Nazis. Later, when he joined SS and then National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte for career purposes, this antipathy got even stronger.

  22. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    April announced that the Federal Administrative Court handed down a ruling in Leipzig after the Chancellor is forced to the previously held lock files on Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962) for the public release under.

    • Katrin Himmler (43), grand-niece of Heinrich Himmler (Reich Leader SS and chief organizer of the genocide). She married an Israeli Jew, the son of Holocaust survivors. About her great-uncle, “I have never been afraid that ‘ the bad blood of Henry ‘in me. “She thinks about it,” one day my son the story about his great-great uncle Henry to tell. Who gets married just the murderers of their own ancestors? only in accordance with Rabbi Dr. Antelman marry non-Jewish Sabbatainer crypto / Frankists only among themselves!

    It translates (roughly) at the site.

  23. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Two heroic champions of a humiliated and wronged Germany: Horst Mahler and Sylvia Stolz

    “The American-Zionist axis has phosphorised German children, atom-bombed Japanese children, treated Vietnamese children with Agent Orange and Iraqi children with depleted uranium. It is high time the defeated, the humiliated, the wronged replied with what I have long called ‘the poor man’s atomic bomb’, that is, with historical revisionism; that weapon neither kills nor mutilates anyone; it kills only the lie, the slander, the defamation, the myth of the ‘Shoa’, along with the abject Shoa Business dear to Bernard Madoff, Elie Wiesel, the horde of ‘miraculous survivors’ and the murderers of Gaza’s children (Professor Robert Faurisson).

    GI ordered to leave children behind

    A US soldier who tried to help injured Iraqi civilians after a US apache strike says his superior ordered him not to tend to the injured children on the scene.

    Ethan McCord, a US infantry soldier, was one of the six troopers who were dispatched to the scene after the apache helicopters killed a dozen people, including two Reuters staff, in Baghdad.

    “When I came on the scene I saw the bodies, I could hear a child crying, so the crying was coming from the van so I immediately went up to the van and when I looked inside I saw a girl who’s about three years of age, she had a belly wound, and glass in her eyes and in her hair,” McCord told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

  24. NorthStar says:

    I am learning more and more about the Jew and his history…The Bolshevik Revolution played out in very similar ways to our country at present??? Do the Jew want to harvest Whites in America??? Will our personal weapons insure our continued safety??Is there a way to convince the obedient brothers and sisters that we Whites are in REAL DANGER????I read somewhere that the Jew states there is no Harvest as Fruitful as a Bloody Civil War….The clock is ticking / I hope we can expose them and all races will rise up and defeat them most of all our white family…..God Bless You Incogman your truthful pen is powerful …….

  25. White Wolf says:

    NorthStar, that’s interesting because I was just reading this:

    “I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the war that is still raging, and unless, as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.”

    ~Extract of Report from the Netherlands Minister at Petrograd on the 6th of September, 1918, forwarded by Sir M. Findlay, at Christiana, to Mr. Balfour

    Glad you’ve arrived.

  26. NorthStar says:

    White Wolf, Howdy brother and thanks I read almost the entire article, got to pick up my wife in a few!!! Are you aware of all the STANDING AT THE READY FEMA EXTERMINATION CAMPS right here in Jew S.A.??????Marshal law is when they will begin the TERMINATIONS!!! I like to look at how many people google the same DATA as me and its surprising !!!!Today I googled == ISRAEL WILL DO ANOTHER ATTACK ON AMERICA… The number of similar hits on this was a astounding===== 19,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a lot of Americans LIKE US……The hard part is getting us all together in Washington DC at the same time!!!!Organization is where we as people opposed to the Jew Criminal Mafia are sooooooo weak……I wish I knew how to make a all pro white major media….The Jew is tops in this vital area but that doesnt mean there isnt a way to spread the real truth…..It takes money lots of it!!!

  27. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Communists Are Amazing (Yes, you lilhavanaboys)


  28. briar cavendish says:

    You are brave and intelliigent. Its criminal that the few white people who stand up against black supremacy and their plans for white slavery/genocide have to walk that road alone.

    In a world of white sheep, you are a wolf.

    We should form thousands of wolf packs for self defense and then for the extension of white history and tradition.

    I am sick of the white cowardly christians who mutter two things when I call on them to stand up for their race and religion.
    1. Christianity is love. (They are too stupid to know any more about Christianity.)
    2. Jesus will come save us if we do nothing. (They are too depraved by cowardice to be worthy of any God!)
    Most white Christian pulpets are insane hells which exist only to justify defeat, weakness and cowardice wrapped in the false cloth of arrogant yet non-existant religion.

  29. Al says:

    I see that while the author of this site seems sane, most of his commentors are the same old cowards and infiltrators screaming “the jews are bad,”.. ignore black supremacy’s danger. THey are diversionary scum!
    They are the same weaklings who have subverted pro-white collectives for over a century. For all their hundred years of jew hating they have never done anything about the jews. They only write evil little exposes, read by so very few.
    Yet, for a century, they have succeeded in sabotaging any effort to destroy black supremacy. Black supremacy is the weak spot of Bolshevism’s New World Order, and the place to strike FIRST. First you damn fools and cowards!
    Do not be distracted by the ignorant, shit eating mouths of fools and phoneys.

  30. Bella says:

    Hey Cannibal, good to see you are back!

  31. northstar says:


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