Damn Right We Should Deport Them All!

I’M SITTING HERE right now wondering why all the big whoop-di-do in the media about Arizona’s new immigration law. Call me thick-headed or whatever, but I sort of, kind of, thought if you broke a law then you had to accept the legal consequences. Maybe I’ve been a little too law-abiding all my years and need to start breaking a few so I can get liberal and Jew groups to hold demonstrations on my behalf. Wait, I’m White.

Now, before you go off on how I’m a big “racist” this and “supremacist” that, read on to see what this evil White guy has to say on the matter. Maybe, just maybe, I might have another perspective that’s more important than the “feel good” kind they’ve programmed you to have. You’re a big enough boy to handle it, right?

The Jew media is always telling us that it’s only 12 million illegals here, when we know that’s a BIG FAT LIE. They know it too. Immigration Counters.com pegs it at almost 23 million and even the US government accounting office says it’s 20 million plus. I’ve read somewhere that immigration enforcement people think it might be upwards of 38 million, based on how many they catch versus an estimated number who get past them.

From what I’ve personally seen, I’m not the least surprised (I’ve been to 46 states so far). In many places they were all over the place, far outnumbering Whites. I remember this one little Southwestern burg I passed through that seemed just like Juárez. Everyone I encountered was Mestizo and spoke Spanish — all the while giving this here Gringo the evil eye like I was the foreigner.

But it’s not just in the Southwest, either. One time I came across this group of Mestizos (probably illegal) in the mountains near a backwoods Appalachian town. They were awkwardly hacking away at something big and bizarre looking with a rusty old axe. Curious, I stopped my truck and went up to them to see what they were doing.

They had themselves a giant old snapping turtle that must have been three foot long, believe it or not. Now, snapping turtles live forever and this poor thing had to have been over 100 years old. Through broken English, the Mestizos told me they snagged him in a nearby reservoir and were trying to make turtle soup!

This was against Fish and Game laws, but they didn’t give a rat’s ass (I should have called them in, but it would have put some people I knew living nearby in danger). That’s another big thing about these illegals. They don’t care about any stinking laws or the environment whatsoever. They will rape and plunder whatever they can get away with. Liberals don’t have the least understanding of the environmental problems posed by these people.

The Immigration Gumball Video: It’s the real-life stats (yet easy to understand) behind illegal immigration and how the numbers alone will necessarily turn our country into the living hell of the Third World. If you have not seen this video, you need to stop and watch it now — it’s that important. (9:30)

Just think about all the new highways, schools, shoddy strip malls, cantenas, buildings, etc. etc. that will have to go up in the years to come to cater to a burgeoning population. Right now, we’re at about 306 million citizens, that we know of. In 20 years or so, it will be over 400 million, at least. They say at the rate we’re going, in 2050 America will be doubled, population-wise. That’s 600 million people. Everywhere you go, imagine everything doubled. Things are bad enough across this land, but with all this the environment will be toast.

I’m a big environment kind of guy. I know you might not believe that, but I am. Sure, I’m not the usual tree hugger, yogurt-eating type, but I know a hellava lot more and can name species and facts. I love fishing, hunting and backwoods camping; not the wussy campground crap with toilets and parking spaces, but as far as possible from the nearest road, often miles from a regular hiking trail. I once got caught in an early winter snow storm deep in the mountains and had to find my own way out through snow drifts and icy, raging streams. Talk about one miserable SOB when I got back to my truck!

Now, I’m not telling you all this because I think I’m a tough guy. Actually, I’m not. Like most things in life, it’s all relative. If I lived in a place like Alaska, more than likely I’d be dead by now. So I’m definitely smart enough to understand that I could not last all that long in the wilderness all by myself. I suppose it’s possible, but you sure as hell had better know some serious woodcraft to last very long.

Getting back to illegals: Us White people in this country are SAPS. The illegals know this. The multinational corporations know this. The political parties know this. The Jews know this. We are allowing all these forces to take advantage of us for their own selfish and racial reasons. No if’s and’s or but’s. They don’t give a flying you-know-what about you think or say. Never really have.

The bleeding heart liberals only seem to care about looking so sensitive and concerned about everyone but their own race. For some stupid reason they think we have to take in the entire world and everything will forever be blue skies and fluffy clouds in Unicorn Land. Sure, they might dimly understand that it’s clearly impossible, but far be it for them to openly admit it. Hell, they probably don’t even let themselves think such evil thoughts!

We simply cannot cure the world of it’s ills by letting in everyone. Can’t be done — the math rules against it (see video above). All liberals who think illegals deserve a break and tell us that we’re being selfish, racist, etc., etc. are just plain stupid. Gibbering idiots, really. They have ZERO idea what the real world is like.

Another thing is that we are actually doing these people a huge disfavor. Let me explain: Let’s say people want to come to America because their third world country is a giant shit-hole. No one can blame them for wanting to escape, right? That’s where these liberals get all cry-baby dumb and emotional. But what if the option of escaping to America was not available — perhaps that situation would give them the motivation to band together and make enough positive changes to their own country so it’s not such a shit hole any longer. In other words, get on the stick like White people do.

Why do us Whites always have to be the Mr. Nice Guy? Ever ask yourself that? Upwards of 300,000 illegals a year come here to have babies because the law says our hospitals have to put them up and deliver the child. Two thirds of all births in Los Angeles are illegals. Having an “anchor” baby allows them to stay in the US because lefty judges have ruled we have to be the “good guys’ and not break up the family, etc. This is happening all across America. You pay for it, friend.

Anchor babies should never have been an issue. The courts ruled back in 1898 that only people here legally can have a child considered as a citizen upon birth. Calling them “citizens” is only due to activist judges extending it to illegals by saying the 14th amendment gives them this right, when it was only meant for freed slaves in the south. Even so, the 14th amendment was not even ratified in the first place. Congressmen Duncan Hunter is out to end this whole anchor baby business and we should give him complete support.

Congressman Luis  Gutierrez (D-IL) out promoting “family unity,” as in “anchor babies.” He knows that weak-willed Whites in America will fall for this emotional angle. But if you think about it honestly, it’s all “racist” to begin with because they are really promoting their own race in the end. When will you take into consideration your own race?

Whether you know it or not, you are paying for all these illegals. California is now close to bankruptcy because of it. They now figure it’s over 13 billion is doled out by the state for these parasites — almost half of the projected fiscal deficits for next year. 40% of Los Angeles residents are illegals working for cash and pay no taxes. Most of the criminal warrants and 35% of prison inmates in California are illegals.

Before you start going off about making them pay their fair share of taxes, please keep this in mind: Once you give this last batch of lawbreakers citizenship and expect them to anty-up, even more illegals will make their way here. This endless cycle has been going on since the 1960’s.

They also wire tons of money out of this country, instead of spending it here. This a major net drain on our economy as well (Mexico practically lives on it).

Crime is sky-rocketing due to these people. Robbing, drug-dealing, killing and kidnapping are a way of life south of the border and the criminal Mestizo gangs already here. They worship something called Saint Death (Santa Muerta), and think a black Madonna/skull statue gives them supernatural powers to kill enemies. These kind of people would have no problem chopping off your White Anglo head.

You think any of this won’t happen to you? Total stupidity. It could happen anywhere in America. Your daughter and friend could be coming home from shopping and some illegal dishwasher, drunk on beer, could plow into them at a stoplight. This happened to an acquaintance of mine. Ever see people killed in a car crash? It’s not pretty. Something like 12 Americans die everyday this way due to illegals. That’s more than our soldiers fighting Jew wars overseas!

Face the brutal realities of the world, instead of your “race equality” fantasies. Step back and see that not a one of these people have your interests in mind, consider you the interloper and seek to use your pathetic emotions to get their way. If they could, they’d have you deported to Europe in a Jew York minute.

The media tells you all the time “we can’t deport all these people — it’s far too many!” They take it for granted that you won’t question the matter. There is absolutely no reason at all why a majority can’t be caught and deported. They did it in 1954, during Operation Wetback (true name). Put every illegal found on a bus and drive them to El Paso or San Diego and march them straight across the border. It’s not like we’re shipping them to a concentration camp.

We can and must deport them before America goes straight into the gutter.

We need to bring the troops home from all the Jew wars and station them on the border. Other troops should be used in conjunction with police, SWAT teams and ICE to hold massive sweeps of cities, businesses and neighborhoods to hunt them down. We need to round-up all illegals — including mothers, fathers, “anchor babies” and Chihuahuas –secure them from escape and immediately deport them. For those not illegal, but who unfortunately mated with one, can be given the opportunity to leave right alongside with Jose (like that’ll be the day).

No more sob stories, so quit your crying liberals. And we got your number too, Jews. We know all about your efforts in turning America into a crap country, something you arrogantly call a “Universal Country,” just so you can feel more comfortable when us Whites are finally in the minority. It won’t work — Whites are rapidly becoming sick and tired of your incessant meddling and will soon enough put a stop to you bastards.

Sayanora, parasite SCUM!

— Phillip Marlowe

The Real Immigration Deal

Read this sign from a recent rally for illegal immigrants.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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545 Responses to Damn Right We Should Deport Them All!

  1. Lynda says:

    And Cannibal, my compliment was not backhanded. I addressed you as a rabbi and my compliment was most sincere. Please read my post again.

    Apex Jewry wants as specific kind of Jew hatred. If you don’t want me to compliment you on your game, then don’t fit the profile. You are too smart not to know what I am talking about.

    The goyim are getting the mind game. And I want to continue to read your posts on Incogman’s messageboard.

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Cheers. That was thoughtful of you.

    Chuck me an e.mail on how to go about it, if you get the time.

    So some schmo has purloined me intellectual property?

    It’s probably coming out of the Whitehouse, with a view to a future
    business venture. The way the economy is tanking, long pig could be coming into it’s own in the not too distant future.

    Yum yum.


  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    You’re going to mess around and resurrect Dave’s messiah complex. A patricularly jewish infirmity. The mad jewess has it too. So did ‘goy with only one possible combination of brain cells’. What’s wrong with a little lab work to go with the study?

  4. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    I wasn’t in any way dismissing your insights, except in regards to me.

    I know how the kikes work, but that would in no way have any bearing on what i say, if i feel what i say is justified in any way.
    Why would i second guess a kike?

    I’m a fire with fire guy.


  5. American says:

    The number of sites “naming the JEW” continues to explode (while JEW media is floundering).


    I’d caution you about the whole “start your own blog” routine. That’s the identical advice the “analsore” gave me before I figured him out.

    We have a successful project right here while it’s still running. You can always build an audience when if becomes necessary, but until then you are being advised (by akira) to fracture the effort. We need to share with as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, so why be so eager to reach an audience of 2-3? Think about it. Divide and conquer is what they want.

  6. Americn born says:

    I agree with American, Anything Akira recommends do the exact OPPOSITE.
    His sole purpose is to stir this blog up and have everybody at eachothers throat. I fell for it about a month ago. And wasted my time going back and forth with the troll. It seems he has been exposed though..
    Antisemitism is on the rise World Wide.

  7. Americn born says:

    This article explains the hatred of Jesus by orthodox jews. The hatred of anyone who believes in Christ even jews.

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    I would always post here anyway, as i find it one of the least ideological or kikeological blogs on the web.
    A constant inspiration, rough and tumble, with an insightful and astute number of posters, wise to, problemo, numero uno!

    You can’t liken Akira to the great anarch.
    There’s no comparison.
    Whether you agree with Akira or not, he brings the goods.

    Being congenitally incapable of keeping my fat trap shut when confronted by inequity and fallacy i found this blog to be a great fit

  9. American says:

    I’m glad you want to contribute here. Keep the CONTENT flowing!

    As far as your new blog, good luck, but it’s not needed as yet, IMO. There are plenty of JEW-wise sites cranking (almost too many), but if it’s got CONTENT, it might get visitors?

    Videos of criminal JEWS are all people on sites like this want to see. Gentiles are searching for answers/explanations, and with 99.2% of the world population AND truth on their side, there is no reason they should not win easily if they spread content.


  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:



    “And Cannibal, my compliment was not backhanded. I addressed you as a rabbi “I missed that. I’m not a real rabbi, you know!


  11. Americn born says:

    The kikes see the writing on the wall.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      They always try to blame anti-semitism in Europe on the increase in Muslim populations. How about the fact of them pushing for immigration in the first place? And then the Jew goes on about Israel:

      “The report noted that the enormous jump in just one year can be attributed to the blurring of lines between hatred of Jews as a people and condemnation of Israel as a nation. In other words, and as many Israelis and friends of Israel have warned, anti-Israel sentiment is the new anti-Semitism.”

      Being against Israel is to be considered anti-Semitic. Even our government says so. Nothing they EVER do can be commented on.

  12. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    I was thinking in terms of a “jewish gardening” blog.

    Dig a hole. Chuck ’em in. Fill it up again.

    That sort of thing.

  13. American says:

    Now THAT’s content, ‘American born’!

    Perhaps this is the solution?

    Check out “Follow the White Rabbit” link, under “latest podcast”:


  14. American says:

    DUMP THAT LITTLE TERROR-HOLE, ISRAEL! In 62 yrs it’s done nothing but murder, alienate, and steal, complete with a “samson option” to bring down the rest of the world. Who needs it?


  15. White Wolf says:

    “The attitudes that lead to the Holocaust are back in our days.”

    Poor ‘victims’ are being found out for the lying, manipulative, thieving, subversive, meddlesome, goy-hating, destructive rats that they are and nobody that finds out wants the parasite in their lives anymore.

    The jew figures they need to control your attitude about what they’re up to. Never mind what they’ve actually done and continue to do. No, no – those attitudes they must do something about. Fuck em!


  16. Flanders says:

    Enjoyed your comments, Lynda. Hope you’ll share more. Their control over documentation have kept hidden from view their work for treachery and evil for so long – too long. JMSM, and the information gatekeepers, must be the first to go. Jews fear all unity which would destoy their informational control.

    “They don’t want information published that documents their behaviour so that the goyim can study them and decide what to do about their racial imperium and world order, their international crime syndicate, their kosher food racket and tax, their banking scams, their goyim mind fuck and programming and the abominable Satanist practices of their hierarchy: blood, sexual abuse, human sacrifice, organ harvesting. And all that stuff has to do with the cultivation of power. There are reasons why the top Jews (as Satanists) do all that stuff.

    The last thing they want is the goyim studying all this, commenting about it, organising and acting together on the basis of knowledge and analysis and planning.”

  17. Americn born says:

    @ American
    GOOD LINK.. Ill be busy for hours now… LOL

  18. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Shouldn’t these donut snuffling dicks’ be a bit further south, earning their corn?


  19. Bella says:

    Oh hey welcome to my life in Canada. Thanks Rebbe!

  20. Jen says:

    Five students kicked off campus for wearing American colors on Cinco de Mayo


  21. Jen says:

    Darwin Award winning white girl:

    “A local high school student has been found murdered in Mexico, after her mother told police she went down there to learn how to transport illegal immigrants across the border.”


  22. American says:


    The article says she was also a stripper. What a screwed up kid. At least she is the only one that paid for her mistake, rather than getting these same criminals here into the US where they would do the same to an innocent citizen.

    I suspect drugs were involved, if I had to guess. She might have told here brain dead mother a different story.

  23. American says:

    Arizona is on a roll, this time dumping Napolitano’s plan to increase revenue by using cameras to catch speeders. Nobody paid their tickets:


    She’s the clown that called our returning veterans “potential terrorists”.

  24. WMD says:

    Where do I start?

    The only lunatics are your countrymen, what are you basing the lunacy of Ahmadinejad or Chavez on? Please give real examples and not FOX news.

    Pol Pot is YOUR hero, funded and supported by the US like most real madmen such as Papa Doc and Baby doc, Mobutu etc.

    You are a cheerleader for the US pizdamati!Calling me a dolt does not change this.

    Maybe if you studied at a real top 20 university instead of what the US ranks as top 20 then you’d know that the French had an internet system many years before the Americans. Getting all your knowledge from a dodgy US university and wikipedia is no substitute! You have a problem with the French though I see. Why don’t you stop using a French statue as the symbol for your shitty nation then?

    What are you trying to say about Western culture being European and not Hellenic? Are you retarded? Hellenic culture is European culture you moron! Didn’t they teach you this in your ‘top 20’ university?

    Hellenic culture influenced the Romans and then the counties that came after. The Visigoths etc. had their own pagan gods and languages separate from the Western Helleno/latin. My point was that despite their power, in the end it was the established latin/roman catholic traditions from the late Roman Empire that stayed alive while the Goths etc. disappeared or were assimilated. The US is like those barbarian nations and will go the same way.

    The US has the oldest continuous government in the world? What are you trying to say? The British have had a continuous parliament longer anyway. As have many other nations.

    Skyscrapers? That’s all you got? The skyscraper was around in protoform in Europe long before the US made one!

  25. Marshall says:

    A French Supremacist!!! Now I’ve truly seen it all. I don’t speak French, but I kiss chicks that way. Really, where would the USA be without you people?

    We had a hard enough time learning to speak Iroquois, then they switched up on us again!!! George Washington without his pantyhose? Ben Franklin with no whores at the Temple of the Nine Muses? That Robespierre was a real humanitarian. Hey!!! I still have a picture of the French Navy that I took on a tour in a glass-bottomed boat Frenchie!!!


  26. Bella says:

    That ‘french’ statue is just another piece of freemason junk.

  27. ????? says:

    American born: “Anything Akira recommends do the exact OPPOSITE.”

    Don’t rape “American born”.

  28. ????? says:

    American born: “Anything Akira recommends do the exact OPPOSITE.”

    Don’t rape “American born”.

  29. ????? says:

    American born: “Anything Akira recommends do the exact OPPOSITE.”

    Don’t rape “American born”.

  30. ????? says:

    American born: “Anything Akira recommends do the exact OPPOSITE.”

    Don’t rape “American born”.

  31. Jen says:

    UCLA Professor Calls for Anti-White Revolution

  32. kerdasi amaq says:

    I was disappointed listening to that; I really thought that he was going to name Hillary Clinton as the enemy!

  33. Biker says:

    no, Juan gickamole consuela chimichanga morales… were scared that you will turn this nation into another brown third-world shithole like the one you hail from. with all the glory of Costa Rica, or El Salvador (sic) what the FUCK can you bring to the US besides lowriders and gang warfare?

    why not stay in your own country, and FIX IT?!

  34. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Coming to a movie theater near you!!


  35. White Wolf says:

    All those actors should hang for their role in jewish propaganda against the American people. Fucking whores.

  36. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    De niro is a kike.

  37. rocketman says:

    thats why i don’t go to the movies anymore.
    combine this shitty movie with the UCLA professor above and it looks like we’re in for a rough summer.

  38. White Wolf says:

    From the “So let’s get this straight..” files,


    Yes, and most jews along with their multiculti head-wanked followers have been cheerleading for this all along – White Western Culture’s destruction is what they’re getting. They’ve been legislating for this all along. They’ve been making it their business all along.

    For too long already.

  39. Anonymous says:

    After I renamed the Poop, Pope Pedophilius Maximus, a personal attack against no one, someone here announced: So here we have two Ziofascist swines: Sandworm and Croassant made from shit.

    Now, isn’t it, first, that the arrogance, speaking, as if to retarded children, lack of reason in comments, and propagandists attitude are clearly demonstrated by someone in response to an expression variably interpretable?

    And, isn’t it, second, quite Eurocentric that one would consider an attack against the Poop to only have a Zionist basis?

    I’ll tell ALL you white trash this, you can have this worthless piece of WHITE TRASH shit site.

    That’s all ALL of you are.

    What the fuck is the difference between a Zionist and a fucking WHITE TRASH European?



  40. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Go have intimate congress with a goat, like you love to.

    Or did you have to eat it.

    That’s why you’re so strung out.

    That goat loved you.


  41. American says:

    Shocking Call For Mexican Revolt In U.S.

    Ahhh, the JEWS and Latinos form an unlikely bond when JEWS see benefits.

  42. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    ‘Adapt to our ways!’ Tiny U.S. town forces all business to be conducted in English amid fears of Spanish tidal wave


  43. Lynda says:

    Probably the most important ‘immigration reform’ schtik currently running is the Agriprocessor trial in Iowa.

    “Child Workers Stories Cry Out for Immigration Reforem. Editorial. May 14, 2010. The Des Moines Register.

    The largest immigration raid in US history occurred on May 12, 2008. Agriprocessors in Postville Iowa ( a kosher slaughterhouse) was raided because illegals (many of them children) were working up to 100 hours a week in the Rubashkin kosher slaughterhouse.

    This is a good Jew / bad Jew immigration reform schtik.

    Rubashkin’s has the Bad Jew script. Shalom Rubashin has been weeping buckets about how you just can’t get Americans to do this type of work. PETA has published videos of animals being slaughtered ‘glatt’ kosher with their throats being ripped by meat hooks. The New York Times is publishing it. And Shmarya Rosenberg of http://failedmessiah.typepad.com is covering it. Just click on the Rubashkin header for the symopsis and the continuing developments.

    The way this is playing is that the kosher slaughterhouse is violating kosher laws with meathooks because of the illegal workers.

    Cue violins. The Good Jew script speaking through the Des Moines Register is telling us – if only we had immigration reform, children would not be working at places like Rubashkin’s and kosher laws would not be violated.

    It is true that ripping the throats of live animals is a violation of kosher law. This is supposed to play to the goyim like kosher slaughter is some humane, kind to animals, religiously exact process that Americans won’t do – therefore (let’s all sing together now) we need immigration reform.

    The Jew MSM is not about to inform the American public about kosher slaughter. (Shchitah)

    I do not believe this story that the kashrut supervision of the Orthodox Union was unaware that throats were being ripped with meathooks at Agriprocessors.

    Kosher laws make a huge deal of the fact that the flesh of the animal is not to be torn. The Shochet (kosher slaughterer) must rapidly cut through the trachea and esophagus of the animal in a single stroke and open the jugular vein of the animal by moving the knife back and forth.

    The animal must not be positioned in a way that puts undue stress upon the knife.

    Therefore, in kosher slaughter, the animal is inverted. Some plants have the animal to be slaughtered in a box like thing that inverts it for slaughter. But in S. America, the live animal is shackled and hoisted by one leg. “Should Shackling and Hoisting be Permitted” by Rabbi Adam Frank. Op-Ed for Har’aretz. April 2010.


    The purpose of the Bad Jew / Good Jew schtik is to keep the goyim focussed on the need for illegals to made legal so they can work in the kosher slaughterhouses and the terrible evils of the way untrained illegals are not able to slaughter animals in the humane and exact kosher way.

    This schtik has a U stamped right on it.

  44. Marshall says:

    Jose in trouble now…hope he has a good pair of running shoes handy 😀


  45. GDL says:

    Hillary Clinton showing just how devilishly evil her and the mutt Obama really are…..they tell America they are for America, hell no, there for serving their Jew money masters.



  46. GDL says:

    It doesn’t make one difference whether they are here for drug purposes or looking for work….IT DOES NOT MATTER! You do not belong here. ALL of you Mexicans need to get back to Mexico. You come here calling us Whites racist acting like you own this joint. Jews brought you here not White people. We Whites do not want even one of you here. So go….OUT! OUT! OUT! Every damn last one of ya. They all want to live around us evil racist White people. If a people were as evil as we Whites are made out to be, than who the hell would want to live around us and mate with us. GET OUT!







  47. GDL says:

    I wouldn’t have a gave a damn whether he did or not: GET OUT! AND STAY OUT!


  48. American born says:

    The NIGGER obama is planning on signing an exec. order to legailze all the dirty mexicans.

  49. rocketman says:

    This NIGGER has to go , it’s hard to imagine that this would be on his list of priorities now with an oil volcano turning our waters into toxic stew.
    unless he plans on using them to clean that shit up.

  50. GDL says:

    This is what happens when White people play nice and tolerant. We get screwed my friends.



  51. American born says:

    It is his goal to cancel out the votes of Whites with the votes of mexican filth. It is the end of America if he gets away with this crime.
    When the spics become legal they will bring their families here and they will shit out tons of kids. In a single generation White America will be ruled by niggers and spics in law enforcement. America will resemble South Africa in the racial crimes against the White minority.
    This will be the final blow.

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