Duke Slams Jewess Dyke Rachel Maddow!

“Grow a pair, Rand Paul!” 

What a hypocrite Jew FREAK!

Check out the above video where David Duke, tells it like it is! He slams the socially destructive (usual behavior of Jewry), Zionist, Jewish* racist Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and her incredible hypocrisy vis-a-vis Israel. A must watch!  

Folks, we got ourselves a big problem in America: A JEWISH PROBLEM. These bona fide racists, big mouths and total hypocrites infest out government, economy and media. The real reason why America is now on the road to hell, is simply because of all these Jews working in conjunction with each other to keep Israel in business, while keeping you snowed!  

You might think Rand Paul could bring up some of this while being interviewed. But, hell no! He knows it’s best to toe the Zionist line, or else have all the little Rachel Maddows all across the media raise unholy hell — including the so-called “conservative” NeoCON Jews. The liberal ones can’t stand Rand Paul to begin with since the Tea Party people like him, but if he said something, anything critical about Israel, then that’s it with all of them. It would be non-stop “Nazi” this, “David Duke” that — from the whole stinkin’ lot!  

Haven’t you figured out the score? If you’re a White American you had better get on the stick. These total hypocrites have long been rotting out this country from within and ruining this country from without. Why do you think America is now so hated across the globe? Because they all know the Jews have long had America totally befuddled and can get us to do whatever they tell us to. And all these Jews/Israelis have been stealing this country blind!  

Hell, why do you think the Jews have been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived, sometimes twice?  

— Phillip Marlowe  

*Her mother is in fact Jewish, making her technically able to immigrate to Israel (think about that law). She once told Tracy Ulman she had something in her family “distantly Jewish,” which was a giant lie. Also, people say she was raised Catholic, which is both hard to see and irrelevant — much like Bill Mahrer, she’s a true Crypto-Jew and divisive liberal. Support of that criminal state of Israel because of some Jewish identity has long been a major problem for America, in addition to which, these kind of people have an instinctual urge to tear down White people and Christianity!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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194 Responses to Duke Slams Jewess Dyke Rachel Maddow!

  1. Cannibal Rabbi says:



    “That’s why I trust Bro. Nathanael so much as well. It takes alot of guts to confront the truth, which is why most people really won’t do it.”

    Can i have an amen brothers?

    That also includes whites taking some responsibility for the choices and decisions that have led us to this sorry pass.

    It’s always best to face the new day with a clean conscience and a clear head.

    Up There Cazaly


    Great movie too.

  2. Annie Oakley says:

    Incog – great article. That video of Duke was great. I’m saving a lot of these videos to my hard drive or flash drive in case the ZOG wipes these off of the internet.

    I don’t even go to SF anymore. It’s a waste of time. Your blog FAR surpasses it and I’ve never felt unwelcome here as a female.

  3. Marshall says:

    Rugby players eat their dead Cannibal. I’m a golfer, so I prefer individual achievement over group “scrums.”

    I had a neighbor who was a rugby player…he clued me in about British socialized medicine. It’s basically “triage.” The more serious your injury is, the faster you will be dealt with.

    The money has to come from somewhere. I have been a pretty good soccer player in my day, but I’m a golfer at heart.

    It’s funny to watch guys in violent sports try to hit a golf ball. I don’t believe that someone who is good at one sport is automatically good at another.


  4. Eges says:

    Why is is that I am called a Jew every time I dare to not be as much part of ZOG as everyone else?

  5. Marshall says:


    Marshall Rand Ellington


  6. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    You’re right about rugby, some ‘o those guys have faces like they’ve been hit by a truck.
    That was a clip from an aussie movie, about aussie rules football, stuck up mainly for the inspiring ditty, but also because it’s one of the funniest dissections of a sports club i’ve ever seen. Brilliantly done, and applicable to rugby, soccer, American football.

    Anyway, no i’m not steering the thread off topic, back to the job in hand.


    It’ll be the long threadbare, overcoat in all weathers, and corkscrew conk!!

    Only kidding.

  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:



    Incogman can send you mine if he would be so kind.

  8. American says:

    I’m pleased to report much progress in my neck of the woods. Seeds planted many months ago are bearing fruit.

    For some reason, this week several friends and acquaintances have come to me with questions about the topics covered here. I’m quite surprised at the stories they’ve shared and the facts they retained, and the progress has been phenomenal!

    These are White working men that still have jobs because they perform work nobody else can. Stay focused fellow Gentiles, the real work-horse of this country has had enough.

  9. anti-zionist says:

    Thats good to hear American.

  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Good news American.

    “You are one annoying, self loathing douchebag Cannibal. And yes, Your homophobia SCREAMS closet case a la Haggard.”

    The closest to a compliment i’ve had this month.

    From a comments thread at Kennys Sideshow, wherein i shred a sheeny almost live.

    Oops another one just popped up.


  11. Bund says:

    The Vid showing Israelis importing some Chinese laundry workers to ShitRael to make Kikes out of them was a hoot – bobbing their heads, Ah-So. More ominously, one can see the Kikes beginning their infiltration of the next victim – China. Even Big Jew Soros is proclaiming China to be the next world leader and the Jew S should start getting used to it. The question is, can the Chinese, who really do have a proven culture of 3K + years (as opposed to the usual make believe history of the “Jews”) detect and deal with the beginnings of political AIDS – Jewish contamination of their nation ? Their lying Jew handler in the vid claimed there was an ancient city of Jews that these gooks were from – this will be their entree to establish a physical colony and begin the process of corruption, bribery, murder, thought control, etc. Are the Chinese up to it ?

  12. GTRman says:

    I saw your debate at the link, Cannibal. I hate the term “homophobic”.

    Im not scared of gays. Im a heterosexual male and generally find them to be dull, cliched, fucked up l nasty people. There are exceptions. So what. Im sick of gays, jews, and gay jews.

    Ooh, am i a “bad person” ?

  13. Flanders says:

    Marshall, I’m willing to give Eges more credibility until he has had time to find some adjustment.

    Glad to hear things are working, American. You are doing what everyone needs to be doing. It can seem uncomfortable for us to step out of the range of everyday habit, but it’s important for all of us to do. I’m finding that just little casual mentions can lead to making a lightbulb go off and for comprehension to click. Another benefit is that it leads to confidence instead of insecurity. Seed the field and let God water for the harvest. Leave a link to Incogman.wordpress.

    Soros and Maurice Strong have both been active in China for years. The Chinese will soon be exporting the “Commie Bugs”, the Chery, which is one of their projects. What it amounts to is that you’re going to have good mileage, but you will have all the conveniences of a rickshaw driver (and you may have to pedal like one, too!). Plus you will get to pay triple the price at least of what it should be for the production costs [still, the price will probably be low compared to other things which will be available on the market.

    Meanwhile, their compadres in the US and UN are making regulations designed around them. People thought the regulations were for the economy, but they are actually to divide “market share” among the crooks who both produce and regulate. I wrote about this years ago and had the documentation in place. Here is a more current article [There may be a delay for it to load].


  14. hamonwry says:

    Rwandan police arrest a U.S. lawyer on allegations of genocide denial… The U.S. National Lawyers Guild calls for his immediate release and issues the following statement:

    “There can be no justice for anyone if the state can silence lawyers for defendants whom it dislikes and a government that seeks to prevent lawyers from being vigorous advocates for their clients cannot be trusted,” said David Gespass, the president of The U.S. National Lawyers Guild…

    — Although that statement is 100% correct, I can’t help but wonder if this was their official position on Ernst Zundel’s lawyer? Or did he forget to end that statement with: “Except in matters concerning jews”


  15. Flanders says:

    Harmonwry, Thanks for the link, the story and the question. I checked by doing a search and I’m not sure it answers specifically about NLG on Zundel, but the info is good.

    “The purpose of this page is to counter the conspiracy theories that are pushed by some patriots regarding the ruling elite of the United States and Europe. Through observation and common knowledge I will attempt to prove that their theories are have no bases in fact.

    The most popular conspiracy theories today involve the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Grove, the Pope, the Jesuits, German death cults, the Queen of England and the other royal families of Europe . According to the theories, one or more of these people and or organizations are the real power behind the front men in government. But the people who spout these theories do not fear any of these individuals or organizations, in fact they openly speak and write about them. Yet there is one group that they fear to talk about, the Jews.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I understand that the CFR and groups like them do have influence in political affairs, that’s why they were created, but they are just the tools, not the tool maker. Those organizations would cease to exist if Jewish money stopped pouring in to them. They are the tools that are used by Jewish supremacists to get the job of Jewish world hegemony done, and that is why my dear reader anyone can publicly complain about the Illuminati, CFR, Bohemian grove, the Pope, the Queen, German death cults etc, and nothing will happen to them. Now let someone with notoriety do that with the World Jewish Congress, the Israeli lobby, or the ADL. They will find their career destroyed, and then be flushed down the memory hole – if they are lucky. In some countries like France or Germany they would be prosecuted for incitement of racial hatred (anti-Semitism) and serve five years in prison. You can talk about crimes committed by Germans, Russians, French, Japanese, Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Arabs, but don’t you dare say one word about Jews!

    Only the Jews have this protective cloak that keeps them from being criticized, or even identified with having political, financial, or media influence. No other group in the world has such protection. For example, it’s okay to say that Italians control the mafia, but don’t you dare say that the Jews control the news media or Hollywood.

    Below are real life examples of Jewish power. [Continues at the link]


  16. Flanders says:

    Some of the mind control methods used to infiltrate and to change Americans is discussed in this following series of articles and leads to a link to what, if it is as described, would be a very important book to read. I have not yet read it, and would be interested in hearing an opinion from anyone who has.

    “Americans have heard of this “art” of mind control by the term “brain-washing,” a term coined by Ed Hunter, the famous war correspondent. Ed Hunter wrote a number of books in the 1950’s on the methods used by Talmudist Communists to capture whole nations by mental subversion. However, Ed Hunter’s books, as the book, had very little distribution in America and perhaps only a few thousands Americans really understood his warnings about mind control.

    In Ed Hunter’s book, “Black Book on Red China,” he showed that the secret processes used by the Red Chinese to capture that nation of 400 million people were identical to the secret techniques being used in America and in Europe, on the people of the Christian West! In his books and in his lectures in America, in the 50’s and 60’s, Ed Hunter told his audiences that the only defense against “brainwashing” was to know how it is done. He argued convincingly that any person who understands the technique of “brain-washing” cannot be “brainwashed.” He said, “Knowledge of brain-washing is vaccination against, it.” This book now in your hands will give you knowledge of that brain-washing.

    “Black Book on Red China”, by Ed Hunter, begins after scrolling down past the last material in this excerpt].

    A great, and almost secret, war is being waged by Talmidic Communists against Christians, Christianity and the Western Nations.”

    “The age is drawing to a close. The Zionist world system is spewing forth its last desperate attempt to destroy Goyim. Read the following editorial note by Col. Gordon (Jack) Mohr, and the 1936 speech by Laventia Beria, the head of the Soviet Secret Police, as he confidently predicted the Communists would eventually “have dominion over the minds and bodies of every important person” in America and then would bring about the “quiet Communist conquest of the nation.”

    From: An address by Laventia Beria

    (Given to hand-picked American students
    who were sent to Moscow for indoctrination)

    (Like Bill Clinton)

    “You will discover that everything will aid you in your campaign to seize, control and use all “mental healing;’ to spread our doctrine and rid us of our enemies within their own borders.

    Use the courts, use the judges, use the Constitution of the country, use its medical societies and its laws to further our ends. Do not stint in your labor in this direction. And, when you have succeeded, you will discover that you can now effect your own legislation at will and you can, by careful organization of healing societies, by constant campaign about the terrors of society, by pretense as to your effectiveness make your Capitalist himself, by his own appropriations, finance a large portion of the quiet Communist conquest of the nation.

    By Psycho-politics create chaos. Leave a nation leaderless. Kill our enemies. And bring to Earth, through Communism, the greatest peace Man has ever known.”

    Note: [In the Aesopian language of Communism, “Peace” means all cessation of hostility against Communism.]


  17. hamonwry says:

    Thanks for the follow up Flanders.. That link does have good info, I bookmarked it..

  18. Flanders says:

    Gleaned from an website promoting itself as a “stop racism” site, which cites a report said to be from Haaretz:


    Profile displays graphic images, profanity against Jews, Israel and the United States.”

    [I don’t recall ever having visited the site in question, but I note that sites are sometimes blasted in this way when the jews are themselves the one’s promoting the site (a controlled opposition). I offer the material for your illumination about Facebook ownership.]

    “Anti-Semitic Web sites are nothing new, however, the social network Facebook, which is known for its strict regulations against blatantly racist groups, has a page called F*** Israel, which has over 10,480 fans. The page is dedicated to anti-Semitic posts and images, published by the fans on a daily basis, including graphic images, profanity against Jews, Israel and the United States. The Facebook page displays the Nazi symbol titled “we will return to power,” alongside many pictures of Adolf Hitler, and posts dedicated to Jews such as “go back to the camps.” Amongst suggestions for solutions for the “Jewish virus,” the site also displays pornographic images accompanied by derogatory commentary about the Holocaust, the Middle East conflict and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Facebook gives users the option to report disturbing pages by pressing the ‘Report Page’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Facebook management has removed several anti-Semitic pages in the past, yet it seems that the Jewish founder of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg, has not yet picked up on this one. Zuckerberg initially established Facebook for the use of Harvard students alone. The Web site grew so popular that he decided to open its use up to students at other universities as well, and in 2006 it was made accessible to everyone. Last week it was made public that Facebook has the jaw-dropping number of nearly half a billion members worldwide – more than any other social network online.”

  19. Flanders says:

    Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that because the direction and the primary powers behind the treasons to our countries and our Western peoples’, as well as that of other nations and peoples, are jews that they are not assisted by others, including masonics.

    Usually, the danger is from higher-level masonic structures and leaders, but the filtering down effect is pervasive, eventually overpowering natural inclinations to God, country and family in favor of the collective will of masonary. Lt.Col. Jack Mohr tells us in more detail, in “The Hidden Power Behind Freemasonry” (Part 7 of 8).

    “The spread of “rationalism,” “Humanism,” and now the “New Age Movement,” all of them virulently anti-Christian, have been successful mainly because of Jewish and Masonic efforts and cooperation.


    It would take a full sized book to discuss in full, the Jewish and Masonic control over the media of the nations of Christendom. Whenever this control is brought to the attention of the American people, especially Christians, great cries of anguish go up from the enemy camp, and especially loud and plaintive is the cry of “anti-Semitism.” While they love to control what the American people hear and see, they do not like to have this control discussed by the “bourgeoisie,” and they are especially violent against anyone who exposes this control.

    Today, in 1990, the great capitalistic presses of the United States, England, Canada, Germany, and France -presses which are referred to as “the Free Press,” are almost 100% under the control of the great Jewish-Masonic financiers.” [Continues at the link]


  20. Flanders says:

    Eges, Your messages here are a little different from those we normally encounter. I should have addressed my comment to you instead of to Marshall. I think anyone new will have some adjustments before there is mutual trust. Keep posting and give some good materials. We have to learn to work together when we are working for the mutual benefit of all, even if there are some differences of opinion, so long as the opinions are not too divisive. Understand that we see a lot of different ruses, and don’t let our natural initial suspicions prevent you from contributing.

  21. Flanders says:

    Annie Oakley, Good to hear from you and to hear that you are saving good materials. That is more important to do than many of us would think. Some of these materials would be irreplaceable if they were to be shoved down the memory hole (video, audio, books and blogs – and older newspaper accounts), and I will guarantee that there have been entire generations of material which have already been subjected to that “memory hole” “book burning” engaged in by the jews. They are desperate to keep truthful materials, from either the present or the past, from ever reaching mass circulation. We cannot let them continue to do it, and must save it from their greedy truth-strangling hands.

  22. Geronimo says:

    @ Rock

    “… Lynda- Here are a couple of diseases / disorders and syndromes I think you over looked in you reserch.
    This list is by no means cohenprehensive.

    Supeiority complex syndrome
    Spitting on chistians disorder(syndrome) (ia)
    Swineaphobia(fear of ham)
    Criesofpalestinian hearing loss
    Organ trafficitus
    Poisicusion disorder (syndrome) (ia) (itus)
    Bottlerocketaphobia (fear of bottle rockets) (derr)
    OMG complex (fear of gentiles waking up)

    All of the above are howie mandelian disorders.”

    If I may add to the list:

    AIDS – Arrive, Infiltrate, Destroy Syndrome

  23. Lynda says:

    Ha Ha. Geronimo this is very funny. Howie Mandelian disorders. A new term has entered the medical lexicon.

  24. GAWD'S EYEBALL says:


  25. Bund says:

    AIDS SYNDROME – very good, very apt.

  26. Toby says:


    Thanks muchly for your input. I’m still a little cool or neutral on Brother Nathanel. Jews are full of jew tricks, jew subterfuges, jew shticks, and I’m not convinced entirely at this point that Bro. Nathanel is not one of those Sayanim tricks. That’s, however, just from my perspective, and I could very well be wrong. When the SHTF (and it eventually will) here in the U.S., that’s when we’ll all find all concretely and definitively who is a jew Sayan, and who isn’t.

    I know that you have mentioned you have a rapport with Bro. Nathanel thru email correspondence, and even previously made this suggestion to me also. My problem is that I am very busy with work and family and have only a limited amount of time on the Internet daily.

    Thanks and take care Marshall.

  27. Toby says:



    Part I:

    I agree with points you constructed in your comment. I would, however, interject that jews also use this form of mind control to control the masses (especially here in the U.S.): ‘The Hegelian Dialectic.’

    In fact, I hope that at some point, Incogman would run an article and exposé about The Hegelian Dialectic, and how the jews use this as a control mechanism to manipulate the shit out of the American psyche and otherwise use it as MIND CONTROL thru the jew media monopoly.

    Basic understanding of how the jews utilize Hegelian Dialectics to form, persuade, influence and manipulate our patterns of thinking and our perceptions about the world and here in the U.S, and about political ideologies, i.e. MIND CONTROL. The Hegelian Dialectic, is for all intents and purposes: another jew control mechanism. The construct of Hegelian Dialectic is to frame issues and lead us to a predetermined solution, or ‘controlled or guided thought.’ It is similar to being conditioned like an animal – it contains a myriad of psychological classical conditioning constructs. Or: Hegelian Dialectic is tantamount to Mind Control. Essentially, it is jew subterfuges and jew tricks.

    The Hegelian Dialectic is a three step process: 1) Thesis – (Create a Problem) 2) Anti-Thesis (Reaction), jews offer us limited “certain” solutions to solve the problem they created 3) Synthesis (Solution) – Come riding in with the “only” Solution. Or: *Problem-Reaction-Solution. The Thesis and Anti-Thesis part of this equation is a ruse because it is so controlled by the jews who control this country and the world by their ownership of 95% of all the world’s news media. This is advantageous for the jews because they are able to control not only the final “predetermined” outcome and solution, but all the arguments, discussions and debates surrounding the solution and synthesis. When jews offer us the “jew created” solution in Step 3, we are already so conditioned, programmed and otherwise full of jew mind control from steps 1 and 2, that we acquiesce and capitulate on this final synthesis and solution. This 3 step process is designed to get you (that would be you – the non jew) into a never ending and quite frenzied pattern of circular thinking.

  28. Toby says:

    Part II:



    Once people become acutely aware of the Hegelian Dialectic, they will begin to see it everywhere in our news media that the jews own and control. The Hegelian Dialectic is a huge jew trick and jew psychological construct and control mechanism.

    Hegelian Dialectic – Hegelian Thinking is Designed to put your thinking into a tiny little box and keep it there. Worse, Hegelian Dialectic is designed and framed to get you locked into circular thinking and locked inside that little box.

    Regarding Hegel’s (founder/creator of The Hegelian Dialectic) religious background, Hegel was raised Christian. However, at some point Hegel crossed the line in his educational endeavors, he studied Judaism and the Hebrew language, and became involved in the metaphysical and some other Jewish-Mystical-Torah-Kabballah type philosophies (probably jew Satanism). I believe he was definitely working for the jews and/or under their control with jew handlers when he wrote the Hegelian Dialectic construct. At some point during his university schooling the jews realized that they could use Hegel for their Communist construct and Communist ideologies.

    *Here’s an example of the Hegelian Dialectic the jews framed and constructed around: Problem, Reaction, Solution:

    Step one: 9/11. Jews commit the heinous crime of 9/11 = Create a Problem. Step two: Jews control all the dialogue and so-called remedy and reactions to the event of 9/11 (and as a pretext for wars in Iraq all ME jew wars) = Reaction. Step three: Jews institute totalitarian and communist Patriot Act they devised as a solution to control Americans = Solution. There’s millions of other examples of how the jews use the Hegelian Dialectic – but I see it everywhere in all their jew news/jew mass media.

    In my opinion, we, here in the U.S., are never going to be able to take back our country from jew control and jew stranglehold, unless and until we step outside the Dialectic (get our thinking outside that tiny little box the jews have put our thinking into) and refute the entire jew media controlled Hegelian Dialectic. The Hegelian Dialectic was also used by the scumbag Karl Marx in developing The Communist Manifesto, and so it is also believed that The Hegelian Dialectic is Talmudic-based in ideology.

    Take care Flanders.

  29. GTRman says:

    Toby -re above: I saw a report the other day that that claimed that most Afghanis are convinced that USA is funding and supplying “The Taliban / Al Quida to prolong their prescence in the country. One guy said, “It takes two hands to clap”.

    Found it:

    It’s near-impossible to find anyone in Afghanistan who doesn’t believe the US are funding the Taliban: and it’s the highly educated Afghan professionals, those employed by ISAF, USAID, international media organisations – and even advising US diplomats – who seem the most convinced.

    One Afghan friend, who speaks flawless English and likes to quote Charles Dickens, Bertolt Brecht and Anton Chekhov, says the reason is clear. “The US has an interest in prolonging the conflict so as to stay in Afghanistan for the long term.”

    The continuing violence between coalition forces and the Taliban is simple proof in itself.

    “We say in this country, you need two hands to clap,” he says, slapping his hands together in demonstration. “One side can’t do it on its own.”

    His arguments are reasoned, although he slightly ruins the effect by explaining to me that no Jews died in the Twin Towers. It’s not just the natural assets of Afghanistan but its strategic position, the logic goes. Commanding this country would give the US power over India, Russia, Pakistan and China, not to mention all the central Asian states.

    “The US uses Israel to threaten the Arab states, and they want to make Afghanistan into the same thing,” he says. “Whoever controls Asia in the future, controls the world.”

    “Even a child of five knows this,” one Kabuli radio journalist tells me, holding his hand a couple of feet from the ground in illustration. Look at Helmand, he says; how could 15,000 international and Afghan troops fail to crush a couple of thousand of badly equipped Taliban?

    And as for the British, apparently they want to stay in Afghanistan even more than the Americans. The reason they want to talk to the Taliban is to bring them into the government, thus consolidating UK influence.

    This isn’t just some vague prejudice or the wildly conspiratorial theories so prevalent in the Middle East. There is a highly structured if convoluted analysis behind this. If the US really wanted to defeat the Taliban, person after person asks me, why don’t they tackle them in Pakistan? The reason is simple, one friend tells me. “As long as you don’t get rid of the nest, the problem will continue. If they eliminate the Taliban, the US will have no reason to stay here.”

    The proof is manifold, they say (although it does tend to include the phrase guaranteed to dismay every journalist: “everybody knows that …”).

    Among the things everybody knows are that Afghan national army troops report taking over Taliban bases to find identical rations and weapons to their own US-supplied equipment. The US funds the madrasas both in Afghanistan and in Pakistan, which produce the young Talibs. US army helicopters regularly deliver supplies behind Taliban lines. The aid organisations are nothing more than intelligence-collecting agencies, going into regions the army cannot easily reach to obtain facts on the ground. Even the humblest midwife-training project is a spying outfit.

    One political scientist, who works as an advisor to US agencies in the north of the country, recounts how people fear the continuing influence of the warlords, illustrating his point with descriptions of violence and corruption that extends into the realms of banking, government and trade.

    Afghans hate these warlords, he says, but the US wants them kept in place. “If they were removed, and competent and clean people brought in, we would bring in revenues of our own. We could have our own economy, and demand foreign investment with transparency. We would have a true army, to protect us and serve Afghanistan.”

    So why do these well-educated Afghan professionals work for governments they are convinced want to sink their claws into their country?

    There’s nothing contrived about their patriotism – with their skills they could easily study or work abroad, but choose to stay to build a better future for their country. Afghans have a historical suspicion towards any foreign power involved in their country and maybe with the resilience of a nation which has seen off one occupier after another, they are willing to wait it out, confident the will of the US will break before their own.

    They don’t want Nato to leave for 15, maybe 20 years, anyway. It will take that long for Afghan institutions to be able to survive independently. In the meantime, as my literature-loving friend – who works for a number of US agencies – tells me, there is no contradiction in survival. “I like Benjamin Franklin in my pocket,” he smiles. So much for hearts and minds


  30. Fleur says:

    Here’s something else we should all consider. There are many Homo’s in key positions in the US government. Not only are these people fully compromised to keep their identity a secret, but closet homos are notorious liars. If you have lied your whole life about your true sexuality in private and public, then you are prime to lie about anything!!!!! These POS’s make perfect NWO/jew puppets. Very interesting read.


  31. Marshall says:

    They’re pretty blackmailable Fleur, and certainly lead lives of constant deception. Just ask Ray Zerwitt 😀

    New BP ad!!!


  32. goy chattel says:

    “The real reason why America is now on the road to hell, is simply because of all these Jews working in conjunction with each other to keep Israel in business, while keeping you snowed!”

    Wow, no kidding. I’ve noticed they’re using the 2010 census as a Jew welfare program. The whole organization is heebs and crypto-heebs, from crew leaders on up. One kike crew leader is paying himself the max, 40 hours a week, for watching television mostly, since his crew is tiny. He does maybe 15 hours of real work. His kike boss totally lets him get away with this of course. Back behind all their whining BS these vermin have never been anything but conspiring thieves and con artists, and they have sucked this country DRY all of our lives.

  33. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Toby- good commentary on Hegel. Look deeper though and you will see how the kike scum has controlled and corrupted the History of Ideas at least back to Aristotle, maybe even in pre-Socratic thought. They have commandeered what is commonly called western philosophy. Just look at the names of the supposed ‘philosophers’, and the connections to historical events. There is a definite pattern. The kike mind-meld comes full circle in the writings of Kant, among many many others until we have complete moral relativism / nihilism then used by commies (jews/frankfort school/Nietzsche) to fulfill their evil plans.

    I exposed and rejected so-called western philosophy for what it is and is not. The orthodox academic ‘philosophy’ taught in kike universities today is living proof of the great intellectual fraud committed. I suppose they allow so-called eastern philosophy as an antithesis to the fraud they purport. The only worldview and ‘philosophy’ that is overtly and conspicuously excluded by these kike fraud puppet professors is the only true philosophy of the natural world known and held by the vast majority of people in the world. American Indians, Australian Aborigines, Africans and most called ‘ethnic’ understand the world in natural terms, not kike semantics, and they LIVE their ‘philosophy’ and their ‘religion’ by knowing it as THE WAY OF LIFE ITSELF, not confused with lies hidden in false meanings of kikes. Is there a reason that there is NOT a word for ‘religion’ in any American Indian language? Yes, that’s why.

  34. Flanders says:

    Toby, You are giving a good explanation on the subject, better than I could do. Let us hear some more. I sometimes engage in discussions about the dialectical process, but usually rely on external links to make my points. I do not have a full understanding myself and find it difficult to spot the dialectical process in use. I have a difficult time turning the conceptual toward reality and have a gap in perception on this. Maybe you and GTR and White Patriot can give us some more information.

    Fleur, Good info there and it shows the problem with accepting open queerdom. Once it is “open” (actually allowing militant pushing of perversity into our everyday consciousness – and not limited to homosexuality), then society is not normal. Society has become queered instead of having normality. An important milestone for the Frankfort School adherents and activists is that acceptance.

  35. Steelback says:

    On the question of how far Orwell’s 1984 dystopia was a product of his familiarity with elite NWO plans David Icke’s 2009 Newsletter commemorating the writer’s death sixty years earlier is instructive.

    Were Brave New World and 1984 products of of writerly imagination or acquaintance with long-term elite planning?

    Icke links Orwell’s vision with Dr Richard Day’s extraordinarily prescient description of what life would look like now in a speech he gave in 1969.

    The Future envisioned in both these novels and Day’s speech has its roots in Talmudic prophecy.

    The bleak and remote back-drop to Orwell’s final artistic enterprise the island of Jura where he died of TB not long after its completion are powerfully suggestive.

    Did he sense that the esoteric knolwedge he was communicating might put his life in danger?

    Again it seems curious that Day’s research interests as Professor of Paediatrics at Mt Sinai Medical School and involvement with Rockefeller-funded Planned Parenthood Group suggest a remarkable degree of congruence with enduring elite interests.

    Day shared their interest in eugenics,worked on Weather Modification Programmes and in 1949 also discovered Riley-Day syndrome-a genetic disorder that only affects Ashkenazi Jews.

    The future is the NWO envisaged in the Protocols.Huxley and Orwell novelized it;Day lived and breathed it.


  36. Flanders says:

    Toby, You are right to be mistrustful on your sources, but there is good information from Bro. Nathaneal and Henry Makow. Some of the information is not available elsewhere. Keep your skepticism, and explore your sources for hidden bias or agendas, but use what is available along with your own intellect. I hope you will have more access to internet time because you have some good viewpoints.

  37. Flanders says:

    Great link, Steelback. I found it interesting that the BB acronym for Big Brother may have been thought of by Orwell as representing B’nai B’rith. Here is some more information about them and about their jewish kaballistic and masonic ties.


    I also like the following Orwell description for the “brain-dead” masses from your link.

    “Prolefeed, the brain-numbing ‘entertainment’ and made-up ‘news’ for the masses that kept them dumbed down and incapable of free thought.”

  38. Hoff says:

    Boris Pasternak, any info anyone?

  39. Flanders says:

    Hoff: Pasternak Wrote “Dr. Zhivago”. Bio from Nobel Prize, 1958





    “Now Pasternak has shown the heroes of the revolutionary days as human beings, less than immaculate. In a harsher time Pasternak might have found himself banished to Siberia.

    That he should be offered freedom to go into exile (a chance which millions now behind the Iron Curtain would seize with both hands) is something new. So is the publication by Tass of Pasternak’s letter to Khrushchev.”

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pKuU-csib4 [Poem read in Russian by Pasternak]

  40. Rock says:

    Dr Zhivago was a great movie. One of the oldest chick flicks I can remember.
    I remember my mother crying her eyes out to it back in the 70,s watching it.
    Anyone who’s never seen it should watch it. At the end when the good doctor is trying to catch up to the love of his life,who was ripped away from him because of the communist take over and has a heart attack while she does’nt see or hear him and he dies right behind her, oh boy, I’m gershflenkt in my geshphlinkle, I cant twalk right now. Some where my love……………(boohoo)

    Ok, I,m back.
    You should watch it not cause it makes you blubber like a 2 year old but because its a blue print of how I beleive the ultimate take over will occure in america and probably the world.
    The mentally conditioned public and controlled robotic military will become one under the disguise of the “Common working peoples” movement or something along those lines.
    Those who are dissidents to the “movement” you know “us”, the ones who are awake and aware of these tricks will be “purged”(thats a nice way of saying shot in the head).
    Sounds far fetched? Ask an old Russian.
    In America we have the 2nd amendment(for the moment) allowing us to arm ourselves. And anyone in the world reading this beleive me when I tell you. WE ARE! To the teeth.
    They might as well call gun shows “Revolution Mart”.
    A little pea shooter here and there dont mean much but about 75 million assault weapons in the hands of even simi trained pissed off civillians creates a problem for the powers that be.
    That combined with the fact that they have to get the general public on there side and that dammed internet aint helping(he he).
    They’v done everything they can. They’v got the media, the government and most everything on a strangle hold but havent quite reached the point of absolute power. YET!

  41. Rock says:

    One more note.
    I remember in the movie tough looking russian woman telling Dr Zhivago while they cleaned out and took over his house; “Its the end of the private life”.
    Sound familiar?

  42. Toby says:


    You expressed and contextualized some very pertinent points in your commentary. It’s interesting that the Afghans and even others in the Arab countries actually have been socially conditioned to accept a lot of our American heroes such as Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, and generally speak very highly of them.

    What I find disturbing is that the jews are in Afghanistan, and have insinuated and otherwise used the U.S. as its trojan horse – proxy for jew fomented wars throughout the entire M.E. My personal belief is that the jews want complete control over the poppy-opium crop of Afghanistan as jews are the premier hard drug traffickers in the world, and furthermore through jewish domination/monopoly of all big pharma that sells the codeine – heroin derivatives to hospitals and doctors globally. This is a multi billion $$$$$ biz for jews. Not to mention jew high profits from illicit sales of opium/herion that jews traffic and distribute all over the world to infect and weaken the citizens of nations (including the U.S.) – makes it a lot easier for jews to come riding in and install their Communism once these countries are degraded and weakened by drugs.

    Also, unfortunately, hegemony and ethnic cleansing of Muslims are secondary and tertiary reasons for bringing the U.S. into Afghanistan. The latter reasons, hegemony and ethnic cleansing are also reasons for U.S. being insinuated into Iraq, et al. After much research, it would seem that since the jews want a one world government (under jew Marxist – Communism ideology of course), making Israel the capital of the world and hegemony over the entire M.E. = control of 1/3 of the geopolitical landscape for the jews. All under the ridiculous pretense (thru AIPAC’s influence of the U.S./military), that we’re (U.S.) there in the M.E. to protect jews/Israel from the aggression of the Arabs. When, in reality, it’s the other way around, or should be.

    I also believe it is the jews who have empowered the U.S. to take control of the Taliban and exert a huge amount of influence into the Taliban. This is discussed in the book, The Synagogue of Satan. I personally believe that the original Taliban initially was protecting the Muslim values, ethics, and social mores of the indigenous Arab-Muslim peoples of the M.E., but it has since been sullied and become synonymous with something horrific and evil by the jews and by the influence jews have over the U.S. military.

    Here’s a few links about how the jews were able to effective take control of China in the 1800’s and 1900’s (and eventually install Communism there – by use of drugging its denizens). Also this link discusses jew control of Opium in Afghanistan. Judicial Inc.org also ran an entire series about jews bringing the U.S. into their wars in Afghanistan, but since the last time jews crashed Judicial Inc., that particular referenced link was deleted. But in the book, The Synagogue of Satan, it was pointed out that it was jews who thru drugging the citizens of China, were able to install jew created Communism circa 1950.



    Take care GTRman.

  43. Toby says:

    White Patriot:

    You articulated some very good points regarding the Hegelian Dialectic. The foundation of the Dialectic, is, as you pointed out, found in Greek philosophy, esp. Aristotle and Socrates, Socrates later developed the Socratic Method of inductive and deductive reasoning, and then building a hypothesis. Hegel simply built on those Greek philosophy and logic origins. Once the jews had control of Mr. Hegel, they were, effectively able to apply the Dialectic for their evil purposes of Communism/Socialism, hence socially conditioning the masses that Communism is a “good thing”. It’s interesting albeit disturbing to note that Socrates was killed by the “elite”…..thru my inductive and deductive reasoning, can we safely assume that was the ‘jewish elite’ that off’ed Socrates….he was wielding way too much influence on the neural-cognitive thinking habits of non jews, i.e. questioning the logic, or lack of, in the jewish ruling elite.

    And, as you pointed out, jew influence in our universities and schools is disturbing. That’s just one aspect of how the jews have insinuated themselves and infiltrated our universities. Jews have their Sayans/agents installed at universities and are looking specifically for people who are very erudite and intelligent in the fields of science, engineering, inventions, business, law, philosophy and psychology: That way jews can steal – plagarize their ideologies and ideas and sully/corrupt them for their evil nefarious purposes. And even though jew Einstein was not in a university per se when he stole – plagarized the “Theory of Relativity”, he was at a European patent office there specifically to look for science and technology to steal – to plagiarise the work of several genius scientists, and allow the jews to copyright and patent those goy/non jew ideas “as their own”. A practice that is very common for jews. The Theory of Relativity was originally coined by Poincare, Lorentz, and some other very bright/intelligent non jews in Europe.

    [Jew] Einstein plagiarised the work of several notable scientists in his 1905 papers on special relativity and E=mc2, yet the physics community has never bothered to set the record straight.


    Take care White Patriot.


    Message to jews: Let me see if I have this straight: Thru your use of the Hegelian Dialectic to manipulate and influence my thinking to accept your jew created jew beloved Communism: You want me to give up all my personal property, my job, my family, my religion: Christianity, and all my civil liberties and civil rights and make Communism (yeah, make jews “God”): Who the hell thinks this is a good idea?!?

  44. Flanders says:

    Rock, You have a very clear vision of what is happening. You are able to place in context some very good points. Your messages can be very instructive. For instance, when you talk about Dr. Zhivago:

    “Anyone who’s never seen it should watch it. At the end when the good doctor is trying to catch up to the love of his life,who was ripped away from him because of the communist take over and has a heart attack while she does’nt see or hear him and he dies right behind her, oh boy, I’m gershflenkt in my geshphlinkle, I cant twalk right now. Some where my love……………(boohoo)

    Ok, I,m back.
    You should watch it not cause it makes you blubber like a 2 year old but because its a blue print of how I beleive the ultimate take over will occure in america and probably the world.
    The mentally conditioned public and controlled robotic military will become one under the disguise of the “Common working peoples” movement or something along those lines.
    Those who are dissidents to the “movement” you know “us”, the ones who are awake and aware of these tricks will be “purged”(thats a nice way of saying shot in the head).
    Sounds far fetched? Ask an old Russian.”

    Maybe you have an inherent ability to connect with a segment of America, the female, which is a segment which we who are jew aware have a difficult time to convince of certain necessities. For instance, how do we convince them that it is in the best interests of all of us to drop the false, but jew-insprired “messages of love for everyone makes one a good person” type of thought?

    Our movement would be immensely stronger if we had a large segment of females who understood that and who couid communicate that to others. Many of us see in our own everyday lives that what we beleive is repudiated by the media-consciousness and the false social expectations adopted by our own family members. It is not just females who have the problem of not recognizing a treasonous plan of destruction by infiltrating such ideas into society. Many modern “men” are swallowed by the same egaltarian propaganda.

    Maybe you will have some more ideas this way, which can communicate points by using media against it’s controllers.

  45. Flanders says:

    Rock, It is of course not the content of those messages so much as the ways in which the messages are intended to weaken and to make us susceptible to control that is the objection, and that inherent weakness which comes with acceptance of such basic messages is what we must learn to counter. How do we counter those, particularly when media continues to be jewish-controlled?

  46. GTRman says:

    Interesting, Flanders. Ive thought the same. Rock maybe ugly as sin in real life, who knows, but the picture I get is (warning: I sound like a 14 yr old girl here ) the grunt with the heart from Avatar.

    Shamans, sociologists,advertisers,Bernays!, pop band managers etc. through the ages have known that you have to GET THE FEMALES FIRST.

    Most consumer spending is done by females. Most advertising is targeted at females. Its all about exploitation of instinct. Good instincts and traits.

    Women (although they can be bitchy/ two-faced ) are GENERALLY (I dont want to upset anyone here ) more social and talkative and supportive of one another in groups. They generally have less problem sharing looks, hairstyles etc, whereas men are usually (GENERALLY) more taciturn and OUTWARDLY competitive. Why are there more male stand-up comics than female, for instance? Nasty White Man blocking them out?

    No, young males in groups GENERALLY joust and jostle for pecking order ( Im NOT saying females dont do this also) and “funny”, or “quick-witted” , is often a good substitute for muscle / or traditional alpha male traits.

    I know this all sounds like psyche 101 but I am condensing stuff ive read, rather than making it up.

    Jim Morrisson of ” The Doors” knew this and spoke / wrote of it. I’ll try and find a link.

    So, Rock, are you willing to be the poster boy for the “Jew-wise” movement? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The world awaits!

  47. GTRman says:

    Cant find the aforementioned Morrisson quotes on females.
    But for those who only know the “cock rocker”, some of this may surprise you:



    Anyhow, its clear to see, look at Elvis / Beatles / Sinatra /Valentino etc, et al :

    Get the females first!

  48. Rock says:

    Oh Wow, I missed this conversation somehow. Had a bussy week.

    In regards to women, not to bragg, but I’v had alot of shall we say,”feild study”. Yea, I like to do it outside! WooHoo!

    I’m a fairly good looking man in my mid 40’s and have found that the majority of women I meet are turned off because of my political veiws.
    I’m called a radical by some.
    Does’nt matter, I only want them for one night anyway. For I am a dog(arf).
    I think women like their men to tow the PC line and fall in with the “rest of us”, as they say.
    Not all though. There’s nothing more vicious or more effective than an awakened woman and its going to become more and more shall I say “stylish” in the near future for “the chicks” to call themselves awakened and aware as that movement grows stonger.

  49. Flanders says:

    Rock, I think you are missing the points that GTRman and I were making. We’re not referring to your “doing it in the open” stud field work, but to your ability to connect mentally with the female psyche through your writing style. Your writing style would have them chasing you through the field and jumping your bones, but can also have the added benefit of awakening some of those impotent braindeads among the “fairer sex” as to the fact that they are wrongly supporting messages which are designed to hurt them and to hurt all of us.

    Think about it some. Your writing style could help to truly liberate the media-sedated women who unconsciously (or subconciously)accept the wrong media messages, and you can inspire them to reject those media messages with your doses of realism.

    Are you prepared to become the casonova Rock of Incogman? Tough Job! – but someone’s got to do it!

  50. Flanders says:

    I also think you have a good read on what is happening on the awakening scene.

    Rock: “I think women like their men to tow the PC line and fall in with the “rest of us”, as they say.
    Not all though. There’s nothing more vicious or more effective than an awakened woman and its going to become more and more shall I say “stylish” in the near future for “the chicks” to call themselves awakened and aware as that movement grows stonger.”

    We need the women to become awakened and aware. The present lack of awareness and the toeing of the PC line, which is an epidemic among the general public, is the weakness of Whites and Americans and is what is causing the most danger to all of us. “Awake and Aware” needs to become stylish in order to protect all of us and to make this world a truly better place. CONSCIOUS is what we need all Americans to be.

  51. Rock says:

    Oh no Flanders. I didnt miss it at all. And thanx.
    I just saw a chance for a “me” moment and decided to use it to bragg thats all. You know? LOL, ha ha hee hee
    I dont know about any connection with women mentally or through writing. And certainly none on this site. Maybe ya’ll see something I dont.
    Women I know have this cute little pet name they call me. Lets what is it again? Oh yea PIG!
    But I accept your compliment though I think Biker cuts to the chase better than I ever could, but he’s ugly. I understand. Any suggestions where I could impliment my newfound superpowers?

  52. Flanders says:

    “Any suggestions where I could impliment my newfound superpowers?”

    Not for now, Rock. I’ve been planning to check out a site that Cannibal Rabbi mentioned in more recent postings thread, but haven’t had the time. When I do, maybe we can both go there to check and to try it out. It may be a tough one to start with though judging from the response that Cannibal Rabbi and one of our other commenters had. I’ll locate it when we both have the time and we will do a test run. This could get interesting.

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