Goodbye America (Part 2)

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.” — George Orwell, 1984

By Dr. Lasha Darkmoon, April 25, 2010

In the near future, America will have a White minority.

We, the nominally Christian masses of European ancestry, will be surrounded by a sea of strange faces. All these polyglot multitudes, who have been teleported into America — and mainly because of Jewish influence against the will of its White majority — are now pitted against us. They are likely to be our new enemies. They have been shoehorned into America for one purpose only: to make life tough for us. They compete with us for vanishing jobs and diminishing resources, and inevitably they will obtain political power that they will use against us.  

The Multicultural Menagerie

One of the many “benefits” of multiculturalism is that loyalty issues come to the fore. Exhibit A for this is the notorious Jonathan Pollard spy case.

Requests for Pollard’s release from Jewish sources have been endless — Yitzhak Rabin (1995), Benjamin Netanyahu (2002), Ehud Olmert (2008). But Pollard remains safely behind bars, as if to show us that the old dog still wags its tail. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz expresses his anger thus: “As an American and as a Jew, I hereby express my outrage at Jonathan Pollard’s sentence of life imprisonment for the heinous crime he flagrantly committed.”

Sorry, that’s a misquote! It should be:  “…for the crime to which he pleads guilty.” (Pleading guilty to a crime, in Dershowitz’s bizarre Alice-in-Wonderland world, is clearly tantamount to being innocent or at least getting a soft sentence.)


It gives me no pleasure to point out that Israel’s present Prime Minister, the thuggish ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu, resorted to moral blackmail in 1998 at the Wye River Conference in order to secure Pollard’s release. “If we signed an agreement with Arafat, I expected a pardon for Pollard,” he said. Quid pro quo, you see. If you give us Pollard, we’ll give you the promise of peace. 

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States it can dry up and blow away,” the same Netanyahu reportedly told Pollard, upon exiting Pollard’s prison cell after a friendly social call in 2002. This quote, which is cited all over the Internet, is the sort of thing that, even if inaccurate, reflects the reality that Israel and its Lobby in the US are exploiting American blood and treasure on behalf of Israel.

This is the man who refuses to desist from his ongoing dispossession of Palestine, while at the same time expecting American largesse in exchange for his intransigence — and more American lives, needless to say, lost in foreign wars fought for Israel.

It’s only in America, it seems, that the piper seems unable to call the tune. Another quote:

Netanyahu: “Watch it, boy, don’t dare speak to me like that! WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA!  Ever heard of the Samson Option?” 

Okay, he didn’t say that! But it’s what he could have said in a parallel universe. It’s what he  might well have said in this universe, if he was speaking his real thoughts.

Even American Vice-Presidents, Zionist lackeys though they be, visit Israel only to get spat upon. How do they react to their ritual humiliation at the hands of their Jewish masters?  As the spit lands on their faces, they ask if it’s raining.

“It’s good to be home!” VP Joe Biden gushes, arriving in Israel on an official visit. “The U.S. has no better friend than Israel! Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the United States and Israel!

Stick a tail on this guy and he’d win first prize in a poodle competition.

As if to emphasize the point of Israeli muscularity, Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld invokes the dreaded Samson option.”We possess several hundred atomic warheads,” he reminds us ominously, “and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.”

Europe, watch out.

Meanwhile, in America, the Jews have never had it so good. In 2009, 35% of the richest men in America were Jews. This 2% of the population who are the wealthiest group in America and now comprise 25% of Ivy League undergraduates and 40% of Harvard alumni, are indeed voluble in their never-ending complaints about their victimhood. America’s 400 richest men, according to a report in the New York Times (March 23, 2009), own as much as 22% of the nation’s total wealth, and around 140 of these multibillionaires are Jews.        

“Ah, how sweet it is to be Jewish at the end of this 20th century,” Alain Finkielkraut wrote in Le Monde in 1998. “We are no longer history’s accused, but its darlings. The spirit of the times loves, honors, and defends us, watches over our interests; it even needs our imprimatur. Journalists draw up ruthless indictments against the Nazis and their modern collaborators. Churches repent. States do penance.”   

White America smiling … but not for long

You are this young couple. Here’s what happens to you. This is your fate:

You are kidnapped by four Blacks, three men and a woman, while out on a date. For the next twenty-four hours, you are subjected to systematic torture. Both of you are gang-raped. You, the young woman, are forced to watch your boyfriend being sodomized by three black men, one after the other. What does the black woman do? She stands in the background, watching, a kitchen knife in her hand, waiting to cut off your sweetheart’s penis. This happens. Maybe they all take turns to saw off your darling’s penis. It’s your turn now, White Lady. Let’s see your tits, Bitch! Hey man, pass me that knife! Yes, White Lady, it’s TIME FOR YOUR BREASTS TO BE CUT OFF! They rape you first. They make you drink cleaning fluid. And then they hack off your breasts. Finally, they strangle you to death.

No point going on. Both bodies are found dumped on waste ground later, riddled with bullets.

This happened in January, 2007, near Knoxville, Tennessee, to Christopher Newsom (23) and his girlfriend Channon Christian (21)  This whole grisly affair of Black-on-White violence was carefully covered up by the mainstream media.  Who owns the media? Don’t even ask!

“The details of the crimes were considered so horrific,” we are told, “that the authorities would not release accounts to the news media for fear of putting Blacks in a bad light and upsetting race relations. The facts emerged only when some enterprising reporters checked documents filed in federal court.”  

This case is exceptional only for its psychopathic brutality.  Thousands of other cases occur in which Black-on-White rapes without murder feature, as well as countless cases of unprovoked beatings and verbal abuse of Whites.

Apart from perfunctory local coverage with no mention of race, these crimes, almost without exception, go unreported by the media. (See here).

These are grounds for despair. Our new elites are of course behind this — we all know that now — deliberately fomenting racial hatred, while portraying White Americans as the underlying cause of that hatred.

Here’s an eerie picture of a future dystopia, the unimaginably grim America that awaits us:

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate! — Abandon hope, all ye who enter here! (Dante’s Inferno)

It’s time to discuss despair. Despair in general. Let’s talk about our despair.

Creating Despair

Who began the Great Despair? Probably Darwin, without meaning to do so. It’s perhaps worth pointing out that the happiest and most optimistic poem ever written was penned a mere eighteen years before the Darwinian bombshell of 1859.  Here it is. Savor it slowly. It was never to be like this again:

The year’s at the spring
And day’s at the morn.
Morning’s at seven,
The hill-side’s dew-pearled,
The lark’s on the wing,
The snail’s on the thorn,
God’s in his Heaven —
All’s right with the world

— Robert Browning, Pippa Passes, 1841


Goodbye America (Part One)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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204 Responses to Goodbye America (Part 2)

  1. INCOG MAN says:

    GD Jews! You see how these people truly are? Go to that photo GTRman linked and see.

  2. Marshall says:


    Their biggest “moneymakers” currently are embellishments of COMIC BOOKS from the early 70’s or thereabouts. “Iron Man” 1 and 2 for instance. “X-Men” etc. Will there be a 3 and 4? Probably. Considering demographic marketing techniques which have been developed to a highly scientific level, I would have to say that they are “targetting” disaffected teenagers with enough money to physically get to the theater and back home again, on their parents’ good graces.

    Meanwhile, they act like rebellious teens usually do when they can “hang out” around the movie theater and/or mall.

    Such is the Jew contribution to gentile culture. Comic books. Billions they make, OY VEY!!!

    “Force and make-believe.”

    If somebody would just type THAT into their browser of choice, they might zero in on what the real problem is.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never considered “comic books” as a particularly high art form. Yet, that’s the Jew bread & butter for about the last ten years+ actually maybe 30 or 40 more….and they make

    BILLIONS of dollars from this TRIPE. Observe WW2 “cartoon propaganda” if you choose to, and think about the profound impact this has had on the USA over the last 50 years…

    Yes indeed. Disney “war cartoons” of Donald Duck facing the evil Nazis…

  3. INCOG MAN says:


    Karen/Varange is raving in SPAMblinka. Here’s one comment:

    “Ouch! Yup, I’m an atheist, humanist liberal Jewess and you dumb Goyim are a cosmic joke just like my Orthodox so-called brethren. This isn’t even a war…it’s a cakewalk. The world is moving on & you troglodytes will be left in the dust.”

    Just like a Jew.

  4. Marshall says:


    I have a very simple theory. Jew males spend their entire lives trying to “buy” beautiful blonde white girls, and turn them into their Bolshevik sex slaves. “Portnoy’s Complaint,” is that no Nordic woman would find Portnoy attractive to start with.

    I really think that’s what motivates these trillionaires.

    Jews are just not attractive. They inherently know that their genes are not desireable. I would even have to say that this form of communication occurs immediately when a wonderfully raised gentile girl first encounters a JEW, and in her heart she thinks…

    “I want to make it in Hollywood.”

    This actress would sell her soul and do absolutely anything a Jew director tells her to.

  5. American says:

    Muslims Question Silence on U.S. Mosque Bombing:!

    Well, JEW media works for filthy JEWS at the expense of the other 98% of the population.


  6. Lynda says:

    Ha Ha. Incogman. This is funny. Just like Zod and the evil Kryptonians in the Phantom Zone. I love it. When she turns it around and starts whinging, pissing and moaning as the daughter of a holocaust survivor – be sure and print it. Who knows, maybe her daddy was the one who was gassed six times.

  7. American says:

    Gassed 6 times for bugs, maybe. LOL!!!

  8. Lynda says:

    Marshall, I must admit I have a great deal of sympathy for the young men of today. The most attractive young women are thoroughly joodaized. All that feminism, faggotim, liberalism etc in the public schools – they are clueless and dangerous. They are heading down the Wrong Way Go BAck ramp to the freeway at 150 k with their foot to the floor and accelerating.

    Whereas, the young men can usually find their way back to Euro American sanity through discourse, information and reasoning.

    But the young women are, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, really whacked. They worship these jew celebs and copy them in race mixing and black adoptions. The Jewesses Angelina, Madona and Sandra all adopt black babies – they have to go the full Bullock and get a black baby, just like the Jewess Paris Hilton carries a toy yap yap in her purse, they have to carry a toy poodle.

    They think the world owes them a living in some irrelevant career of choice no matter how subservient to ZOG. They are selling themselves and ruining their prospects to ever be the wives of men who have got their masculinity figured out and the mothers of well bred children. Let me tell you when they hit 35 or so and their Wile E Coyote moment arrives, it will not be printable or pretty.

    I can only hope that the young American patriot men can come up with some creative and winning strategies for reclaiming them for their people.

  9. American says:

    JEWS encourage gays to corrupt society in any way they choose, as long as they don’t criticize terrorist Israel:


  10. Flanders says:

    Baltimore, Md. cops arresting people (felonies) for filming their own arrests.

    Too many incidents show why this decision should hold. Videos of two of the incidents show on the right hand column.

  11. Flanders says:

    Some of the “well-laid” plans for the Euro are going awry. I have long suspected that the US, (involuntarily and unknowingly) was propping up the Euro through machinations of the exchange rates by the jew international financiers. Now the European reliance on socialism to enable a corrupt EU is being hit by economic realities.

    Some of those international financier’s well-managed companies are “getting hammered today, will suffer from the shoring up of the socialist, progressive, welfare states of Europe, whose citizens they’ve socialized into thinking the rest of us should support their above-market wages, perks and lifestyles.”

  12. Flanders says:

    So now it is time for an EU south of America. It has been in the plans for a long time in case anyone didn’t know, as has been a similar plan for either the US alone or in combination though SPP or the NAU. Another plan exists for joining all the separate ones together.

    “Speaking at a press conference following the EU-Caribbean countries ‘Cariforum summit’ in Madrid, several EU leaders, including Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, highlighted the value of regional collaboration in Latin America and praised the example of the EU.”

    In case anyone wonders what it is all about, review some of the early history on Barroso. The others are at least as, and probably more, “progressive”. As is becoming more plain everyday, there are elements behind the US government (likely within it) who are as communist as all of these Europeans rolled together.

    “Barroso’s political activity began in his college days, before the Carnation Revolution of 25 April 1974. He was one of the leaders of the underground Maoist MRPP (Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party, later PCTP/MRPP, Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat).”

  13. Flanders says:

    Quote Of The Week

    “Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.

    If this cause, that is dear to my heart, is doomed to fail, I pray Heaven may let me fail with it, while my face is toward the enemy and my arm battling for that which I know is right.

    I am with the South in death, in victory or defeat. I believe the North is about to wage a brutal and unholy war on a people who have done them no wrong, in violation of the constitution and the fundamental principles of the government. They no longer acknowledge that all government derives its validity from the consent of the governed.”

    General Patrick Cleburne – Confederate States of America

  14. Julian Lee says:

    The posts of Lynda are top flight. Keep ’em coming, Lynda.

  15. Blue says:

    Slowly but surely, Wallstreet is being exposed for the corrupt ponzi scheme that it is. The only problem is, they send a bevy of New York lawyers down to Washington to get the terms of a penalty changed to a wrist slap. Until we kick the shysters out of the backrooms of our government, these parasites will continue to ply their trade.

  16. American says:


    In South America, they have Mercosur which allows free entry/exit to any other member countries, and if I’m not mistaken, people can take a job in those other countries as well.

    On a side note, until 2 years ago, I never knew much about Israel. After seeing videos of the truth, I have learned to hate them. Check out the prison they’ve turned the “holy land” into:


  17. Nemesys says:

    I heartily concur with Julian Lee’s exhortation to Lynda; your experiences with the Satanic Novis Ordus sre absolutely fascinating. Tell us more….I’ve been telling folks I know to drop in and read.

  18. Flanders says:

    American, I think your film shows what the JNWO wants for the whole world – and what they are working to obtain in the US. We can see from everyday events that this is exactly what they are trying to institute here in the US.

    I have not been aware for all that long myself, American. I knew very little about jews and have liked the ones I had run across. It was not until I became aware of the jews political power in the US and some of the early publications and films showing information which I had never had access to, that I started becoming aware. I was very anti-communist and had tried all of my life to determine how to combat it, since it was obvious that “communists” were the ones who were responsible for the problems in the US. Once I had read and listened to information given in Benjamin Freedman’s speeches and by Jack Bernstein’s, “The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel”, I began to awaken. From there it was a matter of studying various materials until I realized that it was jews = communism, and that this was why jews used the term communism, as a label to hide behind, since there were more communists without the communist label than there were who were party members. The jews and their controlled media WERE the communists and had prevented identification by charges of anti-semitism while allowing other euphemistic terms.

    Freedman: [Transcript 1] [Transcript 2]

    Jack Bernstein [1] [2]

  19. kendar says:

    Dick Stallion = Hasbara.

    Don’t know why he isn’t spamblinka at this point.

  20. GAWD'S EYEBALL says:


  21. Lynda says:


    Many Catholics who aspire to the faith of the Roman Catholic Church and would persevere in that faith do frequent the novus ordo post conciliar church of the Vatican II Council (1963). This church of the novus ordo missae is currently in occupation of the Roman Catholic structures worldwide.

    As a Roman Catholic – I live in a parish which is a novus ordo parish and I know many Catholics, many who would be Catholic and novus ordinarians. I attend the parish socially because, as I said, many are there who would be Catholic.

    The novus ordo is currently undergoing judeazation in accordance with the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate. And it is the source of social justice initiatives (many worthy in themselves) which accord with the mandate for new world order in the Vatican II document Gaudium et Spes.

    The Roman Rite of Tradition canonized by the true papacy is at this time proscribed and a new mass has been instituted.

    The canonized rite contains the true record of the witness of Christ from scripture and apostolic tradition in which the Church participates and understands in its liturgy. This, of course, includes the understanding of Jewry. For example:

    In the Exaltation of the Holy Rood (Cross) Sept 14; the text for the mass is from John 12:31-36

    At that time Jesus said unto the multitudes of the Jews (note: not Israelites – Jews who are of Edom also resided in Judea and indeed their puppet king Herod was on the throne) “Now is the judgement of this world; now shall the Prince of this world be cast down.”

    The homily is from Pope St Leo (lesson viii)

    “Thou, O Lord did spread out thy hands all the day to an unbelieving and gainsaying people, yet the world was created to feel and to own thy Majesty! Truly, our Lord, Thou has drawn all things unto Thee! For the senseless elements gave one wild cry of horror at the iniquity of Jewry

    Traxisti, Domine, omnia ad te, cum in execrationem Judaic: sceleris, unam protulerant omnia elementa senteniam

    the lights of the firmament were darkened; day was turned to night; the earth quaked with strange tremblings…thus all God’s works refused to serve the guilty

    Note this last. Please meditate on what is going to happen when Jewry accedes to world power – however briefly

    when the shadow (the prefigurement of the Patriarchal, Noachic, Abrahamic, Mosaic and David Covenants) was changed for the substance, prophecy for realization and Law for Gospel.

    The glory of the Cross shining over heaven and earth is the glory of our Lord’s Passion wherein stands his judgement seat and the judgement of the world and the might of the Crucified.”

    Now. It should be clear to even the unbeliever why to the Judaic Power and its Imperium which usurped the Chair of Peter in the 1958 Conclave can not have Catholic nations or even republics with Catholic populations assembling for Divine worship in the Roman Rite.

    So there have been many changes since V II. Hutton Gibson – yes, he is Mel’s father, has a newletter about this And there are many excellent websites of traditional Catholics that have gone online to help people understand the current state of affairs.

    Those who understand in some measure these enormous events would be aware from the Roman Catholic magisterium alone (apart from any historical evidence) that John XXIII, Paul IV, John Paul I and II and Benedict XVI are anti-popes. In its long history the Church has had about 45 anti-popes. The Baltimore Catechism #3 Lesson 12, Q 537 defines anti-pope as “a pretended pope. The anti-popes were men who by the aid of faithless Christians or others unlawfully claimed and acted in the papal power while the pope in law (de jure) was in prison or exile.”

    Unless there is at present an interregnum, there does exist a true pope in law. He is underground and his bishops with him. Jewry can not destroy the papacy but they can cause the pope to flee to exile. The Roman Catholic Church is in eclipse.

  22. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Anti-Government Man Jerry Kane Jr., Teenage Son Reportedly Killed Police In Deadly Shootout

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An Ohio man’s resentment of authority and run-ins with the law was enough for a local sheriff to warn that he could be dangerous if confronted by law enforcement. Years later, the sheriff appears right: The man and his teenage son are suspected of fatally shooting two Arkansas police officers during a traffic stop before they died in a shootout.

  23. GTRman says:

    Just to echo Marshalls thoughts on comic-book movies/culture this caught my eye at Akiras site:

    The media is key to Jewish control.

    Commerce, banking, the law, finance, banking, etc. are all important. It all comes down to cash, money, credit, just like when they first took over through usury and by controlling currencies and international banking. But these are all things the average person can’t affect much.

    What you can affect is the media, especially through boycotts and by trying to open your friends’ and co-workers’ and family’s and acquaintances’ eyes.

    Even the most politically-correct or deluded person will have to pause when it’s simply pointed out to them the fact that virtually all of American media is controlled by 2% of the population. Even those who dread the thought of appearing “antisemitic” will respond to the simple questions, “Is that fair? Do they represent all Americans? Shouldn’t other people’s stories be heard too? [without the Jew-filter!]”

    The Jew-Stream Media is essential in Jewish brainwashing.

    Just stop watching. Or only watch so as to understand their agenda. Whatever you do, stop paying for their media. If you want to see their media for research purposes, there are ways of doing it without them getting a shekel out of you. And start watching/reading/listening to the real “alternative media”. Every so often they try to sell you “alternative media”. For example, that’s what “Punk” was supposed to be. Then you start to realize — The Sex Pistols, a scam of the Jew Malcolm McLaren, from a rich family of Jewish diamond merchants; Bernie Rhodes (Clash manager), Richard Hell, Jonathan Richmond, Tom Verlaine, Robert Quine, Lou Reed, Sylvain Sylvain, The Cars, The Dictators, half of Blondie, etc. etc. ~ Jews. People who promote selfishness, societal rot, and Anti-Christ are Jews — coincidence? The same with the Rap racket, designed to make Blacks into raping, dope-dealing savages. Check out who the owners, agents, producers, and managers are. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    I read this at some self-described “Conservative” blog:

    “A Catholic priest claimed that Superman “seems to personify the primitive religion expounded by Nietzsche’s Zarathustra’’ and said comics were a dangerous distraction from Christianity.”

    The blogger thought this was hilarious. The idea that an ostensibly Christian country has a culture dominated by those who boast in their Talmud of having killed Christ is a big joke to this “Conservative”.

    X-Men: Jewish

    Fantastic Four: Jewish

    Batman: Jewish

    Superman: Jewish

    Spiderman: Jewish

    D.C.: Jewish

    Marvel: Jewish

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Just like TV.

    Law & Order: Jewish

    CSI: Jewish

    NCIS: Jewish

    Friends: Jewish

    Seinfeld: Jewish

    CNN: Jewish (+ Wolf AIPAC Blitzer, Larry King, Aaron Brown, Campbell Brown: Jews. + Christianne Amanpur: Married to a Jew. And on it goes…)

    CBS: Jewish

    NBC: Jewish

    ABC: Jewish

    MTV: Jewish

    Disney: Jewish

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    This is the essence of both the Protocols and Talmudism. 1-2% of the population setting the “news” agenda; setting the parameters of debate; telling people how to think about sex and war and God and politics and the law and culture; deciding what people watch and listen to and read; hiring the ’stars’; creating celebrities; acting as agents for the talking heads and dream-makers and stars, and lawyers for virtually every media figure; directing, producing and writing over half of all influential media; running the porn industry, etc.

    And then some fools try to say that Jews have nothing to do with cultural and societal rot?

  24. GTRman says:

    Great article ( Immigration / borders )

    Gordon Duff: Slave America, Holocaust By Deceit

    Millions of illegal aliens, thousands members of dangerous drug gangs, have taken over city after city, state after state. Do you really think our government couldn’t have closed the border in days? The illegals are here for a purpose. They killed trade unions, suppressed the minimum wage, worked as slaves for corporate agriculture, filled our prisons and courts, all of this and more was part of a plan. Follow the money. Illegal immigration is a product of lobbyists who fought to protect it, the National Association of Manufacturers and the US Chamber of Commerce in particular. Big agricuture spent millions to keep our borders open and their hero, California Governor Ronald Reagan, chief “coyote” of all time.

    Give us one division out of Iraq and the border will be closed in 3 days, not just “talked about” but closed. This will never happen as long as massive illegal immigration hurts only America’s working classes, the only people actually paying taxes, actually working and fighting for America. Real Americans don’t matter, haven’t for years. It didn’t happen overnight but Americans are now slaves in their own country. We all know it but our slave masters are now the people telling us who to blame.

    In order to be slaves, we had to be conditioned to become slaves. This was done in increments, causing us to distrust each other, put our reliance on charismatic leaders, all of whom have turned out to be sociopaths, professional liars and thieves, mouthpieces for a very real conspiracy against the American people. Part of that conditioning was confusing Americans to the point where we would blame each other, one imaginary enemy after another, all blamed for our failures, our poverty, our decline while, when we weren’t looking, our economy drained into the foreign bank accounts of the few and our jobs flushed into Mexico, then China.

  25. Flanders says:

    Excerpt from the “Give me Liberty…” speech of Patrick Henry

    “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable–and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.”

  26. GTRman says:

    Elegant black lady finally brings a much-missed demure sophistication to the world of tennis! If this is sport, what the fk do hip-hop vids look like these days?

  27. GTRman says:

    Elegant and talented black lady brings much-needed restraint, taste and decorum to nightclub, by grabbing at her crotch in front of an audience of
    sodomites. Come, Armageddon, come !

  28. Marshall says:

    Wow Gtrman-

    They have all that Holohoax memorabilia but still can’t seem to produce any bones from Treblinka. Wonder if they’ll start selling all that “Holohair”TM they have saved up at the Auschwitz Museum…$1000/oz. such a deal, itz!!! I bet it has magical Kabbalistic properties too if you tie it into a bracelet…


  29. GTRman says:

    How about bottles of multi-coloured magic chimney smoke?

    Anne Franks drumkit and tapshoes? -good condition (hardly used )

    A vial of Genuine Auswitch Tears?

    Or 6 million tons of genuine bullshit? Contact Mr E . Weisel….

    And its goodbye UK too:

    What next on the NHS? Bikini waxes for bisexuals?

    The NHS in Strathclyde is advertising for a ‘Hair Removal Specialist – Transgender Services’.
    The NHS is advertising for a hair removal specialist for transgender patients
    The lucky applicant will be paid up to £21,798 a year. Professional electrolysis and laser treatment qualifications and experience of working with transgender clients is essential.
    I would imagine that rather narrows the field. A strong stomach and a sense of humour are also must-haves.
    Over the years this column has made a decent living documenting some of the more imaginative ways in which the NHS contrives to spend our money.
    There was the GP in Peterborough who thought that prescribing Viagra to a convicted paedophile was a proper use of public funds.
    And the NHS Trust in south London which discovered it couldn’t manage without a special team of counsellors catering exclusively to the very special needs of gay and lesbian alcoholics. …( more )

    Dustmen ( refuse collectors ) are being issued with BlackBerries to spy on householders committing ‘environmental crimes’

    Biffa, the private company which collects the rubbish for 25 local authorities, has taken delivery of 1,500 of the high-tech mobile phones.

    They will allow refuse crews to take photographs of overflowing bins and record the details of people who put the ‘wrong’ kind of rubbish in their recycling containers.

    The information can then be emailed instantly back to the depot, so that fines can be issued.
    Biffa claims the phones will be used only to identify ‘health and safety problems’, and will allow binmen to download maps so they can negotiate their rounds more efficiently.
    Garbage. I would be surprised if there wasn’t a nice little drink in it for Biffa, a percentage of the profits based on the number of penalty notices handed out.

    This is just another escalation of the campaign to punish as many decent people as possible, using the excuse of saving the planet.
    Only last week, a 95-year-old woman was threatened with a £100 fine by Swansea Council for putting a yellow butter tub in the ‘wrong’ recycling bag.
    This is the kind of nasty little country we have become over the past 13 years.
    Dustmen may think that they’re getting new toys to make their lives more interesting, but they should beware.
    It’s a two-way street.

    The devices will also allow their bosses to track their movements at all times. No more sloping off for a quiet cuppa

    Read more:

    ” You save him, I’m not allowed “: Policeman ‘who left man to drown was following training’, inquest hears
    A police officer who stood by as a man drowned while two members of the public dived straight in was following his training, an inquest heard yesterday.
    Pc Robert Bolt said he went beyond police guidelines when he eventually swam into the water from the canoe to try to find drowning swimmer Victor Greenwood.

    Read more:

    Dying man left on pavement for two hours as shoppers walk around him

    Shoppers walked past a dying man as he lay helpless on the pavement.

    The man, in his 50s, was slumped outside a busy row of shops in Eastfield Road, Peterborough, for nearly two hours before someone finally came to his aid.

    A passer-by eventually dialled 999 after approaching the man to see if he needed help.

    Good Samaritan Tony Poll said he felt disgusted that the man had been left there for so long and blasted shoppers for having ‘no regard for human life’.

    ( note the name of the councillor -Goldspink )

    Read more:

  30. GTRman says:

    Wow! A taser story finally hits the mainstream. Could it have anything to do with the kids name -Grevenberg?!

  31. GTRman says:

    CBS Propaganda Placement: Conspiracy Theorists Are Anti-American, Domestic Terrorists

    ‘A primetime CBS show that aired last week featured a notable example of so called “propaganda placement”, where a talking point is inserted into the plot in order to shape public perception, often at the behest of the government.

    CSI NY’s episode entitled “Point of View” featured a character who researches “conspiracy theories”, such the deliberate dispersal of potentially dangerous chemtrails into the atmosphere. First the character, a professor, is labeled”odd”, then “anti-American”, before finally he is revealed to be a “domestic terrorist” hell bent on releasing a biological weapon in New York.’

    Read more: CBS Propaganda Placement: Conspiracy Theorists Are Anti-American, Domestic Terrorists

  32. GTRman says:

    ‘A Democratic senator is introducing legislation for a bailout of troubled union pension funds. If passed, the bill could put another $165 billion in liabilities on the shoulders of American taxpayers.

    The bill, which would put the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation behind struggling pensions for union workers, is being introduced by Senator Bob Casey, (D-Pa.), who says it will save jobs and help people.’

    Read more: The Next Bailout: $165 Billion for Unions

  33. GTRman says:

    one more: Watch this if you can bear it. Shows all the liberal BS about “why so many blacks in prison”…it’ll make you laugh or spit.

    The answer to the title is of course, “Because they got caught breaking the law” …. stoopid.

  34. rocketman says:

    i thought all the Holohair was used to stuff volkswagen seats, ain’t that why all volkswagens smell the same?

  35. hoff2 says:

    Or in short – the jew want to wipe the white race from the face of earth. The jew want to write ALL the laws. The first law the jew wrote after they had taken over Russia was death penalty for the jew bogus accusation “antisemitism”, but this time the jew want that law on a global scale.

    Kosher Nostra at work.

  36. hoff2 says:

    Search: “jews male menstruation” hehehehe … 8D))))))))

  37. GTRman says:


    A BNP activist described immigrants as ‘savage animals’ and ‘filth’ in an online forum while working as a technology teacher, a disciplinary panel heard today.
    Adam Walker, who also claimed that parts of Britain are a ‘dumping ground’ for the Third World, is the first teacher to appear before the General Teaching Council accused of racial intolerance.
    The 40-year-old used a school laptop to access the website on which he allegedly also made derogatory remarks online about asylum seekers, immigrants and gay people.
    Mr Walker, who resigned from Houghton Kepier Sports College in Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, admits posting racist comments about Muslims.

    Read more:

  38. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    From your link.

    ” Barmuha’s lower right arm was amputated after the bomb prematurely exploded underneath a rival’s car, the complaint said”.

    His family say they are stumped as to why he was arrested.
    They insist vehemently, that he is ‘armless.

    He’ll need a hook for that, to match his snout.

  39. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Mr Walker, who lived in Germany, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel while serving in the armed forces, said many teachers used the internet for many different reasons.

    Israel. While serving inthe armed forces?

    How does that work?

  40. kerdasi amaq says:

    “Why are so many black men in jail?”

    Because stupid “progressive” liberals incite them to commit crime, by their silly caterwauling about black disadvantage and by making up every excuse they can think of; to justify the actions of black criminals.

  41. Marshall says:

    Looks like he’s “stumped” too Cannibal 😀

  42. Cannibal Rabbi says:



  43. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    The question was of course rhetorical.
    Just one line.
    No follow up.
    What are they teaching at journalism school?
    The chump missed the real story!!

  44. Flanders says:

    Karmic payback for a sanctuary subversive. [Original article at Boston link was already deleted for PC reasons. New link at Fox may not carry the same wording.]

    “It’s safe to say that no Massachusetts politician has done more to make illegal immigrants feel welcome. Illegal immigrants like 27-year-old Isaias Naranjo, who (ahem) “met” Moran on the streets of Brighton last week.

    According to Fox 25, Naranjo was driving 60 mph when he slammed his car into Moran’s. Naranjo was also drunk, driving without a license and – in an only-in-Massachusetts twist – was wearing a “Mexican costume” at the time.”

  45. INCOG MAN says:

    God has a sense of humor, doesn’t he?

  46. Flanders says:

    Yeah Incogman, We would all like to see God laugh a little more often. All of those “sanctuary” traitors deserve every bit of justice that they can be dealt. Did you catch the Mexican laughing at the cops, saying he would just go back to Mexico?

  47. rocketman says:

    you see? thats funny to illegal immigrants.
    your right flanders, this is what we need more of in sanctuary cities.
    i see barrack mugabe obama is ordering 1,200 national guard troops to the southern border.
    whats that like one man per 1.3 miles??

  48. Marshall says:

    He’s sending 1200 because there are only 1200 left in the USA…the rest are in Iraq rocketman!!!

  49. rocketman says:

    ohh yea, i forgot that, sorry.

  50. American born says:

    America now owes over thirteen trillion dollars. As of a few minutes ago.

  51. American born says:

    The reason the borders are open is because the drug trade is our biggest business. Honest business in America is gone… Corporations, banks and war profitering are now the norm.

  52. GTRman says:

    Obama’s Latest Supreme Court Pick

    by Jeff Davis

    Barack Hussein Obama just slapped us all right in the face… again. There are all kinds of articles about the nomination of the repulsive Jewess Elena Kagan. One article notes “Introducing his Supreme Court nominee to the nation, President Barack Obama on Monday portrayed Elena Kagan as a guiding force for a fractured court and a champion of typical Americans.”

    I guess Barack Obama considers a far left-wing Jew (and probable closet lesbian) as being “typical.” Considering that Barry’s parents were communists who met in a Russian language class in Hawaii in 1960 and that his early mentors included more communists, his idea of “typical” is radically different from that of White America.

    Obama chose a nominee who has never been a judge, a factor the White House said had worked in Kagan’s favor, giving her a different perspective from the other justices. I suppose having no experience at all in a job can give you a different perspective from those who do have experience. Bush tried the same thing with Harriet Miers, and the left wing media never stopped screaming about her lack of qualifications.
    Obama is stacking the Supreme Court with one Marxist after another to destroy what little is left of the old “normal” White America. It has long been the goal of the liberal and Jewish left in this country to strip all the last remaining vestiges of power from anyone who is White, male, Christian, conservative or sexually normal.

    Just a couple more Marxist Jews will create a Supreme Court majority for gun control, Amnesty and a wide range of other leftist issues.

    White people need to wake up to the fact that Jews in power are their biggest enemies. Senator Arlen Specter was recently defeated in his Senate primary race, which is a nice start. We need to make this the rule, not the exception. Every Jew in a powerful office needs to be driven out, and White people need to stand up for their interests and block any future attempted appointments of more Jews or non-White Marxists to the Supreme Court.

  53. White Wolf says:

    Fucking jews..

    “…Now who, we wonder, has the motive and means for carrying something like this out? A bunch of 3rd world cave dwellers in Afghanistan? Naaah. The smart money says these were (are) folks with dual citizenship who can move about as freely in America as they can in a certain Middle Eastern country that is hell-bent upon getting WWIII, WWIV and WWV going at all costs, provided of course that we (not they) are stuck with the bill.”

  54. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Oil spill threatens ‘total destruction
    The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may have apocalyptic consequences, a report by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources said.
    The British Petroleum oil spill is threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with “total destruction,” reports say.

    An ominous report by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources warned of the impending disaster resulting from the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico, calling it the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history, the European Union Times reported.

    Russian scientists believe BP is pumping millions of gallons of Corexit 9500, a chemical dispersal agent, under the Gulf of Mexico waters to hide the full extent of the leak, now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

    Experts say Corexit 9500 is a solvent four times more toxic than oil.

    The agent, scientists believe, has a 2.61ppm toxicity level, and when mixed with the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, its molecules will be able to “phase transition.”

  55. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “Top Kill” Has Failed

    Here’s the scoop: BP’s attempt to stop the oil spill using the “Top Kill” method has failed.

    How do I know?

    Well, as the New York Times notes:

    BP officials, who along with government officials created the impression early in the day that the strategy was working, disclosed later that they had stopped pumping the night before when engineers saw that too much of the drilling fluid was escaping along with the oil.

    Indeed, BP stopped pumping “mud” for more than 16 hours.

  56. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Dave has all the white cliches memorized, for sure. The only problem is that he gets the kkk cliches mixed up with the nazi cliches. Otherwise, very good rote memory. That’s what he’s here to learn after all. Lynda writes very powerful stuff, especially when she gets pissed off. So, piss off Lynda.

    I believe in the threshing floor. What’s threshed out there is forever.

  57. Marshall says:

    If that stuff creeps around the Keys and comes my way they’re going to shut down the nuke plant nearby Cannibal, because it uses huge straight seawater intakes to stay cool. They already have an ongoing problem with sea turtles getting stuck in the intakes…imagine thousands of dead fish, plants, and oil muck jamming it up. How’s that for a lawsuit BP? :-O

  58. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The Rise and Fall of Empires Under Jewish World Rule

    In their foundational myths, the Jews suck the wealth out of Egypt and depart to steal the lands of the Canaanites. The Jews lament in their mythology that the Egyptians loved them so much they loaned them their gold and jewels and that the Egyptian ruler would not let the Jews go. The Jews tell a story of how they taught the Egyptian ruler to rob and enslave his own people.

    At first glance, this might appear to be dilemma, for if the Jews sponsor the rise of an empire, that empire, not the Jews, rules and its people prosper, but the Jews want no one to prosper but themselves and no one to rule other than the Jews.

    The Jews long ago figured a way out of this apparent dilemma. The Jews learned to ensure that the empires would collapse from wars and vain consumption, and that their cultures would disappear through the importation of the conquered into the homeland. The entire process of Jewish empire building is one of destruction.

  59. Geronimo says:





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