Jew Hollywood Milks Chicano White Hate


According to online sources production of this began when the Arizona house passed its new enforcement bill. The movie features illegal aliens, as the heroes, killing white Arizona politicians and law enforcement.

The original script called for the movie to take place in Texas, but it was switched to Arizona specifically to be a slap in the face to white conservatives.

The movie is being produced by Quentin Tarantino and others. The trailer you see below was released days ago. To come out with the trailer so fast, parts of it are from a previously made “fake trailer” created to go with a previous double feature horror movie package by Quentin Tarantino. New footage, including scenes with big names Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba have been added. The scenes are explicitly anti-Arizona and anti-whites. The original “fake trailer” is politically neutral by comparison.

According to online gossip sites, Machete was originally going to be a $5 million low budget film to be part of a second double feature horror package. However, the movie has been expanded to a $20 million stand alone to capitalize on current events.

White America: It’s time to take out the trash! [INCOG]

The movie itself will be directed by “Mexican-American” Robert Rodriguez and Hispanic Ethan Maniquis. Rodriguez is also the writer. Rodriquez says he cut the Cinco de Mayo trailer to protest the new law in Arizona. Rodriguez is a typical race hustler. While fanning hatred against white people he is married to a woman with blond hair and blue eyes.

The movie will be distributed to theaters by 20th Century Fox. A spokesman for Fox says that a less controversial version of the trailer will be submitted to theaters in the new future.

Along with Tarantino, Aaron Kaufman, Rich Swartz, and Llana Nikolic are producing the film. Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Cheech Marin, and Michelle Rodriquez are starring. Big name actors like white hating misogynist Robert De Niro, and Liberal Jewish born “Buddhist convert” Steven Seagal will appear in the film according imdb.

The new Machete trailer has anti-Arizona and anti-white segments added. Released on Cinco de Mayo, 2010. The movie is expected to be in theaters in September of 2010.

Warning. These trailers are not suitable for children. Compare the Cinco de Mayo trailer for the actual film to the original “politically neutral” trailer made years ago.

Original “fake trailer.” This trailer is politically neutral by comparison. It was originally intended to be a low budget $5 million feature as part of a two feature horror movie package.

Current Machete trailer


What a pair of devious, sick Jew bastards!

White America: Just take a good look at the two filthy Weinstein Jew brothers above. These Hollywood producers financed kill-crazy Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds,” a sick torture film of White Germans (since they were “Nazis,” that made it so OK). They were the original money men behind “Machete,” now hurriedly being re-worked by other Jews at 20th Century Fox.

These two Jews amply illustrate the secret inner hate of Jewry towards White people and the Christian religion. But should you dare say something in defense of your own kind, they’ll just call you a “Nazi” and a hater. Can you believe how things have become anymore?

“Machete” is written and directed by two obvious White-hating Chicanos, and produced by Quentin Tarantino, Aaron Kaufman and Rich Swartz (undoubtedly at least two are Jews, while Tarantino is a major league Zio Suck-up). See above for the original trailer from the Weinstein brothers, followed by a new trailer for the current rework out of 20th Century Fox. Watch and ask yourself how they can get away with this kind of thing?

Imagine if a movie was made that had Whites going crazy and killing Chicanos and/or Jews all over the place? You think for one minute the media would remain quiet?


This story deserves it’s own post, but things are so bad nowadays, I have to double stuff up.

White Woman Gang-raped and Murdered by Illegals in Louisiana

Angela Laudun (right) went to a bar to pick up a paycheck and somehow became involved with four Mexicans (maybe even abducted her). They took her to an abandoned house, gang-raped her and then choked her to death.

I guess you won’t hear one word out of the filthy GD media about this one. Especially after Arizona’s new law. And I thought they were so sensitive about violence against women?


Some liberals are trying to say she prostituted herself out to the men — like when has that ever been an excuse to get murdered and ignored by the lying scum media? Only when the perps are not White, eh?



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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407 Responses to Jew Hollywood Milks Chicano White Hate

  1. Geronimo says:

    @Flanders – “The biggest enemy is media. Everything else is secondary. The entire operation against America and the Western world is centered around the media. JMSM must go. JMSM must be replaced by a free and truthful American press.”

    I was taught that Hitler’s Mein Kampf was an unreadable collection of ranting composed by a raving lunatic totally detatched from reality. That premise, like so many others forcably pressed into young, impressionable minds through the publc school system, has been proven to be nothing less than a lie once the blinders are removed and the truth is viewed in its clarity. An exerpt from Mein Kampf;

    “Thus Freemasonry is joined by a second weapon in the service of the Jews: the press. With all his perseverance and dexterity he seizes possession of it. With it he slowly begins to grip and ensnare, to guide and to push all public life, since he is in a position to create and direct that power which, under the name of ‘public opinion,’ IS better known today than a few decades ago.”

    Unmistakably the power of the press once in the hands of the self-serving, amoral Jew financial elitie transforms it from an instrument of information into a weapon of mass deception. While much emphasis is placed upon Hitler’s economic and foreign policy as a source of irritation to Intl’ Jewry his policy to remove foreign ownership from German media ranks at the very top of his “sins”. By weighing his poltiical testaments against the modern day experience it has become increasingly evident to me the man was no lunatic but rather a brilliant visionary.

  2. Geronimo says:

    “In America you can criticize God but you cannot criticize Israel”

    “They will work behind the scenes 24 hours a day…every newspaper in the country, every news station in the country, every Hollywood producer in the country…”


  3. Geronimo says:

    Response to the Weinstein Bros. Part 3

    Hitler explains his perspectives on the instigation of WWII; who was responsible, the summairly rejected and subsequently underreported proposals he offered to diffuse the situation in 1939, the motives among English and other western politicians behind the war, the hidden hand of Jewish financial and media power, intent to deny his participation in a post-war kangaroo court by remaining in Berlin, and his hope that over time truth will prevail over lies and National Socialist idealism will rise up and inspire once again.


  4. Flanders says:

    Geronimo, Thanks for that link and for the quote. I was socially trained and indoctrinated, too, into the JMSM control. I looked for answers and my search was diligent, but they were not available within the venue of the informational envelope within which we were all encased. It was not until blogging began on the internet in the 1990’s that much of the suppressed information became somewhat available. I wonder, still, how much is stuffed down the “memory hole”? I’m relatively recent in my discovery of the deceptions and I’m learning more each and every day.

    I have always considered myself to be conservative and anti-communist – a typical American – but, I had no idea that the true communists were operating in plain sight, without labels, or with “acceptable” labels (such as Democrat or Republican or head of Rotary club), and committing treasons with impunity in front of our “open” eyes. So long as the internet is open for use, I plan to be learning more and I hope teaching others to find out for themselves what you and many of us here at Incogman have learned to varying degrees.

    We must be the ones who teach people that the jew and their financial guides (their “God”?) uses our media (that of America and all Western nations) and “transforms it from an instrument of information into a weapon of mass deception.”. I’m looking forward to checking out the link you gave as it seems that it may be a good, useful and informative source of true information.

  5. GDL says:

    Those who are not Jew aware believe that communism automatically means “guns to the head.” But, what they do not realize is that to get to that point the dominant race and culture has to first be dumbed down to stupidity, weakened to the point of being powerless, and made to feel helpless about the possibility of changing anything.

    Anyone who supports non-White immigration, racial integration/mixing, the lowering birth rate of White children, feminism, affirmative blacktion, diversity, multiculturalism, homosexuality, abortion, wars against foreign nations whom the media tells us to hate, and so called “change” in America, than you are a supporter of Jewish communism. If you set around watching television and blindly/stupidly believe that your media is telling you the truth, and your government has your best interests at heart and will take care of everything, than you are a supporter of Jewish communism.



  6. Lynda,

    Are you gonna lead us into the Kumbaya?

    Retch… Gag…

  7. Flanders says:

    Prodigal Maggot – a cleaner form of jew? – no scat – just a regurgitation fixation.

  8. Flaming Flanders,

    Yeah you trip my puke reflex too… But I wasn’t talking to you – so stick your hooked nose back into your boyfriend’s dungarees and mind your own business.

    Speak when you’re spoken to Ned – Okeley Dokeley?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Prodigal Son:

      One more comment like that and you’re done. It seems you like to irk people like Flanders and Lynda here, for some reason. From now on, you comment on Jewry only.

  9. Flanders says:

    GDL, You have the correct message. It is up to us to get the message across to the brain-deads and those who have been trained into believing that supporting those messages are a popular, or even a reasonable and just, thing to do.

    “Anyone who supports non-White immigration, racial integration/mixing, the lowering birth rate of White children, feminism, affirmative blacktion, diversity, multiculturalism, homosexuality, abortion, wars against foreign nations whom the media tells us to hate, and so called “change” in America, than you are a supporter of Jewish communism. If you set around watching television and blindly/stupidly believe that your media is telling you the truth, and your government has your best interests at heart and will take care of everything, than you are a supporter of Jewish communism.”

    A treasonous JMSM continues conditioning them even as the world (not so gradually now) crumbles around them. The brain-dead and the “liberals” (the idiots who have been taught that they are educated and are therefore elevated to higher planes) continue believing media lies and deny the facts of treason and duplicity as JMSM keeps it hidden from their eyes. They will focus on any diversion prior to being forced to wake up to the fact that their ignorance and apathy are in serious danger of killing all of us. Media controllers know and exploit that.

    The brain-dead and the “educated ignorant” are communist supporters and a captive audience for communist propaganda in all of it’s shaded forms, including liberal/conservative and Democrat/Republican. They are swallowers of the dialect who, in the biblical sense, love to have their ears tickled. They are followers of anti-Christ and are, unknowingly, a part of his minions.

  10. Flanders says:

    Prodigal Maggot issuing jewish ultimatums and edging closer to the scat – irresistable to all of you, isn’t it? You are attempting to address a friend of mine, who is clearly superior to your low-life way of thinking and speaking – so keep a civil tongue, Scat-Creep.

  11. GDL says:

    Jews love to use the line: “speak when spoken to” for non-Jews.

  12. GDL says:


    Great comment at 4:54 P.M.



  13. American says:

    ‘the prodigal son’ says,

    get the zio- pharesees!

    LOL!!! prodigal is the JEW-plant the others left behind when they cut bait.

    I’ll bet right now Incog will have to send ‘prodigal’ to the delousing chambers. This chump’s “schtick” was never got off the ground!

    Don’t forget, we must DUMP ISRAEL AND JEWS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  14. Kumbaya INCOG, Kumbaya..

    Aren’t you guys late for your KKK meeting?

  15. American says:

    You know ‘Flanders’, it’s true we must awaken others every day, but I was smiling the other day when I listened to the Ernst Zundel interview (his first since he was released). He pointed out that only 4% of the population was involved in the American Revolution!

    Never lose sight of the fact we won’t need everybody, just enough of them. With the numbers AND truth on our side, I suspect it’ll be easier than most of us would think. Why do you think the JEWS crap themselves whenever Whites get together? 🙂

    By the way, Zundel’s imprisonment illustrates how JEWS have overstepped. They hounded this warm and intelligent journalist and put him in prison in 2 different countries for a victimless “crime”. Child murderers and criminal bankers leave many real victims, and nobody gets pursued like Mr. Zundel. If that isn’t proof they’re liars with something big to hide, I don’t know what is.

    Say if first, say it LOUD, and say it OFTEN: DUMP TERRORIST ISRAEL!

  16. American says:

    Since ‘Prodigal’ likes judicial-inc and the Bible in his approach, this is for him:

    Don’t worry, ‘p-boy’, there’s no video to watch. But really, how can somebody represent themselves as “in the fight” when they don’t even watch videos of the IDF “pharisees” murdering little unarmed children?

    Israel is a failed state. Shrink it, then help the JEWS to their smaller, beloved, terrorist Israel.

  17. Flanders says:

    American, You hit it and you are right:

    “Why do you think the JEWS crap themselves whenever Whites get together?”

    That is why they always try to crowd in and to disrupt, or pretend to be what they will never be capable of being. It is what feeds their resentment. Being the best is not within their capabilities and that is why they strive to be the worst (and why they feel so superior when they guide our societies into being like them – the worst and the most useless – the communal trash-heaps of managed Kahillas).

  18. American says:

    Well,that bet paid off quick! 🙂

  19. Flanders says:

    American, Mr. Zundel deserves an apology from every American for not being aware and thus incapable of preventing the miscarriage of justice and the utter contempt for American principles which subjected him to such an undeserved nightmare. His story, properly and factually related, should inspire anyone with an iota of American pride to examine the facts surrounding his experiences, and especially those parts which were initiated in the US.

    Many people are still not aware of the man or the indignities and downright tortures which were inflicted on him – and all due to those acting in concert against American priniciples and the constitution. Zundel is a man who has earned the status of an icon, and the thanks from all people in the world who still believe in free speech and fair play.

  20. American says:

    Murderous JEWS in Israel killing a 15 yr old “stone throwing” Palestinian AND a 75 yr old man.

    JEWS are weak and disgusting, expose them for what they are.

    As Americans, we must shout DUMP ISRAEL at every opportunity! It burns me up knowing we fund these pathetic murderers.

  21. American says:

    Israel-firsters have got to GO!

    No more dual-citizens in our government, or our country. DUMP ISRAEL!

  22. GDL says:

    And my friends when the Jews resort to the ole “racist”, “KKK”, “Nazi”, buzzwords, we are on the right path!



  23. American says:

    “The beginning of a revolution is in reality the end of a belief” Gustave LeBon


    This site continues to kick ass. I feel I’ve made my views known, so will step away for awhile to let others speak their mind, except filthy JEWS. I’ll jump in to smack hasbaRATS any time I please.

  24. Lynda says:

    Well, well.

    The Prodigal Son’s pose as an ‘orthodox christian’ over here at Incogman finally fell in a heap. As I am sure we all knew it would. Given the Jew puke reflex and anal focus, it is difficult, I realize, to maintain a certain tone, let alone the tone of a real Christian Orthodox like Brother Nathanael Kapner, George, Stav and KathJuliane over at

    For anyone who misses The Prodigal ‘orthodox christian’ Son’s comment, he is still over at RZN running his schtik on the thread: “Chomsky & Jewry’s Hypocrisy on Arizona Immigration Law – Interview with Kevin MacDonald. May 10, 2010.

    On May 13, TPS was pontificating to the Messageboard: “I am aware of the situation in South Africa (white genocide)…and of course we All should speak up for them – but because they are people , not just because they are white people. If they were black – would you (Disgusted White Christian) care less?” And so on.

    Basically, The Prodigal Son is a bad actor and he needs a better script.

  25. GAWD'S EYEBALL says:

    EEEEWWWWWW, that looks identical to BEN HUR !!! LIBERAL NIGGER LOVIN PROTESTIN Carlton Heston LOOK ALIKE—- PHASE II ??

  26. Geronimo says:

    Response to the Swine-stein Bros. Part IV

    Multiculturalism in action! 🙂


  27. Toby says:


    RE: Jew Crime Network

    Jew Criminal Mafia

    Thanks Mondo, I did read the book you referenced about the International Jewish Mafia: “Red Mafiya”. Also, here’s another book source about the Jew Mafia (jews even refer to their own mafia and crime network as “The Mishpucka”, a Yiddish term meaning “The Family of Crime”).

    “The Jewish Mafia” by Hervé Ryssen

    Also: Gary Wean wrote a fantastic book back in the late nineties chronicling the Jew Crime Network/Jew Mafia:

    “There’s A Fish In The Courthouse” by Gareth Wean

    “There’s A Fish In The Courthouse” – This is from Daryl B Smith’s Site [yes, I do believe Smith is jew-handled jew-controlled controlled dissent], but this book by Wean is a must-read for an understanding of the machinations of the Jew Crime Network and its auxiliary branch: The ADL , and how the two are inexorably correlated to cover up and protect the psychotic crimes committed by the Jew Criminal Mafia. And, how the jews are permeated into our law/judicial system, courts, police and sheriff departments here in the U.S. to facilitate completely smooth operations of the Jew Crime Network-Jew Mafia.

    Also covered in this book by Wean is how the jews utilize racial tension here in the U.S. to keep everyone distracted and looking in the other direction – away from the criminal network of jews, and in order for the jews to have complete hegemony of the U.S. More jew subterfuges, jew traps, jew tricks.

  28. Flanders says:

    A cover-up in progress?
    I suspect so from the scanty information available in the differing search sources I’ve checked. It involves an alleged Israeli drug dealer who was filmed by his Swedish girlfriend conducting a large transaction with 7 Indian police. I have not found confirming details, but I suspect the transaction may have been very big. Note the last link’s title seems designed to place a very different spin on the incident than the facts seem to indicate.

    “In a new batch of tapes, Swedish model Lucky Farmhouse and former girlfriend of Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala has claimed that the latter has threatened to kill her with the help of anti-narcotics police officials.”

    “PANAJI – Citing ‘jurisdictional issues’, the crime branch Monday said it cannot take any action vis-a-vis alleged death threats by an Israeli drug dealer to a Swedish model who exposed the police-drugs mafia nexus in Goa.

    The crime branch, whose officials have been accused of sabotaging the high profile probe into the police-politician-narcotics mafia nexus, has also hinted that the Swedish police should look into the death threats, which were allegedly made when the victim, 33-year-old Lucky Farmhouse, was in Sweden.”

    “Israeli who exposed Police-Drug Peddler Nexus in Police Dragnet”

    The title above doesn’t match with reported materials or with Atla’s typical “caught jew” demeanor.

  29. My name says:

    alex jones Helps sich the spics on you by pointing to the tree in the
    “middle of the garden” from wich you should not eat MACHETE!
    But, doesn’t warn about the VIPER-jew that is behind it! DUMP: aj
    Who does his best to make YOU feel that all is HOPELESS
    All is: LOST! And, that there is nothing that YOU can do about it.
    As many people have observed about him: He never offers any
    SOLUTIONS, only despair by preaching: FEAR!
    DUMP the FEARMONGERING shabbas goy: aj!

    “Alex Jones begs Mexicans to remain calm – don’t watch the evil film ‘Machete'”

  30. Flanders says:

    “Plain and simple: document all anti-White , pro-miscegenation propaganda that appears in our daily lives. The end result: document how the elites and Marxists in charge are attempting to destroy the sanctity of White families, the power of White intelligence and creativity, the strength and will of White men, the beauty and gentility of White women, the innate morality of the West, and the future of White children.” The site:

  31. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Thousands march to protest Ariz. immigration law

    TEMPE, Ariz. – Thousands of people from around the country descended on the Phoenix area Saturday as supporters and opponents of Arizona’s tough new crackdown on illegal immigration held separate rallies.

    Marchers carrying signs, banners and flags from the United States and Mexico filled a 5 mile stretch of central Phoenix, demanding that the federal government refuse to cooperate with Arizona authorities trying to enforce the law.

  32. Flanders says:

    The video is at C of CC, of a 15 year old White boy, “Victim tortured for hours in racially motivated attack.”, who was beaten, burned with cigarettes and peed on. The original source is the same as the below and the video there seems to be already removed.

    Victim tortured for hours in racially motivated attack.

    A separate sanitized version of another series of stun gun attacks show that the events were black vs. White women, by the absence of most racial indicators. The story is worth reading in order to see if you draw the same conclusions [Hint: If you don’t, I either missed something or you are so blind as to be eternally lost.].

    Victim: ‘They were holding me down to get the stun gun’

  33. Flanders says:

    Sorry, the one above had already been removed and THIS IS the correct link:

  34. GTRman says:

    Marsh -thass nassty. Lubrican / Mexicant

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