Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Jew Arrogance on Display

The Jewish Propaganda Machine is now in full spew mode over the commando assault on the Gaza Freedom flotilla ship M.V. Mavi Marmara, in which the Israelis killed at least 10, but possibly up to 19 humanitarian activists (the final number is not yet clear for some reason). Turkey is now threatening to cut-off diplomatic ties and send another ship (good for them!) since many of the dead were turkish citizens.

The Jews are now making a big deal about these people attacking them with pipes, rocks and slingshots. But think about it here: They were simply defending themselves from a blatant attack by the Israelis in the first place! The Jews are so arrogant that they actually have the cojeñes to say if you defend yourself against them, then you’re the criminal!

This is what they’ve been doing across the planet for decades, now. They somehow think that if anyone fights back, or even dares to say the least thing, then it’s us who are the evil ones. This is because they think they are innocent little lambs, always persecuted unjustly, or as God’s “Chosen Ones,” they know what’s best for you, so you had better go along with the Jew deal or else!

They are now playing IDF military night camera videos of the attack on US mainstream media, overlaid with Israeli PR graphics pointing out the activists fighting the commando assault — like that proves JACK! In the Jew’s pointy little head, fighting back makes it acceptable for them to have whipped out lethal machine guns and shoot them down. They could just as easily left the vessel (Israeli military inflatables were all over the place), or better yet, not even bothered with the attack in the first place. But the Jews can’t allow anyone doing something they don’t want, of course.

Video grab shows armed commandos aboard Israeli helicopter as they prepare to disembark on the Gaza Flotilla ship. The cowardly Jews so love to attack relatively defenseless targets, like activists and Palestinians.

Make note that this would have been exactly like what the sailors on-board the USS Liberty reported seeing back in 1967, right before the Israelis called off the attack (undoubtedly, they had just intercepted US communications telling them that too many Americans knew who they were). In the case of the Liberty attack, the Israelis almost certainly had orders to kill every American aboard the Liberty before setting scuttling charges to sink the ship. These people are no allies of us!

This shot clearly shows the Israelis using suppressed (silencers) weapons.


And all this was in international waters, too. The Israelis have ZERO legal excuse. I have yet to see that simple fact mentioned yet in US mainstream media (they had to report on the story — way too many dead for them to bury it, like they usually do). Plus, it was a Turkish-flagged vessel — not some “terrorist” owned ship. The Jews now think they’re the regional superpower who can do whatever.

In a way, this is history repeating itself — next week marks the 43rd anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, which was sailing in international water near Gaza, too. Back then, the Israeli Jews killed 34 Americans and we did SQUAT. Hell, “our” Washington leadership actively worked to cover the travesty up — most Americans never had a clue and even to this day don’t know that Jewish Israel blatantly attacked America on the high seas.

These Israeli Jews are always doing evil things like this. They kill and torture the Palestinians all the time, women and children too. Basically, they’ve been slowly strangling the Palestinian people and stealing property so the Jews have the entire land to themselves. Eventually, the Jews will rewrite history so that the Palestinians never existed (they already claim that the land was mostly empty or inhabitated by desert Bedoins).

Military actions against these weaker people thrills these yellow-bellied cowards to the core. Then they have the nerve to cry out that they are “only” defending themselves in a part of the world where everyone is against them. Our media tells us that Israel is the only democratic country concerned with “human rights” in the region. What a sorry laugh.

To these arrogant Jews, anyone merely telling the truth about their behavior is tantamount to being another Hitler or terrorist.

How do the Israelis get away with all this? Because of all their millions of embedded psycho agents across the globe and in our government and media, that’s why. Ask yourself this: How can an ostensibly “American” Jew get up on the podium and defend the criminal actions of a foreign nation like Israel? No one seems to take notice just how traitorous these people truly are.

The Jew just has to have enemies in the world — everywhere. They are a small, bitter little race, who take immense pleasure at getting payback on the world they think hates them because they are better than everyone else. In their way of thinking, killing a non-Jew, however innocent, is no biggie since the person was a Goyim (cattle) to begin with. That’s why the Jews secretly love the idea of turning our country into a Commie Police state so they can kill us at will.

The Jew’s sense of “God-given” superiority over the world has now run amok. They seem to think they have America in their pocket. Unfortunately they have a point, because they pretty much own the media and the Israel Lobby controls so much of Capital Hill. They now feel they can get away with pretty much anything. And, because of the holocaust and the Politically Correct mindset fostered by them, far too many Americans give them a pass, no matter what.

These arrogant people often brag to one another about it all (but you never hear anything unless you read it on the Internet). Get this quote from one of these smirking bastards and think:

Look at this arrogant Jew bastard!

“Together, these advocates create a pro-Israeli case so compelling that the idea and reality of Israel has worked itself deep into American culture, politics and foreign policy. Many American Jews refuse to accept it, but the real debate between Israel’s supporters and detractors in America is all but over.” — Aaron David Miller on “Jews and Power” Jewish Daily Forward May 2008. This arrogant Jew is often trotted out by our owned mainstream media (FOX and ABC) to give Mideast “commentary” to the foolish Goyim who don’t know he’s really just another traitorous and completely biased, Zionist Jew.

America is on the wrong side here! Israel is THE TERRORIST nation, pure and simple. For America to “ally” ourselves with these bastards is an affront to every clear-thinking, freedom-loving and moral American. They are using this nation for their own racial/religious purposes!

Hell, we give them at least 30 million dollars a day of your taxpayer dollars. Maybe that might get you.

It’s because of these arrogant hypocrites in power in all sorts of places that America is now going to the dogs. Not because of some wierd nonsense disinfo that Jewry puts out there to confuse you. Get that one straight and everything today will be instantly understandable.

— Phillip Marlowe

NOTE: Someone intelligently commented below that the media is specifically calling the humanitarian activists on board the flotilla as “pro-Palestinians,” or “pro-Hamas.” This is purposeful Orwellian Zio Spin language to allude to them being “terrorists.” Typical, so typical.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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462 Responses to Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Jew Arrogance on Display

  1. Flanders says:

    Grotesque and Absurd

    Another instance of jewish projection is found in a story about a jew “leader” of a “Western” nation who is shorter than Napolean. It is comical the extent to which Sarkozy goes to hide his being a runt, but it is illustrative of jewish arrogance which will do it’s very best to place a false face, or in this instance, a false height, to the world instead of facts. From wearing elevator shoes and standing on coke bottle platforms, the deception extends to importing factory workers who are short for photo ops and banning tall people from the state security contingent for the French President of about 80 people.

    “The Elysée dismissed as “grotesque and absurd” reports that it had stage managed the visit to the Faurecia auto parts company in Normandy, despite the fact that staff confirmed they had been selected because they were “no bigger than the President”.

    But it only added fuel to the fire of satirists and cartoonists, who often depict Mr Sarkozy as a dwarf.

    In April, the Elysée cried foul after a German car hire firm launched a poster campaign urging customers to rent a small Citroen C3 hatchback, with the slogan, “Be like Madame Bruni, take a small French model”.

  2. Barney says:

    Hello everybody. Too many comments to read, so I don’t know whether any of this has already been posted, but I wanted to add my comments, mainly regarding the piracy, now that I’m finally back in circulation after a brief unplanned stay in hospital.

    (No lasting problem, fortunately, and I’m better now than I was before.)

    If you defend yourself against an attacker here in zog-infested Britain, YOU are the one who gets arrested and locked up on phony “hate” or “assault” charges. For years Brit-zog has denounced self-defence as “taking the law into your own hands”, and in recent years they’ve actually criminalised it. The criminal goes free while his victim goes to prison, exactly according to the Protocols of satan, alias zog, alias Rotten Child (or should that be Rothschild? I’m not sure there’s a difference).

    Harold Covington’s got a good summary of the kike on his “Thoughtcrime” blog. There seem to be a few inaccuracies (imho), but it describes their mentality perfectly.

    As for the murderous attack on the unarmed aid convoy, this was nothing more or less than an act of state-sponsored piracy (which amounts to an act of war). In a sane world the affected countries would have retaliated with overwhelming force and the next convoy would be protected by a fleet of destroyers.

    If this really were a sane world though, a pirate state populated by soul-less, bloodthirsty non-human demons that didn’t even originate in that area would never have been allowed to come into being in the first place, and every member of the Rothschild family, and every one of their accomplices, would be rotting behind bars or dangling from street corner gibbets.

    Remember a kike never tells the truth, so when they claim to be “better” than us, what they’re really saying is that they’re much worse than the worst of us could ever be. I’ve got more respect for cockroaches. At least they do an honest job of cleaning up after us.

    I’ve always been a pacifist at heart, like most of my race, which is what got us into this mess in the first place, but if I had my way I’d drop a nuke on Tel Aviv (whatever it’s real Palestinian name may have been) and another on Dimona, both at exactly the same time. Arabs would suffer, unfortunately, but at least the devil would no longer have the power to threaten the world. Sometimes, in extreme circumstances like these, “collateral damage” as the kikes so cynically call it, has to be accepted as unfortunate but unavoidable.

    Apologies to the Arabs, and especially the Palestinians, but I’m sure you’d understand and accept the necessity of eliminating this cancer.

    One final comment on the USS Liberty. Everyone seems to assume the kikes initiated the plan and that the US president merely covered it up. I’ve always (for the comparatively short time I’ve known about it) seen it the other way round, that the US, acting on orders from zog central (Rothschild) almost certainly arranged for the kike devils to sink the ship and murder everyone on board prior to “retaliating” against Egypt.

    Conspiracies do work both ways when it suits the Rothschild devil’s purposes.

  3. White Wolf says:

    Ran across Bro. Nate over at Bro. Jeffs,

    “Although of late, Turkey’s civil-military relationship is strained, the Jewish-run Turkish military remains in control. Thus, Prime Minister Erdogan, while championing the Islamic cause, being hailed as “the new hero of the Islamic world,” must keep looking over his shoulder lest he find his body thrown into a Turkish ditch.

    In fact, in all countries dominated by Zionist interests, (ALL Western countries), the leaders who ALL cater to the Zionist cabal, are under constant watch by the Jews.

    Whether it’s Erdogan, Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, or Merkel, a Turkish “ditch” of political ruin awaits the offender. In other words, those who live by the Zionist sword will die by the Zionist sword…”

  4. Flanders says:

    Great comment, Barney, at your 1:10pm. You have the structure placed very well. Regardless of the “national?” interest involved it is always the international interests of the satanist Rothschilds which is served. It seems to have been that way since at least the 1700’s when the Rothschilds’ took over the British banking and much of Europe.

    When much of our “pacifist race” determines that they have been dealt with treasonously, there will be direct and specific damage inflicted upon those responsible. I’m glad you are up and feeling better. Stay on top of it, Barney.

  5. American says:

    Good thing this fella didn’t have a higher credit limit, once the IDF JEWS stole his credit card:


  6. American says:

    Video of IDF terrorist JEWS executing an American peace activist:

    Spread the word…DUMP ISRAEL!!!

  7. American says:

    Here is why I’ll continue to BOYCOTT ALL JEWS until this country DUMPS TERRORIST ISRAEL:

    JEWS BEING JEWS, FOR JEWS ALWAYS regardless of the facts.

  8. Marshall says:

    LOL!!! Looks like Octo is posting over at Infowars. I doubt there are two Octos running around 😀

  9. SBD TV says:


  10. Marshall says:

    Real scoop on Freedom Flotilla highjacking from a US Marine who was onboard-

  11. American born says:

    LOL Great video GTR. Im passing this one around!!!
    Fucking classic..

  12. Marshall says:

    Colbert left the Jew with a little cold shot at the end about the Palestinians having to go back where they came from LOL!!! Good one and the Jew didn’t have time to respond either.

    Negev kind of talked himself into a corner and then couldn’t get out. He got really huffy too. Glad I wasn’t in that studio, I would have been cowering behind the table when he started raising his voice like that 😀

  13. White Wolf says:

    Kevin O’Keefe brought a steady supply of automatic fact-fire into Jew Lie Studios. Watch how he handles the Israel-licking wretch!



  14. Flanders says:

    Ken O’Keefe is a very cool, calm, and collected individual, White Wolf. I could not maintain as he did and would be stangling the bitch who was attempting in every way to propagandize the Israeli talk points. Good video.

  15. GDL says:

    Damn, Ken O’keefe crushed that talking head. Its always about Jews/Israel’s right to exist. What about everyone else’s right to exist….EVEN IN THEIR OWN LANDS?



  16. Flanders says:

    Jew arrogance remains on display:

    “Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman does not have the qualifications to accomplish relations with Turkey.

    Davutoglu said in an interview with Turkish television network TGRT on Monday that he did not view the Israeli official as a proper political partner “owing to his rhetoric and attitude,”.

    “Lieberman on Tuesday repeated Tel Aviv’s refusal to apologize to Ankara for Israeli commandos’ recent slaying of nine Turkish activists among a hundreds-strong humanitarian aid convoy which had set sail to break the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip.”

    Israel continues to insist on “it’s own” probe and to resist an investigation by the UN.

  17. Flanders says:

    Tim King, editor of Salem-News, filed a report on his accompanying Ken O’Keefe on a speaking tour. Several videos are with the report.

    “The Ugly Details of Israel’s Gaza Siege & Attack Against the Mavi Marmara (VIDEO)”

    “From the midst of a movement to free Palestine from Israeli occupation that is largely tied to non violence, Ken admits that it takes direct action, physical resistance, and yes, sometimes violence, to counter a deadly threat to peaceful action.

    The message is truth. “All you ever have to do is rely on The Golden Rule,” he says, boiling the complexity out of moral dilemma.”

  18. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    We should remember this outrage a year ago………………34,562


    You had them on your wireless saying, ‘Death to Jews’
    You sliced & diced & circumcised & claimed Fair Use
    600 Turks were singing ‘Girl U Know It’s True’

    YouTube & Reddit, Twitter, Facebook,
    You spammed them all & then you even posted 3
    Casual Encounters on CraigsList NYC

    IDF spokesmen
    Who freakin’ trained them?

    Bloggers came & broke your heart

    Now you tweet your new surveillance video
    Cyborg Al-Qaida from the future snorting blow
    set to the theme music from Hawaii Five-O

    He had a knife and
    Wait a second: that’s Barbra Streisand

    You couldn’t find my SD card
    You’re in a bind says Michael Sfard

    The Shin Bet mined my SD card
    & played it back on NPR
    Born & raised in Arkansas
    I brought 6 nukes for the Hamas

    We are the Mavi Marmara
    You are the sloppy hasbara

  19. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    Yaay. I love that video.

  20. American says:


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