International Big Jewry — Humanity’s Real Enemy

“I fear the Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America. And use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth should become their inheritance.” — Bismarck (attributed)

HAVEN’T YOU EVER asked yourself this when watching TV: “Has this country gone totally insane?” At some point you have to wonder if there really is a “Secret Cabal” of people pulling our strings. You know, all that “Protocols of Zion” stuff. And sure, you heard that the “Protocols” was nothing but a hoax or forgery, or whatever the Jews now try to tell you. For a long time they called it a “forgery” — but what of?

Have you read the Protocols? It’s incredible the degree of explanation and revelation for current and past events. And hell, I don’t care who you are, everybody knows something is going down, Jack. Common sense dictates that, at least. As a country, we’re obviously being marshalled along towards a future that certainly doesn’t bode well for Whites. Look around, read between the lines a little and you’ll see evidence all the time.

But let’s put away all the conspiracy business for the moment and look at a few indisputable facts. The biggest thing is how our money comes into existence; everyone knows “it doesn’t grow on trees,” right? People tell that to their kids all the time so they don’t become spendthrifts at the mall — meaning they need to learn that all us everyday chumps have to make money through hard work, education, etc., etc.

So, where does money really come from then?

Imagine for one minute if your own family was part of a small group of people having the monopoly rights on the printing of paper money everyone used? You would be fabulously wealthy (you can go over to the left and read from some of the links under “Follow the Money” topics). Factually, the “Federal Reserve” is NOT Federal, nor is it a “Reserve.” It’s owned by private banks, which in turn are owned by private parties and charge interest back to the government (supposedly us).

Technically, every single American with a social security number is on the hook for an immense bill. And that bill has now passed 13 trillion dollars. That’s something like $120,000 dollars for every taxpayer out there — so far!

All this is well known (but usually unmentioned by the media, or couched in abstract language). Make clear note that in one hundred years of existence, the Federal Reserve has never been audited and pays nothing in taxes on the billions of dollars they take in from us. Doesn’t this make you angry?

So why does the mainstream media never report on the Federal Reserve to any extent? It would seem that the so-called History Channel would do a piece on the subject, say a “Modern Marvels” show on the origins of the Federal Reserve. It’s simple, really: They know not to dwelve too deeply into the subject without having to answer to higher management. Much higher management.

The real owners of the Federal Reserve have been called the “Money Trust.” It is without a doubt the world’s largest criminal organization. Look into the huge scams they foist on nations and you’ll see (why rob a bank when you can own them and rip off millions?). It’s a matter of scale. They pretty much own our asses and most people don’t have a clue (or more likely, don’t want to). It all doesn’t have to be this way.

International Big Jewry — the world’s real backroom evil.

“You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God I will rout you out.” — Andrew Jackson

Paul Warburg was the instrumental member of the hidden “Money Trust” that created the Federal Reserve in 1913, and reinstalled Central Bank financial parasitism on America. President Andrew Jackson put a stop to the first one in 1836, but Woodrow Wilson was suckered (or blackmailed by the Jews) to sign away America (Wilson even admitted it was a giant mistake before he died). The Warburg family has long been a part of an on-going Jew Globalist conspiracy to create Zionist Israel and a One World Marxist/Judaic governance over Western civilization.

Here we see the corrupt British politician and Crypto Jew, Lord Mandelson paying a humble visit to Lord Rothschild’s villa on Corfu. The Rothschilds are obviously at the head of the Jew International octopus, wrapping it’s tendrils over the planet and squeezing the life and freedoms out of nations. They will use anything — including your concern for the environment — to bankroll their long-running Agenda. Jews so love to get the witless Goyim to pay for their own enslavement!


Now, we’ve seen America and all White countries (Britain, Canada and most of Europe) slowly, but surely, put on a course towards the New World Order, or “One World governance.” Doesn’t take any “conspiracy theorizing” to see all this going on. Hell, sometimes you even hear them saying as much in public:

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

 — Jewish Banker James Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Paul Warburg (above), who represented the Rothschilds when they came up with the Federal Reserve at Jekyll Island in 1910. Paul also formed the Council of Foreign Relations.

There’s a couple of things these people have to do to get there. One, bring Americans to their knees economically and at their mercy. And two: Render the White race vulnerable and politically powerless. You can turn on the TV and see all this going on right the hell NOW!

The so-called American Government is, for all intents and purposes, clearly under the sway of these anti-White people. Look at things like NAFTA and our immigration policies (think about Obama suing the State of Arizona for enforcing immigration laws). Look at how the Justice department dropped prosecution of Black Panther intimidation of White voters. And they have no problem seeing our manufacturing to go to China, Mexico and India, while at the same time allowing our countries to be flooded with non-Whites (illegals do the job for free by sneaking here on their own).

Patriotic, White Americans lose jobs and are continually distracted by political mish-mash. At the same time, these efforts work to reduce our political power and racial demographics. Jews always love two-fers!

You think any truly free, sovereign nation would consent to such things for it’s citizenry? What don’t you get yet, America?

All kinds of large organizations are heavily funded to monitor and keep Whites twisted in the head. The ADL “just happened” to go into business in 1913 — the same year as the Fed!

These hidden Jew globalists have long been manipulating our social fabric along a whole host of manufactured “issues.” From race civil rights to pushing “diversity;” from abortion to radical feminism; from homosexual “rights” and gender-bending — minority anger of all sorts and angles are used to keep us confused and hopping around like little marinets.

Just take a look at all the well funded Globalist social change agents out there driving things — from the Ford Foundation, Apollo Alliance and international population manipulators, like the Tavistock Institute. All these globalist operations fund other subgroups that change the face of our countries.

Besides the media, they also have specific attack groups like the global Anti-Defamation League, who not only work to protect the overall International Jewish Agenda, but also make special effort to promote interracial sex and jacking up the other races about Whitey. Curious, huh?

If you step back a moment and look at the big picture, you’ll note that all these efforts end-up doing one very big thing: Keeping a racially-awakened White race from organizing — the biggest potential threat to the long-running Jewish Agenda. These people have been gradually whittling away at our race and hold on our very own nations. Plus, these efforts serves to distract us from them, by continually keeping us at each other’s throats.

Now, let’s look at a few other things that point the finger squarely at the Jews.

First off, dismiss it completely from your mind that little Jewry are part of the conspiracy. You know that can’t be happening. Your friendly Jewish car salesman is not getting special instructions from Jew headquarters; regular Jews are being used just like all of us (but to a greater extent in many ways).

The ridiculous assumption that all Jews are in cahoots with Big Jewry is used to keep us from seeing the big picture and talking openly among ourselves. Just like the “anti-Semitism” business — both work extremely well to hide the real power struture by keeping us cowed and afraid of derision.

In fact, the entire PC business was created to blind us to the control these people have. If we can’t talk without fear of being called a Nazi, how are people to even start thinking about it in the first place?

Using race frictions and the whole PC “zeitgeist” is the perfect way to keep our countries confused, distracted and disoriented. One merely has to step back and look at the big picture to see what’s going on. The owned, traitorous media also uses the “conspiracy theory” business as shorthand to get you to blow it all off, even when real facts stare you right straight in the face!

Everything hangs on the Politically Correct mind-set. This keeps us from talking — from the living rooms of America to the editorial suites and studios of mainstream media.

The actual fact of the matter is that these people consider us all to be “Niggers,” White or any other color. That’s right. We’re all nothing but slaves and cannon fodder to them in the end.

So, work hard to eliminate from your mind the PC blinders installed! It might be difficult, but if you try really hard, you’ll recognize how effective a means it’s been to keep you from seeing the forest from the trees.

International Jewish money is all over the place. Hell, the American Federal Reserve is openly under Jewish management. Look at all the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Kuhn and Loebs, Lazards, Lehmans, Seiffs, Oppenheimers, Rockefellers, Goldman and Sachs, etc. in control of banking internationally. The London daily pricing of gold and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland are under Rothschild/Warburg control.

The mainstream media is now totally owned by International Jewry and we have little Jews all over the place giving us news and Jew opinions. They don’t want an awakened White populace and all work as gatekeepers to keep us stupid about the deal. They are even dumbing us all down when you think about all the entertainment tripe they now put on the screen.

Look at the massive fraud called the “holocaust.” You think they could get away with this without International Jewry pushing the lies? The whole business about the “Industrial Gassing” of Jews wasn’t taken seriously by any non-Jew until the late 1970’s when someone, somewhere turned on the propaganda spigots. Sure, Germans did want the Jews out (can you blame them now?) and committed war-time atrocities. But all the photos and newsreels you see of dead bodies were Jews and non-Jews who died from disease at the later stages of the war after the allies bombed the hell out of Germany.

Just like the Nuremberg trials, all of it was used to justify the war and death of loved ones fighting “the evil Nazis.” History is written by the victor, remember?

Besides justifying the war, this “holocaust” business has a two-fold purpose. One, to stiffen the spine of little Jewry against a resurgence of racially-awakened White population, who would undoubtedly toss them all out on their keesters once we realized what they’re really like. This is where little Jewry comes in and works across the board to keep us Whites confused without being coached. They greatly fear another Crystal Night, concentration camps, pograms, etc., etc.

Two, the “holocaust” lended an excuse for them to take over Palestine and create a Jewish Homeland. This Israel thing is factually known as a project of Big Jew money. Edward Rothschild started buying up property in Palestine back in 1884 and Chaim Weitzman (considered the Father of Israel) was a close intimate of the International Jewish power structure.

Another thing is all this business with “isms.” Corporatism, Marxism, Zionism, Communism. All kinds of “isms” that in the end are meant to obfuscate and establish final Jewish control over nations.

NY Banker Jacob Schiff financed the Bolshevik revolution that genocided millions.

Look at what happened in Russia, to see what kind of control they want over us. Communism is the perfect method for the few to control the many. It ended up killing around 30 million people (maybe more), mostly White Christians. The business about Nazis is nothing compared to the wholesale slaughter by Goyim-hating, International Jewry!

Just think a minute: Why do you hardly ever really hear much of what once happened to Russia in America’s media, but hear non-stop about Hitler and the Nazis? They count on a population being stupid about real history — hell, a lot of people don’t even know who bombed Pearl Harbor!

Look at the ever- increasing Police State in America, created over the last 10 years under the guise of “the war on terror.” This is all in advance of the even more radical control they have in store.

Notice how the media treats the 9/11 “truth” subject, as nothing but a big joke, right? They know if we (as a whole) figure out the deal, we’ll be pissed as hell. Same thing is now going on about Obama’s birth background (calling these people “birthers”). They know better than to do any real investigations and media reports to America. It’s best for them to paint it all as crazy talk.

But there’s a lot of people coming to this conclusion. They might call them the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, Sabbateans or Freemasons. It might be some kind of combination. Yet most of these people will call them something, anything other than Jews because they don’t want to risk getting called a evil Nazi “hater.” Now you see why the whole PC business has been so effective?

Another thing going on are purposeful programs of “disinfo” and “psyops.” Take a look into the business of Osama Bin Laden. The guy is almost certainly long dead (killed in December of 2001), but they’ve kept him alive with digitally contrived videos and voice recordings. In 2007, every word he supposedly said and released to Western media (through Zionist Jew psyops groups like SITE), never once mentions Israel. Funny, huh?

Hell, shortly after 9/11 Osama did an interview saying he didn’t do 9/11 and that America is under control by Israel and the Jews so we should look at our own government. But the US mainstream media censored this Pakistani interview on the grounds that it might contain “secret messages to terror cells” back here. Remember that? Osama knew well the real score since he was born into the Saudi power structure. It’s only us “proletariat” that are kept stupid.

It’s plainly obvious International Jewry controls a separate, hidden power structure and intelligence apparatus to manipulate America. We pay for it with tax money and non-stop paranoia everywhere we turn. Haven’t you had enough of the terrorism BS yet?

They need boogiemen like Osama and Ahmadinejad of Iran to keep Americans buying into the whole “Islamofascism” bit (it’s raghead Nazi time). They don’t want the cannon fodder to get all pissed about dying in the service of International Jew ambitions. America is literally being used as a “Golem” for Jewry (a giant robot monster created by Rabbis to kill for Jews).

They also need reasons to keep on bilking the American taxpayer for the Military/Industrial Complex. The Cold War was good for business, so now they need another scam to justify the billions and billions out of us.

This boogiemen business is so transparent anymore, that it’s almost pathetic people still get taken in.

There has to be some kind of inner core in our government and intelligence, corrupted and owned by International Big Jewry, running this whole criminal operation. Any decent and honest patriot can never come close enough to the real deal, because they could never do these kinds of things. But should any exposure threaten them, a wide host of options exists to deal with the situation, up to and including murder if necessary.

If you got the gold, you make the rules.

You can see these people’s efforts for the last 100 years, or even more. The Rothschilds, back in the 1840’s, once said they would one day be the Messiah for World Jewry. They believe literally that God intends to give Jews control over the planet and, because they consider themselves the “Chosen Ones” (wrong), they are doing God’s work (total blasphemy). But they may even be secret Satan worshippers, far as we know.

You can even spot their efforts to manipulate American Christians into supporting their on-going, demonic Israel project. These “Christian-Zionists” give a whole new meaning to the term “useful idiots,” sorry to say.

They tried to get a jump on the gun by taking over Russia back in 1917, and are now sneaking up the same Commie thing on America. With the “election” of Obama (really media-induced political brainwashing), they are now rushing through legislative changes that will give them substantial new powers to use in conjunction with what George W. Bush did to America after 9/11.

We are now entering into the end game for these people and they can’t let us get wise at this juncture!

Let’s drop back once again and discuss little Jewry. The Jew who lives next door — chances are — is a big fat liberal. Sure, he may seem like a nice enough guy (how many times have you heard that one?). But almost all of Jewry wants a “Multicultural” America to hide behind and this why you see so many of them involved with “civil rights,” giving amnesty to the illegals, supporting Gay “rights” and being all for the NWO (Jews have long envied nationhood and hate anyone having it but themselves).

For all intents and purposes, the Jew boy living next door is a traitor to the concept of America. Most Jewish liberals (about 80% voted for Obama) and the so-called “conservative” Jews (NeoCONs) are first and foremost traitorous Israel-Firsters and have been jacking us up left and right about the Muslims. NeoCONS infest our government and were responsible for lying us into Iraq (Saddam was the big Jew boogieman at the time). Some paranoid Jews even have the cojoñes to say there’s a secret Muslim plot to take over the country.

This is why little Jewry (along with brainwashed White idiots on both political sides) act as foot soldiers for the hidden Globalist Jews and don’t really know it. It’s all tied in, people.

What does all this mean to us White Americans?

Well first off, it should be obvious, by now, what it entails. Even more wars and economic destruction. Quite possibly another “false flag” terrorist incident, war on Iran, a total depression back home. Possibly a civil war so they can roll-out a full-on Police State. We can only guess what’s coming down the pike for these people’s final plans.

Get this and get it good: These kind of people could care less whether you live or die. Hell, their religious beliefs postulate that they own everything on the planet in the first place — and that includes your business, house and property. If they want to turn half of your own state into an industrial cesspool, they will. If there’s too many mouths to feed, they’ll force whole swaths of the country to starve to death. Call it genocide on the cheap. Commie Jews did it to the Ukraine back in the 1930’s and there is no reason to believe they won’t do it again.

They could care less what our boys have to do overseas and don’t even give a damn if they can’t get a job back home!

And having American soldiers kill and be killed means absolutely ZILCH to these evil bastards. If bombing the hell out of Palestinians, people in Afghanistan and Iraq is required for oil and/or Israeli regional hegemony, so be it. If attacking Iran and sending in American ground forces to finish up the job is necessary to make Israel feel safer, no problemo. They don’t care one whit about any people dying horribly anywhere for their global ambitions.

Hell, they don’t even care if a few Jews have to be sacrificed now and then to jack up all the rest!

Even with all that Americans do for these slime, they also don’t give a rat’s ass if your job gets shipped to China and you end-up flipping burgers for minimum wage. Just as long as their portfolio members, the international corporations, make huge profits, again no problemo. These arrogant bastards have as much care for us regular Americans as you or I might have about some little ant on the sidewalk!

Face the facts, America: These are totally evil people. Greedy, arrogant and possibly satanic. We foolishly allowed them to take over our money system way back in 1913 and they’ve been jerking our chain and getting us into wars, ever since.

You simply must inform your family and friends. The time is getting late and we have to put a stop to them before they start another overseas war (Iran), or spark a civil war in the US. They may be working on either option, or even both as we speak.

No way will you ever get the truth out of mainstream media — they own it! The more you know, the more propaganda and brainwashing you’ll notice on mainstream TV.

Each of us must act as information conduits to get the message out. If anyone gives you hell, or pooh poohs it away because they would rather watch “Dancing with the Stars” instead of listening to what you have to say, then you tell them to stick it up their fat, lazy ass and go on to someone who will. We don’t have the time to molly-coddle worthless TV couch potatoes, befuddled Christian Zionists and braindead Goyim any longer!

— Phillip Marlowe

QUICK RUNDOWN on the Jew Money Octopus and how they took over Russia.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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344 Responses to International Big Jewry — Humanity’s Real Enemy

  1. Marshall says:

    It’s so true Count. It really comes down to who signs the paychecks. O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity etc. are all playing the same game…point fingers in every direction except who is paying them. They are all bought off.

    Watch O’Reilly play whore for Israel…the first paragraph says it ALL,2933,204616,00.html

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Gordon Duff: America’s Tarnished Military Partnership With Israel

    Our Unreported “Cold War” With Israel

  3. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I think I found that at WhatReallyHappened.Com.

  4. Flanders says:

    Count Cherep, That sounds like a great article. I was going to post a comment which somewhat relates to that.

    The author of this otherwise good article seems unable to recognize who those are who are behind the terms, those he refers to as, “globalists, elites, or illuminatti personages” [not a direct quote]. Without that knowledge he does not understand the full workings of those whom we face in the continuing war being conducted against Whites and Americans. He cannot comprehend in his “acceptable” version that a knowledge of how the jew/communists took over Russia, or that they control media, and are behind the “illuminati” and “elite” powers who create the regulations and conditions which are intended to further marginalize Whites and true Americans within their own societies, is a necessary element.

    Some about what the author speaks about in, “2009: Year of Crisis – “Prepare to fight to the finish, or your kind will vanish.”, sounds good, but his words are empty of real usefulness. They “tickle the ear”, but without delivering the knowledge and identities needed to make the message useful.

    Knowledge of the jew is essential to all Whites and especially to all Americans – most particularly the White American.

    “­­The burning question today is: are these cascading crises “conjunctural” (i.e., due to a combination of circumstances) or are they “structural” (inherent to the system’s nature)? If the latter, then the “American System,” which has governed the world since 1945 and which has programmed the end of European man, faces a potentially systemic rupture whose implications are catastrophic. If only conjunctural, the news is still good, for it cannot but highlight the system’s anti-white nature, of which most white Americans are still clueless.

    A crisis, it needs stressing, is always a turning point, “a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or worse, is determined.” Though most commentators tend to emphasize the economic origins of the crisis, almost all of them recognize its system-disrupting potential. Hence the current obsession with the Great Depression of 1933 and, in more radical quarters, the Soviet crisis of 1985 that brought Gorbachev to power. But whatever its exact nature—and time alone will tell—the crisis is likely to put increased demands on the welfare and security of the white middle class and thus advance the cause of the ethnostate favored by white nationalists. Lacking an organizational structure and a popular following in the real world, the white nationalist project is, in fact, predicated on just such a crisis.

    As we enter the new year, the one clear thing is that the crisis is going to get worse.”

    I don’t refer to the article above in making the following statement, but you have probably run into situations where you have been aware of debates, written or verbal, where you have observed someone scoring points because of “documentary sources” and by kow-towing to political correctness.

    Most documentation sources which are “acceptable” are sources under the control of jewry. They are promoted by jewry [and by their snowed (or controlled) academics and professors] as being “authoritative” [Try pro-“immigration” articles for one area where it is used.]. Those sources will do their utmost to hide the jew. We need to beware of the people who try to portray themselves as knowledgeable based strictly upon “documentation” or the approval of “higher authority”, and we shouldn’t be cowed in arguments calling for authority and citing those jewish approved sources.

    Most of us can open our eyes and see more than those who try to draw shades over the eyes of their readers, by their “authorities” and their reliance on “approved sources”. Open your eyes and the eyes of those around you. Study facts, from whatever sources, and let’s not be confined to “approved sources” – or limited in our comments which we use to expose the jew. It doesn’t help being a stereotyped “name caller”, but it helps when we expose jewry and the bad effects the jew causes in our society, especially when we do it intelligently and in a common sense way – the Incogman way.

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jeff Gates: Sayanim – Israeli Operatives in the U.S.

    I found this at WhatReallyHappened.Com.

  6. Count Cherep says:

    Marshall, you nailed them. Whether “Progressives” or “Neo-cons”, the Talmud Talking Heads are all shills for the Jews who pay the bills.

  7. Count Cherep says:

    Flanders, “THE LONGEST HATRED” is a must read. It ties together a lot of information from many different sources which are also worth looking up and reading.

  8. Count Cherep says:

    More from “The Longest Hatred”:


    IN THE days before Britain’s security services were thoroughly penetrated by Communists, liberal internationalists and members of the Rothschild family, the historian Nesta Webster was often invited to give lectures to members of the Secret Service on the origins of world unrest and subversion. She traced the origins of the network of the Communist international subversion to their Jewish sources. She was familiar with much of the research material which we have published in our earlier chapter entitled ‘Communism is Jewish’. Through her researches she was able to link the intellectual origins and techniques of subversion employed by the Communist International with the world of Masonic Secret Societies.

    Indeed, she was able to show that both movements, at heart, were Jewish in inspiration and key personnel. When the core objectives of each movement are considered together with their Jewish intellectual inspiration it can be seen that they are essentially the same movement: a movement of Jewish revolt against Christian European Civilisation.

    Nesta Webster was quite frank about the Jewish connection. She declared that another secret society existed within Freemasonry “for which the visible organisation of the latter serves merely as a cover”. She identified the hidden controlling group within Freemasonry as “The Jewish Power”.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Try the Restore America Plan:

    What nothing on the moon walk? Today’s the day.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a sample:

    The unanimous Declaration of the sovereign People of the united States of America
    to restore and reinhabit the free American republics

    We the People inhabiting the North American continent, free men and women convened under God, having been granted by the Creator dominion over all the earth, to restore the blessings of liberty for ourselves and the posterity, do hereby invoke our sacred right to alter or abolish destructive government as memorialized in The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, c. 1776 by declaring herewith this solemn declaration to the people of the earth and all governments and nations derived there from.

    Whereas we do not now, nor have we ever been possessed of a desire to relinquish any of our unalienable rights for the dubious benefits of limited liability or any other compelled revocable “privileges” of a subject-class citizenship of the United States, nor to relinquish every aspect of our lives to corporations posing as legitimate governments

    Whereas we do not now, nor have we ever entered into a binding contract, agreement or trust relationship with any person, living or fictitious, with the fully informed and willful intent to deprive ourselves or to be deprived by others of any unalienable rights granted to us by the self-existing Creator and guaranteed by the constitutions of the free republics of North America and the United States of America republic, c. 1787

    Whereas we have become aware that each of the free American republics and the constitutional republic of the United States of America, c. 1787, have been preempted by military power and emasculated by coercive and deceitful methods of economic and political subjugation imposed by corporations posing as legitimate governments

    Therefore we the sovereign People of the free American republics do hereby and herewith organize under God for all the world to hear and see upon each state’s signatories hereto numbering at least twenty-six souls, as the respective fifty (50) well-regulated Guardians of the Free Republics restore and re-inhabit through this declaration the legitimate constitutional governments of these free republics in peace and harmony conclude the era of illicit corporate governance by renouncing in the presence of the Creator, forever and without contrived ambiguity, all permissions, delegations of authority and grants of attorney, real or imagined, to corporations posing as legitimate governments, in particular the United States Federal Corporation and all subdivisions thereof assemble upon each state’s signatories hereto numbering at least twenty-six souls, De jure Grand Juries in the People’s common law of the land, herein authorized in remedy of the Self-evident Expositions of Truth hereunder to forthwith order and conduct forensic accounting of the various trusts and so-called “legacy accounts” attributed to the People; facilitate a return to the People of the wealth which has been taken by fraudulent artifice on the part of the banking institutions of this or any country, in particular the ill-gotten gains of foreclosure and fraudulent foreign taxation; peacefully eliminate all existing government structures, entities and agencies that have been derived from the de facto corporations posing as legitimate governments; issue orders to the military, police and corporate powers of the land and sea to enforce our divine rights to such lawful government as was already ensured by our constitutions; and restore de facto actors to lawful de jure capacity duly confined by the constitutions of the these republics and replace the noncompliant; thus restoring to each and every American their in-law, dry land, divine rights of birth and the fruits of their individual and ancestral labor as quickly, efficiently and discretely as possible, without causing undue alarm or stress and without malice for anyone forgive in the name of the Creator all who repent their political and economic misdeeds.

    It is hereby so decreed by the sovereign People of these free American republics assembled herein. Teste meipso by our hands, republic by republic, hereinafter following.


    of the De jure Grand Juries
    of the People of the united States of America
    assembled under God as

    Guardians of the Free Republics
    and sole lawful authority on the land

    We the sovereign People inhabiting the free American republics, the well-regulated Guardians of the Free Republics under God, having salvaged the rule of lawful de jure governance and reinhabited these De jure Grand Juries by The unanimous Declaration of the sovereign People of the united States of America to restore and reinhabit the Free American Republics, c. 2010, do hereby invoke our sacred dominion over all the earth and issue this Warrant and orders attached hereto to the following men and women presently acting in the incorporated capacities respectively noted thereby, and all successors thereto and nominees thereof, and to all other people, governments and nations to whom this Warrant and orders necessarily apply:

    Robert Renfroe Riley, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Alabama
    SeanR. Parnell, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Alaska
    Janice Kay Brewer, a woman occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Arizona
    Mickey Dale Beebe, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Arkansas
    Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of California
    August William Ritter, Jr., a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Colorado
    Mary Jodi Rell, a woman occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Connecticut
    Jack A. Markell, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Delaware
    Charles Joseph Crist, Jr., a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Florida
    George Ervin Perdue III, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Georgia
    Linda (Cutter) Lingle, a woman occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Hawaii
    Clement Leroy Otter, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Idaho
    Patrick Joseph Quinn III, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Illinois
    Mitchell Elias Daniels, Jr., a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Indiana
    Chester John Culver, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Iowa
    Mark V. Parkinson, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Kansas
    Steven Beshear, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated Commonwealth of Kentucky
    Piyush Jindal, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Louisiana
    John Elias Baldacci, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Maine
    Martin Joseph O’Malley, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Maryland
    Deval Laurdine Patrick, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Jennifer Mulhern Granholm, a woman occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Michigan
    Timothy James Pawlenty, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Minnesota
    Haley Reeves Barbour, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Mississippi
    Jeremiah Wilson Nixon, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Missouri
    Brian David Schweitzer, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Montana
    David Eugene Heineman, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Nebraska
    James Arthur Gibbons, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Nevada
    John H. Lynch, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of New Hampshire
    Jon Stevens Corzine, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of New Jersey
    William Blaine Richardson III, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of New Mexico
    David Alexander Paterson, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of New York
    Beverly Eaves Perdue, a woman occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of North Carolina
    John Henry Hoeven III, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of North Dakota
    Ted Strickland, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Ohio
    Charles Bradford Henry, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Oklahoma
    Theodore R. Kulongoski, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Oregon
    Edward Gene Rendell, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    Donald L. Carcieri, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Rhode Island
    Marshall Clement Sanford, Jr., a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of South Carolina
    Marion Michael Rounds, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of South Dakota
    Philip Norman Bredesen, Jr., a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Tennessee
    James Richard Perry, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Texas
    Gary Richard Herbert, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Utah
    James H. Douglas, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Vermont
    Robert Francis McDonnell, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated Commonwealth of Virginia
    Christine O’Grady Gregoire, a woman occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Washington
    Joseph Manchin III, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of West Virginia
    James Edward Doyle, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Wisconsin
    David Duane Freudenthal, a man occupying the office of Governor, incorporated State of Wyoming

    Notice. This Warrant comprises notice to each and all of the above-listed men and women and all agents and nominees thereof and successors thereto, and to all the people, governments and nations of the world, of the reinhabitation of the legitimate de jure un-incorporated republican government institutions pursuant to the constitutions of the free American republics and the United States of America republic, c. 1787, and the conclusion, termination, voiding and de-funding of the de facto office of “Governor” of each of the aforesaid fifty (50) political subdivisions of the United States
    Federal Corporation.

    Warrant. The De jure Grand Juries, do hereby unanimously and simultaneously arrest, redeem and recall the bonds, insurance, surety and de facto escrow of the de facto office of Governor, State of ___________, real or imagined, in each of the fifty (50) incorporated political subdivision States of the United States Federal Corporation, thereby rendering all such bonds, insurance, surety and de facto escrow instantly null, void and non-negotiable, and the public wanting for indemnification. For purposes herein, the term “State” also includes the term “Commonwealth” when referring to the fifty (50) political subdivisions of the United States Federal Corporation and similar de facto institutions.

    Order. The de facto office of Governor of the “State of __________” of each of the fifty (50) incorporated States of the United States Federal Corporation, and all vestiges thereof, is hereby resorbed into the respective de jure office of Governor of ___________ (e.g. New York) of each of the respective fifty (50) free republics of the United States of America, c. 1787, upon the man or woman occupying each such office receiving notice of this Warrant. Upon such notice, each such man or woman shall be free to resign within three days of receipt of this Warrant without recourse for such resignation, to be replaced by the man or woman next in line to occupy such office.

    Order. At the time of such resorbtion, or as soon as is practical thereafter, all such men and women accepting the office of governor of a de jure state republic shall take and subscribe the following respective oath in the presence of the Almighty Creator in front of a duly appointed officer of these De jure Grand Juries, and shall file such oath(s) with these De jure Grand Juries before, and as a condition of, occupying the said respective office, such filing to be completed no later than fourteen (14) days after receipt of this Warrant. Failure of these De jure Grand Juries to timely receive the said oath shall comprise resignation of the respective party from the respective office. The mandatory oath for the office of governor
    shall be:

    “I, A. B., do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, preserve, defend and protect the Constitution of the _____________ (name of state, e.g. “New York” not the “State of New York”) republic and the Constitution for the United States of America republic, circa 1787, and that I will perform and fulfill all of the duties of the office of governor of this republic faithfully and impartially to the best of my ability and understanding, as a sacred actionable blood-oath contract with the People of the _______________ (e.g. “New York” not the “State of New York”) republic, so help me God.”

    Order. All acts of omission and commission undertaken in good faith in furtherance of this Warrant and all orders to the governors hereunder or subsequent, are indemnified against recourse by the Provisional Bond De jure of Public Indemnification of the Guardians of the Free Republics included in this Declaration in its entirety, the said bond providing safe passage for all such acts of good faith.

    Order. Until further notice, all funds necessary to timely implement this Warrant and orders to the governors annexed hereto or subsequent warrants or orders shall be debited against the various assets identified in the respective de
    facto States’ Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

    Failure to comply with these orders to the governors will result in immediate removal from office by order of the De jure Grand Juries.

    First order to the governors

    of the De jure Grand Juries
    of the People of the united States of America
    assembled under God
    Cease and desist all foreclosure and collection actions
    against the sovereign People


  11. Flanders says:

    This is from an interesting site with original materials. This article gives reasons for it’s statement that:

    “America with Britain, now reduced to poodle status, are the conduits of internationalism and the real world “terrorists”.”

    Another observation:

    “The purpose of World War II was:

    (1) To ensure that Germany’s challenge to the Money Power was destroyed, hence the ruthless bombing of Hamburg, Dresden and other cities. Churchill, an agent of the Money Power, said to his Chiefs of Staff in 1944:

    “It may be several weeks, or even months, before I shall ask you to drench Germany with poison gas and, if we do, let us do it one hundred percent.”

    This threat was never put into practice, but he was behind the order for the bombing although later he tried to shift the blame.

    (2) To dismantle the British Empire, which had served its purpose, and to place Britain economically in the pocket of the United States (or in other words International Jewry).

    (3)To create sufficient dispossessed Jews to people the state of Israel.

    The United States was the ideal centre. A new country, a huge area, with a population of many nationalities, worked into a homogeneous whole with no inconvenient leanings to ancient regimes. The home of democracy, a concept that can easily be turned into something else (as has been proved) when the electorate is lulled under the opiate of adulterated news.

    America, with just 5 per cent of the world’s population, consumes 30% of the world’s resources, including 25 per cent of the world’s fossil fuels – the cause of global climate change. To ensure that this profitable spiral continues, the American public are exposed to billions of adverts, radio and TV commercials. Few aspects of American life are free from this assault on the mind. Children, the coming generation, are ruthlessly targeted.” [Jewish Methods – above]

    Main site:

  12. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Unless you’re a hasbarat and or a team, I wasn’t calling you names.

    Now why did you say “us” in your comment above incogman?

    You banned me for posting a video on hasbarats and agent provocateurs and the still shot for that video shows a bunch of guys in army suits with headphones on and rows of computers. It was a good video so I don’t know why you did it.

    The Restore America Plan is exactly the thing we need to stop what obongo and his jews have planned just right around the corner for us. Whoever authored that really knows their shit. It restores our great country to what it was and was meant to be.

    One more thing. FUCK OFF HASBARATS

  13. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Just my opinion o.k., but it seems to me there are too many people on here, too quick to bandy the jew slur, on grounds of outlook, background, sensibility, and so on.
    It’s divisive, and self defeating.
    I’ll admit i’ve done it myself, on occasion.

    Myself and davina, for instance, who i don’t feel is a jew, i just like to mess with his high handed manner. That’s probably a fault of mine. Mea Culpa.

    If there are hasbarats abroad, it’ll come out in the wash.
    If the hasbarat posts info that is relevant, and verifiable, with back up links, for instance, what’s the harm?
    I can’t see how that can derail the otherwise great work done at this site.
    In other words, what point can their feeble attempts at subversion serve, given the ruthless interrogation of fact, by most posters.
    They are on a loser.
    Posters here come from a diverse set of political and social, even racial backgrounds, but as the saying goes, it’s not where you’ve been baby, it’s where you’re at.

    I’m tolerant right up to the point where things become intolerable. That’s where we are right now. Intolerable.
    If we can’t cut each other some slack, and chuck the jew slur around willy nilly, amongst ourselves, based on personal animus, there dont need to be any hasbarats, we do their job for them.

    Just a thought.
    Now you can de-construct that with yer jewdar on full, and probably find signs and wonders, secrets and signs, but again what difference does it make?

    Apart from paranoiding the place up with needless nonsense, that ends with us all hiding under the bed, for fear of a bunch of scurrilous, gutless, jew, scum!

  14. American born says:

    Im not sure if anyone has posted this God Damn nigger bitch yet.

  15. Hoff says:

    How Britain Pioneered City Bombing

    The Blitz on London in 1940 came in response to the initiation of city bombing by Britain some months earlier. Few now accept this rudimentary fact, central to Britain’s role in initiating World War II. Britons nowadays – or, all of them that I ever talk to – just see the Blitz as proof of Hitler’s wickedness and do not acknowledge the cause-and-effect connection. Winston Churchill and the War Department set up a situation where London would be blitzed, without telling the people that Britain had started the process several months earlier. This had the effect of getting Britons into a mood for total war, without the traditional restraints of civilised ‘laws’ or conventions, restraints which had hitherto established that civilians would not as such be targeted:

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Many moons ago, before the scales dropped, i remember reading that on orders from churchill, the public lighting in Liverpool, was deliberately left on in the civilian areas, so as to draw air raids away from the docks, which were blacked out. Pretty cold fish was old churchill. Pissed out of his head most of the time too according to those in the know.
    I suspect this would have been more than a one off occurrence.

    Any idea?

  17. American born says:

  18. Flanders says:

    Some good hints to review, especially for those from GB and the former countries of the great continent of Europe, which are now the EU, and who presently think that they have no weapons. Get prepared. Expand your vision. Protect yourself and the salvageable portions of those ways of life given by our ancestors, portions of which all of us have actually already given up. Evidence of that need for preparation will be fast coming to all Whites and other peoples’ who love freedom at some unknown point in the future.

    To reinstate those former ways can’t be done, but we can improve on what has taken it’s place. In order to do that, we have to be around to do it. Few of us are “activists” in a more active manner, but that, as time goes on, may be a situation which is forced onto us. Some of these are simple common sense, but unless we have been in the situations ourselves they can be difficult to articulate.

    Mini Manual On Survival – Tom Metzger
    If you are White or a freethinker with common sense, and do not recognize how you are categorized by the system, then see whether you hold any of these beliefs. Even if you don’t hold them, you will be held to the “standards” on which they are based – because you are White or view matters in a common sense and intelligent way.

    “These days anyone is a racist who refuses to deny the abundantly clear evidence that there are inherited racial differences in behavior, intelligence, and attitudes. A racist is a person who will not pretend that he sees no differences…”.

    “A racist is any White person who prefers to live among other Whites instead of among non-Whites and prefers to send his children to White schools.”

    “A racist is a White person who is disgusted with the multiracial cesspool that America is becoming under the present government and media policies. A racist is so alarmed about the threat to the future of his people that he is willing to derail these policies…”.

    “And as I said, there’s no need to be rude about this, no need to use the “n” word or engage in name-calling. But we do need to be completely honest for a change, both with ourselves and with others. We need to have the courage to face the whole truth regarding our situation and what we need to do about it.”

    “If we had shown more courage from the beginning [We, meaning our White ancestors of a couple of generations ago, were not aware about the agenda due to the peicemeal and gradual approach used by the treason-minded jew and their media. Flanders], if we had spoken out the first time and every time the Jews and their collaborators had tried to implement their policies for changing America from a White republic into a multiracial garbage dump for the New World Order, I think the Jews would have found themselves some other country to subvert. I think they would have decided to try their poison on the Turks or the Mexicans or the Indonesians instead of on us.” [Note: Even Dr. William Pierce was not aware at the time of this article how compromised the traitors in our political system were when he pled for courage from the leaders.].

  19. Flanders says:

    At the Resist site above, navigate to the left column for articles. Click and scroll down 1/2 to “Mini Manual On Survival”.

  20. American born says:

  21. Sen10L says:

    Good article about Solzhenitsyn. I don’t know for sure but I read he was raised Russian orthodox.

    Thanks for the link Biker.

  22. Hoff says:

    After a public communiqué about the “Doctors’ Plot” Stalin lived only 51 days.

    “The release from custody and the acquittal of the doctors without trial were perceived by the older generation of Soviet Jews as a repetition of the Purim miracle”: Stalin had perished on the day of Purim, when Esther saved the Jews of Persia from Haman (67).

    Hoff: This is goooooood. Stalin “happens” to die on Purim. Sure sure …

  23. Hoff says:

    After the liberation of Crimea by the Red Army in 1943, “talks started among circles of the Jewish elite in Moscow about a rebirth of the Crimean project of 1920’s,” i.e., about resettling Jews in Crimea. The Soviet government did not discourage these aspirations, hoping that “American Jews would be more generous in their donations for the Red Army.” It is quite possible that Mikhoels and Feffer [heads of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, EAK], based on a verbal agreement with Molotov, negotiated with American Zionists about financial support of the project for Jewish relocation to Crimea during their triumphant tour over the USA in summer of 1943. The idea of a Crimean Jewish Republic was also backed by Lozovsky, the then powerful Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs (11).

    Meanwhile, during these very years the biggest event in world Jewish history was happening — the state of Israel was coming into existence. In 1946-47, when the Zionists were at odds with Britain, Stalin, perhaps out of anti-British calculation and or opportunistically hoping to get a foothold in the Middle East, took the side of the former.

    During all of 1947 Stalin, acting through Gromyko in the UN, actively supported the idea of a creation of independent Jewish state in Palestine and supplied the Zionists with a critical supply of Czechoslovak-made weapons.

    In May 1948, only two days after the Israeli declaration of nationhood, the USSR officially recognized that country and condemned hostile actions of Arabs.

    With the start of the Cold War, “the discrimination against the Jews in the Soviet Union “became one of the main anti-Soviet trump cards of the West. (As was the sympathy in the West towards various ethnic separatist movements in the USSR, a topic that had never previously gained support among Soviet Jews).

    Hoff: The jew creating it’s own opposition.


    The genuine Jewish culture that had been slowly reviving after the war was curtailed and suppressed in 1948-1951. Jewish theatres were no longer subsidized and the few remaining ones were closed, along with book publishing houses, newspapers and bookstores (50). In 1949, the international radio broadcasting in Yiddish was also abolished (51).

    In autumn of 1952 Stalin went into the open as arrests among Jews began, such as arrests of Jewish professors of medicine and among members of literary circles in Kiev in October 1952. This information immediately spread among Soviet Jews and throughout the entire world. On October 17th, Voice of America broadcast about “mass repressions” among Soviet Jews (57). Soviet “Jews were frozen by mortal fear” (58).

    Hoff: The jew creating it’s own opposition.

    An article from the 1960s states that “in spite of a pronounced anti-Semitism of Stalin’s rule … many [Jews] prayed that Stalin stayed alive, as they knew through experience that any period of weak power means a slaughter of Jews. We were well aware of the quite rowdy mood of the ‘fraternal nations’ toward us” (65).

    Hoff: Big Jewry scare the crap out of the jew (m)assas. They do that all the time. Big Jewry strategi page 1A. Keep the jew (m)asses in line.


    On February 9th a bomb exploded at the Soviet embassy in Tel Aviv. On February 11, 1953 the USSR broke off diplomatic relations with Israel. The conflict surrounding the “Doctors’ Plot” intensified due to these events.

    Hoff: Just another jew false flag op.


    After a public communiqué about the “Doctors’ Plot” Stalin lived only 51 days. “The release from custody and the acquittal of the doctors without trial were perceived by the older generation of Soviet Jews as a repetition of the Purim miracle”: Stalin had perished on the day of Purim, when Esther saved the Jews of Persia from Haman (67).

  24. My Name says:

    Words Fail:
    The jewSA’s “/supreme/ _court_ /justice/” Is Going:
    ALL KIKE!!! ALL THE TIME!!! Hello: noa(c)hide laws!!!
    Bye, Bye: America!!! Hello: is ra el?, WEST!!!

    Senate committee endorses Kagan
    Tue, 20 Jul 2010 18:08:35 GMT

    Obama’s Supreme Court choice Elena Kagan

    US President Barack Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court,
    Elena Kagan, has received the preliminary approval in the
    Senate, with the Judiciary Committee backing her nomination.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-6 on Tuesday,
    sending Kagan’s nomination to the full Senate.

    The senate is going to vote on her nomination as early as
    next week.

  25. Ed in Salt Lake says:

    Hoff said…

    “The Jews don’t care if you call it Communism or Capitalism as long as the Jew controls the State”

    Incog said…

    “I don’t have all the answers”

    There are NO answers at this stage! There are countless questions and for some, maybe revelations and a slow path of initiation for a select few. For those who possess an aggressive interrogation towards these universal problems, it is just about maintaining ones little corner of the world until the immense historical rupture that is on the horizon opens itself a tiny little corner of the veil at Sais so as one can take a peek into the fires of Creation or become blinded in the attempt.

    The Jew can never lay claim to the control or authorship of Capitalism and its incarnation that is the nation-state. In fact, the runaway-train that is global capital has only eroded nation-state boundaries through the “open market” and “free-trade” in its ever maddening and unwavering pursuit of expansion, monopoly formation, and the further consolidation of all its forces of re-production. This is nowhere more evident than in the creation of such institutions as the IMF, WTO, GATT, Homeland Security, the European Union, and others whose primary function is- and has been- the elimination of obstacles to and the furthering of the efficiency of the integrated system of capitalist-expansion and production. Everything else is subsumed under this.

    The dillemma now is that Capitalism has no more “bullets in the chamber” and its consummation has expired some years ago and now it is a matter of its impending collapse. Its contractions, “downsizing”, and deterioration is now moving ahead with a rapid and logical pace which brings all the globally developed capitalistic nation-states as well as the “underdeveloped countries” or the “Third-worlders” into its orbit. The moneyed-elite as well as the social bottom-feeders will now share the same fate. To ponder this death-agony is fearsome indeed!

    This most enduring and resiliant systen will soon be coming to a most abrupt and terrifying end!… Sooner than later!… Capitalism and its many hybrid offspring and historical forms over the decades will be coming to screeching halt and there will be NO option of the revitalization of the System or any other postponement of its contradictions and fate.

    The gorgeous bikini-model Rosa Luxemburg simplified the whole matter some time ago when she stated, “Socialism or Barbarism!” There is nothing today that even hints of a solution vis-a-vis Socialism. That then leaves us with good ol’ Barbarism! Hobbes’ … BELLUM OMNIUM CONTRA OMNES! Even Homer would shudder at the prospect that now lie before us today. And Homer was blind! All he could see was the Darkness!

    “We have had to wait until the 19th century before we began to understand the nature of exploitation, and to this day, we have yet to fully comprehend the nature of power”- Foucault

  26. American born says:

    Ed in Salt Lake,

    Great post as all of yours are. Well thought out and intelligent. I have to agree with you in your last post that jews are the catalist to the on coming doom of society. They are not the creatores of this but the sign of things coming. Good and evil exists and when good is outweighed by evil. We now have a world of evil with the capability of the worst horrors imaginable. We are in the last days of what we know to be normal. The bottom has to fall out from the evil system that is now world wide. We are on the cusp of big things. The current way of society is bent on self destruction in many ways. Morality, debt, wars, and most of all the self centered ways of ALL. Inevitably this is doom.
    The world wide system is completely one of greed and placing ones self over all others. Multiply this by the worlds 6 billion people coupled with with weapons of mass destruction and religious rivalries, we are in for the biggest BOOM ever seen in humanity.

  27. American born says:

    ADD ON:
    Moral decay and degeneration within society invites evil. Evil is looked upon with glee from a willing society infected with evil. The current system laid out for us all to invite into our lives is one of evil. Dependency, rage brought on by the lack of controll of our humanity, corruption in our leaders and the constant drum beat of division.
    Simply put, too many people in the world with access to eachother. Jealousy between nations and neighbors.
    This whole time in history is the perfect storm for the jew to rise to such power.
    One can guage society by who is in charge. The jew is a reflection to all of how the world has lost its way. A strong people could easily repel the clear subvertion/destruction of a small minority of thieves and destroyers.
    At this point I believe there is just to many dependants in the world. The jew has enslaved the world thru debt and false currency. I dont see a positve end game when the bottom falls out.

    Socialim or barbarism…

  28. Ed in Salt Lake says:

    American born said…

    ” I don’t see a positive end game when the bottom falls out”

    The mighty historical forces at work are hidden from all of us American born. One thing I can guarantee is that these same forces are simultaneously creative and destructive. Hidden in these forces is a logic that prepares the way for the Great Destruction! And then – the Great Renewal!

    Help is coming! The self-same Gods who created Abu Simbel are on their way. These are the Mighty Ones who will come to redeem us! I can already see their coming! Let us welcome them!

    “Woe, woe to the men who know nought, observe not, nor will they see… They are all blind since they remain ignorant how much the world is full of various and invisible creatures which crowd even in the most sacred places”- Zohar

  29. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The zohar??????

    “Jings! Crivvens! Help ma boab!”


  30. Count Cherep says:

    Re: The Zohar

    Suspicions aroused by the facts that the Zohar was discovered by one person, and that it refers to historical events of the post-Talmudic period while purporting to be from an earlier time, caused the authorship to be questioned from the outset.[2] Joseph Jacobs and Isaac Broyde, in their article on the Zohar for the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, cite a story involving the noted Kabbalist Isaac of Acco, who is supposed to have heard directly from the widow of de Leon that her husband authored the Zohar for profit:[2]

    A story tells that after the death of Moses de Leon, a rich man of Avila named Joseph offered Moses’ widow (who had been left without any means of supporting herself) a large sum of money for the original from which her husband had made the copy.[2] She confessed that her husband himself was the author of the work. She had asked him several times, she said, why he had chosen to credit his own teachings to another, and he had always answered that doctrines put into the mouth of the miracle-working Shimon bar Yochai would be a rich source of profit.[2] The story indicates that shortly after its appearance the work was believed by some to have been written by Moses de Leon.[2]

    Read Biker’s comment on It’s Just Our Thing, Man:

    Kabbalists begone!

  31. Good to see you back INCOG MAN. That is an outstanding essay. Before I woke up and saw the jew, I was an admirer of the Roosevelt’s.

  32. Count Cherep says:

    Kabbalist Jew summons Satan:

    Kabbalists begone! +

  33. Kevin says:

    No history book mentions the fact that Ulysses S. Grant expelled the Jews from three southern states after the Civil War. The reason he did this is because the carpetbaggers were all Jews who were financially exploiting the defeated people of the South immediately after the Civil War. The history books I read all through school never once mentioned the fact that the carpetbaggers were Jews or that Grant expelled the Jews from three southern states for their exploitation of the defeated southerners. This is another example of the total Jewish control of the media, academia and the publishing industry. Because of the internet and the Jewish hand behind the internet, this complete control of the media is even more universal and threatening today. When the Jews write the news and everyone else’s voice is suppressed, guess who will enslave future generations? Voltaire said that you can tell who rules a country by the group one cannot criticize. In America and most of the world today, this is the Jews!

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