Happy Homos Set To Wed in Commiefornia!

Federal Judge Ignores Will of The People!

Once again, us regular, decent Americans have been slapped smack dab in the face by the vile Forces of Faggotry, subversive Khazar Jewry and our so-called government. A Federal Judge has thrown out the votes of millions of people — who said that marriage must be between a man and a woman (Proposition 8). It just so happens the Federal Judge who decided, Vaughn Walker, is openly homo himself (liberals insist this didn’t make a difference — yeah, right).

Homo Judge Walker just hocked a wad of nasty fag phlegm right in the faces of California voters and decent America!

Homos and Lezbos are now getting all stoked up for the big day they can tie the knot in “holy matrimony.” The Federal courts have “kindly” granted an entire week’s extension on the wedding ban, so those fighting the ruling can make some kind of vain attempt at legal recourse. But that appears to be impossible, as they openly imply “it’s a done deal,” making fagdom giddy with power. The slime are now out bragging “we have the law on our side.”

All of this will eventually “go down” in your state, soon enough, if not already. These people will never, ever stop until they totally sleaze up this country from one end to the other. Sodomites sexually get off on shocking straights big time, and will continually force us into accepting and witnessing whatever sick acts, displays and bizarre “lifestyles” they can dream up in their fevered, twisted imagination.

Oh, they’ll laugh it off and try to pretend they are merely normal people, just like all the rest of us (with tons of help from the liberal, Jewified media who edit out all the sleaze). Yet, each of them knows all too well the depths of depravity they inhabit.

Back in 2008, happy homos took to the streets in San FranSicko, when the state supreme court allowed them to wed. A statewide vote was later taken (Prop 8) and the gays lost overwhelmingly. But now the homos had it overturned by a fag Judge and the traitorous Federal court system. Un-friggin-believable!

Folks, this kind of thing is the wellspring of pedophiles and murderous sex criminals. That’s always been the case. In addition to which, the acts they perform are conducive to disease transmission and foster outbreaks of virulent new strains of viruses and bacteria. Don’t make me describe the biological reasons for all this — it makes a person vomit!

Sick homos get off on out-queering each other and love shocking us regular people any chance they get!

Hey, look, I’m not some kind of prude or anything. My beef is that homos should not be a celebrated “lifestyle” alternative in our society. Let them do their thing in the cover of the night, quarantined from decent Americans. We absolutely must not allow them to push their sick agenda in our schools and military, nor have equal status with heterosexuals in marriage.

Homos are the most narcissistic people on the face of the earth. Their foul sex acts revolve around pleasuring the inner self and how others would react if they saw them “perform.” They constantly try to out-queer each other, resulting in the most sickening sights on the planet. If you’ve ever had the disgusting experience of seeing a Gay pride parade, you’ll know exactly what I’m saying here.

They would love to have this kind of filth everywhere — including schools and prime time TV. And with the Jew Agenda out to destroy decent America from within and the fact they basically own the media, all this is a very real possibility. Already homo actors are kissing on day-time soap TV. One can readily foresee a day soon when America looks like some kind of futuristic hell-hole of mixed-up, dumbed-down races and unimaginable sexual perversions everywhere you look. The foulest sex crimes will be an everyday occurrence in your very own neighborhood.

We simply must take back this country and put a stop to these selfish, immoral and disgusting people!

Haven’t you figured out what’s going on yet? A real-life evil has descended down upon America and the White race. The agents for this evil has always been the Jew. We’ve been warned about them since the very days of Jesus, when Satan offered the fasting Jesus the world. Jesus turned him down, but it looks like Satan eventually found himself a race of men to take him up on his offer.

As I sit here now, I humbly call upon the forces of goodness and decency to rise up and smite down these wicked, evil people. I pray, beg, implore God and his spiritual armies to soon come to our nation’s aid.

And to all you radical homos and subversive Jews, let me quote my man Johnny Cash: “God’s gonna cut you down!”

— Phillip Marlowe


California Judge Overturns Marriage

…There is another dangerous aspect to Judge Walker’s decision which has escaped the notice of many commentators, an issue which goes far beyond homosexual marriage. Walker’s decision is profoundly biased against marriage between man and woman, and even calls traditional marriage an outdated institution left over from an earlier age. Judge Walker says,

“The evidence shows that the movement of marriage away from a gendered institution and toward an institution free from state-mandated gender roles reflects an evolution in the understanding of gender rather than a change in marriage. [Traditional marriage and the exclusion of same sex couples] is an artifact of a time when the genders were seen as having distinct roles in society and in marriage. That time has passed.”




37% of Homosexual men admit to molesting children: Read it here!

Several studies suggest that Gays commit about 33 to 40 percent of all the child molestation in America. Some notable celebrities crossed paths with Gay child molesters. Radio personality and Ronald Reagan’s adopted son, Michael Reagan, was molested at a summer camp. The ordeal caused him considerable trauma which took years to overcome. Another victim was Art Bell’s son, who was seduced by a homosexual teacher, who used drugs to help confuse his victim. Art Bell’s son was also infected with HIV.


This 2007 poster from the Folsom Street Fair in San FranSicko, amply illustrates the close connection of homos, gender-benders and S&M fetishists: They’re like one big, very sick family. Note the Last Supper symbolism — they love to stick it to Christianity, or any straight for that matter. Make note of the black “Jesus” and the red “fisting” dildo (a totally vile, disease-prone sex act), where the cup of the last supper would sit. These are unbelievably foul and demonic people!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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67 Responses to Happy Homos Set To Wed in Commiefornia!

  1. Flanders says:

    Why would the queers not celebrate – the federal courts – and the Presidency, too.

    Truth In Our Time has that story.


    That may be the reason that some tapes are not being played at Blagojevich’s trial, “as demanded by Blagojevich and his defense lawyers”.

  2. Brutal Defiance says:

    How any church could ever disgrace their god and the bible and allow these sick, digusting degenerates of humanity be wed in holy matrimony is beyond me. Its a smack in the face of their whole religious belief system.

    I say “their” because I am not a practicing Christian. I am a follower of Wotanism.

  3. Rifleman Dodd says:

    Homos remind me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show reminds me of Meat Loaf.
    Meat Loaf reminds me of the movie Fight Club.
    Fight Club is an awesome movie. I’m gonna go watch it now.
    Notice the Twin Towers coming down at the end of that 1999 movie.
    Also, The two characters at the end holding hands form the letter M.
    The letter M is the Roman Numeral 1000. 1000 is the number for Helios, the Sun God, otherwise known as Lucifer. Check it out.

  4. Rifleman Dodd says:

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    Here’s that video you wanted in, Rifleman:

  6. Don Robison says:

    sorry to hear about what happened to Art Bell. I loved the guys program. 90% of news aids cases come from homosexual contact. it costs $500,000 to treat one aids patient. When homos become bored of their life of debauchery they actively try to infect themselves with HIV so they can ??? how could I imagine why they do the shyt they do?

  7. INCOG MAN says:

    I’m convinced the reasons for health care reform and the skyrocketing expense of health insurance is a direct result of insurance companies extrapolating the costs of faggotry down the road, once the homos gain power and numbers. In other words, all of us now have to shoulder the medical expenses of these sick people.

  8. Don Robison says:

    All the homosexuals and pedophiles I have know have been associated with the public education system. One of them was even hauled away to jail from his elementary school classroom. He was active in scouting and invited my friend on a scout camp out. Another gay I know liked to visit Vietnam and screw poor viet boys. He came back to the states to teach preschool. I wish I was making this stuff up. I also knew openly homosexual teachers in highschool that seemed to be dating and displaying their relationship to the whole school. No wonder 25% of my white acquaintances in H.S now claim to be queer.

  9. Flanders says:

    The founder of CORE was “gay” commie.


    “Few people are aware that it was an openly gay man that Dr. King tapped to organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 1963 March on Washington (where King gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech).”

  10. Rifleman Dodd says:

    Thank you Incogman.

  11. Flanders says:

    Don, The site this older (1980’s) comic is from denies that it’s message is correct, but it makes sense, which is something that those who promote or live as homos’ do not.


  12. Flanders says:

    The link for, “« WATCH IT: Video and Transcript of Obama’s White House Speech Celebrating ‘Gay Pride’ Month”, is at the top of the next article, which should be read first.

    “‘Worn Arguments, Old Attitudes’: That’s how President Obama describes the thinking of millions upon millions of Americans who oppose homosexual behavior”


    When the “new civil right” began:



  13. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, Flanders for the links. I’ll put Americans for Truth in my slowly getting restored links section.

  14. Biker says:

    any man that doesnt have a problem having sex with another man, in my mind doesnt have a problem having sex with ANYTHING. animal, vegetable, or mineral. whats next, marriage between donkey/woman? brother/sister? man/chicken?! depraved and disgusting. homos are shit eaters, period. the “pursuit of happiness” does NOT include fisting. i think that the founding fathers would agree.

    also, who remembers or has the link to the sick jew that raped and tortured a cat?

  15. Count Cherep says:

    By Brother Nathanael Kapner

    JEWISH COMMUNISTS COMPRISED the largest faction of Stalin’s International Brigade which agitated and participated in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.

    Stalin’s International Brigade, comprised mostly of Jews, slaughtered 6,539 Spanish priests, 3000 monks, 300 nuns, and 13 Bishops. Over 20,000 Spanish churches were destroyed by the Bolshevik Jews.

    One of the Jews listed in the article:
    George Nathan: Jewish homosexual and Communist from Great Britain. Chief of Staff of Stalin’s International Brigade.

    Read the rest:

  16. Count Cherep says:

    Communist, homosexual, jewish murderers – it’s a Talmudic thing.

    [Jew] Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Communist Dictator

    A Senate subcommittee concluded that FDR had committed perjury before a Naval Court of Inquiry. This was in relation to his investigation of a homosexual ring at the Newport, Rhode Island, Naval Station. As Assistant Secretary of the Navy, FDR had approved the use of men ‘undercover’ [pun intended] to entrap faggots. Young sailors were instructed and ordered by FDR’s men to perform sodomy and the lewdest forms of homosexual acts imaginable.

    “When it became an issue to the court, he lied about it. He had signed an order for the investigators to go all the way and absolutely take it ‘to the limit.’ Under oath, he denied that he had read what he had signed and swore that he had no idea what was in the order. What FDR stated was obviously untrue as he had personally taken charge of the case on June 11, 1919.

    “‘Mr. Roosevelt made depression and unemployment a chronic fact in American
    life.’ Grace Abbott told the DNC: ‘There is in Chicago and in a very large part of the country, more suffering than there was in 1933 when the President came to office. It is a common sight to see children salvaging food from garbage cans.’ Almost unbelievably, the homosexual [jew] Winston Churchill said in 1937, ‘The Washington administration has waged so ruthless a war on private enterprise that the US is actually leading the world back into the trough of depression.’

    Read the rest:

    Similar things going on today, just different jews doing them.

  17. Don Robison says:

    Flanders, that comic is pretty accurate in my opinion. Nothing comes from nowhere. Read the homosexual manifesto. It’s all about conversion.

    “We shall sodomize your sons,…We shall seduce them in your schools,…
    Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image….” -gay manifesto

    It’s all so clear, but not everyone takes the time to figure these things out. This manifesto was published by the Gay Liberation Front. Their objective and mode of operation is beyond speculation.

  18. INCOG MAN says:

    Gay Liberation Front? The Gay Liberation Network is run by a Jew named Bob SCHWARTZ. Not surprising, huh?

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Jews Are Aids!


    Devils wave their hook noses in the air!

    Wave them like they just don’t care!


    How’s that God’s wrath working out for you shlomo?

    Going well?



    “Hitler had a right” and HIV sufferers deserved to be “roasted”.


  20. Count Cherep says:

    Here is an excerpt from a must read article. Check out the newsfromthewest link in it about the radical homosexual movement as well.

    White Genotypes, Jewish Media Swipes and Goyim Troglodytes
    By Patrick Grimm

    The radical homosexual movement

    My compatriot and a Colorado resident who calls himself The West has on his blog http://newsfromthewest.blogspot.com/ a jaw-dropping list located here http://newsfromthewest.blogspot.com/2007/05/radical-homosexual-movement-is-run-by.html chronicling the Jewishness of the homosexual mafia that has mainstreamed perversion and has inundated our schoolchildren with falsehoods about the joys of sodomy and anonymous sexual encounters. The sad reality is, many people are woefully unaware of just how radical and well-organized the sodomite lobby has grown. They have infiltrated our schools, they have edged their proselytizing propaganda into curriculum geared toward kids, beginning at the kindergarten level and continuing all the way through high school, just to make sure that the brainwashing sticks in their minds permanently. This is no accident.

    As with every other agenda aimed like a hollow-tipped bullet at the heart of white Gentile civilization, this one is no different in its rudimentary alien origins. It is alien because it did not originate with our people, but was brought to this nation by a “wandering people”, a “Nation within many nations”, a Diaspora of Jews from all over Europe, many of them radical Marxists, socialists, Communists, internationalists and one-worlders. These fanatical Jews did not come to us as a “light unto the nations” but as destroyers, as subverters and interlopers determined to defecate upon, both literally and figuratively, everything we hold dear. And they have done that in spades.

    Read the rest:

  21. CT Wolf says:

    How about those Bug Chasers? Go, Bug Chasers, GO!!!


  22. Flanders says:

    Incogman, Here are a couple of good articles about the decision which make some very good points. I don’t know if you may want to somehow edit your post, but I’m sure you will agree that they deserve a widespread distribution.

    California Judge Overturns Marriage

    The second article makes a good case that a different kind of marriage is being actually imposed on Americans. I don’t know if the author explains his reasoning in more detail in other postings.

    Jew Marriage: Judge’s Bias Will Be Overruled

  23. Count Cherep says:

    By Rev. Ted Pike 22 Sep 06

    Today, Judaism, more than any religion, has rejected moral judgments against homosexuality, and supports the gay agenda. Reform Judaism, representing 39 percent of American religious Jews, is now in total endorsement of sodomy.

    Read the rest:

    See also:

  24. Flanders says:

    Here is Pat Buchanan’s take on, “The Solomon of San Francisco”. He points out that this judge goes beyond activism to tyranny.


  25. Flanders says:

    Another example of tyranny exercised by the controllers of California.

    “The California Department of Corrections (CDC) has unveiled a new campaign of billboard alterations on behalf of the State of Israel.”


  26. Hoff says:

    The slime are now out bragging “we have the law on our side.” -lncogman-

    Hoff: THAT is what the whole jew-promoted homosex agenda is all about – writing the laws. Because if you can write one law, what must every 300 million americans do? They must OBEY the law. Write one law and the whole judicial must enforce that law.

    The whole propaganda-machine, what you call “media”is owned by the jew. Are all those jews homos? No. So why then do the jew promote homosex wholesale? Because then one jew can write the “Hate Law”. Every single Hate Law in the entire west is written by a jew. The point? Special laws for special people. And then that group is above the law.

    The jew don’t give a fluck about homos. No, it’s all about jews getting laws that are good for the jews. The first law the jew wrote when they took over Russia 1917 was death penalty for the jew bogus accusation “antisemitism”. Who – except a jew – could even think that way? For what reason would the russian people impose such a law on themself?

    For what reason would normal people let a tiny homo group impose hate laws against themself? They don’t, so just who write the hate laws? White americans? No, the JEW do.

  27. Saladin says:

    Justin Raimondo has an interesting take on gay marriage. And yes, he is gay and a Ron Paul Libertarian. I feel that they should be allowed to get married, why shouldn’t they suffer the miseries of divorce like the rest of us? The state has no business in marriage in general, gay or otherwise. This is not a voting issue, it is a MYOB issue. If God has a judgment in store then leave it up to Him, we have MUCH bigger problems to deal with.

    Gay Marriage: An Oxymoron


  28. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Good point. Let’s all pay attention to what a man, who shoves his penis up another man’s arse, has to say on the subject.

    Let’s legalise sodomite marriage all across the Middle East first, and if there are no problems, we can legalise it in the West.

    Was Saladin a shirt lifter?

    Are you?

    “The state has no business in marriage in general, gay or otherwise.”

    So why is the State attempting to legislate?

  29. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Not one mention of the JEW in that article i see. Liberal this, liberal that, and quoting camille paglia?

    I’m deaf to fags, indifferent to their fate, in favour of their wholesale extermination!

    And i’m not a ” little old lady”

  30. Marshall says:


    Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Jew maven of morality, is a RACISS RACISS RAY–CISS!!! :-O


    Hawt or nawt? Appears to be sprouting early cankles


  31. Biker says:

    she gat the jewfro down below Marsh lol! one of those 70’s jew porn snatches, the ones with sideburns.. YIKES!!!

  32. Michael.R says:

    Title: Episode #31 – ZOG will REALLY Fuck U Up

    Time: 08/15/2010 09:00 PM EDT

    Episode Notes: Special Longer, Harder, & Uncut Episode. Hal Turner thought ZOG was his pal, and as a paytridiot ‘thought’ that he would spy on Whigger Nutsionalists. And so Hal Turner denied being a ZOGbot until the day that ZOG thought Hal Went too far and decided to fuck the Turdnerstein up. By the way, the baal-priests Sci-Fi Faber, jewromy Visser, and sundry ZOGbot pisser-possums are still running wild, eating shit & bothering pisspul. Edgar Steele, The Whigger-Whimperer, is supposedly facing trial, represented by a pub[l]ic pretender, like Halster Turdnerstein, to be held Monday. The Whigger-Whimperer better figure out quick, a way to derail the Railroad, or get jewst to living in a ZOG jewlag cage with the Halster & Tyrone & MuhDikkk X. Introducing a new parody song to the Lindstedt EIB Network (Erysipelas In Broadcasting) called “ZOG WILL Fuck U Up”, which is a variant on a somewhat blasphemous little ditty. So if you are gonna get butt-fucked by ZOG, and it is because YOU begged for it, then might as well enjoy the ride, even if only third-‘hand’. Hail Victory!!!


  33. Sen10L says:

    Brutal D… I think you unlocked the key to this court decision. If a church like one that I once attended refused allowing the marriage of this perverse type they could have the church leaders and any that protested thrown in jail for refusing their queer request to marry. It’s just another way to destroy the church of Christ. I’m sure that agenda is in their present plans to assault family, church and free speech. They love pushing shit as much as the jues.

  34. Marshall says:

    Yeah Biker that’s the Haunted Forest of Hebron for sure!!! How can she be’s a talkin’ bout dem niggas when her crotch look like Angela Davis’s head? Smack-em yack-em don’t attack em!!!

    I think Bob Seger would say, “They got one thing in common, they got the fro down below, not to be confused with the fyer I mentioned previously” 😀


  35. Flanders says:

    The jews push the same thing more strongly here, but Israel is not immune to the same and similar problems. This article hits at the jews who run our media for not, or rarely, reporting about the sexual assaults by Rabbi’s in the US, but being extreme on all instances of Catholic clergy.

    “100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted

    A national poll reveals that some 100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted, but only 2.5 percent of the incidents are reported to the proper authorities.”


    The rationale which are engaged in most jew pedophiles could well come from what are supposed to be “religious” teachings and justified by the Talmud. This video has a good explanation.

    Paedophile Jews

  36. Marshall says:


    Man…that pair pictured at the top of Incog’s article…what the??? Ole Marsh knows where THEY belong…



  37. fortinbras says:

    This is all a diversionary tactic; conjurers use it all the time: he attracts your attention with a MacGuffin so you never spot him palming the ace.

    Homosexuality is entirely natural affecting 2-3% of the population and has always existed, so by the same token it is not normal. Homosexuality cannot be taught or caught; the reason is simple: human sexuality resides in a primitive part of the brain from birth, incapable of being influenced subsequently through the conscious mind.

    Try giving your attention to people who can do you real harm like lying you into wars, turning your country into a Balkanised cesspit, banning your guns or your freedom of speech. Get a grip.

  38. INCOG MAN says:

    Point taken.

    Sure, homos only account for a bare percentage. But they want more and they want to brainwash the kids as young as possible. This can screw up the thinking of children and lead them the wrong way.

    It’s all a part of the moral destruction of the US and I’m not going to keep my mouth shut.

    Go here and read what they are doing in Massachusetts:


  39. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “Homosexuality is entirely natural affecting 2-3% of the population and has always existed, so by the same token it is not normal.”

    A lot of natural human inclinations are not acceptable, they are covered by criminal legislation. Not normal? Correct.

    “Homosexuality cannot be taught or caught; the reason is simple: human sexuality resides in a primitive part of the brain from birth, incapable of being influenced subsequently through the conscious mind.”


    “Try giving your attention to people who can do you real harm”

    Which is the whole point of pro queer, legislation, in the face of majority disapproval. Promoted and campaigned for by jews, to inflict untold harm on the host society.

    “turning your country into a Balkanised cesspit”

    Which is the whole point of pro queer, legislation, in the face of majority disapproval. To set society at its own throat, so as to inflict untold damage on the host society.

    “banning your freedom of speech”

    Which is the whole point of pro queer, legislation, in the face of majority disapproval. And the promotion of “hate speech” laws, that would outlaw criticism of the pro-queer agenda.

    “Get a grip.”

    Just as soon as you catch a clue! Deal?

  40. Rifleman Dodd says:

    Enema at the gate!
    This is how it always begins…

  41. Fleur says:

    Fleecing the naive, gullible goyim at college:


  42. jim says:

    Speaking of Federal judges, let’s vote for Dr. David Duke for president so we can elect our federal judges to limited terms:

  43. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Don’t shut up Incog! Keep showing what perverts they are. No matter how disgusting the pictures are, show them. Maybe it will wake some people up. I know from experience that some will never wake up. Morally these people are nearly as far gone as the homos.
    My mother’s brother was one. When he retired from the Air Force in the early 70s he moved in with us. My parents fixed up our garage into an apartment. My mother and him were close, and he never did anything bad to me, so I don’t want to make any nasty remarks about him. That experience helped me to see why the AIDS virus spread through the homosexual community the way it did. The numbers of people they have sex with is high. He drank booze like I drink water! When I say booze I’m not talking about beer or wine! I’m talking about hard liquor! He would pour out a big glass and swill it down! It is well known that they have a high rate of drug abuse and alcoholism. They also have a high rate of suicide. These are all signs that the lifestyle they live is destructive.
    As for the constant remarks by people that it is natural and they are just born that way. If that is the case why are homosexuals so gung-ho about recruiting children? Why would they waste their time? I’ve noticed this lately, and I’m wondering if anyone else has. Does anyone on here ever look at dating personals? I have been noticing recently that there is a lot more young women that either list their sexual orientation as lesbian, or bisexual. There is definitely a lot more young women today that list themselves that way. You tell me that more of them are being born today! They are constantly being brainwashed by the jew media, that two women making out is sexy and desirable to men. Pictures of Madonna and Britney Spears kissing among others. That is why they are saying it!

  44. American says:

    You might be surprised, Frank. I thought the same thing 2 years ago, but not only have I seen changes, but the rate of change has picked up. Just because people don’t sign on”\ right away, doesn’t mean you haven’t reached them.

    The immigration law in AZ and the fag law in CA are two events most people have witnessed from beginning to end, whereas the jew Fed and jew-media have worked their subversion slowly over decades. These recent events are clear examples to point out that it doesn’t matter who or what you vote for, jews will continue to abuse an entire nation.

    It’s getting much easier to get a positive nod lately. People are looking for answers, and instead wasting energy on all the individual issues, they respond to the idea it’s just one problem.

  45. Frank Fredenburg says:

    This article is on Yahoo News right now.

    ‘Doogie’ Says He’s Becoming a Father.

    Neil Patrick Harris and his long-time partner are expecting not one, but two bundles of joy.

    I hope your right American! I hope your right! For the sake of our country!

  46. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Build it, and he will come.

    David Duke for President? — It’s up to You!

  47. Usually I do not comment in any articles pertaining to homosexuality. But reading this article about how California has fallen down the slippery slope to total immorality, I wanted to put up my 2 cents worth…

    I find it totally disgusting, immoral, and against how nature designed animals for procreation. These sickos should just stay in the damn closets where they belong!

    Is it not written in their Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion about how they would promote such immoral human standards to both break up the family structure and in doing so to demoralize us, and weaken our resolve against them?

  48. And the “THEY” in all of this is the damn Satanic Lucifer worshiping psycho bastards, the Zionist Jews!

  49. Sen10L says:

    Yeah Marsh, that picture of the freakin’ ass clowns, with the shit eating grins and bra on their heads, was one of a thousand words which depict excessive rot and filth.

  50. Marshall says:

    Dungie Hoser must be overjoyed Frank, pity the children. Sen10L those two are far beyond the “freaky” classification. Imagine coming up on that in a dark alley. I thought MIMES were who I naturally wanted most to kick the crap out of.

    Hey everybody- this is the most butt-kickin’ audio series about the Bolshevik Revolution I’ve EVER had the privilege to hear. I was so impressed I even sent the link to Hoff, as if he might experience something he didn’t know already :-O



  51. Flanders says:

    Nixon on homos and Bohemien Grove

    “I won’t shake hands with anyone from San Francisco”.

  52. Flanders says:

    Bohemian Grove Members

  53. Sen10L says:

    Nearly busted a gasket laughing at that Nixon quote. Thanks for the christogenea link.

  54. Flanders says:

    Don’t send your kids to this school.

  55. Jake says:

    Jew faggots sure do have a fetish with animals. They do nothing to spout real facts here, where I’ve been trying to counter pro-jew arguments (probably pretty poorly, as I’m not 100% jew-wise yet.) All they do is either insult, offer up islamophobia, play the anti-semite card, or ignore the issue, a la USS Liberty.


  56. Jake says:

    Jews are the real pedophiles: FACT.


  57. Flanders says:

    The indications are that it is the young who are susceptible to the indoctrination by the jewish media. It seems likely that they are too lambasted with both the jewish media and marxist-educated educators to be able to break away from the spin – that and a lack of experience. The following is a good indicator that they will later do that, but our challenge may be to help them break away sooner. Any suggestions?

    “A new poll in the United States has shown that three-quarters of Americans do not trust the country’s newspapers and television news.

    The findings are from Gallup’s annual Confidence in Institutions survey published on Friday, which has found that 75 percent of the respondents do not have confidence in newspapers, with 78 percent distrusting television news.

    The Gallup surveyed 1,020 people on 16 US institutions and gave an error margin of four percentage points.

    The dismal results showed that the American near-record low confidence in news media came ahead of Health Management Organizations and big business.

    The survey found the military rated best and US Congress rated worst out of the 16 institutions tested.

    Although no more than one-quarter of Americans trust the struggling news media, the greatest confidence in newspapers –49 percent– ironically came from young people aged 18-29, which Gallup linked to the fact that young people tended to be more confident in institutions in general.

    There is a dramatic decline in confidence, however, as Americans get older with only 19 percent of people aged 30-49 trusting newspapers.

    Experts say the US media are not gaining new fans as Americans continue to express low confidence in line with a steady slide over the past two decades.”


  58. Hoff says:

    @ Marshall. Thx, your comment is now at Hoff’s blog. The first 20 min in the first audio is a goldmine. Tsar Russia was one, if not the best country in the world at the time. And guess what – the jew fuck’d her up.

    This is what the jew ALWAYS do when the jew take control of the state, the jew ALWAYS fuck up that country. When the ELITE realise that the jew control their state, the ELITE always expell the jew.

    What we must do is wake up our ELITE to the jew.

    This is the MasterKey to the jew problem – wake up our ELITE. Control the ELITE and you control the state.

    l Hoff speak to a lot of people face to face and l target the ELITE. What l do is that l tell them that YOU is the ELITE. What most of our ELITE do NOT realise is that they are the elite. But once you tell them tha they are the Elite and tell them what the jew did in Tsar Russia 1917, they wake up.

    What did the jew do to our ELITE? The communist-jew told our elite: – Do and think like we tell you and you will be the new elite. This is why the elite-would -be went along and helped the jew take over their state. And this is what we must do, making OUR ELITE outing the jew from all political power.

    No jew – just right.


    Both in the audio are good,very very good, but NOT good enaugh. Why? They have NOT connected all the dots. l Hoff have. The jew is about one thing and one thing only – Take Control of the STATE.

    Controlling the state is the highest worldly power you can get. And that is what the jew wants above everything. Do YOU understand what your state is? The jew does, and when the hell will YOU ge it?

    Get it, wake up yor ELITE and the jew is history.


  59. Hoff says:

    Just how do Hoff do it?

    l tell YOU how to think and what to do. Why do l Hoff tell YOU how to think and to act? ´Do l Hoff want to harm you? No, l Hoff want to protect you just the same l want to protect my own family.

    Evey single word l write is about protecting my own family.

    ls the jew your family?

  60. jim says:

    Hey Folks,
    Dealing with all these criminal jews can be tiresome AND stressful for sure!
    Some good stress relief can be found here:

  61. Gman says:

    Only in the upside down world of today would a fag judge be allowed to decide the court case involving fag getting married! Where is the uproar of this fag judge NOT recusing himself from this case?? This would be like a judge who is a total gun fanatic and a life-long hunter and firearm lover and life member of the NRA presiding over a critical second amendment case, one can only imagine the uproar from the jew owned media outlets. In this case of fag marriage, nary a freaking peep about the judge being a known homosexual, absolutely amazing that is is not mentioned at all in the press!! If this is not perfect proof of jews totally controlling all media, then I don’t know what is!! Of course, this is all part of the jew’s plan to destroy our white culture and all white nations. As the sheeple begin to sense that things are not right, the house is burning down all around them. The jewish plan outlined in the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion is in full operation. WAKE UP WHITE MEN!!@##@#@#@

  62. American born says:

    This whole farce of gay marriage is just another step to prove that your vote means squat. Votes mean nothing. A fag judge and a nigger zio puppet can over ride your vote when they please. Any potential candidate for any office, up for any vote has been selected by the ZOG. ITS ALL BULLSHIT…
    Theyre is no one that represents the true intrests of true Americans anywhere in our Govt.
    The mexican filth are allowed to break our laws, reguardless of the votes. The fags can marry reguardless of our votes. nigger obama now supports the mosque in New York reguardless of the MAJORITY being opposed to it.
    jew communism is in full swing. Ive never seen it so blatant as of now!!!

  63. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Some more perversion jews are forcing on us!

    The Voice – What Sex is That?


  64. Flanders says:

    A couple of good links related to the post.



    “The Prince of Porn”


  65. bella says:

    When a civilisation is falling…the fags are always set encouraged & set loose on society. End the Fed. & for Christ’s sake DUMP ISRAEL!!!!!

  66. bella says:

    Also, all this advertising we are exposed to is no more than goddamned Graven Images!!!

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