Interstate Slasher Tries Escaping To Israel

The liberal, Jewified media was chomping at the bit about the possibility the Interstate slasher killer was some White guy. I guess it was the ballcap, huh?

Last night a murderous serial killer named Elias Abuelazam, killer of five from Michigan to Virginia, attempted escape back to Israel. Abuelazam was picked up by Customs and Border Enforcement people at the Atlanta airport.

Apparently, the guy was an illegal Palestinian immigrant here on a expired passport. But his real identity and motives are not at all certain at the moment. The killer (whoever he was) would find himself some punky little Negro alone on the street, pull out his knife and slash away at the unsuspecting victim like a demented freakazoid (all but one of the 13 victims was black).

And it’s not surprising that many folks thought he was a Jew since he tried to flee to Israel like so many Jews often do. And if he was a Jew and had made it aboard a El Al flight, there is a possibility Israel would have refused extradition back to the US (and even paid for his ticket), since they hate seeing any fellow Khazar Jew locked up by inferior Goyim. They’ve done it before — not only for rich scam artists but out and out pedophiles and murderers as well.

ABC World News Tonight made a big deal that it was a White guy who slashed all these blacks and how it was probably a racially motivated attack. They love to report whenever a White victimizes the poor, always-so-oppressed victim classes, so they can “tsk-tsk” away for hours on end.

Also, it would not have been surprising he was a Jew since Jews often hate blacks something fierce yet still have the GD nerve to attack the White race about all our supposed “evil oppressions” of blacks. Probably the media will drop this story like a hot potato, like they usually do whenever any non-White gets busted for a particularly egregious crime.

Or, since he was a Palestinian Arab, they may well blow it way out of proportion, hoping once again to spark a violent White backlash against Muslims, just like they tried to do with the Fort Hood shooter and everything else about Muslims today. They know Americans are waking up to the Jew behind the curtain and will use their propaganda apparatus to jack up the country so they can hide behind the brouhaha.

Add in the US economy rapidly going to hell in a hand-basket, Ziopuppet Obama losing popularity with independants and the fact that Zionist Jews are desperate to start another Goyim-killing war in the Mideast with Iran — you have plenty of Jew motives right there for another murderous Jew backroom gambit.

Obama can’t kiss Jew ass often enough. We have to tell them “our bonds are unbreakable” every five damn minutes or they start talking holocaust again. The last ass-kissing session may herald an Israel attack on Iran in the near future, with America dragged along into doing the dirty work (killing thousands more White Americans). Gas prices will skyrocket (it’s bad enough already), as our economy totally tanks.

Haven’t you had enough of Mr. Jew? You will.


They certainly realize they have to start something, anything to distract the awakening masses from their hidden activities, now exposed daily on the Internet. Everywhere you look, people are talking openly about how sick and tired they are of the Jew, his non-stop, whiny “anti-Semitism” accusations and our enforced allegiance to their evil little Mideast country.

And they could give a rat’s ass how many Goyim get killed from their never-ending Globalist plots.

Israel-Firster Jews are now making a big deal about this guy being Palestinian Arab and how our media hid the fact. They just don’t get it, or they are doing everything they can to bollix up the heads of non-Jews. The media is such an obvious Jewish Multicult propaganda organ, so dealing with any race baddies other than White has their circuits cracking and popping audibly. 

To understand this, ask yourself: If the killer was some White guy, do you think all the big-mouthed right-winger Jews would even bother? They might not crow about it, like they do whenever Muslims commit crime, but they would certainly keep their big mouths shut as the left-winger Jews yapped up another storm on Evil Whitey going postal.

Get the picture, White America? We’re being hustled on both sides by the all-time race hustlers of history. Remember what “White supremacist” David Lane once said: “No way out, but through the Jew!”

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to Interstate Slasher Tries Escaping To Israel

  1. Jacob C. says:

    It’s looking like this guy removed organs from many of his victims. Check out this news clip, they don’t dwell on the subject for too long but you can see pics of what the victims looked like afterwards.

    We all know about Israel and organ trafficking.

  2. Sen10L says:

    Slasher Elias is most likely a Joob. Frame the guy as a christian and Palestinian. Geez! How many Palis are they allowing back into the country once they are gone? Zero.

  3. White Wolf says:

    Somebody (reporting) better answer me how the hell White Ballcap Guy got drawn up as the alleged perp, when it was apparently, allegedly now No Resemblance guy that did it. No Resemblance guy almost got back to Israel. Was his background their fall-back plan in case Vigilant Authorities caught him? Was it, plan a) get an “evil whitey”, an “evil right wing extremist”, a “racist redneck”; and plan b) fall back on their asset’s “background”?

    Listening to his mother’s comments (reading), it sounds like either she’s completely blind to her son (such a nice boy, could never do that..), or maybe he was even framed for acts which he did not commit (long-shot, but not impossible).

  4. Flanders says:

    Toby, That is interesting information on the Rothschild/Levy connection. I either overlooked or forgot (just didn’t recognize the relevance at the time). I know I have a link to Synagogue but can’t locate it for now to review.

    Here is the location I think you are referring to and it is near Oakville, California. Rothschild calls it “Opus”.

  5. Marshall says:


    I’ve been listening to Freeman for awhile…very entertaining, but I believe about 1/4 of his stuff. He’s talking out his wazoo about alot of things, like claiming Obama is an actual physical clone of Akhenaten LOL!!! Just a New Age doper trying to make a few $$$ off the conspiracy circuit, after apparently never holding down one job in his entire adult life.

    He says he has experienced “missing time,” like he got picked up by a UFO, which curiously occurred when he and his buds were wasted and wandering around Daytona Beach late in the afternoon. Amazingly, he woke up on the beach and it was….3AM and there were no people anywhere!!! How the hell did THAT happen??? Must have been “The Mini-Rapture” or something LMAO!!! He claims he’s spiritually a Pleiadian alien, but keeps pronouncing it “Puhleedian.” I guess it’s interstellar dyslexia…if those Puhleedians have gone nookular we’re all in serious trouble I’m here to tell ya. 😀

    It cracks me up how people can get on the radio, read something straight out of somebody else’s book on the air, and sound like they’re some great and knowledgeable expert. It’s even easier than Obama and his teleprompters because you can’t see them doing it 🙂

  6. Flanders says:

    Marshall, I hadn’t realized that the site wouldn’t do a direct link to the article I was trying to load on Hollywood Mind Control. It seems you have to click it once you are already at the site. I was referring more to that article and I shouldn’t have used the word site as I have not checked the site except for that article. A quick look around makes me inclined to agree with you. Sorry for the waste of your time by using a misleading wording, but thanks for calling it to my attention.

  7. Marshall says:

    No prob Flanders- Freeman is pretty entertaining like I said…beats watching TV 😀

    Incog- that slasher mugshot disparity is the worst I’ve seen since the Laden Bros., Bing and Bin 😀

    NO REAL evil white redneck wears a baseball cap without something legible written on it…DUH??? Only JEWS would make such a glaring screwup, since they are patently unfamiliar with the aforementioned haberdashery. A poor effort indeed.

    They precisely described the details of the face right on down to the 5 o’clock shadow, but somehow didn’t read the big “Git’R-Done” or the dayglo “HOOTERS” on the cap at issue. Amateur Night at the Disinfo Apollo, I would say 😀

  8. Marshall says:

    I think that poseur is our old friend Billy Ray, with a cap provided by central casting, getting the very cheapest of free publicity, as if he couldn’t sink any lower than he has already. 😀

  9. Mr E 1234 says:

    See you’re still at it Mr Incog. How again is this killer the Jews fault?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Because maybe the guy would have been living in his own homeland, until you filthy Zionist Jews took over and evicted them. Ever think of that, Jew? Hope you like my new site, Jew, I’m getting lots of hits. Everyday brings more Whites to the realization that Jewry is America and White’s biggest problem. Suck on that, Jew!

  10. Laydee Liberty says:

    Jewish Serial MURDERER Elias Abuelazam

    “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish” – Sever Plocker, Israeli Journalist

    Butchering in this psychopathic crypto manner is a kosher characteristic
    NOT a Christian one.

    Astute people to recognize discrepancies. The Jewish controlled media tells us the man was a Christian Palestinian Arab with Israeli papers who looks very Jewish, committed murders in three states, AND when was finally found was attempting TO FLEE the USA on a flight back to Tel Aviv, Israel ?

    AND simply because this Israeli who worked for an ARAB at one time, he obviously can’t be a crypto Jew or Mossad ?

  11. Tom says:

    I just happened t read this. This guy slashed 13, all but the last were black? SON OF SAM, the Jew David Berkowitz, killed and wounded 13. All but the last was non-Jewish, the last was a Jew.

    I believe this is Kabbalistic or ritual.

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