Is This Guy a BIG FAT CRYPTO or What?

In a candid snapshot that reeks of Jew wherever you look, Neo-CON Frank Gaffney, Jr. sports a regular guy ballcap as he smiles for the camera. Beside him stands Pam Geller, Zionist Jewess blogger of “Atlas Shrugs.” Note how the mainstream media elevates bloggers like this creep to pundit status, because they really want Americans to think the way both of them do. These Israel-Firster freaks need to get the big boot right the hell out of this country!

OK, OK, SO maybe Frank Gaffney may only be a skinny little hidden Jew and not big and fat. But I definitely know this creepy guy just might be one of the biggest Neo-CON jobs now stinking up America today!

Gaffney got his start working for Henry “Scoop” Jackson, the JINSA* Jew’s poster “Shabbos Goy” (Gentile corrupted by Jew money). Zionist Jews so loved “Scoop,” they even hand out to traitors a yearly Zio ass-kissing award named after him. After “Scoop,” the stinking little bastard then went to work in the offices of Richard Perle, Israeli spy (as usual) who had himself an office in the Pentagon, during the Reagan years. Gaffney was called “Perle’s Bulldog” at the time.

“Scoop” Jackson was the Senator back in the ’70’s who passed the bill allowing upwards of a million (so far) “poor and persecuted” Russian Jews to immigrate into the US. On getting a US-paid plane trip here, these Jews lose any Russian pensions, but Jew Senator Frank Lautenberg’s (right) yearly “stealth amendment” forces the US taxpayer to pick up the slack! Once the always-so-poor Jews and sometimes Red Mafiya arrive in America — the Promised Land for parasites — they get to pocket welfare, medicare, free housing and up to $2,500 a month social security, retired or not, without ever paying one GD dime into the system!

America: Wake the hell up about this ancient parasite race! They are sucking this country bone dry — read on for more in-your-face truth!

Gaffney’s also a founding member of PNAC (Project for a New American Century) — the mostly Jew think-tankers who wrote global strategy papers to advise US presidents and Zionist bureaucrats. These NWO scumbags salivated for a catastrophic “Pearl Harbor” type event, to give the bastards excuses to lay on the American public on why we should go to war against Israel’s enemies and for “Pax Americana.” The 9/11 travesty happened almost exactly a year later. Some coincidence, huh?

Gaffney’s also the same guy who said Obama’s missile defense logo contained a Muslim crescent symbol, sure evidence that the Mulatto One was sending a secret message to the ragheads that America will submit to Islam and Sharia law. Right. Not that I give a damn about Obama, of course.

Now this sorry, skinny SOB is all over the TV, spouting his Jew terrorist paranoia bull. I just saw him on FOX’s Glenn Beck show the other day, talking about how Muslims are out to take over the world, install a “12th Imam” Caliphate and openly implying they might start beheading people under Sharia law. Funny thing while watching: Every time he went off on something about the Muslims I replaced exactly whatever he said with Jews and Judaism. Guess what? It all fit just like a glove.

And I’m damned sure I wasn’t the only out there thinking the same thing.

Glenn Beck is shaking the guy’s hand, shaking his head over all this terrible Muslim stuff, while shaking down patriotic America for viewership numbers. And here’s this Neo-CON wacko Gaffney going off on the evil Muslims, when the it’s the GD Jews doing it for real. I just can’t believe this crap anymore, it’s insane!

Besides being a TV “expert” on US Foreign policy, this guy gets his crazy Neo-CON articles published in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times and even the Christian Science Monitor, for chrissakes.

“Oh, Mr. INCOG MAN, you must be a lefty, Media Matters peace-nik for saying all this stuff about a conservative patriot like Gaffney.” My pimply White ass, you FOX news moron. This guy is no American patriot. For all intents and purposes he’s an Israeli citizen, or a major-league “Shabbos Goy” traitor.

Man, don’t you get it yet? America is being jerked around by these lousy, two-faced Jews!

And before you go off about me being some kind of Muslim lover, I got news for you, pal: I could care less about them too. It’s just the Jews who really present a “clear and present danger” to the concept of America. But that’s not all: With the way they get us all into wars with each other, the devious, back-room Jews have long been THE major threat to humanity itself!

Pam Geller is one big mouthed, glad-handing Jewess creep of the first magnitude!

And hell, I don’t care if any of these people are Hindus, Zulus, Martians or whatever. The point is what these Jews are obviously now doing to America as a whole.

Look not only at these so-called conservative, Israel-Firster Neo-CONS, but also look at all the liberal Jews who now insist we call them “progressive.” These Socialists and closet Marxists work non-stop pushing down our throats “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” interracial sex, non-White immigration, Christian-bashing, right along with increasing levels of immorality and division in America. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s a never-ending business with this bunch, who won’t stop until America is a Commie Police State.

They want White Americans, who might present a threat to their fragile Jew psyches and overblown egos, from having the least bit racial solidarity and majority in whatever country the Jews happen to live — which is most anywhere Whites live. But it’s America that has been the biggest fat cow for these psycho parasites to suck on!

These ancient parasites are Eastern European and Russian Jews, sometimes called Ashkenazim or Khazar. In actuality, 85-95% of all Jews are really these people. This race (they consider themselves a separate race) of distantly Hunnish/Turkish people, have convinced themselves they are the descendants of the Old Testament Hebrews, hence God’s “Chosen Ones,” and are smarter, more benevolent and holy than the rest of us. Don’t you believe it! 

Nor do I know for sure if this Gaffney freak is a Jew, but by the looks of him, I can easily believe it (just scroll up and take a look at that arrogant face and you tell me).

And you can NOT go by names, whatsoever. These people have a long history being sneaky when it comes to hiding the fact they’re Jewish. They or their father or father’s father changed their name to something Goyish long ago so they can continue scamming us Gentiles.

Jewry is NOT merely a religion — like they want us all to think. Hell, they’ve been playing that “nothing but a religion” bit on America’s head ever since we let them into this country. Big damn mistake. Being a Jew and having a non-Jewish sounding name is a sure-fire ticket to successful scam ops in the America: Media, government, banking, used car sales, you name it. But even if he wasn’t a Jew for real, he may as well be one. Just look at all the Jews out there like him.

Jew freaks everywhere! I don’t care one bit if they are Jewish, Martian or whatever, but I’ve had with these pencil-neck, Israel-Firster SOBs. The above is just a few of the Neo-CONS long busy getting us into wars for the Zionist Empire of Israel.

Gaffney reminds me a lot of that CIA director, James Woolsey, who’s always writing stuff about how great the Jews are and how we should be such buds with Israel, no matter what. I can’t read his stuff without completely losing my lunch.

None of these douchebags have ever served a day on the front lines. Hell, I bet most of them were never in the military to begin with, unless they happened to serve in Israel’s army (yeah, we let them do that). These are merely puffed-up elitists and wussy careerists, who think their crap doesn’t stink.

These Neo-CONS go around telling the country what we should do and who we should fight. They all sound alike, telling us the evil Muslims are going to wipe Israel off the face of the map, blow up something in America because we “share the same values” as Israel, and install a Muslim Caliphate over America. All of us Americans gotta do something about it now!

You can see the media ramping up the hysteria right now about Iran and Muslims in general. They’ve turned that New York “Ground Zero Mosque” business into a god-awful big deal, trying to get all us regular Americans angry over pretty much nothing; just so they can twist it into Iran hate later, when the time comes.

As usual, Ron Paul nails it:

In my opinion it has come from the neo-conservatives who demand continual war in the Middle East and Central Asia and are compelled to constantly justify it. They never miss a chance to use hatred toward Muslims to rally support for the ill conceived preventative wars.

— Ron Paul to “Sunshine Patriots”

Just the other night, Sean Hannity had Pam Geller and “civil rights” attorney Michael Gross on his show, debating the “Ground Zero Mosque” BS, fully expecting the rest of us Americans not to notice that it’s two yapping, big-mouthed Jews in the first place.

Note how the media acts like the funding for this stupid Mosque must be some kind of jihadi “Brotherhood of Islam” plot. They’ve been badgering the real estate developer who sold them the building to tell who put up the money and practically turned that Mosque Imam guy, Faisal Abdul Rauf (right), into another Adolf Hitler, as usual.

But does the US media ever say JACK when it comes to whatever the Israel Lobby does in America or even out-and-out Israeli billionaires who finance and manipulate US politicians and elections? The hypocrisy nowadays is ridiculous!

Although newspeople often start off telling us “all Muslims are not terrorists, blah, blah, blah,” they know Muslims and Arabs are more than fair game for the baddie treatment; in fact, they are the number-one Jew-designated hate targets for Americans. God, it’s so transparent, anymore.

You have to be a real dumb ass not to see the Jew propaganda number being done on all our heads. I always like it (sarcasm) when FOX news people like Hannity and Beck go off on the “mainstream media” for not covering something — like FOX is not mainstream? Please.

Jews, by their very nature, have always been Nation Wreckers in one form or another. I say: Dump all these crazy Jew bastards — NOW!

The TV screen beams out this Jew Spew, liberal or conservative, 24/7. That’s how they brainwash you. Break you down with never-ending BS, jacking-up people’s emotions over subjects most know little about, and then drop in stories here and there on who they really want you to hate. Like any pro-White American patriots (usually called “White supremacists”) and the always so evil Muslims and Iranians.

That’s the formula. Just watch it and you’ll soon pick up on it. Jews love to work both ends of the stick when it comes to yanking our chain.

Creepy Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is another big mouthed, Israel-Firster Jewess often trotted out by the media, but on the pro-Obama, Democrat side.

The Jews have been doing this kind of thing for hundreds of years in our White countries: Get close to the toady King of some serfdom and manipulate him until the country is bled white through Jew financial gambits — while all the little serf families lose their sons fighting non-stop wars with other Goyim monarchies, who probably had their own Jew problems too.

They’ve been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived. Wonder why.

With modern day mass media controlled by Big Jewry, now all these damn Jews can take their act into living rooms across America, each of them tapping into the inner Jew!

These Middle-east Jew wars are costing this country trillions of dollars, not to mention the pain and heartache of families who lost loved ones and the tens of thousands crippled and maimed for life. America would not be in the economic situation it is, if it wasn’t for this traitorous Jewry living here, pretending to be Americans.

The devious and hypocrite Jews (left, right, whatever) are running this country straight into the ground! And they think you’re too scared of getting called a “Nazi” to open your White mouth.

I’ve GD had it with this traitorous, Israel-Firster bunch! Big time.

If you have one ounce of real American patriotism, you need to spit on the ground whenever you see these a-holes on TV. If, by chance, you happen to get one in front of you in real life, then spit right in their big fat, gibbering faces and tell them where to stick their Jew schtick!

— Phillip Marlowe

* JINSA: “Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs.” Try to imagine an Italian Catholic or ex-pat Iranian Muslims organizing a “Institute for American National Security.” These stuck-up Jew muthas think they can do whatever the hell they want!

Time for Some Serious American SMACKDOWN!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Jimbo says:

    Fuck off and die, Nazi filth.

  2. GTRman says:

    Another cogent and well reasoned critique. Well done , Jimbo , we shall never forget the day you shook Incogland to it’s foundations. Jah , Rastafari !

  3. American born says:

    Ive got no problem with Jimbo or Rich.
    There effing pissed off, Iam too.
    This blog is great, some people have short tempers. Doesnt mean they are bad people.

  4. American born says:

    I like angry people, all my friends are intense. People that get pissed off are the ones who get things done.
    Intelect only goes so far, then Men stand up and accomplish things.

  5. GTRman says:

    True , American Born , but that wasnt the Aussie Jimbo – he has a white nationalist gravatar and I doubt he’d make that comment.

    The jimbo above is a typical hit’n’run merchant who’s “offended” by what he’s seen here,
    and resorted to the “fuck off and die , you Nazis ” cliche.

    At least , thats my take.

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