The Real Story Behind The Mad Jewess

BY NOW, EVERYONE knows the wack-job Jew troll calling herself “The Mad Jewess” who used to plague my old blog — right along with dozens of other blogs and websites across the Internet. Appropriately, the freak show once had the typical Jew cojeñes to tell her whiney pals on the forum (Jewish Task Force) — all those Israel-Firsters, latent homos and sexual rejects — that she “OWNED” my blog, as in “pawning me” by way of her “pithy” comments and “witty” rejoinders. She also invented things totally out of thin air, like I admitted to her highness I was Gay and secretly Frank Weltner. Yeah, riiiiiight.

This spurred me to further research this Queen of the JTF and I soon came across some revealing facts* about her (as you will see), including verification of her insistent claims to being half-Injun. The nutcase’s real name is Daulette Dettleslinger, affectionately called “Dookie” by spittle-prone Kahanists, portly Rabbi pedophiles and the aforementioned psycho JTF-niks. She was also recently declared Queen Jew Byatch of the JTF and High Priestess of the Harridani (an obscure Jewish radical feminist sect).

But few realize she’s also supposedly an “entertainer,” billing herself out as a latter-day Ethel Merman; too bad, she’s mostly talentless and no one even remembers who Ethel Merman was. She was once flown out to Reno, Nevada by the US military (at taxpayer expense, as usual) to give a private performance to lonely GIs living in a Quonset hut high up in the mountains. This proved to be a big mistake as the soldiers soon fled, resulting in many lives lost in the winter wilderness.

Some Jew entertainment reviewer once dubbed her “The Galloping Chanteuse of Chutzpah” for her lumbering performance as Dumbo the Elephant in the short-lived off, off-Broadway musical “Disney’s Head on Ice!” She now emblazons the qwirky description all over her letterhead, business cards, websites, underwear embroidery, as well as having it neatly tattooed on her backside in a stylized, cursive font, just above her hairy butt crack. She must have really liked it.

Dookie, AKA The Mad Jewess, performs her “seductive” Temple Prostitute dance for hard-up JTF admirers. Photos provided by Rabbi Kornholman (lower right).

Dookie wows the top JTF leadership cadre during a protest planning session.


Daulette’s grandmother, a rich spinster Jewess named Deluth Shtuppmeister, once took a vacation around the turn of the century (the one before last) to the Catskills, so as to take her mind off not finding a husband. While idling her summer away in a bungalow deep in the woods reading quirky romance novels on the love affairs of Molech and the demoness Liluth, she heard distant yelling outside. Stepping outside to find the cause of the uproar, she saw mobs of other vacationing city Jews chasing after a naked Indian, running frantically through the woods nearby.

A little background is needed here, for you to understand why Jews like to chase naked Indians in the woods.

Back in ancient times, the Jews where forced by the evil Russian Czars to move to a region since called “The Smell of Settlement.” There, they lived in little towns called “Shitels,” which was simply a bastardized word derived from “Shitvilles,” handed down to them by local Poles, White Russians and the always hated Cossacks.

All of this stemmed from a curious macho custom between the males of the ancient Judaized kingdom of Khazaria on the Eurasian steppes. When sparring for the hand of some local mud Yurt “beauty,” bachelors would drop down into a squat, put their hands on their thighs, spread their knees wide apart and advance on one another in short left and right hops like fat Japanese Sumo wrestlers.

Opening pose for “YEMACH SCHMO!” combatants to assume.

After much snarling, guttural cursing and spitting at each other, both might shout “YEMACH SCHMO!,” loosely translated from the Yiddish as “Stupid shitface!” or, as some scholars still insist, “Watch me defecate!” Such macho male encounters soon escalated to real bowel movements right there in the muddy streets of the fabled Khazarian capital, “Shitnikan,” and since have become firmly esconced in Jewish courtship rituals.

When these Khazar Jews later snuck into America (helped along by other Jews working in immigration), they found Goyim city authorities naturally frowned on such behavior in public, especially on city streets. Fecal matter disposal was already a major problem in these days before the horseless carriage, and places like New York city certainly needed no extra shit from the Jews.

To deal with the problem, well-to-do Jewry imported Indians from places like the Caribbean, or even out West on the Plains, to clean up behind them. Especially valued were the Kikeapoo tribe from the Missouri headwaters — these natives quickly learned the task of cleaning up behind street encounters of the nouveau Jewish rich in New York’s tony neighborhoods.

Now the poorer Jews could not afford the expensive lassoing and importation of Indians from afar; so they resorted to looking for remnant Indian populations in the Northeast on their own. This was one of the biggest fears of free-ranging Native Americans back during the 19th Century — getting captured by some screaming Eastern European Jew and forced into a lifetime of poop-scooping back in the big cities of the east.

Bet you didn’t know all this? Incidentally, this neatly explains the deep-seated scatological interest Jews still have (besides the usual Jew Freudian explanations, of course).

Dookie’s unlikely grandparents: Buck and Deluth Pooper-Scooper, nee Shtuppmeister.

Getting back to the ancestry of Mad Jewess: When Dookie’s grandmother saw the lean, handsome and naked Indian buck frantically running away from the Jew hordes, she beckoned him to come hide inside her Catskill bungalow. As the Jew pursuers ran past, the two looked at one other and in the heat of the moment, found themselves locked in a distinctly non-Victorian embrace.

When Madame Shtuppmeister returned to her once lonely Brooklyn brownstone that fall with her prized Indian buck in tow (who was named Buck), she soon realized she was “with child,” as they say. But at least she now had herself a nice pooper-scooper and quickly hired Buck out to local Jew gents for a tidy profit.

That spring, Mrs. Buck Pooper-Scooper gave birth to two bouncy baby girl twins. The oldest, named Mithra, and a late-comer by twenty days, a real beauty called Zelda. Mithra later moved to the Philippines to escape the incessant drunken fondling of her Indian father; there she changed her name to Imelda, married the Dictator of the country, Ferdinand Marcos, and bought a lot of fancy shoes.

Dookie’s proud parents: The Moccasin brave, Beaverface and the Jewess beauty, Zelda.

Zelda kept her mother’s last name and also her thing for naked Indians. When she was still but a child, Zelda often went truant, wandering around the city streets hoping to meet up with her own wild pooper-scooper. When old enough, she became a major nuisance on the reservations of the Onanums and Kikeapoos — spending vacations there plying alchoholic Indian men with cheap liquor and lies about her vast Jewish inheritance.

Eventually, she did capture herself a lonely Iroquis man, Beaverface, who falsely billed himself as “Last of the Tattooed Moccasins” at a low-rent freakshow on Coney Island, the favorite resort to poorer Jews who could not afford to travel to the Catskills during the hot summer months.

Coincidently and apropos, Beaverface and Dookie’s Christian surname “Dettleslinger,” just happened to derive from an old French fur trapper’s slang term for “one who flings feces when mad.”

But by then, the Jewish YEMACH SCHMO! macho defacation confrontations were a thing of the past (at least in public), so Beaverface had to find himself another line of work to support his upcoming new family. The next best thing was the New York Sanitation works where, through extraordinary hard and stinky work, he quickly rose in the ranks of sewer line cleaners to Chief Septic Facility inspector for the Tri-borough area.

You readers must certainly be impressed, by now, with this heart-warming, quintessential American story, another can-do, “pull-yourself-up-from-the-bootstraps” kind of thing only found in “people of color” — “oppressed” Negroes, “Chicanos” and, of course, the “downtrodden” immigrant Jews from “The Smell of Settlement.”


And here we find ourselves on the day that Daulette “Dookie” Dettleslinger, AKA The Mad Jewess, was born to the world. Oh, must the Cerubim have partied down! Her numerous accolades include: Queen of the JTF and High Priestess of the Harridani. Often, she tries to call herself “Lioness of Judah,” “Leona Helmsley,” “Joan d’Jew” and sometimes even “Wonder Woman.”

Dookie, when old enough, was enrolled in the E street Yeshiva sponsored by the famous Mohel, Jacob “the Tally Wacker of Brighton Beach.” Here, she soon learned how to spin dradels for the boys, run card shark operations in back allies and prepare the traditional Purim meat helmet dish — using real Goyim blood when available.

Since her mother and grandmother had willingly married into one of the lost tribes of Israel, young Dettleslinger was highly esteemed and written about in the latest rabbinical book to come out of the Diaspora entitled “The Suckuballah.” This earned her respect and friendship from the Sons of Lenny, a local teen-aged gang of leather-jacketed Jew Jokesters who prowled the subways and city parks, looking for hung-over sailors, Goy businessmen and expectant mothers to pester with stand-up comedy schticks non-stop — until they gave up all their money so they would just shut up and go away.


Chaim Portnoy Shmuldik

Soon, Dookie took up with Chaim Portnoy Shmuldik, the mastabatory and hollow-chested ex-tough guy leader of the Lennys who swore on his dead babushka grandmother’s grave that he would be the first Schmuldik to accept Israel’s offer of free return, or “Aliyah” and move to the promised land. There, he would help fight those accursed, tent-dwelling Arabs — the ones who still didn’t quite get it that it was time to pull-up stakes and move away, at least as far as the Sudan or Outer Mongolia.

Dookie still remembers how her heart fluttered as Chaim, on his knees out on her front stoop, uttered a solemn oath (or at least until the next Kol Nidre ceremony) in his charming, phlegm-filled Yiddish accent, that he would soon chain-saw down every planted grove of 200 year-old olive trees stolen from HaShem by the land-usurping FAKEastinians and dynamite any brick and cinder block “Bedouin tent” he came across. Should any evil Terrorist Islamofreak try to put a stop to him, he would pull out his trusty IDF-issue flame thrower and turn the sorry Amalek bastard to toast!

Dookie was in love.

But one night over a romantic candle-lit dinner of matzah balls, gefilte fish and Manishewitz 20-20 wine, Chaim broke some bad news. No, he would not spirit her off to sun-drenched Yretz Israel to combat evil FAKEastinians, but instead take a job working in the Pentagon offices of Neocohen Richard Perle, where he could be more effective for the Zionist cause by photocopying sensitive papers and ferreting them out to AIPAC policy makers, JINSA think-tankers and Israeli embassy officials — all patiently waiting at a nearby House of Blintzes chain restaurant.

Then, right before leaving for DC, he matter of factly told Dookie she would not be joining him there, since the chances of him hooking-up with multiple hot blonds from the offices of various Zionist Lobbies, PACs and midwest Congressman were rather high — considering that he was a prime Jewish stud puppy, the Shiksas would flock to him like flies to his dear mother’s sweet Kugel. As consolation, she could stay in the New York area and bear his superior baby Jews for him, should she like.

Dookie was heart-broken. She had fantasized about ballroom dancing at the White House, swanky Georgetown cocktail parties and K-street soirees with highly-placed Zionists now in control of the American government and media — all spiced with the usual MOSSAD intriguers, dark Russian Mobsters and dashing Federal Reserve accountants from Israel. She would be on the arm of her very own Jew Master of the Universe, the cadaverously handsome Chaim P. Schmuldik — as the other Jewess women looked on with undisguised envy, mixed with the usual Jewish angst.

Dookie told him no. She just could not stomach the idea of being another mere New York, Sex in the City-type Yenta, her days filled with idle chit-chat about expensive shoes from Italy, her latest Gucci handbag purchase, or what oaths she planned to jettison during Kol Nidre. Those heady times with the Jokesters of the Lennys had spoiled her for action and she yearned to stir-up more trouble with the Goyim strangers, if at all possible.

Since most of the Jokesters had long-since moved on to well-paying gigs out on the West Coast, writing scripts for sitcoms, Vegas stand-up routines and late night shows, what was she to do? She turned to her well-off brother working at Goldman Sachs, the medium-risk, mortage/insurance/casino loss overseas bundle-broker, and asked: “Heimie-ho, what can a Jew-smart and obviously beautiful girl like myself do to piss off as many Goyim strangers as I can and still make some good moolah?”

Dookie’s cute little sis: Gonoriah.

Heimie-ho, thinking for a millisecond, replied “Anything, my dear, for that’s what Jews do all over America today. You should know that by now! Remember what our wise Rabbi Kornholman once told us? ‘Go forth and drive the hated cattle crazy and HaShem will mightily reward you with mucho shekels for now, and two thousand, eight hundred Goyim slaves soon enough.'”

That’s when her cute little sister, Gonoriah, piped-up, suggesting that Dookie — with her Mermanesque talent and booming voice — could milk the Manhattan Goyim tourist trade by night and spend her off days as a member of an elite JTF Harridan unit. “The Israel Lobby will be sure to cut you a fat monthly check!” Gonoriah cooed. “Perfect!” shouted Dookie. “I even have a collection of ridiculous Vaudeville hats, a hockey helmet from when I was retarded and a computer with high speed Internet — tapped right into that office next door!”


Spazzkippor victim moments before being stricken down.

Around this time, the JTF was hurting for new members, ever since that horrible dark day when many of them (nine to be precise) were cut down in their prime, dying from conniption fits while out protesting Ahmadinejad of Iran’s Columbia University speech. That sad day has forever become known as “Spazzkippor,” and will soon be another federally-mandated Jewish holiday, if Jews have anything to do with it.

So, when Dookie showed up one day at the JTF’s “Operation Nitwit” Brigade headquarters (located in the basement of the Long Island house owned by the mother of Schlomo Brillostein), she was welcomed with open arms. Of course, the JTF crew doesn’t get too many female members, of whatever age, so most of them rely heavily on JDate for the slim chance of getting any woman to talk to them — born female or not.

Schlomo’s mother was gone that week, off selling Amway products at a Tupperware convention in Poughkeepsie, so Schlomo felt free to play the new Black on White porn DVD his uncle, the big-time VP at Xtasy Entertainment in California had recently sent him. Just as the boys had fast-forwarded to the dirty parts and started to fondle themselves, someone belched noisily behind them.

Turning around, they first laid eyes on the Mad Jewess in the flesh, smiling grandly at catching the JTF boys getting themselves off. Realizing that she might be making them feel a bit uncomfortable, she quickly assured them that she too enjoyed watching porno — the sicker the better she was sure to add. To reinforce her point, she gave her flabby pudenda a healthy squeeze as the JTF boy’s eyes widened to saucers.

The next thing you know, she was one of them! After nukking up a platter of Smegma© brand Kosher Knishes and mixing a big vat of Dimona© Radioactive Punch mix, heavily-spiked with cheap vodka stolen from mom’s pantie drawer, all of them sat down to finish watching Schlomo’s new DVD, “White Cheerleaders in Da Hood.” Dookie even delivered the “blow by blow” color commentary to the utter delight of her new boyfriends. She happily promised that she would bring along her own favorite bestiality DVD the next time they met.

One big contact she made that day was with Demsuck, a punkish Polish Jew who really knew the in’s and out’s of a computer and maybe even more. He patiently showed Dookie how to turn one on, using the power switch and how to type in words on the keyboard. Next, he showed her how to move the mouse around and click on little pictures on the “monitor” to do things. His hand once got a little too close to Dookie’s chest and actually rubbed against one of her fat bosoms. That embarrassed and tit-alated the both of them.

Next, he showed her how to navigate the web, do searches and even helped her start an on-line account with By that point, both were very excited, so she said that it was best to call it a day. Whew! She knew she had more important things to do than having herself a little Pole.

Anyway, it was time to get serious in attacking all the enemies of the precious State of Israel, dirty Muslims everywhere, or any White schmuck who thinks he’s a free American and dares breathe a word about us Chosen Ones. “Never again,” she hissed out loud, to no one in particular.

And then the stupid Goyim masses went and elected a half-Negro Muslim Usurper: Barack HUSSEIN Obama! The sheer effrontery! The man has HUSSEIN as a middle name — what more evidence of an Islamic takeover does one need?

Never-mind the guy was bankrolled by the wealthy and Marxist Chicago Jew machine, right along with all the Wall Street Jews; appointed scores of even more Jews to his administration, including a punky homo and dual-citizen of Israel for Chief of Staff; has the entire economy still under the yoke of the exact same thieving Jews responsible for the current financial mess — none of that makes the least bit of difference when it’s so obvious that the man wants to install a Muslim Caliphate right here in the US! And with us Israelis…er Jews… here first!

Now furious as a cross-eyed rattlesnake on meth, Mad Jewess typed in a few search strings into Yahoo and scanned the results. INCOG MAN, hmmm, I wonder who this Goy joker might be…

— Phillip Marlowe

* Any resemblance to actual people is wholly coincidental (but still possible, hehe). Illustration on the left is how she imagines herself today. But trust me, reality is a far, far different thing — I’ve seen photos of her (these Jews are so in love with themselves).

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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133 Responses to The Real Story Behind The Mad Jewess

  1. American says:

    Especially jews in America will turn away from JTF. Of course the terrorist Israelis gobble that JTF shit up, but what else would we expect from a nation of 90 IQ’s? They’ll go down with the JTF.

  2. American says:

    I can answer why I used to capitalize, although I now put it in lower case.

    Just like you say “Damn, they annoy me”, I figured a big FAT in-your face “JEW” seemed far more annoying, at least to me it was for effect.

    In the end it won’t matter.

  3. Brutal Defiance says:

    @ cannibal rabbi

    The whole 9/11 situation is such a mess. Theres so much disinformation out there.

    That webfairy link was interesting. Its amazing what people are finding from the footage of the WTC collapse.

    That youtube video was excellent. I seen interviews from those two before. They do an excellent job. Thanks for posting them!

  4. INCOG MAN says:


    Yeah, I guess I should have let you all know. My link roll got all messed up by the Joo take down, still putting things back together. Will add your link in soon.

  5. Count Cherep says:

    Regarding 9/11, I think this sums it up very well:

    Israel did 9/11

    “Figuring out exactly how 9/11 was done is the work of crime investigators or conspiracy hobbyists who will endlessly go on discussing and debating every minuscule and intricate detail of the event to no avail. It doesn’t take a structural engineer to tell you that two 110 story buildings and a 47 story steel skyscraper plummeting to the ground at nearly free-fall speed requires the assistance of explosives. All you need is two eyes that can see and a brain that thinks to come to that sound conclusion. This is why it is of my opinion that more emphasis should be placed on the “who” instead of the “how”. It should be obvious to anyone that discovering ‘who did 9/11’ is infinitely more important than discovering how they did it.”

    There is a lot of information at the link above. See also:

    Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED
    “[The Israeli Mossad is] ruthless and cunning, with the capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian-Arab act.” -Report issued by the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS); September 2001

  6. Cleveland here says:

    Great Incogman…in all honesty its Detroiter’s site I just post there…Hope to see you there again someday when you get a chance.

  7. Marshall says:

    WOW and to think I turned Pookie down. 🙁

    I’m tearing my heart out over here!!! My Stratocaster and her voice, are you kidding? A truly psychedelic experience worthy of an entire Jooapalooza Festival!!! Maybe it’s not too late.

    How about this band name: “Methyl Ethel and the Joo Flung Poo?

    I’m thinking about these three little guys in the video for backup singers Pookie, along with some free Kool-Aid laced with the finest Israeli Xstacy AND the brown acid, which is really GREAT no matter what they say!!! Plenty of chickens, sprayed neon so they glow in the blacklights when the crowd spins them over their heads to the beat!!!

    I’m working on an electric Klesmer synthesizer too and a spinning laser Star of David projector. 600 WATTS!!!

    Dig the Pooslingers in rehearsal:


  8. Marshall says:

    Count Cherup!!!

    Did you mention something about Nixon and Jewish spies? Dig it:

  9. Count Cherep says:

    Good find, Marshall!

  10. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    This is from an article analyzing all the different types of sheeple. It’s pretty interesting.

    “Sheeple can be found in every country, every ethnic background, every religious organization, and every subculture. After years of examination and experience, it has become much easier for the Liberty Movement to identify and categorize the various forms of sheeple, and come to terms with the triggers in the human mind that cause some to willfully ignore logic and wisdom. I have written in the past about some of these triggers, including my article Sheeple: Why They Are The Way They Are:

    Below, I will list my observations on the various ‘types’ of sheeple, and how to recognize them. Keep in mind some people might fall into more than one category…

    Sheeple can change. I have seen it with my own eyes on numerous occasions. If the sheeple you are dealing with at any given moment is a stranger, or mere acquaintance, you may not feel that it is worth the immense effort necessary to enlighten them to the problems at hand. But, if said sheeple is a family member or loved one, you might have no other choice but to push forward. There is nothing worse than seeing the people you care about suffer because you were unsuccessful in warning them of impending danger.

    The above sections can help in easing through the process of waking up a member of the herd, though the best efforts will be wasted without patience and persistence. In every person there are barriers and doorways to truth. The trick is finding the unique keys which open those doors and break down those barriers. There are some who will claim that it is futile to make the attempt. That we should leave well enough alone. That many are too far gone to be helped. I beg to differ. If that was true, then the Liberty Movement would not be making the tremendous strides it is today. We did not get to where we are now by giving up when the waters became choppy, and I believe when this age is chronicled and spoken of, it will be our perseverance above all else that defines us. It is a grueling task to defeat an opponent who cannot be dissuaded, who cannot be made to give up. It is nearly impossible to defeat that same opponent when he is also right. To those in the New World Order, we are such an opponent. As long as we do not falter, the sheeple will grow thinner in number, replaced by cognizant vibrant individuals, and the warped ambitions of Globalists will not come to pass…”

  11. Sen10L says:

    Hiroshima nuke anniversary today

  12. Randall says:

    This should be a sub-section under jews in Encyclopaedia Dramatica.

  13. Randall says:

    Is that picture of the belly dancing fat creep actually her? My God, she makes me at 53 look like Brad pitt or something.
    hey check this out on the firearms blog: some “Romanian”, eh?

  14. Randall says:

    Whoops, have to go down 4 or 5 posts to “diy smg”. They’d be better off taking ammo than banning guns.

  15. HIV to Foxman says:

    I’ve spent a couple of inquisitive evenings on the Mad Kikess’ website, and it astonishes me how transparent her butt-sucking battle cries to “American Christians” are. She only sees the value of the American Christian Goyim insofar as they are willing to die for the sake of Israel. And the gall of her likes, or for that matter anyone else’s, to proclaim that “Israel is our greatest ally”. To those of you who make that Satanic proclamation, bear my word: YOU WILL BURN IN HELL.

    Where is our “greatest ally” while our men and women in uniform are shedding blood in Iraq? How about Afghanistan? For all their kike-spew about 9-11, these draft-dodging rats are the first to up and leave for Tel-Aviv when America could use their asses in the army. Are any Israelis fighting these wars with us on the ground? No, because in the words of super-Jew Gene Simmons, “That’s what gentiles are for”.

  16. Count Cherep says:

    I don’t trust that site Consider this from sott, for example:

    “As we have researched the subject of the media – including the alternative media and the so-called 911 Truth movement, we came across The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It has been said by many that this is a vicious anti-Semitic hoax. We agree. We do not for a minute think that this represents Judaism or ordinary Jewish people. It does, however, exhibit in great detail exactly how the psychopath thinks. It is not the Protocols of Zion, it is the “Protocols of the Pathocrats.”

    From their “About” section:

    Signs of the Times, or, was launched on March 26, 2002 by Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

    Concerning Laura Knight-Jadczyk:

    Laura Knight Jadczyk talks to reptilian space aliens on a ouija board.
    Laura Knight has spent much of her life pursuing aliens and dark entities. She ended up catching hold of something far more elusive.

    Laura Knight Jadczyk – Grand Master Channel of the Cassiopaean Apocalypse
    By Colleen Johnston
    Authors note: I am an ex-cult member as well as one of the past lead channels for a cult in which I was involved for about eight years. I was not the leader but was in what was called ‘The Triad’ (which was the group leader, another lead channel, and myself) within a similar group and feel fully qualified to speak out about the Cassiopaeans an the channeling’s of Laura Knight Jadczyk. I left the Council group in 1995 and have continuously researched similar groups. I can attest to the similarities and the betrayal by these group leaders, including the money scams the ‘Cassiopaeans’ and Laura Jadczyk perpetuates. It is similar to the group I was apart of because the ideologies are so similar. Even the catch phrase of ‘Knowledge Protects’ is similar to ‘Knowledge is Power’ that the guru I was involved with used. Because of my extensive knowledge into the trappings one gets into in such groups, I see very similar’ revelations’ from the Council verses the Cassiopaeans. If I receive a response from the Jadczyk or other irate cult members I will also post them here. It’s time to expose these group leaders for exactly what they are – unscrupulous frauds with potential life threatening psychosis. This particular group is far from being a love and light – airy fairy type of ideology – they pose a real threat to people who are searching for something to explain odd events. Colleen
    Read more:

    Laura Knight-Jadczyk promotes the book “Political Ponerology”, as does Anarchore. There are plenty of other red flags on her sites, in my opinion.

    The Spider And The Fly
    by Mary Howitt (1799-1888)

    “Will you walk into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly;
    “‘Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you may spy.
    The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
    And I have many curious things to show when you are there.”
    “Oh no, no,” said the little fly; “to ask me is in vain,
    For who goes up your winding stair can ne’er come down again.”

    “I’m sure you must be weary, dear, with soaring up so high.
    Well you rest upon my little bed?” said the spider to the fly.
    “There are pretty curtains drawn around; the sheets are fine and thin,
    And if you like to rest a while, I’ll snugly tuck you in!”
    “Oh no, no,” said the little fly, “for I’ve often heard it said,
    They never, never wake again who sleep upon your bed!”

    Read the rest:

  17. Jen says:

    I’m suffering from massive Jew fatigue.
    And the cure for this parasite is???

  18. Marshall says:

    I really put her Pookiness on the spot about her US patriotism awhile back but never got any answer. Hmm…

    Hypothetical situation:

    A crazed Muslim has highjacked a jet, stowed a 40 megaton nuke on board, and is circling around in the Atlantic. He says he is going to crash into one of two cities and detonate it on impact.

    The two cities are either Trenton, NJ or Tel Aviv. So, Madjewess is on the radio and the Muslim demands she choose. Which will it be? She hasn’t given any answer YET…which kind of tells me she is more fond of Tel Aviv than Trenton, hmm? DOH!!!

    What would this Khazarian fish do, Pookie-Wookie-Pinup-Girl-for-Company B?


  19. Count Cherep says:

    There was a typo in the source that I used for the poem “The Spider and the Fly”.
    “Well you rest upon my little bed?” should read “Will you rest upon my little bed?”

  20. American says:

    Count Cherup,

    Here is the dead giveaway regarding the

    Anytime something is described as “a vicious anti-Semitic hoax”, it’s a whiny jew doing the talking. “It has been said by many” is supposed to imply the Protocols are a hoax, but it’s been said by many more that they’re real. And the clincher, they writer says immediately after “we agree”.

    I bet they don’t offer any verifiable proof the Protocols are a hoax. Instead, just more jew-babble with implications. The only “vicious hoaxes” that come to my mind are the holoHOAX and 9/11.

  21. American born says:
    Racial Differances. David Duke…

  22. American born says:

    nigger theif kills eight Whites, and blames it on racism, of course..

    Its the White Man’s fault!!!

  23. American born says:

    If anyone wants to see nigger racism, read the comments below on the link I provided. Here is one:

    “Where are all you Uncle Tom
    Where are all you Uncle Tom negros when blacks are routinely being killed by white? WHERE? Where were you when that brother was shot 81 times in the back for doing NOTHING? WHERE? Some of you handkerchief wearing, boot licking n*ggas take every turn to defend yt. You are the kind of black people I would never want backing me up. Harriet Tubman had to deal with Negros like some of you. You are the throw-backs to the slaves except your dumb asses live in 2010. I love black people, but I HATE Niggas! Until some of you dumb, ignorant Negros understand that yt is not your God, you will remain always remain a dumb Negro until you learn the hard way.

    Take that message of the “good white man” when another brother gets shot by the police for nothing.”

    This comment is tame compared to some others…

  24. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Count Hasbarat, et. al. Seems you and the other hasbara have a dislike for the Signs of the Times website. Is it because of the 1.5 million hits per day? Nothing about the site content and just slip in a few lies from your favorite source, as the old tactic goes. Saw it the first time yesterday and I like the Sheeple articles, and I couldn’t give a fuck what you pussies think and the site does point out the atrocities coming from israhelli scum many times. A little reading on the site shows the content to be anything but jew friendly. I don’t know anything about the woman or the staff, but the About listing doesn’t say what you posted. Intelligent people can read there and decide based on the facts and not hasbara tricks. You are starting to smell like a jew ‘phony american’.

    “I’m working on a video about how extreme mainstream media is including the tricks used when covering of key domestic issues like health care. But this video is a response to the tactic repeatedly used against this channel in channel comments. It’s the the standard tactic of calling someone “anti-Semitic,” and its used to sabotage anyone who speaks out against the US government policy of supporting immoral and illegal Israeli policies which violate basic human rights. And as you can see, this person suggests using a new word for this tactic.

    Amy Goodman interviews a former Israeli minister, Shulamit Aloni and she helps expose how the defamation tactic of calling people “anti-Semitic” is used against dissidents.”

    Axis of Evil

    You think Joe Quinn at is kike friendly: his articles are here …/signs/list_sottfocus_by_author

    “Beirut – The Lebanese army has said it had captured members of a terrorist network allegedly working for the Israeli Mossad and that a suspect confessed to his role in assassinating Hezbollah and Palestinian officials. Last Saturday, the army said it had arrested Mahmoud Rafeh, a 59-year-old Lebanese citizen and retired police officer, for a May 26 car bombing that killed Mahmoud Majzoub, a senior Islamic Jihad official, and his brother in front of their home in the southern city of Sidon. Rafeh “had links to Israeli intelligence,” a statement said. On Tuesday, the army said that Rafeh ( left) had confessed to his role in killing the Majzoub brothers, and to other operations … including bombings that killed two Hezbollah officials; Ali Hassan Dib in 1999 and Ali Saleh in 2003 and the 2002 killing of Jihad Jibril, the son of Ahmed Jibril, leader of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), which based in Syria with bases in Lebanon.
    Rafeh was part of a “terror network working for the Israeli Mossad,” and its members took “training courses in and outside Israel,” the statement said. Investigators found Israeli computers, cameras, ammunition, military uniforms and forged identity cards in ring members’ hideouts ( shown below), it added.”

    And the About Us section doesn’t seem to state any of your false hasbara comments. It seems that the hasbarats do not want you to see this for for some reason. What could that be?

    From humble beginnings, Signs of the Times has rocketed to over 1.5 million hits a day. The editorial team would like to thank all of our readers for your unwavering support over the years.

    So the question becomes, HOW IS THE WEATHER IN TEL AVIV—
    COUNT HASBARAT? Phony American?


  25. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Joe Cortina says:


    “No truer words have ever been spoken by any man in any time in history. Jews are the essence of hatred cruelty malice and evil – like no other creature on the planet. Theirs is the kingdom of hell on earth – an evil so putrid – as only the Jew can be.

    I have warned and pleaded with my ‘neighbors’ to heed the truths I witnessed in that God forsaken land of demons thieves liars cheats fornicators murderers and sadists. If any of my readers still respect my truth and passion for justice to give a voice to the voiceless – to defend the defenseless – to stand for the right against the greatest evil on earth – then promise me this:

    You WILL without fail -pass this ugly horrific cruel event onto as many people as you can – each and every one of you. I have been inside this damned stolen lair of filth and depravity they call IsraHELL and there is no goodness in it -only evil upon evil upon evil. What you will witness here is the the True face of the Jew.”

  26. American born says:

    Hypothetical situation:

    A crazed Muslim has highjacked a jet, stowed a 40 megaton nuke on board, and is circling around in the Atlantic. He says he is going to crash into one of two cities and detonate it on impact.

    The two cities are either Trenton, NJ or Tel Aviv. So, Madjewess is on the radio and the Muslim demands she choose. Which will it be? She hasn’t given any answer YET…which kind of tells me she is more fond of Tel Aviv than Trenton, hmm?

    Courtesy of Marshall.
    That is a great question. Im sure the reason behind the non response is the obvious answer. jews could give a fuck less what happens here in the states. The only thing they care about is the banks being filled with false currency backed by labor and military strength/slavery/ignorance. Thats what keeps the stolen land in Palestine moving ahead in genocide!!!
    Anything else is purely beneth them, and not worthy of response.

  27. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    20,281,044 people have viewed this page

    Around the World
    The Last Hiccups Of The Falling Empire

    Raja Mujtaba
    Opinion Maker
    Fri, 06 Aug 2010 00:25 EDT
    Hillary Clinton
    © Unknown
    “There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that should an attack against the United States be traced to be Pakistani it would have a very devastating impact on our relationship” – Hillary Clinton Pakistan warned; noose being tightened

    Wiki leaks, Hillary threats, Mike Mullen’s parrot repeats, Holbrooke’s Viceroy authority all in one chorus sounds like a band show going on the in front of Metropolitan Museum of Art on Madison Avenue in full glare of the media spot lights, CNN, Fox News in the forefront.

    Why this sudden change and surge of media statements, leaks, open threats in every conceivable way to threaten Pakistan as a reward for her all out support and participation in the so called ‘War on Terror”? I knew it from day one, that American arrival in Afghanistan with complete involvement of NATO was basically a buildup against Pakistan. I had said it repeatedly in my articles and talks that I delivered at various forums. America wanted to be here to denuclearize, de-islamise and de-link Pakistan from China; a Zionist dream.

    Hillary, [I] am not surprised, behind the soft skin of your face I could always see a devil smiling. It had to, after all you have been awarded for your commitment to the Zionist cause. It’s well known that when you were contesting the senate election, Pakistani Americans had raised funds for you that you very conveniently returned after having been elected to the office saying that you would not be able to support the Muslim world against Israel. So you were committed, you lost the presidential race but the Zionists did not lose you; very promptly they brought you as Secretary of State so you could deliver.”


  28. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    BAAA, BAAA, BAAA HASBARATS Here’s the post you don’t like. Why? Hmmm.

    “Millions of people from countries across the world have begun to wake up to the very real threat of repressive and engineered Globalism, or what the financial elite and the politicians who work for them often refer to as “The New World Order”. The movement against this centralization of economic and social power has gained traction in nearly every sphere, to the point where even the mainstream media has been forced on occasion to acknowledge its existence and prevalence. Those of us who have been working more than a few years in this activist organization, what many of us call the “Patriot Movement”, or the “Liberty Movement”, have seen incredible leaps and bounds in the fight against disinformation and the spread of unadulterated truth. Our work has gone viral, and our membership has skyrocketed, however, the task of diluting ignorance in the overall populace is far from over.

    Every researcher, writer, and filmmaker who tackles the New World Order issue will suffer the unfortunate experience of running into people who are almost criminally uninformed, and this will happen on a regular basis. For a long time, our frustration was magnified by our inability to specifically define what it was that made these people the way they were. Were some just mentally inadequate, and unable to effectively process the facts? Were they so indoctrinated by the MSM that there was no turning back? Was there an innate difference in intuitive faculties that made some people quick in picking out a lie, and others slow? Many theories abound, but one thing was certain; in our quest to inform the masses, there were always going to be those who were incapable of hearing or understanding what we had to say, no matter how factual, rational, and refined our arguments. We now call these wonders of intellectual rustication “Sheeple”…

    Sheeple can be found in every country, every ethnic background, every religious organization, and every subculture. After years of examination and experience, it has become much easier for the Liberty Movement to identify and categorize the various forms of sheeple, and come to terms with the triggers in the human mind that cause some to willfully ignore logic and wisdom. I have written in the past about some of these triggers, including my article “Sheeple: Why They Are The Way They Are”:

    I believe it is important to cover this issue once again, especially in light of recent attempts by the MSM, along with the ADL and SPLC, to demonize our movement and paint us as villainous cartoon characters in the minds of the general public, which will make things even more difficult for us in the near future if we are not prepared. For those in the movement, knowing when you are dealing with sheeple, why they function cognitively the way they do, and how you might be able to get around their mental blocks, is of utmost importance today. Every new person who is awakened to the abyss they are about to plunge into could tip the balance away from tyranny and establish a cultural foothold for free-thought. Every person counts. With the world on the edge of financial and political ruin due to the manipulations and mechanizations of elitism, we must work harder than ever before.

    Identifying Sheeple

    Not everyone who is unaware or uneducated on the intricacies of Globalism, Central Banking, and the NWO, is necessarily “sheeple”. All of us, at one time or another, were nearly clueless as to the real workings of our government and our economy behind the proverbial curtain. I have found that many people are quite open to the information I make available as long as I make it available in a way that is not immediately overwhelming for them, and as long as I present solid evidence to back every claim that I relate. It is very important to be able to make the distinction between those who are brazenly dim-witted, and those who simply have not been adequately exposed to the facts.

    Below, I will list my observations on the various ‘types’ of sheeple, and how to recognize them. Keep in mind some people might fall into more than one category.

    The ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Sheeple: Also known as the “Yuppie”. Life is a party for these folks. As long as they are not affected by the immediate circumstances of the troubles surrounding them, they couldn’t care less about politics, economics, war, or governmental deceit. They may even be aware of the terrible facts behind a certain issue, but as long as the routine of their mundane existence remains intact, they will have little motivation to effect changes in their thinking or their world. In fact, some ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Sheeple ENJOY a random catastrophe or two, because it gives them conversational fodder for the small-talk around the water cooler that they love so much. Their primary drives are unchecked consumerism (the accumulation of useless things), and emotionally empty sexual exchanges (the accumulation of false self-confidence). Most of what they know about the world they derive from watching fifteen minutes of mainstream television news a day. They often parrot talking points they overheard on MSNBC or CNN, and rarely have an original thought.

    I have found that these men and women are normally from upper middle-class, white collar families. They have likely been coddled and sheltered from the suffering that goes on outside of the affluent bubble they were born into, and have probably never had to truly struggle for anything in their lives, giving them an audacious sense of entitlement. Plenty of these people break out of this one track thinking pattern on their own. I have known quite a few. But others will refuse to see the obvious unless confronted with the prospect that they personally might lose something if they do not take action.

    The ‘Quasi-Intellectual’ Sheeple: My favorite kind of sheeple. These people hold themselves in very high esteem. Some even see themselves as part of the elite (though most of them are not). Normally from the “professional class”, they often hold positions as Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Investors, Professors, Scientists, etc, though some have not yet left the university setting, and are simply getting a head start on their superiority complex.

    Quasi-Intellectual Sheeple believe in the world of academia as unerring, as opposed to true scholars, who always have the wisdom to question the conclusions of academia. To me, an Ivy League degree is little more than a $100,000 piece of paper; it tells me nothing of the true intelligence of the person holding it. One need only look at the thousands of mainstream “professional” financial analysts who blindly supported Keynesian economics and refused to acknowledge the bubbles being facilitated by the private Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rates and free money mentality. Their expensive education counted for nothing, and the economy is now on a ruinous downward slide.

    At bottom, most “higher education” is really indoctrination. People attaining degrees in economics learn what the financial establishment WANTS them to learn, and nothing more. The same goes for any other field of study in which information is extremely centralized and filtered. Yet, Quasi-Intellectual Sheeple have such misplaced faith in the ivory tower that they assume through the system they have reached the pinnacle of knowledge. Those who have not assimilated themselves into this system as the Quasi-Intellectual has are to be ignored or ridiculed when presenting an opposing view.

    This type of sheeple is driven by the desire for respect, power, and sometimes sycophantic admiration. Actually being intelligent is less important to them than having others believe they are intelligent without question. When asked to prove their intelligence, they often respond with indignance. They rarely if ever consider the possibility that they may be wrong on any subject, especially if it’s a subject they received a degree in. When they find themselves facing someone who has a better grasp of an issue than they do, they will not relent. Instead, they will turn towards subversive debate tactics to confuse the discussion, go off on tangents to avoid direct confrontation, and when he is really cornered, he will throw out barrages of obscure vocabulary in an attempt to impress others and distract them from the fact that he has no idea what he is talking about.

    Quasi-Intellectual Sheeple are easy to identify by their arrogant demeanor. They tend to distance themselves from FOX and CNN and read periodicals like Forbes and Foreign Affairs, which are still propaganda, just of a more complex nature. They respond to most arguments with a smile, due to overconfidence, until they realize they are being soundly outmatched, and then they tend to lose composure. It takes a lot of public embarrassment before they will mend their ways.

    The ‘Working-Class Idiot’ Sheeple: Otherwise known as “the good ole’ boy”. (Special Note: I came from a parallel background, and am highly familiar with these sheeple.) You would think that people who fancy themselves as hardcore conservatives would be aware of the push towards global government and the fact that groups like Al-Qaeda are a fairytale distraction away from the real threat: Socio-Corporate Elitism and overgrown Federal bureaucracy. Apparently, they would ‘love’ to hear about it, but the football game is on and their wife is in their ear and the rugrats won’t stop eating all the damn frosted flakes. Such is the life of men without valid priorities.

    These folks are usually Neo-Conservative lapdogs, an ideology suspiciously identical to Socialism with a corporate twist. Mussolini had a name for this combination, though the term escapes me…

    Its not that they LIKE big government, Socialism, and the loss of liberties, it’s just that they are too ignorant to realize that that’s what they are supporting when they support the current Republican Party. These sheeple are very competitive. Sadly, however, they are often not accomplished in much of anything, which forces them to live vicariously through the exploits of others; like sports teams, political figures, and soldiers sent to third world hell-holes to blow up “bad guys”. Winning, regardless of whether or not the fight is legitimate or justified, is at the top of the Working Class Idiot’s list.

    They like to believe that they have a deep relationship with their conscience, which adds pain when attempting to explain anything to them. These men are vindicated in their own minds by a set of logical fallacies that would boggle the likes of Freud. Being rational is not important to those who are vehemently self righteous. They ARE the “good guys”, anyone who disagrees is a “bad guy”, and that is that. This mindset makes them very easy to dupe, and very easy to lead.

    The Working Class Idiot worships television. More than a couple of days without it and he shivers like a starving drug addict. He watches FOX religiously, and not intelligent commentators like Andrew Napolitano. He’s a much bigger fan of frothing psychotics such as Bill O’ Reilly, spewing baseless nonsense like a third grader’s baking soda volcano spews foam. When cornered in an argument, this type of sheeple will try every trick he knows to degrade or intimidate his opponent. When that does not work, he has no problem resorting to violence. How to get through to this sheeple? Find a sports figure, prominent Republican, or military man who talks openly about the NWO (there are some out there). Only then will he take the blinders off.

    The ’New Age’ Sheeple: Otherwise known as “unabashed collectivists”. Not to be confused with people who do legitimate study into mythology, spiritualism, and the teachings of the ancient past. These are the folks who read Oprah throwaway books like “The Secret”, and think they have actually learned a secret.

    You don’t have to walk on egg shells with New Age Sheeple when it comes to the NWO. They are just as likely to approach you about it. The problem is, they think it’s the best thing since patchouli sticks! Why? Because their vision of a one world order comes from an overexposure to Gene Rodenberry-esque fantasy and a subversive form of propaganda I like to call “Positivism”.

    Most ‘New Agers’ are people who have at one point or another in their lives met with serious struggle, unlike the ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ sheeple. However, instead of holding steady through this struggle, they gave up, curling into a ball never to put any real effort into anything substantial again. They often make elaborate excuses for themselves, and adopt Eastern philosophical concepts they don’t really understand. Zen becomes an excuse to ignore the rest of the world and focus on something pointless like underwater basket weaving. Karma becomes an excuse and vindication for any unfortunate event. Self awareness gets confused with self-centeredness. While Happy-Go-Lucky sheeple focus superficially on the outside world, New Agers focus superficially on their inner world.

    New Age Sheeple do not set out to actively and physically fix problems. They follow the Positivist view, which is to ignore bad things and hope they go away, or make them go away “with their minds”. No, I am not joking. Every New Ager I have ever met holds stubbornly to the belief that if they think happy thoughts and wish hard enough, their invisible “mental energy” will change their surroundings for them. “If only everyone was blindly optimistic about everything,” they think to themselves, “our society would be perfect…” I hate to break it to them, but no amount of ‘happy vibes’ will stop an inflationary dollar implosion, or stop people who have deliberately chosen to ignore their consciences from doing terrible things.

    I have spent over two decades in the martial arts, so I am well aware of the mental and spiritual energy idea. However, in the martial arts, you are taught (rightly I think) that priming ones inner focus only prepares you for struggle, it does not make struggle disappear. What the New Age really boils down to is an attempt to cut corners and slap together easy answers for the very complex and intricate problems of life. It is a lazy man’s methodology of denial in which there is no concrete reality, only “point of view”. This breeds hive-mindedness, because the search for individualism is in itself an exhausting marathon, one they would rather not undertake. Overt collectivism is much easier. All you have to do is follow the swarm. And because New Agers force themselves to become so mutable, over the years they will mindlessly adapt to any horrifying circumstance. If reality is only a “point of view”, then why not rationalize wars and holocausts as illusory blips in time?

    The only way to get through to New Age Sheeple that I have found is to show them succinctly that the New World Order the Global Elites are constructing is not the same as the one they like to imagine. Making them read through UN white papers on global governance and federal documents like PDD 51 and the Civilian Inmate Labor Program can help. They will still probably think a one world government is a good idea, but at least they won’t support the Elite’s version.

    The ‘Quasi-Activist’ Sheeple: Also known as “the rebel with too many causes and not enough knowledge”. At least these sheeple are willing to leave their houses and fight for something, even if they know little to nothing about what they are fighting for or over. The problem is that their lack of insight and in-depth understanding on most issues makes them highly susceptible to manipulation. These are the “useful idiots” we hear so much about; the people who support Anarchist groups that promote Socialist ideals (uh, Socialism is contrary to the tenets of real Anarchism, guys…), the people who believe everything they are told by the CRU on global warming even though the CRU has never released original source data proving that anything they say is true, the people who blame Capitalism and free markets for the economic collapse even though we haven’t had legitimate Capitalism and free markets in over a century. Without knowing the facts behind these issues, how can one effectively involve himself in them?

    Quasi-Activist Sheeple protest not so much to change the world, but to FEEL like they are changing the world. Being a part of something greater, even if it’s a sham, is a major motivator. These people are under the impression that they have an inside track on the workings of politics and culture, but the information sources they use are ultimately narrow and biased. NPR for example is not a reliable news source, and just because they speak in a monotone voice with a British accent does not mean they are educated on social undercurrents or that they are objective. Most “progressive” journalism is merely the leftist equivalent of FOX; highly saturated with disinformation and emotional button pushing. This helps to create a subculture that sees itself as “alternative”, when it is actually the flipside of the same old false paradigm coin.

    The advantage of dealing with Quasi-Activists is that they do realize something is very wrong with the world. This is more than most other sheeple accomplish in an entire lifetime. The key is showing them the inaccuracy of the information sources they are too dependent on, and breaking them out of the fake left/right mental trap. As long as they continue to blame all the problems of the planet on “the right”, as long as they continue to blame generalized and fictitious opponents that were designed for them by the media, they will never understand why America continues on its self-destructive path despite all their civil discourse.

    Common Sheeple Arguments

    Below are listed some of the most often uttered sheeple arguments, as well as the rational responses to them.

    1) The NWO is just a “conspiracy theory”: Set aside the fact that politicians and leaders of finance talk about the New World Order constantly in speeches, books, and on nighttime television. The temptation here is to push the sheeple label and start a battle of insults. When someone accuses you of “conspiracy theory” what they are really saying is that you are a liar, crazy, or both. Of course, calling someone a liar or crazy does not negate their arguments. Hollow character attacks like this are meant to interfere or defuse legitimate and logical discussion. Force the sheeple to address the information you present instead of allowing them to make your personal character the subject of the debate. This rule goes for you too. Don’t just call them sheeple without backing up your claims and pointing out the inconsistencies in their beliefs.

    2) I’m well informed and have never been a “sheep”: Most human beings, regardless of the time they live in, think they have it all figured out. Even men in the dark ages thought they had reached the summit of understanding. They are able to perpetuate this illusion because they are rarely challenged to prove the accuracy of their information or the wisdom in their perspective. Challenge their knowledge on specific issues, and show them there is always more to learn.

    3) I’m not the “sheeple”! You are because you believe in conspiracy theories: Yes, full grown adults still use the rubber/glue tactic. Remember, one of the main threads linking all sheeple is that they believe what they believe so that they can belong, so that they can be a part of a majority. Delving into NWO research is the last thing anyone does to “fit in”. Just mentioning it can alienate friends, family, potential hot dates, etc. No one follows this information because they expect to feel accepted by the masses. They follow it because they know it is the truth.

    4) The NWO is not possible because it would involve too many people. Someone would let the cat out of the bag eventually: Actually, the Global Elites themselves let “the cat out of the bag” constantly. They speak openly about plans for world government, world financial control, population control and reduction, and they write bills and legislation that are designed to limit or erase our civil liberties. The proof is hidden in plain sight.

    5) You’re connecting dots that are not there: Neither I nor any other researcher needs to “connect dots” when we have the public admissions and documents of the Elites themselves.

    6) You’re just fear mongering to get attention: The term “fear mongering” denotes the use of lies to induce hysteria. If the information we present is true and supported by tangible facts, then how other people are affected by it is not our problem, it is theirs. Frankly, learning the truth should make a person feel empowered, not hysterical.

    7) Everything is just chaos. There is no such thing as an organized conspiracy to control the world: The events they see as chaos make perfect sense to us because we have an insight into information they do not. It’s that simple. The numerous movements in a complex time-piece might seem like chaos to someone that doesn’t know what a time-piece is, or the purpose of a gear, or second hand. Try to explain the concept of color to a blind person. Without a full accounting of the facts, it is very hard for one to know a thing. Also, a quick glance through any encyclopedia, even those with heavy editing, will reveal numerous “conspiracies” throughout history by small groups of men to rule the known world at the expense of the rest of us. Why was it perfectly plausible a hundred years ago, or fifty years ago, but not today?

    8) Yeah, I know the NWO exists, but who cares! We can’t stop it, so just live your life and have fun while you can: Nihilism is the worst kind of mental illness because it allows a person to constantly fulfill his own prophecies by doing nothing. When it comes to cultural progression, there is no such thing as the insurmountable scenario. Anything can be accomplished with the right amount of intelligence and effort. Nihilists make no effort to fix the problems they are confronted with, then claim they were right to be nihilistic because nothing changed. We have a responsibility not just to ourselves, but to the future. We have a responsibility to deal with the problems of the present, instead of pawning them off on the next generation.

    9) Its all our fault that Globalists get away with murder. Most of us are just stupid: This is only partly true. The average person does share part of the blame for not educating himself on circumstances, and for not taking action, however, ultimately it is the Elites who initiate the crimes we are then forced to either face or ignore. They are the ones that literally spend billions of dollars on propaganda designed to keep us in a fog. In the end, it is they who carry the principal culpability, not “the people”.

    10) What’s so bad about a one-world government? It would be the end of war, right?: Global government designed around a collectivist structure and ruled by men who believe themselves to be “genetically and philosophically superior” to the rest of us would not fix anything, it would only make our current problems much worse. War would be perpetual, because there will always be people who fight to be free from despotism, and even planetary governments need to create fear to manipulate the citizenry towards certain goals. Our economy would be equalized; meaning it would be equally oppressive and feudalistic for everyone. And, the liberties we hold dear today would be a distant memory tomorrow. Anyone who truly thinks that more government makes them “safer” is not just extraordinarily naïve; they are sheeple…

    Breaking The Sheeple Barrier

    Sheeple can change. I have seen it with my own eyes on numerous occasions. If the sheeple you are dealing with at any given moment is a stranger, or mere acquaintance, you may not feel that it is worth the immense effort necessary to enlighten them to the problems at hand. But, if said sheeple is a family member or loved one, you might have no other choice but to push forward. There is nothing worse than seeing the people you care about suffer because you were unsuccessful in warning them of impending danger.

    The above sections can help in easing through the process of waking up a member of the herd, though the best efforts will be wasted without patience and persistence. In every person there are barriers and doorways to truth. The trick is finding the unique keys which open those doors and break down those barriers. There are some who will claim that it is futile to make the attempt. That we should leave well enough alone. That many are too far gone to be helped. I beg to differ. If that was true, then the Liberty Movement would not be making the tremendous strides it is today. We did not get to where we are now by giving up when the waters became choppy, and I believe when this age is chronicled and spoken of, it will be our perseverance above all else that defines us. It is a grueling task to defeat an opponent who cannot be dissuaded, who cannot be made to give up. It is nearly impossible to defeat that same opponent when he is also right. To those in the New World Order, we are such an opponent. As long as we do not falter, the sheeple will grow thinner in number, replaced by cognizant vibrant individuals, and the warped ambitions of Globalists will not come to pass…”
    (yes this site posts a lot of bogus bullshit. are they jews? who the fuck knows)

    Also posted on you fucking hasbarats. Just like this article from elsewhere.


  29. Count Cherep says:


    What you lack in perspicacity you make up for in bellicosity.

  30. Flanders says:

    You’ve visited a site one day, and now you sing it’s praises and repost half of it at Incogman? You’re slightly off-base, White Patriot. Calling someone else a hasbara because they don’t trust that site….? Well, it sounds like a pot calling a kettle black and I’m sure you know what that means.

    I don’t trust SOT either and consider it a diversionary disinfo site. It is a site intended to draw away all of the everyday person types, those who want to be intellectuals, and who convince themselves that they are by being able to spout pseudo-psychology. The site does little to name the jews who are behind the problems despite having occasional articles which are usually spun along with relativistic bullshit which attempts to spread the blame for the problems among “everyone”. That site and others which promote what they refer to as “Ponerology” are actually promoting what I call “Ponderology” by the tactic I referred to above, getting people to “ponder” differing scenarios from a relativistic stance instead of an open-eyed viewing.

    I happen to like the article you referred to about the Sheeple. I think it is a good one and is useable. The site itself is overloaded with relativistic “standards” which place the blame where it is least needed – everywhere with everyone – “all races and creeds have criminals in their midst”.

  31. Count Cherep says:

    Well said, Flanders.

    Just because a site posts some good articles doesn’t mean that all of their content is good, or that they do not have some nefarious agenda. Disinformation would not be effective if it didn’t include some truth. One needs to utilize critical and analytical thinking skills to see beyond the sloganeering and buzz words and determine what someone’s true objective is.

    I am always leery of sites that prattle on and on about the New World Order, the Globalists, the Banksters, etc., but never name the jew.

    New World Order=Jew World Order, AKA Jewish Utopia, Brave Jew World
    Globalists=International Jewry
    Banksters=International Jewish Bankers
    Anglo-American Establishment=Khazar/European and American Jews and their Shabbat Goyim

  32. BlackDak22 says:

    Damned straight Flanders. The sites that go off with globalist, Masonic, NWO distractors are actually doing harm to name the enemy, whether they are intentional or not. And none of them, NONE OF THEM, will ever suggest what we oughtta do to solve the problem. So intentional or not I take all those sites as jew spin.

    New article up over at thefreemenproject too on the kikes.

  33. Count Cherep says:

    I am also leery of those who criticize Israel and or Zionism only to promote Communism, Feminism, Anarchism, or any other jew-scam “ism”. Zionism and the criminal state of Israel are only part of the agenda of International Jewry.

  34. BlackDak22 says:

    “I’m suffering from massive Jew fatigue.
    And the cure for this parasite is???” – Jen

    Lead, rope, steel

  35. Damn… I too am suffering from Jew fatigue….. It makes it hard to sleep at night!

    I tried rat poison to cure the Hasba-RAT problem, but they just keep coming out of the woodwork….

    I have tried falling asleep by counting sheeple, but they are too many to count!

    Maybe Incogman has a few better solutions…

    And I bet you dollars to donuts (doughnuts in Canuckland) that the Madjewesswhore would definitely choose to have the 40 MT nuclear bomb fall on Jersey, rather than her cherished evil empire of Isra-Hell any day!

  36. Marshall says:

    I bet I’ve put that question up five times Northern when I KNEW Madjewess was in the digital vicinity. Not a PEEP. Of course she’s in NYC so maybe I should change Trenton to Luckenbach TX. I just bet she could tolerate alot of glow-in-the-dark redneck boys :-O

    Hey check this out. Arch-neocon Jew Scumbag David Frum experiences outrageous antisemitic poisecution while innocently trying to sell some political books OY VEY!!! :-O

  37. Dave says:

    Just a fleeting thought here…

    What does it mean to be half goy, or half jewish for that mater? These percentages as they apply to MJ seem to be subjective. I’ve read different claims of her ancestry elsewhere but, in the end…

    My only objective question can be this:

    Why aren’t you “MADGOYESS”?

  38. Dave says:

    As a demonstration of this subjective idea of her jewishness here is a link to her own blog and a couple questions I asked her in regards to a recent incident here. During her tirade of an answer she reveals more than needed.
    — — —
    MJ says,

    “There is a REASON for my handle, it is not because I am in ‘favor’ of being a Jew, in this day and age, NOBODY would ‘want’ to be from the JEWWWWS.
    I had another blog, it was under another name, when the incogidiot talked to me and my friends in the most disgusting, vile way, I decided to come back and fight him with the 25% of me that is a Jew.”
    — — —

    Again, I ask you MJ. If you are a mere 25% jew, why don’t you refer to yourself as “MADGOYESS”? If you are 25% jew why do you refer to yourself as half goy or half jewish for that matter? No need to answer… I answered the question with my own questions.

    The answer is that there is no such thing as half anything when it pertains to the jews. Its all or nothing. Madjewess has demonstrated that fact time and again.


    MJ’s blog:

    An image I captured of the statement in case she deletes the above link:
    — — —

    Nobody would want to be from the jews… right????

  39. Mossad Agent says:

    Q.: How can you tell when a Jewish Princess reaches climax?

    A.: She drops her nail file.

  40. Marshall says:


    Well I think it’s quite obvious what is plaguing Madjewess these days. Not Incogland, not Isra-hell, not radical feminists…oh no…

    It’s the massive Calorie Conspiracy!!! Oy vey, will the munchies pogrom ever end? Whoa Paulette, aren’t salads kosher? :-O

  41. Marshall says:

    Shaniqua Loquisha Chlamydia Champagne seems to get all the Ding-Dongs and Cheezies she wants…what’s the problem Madjewess??? You be RACISS RACISS RAY—CISS!!! 😀

  42. Lynda says:

    White Patriot – you are a night and fog specialist in the demoralization of the goyim and the camouflage of the Jew.

    You are registering high on my jewdar.

  43. Flanders says:

    Lynda, It’s good to see you. I’m glad you made it through the jewgle maze to get back here.

  44. hotstuff says:

    Hahaha..Véry Nice…When ever I Want ….. I kick You in the Nuts And You Write Me a First Class Biografhy ?

    Besides The Thourough Biografhies… This One on the Radar Already ?

  45. hotstuff says:

    Lynda says:
    August 15, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Who are the Highest on your list lynda ?

  46. Flanders says:

    Lynda is capable of telling you when she wants you or others to know, Hot Stuff.

  47. hotstuff says:

    Flanders says:August 16, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    Sure..sure…Just Wondered…Because I Know where Such sounds usually come from!

    Besides …is Your Nation Aware of Some cultural behaviours Already ?

    From an Other Forum

    I Urge Your Nation to Check Your Children For heroin,ghb,lsd,Reproductioninhibitors,Muscletraumainductors, And other Filth israelites pump into Children at Kindergartens and Elementaries !

    Also For scopolamine That israelites use to crossexamine the Children in between the Mass rapes at schooltrips and campweeks And extort and blackmail the Parents , Families , Loved Ones, Politicians And Officials with the gained information!

    In Fact I Urge ALL Nations to Check the Children For Such substanses , Because israelites Do This EVERY Where they set foot , And For Example it is Also going on in Irak And Afghanistan Now Also!

    The druggings are part of a rape,torture,Brainwash and addictionprogramm ( Fals identities and loyalities are created)they run Every Where , Formost at Kindergartens and Elementaries , to overwhelm Nations … usually for ever !

    What the israelites are doing to the Children is THÈ Sourche of All war and violence on Earth !

  48. “MADGOYESS”?
    Dave, there is no image up there, you are fos. Whats more, is you are cowardly. IF there was some picture you are talking about, which there NEVER was, where is it, LIAR?
    You are lying, there is nothing there, I would NOT put anything there, b/c I value my poems.

    Pity you folks have to LIE. I must take back what I have told good Jews that I believe that gentiles are far more honorable than they would ever be..but NOT in your case, DAVE.

    Dave, my hubby is 100% JEWWW and not religious, and extremely patriotic, which is why my handle is what it is.
    You dont like it?
    So friggin what.
    What are you, some type damned fascist, that you think you can order me around and go so far as to what left wing Bolshevik Jews have done to me, and demanded that I change my blog name?

    You all PRETEND that you dont like these Marxist/Bolshevik Jews, but you act EXACTLY like them.
    You like Bloomberg, who is for the mosque near g. zero.
    Caio chickenshits.
    Have a nice day incogfag, Dave the Crypto Jew, and Marshall the drunk 😀

  49. INCOG MAN says:

    TMJ: Didn’t I expressly order you to put in your avatar email address? Next comment without and you’re back in my SPAMblinka. And it was 130 “American” Jews (who may as well be classified as Israelis), 3-5 actual Israelis (the rest were warned by Odigo messages).

    ALL YOU JEWS ARE TRAITORS. You know it, too.

  50. Marshall says:

    LMAO Cherup. Eerily, “it” looks alot like Jeff Goldblum :-O

    Marshall the drunk? That’s so true…in fact I saw your hubby at a bar just the other night Pookie!!!

    He was sitting right next to me, and he strangely kept ordering shots and looking in his shirt pocket. That’s all he would do…order a shot, slam it, and look in his shirt pocket. Over and over again. Finally I asked him WTF is in his pocket.

    He said, “I have a picture of Paulette in there. I keep taking shots until she looks good, then I go home.”


  51. American born says:

    This ia a great piece of historical reseach on the term “jewess”
    Its worth the lenghty read!!

  52. hotstuff says:

    Your Nitemare The MAD Jewess says: August 28, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    I Had to Come Here after I Found a Mail in My Box with the message from a jew cut ( is That the Correct Translation?)………..he was calling Some Thing Òr Some ÒNE NÒN jew a “fascist”…………………..Now……….

    Corréct Me if I Am Wrong And All My Universe of Truth Would Collapse And Die…………………BÙT…………….is a Child drugging raping And molesting jewess NÒT THÈ SÚPER ÚLTRA RASCÌST FÀSCÌST ARCETYPE WHÈN she shits Children And Toddlers in the Mouths……Ànd forces THÈM to swallow hér shit while they “scumm”…….screaming……”here come my lovearrows…eat and swallow my love”……………………or am I indeed a Completely lost retard beyond any Help in a broken Universe of confusion?

    PLEASE love doctor joymess help Me out Hére ?

  53. minna says:

    Great…just what I need…an anti-semitic freak to explain the worms crawling around this jewess’s head. Poor baby. She’s been laying down with you dogs for so long she now has a permanent case of your fleas. Such a shunde.

  54. MJ says:

    Did the moron/troll/stalker happen to read?
    This post is from 2010. 3 Years ago.

    Incogman, maybe you can shoot me an email and let me know the IP of this sweet Jewish bitch that stalks me on the net….

  55. INCOG MAN says:

    Sorry. I don’t ever reveal personal details that I may or may not know about anyone commenting here — stinking Jew or not.

    If you got problems with a fellow Jew, I suggest the two of you simply commit hari kari together and leave the world a better place.


  56. MJ says:

    If you got problems with a fellow Jew, I suggest the two of you simply commit hari kari together and leave the world a better place.

    (Sticking Tongue out at you)

  57. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Jictiodoglita is a stinking JEWISH spammer!

  58. Andre says:

    Can any one confirm that Buck and Beaverface may have connections with the Maori chief Te Ua Haumene who used a Reverend’s ( Karl or Carl Volkner) dried, decapitated head as a wireless type of telephone to God? Rev. Volkner was hung because he ‘sided’ with the Europeans in a battle with the Maori. After an hour, Rev. Volkner’s body was cut down and some of Te Ua’s tribal members tasted or smeared his blood over their faces and a chief called Kereopa Te Rau plucked out his eyes and ate them. Why didn’t Rev Volkner ‘side’ with them, do you think? Chief Te Ua had, at that time, established a religion based on the tribe being one of the lost Hebrew tribes.He called it ‘Pai Marire’..meaning ‘good and peaceful movement.’ Look it up –under New Zealand history!

  59. D Kowhai says:

    I find your use of the photographs of the two Maori insulting. Te Ua Haumene is an Ancestor and he has no place in this blog. Take them down and have some respect for other cultures. The careless use of these photographs of our treasured “taonga” is bordering on racism.

  60. INCOG MAN says:

    Too bad, cannibal boy.

    Bordering on racism? How quaint. I’m totally racist. And proud of it!

    Got that?

  61. William says:

    INCOG MAN posted

    “Too bad, cannibal boy.

    Bordering on racism? How quaint. I’m totally racist. And proud of it!

    Got that?”

    Well at least your honest about it. Unlike the next person That posted

    Your Nitemare The MAD Jewess posted
    “Pity you folks have to LIE. I must take back what I have told good Jews that I believe that gentiles are far more honorable than they would ever be..but NOT in your case, DAVE.”

    I guess you should pity yourself because you do the same thing you accuse other people of. That would make you a hypocrite

    Pitiful that some people are so addicted to spreading so much propaganda and misinformation while claiming to hate Marxists and Communists, only to turn around acting like them.

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