The Stinking Jews Are The World’s Criminals!


I’M A PATRIOTIC American man; so whenever I read something about what these arrogant Israelis and supposedly “American” Jews now do and openly get away with it — my blood simply boils! These Jews are nothing but a gang of vicious, criminal thugs, spanning the planet. And they all work in cahoots with one other — not only to spy and steal the wealth out of us Goyim and our nations, but to threaten decent people who dare to speak up about their evil criminal activities.

Liberty survivor, Phil Tourney

The media is now going on 24/7 about that stupid Mosque in New York, like we’re all supposed to get bent out of shape about the Muslims spitting in the face of 9/11 families, when it was the GD Zionist Jews and lousy “Shabbos Goys” (Gentiles corrupted by Jew money) who did it in the first place. The Muslims are the designated enemies they want Americans ticked over — just so you don’t start thinking about Jews!

USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney (right) was on vacation in Southern California with his wife of 30 years, Lisa, when a well-dressed man with an Israeli accent, started up a conversation in a motel lounge. Evidently, this mysterious stranger knew exactly who he was talking to and details about the Liberty attack. He was also apparently taping the encounter (possibly to digitize Phil’s voice). He even gloated about what Israel did to the American sailors that day. The bloody Israelis killed 34 and wounded over 170, trying to sink the ship on purpose — the entire business about Israel making a war-time mistake is a total lie.

From Mark Glenn at The Ugly Truth:

Finally, unable to provoke Tourney into throwing that hoped-for first punch, from there the dialogue turned into something right out of an episode of the gangster mini-series The Sopranos. After telling Tourney that the men of the USS LIBERTY “got what they deserved that day,” the man with the Israeli accent admitted he was in fact not a doctor but rather an employee of the same people who murdered the men aboard the LIBERTY 43 years ago. Tourney asked the man what he did specifically, to which the response over and over was “many things“ and “I do whatever my government asks of me.”

Mark Glenn co-wrote Tourney’s book on the Liberty

Catch the point Glenn makes about “The Sopranos” mini-series. That’s exactly what the Jews are — an entire race of International Gangsters! A Turkish/Hunnish race of Eastern Europeans, who think the GD world and America belongs to them.

It sounds like he admitted that his government really was Israel (Jew Crime Headquarters); so that makes him obviously over here to intimidate Tourney, an American citizen, just because of what he wrote. They can’t have Americans getting wise to the deal!

After dropping numerous veiled threats and telling Tourney that a war with Iran would occur within 30 to 60 days, the mysterious man then tries to make it look like Tourney was threatening him. Hotel security arrived, so Tourney left for his room. Later, both Tourney and Mark Glenn (the co-author of Tourney’s book whom the stranger says is on “the list”) filed reports with the FBI, who acted like they could care less about the deal.

The guy was obviously an Israeli MOSSAD or SHIN BET agent, operating freely in the US. Glenn makes a excellent point when he says the FBI would have gone wide open on the case, had this involved any other Mideast country but sacred Israel. Hell, the entire country would have heard the story all over the media!

Just imagine if it was some Iranian agent who did this to an American veteran. Zionist mouth pieces like Sean Hannity and all the rest would be screaming bloody murder!

Folks, we got ourselves a crazed, criminal race living in America, who think they can get clean away with doing anything and everything to American citizens. Not only does the Jew-owned media put a blanket on their activities, but also the US government and authorities charged with protecting American citizenry.

Watch the video below and think hard on how these lousy Jews now feel free to manipulate our political process.

Can you believe this crap?

These traitor Jews now have this commercial running all over the TV attacking House Rep. Glenn Nye (VA) because he dared to sign a letter justifiably condemning Israel. The above commercial lies, saying he “supports HAMAS,” just because he stuck up for the Palestinian people, after the evil Israelis laid waste to Gaza, killing 1400 — many women and children.

Collective punishment? That’s exactly what it was!

Just stop and think about all this. They make a big deal about 88% of the politicians not signing the letter, like these people are such Israel buds. The fact is, the politicians are just too chicken to piss-off the Jews. Hat’s off to Nye for having the courage to sign that letter. Too bad the rest of Congress is filled with totally spineless WORMS, afraid to piss off the powerful and devious Israel Lobby.

These politicians know that pissing off the Jews invites total Jew media attack, should the case warrant it. I know, because I’ve talked to DC political people about the problem. Hell, their voices even dropped to a whisper when they acknowledged the issue to little old me! That’s how bad it is, people.

These Jews will use huge gobs of money to attack any American politician, should he dare to stand up for what’s right.

Just think about all the money it must cost to run all these ads. Unless, of course, the Jew media is giving this Jew group some sweetheart deal. Another thing possible is that the Israeli government is backroom funding the group, using all the dough America pays out to them — which would not surprise me in the least.

The front group behind the ad is the “Emergency Committee for Israel”, complete with a Washington DC address. God knows all the perfidious rich Jews bankrolling them. Trust me: Groups like this don’t spring up overnight and start running expensive TV ad campaigns like this one unless someone big is behind them.

Like I say all the time here on my website: Jewry are a traitorous element to America. They only care about Israel and what’s best for Jews. They are selfish, nervy bastards and I hope all you true American patriots are starting to look at them with suspicion by now.

Leave a message at Glenn Nye’s website telling him you support his efforts and can’t stand the Jew manipulations of America! When writing to Glenn Nye, use postal code 23462 (Virginia Beach) so he’s sure to get the email. Our “open” government won’t allow comments from voters in other districts, but the above zip code will get it through.


OK, so these are just two, relatively small examples of Jewry in action. Granted. But look at all the really big BS scams these bastards have done and are now doing to America today.

It’s the GD Jews who are the problem!

We wouldn’t have all these problems as a country if it wasn’t for these people. The Jew has been jerking our chains for so long it’s ridiculous. Because of their brainwashing about them being the world’s sad victims and all the rest of the PC crap, we don’t dare to say a word or people will call you a Nazi.

This race of Eastern Europeans (who are NOT the descendants of the ancient Israelites) have always been the secret bane to the White Western countries on the planet. The sooner you figure that one out, the more every other GD thing going on will make sense.

Jewry are much like Gypsies, but have taken thievery and con-jobs to a whole new level. Look around: From Wall Street to the Federal Reserve; from DC to Tel Aviv. Bernie Madoff, the Jew who stole over 50 billion dollars, was a mere small potato free lancer as compared to Globalist Jewry!

Look at all the Jews running the Federal Reserve, Wall Street banking like Goldman Sachs and International Jewry like the Rothschilds and Warburgs milking White countries with the Central banking scam. These are the slime corrupting the world and starting wars to benefit Israel and the corporate Military/Industrial complex. It’s all connected, people.

The Jew’s have got such a giant headlock on America it’s not funny. They’ve been slowly subverting this country from within, all the while gaining power and allowing non-Whites to flood our shores to destroy our race’s demographics before we figure out the real deal with this bunch. They can’t have us coming to our senses before they take their plans to the next level.


— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Jen says:

    incog, is it possible to make your top graphic banner click-able so it navigates to the home page? Just a small request …

  2. Flanders says:

    Is Incogman having an impact?

    Someone definately is and it all adds up. Americans are finally beginning to awaken, but is it due to messages such as ours or is it due to the messages that Israel is sending? Regardless, now is the time for all of us to redouble our efforts to provide our fellow Americans with the facts about both Israel and about the jews who act so treacherously within and against our country.

    I will let you read the American portion of this survey, reported on at Press TV, at the site and excerpt the even better portion of the news on the European side. The survey referred to is one by, “Stanley Greenberg and sponsored by America’s pro-Israeli organization, the Israel Project, Ha’aretz reported on Thursday.”

    “Conducting similar surveys in European countries, Greenberg said the data reflects the worst time for Israel with regard to German public opinion since 2008.

    In Germany, 50 percent of the respondents said they had “very cold” or unfavorable feelings toward Israel, compared with 39 percent who said they experienced “cold” or “very cold” feelings toward Palestinians.

    In Sweden, the situation was similar to that in Germany, with 49 percent saying their feelings toward Israel were “cold” or “very cold.”

    In France, those sympathizing with Israel did not go beyond 24 percent and the number, though narrowly, was outweighed by 31 percent who said that felt “cold” or “very cold” feelings toward it.”

  3. Count Cherep says:

    Here’s another article about the Hasbarats trying to dominate Wikipedia:

    Wikipedia editing courses launched by Zionist groups
    Two Israeli groups set up training courses in Wikipedia editing with aims to ‘show the other side’ over borders and culture

    …”We don’t want to give this arena to the other side,” she said. “But we are so few and they are so many. People in the US and Europe never hear about Israel’s side, with all the correct arguments and explanations.” [Yeah, they just control almost all of the media around the world. We never, ever hear Israhell’s propaganda, now do we?]

    “We learned what not to do: don’t jump into deep waters immediately, don’t be argumentative, realise that there is a semi-democratic community out there, realise how not to get yourself banned,” says Yisrael Medad, one of the course participants, from Shiloh.

    One Jerusalem-based Wikipedia editor, who doesn’t want to be named, said that publicising the initiative might not be such a good idea. “Going public in the past has had a bad effect,” she says. [Indeed]

    Read the rest:

  4. apollonian says:

    Drama Of Near-Future Is People Uniting Upon Negative, Anti-Semitism–But Still Folks Must Know How To Unite For Positive Values–Requiring Reason
    (Apollonian, 19 Aug 10)

    I thought I’d ck-in w. few comments here, esp. regarding what’s happening and what will happen:

    (a) Note then hist. is CYCLIC in accord w. “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler–thus we’re still in the “decline” phase, things continuing to get progressively worse. Observe then what’s immediately upon visible horizon, imminent like the “sword of Damocles” hovering over our heads–definitive COLLAPSE of US Dollar–it seems to be coming, comrades, deliberately aimed at by the Jew-world order, I’m afraid.

    And this Dollar collapse is going to hit EXTREMELY hard, don’t doubt–worse than mere nuclear explosion–more like several nuclear explosions, un-questionably. Already US Fed is beginning “quantitative easing”–meaning INFLATION, just beginning stages of the ultimate HYPER-inflation by which US Dollar is decisively destroyed–like Weimar Germany in early 1920’s prior to unc’ Adolf.

    There will be literal starvation and break-down of civil order. Welfare system, which has held-out so far, even though heavily strained, will fail, leading to horrible, daily robberies like we used to hear about in “old” days.

    (b) Ultimately, people will only decisively UNITE against a negative–and this is what God made Jews for, with their trade-mark, ugly hook-noses–ugliness and devilish hatred of humanity going so well together, after all.

    But problem then will be in decisively uniting the volk in positive, constructive manner. And that’s why we need good old Christianity which did the necessary job before for us in history–but we only need be sure it’s a RATIONALIST Christianity–which establishment, Jew-dominated and -funded “Christianity” has striven to infiltrate and corrupt ESPECIALLY by means of anti-rationalist MYSTICISM.

    Great delusion then, which is still working, and which Western volk need to get decisively over is that horrible delusion/fallacy/heresy of a perfectly “free” human will, leading then to “good-evil” delusion–this is what still rages, infests, and be-devils so many in West presently.

    (c) Weak-point to Judeo-Conspiracy is “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see and hereticalists who say Christ was “Jew” (hence Talmudist, which Christ explicitly repudiated at Gosps. MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9) and traitorously support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11–see for expo/ref.

    But unless patriots seriously and decisively ATTACK these JCs–by means of reason and the real Christian msg (TRUTH, hence objectivity), of course–JCs will remain the great STRENGTH of Jew monsters who use JCs to run “interference” for them so well among gentiles.

    (d) Another note is topmost Jew master-minds are un-questionably falling-out w. one another (“no honor among thieves”), and it’s important to keep these factions in clear view; there are THREE (3) main factions:

    (1) “left-liberals,” esp. of CFR-Bilderberg, behind communist United Nations (UN), fronted by Obama/Soetoro;

    (2) “right-conservatives” behind Israel/zionists, “neo-cons,” and JCs, and then the

    (3) lower-level Jews, sociologically, not members of CFR-Bilderberg, but who are still incredibly RICH, compared w. gentiles, who want to maintain their USA sugar-daddy, these behind Ron Paul ( and Alex Jones (

    (e) Note then likelihood is things must get significantly WORSE before stupid masses of still over-populated goyim begin to get serious hint of idea their idiotic “free” will delusion is NOT working for them.

    This is sad observation (on “free” will delusion), truly, but still it’s only realistic expectation when u stop to consider how fanatically attached so many poor fools are to their imagined “free” will and “good-evil.” People are sooooooooooooooo desperate to pretending they’re “good”–like when we were little kidsoes.

    And Jews aren’t “evil”–anymore than typhus, or bubonic plague, or leprosy is “evil”–they do best they can, given their programming, like anyone else.

    And it’s this infernal “free” will delusion which is why we need religious/emotionalist revolution which then only includes REASON/rationality, for presently people imagine reason/rationality rather confirms presumed “free” will.

    Additionally, religious-type conviction is what’s necessary for decisive anti-semitic Jew-Expulsion which so many (believe it or not) still think is un-necessary–or even un-thinkable in any case–but this will change as folks come to realize how infernally murderous and treacherous Jews (and cohorts) really are and have been.

    CONCLUSION: Presently now, we’re still in stage of “emptying-out” for this “free” will delusion, people still hanging-on to it desperately, frantically, but finding (slowly but surely) nonetheless that “nothing changes under the sun”–and Jews are simply incompatible w. humanity–THERE BEING NOOOOO “GOOD JEWS.” Further, remember same for Jews (EXPULSION) must go for their close cohorts and co-conspirators among gentiles; ultimately the two basic, opposed values/principles are (a) Truth vs. lies, (b) translating then to Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY vs. Talmudic subjectivism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    Apollo: Can you NOT come here and paste in your standard, giant boilerplate of same old copy Apollo? I mean really, you were SPAMblinka’d on my old blog and now you’re starting to do the same BS here. Any more than 3 paras from you will be deleted (just Apollo here, until he learns to limit himself and address specifics of the post).

  6. Flanders says:

    I think this is from an older article, though it is undated. The entire article is very much worth reading, as the excerpts will indicate [bold lines indicate a skip]. It is an article about, “The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers”, and it is more. The article has explained aspects of Israeli funding which every American should know about. You are paying for it, so why not?

    “Recently Americans have begun to read and hear that “Israel receives $3 billion in annual U.S. foreign aid.” That’s true. But it’s still a lie. The problem is that in fiscal 1997 alone, Israel received from a variety of other U.S. federal budgets at least $525.8 million above and beyond its $3 billion from the foreign aid budget, and yet another $2 billion in federal loan guarantees. So the complete total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was $5,525,800,000.

    One can truthfully blame the mainstream media for never digging out these figures for themselves, because none ever have. They were compiled by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. But the mainstream media certainly are not alone. Although Congress authorizes America’s foreign aid total, the fact that more than a third of it goes to a country smaller in both area and population than Hong Kong probably never has been mentioned on the floor of the Senate or House. Yet it’s been going on for more than a generation.

    Probably the only members of Congress who even suspect the full total of U.S. funds received by Israel each year are the privileged few committee members who actually mark it up. And almost all members of the concerned committees are Jewish, have taken huge campaign donations orchestrated by Israel’s Washington, DC lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), or both. These congressional committee members are paid to act, not talk. So they do and they don’t.

    The same applies to the president, the secretary of state, and the foreign aid administrator.”

    “The lobby that Israel and its supporters have built in the United States to make all this aid happen, and to ban discussion of it from the national dialogue, goes far beyond AIPAC, with its $15 million budget, its 150 employees, and its five or six registered lobbyists who manage to visit every member of Congress individually once or twice a year.

    AIPAC, in turn, can draw upon the resources of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a roof group set up solely to coordinate the efforts of some 52 national Jewish organizations on behalf of Israel.

    Among them are Hadassah, the Zionist women’s organization, which organizes a steady stream of American Jewish visitors to Israel; the American Jewish Congress, which mobilizes support for Israel among members of the traditionally left-of-center Jewish mainstream; and the American Jewish Committee, which plays the same role within the growing middle-of-the-road and right-of-center Jewish community. The American Jewish Committee also publishes Commentary, one of the Israel lobby’s principal national publications.

    Perhaps the most controversial of these groups is B’nai B’rith’s Anti-Defamation League. Its original highly commendable purpose was to protect the civil rights of American Jews. Over the past generation, however, the ADL has regressed into a conspiratorial and, with a $45 million budget, extremely well funded hate group.”

    “To date some 126 pro-Israel PACs have been registered, and no fewer than 50 have been active in every national election over the past generation.

    An individual voter can give up to $2,000 to a candidate in an election cycle, and a PAC can give a candidate up to $10,000. However, a single special interest with 50 PACs can give a candidate who is facing a tough opponent, and who has voted according to its recommendations, up to half a million dollars. That’s enough to buy all the television time needed to get elected in most parts of the country.

    Even candidates who don’t need this kind of money certainly don’t want it to become available to a rival from their own party in a primary election, or to an opponent from the opposing party in a general election. As a result, all but a handful of the 535 members of the Senate and House vote as AIPAC instructs when it comes to aid to Israel, or other aspects of U.S. Middle East policy.

    There is something else very special about AIPAC’s network of political action committees. Nearly all have deceptive names. Who could possibly know that the Delaware Valley Good Government Association in Philadelphia, San Franciscans for Good Government in California, Cactus PAC in Arizona, Beaver PAC in Wisconsin, and even Icepac in New York are really pro-Israel PACs under deep cover?”

    “…the U.S., which has to borrow the money it gives to Israel, pays interest on the money it has granted to Israel in advance [and who gets that interest which is owed by the American taxpayers, the Rothschilds’ and other owners of the stock in the Federal Reserve Board? – Flanders], while at the same time Israel is collecting interest on the money. That interest to Israel from advance payments adds another $1.650 billion to the total, making it $84,854,827,200.That’s the number you should write down for total aid to Israel. And that’s $14,346 each for each man, woman and child in Israel.

    It’s worth noting that that figure does not include U.S. government loan guarantees to Israel, of which Israel has drawn $9.8 billion to date.”

    “On this basis the $84.8 billion in grants, loans and commodities Israel has received from the U.S. since 1949 cost the U.S. an additional $49,936,880,000 in interest. [Isn’t Rothschild the primary instigator of Israel, the permanent home for rogue jewry? Why should he be receiving American’s interest payments, especially for funding provided to his pet project? Flanders]

    There are many other costs of Israel to U.S. taxpayers, such as most or all of the $45.6 billion in U.S. foreign aid to Egypt since Egypt made peace with Israel in 1979 (compared to $4.2 billion in U.S. aid to Egypt for the preceding 26 years). U.S. foreign aid to Egypt, which is pegged at two-thirds of U.S. foreign aid to Israel, averages $2.2 billion per year.

    There also have been immense political and military costs to the U.S. for its consistent support of Israel during Israel’s half-century of disputes with the Palestinians and all of its Arab neighbors.”

    “Or, put another way, the nearly $14,630 every one of 5.8 million Israelis received from the U.S. government by Oct. 31, 1997 has cost American taxpayers $23,240 per Israeli.

    It would be interesting to know how many of those American taxpayers believe they and their families have received as much from the U.S. Treasury as has everyone who has chosen to become a citizen of Israel. But it’s a question that will never occur to the American public because, so long as America’s mainstream media, Congress and president maintain their pact of silence, few Americans will ever know the true cost of Israel to U.S. taxpayers.”

  7. INCOG MAN says:


    I’ll try to incorporate your suggestion for my header. Please use the “home” button for now.

  8. Flanders says:

    A couple of the links about the older article on Israeli sales of US military goods to China since only two of the many posted in my earlier comment still worked. [I’ve noticed that it is not uncommon for articles depicting Israel in an unfavorable light to have a change in URL which make them inaccessible except by conducting a specific search. That is the case here.] The second excerpted link is the one most worth reading.

    “US ‘anger’ at Israel weapons sale

    US up in arms over Sino-Israel ties

    “Israel, which is among the world’s top exporters of arms, is keen on its military ties with China for several reasons. According to Gerald Steinberg, professor of political science at the Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv and consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Security Council, since Israel does not sell arms to the Arab countries or Iran, it has fewer potential markets than other major players in the high-tech arms market. (However, a look at Israel’s arms market over the past several decades indicates that the country has sold arms to regimes that other countries have been reluctant to trade with.)

    Unlike most other arms manufacturers, Israel exports 75% of the total production of its military industries. Israel’s military industry is dependent on exports for its survival. And arms sales to China are among its most lucrative businesses. Therefore, arms trade with China is very important, providing contracts for jobs as well as income to offset the high costs of maintaining Israel’s technology and industrial base. Military trade has also paved the way for broader trade in other dual-use and high-tech goods. China’s immense value as a trade partner for Israel’s military industry is evident from Israel’s engagement with China and Taiwan. In the early 1990s, Israel passed up defense deals with Taiwan so as not to damage its fledging relationship with China.

    Eugene Kogan, a defense-industry analyst, writes in the Jamestown Foundation’s China Brief that while Israel has rebuffed Taiwan’s repeated attempts to revive relations with it, “when it comes to contact with China, the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD) promotes a clear-cut policy. China is an extremely important trade partner for the Israeli defense industry. As a result, the MOD, which oversees the arms trade with China, has ensured that Israel maintains a positive relationship with the PRC [People’s Republic of China], while avoiding any contact with Taiwan which might disrupt this partnership.”

    The Israel-China military relationship also contributed to China softening its anti-Israel stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict.”

  9. apollonian says:

    JCs Are The Weak-Point To Be Targeted
    (Apollonian, 19 Aug 10)

    Righto incog: It’s JCs that got to be HIT HARD, I say–they’re the weak pt., seriously. And we can’t overlook that “free” will issue–which isn’t easy, u know, being so abstract–that’s why it’s got to be part of “Christian”-style appeal, not mere rationalistic- or scientific-type argument. A.

  10. Count Cherep says:

    And while you’re over at the onion, be sure to check out their article on that pesky overpopulation problem and the “cycle of life” thingy.,17920/


  11. Hoff says:

    FACT: The Marxist/Democrats have worked tirelessly to divide this country by creating class envy and encouraging welfare for the lazy and violent minorities that support the handout welfare mentality of their Marxist/Democrat Party. This technique is E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what the Russian street trash under Lenin was encouraged to believe and therefore revolt against anyone who had worked for and earned more than they did. It in fact did succeed in 1917 and continued to grow like a cancer, killing all in the way, subverting entire countries to slavery with the aid of traitors like Gore’s friend Armand Hammer. Check ANY reputable history book.

    FACT: Democrats are SO SIMILAR in their treasonous goals to the objectives of the Communist Party ( the over-throw of our Constitution by any means) – that Party HEAD Avro Kusta Halberg, (AKA-Gus Hall), when asked by the national press as to why the Communists declined to run candidates for President/VP for the first time in decades – answered with this chilling and sobering statement: ” Since the goals of the Democratic party are now so progressive, we feel that for us to field a candidate would be redundant”. [“progressive” is a Marxist ‘buzzword’ indicating being in accord and conformity with Communist objectives and ideology]

  12. jim says:

    Friggin’ yikes:
    “You spent the last 231 days working for the “ZOG” government”
    Anyone smell the money Grabblers here?
    Gotta keep funding those new Israeli settlements.

  13. Hoff says:

    MOSCOW — Moscow State University has issued a textbook on Russian history that some are calling anti-Semitic because it counts the number of Jews in Soviet governments.

    The Russian Ministry of Education approved the book, which for the first time in a university history textbook provides the exact percentage of Jews in Soviet governments, and recommended it for history students.


    “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish ”

    And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people

    *. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    The JEW is the biggest mass murder in history of man. And it was pre-planned.

  14. 408b7c says:

    “In the future, whether it’s entering your home, opening your car, entering your workspace, getting a pharmacy prescription refilled, or having your medical records pulled up, everything will come off that unique key that is your iris,” says Jeff Carter, CDO of Global Rainmakers. Before coming to GRI, Carter headed a think tank partnership between Bank of America, Harvard, and MIT. “Every person, place, and thing on this planet will be connected [to the iris system] within the next 10 years,” he says.

  15. Count Cherep says:

    Congressional Support for Israel!

    What a disgusting menagerie of freaks! I couldn’t even finish watching it.

  16. Flanders says:

    Should Whites and Americans be concerned about, “Zionist Spies and the United States”? As Hoff and others have pointed out – You’re damned right, we should!

    [Scroll down slightly for the article]
    “Mossad’s Special Unit – Code Named “AL”

    This is a special unit whose task it is to penetrate the United States through economic, scientific and technological espionage. The CIA has identified Israel as one of six foreign countries with “a government-directed, orchestrated, clandestine effort to collect U.S. economic secrets.”(Thomas, p.69) In other words they spend our money to undermine us! AL’s part of Mossad’s budget has increased annually. Can you imagine how much information American sayanim give this unit? American Jews are in every important corporation, university and government agency in America. Their access to American “economic, scientific and technological” information is limitless. Of course every American Jew is not a sayan, nor is every one Zionist. But the potential is scarry – over 6 million. No one has a real number of American Jews who are Zionist and who would betray the United States for Israel. This section reveals some who have been….and have been caught.”

  17. Hoff says:

    Now comes the India-born Madhusree Mukerjee with a savage indictment of Churchill’s policies towards her homeland – then part of the British Empire – that likens his conduct to that of the genocidal barbarism of the Nazis. Drawing heavily on British Foreign Office documents, she asserts that his conduct, directly or indirectly, led to the deaths of 3 million Indians during the war, chiefly through starvation. She points out a cruel irony: While Britain and its Allies fought to “free” European nations from “captivity,” Churchill and other British leaders strongly opposed the nascent Indian independence movement, imprisoning such leaders as Mahatma Gandhi.

    A year after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, 16-year-old Takashi Hoshizaki and his family were moved from their home in Southern California by the federal government to Heart Mountain Relocation Center, an internment camp in northwest Wyoming. For the next two years, the family of eight lived in two rooms in a barracks, Hoshizaki says … Motivated by racial hysteria during World War II, the U.S. government ordered more than 100,000 Japanese and American citizens of Japanese ancestry to leave their homes and live in the camps. Nearly 11,000, including the Hoshizakis, were interned at Heart Mountain from 1942 to 1945

  18. Akira says:

    The Beginning of The Silent War

    The Jew Media is full of fictions about “The End of the Iraq War”.

    It has been widely reported that all American combat troops have left Iraq, the Jews’ puppet Obama leaving behind a mere contingent of 50,000 US/JS troops.

    The British Army’s peak deployment of troops in Northern Ireland was, briefly, 21,000 soldiers. By 1980, the figure had dropped to 11,000. The lowest number was 9,000 men in 1985.

    The British troop deployment in Northern Ireland was and is widely characterized in the media as military occupation.

    The Iraqi threat to the Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine has been greatly neutralized, but to maintain the hard-won subjugation of Iraq to the Jew World Order, American troops must be deployed there for until all signs of Iraqi independence are eradicated. This may take decades — a century if necessary, as the Jews’ puppet McCain correctly stated. American troops are still based in Germany and Japan, since that Internazi victory was only achieved 65 years ago.
    + + +
    An extremely insignificant number of US/JS troops have been holocausted so far in Afghanistan for the Jew World Order — not even a thousand, plus a number of non-military deaths — so the American public can put up with that alien conflict for a while longer.

    JWO Coalition deaths in Afghanistan:

    1,140 insignificant Americans (inc. CIA, non-military personnel, etc.)

    327 insignificant Britons
    150 insignificant Canadians
    47 insignificant Germanic Amalekites

    45 insignificant Frenchies
    34 insignificant Danes
    28 insignificant Hispanic Amalekites

    27 insignificant Italians
    24 insignificant Dutch
    19 insignificant Poles
    17 insignificant Australians
    15 insignificant Romanians
    9 insignificant Norwegians
    7 insignificant Estonians
    4 insignificant Swedes
    3 insignificant Czechs
    4 insignificant Latvians
    2 insignificant Hungarians
    2 insignificant Portuguese
    2 insignificant Koreans
    2 insignificant Turks
    1 insignificant Belge
    1 insignificant Finn
    1 insignificant Jordanian
    1 insignificant Lithuanian
    1 insignificant Kiwi
    TOTAL: 1,912 insignificant deaths (unless there were 1 or 2 Chosenites)

    + + +
    Now the silent war begins in Iraq, for if a man falls in the desert, and no Jew reports it, has he really died?

  19. Flanders says:

    A good video from RT, and posted at TIOT, tells how the significant aspects of “American” media was bought off and influenced to report favorably on issues affecting Israel.

    Declassified Documents Reveal Massive Israeli Manipulation of US Media

    The document archive is available at IRMEP:

  20. Flanders says:

    A news release review article may from IRMEP may make the pertinent contents of the above declassified documents easier to understand.

    “According to Grant F. Smith, director of IRmep, “It is frightening how easily some in the American news media surrendered to a foreign public relations campaign that spent the 2010 equivalent of $36 million over two years [1960’s dollars – Flanders]. Time has proven most of the planted content to be misleading, if not dangerous. These historical documents hold many important lessons for Americans who have long needed—but rarely received—straight reporting on key Middle East issues.”

  21. Marshall says:

    OOPS!!! Call Schmueley Boteach!!! This celebrity “Rabbi to the Stars” was just following Talmudic Law like a righteous Pharisee, so what’s the problem?

    Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

    Sue the digital camera manufacturer, I say!!! It’s THEIR fault for creating a device used to besmirch a Jew 😀

  22. VonBluvens says:


    Title: Episode #31.7 — Will the Real Aryan Nations Please Stand Up?

    Episode Notes: TMT — Episode #31.7 – Even the $outhron Professional Liars Center can’t figure it out, but they don’t want to spell Pastor Lindstedt’s name right. Sci-Fi Faber and jewromy ‘Meth-Goober’ ‘Da Pisser-Possum’ Visser are back to openly going ass-to-mouth with jewrold O’Hybernigger O’Brien and going hammer and tongs versus the Mullets&Gulletts on the Wikipedia ‘Aryan Nations’ entry on the Internut. Morris Gulett decided that he wants to collect ZOGbux — twenty-five dollars per membersheep plus ten dollars a month — from Paul Mullet’s ‘CreaTard/NSM Alliance’ as ‘head-figurehead’. LiarBill DeClueless, the mumps-nutted, miglet-niece molesting, 250-lbs of dogshit in a 150-lb sack, 85 IQ (on a good day) KookKluddKlown of Klan of Mamzers/Niglet Chesters is upgrading itz credential listing as a baal-priest. Perhaps he can offer Gulett some burglary lessons and how not to run guns and then get a suspended imposition of sentence in return for snitching programmed instruction. The Pisser-Possums are all butt-hurt that Gulett is going with Paully Mullet’s CreaTardivity/nutzis in jewniform Alliance, leaving nothing for the famished Rick Spring/Auggie Kreis/Hal ‘Diamondstein’ Turdnerwitz remnants. And the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri has a Very Special Offer Not Found in Any Store: You don’t send me $25 ZOG-sheckles to join and $10 ZOGbux per month, and I don’t make you an Aryan Nations major-jewneral, kernal, majer, captin, lootennant or even corpsoral. Callers are encouraged to call in — if they dare. Any and all Pisser-Possums must be on a leash and spayed or neutered, or face shots via ‘Prussian Roulette.’


  23. Marshall says:

    I could be wrong because it was about ten years ago, but I thought this “Von Bluvens” guy was a buddy of Hal “FBI psyop” Turner. :-O

    On the continuing edJewcation front…in case you’re wondering if somebody is Jewish or a crypto…this is the ultimate name lookup site

  24. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Good interview with Eric Hunt.
    Good point at 30:40 about jewish run, fatal T.B. experiment on German kids in Lubeck in 1932, that the caller says, was the turning point in A.H,s accession to power. Makes the point that this and other similar incidents, were the genesis of the jewish myths, of Mengele’s supposed gruesome experiment’s on jews. Much as jewry has covered for the Holodomor etc, with fanciful fairytales of the “jollycaust”. I.E. , good old freudian projection.


    Worth a listen.

  25. Flanders says:

    Colonel Buckshot tells us that the BNP is done as a representative of White people. He does recommend an alternative.

    “Barely a few hours into existence and right on cue, the new BNP Reform Group website is already infested with the pro zionist communist fifth column in the form of BNP Members Who Support Israel.

    Like I said only yesterday, the whole reform thing is just another establishment honey pot. It will be no different to the old BNP. These scum need to be shown the door immediately and never allowed within a mile of white nationalism. They must be sought out, exposed and expelled at every opportunity. I won’t even attempt to provide so much as an edited extract from their vile twisted anti-white anti-British anti-European statement. Just follow the link above and read the drivel for yourself. It looks more like the Green Arrow und Freunde over there already. If they love israel so much, why don’t they just fuck off and live there.

    Don’t waste your time on these morons, join a REAL nationalist party. Join the National Front today.”

  26. Hoff says:


    “Back in 1906, a Jewish publicist was claiming that the Russian “solution” of the Jewish question was systematic and murderous extermination.”

  27. Hoff says:

    AND … The Jew had gas chambers in Soviet.

    “The Soviets were very proud of their delousing facilities, and they mocked the Poles when they learned that Polish cities had had none before the war.54 Somehow, to them delousing stations symbolized a higher level of civilisation, …”

    Page 159 in Revolution from abroad: the Soviet conquest of Poland’s western Ukraine and … by Jan Tomasz Gross

    The book is online as Google books.

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Ugly Truth Podcast August 20, 2010

    Israel’s role in 9/11 – Mark Dankof and Nashid Abdul Khaaliq of join the program as we discuss the “anomalies” surrounding the act of war against America that took the lives of 3,000 people on September 11 and more importantly – Israel’s role in bringing this all about.

    I just watched this and it effectively points the finger of blame at Israel.

  29. Frank Fredenburg says:

    That first link is wrong. Sorry. My mistake.

  30. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I don’t believe it! I better go back to bed and get more sleep. Incog if you want to delete that correction above feel free. I got it wrong again.

    I tried this link and it does work!
    The information on this audio is one of the best I have heard yet, on Israeli involvement in 9/11! I still say that if anything will wake America up, it is making them understand who was really behind 9/11.

  31. The Answer says:

    The Fundamentals of Jewish Terrorism: A Legacy of Hate, Treachery and Deceit

  32. Sen10L says:

    The shyster’s hit close to home. I grew up in the childrens home and found this story of some interest. A small time Madoff wannabe.

  33. mark glenn says:

    Incog, how ’bout coming on my show sometime to talk about your outstanding work? If you’d rather not it’s no prob but I wanted to at least express my apperciation for allthe coverage you give me.



  34. White Wolf says:

    Wonder where else racial supremacist terrorist jews are forming “militias”..

    “New York – Yonatan Stern, the “Sgan Mefaked Hakita” (deputy squad commander) of Kitat Konenut New York, insists his “paramilitary emergency armed response team” is no “group of vigilantes or a JDL “The goal of the organization is to have a competent and professional group of armed volunteers ready to respond to a threat at a moment’s notice in any area where Jews reside,” explains the Israeli combat veteran.“We do not carry out demonstrations or political activity of any kind as we have no political agenda. Our agenda is to protect Jews wherever and whenever necessary and by any means needed.”

  35. bobm says:

    Jews and Arabs are extreme predators that have caused more misery in the world than any other people. Jews and Arabs are constantly scheming to rob other people of their money and to humiliate, mock and demean them. The word “Kike” actually means a person who lives only to mock others because he has no self-worth. Every country in the world has evicted the Jews, except the U.S.A. This shows the U.S.A. is probably the most stupid country in the history of the world. Jews are manipulators and live only to rob other people, from the moment they are born until the day they die. They are afflicted with numerous genetic Jewish defects, both physical and mental. Most people are afraid of Jews because they know Jews are predators and have no conscience. The United States has handed this country over to the Jews and stolen it from decent, innocent people. When will Americans wake up to the overwhelming frightening danger of the Jews? See these evil predators for what they are! If you do not recognize the danger you will certainly fall victim to them.

  36. jews give me PMS! says:

    bobm, you are right! Jews and Arabs/ Muslims are enemies of white Europeans, wherever they live. Jew Rahm Emmanuel, the President’s Chief of Staff, is a Mossad terrorist son, Israeli citizen and he is the one pulling the black president’s strings; he is the one pushing for the mosque at ground zero because it’s the Jews who have been sicking the Muslims, Turks and Shiptars on Eastern and Western European nations for centuries. Americans, Canadians, UK are not affected by that history but they are getting bitten in the ass now, but they can’t figure out why??? This is why they bombed the shit out of Serbia. SErbia has always fought off Turks, Muslims, Shiptars and their fatal error was saving Madeline Albright from the holocaust, which DID happen, and she grew up to bomb the shit out of Serbia, hand over Bosnia and Kosovo to the Muslims and Shiptars, and now Kosovo is the human sex slave, narcotic trade, organ harvesting, crime centre OF EUROPE, not the middle East, but EUROPE, which is going to bring down all of Western Europe and North America. That is why its crucial that Kosovo never becomes “independent” from Serbia, it is a province. That is like 19 countries bombing the United States into submitting to handing over the Southern States to Mexico just because the illegal Mexicans have bred into a majority. The illegal Albanians were allowed to overrun Kosovo under Tito’s rule and that’s how they became a majority in that province of Serbia.

  37. White Wolf says:

    “PMS’d” by jews had much to share, including,

    “SErbia has always fought off Turks, Muslims, Shiptars and their fatal error was saving Madeline Albright from the holocaust,

    which DID happen,

    and she grew up to bomb the shit out of Serbia, hand over Bosnia and Kosovo to the Muslims and Shiptars, and now Kosovo is the human sex slave, narcotic trade, organ harvesting, crime centre OF EUROPE, not the middle East, but EUROPE, which is going to bring down all of Western Europe and North America.”

    Oy, vut a revelation!

  38. White Wolf says:

    So Millions-of-Lives-are-Worth-It-Albright-Wretch found refuge from work camps, in Serbia – I did not know that.

  39. i love israel says:

    Whoever wrote that article,
    Is a piece of garbage, is a Nazi stinks, I wish he will burn in hell.

  40. INCOG MAN says:

    The above is an Israeli Jew, living on stolen Palestinian land.

  41. i love israel says:


  42. rocketman says:

    thats little to love, murdering bastards.
    try reading the article you fucking jew, the truth will set you free.

  43. lola says:

    You make up things that never happened and denies what it is! State of Israel belongs to Jews and given to them by God. Why should you care about the Palestinians?

  44. rocketman says:

    the question is LOLA, Why should we care about you murdering, corrupt, inbred, theiving, lying, manipulative little jew bags?
    take your hasbarat bullshit elsewhere, nobody here buys your bullshit.
    By the way freak, do you walk like a woman and talk like a man, LO-LO-LO LOLA?

  45. GDL says:

    In 1948 the Rothschilds bribed then President of the U.S. Harry S. Truman with $2,000,000 to recognize Israel as a sovereign state. Israel depends on the United States to exist not God. Israel is a fake, getting their way using thievery, corruption, deceit, lies, torture, murder, and terrorism….ISRAEL IS A FAKE!

    Take away U.S. support and Israel will melt like the wicked witch, who looked very Jewy herself.


  46. rocketman says:

    YEP, our socalled greatest ally in the middle east would last no more than a month without our blind support, we can only hope eh?

  47. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    i love israel


    Compliments will get you nowhere, ’round here.

    Sling it yid!


    “do you walk like a woman and talk like a man, LO-LO-LO LOLA?”



  48. Rabbis literally suck cock says:

    Here comes people of ‘Jewish’ origin in the defence, saying Anti-Semite.

    Jews sacrifise Christian babies. A Jewish Child spoke out of that, and she was being treated for psychological problems on Oprah.

    Saying it is Zionists doesn’t cut it. Zionists are the patriotic version of Judaism.

    Christians have been persecuted by Jews because they deny the Talmund. When one denies the Talmund, one has to die according to them.

    Of-course they can bang their hands and accuse me of anti-semitism, but in reality, we are dealing with a so called race, like we ever have races, that discriminates against life and compares animals to ‘bad people/gentiles’.

    I can say Islam comes from Judaism blah blah blah. All of them are screwed including Christians at points, but the Jews… are back-stabbing pricks who use their story of holocaust and compares it to criticism like mine. They won’t change like the corporations who control America. CISPA passed by Jews and Non-Jews to silence information. Federal Government’s gonna arrest people in America.

    Jail the Jews who kill children and who commit crimes. Free Palestine. Eliminate Israel from the map. Iran didn’t say to eliminate, but you know how Israelian people, with their racism loves to gloat the enemy into provocation. Israel is like North Korea, only 10 times scarier and having muslims, though I don’t know if they are discriminated against.

    Fuck the Talmund and any other degrading hate speech. Yes I counter hate speech with more hate speech, and I don’t know if that
    a) Will make things bad
    or b) Will educate people

    I hate this separation of people into crazy beliefs. Of-course saying all the problems are caused by Jews isn’t completely the case as there’s families, like really wealthy families who run giants and try influencing politics, having successfully lobbied some politicians to their will. They need to be exposed.

    But Israel’s history, and the criminal history with the Kabbalistic Rituals is disgusting, and it’s not justifiable.

    And how can you prove history? For all I know, Moses may be a massive troll who touches himself and is a complete nutcase. I’m soooo burning in excretements in hell. Oh wait, that’s what we say. Religion is man-made. Seperate faith from religion (Aka Republicans), Educate people so they don’t screw the system up (It’s the people in the system, not the system), Make Corporations seen as big businesses not people, and stop them from lobbying.

    You will then get mainstream media that isn’t biased, regulated by the people not the state of some politicians, and then you can take back government but I think blood will be spilt.

    I don’t force beliefs onto others, and you shouldn’t. It’s common-decency to behave.

    My point is, that I despise the secret-societies that a group of people called Jews make. If there was a secret-society that a group of people called Christians make, then I would be equally pissed, so therefore you will know that my anger isn’t biased.

    But you know… my comment doesn’t mean shit. No Jew will be like ‘My religion is degrading me, and others. I should leave and expose my religion for what it is’. Then you get the ADF on their back using bullying tactics etc. Religion is a prison on people’s mind, and, when used moderately like wine, it can be ok. Religion isn’t logical though, but people need it (And I mean people brought up with it). Just don’t push it to kids, and have them practice celebacy until marriage and all that crap. Parenting without rules that goes against nature.

  49. Rabbis literally suck cock says:

    Ok maybe not eliminate Israel from the map, but jail the governments for war-crimes and install a government that won’t
    a) Build Illegal Settlements
    b) Will give to the demand of Palestines
    c) Will respect ceasefires
    d) Hamas must not fire rockets during their ceasefires
    e) Israel must give back land, and make sure that grudges on both sides are neutral (It’s going to take a miracle for peace)
    f) A better plan, a unification of Palestine and Israel, without screwing one another

    Though we are talking about illegal people who stole Palestinian land and fighting back since 65 years. It’s Israel’s fault for what it’s done. Maybe they can just pack their bags and move somewhere. There’s plenty of space for countries to call home. You can probably find a lost scroll saying that God wants the Jews to find their own land, I don’t know.

    Only thing that will happen is more war because of stubborness and security.

    You can just change governments and have the world do something about Islam as-well and change attitudes. Giving Palestine compensation while the countries who support Israel gives money to Palestine and a restoration of the borders will be good.

    But people’s hatred for the ones who commit crimes on a daily basis will not resort to peace. They had enough. Israel must go out. But that will never happen.

  50. Rabbis literally suck cock says:

    And I doubt the American Government will listen to calls to cut support from Israel because of the Pro-Israel people there unless there’s a massive protest and the people grab the government by it’s balls.

    Israel is being funded by Germany, U.K., Australia, Foundation Christians.

  51. Snow White says:

    So whats wrong with being a Nazi? Everyone is equal right?

  52. 110 & NEVER AGAIN!

  53. Paul says:

    The missing link between the real tribes of Israel and the fakes and phonies are the Ashkenazi Jews.

    This doesn’t offer a solution or make it any easier, but at least the truth can be revealed. There is not secret bond or alliance between Israel and the USA. It is all politically motivated.

    Hate will not destroy it, but a President averse to it, such as Obama, shows in Netanyahu’s expressions. What president Obama has done is ticked off some of the most dangerous men in the world. He will be forever looking over his shoulder waiting for the Mossad to make their move. It is obvious something was planned in the offing with so many recent ‘unusual’ failures of the secret service intentionally letting their guard down.

    Unfortunately, the tea party crowd, such as Ted Cruz, have already drank the cool aide, sold out, and are forever beholding to the Ashkenazi’s. As long as the ATM at the US treasury is working over time the Ashkenazi’s will have an endless supply of US tax payer money.

  54. jamil tamison says:

    Joy of Satan site has much to say about the jews.

  55. IsItSomethingISaid says:

    Became “Jew”/Khazarian-wise about 2 years ago. Wow! Like putting on the Roddy Piper glasses.

    I know A LOT about history, but after becoming Khazarian-wise, it became readily apparent how little I REALLY knew. Most of what I was taught about history was Khazarian propaganda–lies–and things not favorable to the Khazarians were ignored.

    Most revealing have been the Protocols. No wonder the Khazarians have expended so much time and resources on suppressing them. It is like having the other team’s playbook. Things that I did not understand, like the disregard for the destruction they are promulgating, is now clear–they have a MANDATE to destroy their hosts.

    Reed’s “Controversy of Zion” has also been quite enlightening–a road map.

    And for my fellow Christians out there, you better get read up on Scofield and his “bible.” The virus has infected Christianity. Jesus protested the so-called Jews, Pharisees–“brood of vipers.” And will again, “synagogue of Satan.”

    The Jews are NOT salvation, but Satan.

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