America: Let’s HANG The 9/11 Zio Bastards!

ON THE EVE of the ninth anniversary of September 11, I wanted to talk to whoever happens to stumble upon my lowly website in whatever Internet fashion. I personally want to thank you in advance for taking the time to watch the video I have embedded below (click “Continue reading” to watch) and for thinking about what I have to say to you now. It’s way past time we take this country back from the criminal slime who really did 9/11 and are hard at work destroying the America of our forefathers.

Those people didn't deserve to die like they did!

And I know it’s tough to conceive of any government that could have done this kind of thing to it’s own people. It took me awhile too. But that mindset doesn’t mean it didn’t happen — only that you, a decent, patriotic American, could never do such a thing. My friends, the people responsible for this travesty do not think like you or I. To them, we’ve all been “niggers” and cannon fodder to continually leech off, fool and send to die.

The fact of the matter is that our country has long been manipulated by a semi-hidden and evil oligarchy, once called “The Money Trust.” Yes, it cannot be doubted any longer. The evidence is now far too strong to think any other way.

I don’t have the time to go into all the evidence that shows 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB. There’s just too much. You could spend just a few minutes watching some videos I have HERE, or read my list of 50 Reasons Why 9/11 was an Inside Job. You need to look into it by yourself, since the media is obviously under their control and wants to keep you stupified. Hell, just look at how they openly ridicule anyone who has the least doubt about the government line. You think that’s right?

Please take a moment to watch this video and think about what that day meant.

In a court of law it’s the preponderance of evidence that adds up to spell G-U-I-L-T. There’s so many “smoking guns” that’s come out over the years since 9/11 it’s not funny. Sure, a few might be explained away by this or that, but don’t let them cherry-pick things to confuse you; there’s plenty of hard, highly incriminating facts the “debunkers” ignore (often Jews who see the inherent dangers to their race). It all adds up fast, telling us America was screwed over that day — big time. The more you know about 9/11, the more you’ll see.

This guy gets it. Do you?

Did you know that 9 scientists conclusively proved the existence of the extremely high temperature explosive nano-thermite, or “super-thermite” (a US military invention) in the pulverized dust from 9/11? This kind of thing can’t be a natural occurrence nor explained away (sulphur in construction or office materials is not the same thing). Not a word was breathed on US mainstream TV on this because they don’t want you to know!

Recently, it was revealed that a full El Al flight (Israel’s airline) took off from JFK for Tel Aviv late in the afternoon of 9/11, after the whole country was grounded that morning. Funny, the media at the time only reported on the Saudis and Bin Laden’s family flying out of the US. Maybe certain people felt more comfortable away from the scene of the crime, eh?

Or how about Flight 77? Professional pilots say it would have been nearly impossible for even a highly experienced pilot in a jumbo jet to pull off the crazy flight maneuver to hit the Pentagon as the government says happened, let alone the totally worthless pilot, Saudi Hani Hanjour. Besides, people on the ground say the plane came in on a completely differant heading and could not have hit the downed light poles next to the highway (please go HERE to watch a video that fully explains it or go to the for even more info and videos).

For anyone with half-a-brain left, it’s difficult to study the Pentagon side of 9/11 without quickly becoming suspicious that it was all a giant scam from start to finish. The black box data says the cockpit door was never even opened during the flight. So how did the so-called terrorist hijackers gain entrance? Why has the video footage from over 80 security cameras and even the plane’s part numbers still remain classified? Did you know that seat back airphones were not even installed on the plane, making passenger Barbara Olson’s phone call to her husband Ted in the Department of Justice impossible? Cell phones don’t cut the mustard, since they failed over a couple of thousand feet or so at the time.

Another fact: Did you know a hijacking exercise was scheduled for that very day and morning? It was Operation Global Guardian (part of Vigilant Guardian), conducted in real time and designed to appear legitimate in command offices and computer systems. The National Reconnaissance office had an exercise stimulating the crash of a small plane into their headquarters. FEMA just happened to have staff on hand in New York city on the night of September 10th.

Now how could the supposed Al Qaeda know of all this? Coincidence? Did Al Qaeda have inside spies in the government? I don’t think so. The 9/11 Commission specifically worked to keep these facts (and so many others) out of the report and away from American’s knowledge (it wasn’t admitted until 2006).

They also kept out everything about WTC Building 7, not even mentioning that it “collapsed.” These bastards knew they couldn’t explain it away without taking the chance of being caught in a lie down the road. So they ignored it. Most people don’t even know about WTC 7 to this day, for crying out loud.

According to the government line of bull, three buildings “collapsed” due to fire that day. Not one, not two, but three.

No steel constructed building has ever “collapsed” due to fire before or since. Sure, they say Building 7 received some guessed at structural damage from the “collapse” of the North tower 100 yards away, but it was certainly not nearly enough to have caused it to free fall at 5:20 pm. Several World Trade Center buildings were closer, receiving much more serious damage and did not “collapse.”

People just don’t want to accept what’s staring them in the face unless the media tells them. Besides the incomprehensible evil of anyone purposefully doing this, they can’t believe the media would not report anything truly damning. In their mind, if Glenn Beck or any other so-called brave TV “journalist” doesn’t say anything on the subject, then it mustn’t be true. It’s kind of like books: People believe if it’s printed in a book then it has to be a fact.

Isn’t the media supposed to be free and have our best interests in mind? 9/11 researcher Christopher Bollyn sums it up best:

Americans are raised with the cherished belief that the United States has a free and unfettered press in which important matters are freely discussed. Yet, if the United States truly has a free press, how do we explain the conspicuous failure of the mainstream media, over a period of nine years, to discuss the crucial facts and discoveries about 9-11? If we believe that the press in America is free, how can we make sense of the media’s blatant cover-up?

For nine years, in lockstep with the government, the mass media has followed a strategy of concealment of the facts and evidence that contradict the official version. The media cover-up is meant to protect and bolster the official version of the terror atrocity by preventing the general public from being aware of the facts. By censoring any serious discussion of the evidence, the mass media has protected the criminal scheme and those who carried out the terror atrocity of our time.

— Christopher Bollyn, “Making Sense of the Media Cover-up

Ziopuppet Bush was most likely kept ignorant of the operational details of 9/11 (maybe even the exact date), but certainly had to know some kind of plan was afoot. Ex-president or not, this stupid laughing son of a bitch and his Zio cohorts need to get perp-walked wearing orange jumpsuits right in front of the entire GD world!

The astounding fact that Bush tried to block an independent investigation of 9/11, should have been major news all over the place. Front page newspapers, magazines and TV reports should have plastered the media just like the Watergate treatment they gave Nixon. Everybody should have been screaming bloody murder. Barely a word was breathed by the Zionist-owned media, obviously hoping you wouldn’t notice the discrepancy.

Contrasted to the stupid political hijinks of Nixon, 9/11 witnessed over 3,000 people horribly burned to death, crushed into literal nothingness under tons of falling concrete (not a scrap of 40% of the victims were ever found), or forced to jump off the buildings, smashing into bloody pulp on the hard pavement at 124 miles an hour. Can you see the lying media BS here?

In the end, it took a handful of 9/11 widows to prod and pester the Senate into holding the least kind of investigation. Bush obstructed in any way he could, even refusing to answer questions unless VP Dick Cheney (definitely part of the plot) was at his side, the time limited to one lousy hour and no notes and transcripts allowed of the interview. Unbelievable!

The 9/11 Commission, was headed by a Jew and dual citizen of Israel, named Philip Zelikow (Bush wanted the arch globalist Jew Henry Kissinger, if you can believe it). Zelikow kept anything truly damning from surfacing in the public (they even coached witnesses before they testified in public). All we got for our tax dollars was a whitewash and a big dumb book, not much more than a Tom Clancy novel (the government spent tens of millions more on that stupid Clinton/Monica Lewinsky investigation).

The dirty, rotten Jews stabbed America in the back!

People may be shocked on why I am such a “anti-Semite” here on my site. Well, folks, if you think straight-up about what the “fifth-columnist” American Jews (called “Sayanim“) did for Israel and exactly what they did to this country on 9/11, how could anyone not be? These people know this fact very well. Not only the “insiders” responsible, but each and every little Jew out there understands the deal about 9/11 — that’s why you have so many foot soldiers and secret Jew “debunkers” upholding the government lies. Think about it!

“When Jews step forward as innocence itself then the danger is great.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche 

Jewry is totally loyal to Jewry in general and Israel in particular. Look at how many get caught spying for Israel. Look at how much of the taxpayer’s money we hand out to Israel yearly. Look at all the hugely-funded lobbies like AIPAC and JINSA they have — all working for the interests of a foreign nation!

You think something like 9/11 could be pulled off by a hidden group of Nazis, Vatican Catholics or Texas Big Oil men? Don’t make me laugh.

Is there a hidden, Zionist “clique” in control of the US government? I effin’ guarantee you. String out all the evidence: One, most importantly, the facts of 9/11 obviously adds up to an inside job. Two, they had to have such control to allow them to hide such an evil crime. And three, they know the Jew-owned media isn’t going to say JACK, so they don’t have too much to worry about from that angle.

Hell, take the history of this country going back to at least 1913 and everything jives perfectly as a giant Jew head game from start to finish. This tells us that America was stolen away like a thief in the night by the same people who stabbed us in the back on 9/11!

America, what don’t you get?

Just imagine the pain and suffering of regular old people, like you or me, on 9/11. What if they decide they need another “false-flag” event to justify war with Iran?

Imagine a loved one, or one of your children sitting in the stands during a college football game, or better yet, at a NASCAR race (perfect to lessen collateral dead Jews), when suddenly a giant, explosive, searing white flash envelops them, turning them into a whirling dervish of fire and pain before they mercifully expire into a smoking, blackened corpse.

The globalist Zionist elite behind all this could care less if some Iraqi or Afghani child gets blown away and, except for fellow Jews, pretty much feel the exact same way about American citizens like yourself. Don’t let the politician’s high-sounding speeches (written by well-paid others behind the scenes) tell you any different. The presidents (Obama included) are now out-and-out Zionist puppets, little more than PR department heads.

On cue, like the Zio whores they are, the US media will yell bloody murder about Iran being behind the “terrorist” attack. Hell, they’ll probably say as much even before the victims stop twitching, just like they did on 9/11. The MOSSAD and owned Zionist Goyim in the US government — in another evil Jew backroom plot — will have suckered some Iranian ex-pats or any convenient Muslims into becoming patsies (like corrupted Whites, the perfidious MOSSAD uses messed-up Muslims all the time).

For the wishes of “sacred” Israel, we’ll totally trash what’s left of the economy to fight another war for the bastards. More of us Goyim will be killed invading Iran, not to mention the hundreds of thousands innocent civilians and Iranian revolutionary guards dying “martyr’s deaths” against the infidel invaders.

Hell, these people will come at us from all sides like screaming banshees and won’t stop until we mow them all down with automatic gunfire, burning “Willy Pete” phosphor shells and jellied napalm; or our troops get overwhelmed by sheer numbers, torn limb from limb and dragged dead through the streets. Iran will be a whole hellava lot worse than Iraq, let me tell you.

Like they did back before WWII, the evil Zionist Khazar Jews may spark another horrific World War and this time, destroy the entire GD planet!

I once told my brother that we need to arm-up in the streets and fields to take back this country by righteous force from these back-stabbing Zio bastards behind all these Jew wars. And one of the very first things we need to do when victorious (and we will be), is hang by the neck all those responsible for 9/11 until they are dead, dead, DEAD.

When the time comes, I fervantly hope and pray to God that I’m one of the true American patriots frog-marching these lousy bastards up the thirteen gallow steps to well-deserved justice!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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233 Responses to America: Let’s HANG The 9/11 Zio Bastards!

  1. anti-zionist says:

    Henry Ford may be the greatest American.

  2. Flanders says:

    I don’t know that I would call it a “military complex”, but I would call it a treasonous combine of civilian jewish financial tyrants controlling the civilian leadership and some of the top military leaders. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll agree with Meyssan’s term, but it is incomplete when it doesn’t directly mention the jews who are the primary treacherous elements from within the civilian establishment who are setting the controlling structure for an American takeover. The article continues at the link.

    ‘Military complex’ ruling the US

    “French political activist Thierry Meyssan says the United States used 9/11 as a pretext to attack Afghanistan, casting doubts on US claims about the true nature of the terrorist attack.

    Meyssan made the remarks late Saturday night in Press TV’s News Analysis program.

    The investigative journalist was among the first to question the official account of 9/11 in his two bestsellers.

    In 2002, Meyssan published his controversial work on the September 11 terrorist attacks called 9/11: The Big Lie.

    In the book he argues that such attacks were organized by a faction of what he calls “the US military industrial complex” in order to impose a military regime in the US.

    The book was followed by Le Pentagate, a book arguing that the attack against the Pentagon was not carried out by a commercial airliner but a missile.

    Nine years after the attacks, he still believes in his arguments on the reality of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, saying, “Since nine years ago, I have found new elements, but they don’t change the general meaning of my work… Nine years ago, I was alone to explain that 9/11 is a trick organized by a part of the military complex in the US with the help of the British and Israelis,” adding that today, however, 74% of the US population does not believe the Bush version of the accident.

    On the real purpose of the US invasion to Afghanistan, he said, “Their purpose was not only to wage a war against Afghanistan, what they were really seeking was to change the regime in the United States, and to install a military regime there.”

  3. Count Cherep says:


    The videos are there and working. I just watched “The Eternal Jew In America” – great vid! What is missing is the “Leave a Reply” section for your “Yep, INCOG MAN is an Evil NAAAAZIIIII!” article.

  4. Flanders says:

    “A sign I’m making progress: A jew made a death threat against me”

    The Inspiration for a Death Threat:

    “This is a little bit speculative as I can’t vouch that Elon Musk, the rich entrepreneur originally from South Africa, is indeed Jewish, but his first name and actions definitely suggest that. For example the Wikipedia entry on him states that he left SA to avoid the compulsory military service so that he wouldn’t have had to spend time suppressing the black hordes that have nowadays, when they are no longer suppressed, turned the country into a hellhole and the rape capital of the planet, which of course would be typical behaviour for a Jew as they rarely like to serve in the military (outside Israel anyway) and only like to demonize white folks in public.

    Anyway, in the US he has made lots of money, which in itself should raise your expectation that he is indeed a Jew as Jews are so highly overrepresented among the very wealthy and he is now facing an interesting lawsuit as reported by

    ‘Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard is suing current CEO Elon Musk, accusing Musk of taking control of the company, orchestrating his ouster in 2007 and attempting to “rewrite history” to take credit for developing the pioneering electric Roadster the two men worked together to create.’ [Continues at the link below]

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, I’ll check it.

  6. Marshall says:

    This is the creepiest Jew scumbag I have ever seen. It makes my skin crawl just to watch this guy even speak. The lying, murdering piece of filth…notice how he can’t even look Charlie Rose in the eye. Subhuman creature.

  7. INCOG MAN says:

    Let me embed it. The Jew is lying his ass off.

    Here’s some comments on the video:

    “Some psychologists and body language experts claim that people automatically shake their head when they are lying, as if they are subconsciously disagreeing with their own words that they koew are? not true. With this in mind watch the first 20 seconds!”

    “notice how of the four people from? his firm who died 2 of them were just some expendable nobodies to him. Larry is scum, and I think he deserves to be publicly hanged at ground zero.”

    “His two children had breakfast at “Windows” with him everyday at 8 am as well. Why were they on their way to work at? 9 am? They optted out of the breakfast meeting that morning because Larry had a doctors appointment? I don’t buy it.”

  8. Marshall says:

    The hunch-backed, bug-eyed little troll. Put some Mr. Spock ears on this sucker and you’ve got yourself a bonified gargoyle Incog LMAO!!! They should put some statues of him crouching and holding his knees on all his buildings he hasn’t torched yet. Cracks me up the way he talks about “acquiring properties” too, how Ferengi does it get? 🙂

    He claims his wife “ordered” him to go to the dermatologist that morning. He has regular dermatologist appointments just because he has light skin and hair. What kind of freaking bullshit is this? When is the last time your woman ever demanded you immediately go see a dermatologist because you don’t have a tan? Does this creature ever appear in open sunlight in the first place? A Dermo-emergency that couldn’t wait until after lunch I guess…

    Great, so let’s subpeona his doctor and see how often he actually visited in the five years previous to 911, piece of cake. Maybe his doctor is giving him drugs that keep his scales from bursting through his epidermis LOL!!!

    Did you notice how he shut both his eyes, and then kept one closed when he was answering questions? That’s CLASSIC lying behavior. The way he has to force his words out in that strange stilted fashion is another indicator. There are very specific studies done about this. The way their foreheads tense up when they talk is a clue too. Lucky Larry failed the visual analysis completely. Just for fun, I think I’m going to download this demo and run some of Larry’s hit soundtracks through it 😀

  9. Flanders says:

    From the site that does Care and Washing of the Brain, “The “Cool Hand Luking” of America”.

    “This is torture’s true purpose: to terrorize — not only the people in Guantánamo’s cages and Syria’s isolation cells but also, and more important, the broader community that hears about these abuses. Torture is a machine designed to break the will to resist — the individual prisoner’s will and the collective will.

    Fear that was generated on 9/11 is a type of torture and continues to this day. Fear that makes some plead for the government to take away what’s left of our rights, as long as they will keep us safe.

    “New York authorities’ decision to ship the twin towers’ scrap to recyclers has raised the anger of victims’ families and some engineers who believe the massive girders should be further examined to help determine how the towers collapsed. But New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg insisted there are better ways to study the tragedy of September 11. “If you want to take a look at the construction methods and the design, that’s in this day and age what computers do,” said Bloomberg, a former engineering major. “Just looking at a piece of metal generally doesn’t tell you anything.”

    Finely tuned fear to turn the public into obedient slaves, so scared of government manufactured ‘boogiemen’ that the only shackles we need is the ones we lock onto our minds.”

  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Funny jews. Haha

    Kazabubu, the jewish cannibal.

    A jewess that tmj isn’t fit to kiss the arse of.

  11. Flanders says:

    Interesting post with some videos which are done well, though I can’t get the photo links.

    “‘Boeing 767-200ER For Sale !’ is this AA 11 that ‘crashed’ in 9-11? SAME Serial Number: 22332”

    The videos are at the first link and they must be older, and the link seems to be to an update, but I don’t remember having seen them before. I’m not sufficiently “on top” of this subject to recommend. You will have to make your own determination on something that I found interesting.

  12. INCOG MAN says:

    It’s a bunch of BS. Buried at the very bottom of the “article” link:

    “My applogy it is 22330 not 22332 !
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile”

    Also from the email leading to the article, at the very bottom:

    “…IF anyone other than the addressee of
    this e-mail is reading it, you are in violation of the 1st & 4th Amendments
    to the Constitution of the United States. Patriot Act 5 & H.R. 1955
    Disclaimer Notice: This post & all my past & future posts represent parody &
    satire & are all intended for intellectual entertainment only.
    To be removed
    from the weekly list, please reply with the subject line “REMOVE””

  13. Flanders says:

    Sorry for the false alarm. Is this a planned disinfo or someone just enjoying the scam? I missed the significance of the one disclaimer that I saw, and the other “wrong number” entirely. Does this mean that all info from that Google Group source should be considered tainted?

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    No telling. Could be some Jew having some fun.

  15. Flanders says:

    This is OT for this post, but some new info on the Kyser Miree killing (older report first): “Mobile Police Chief Micheal T. Williams says they were riding around looking for people to rob and “Kyser Miree was just a victim of one of their nights of revelry.”

    “A network of black thugs, who are calling for race war against white people, are praising a group of thugs on trial for a racially motivated murder in Alabama. Internet “blogs” centered around a group calling itself the “Black Foot Soldiers” advocates the mass murder of white people as “payback for slavery.”


  16. Marshall says:


    If only I was onboard with the PNAC plans, I could have had a great career…I wonder if there is a Pashto/Dari module for Rosetta Stone 🙂

    Hiring Pashto/Dari Speakers
    Date: 2010-09-13, 3:07PM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    I am currently interviewing individuals who can speak Pashto/Dari for overseas linguist positions. This is an opportunity for you to help rebuild Afghanistan and provide translation and interpretation where needed. These crucial speaking skills bridge important communication gaps for the Military, making it possible for them to continue the reconstruction of new roads, schools, medical facilities, and pave the way for Afghanistan’s growth. Some quick details about the job:
    1. Must be US Citizen or Green Card holder
    2. $184,500 – $235,000 a year salary
    3. Medical/Dental/Vision
    4. Paid Vacation with travel reimbursement.
    5. Must be willing to work overseas
    If you are interested in applying for, or have any questions about these positions, please call William at 727-424-7211. I also pay a referral fee of over $3,000 for all qualified referrals that are hired and deploy!

    * Compensation: $185K – $235K based on qualifications and openings
    * Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
    * Phone calls about this job are ok.
    * Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

    PostingID: 1951959993

  17. Marshall says:

    Look at this one- disgusting fatbodies need not apply!!! Psyops specialists who can also carry 50 lbs. for long periods of time, wtf? CIA running ads in Craigslist LMAO!!! 🙂

    Prior military PSYOPS/HUMINT
    Date: 2010-08-13, 2:30PM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Do you have prior military service as an E-6 through O-4 in the fields of PSYOPS or HUMINT? Do you have a minimum of 12 months experience compiling, categorizing, monitoring and maintaining topical, ethnographic, statistical and other computer related data?

    CLI Solutions, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business is looking for some uniquely qualified Research Managers to participate in a program assisting the U.S. military’s efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Human Terrain System (HTS) was designed to meet the military’s requirement for socio-cultural knowledge across a spectrum of operations that the U.S. may encounter in today’s world. Understanding foreign societies can be critical during stabilization, security, transition and reconstruction (SSTR) operations in order to identify flash points, deter war, reduce violence, and promote peaceful economic and social development. Human Terrain Teams help military commanders reduce the amount of lethal force used, with a corresponding reduction in military and civilian casualties. The teams do not engage in combat missions or collect intelligence.

    The HTS Research Manager is responsible for:

    1. Conducting, developing and organizing research processes.
    2. Management of the requesting and reporting processes.
    3. The production of a common operating picture for a geographical area of responsibility based on the collective knowledge of the Human Terrain Team.
    4. Identification of data requirements.
    5. Analyzing available sources of local socio-cultural information using primary and secondary source research.
    6. Collecting and aggregating information to identify trends and gaps in the data available during the pre-mission planning phase of research execution.
    7. Conducting all knowledge management functions and oversight of distribution to the supported unit.

    Candidate will undergo a 4-5 month training program at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, including orientation to the military/deployment environment, in-depth country briefings, and multi-disciplinary social science concepts and methods. The actual deployment lasts approximately 9 months.

    Required Skills:

    1. Ability to perform data collection.
    2. Knowledgeable of data collection tools.
    3. Skilled in research support.
    4. Ability to perform data analysis.
    5. Ability to produce documents and reports.
    6. Ability to set priorities.
    7. Knowledgeable of quantitative methods.
    8. Ability to determine data sources.


    1. US citizen
    2. Prior US military experience as an E-6 through O-4.
    3. Ability to travel to Afghanistan and/or Iraq.
    4. Posses a DoD secret security clearance or be eligible to acquire a secret security clearance.
    5. Ability to work in a team environment.
    6. Ability to work with Social Scientists.
    7. An open-minded attitude towards a variety of concepts and methods.
    8. Ability to tolerate adverse weather conditions.
    9. Ability to work with little sleep or rest for extended periods of time while producing both
    physically and mentally challenging projects.
    10. Physically capable of carrying up to 50 lbs of equipment for long periods of time while
    11. Under 40% body fat.
    12. Possess computer literacy for on-line research and desktop office applications.
    13. Medically qualified for deployments to Afghanistan or Iraq for 9 months.
    14. Bachelors or equivalent military training.
    15. 12+ months specific experience compiling, categorizing, monitoring and maintaining topical, ethnographic, statistical and other computer related data.

    If you feel your education and experience are relevant to the position being filled, please submit your cover letter and resume, tailored to the above position description.

    * Compensation: 85k+ based on experience.
    * Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
    * Please, no phone calls about this job!
    * Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

    PostingID: 1896952736

  18. GTRman says:

    Incogman -“You think something like 9/11 could be pulled off by a hidden group of Nazis, Vatican Catholics or Texas Big Oil men? Don’t make me laugh.”

    Thats just about the best 2-line distillation of this whole sorry mess that Ive ever read.

  19. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, GTRman. Good to see you found my new site.

  20. GTRman says:

    youre welcome. found it a while ago but could only access the cached pages. Until today.

    Old, but I really enjoyed this fine dissection of modern “art” :

  21. Geronimo says:

    Take a close look at this video starting at the 2:10 mark. I caution anyone with a weak stomach to have a barf bag close at hand. Larry Silverstein is FUCKING GUILTY OF MASS MURDER.

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