221 Responses to Jews Censor David Duke’s Youtube Channel!

  1. Dave says:

    You are incapable of learning aren’t you unnamed one? Yes! It seems you’re only capable of pigheadedly marching towards your own demise. Please, DO, keep doing what you’re doing. It working, man! It’s working!

  2. GTRman says:

    Jim put up a link to this Ted Pike piece ( on Dukes censorship ) on the Space Brothers thread:

    Israel’s Cyber Warriors Knock Duke Off YouTube
    By Rev. Ted Pike

    The Internet was probably the least foreseen of events challenging ADL/Israel’s agenda for world control. Leaping across previously Jewish-dominated media boundaries, the worldwide web has given people of conscience unfettered privileges to criticize Jewish supremacism and misbehavior of the state of Israel.

    However, in my April 27 article, “Israeli Cyber-Warriors Crash Internet,” I detail how Israel, unable to legitimately dispel overwhelming world criticism, has been marshalling hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide into an army of internet “cyber-warriors.” These act in unison to skew polls about Israel and disproportionately flood the internet with opinion favorable to the Jewish state and against its critics. Israel is also known to engage in active cyber-terrorism against its opponents, such as its sabotage of Syrian cyber-space preceding its September 6, 2007 aerial attack on Syria’s insipient nuclear program. The PBS news hour last week said that the particularly perverse Stuxnet worm virus, spread worldwide but heavily concentrated in Iran, probably originated in Israel.

    Last week, after flooding YouTube with thousands of emails critical of David Duke, the Jewish Internet Task Force persuaded it to remove his videos. JITF claims to “promote Jewish pride,” and “Israel advocacy” and to “support Israel and fight Jew hatred and terrorism online.” Its victory announcement claims to possess “A massive, active, pro-Israel-Jewish audienceof over 270,000.” JITF boasts that Duke is only one of “THOUSANDS of channels we have been directly responsible for removing.” Any start-up Jewish organization with that level of participation is, by definition, orchestrated from Israel and supported by a myriad of Zionist groups worldwide.

    Duke: First Domino to Fall?

    After Canada passed ADL/B’nai B’rith’s hate law in 1971, the Jewish Gestapo’s strategy was to first indict those least in favor with Canadians: holocaust questioners and racists. While Duke is increasingly listened to on the far right, he will receive little sympathy in this controversy from mainstream Christian/conservatives who have been deeply imprinted with the negative stereotype of his KKK past and animus against blacks. Yet, in viewing several of his recent YouTube videos, I found everything he said to be factual and logical, without anything that could legitimately be described as racist or anti-semitic.

    Knocking Duke off YouTube represents a significant starting point for the Israel-directed JITF and other Jewish groups in their attempts to force off many other internet videos including those of Brother Nathanial Kapner and myself. More mainline Christian/conservatives, however, should be aware that just as B’nai B’rith Canada graduated to persecution of Christians after the turn of the century-indicting their real quarry: pastors, churches, church schools, pro-lifers, etc, the same will happen if Jewish cyber-censors are allowed to effectively control the internet. JITF says it also is bombarding Google, who may soon make the same decision, accepting Israel’s definition of “hate,” “anti-semitism,” and even “terrorist sympathizers,” as all who criticize Israel.

    It is vital NOW that these internet media giants realize they are being pressured by an Israeli-inspired propaganda campaign-not by honest objections from most internet users. We must convince YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., that the world, in fact, deeply appreciates honest criticism of Jewish supremacism and human rights abuses by Israel. Such expression is not hateful or anti-semitic. If we do not speak out, eventually it will be anyone who represents an evangelical, populist, America-first agenda who will become the enemy of Israeli cyber-warriors.

    There is no time to lose. Send this email (or your own thoughts) to YouTube (press@youtube.com) telling them:

    “I deplore YouTube’s censorship of David Duke and others like him, in response to Israeli-directed pressure groups. Freedom of speech should extend to those we disagree with, as long as their opinions are not libelous or advocate violence. I demand that YouTube reverse its censorship and reinstate Duke. I also demand that Google resist pressure to demonize as “anti-semitic” videos and content critical of Israeli injustices.”

    Speak out boldly in criticism of YouTube on every internet and talk radio forum you can.

    If good people allow freedom of speech to be taken from one, they empower evil to take it from all.

    Protest now!

  3. Barney says:

    I know I’m commenting on an old post, but I’d just like to add my opinion to the endless “debate” about who is who on here.

    All this never-ending “You’re a jew”, “No I’m not. You are” crap DOES drive people away in my opinion.

    Not quite the same thing, but I left for a couple of weeks because the KNOWN troll called “Apollonian” was allowed back. This bastard DESTROYS blogs, but still he was allowed to post his long, boring stuff for longer than I could tolerate.

    It’s not my blog, and I’m grateful to IncogMan for allowing us to post here, but I’d rather see fewer trolls and hasbarats and a lot less space wasted in pointless squabbles about who’s a jew.

    If it drives people like me away, imagine the harm it’s doing where newcomers are concerned.

  4. GTRman says:

    I’ll second that, Barney.

  5. Sen10L says:

    Ain’t that the truth!

  6. Wyatt Mann says:

    Hey great site. Excellent videos too. We here in the great state of Louisiana are finally understanding the message(s) that for to long have been behind the scenes. When general lay persons start coming up to you and stating things that were taboo years ago- you know the proverbial turds that will be hitting the fans are gaining momentum.
    There are truly wonderful/ heroic times ahead. Let us all be prepared …..

  7. Octo says:

    Wyatt K? If it’s you, I’d just like to say that you, sir, are the finest editorial cartoonist of the last 100 yrs or more.

    You’ve given so much humor and insight. In all seriousness, it’s an honor.

  8. STEVE says:


  9. STEVE says:


  10. Sun-raise says:

    Hb 2,14-16
    Jn 8,44

  11. Enough witht the talk. Where are the men? The enenmy is comprised of people. They have beds and addresses. You fail to do what’s necessary and then you get on the net and complain.


    The Khazars are willing to kill. YOU are willing to talk. It’s no contest.

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