Scumbag Scamster Jews SUCK!!!

Jewboy David Brooks with co-conspirator Sandra Hatfield (unknown if she’s a Crypto-Jewess or merely another corrupted Goyim). Note Brook’s “gangsta bling” and diamond, saphire and ruby-studded $100,000 US flag belt buckle. What a patriot! Right.

Some many Jew criminals, so little time. It would take way too much to write about all these Jew scamsters, but below are three recent cases, ignored by TV news. You might have read something on these cases if you lived in Florida, New Jersey or New York, wherever most Jew slime live, of course.

As with any criminal activity, you’ll only see a certain percentage caught of those actually committing crimes (except for blacks, almost all of whom get busted within hours). If this same situation holds up with Jew crime, then folks, we must have a serious national problem because of the many Jew scamsters that do get discovered. Besides the semi-hidden Central banking scams of Globalist, Zionist Khazar Jewry, there has to be all kinds of little Jew thievery going down as we speak.

David Brooks (above), just got convicted for stealing 190 million smackers out the world’s biggest body armor company, DHB Industries, Inc., which was doing pretty good with all the Jew wars lately. The company sold vests to the US military for use in Afghanistan and Iraq, but is now bankrupt because of him. Regular people lost jobs. Your Federal taxes ended-up in this guy’s pocket, or went towards paying the debt created by this slimeball.

How do I know he’s a Jew? Well, besides being a war-profiteering criminal, Brooks seems to be a popular name in Crypto-Jewology; for example, there’s a Jew named David Brooks who writes for the NY Times and is often trotted out on ABC’s Sunday talk show “This Week” to give the Goyim sheep a dose of Jew spew.

And this particular Brooks was reported to have spent a whopping 10 million dollars on his daughter’s Bar Mitzvah — sending out leather bound invitations costing $40,000, and hiring rapper 50 Cent and the band Aerosmith to perform. Wildly expensive Bar Mitzvahs are often a good clue to being a Jew (LOL). Another is that he paid for his son’s hard-core pornography collection with company money. Talk about Jew family values, huh?

Brooks also used his company jet to fly his daughter around to parties. He bought whores for his staff. The sneaky little bastard even tried to get the veterinarian for his stable of race horses to provide him with memory-erasing pills so he could somehow feed the CFO of his company to make her forget all his criminal activities! Talk about a scumbag Jew.

Adam Hochfelder

Then there’s Adam Hochfelder, another slimy Jew who only swindled a measly 18 million from friends and family in phony, made-up real estate deals in Manhattan. He stole $700,000 from one uncle alone. Since starting his scams in 2002, he cruised around in private jets and chauffeured limousines like he was some hot shit deal maker. People were calling him a “whiz.” Right. Now I bet they’re calling him something else, I’m sure.

Both of these guys were small potatoes compared to Nevin K. Shapiro, who just plead guilty for a 880 million dollar Ponzi scheme in Florida. That’s only 120 million shy of a billion, for crying out loud! One might think to hear a little more about this case besides what’s on the Internet, eh?

Shapiro must have had something left over to buy off News Jews, because his real picture is nowhere to be found.

Hell, you can’t even find a picture of this billion dollar scammer anywhere. What’s up with that?

Sharpie Shapiro swindled all this money from dozens of millionaires, probably including a few black professional sports players by the looks of the case. He gave basketball player Shaquille O’Neil a pair of diamond-studded handcuffs as a birthday gift (isn’t that a bit racist?), spent $400,000 on seats for Miami Heat games and lost millions gambling.

The guy had a 5.3 million Miami mansion, a 1.5 million Riviera yacht and a $200,000 Mercedes S65 AMG sports sedan that he spent $4,700 a month on lease payments (knowing Jews, he probably deducted this from his taxes as a business expense). He also had himself a black girlfriend and liked having Asian babes walking around his “crib” wearing tight bikinis. Reading up on this Jew creep makes you want to take a shower.

As Slimy Shapiro was going bankrupt and his Ponzi scheme unraveling, he tried to suck even more out of one ripped-off investor by repeatedly telling him that “he swore on his mother’s soul” to pay him back. How Jewy is that?

Scamster Jews are running America straight into the ground!

All these filthy rotten Khazar Jews are now busy sucking America dry, no doubt about it. Imagine all the wealth created by the hard labor of real Americans stolen every day? Think about the dineros it cost you to live a honest life, by working hard? These slick Jew slime spit in the face of every one of you decent Americans reading this here now.

This race are exactly like a human version of locusts. America has been one big stupid cow for blood-sucking Jews. They’ve used our good nature against ourselves, lying about being people of the bible and scamming America like a bitch over the last 100 years in one form or another.

Germany once had the exact same problem soon after WWI. Jew insiders manipulated the Treaty of Versailles to practically destroy Germany; most likely to provide a fertile ground for a Marxist Jew takeover just like they had accomplished in Russia in 1917 (Wall Street Banker Jews actually financed the Bolshevik Red revolution). Foreign Jews swooped in on the liberal, broke, mostly Jewish-run Weimar Republic to see if they could scoop up German companies for a pittance, or went on swindling sprees of the locals, as the economy gyrated on wild roller coaster rides and inflationary spirals.

Whatever Jew scamsters not caught by honest German authorities at the time, all scrammed fast when Hitler was elected, I bet.

Scamster Jews have been raping America for over a hundred years!

Virtually the same kind of thing happened to the war-prostrated American South after the War of Northern Aggression (the Civil War). History books politely refer to these scamster Jews as “carpetbaggers.” Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, Jews gravitate towards any opportunity to take advantage of people when they are down and out.

And we’re definitely seeing this same Jew behavior today, but most sheep don’t know what’s going down because of the usual PC inhibitions and Jew control of the media. Hell, the dollar has lost 20% of it’s value in only the last 5 years and America is now teetering on the verge of becoming another Weimar Republic, just like Germany.

The entire country of Israel would have collapsed like a house of cards long ago if it wasn’t for huge yearly US taxpayer hand-outs and military giveaways (like the 2.3 trillion “missing” from the Pentagon books conveniently announced by Donald Rumsfeld on the day before 9/11). They’ve not only been sucking on America, but Germany and Europe too, by using never-ending guilt blackmail over the “holocaust.”

And get this: Israel just agreed to “a deal” making American taxpayers pony up another 2.75 billion buying them 20 of the latest generation F-35 Fighter Jets, but spent the last two years complaining there wouldn’t be enough Israeli-built components installed and paid for by us! These people have some serious GD nerve, alright.

Figure it out, America: They suck, you pay.

Hell, Americans pay for it with every bite they eat and don’t have a clue. Over the years, orthodox Jewish Kosher taxes have been scamming billions out of our pockets every time we buy groceries or even non-food items like steel for cars, aluminum foil and Windex. Go in your kitchen right now and look for the little circle “U” or a tiny “K” on something in your pantry. Some small slice of the pie (the actual numbers are carefully hidden by contracts or obfuscated by Jews) go into the pockets of bearded old Jewish men, who think all us Goyim should be their slaves, that the world belongs to them and Jesus Christ is boiling in a vat of crap in hell!

And how about the billion dollar charities, organized by “American” Jews, that transfer US dollars (our country’s liquidity) to Israel, often to pay for fancy homes and condos in illegal Jewish “settlements” on land stolen outright from the Palestinians. Did you know that insurance giant AIG, kept afloat with bailout money from US taxpayers, actually offered low-interest loans to “American” Jews so they could have a second home in Israel, built on property confiscated from Palestinians in east Jerusalem?

Or how about just plain old fashion, ill-gotten gains from scamster Jews like the ones above that sometimes end-up in Israeli banks (so where did Bernie Madoff’s haul really go?). America has been totally ripped-off by these scamster Jews, including you my friend, through taxation, if nothing else.

Looks like Israel really has become the world’s crime central university, just as Hitler knowingly predicted.

And make clear note that these people’s sense of greed and immorality has reached deep down into America, corrupting all the rest of us to various degrees. The Jew media has loads to do with that. Far too many White people now act just like Jews anymore, sorry to say. What’s doubly bad, is that Jewry has long been well-versed in hiding themselves behind corrupt Goyim, using them as a smoke-screen to their true nature. The poisonous, money-grubbing Jews have infected this entire country!

If it wasn’t for Jewry, America would be clean, calm and decent place to raise a family. This country screwed up big time by allowing the lousy Khazar Jews from Russia to immigrate here back around the turn of the 20th century. They’ve been nothing but non-stop trouble for this country ever since. Literally.

When will you get it about these selfish, blood-sucking Jews? Maybe you will the next time you read about insane Wall Street bonuses and look at your humble paycheck — noting how much everything now costs to live and how many decent, middle class Whites are out of work.

Folks, it’s all connected with the Jewy New World Order, the Federal Reserve and Central banking fiat money scams over the last 100 years; right along with the utter lies of globalism, cheap labor immigration and outsourcing any kind of American job possible to India. Also, they’ve allowed greedy international corporate fatcats to ship our industry and manufacturing to China and Mexico to boost profit without a care in the world. You can see how the Jew media actually celebrates all this.

The pernacious influence of Jewish thinking will soon be the death of the greatest, most promising country ever. God, what don’t you get about what’s really going down? 

Maybe you might get the real deal about these people when you’re making your way home in heavy traffic, late after a hard day at work (if you even have a job), and some smug little Jewboy wearing “gangsta bling” cuts you off in his black 2010 Jag like he owns the GD planet. Folks, this scum actually thinks they do!

— Phillip Marlowe

The Vampire Race Now Sucking This Country Dry

More Vampires for Swindler’s List

Tell Everybody About The Scamster Jew. NOW!

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214 Responses to Scumbag Scamster Jews SUCK!!!

  1. Paul says:

    Bart Torvik is a descendant of the Jew Yagoda, the worst mass murderer in history. Nobody knows about Yagoda because the Jew media suppresses anything negative about the Jews. Yagoda killed far more than any mass murderer in history, an astounding 10 million innocent people. He hated the white Ukrainians with a deep, racial hate and exterminated them. Bart Torvik is doing the same thing online. Bart Torvik is the head of the Jewish “Linkerati” which most people don’t know about. The Linkerati links Jew bloggers worldwide. When these Jew bloggers identify a non-Jew to destroy, they all relentlessly post lies and filth about the intended victim, who doesn’t stand a chance to defend himself. Bart Torvik gives new meaning to the phrase “Jew criminal.” Yagoda would indeed be proud of his great-nephew Bart Torvik.

  2. Johnson says:

    Bart Torvik is on the run in both Minnesota and Illinois and has no permanent home. He has attacked so many people, who he calls “Goyim”, online with lies and false assertions that he is now facing lawsuits in both Minnesota and Illinois. No one is immune from Bart Torvik’s vicious attacks, not even teenagers, as Bart Torvik has sullied the reputations of quite a few young “Goyim.” Bart Torvik is a zealous and dangerous Zionist who gives new meaning to the word “Kike.” How many lives has Bart Torvik destroyed and will Bart Torvik continue to avoid the law? It is rumored that Bart Torvik never stays in one place more than two days to avoid being subpoenaed in a new lawsuit for hate speech and online bullying.

  3. REvans says:

    The BS will never stop as along as Jews like Bart Torvik control the internet. Tribalistic Jews like Bart Torvik link their lying blogs to other lying Jew bloggers like Mike Masnick, Danny Goodman and Eric Goldman, formerly “Eric Schlachter.” Jews pretend to be what they are not. Bart Torvik claims false credentials online when he never graduated from high school. Bart Torvik has made up his identity to try to be someone he is not. Bart Torvik is a scary, out of control Jew who is part of the Zionist threat to the world. Do not underestimate the damage Bart Torvik, with no morals or conscience, can do. And Bart Torvik is only getting worse every day.

  4. RussW says:

    Just read a couple of Bart Torvik’s blogs which he links to another Jew scamster called Eric “Schlachter” Goldman. What trash these two post. I am astounded that Bart Torvik has not been tried for hate crimes and online bullying. I read there are lawsuits against him. Can’t wait to see this Bart Torvik brought to justice and prosecuted.

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