The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery


Two New David Duke Videos

An incredible new David Duke Documentary in two parts — exposing the Jewish domination of the historic slave trade and the fact that while Whites are assigned collective guilt, the real masters of the slave trade receive not one iota of guilt from the controlled media.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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37 Responses to The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery

  1. Hoff says:

    Rabbi Bertram W. Korn

    “It would seem to be realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need for their services would do so….Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless blacks.”

    From “Jews and Negro Slavery in the Old South, 1789-1865,” Dr. Korn is a rabbi, historian with degrees from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati.

    Dr. Louis Epstein, author of Sex Laws and Customs in Judaism:

    “The female slave was a sex tool beneath the level of moral considerations. She was an economic good, useful, in addition to her menial labor, for breeding more slaves.

    To attain that purpose, the master mated her promiscuously according to his breeding plans.

    The master himself and his sons and other members of his household took turns with her for the increase of the family wealth, as well as for satisfaction of their extra-marital sex desires. Guests and neighbors too were invited to that luxury.”

  2. jim says:

    Hey great Incog! I’m glad you threw up these latest videos from Dr. Duke. They’re fantastic.

  3. RocketMan 88 says:

    CHICAGO- Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan has written the leaders of more than a dozen major U.S. Jewish groups and denominations seeking “repair of my people from the damage” he claims Jews have caused blacks for centuries.
    Farrakhan sent the letter along with two books from the Nation of Islam Historical Research Team that the 77 year old minister said prove “an undeniable record of Jewish Anti-Black behavior” starting with the SLAVE TRADE and JIM CROW LAWS.

  4. RocketMan 88 says:

    “We could charge you with being the most deceitful socalled friend,while your history with us shows you have been our worst enemy” he wrote.

    The Anti-Defamation league said in a statement that Farrakhans anti-semitism is obsessive,diabolical and unrestrained.
    He has opened a new chapter in his ministry where scapegoating Jews is not just part of the message, but the message.

  5. RocketMan 88 says:

    sorry for the pause, i had a brain fart.
    i found that article months ago in my local Jewspaper, it fits here perfectly.

    DUKE 2012!

  6. Flanders says:

    How stupid can people be for ever “feeling guilt” over something that was normal for the times is something I would never understand. That the jews capitalize both ways, in providing the slaves and then in inducing the guilt upon others for something that the jews themselves did, is something I do understand.

    The Real Slave Bringers

    Jewish Involvement In
    Black Slave Trade
    To The Americas

    By Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael

  7. RocketMan 88 says:

    No guilt here, Flanders;)

  8. Flanders says:

    This is the caption from only one of the several videos on blacks and jews available at the link:

    “Malcolm X speech on the Jews and their power in the US

    The “mainstream” medias try to defuse the phenomena of Malcolm X – even make a Hollywood movie about him – and decide which image of him should prevail, hiding his real opinions.”

  9. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    So you have spike lee’s production company, called twenty acres and a mule, after the supposed promise of what was to be dispensed to blacks after the Civil War (hope i got that right ), so how about, twenty ships and some jews?

    Re-start the slave trade, only with jews as the slaves. With a stipulation that only blacks are allowed to run it. The jews look white to blacks anyway.

    Then the blacks can trade across the Atlantic to Africa, buying and selling jews, in order to build up Africa!
    Everybody is happy.

    The blacks get payback, Whites get blacks off o’ their back, into a decent business venture, and back to the motherland. The jews get to work off their guilt, and help blacks regain their dignity! Jews love that shit.

    I think it would work!
    Chuck all the judaics in Palestine into the equation, i reckon they’d be on to a goldmine!

    Of course they couldn’t buy and sell jews on mlk day, as that would be sacrilegious.

    Get some jewish spirituals going, and we’re off!

    There’s yer reparations. Two birds with one stein!

  10. Flanders says:

    The link from which this excerpt was said to have been taken seems to have been “cleansed”, but the author had saved this excerpt. [I found that to be the case with my link to a BBC report documenting the Rothschilds involvement in the slave trade, also, but have located some newer sources which explain it in the link at the end.]

    “Here is an excerpt from the link I posted in my first post which shows some of the slave ships they owned.

    And the Jews still talk about the Germans and Hitler and how six million Jews were exterminated during World War II. This is the greatest LIE ever perpetrated upon the people of the world-whereas the story of the poor Black slaves is documented. Documented with TRUTH. The evidence is still available for the people of the world to see.

    The “Carnegie Institute of Technology” is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    As this document is distributed, eventually reaching the hands of the Jew, the evidence will probably be removed and destroyed until finally all documentation is removed which is damaging to the Jew. The Jews have been engaged in this practice for centuries. Truth, however–truth which bears fact cannot remain covered or hidden forever–and more truths are being disclosed by those of us who intend to free America of these sons of the devil–the Jews.

    The published documentation contained herein was obtained from the Carnegie Institute of Learning, presently known as “The Carnegie Institute of Technology. ”

    The following is a partial of the slave ships owned by Jews:

    ‘Abigail’ by Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy and Jacob Franks.

    ‘Crown’ by Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson.

    ‘Nassau’by Moses Levy. ‘Four Sisters’ by Moses I.evy.

    ‘Anne & Eliza’ by Justus Bosch and John Abrams.

    ‘Prudent Betty’ by Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix.

    ‘Hester’ by Mordecai and David Gomez.

    ‘Elizabeth’ by David and Mordecai Gomez.

    ‘Antigua’ by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell.

    ‘Betsy’by Wm. DeWoolf.

    ‘PoUy’by James DeWoolf.

    ‘White Horse’ by Jan de Sweevts.

    ‘Expedition’ by John and Jacob Rosevelt.

    ‘Charlotte’ by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks.

    ‘Caracoa’ by Moses and Sam Levy.

    Slave-runners, also owned by Jews were the ‘La Fortuna’, the ‘Hannah’, the ‘Sally’, and the ‘Venue’.

    Some of the Jews of Newport and Charleston who were engaged in the distillery or slavery trade, or both, were: Isaac Gomez, Hayman Levy, Jacob Malhado, Naphtaly Myers, David Hart, Joseph Jacobs, Moses Ben Franks, Moses Gomez, Isaac Dias, Benjamin Levy, David Jeshuvum, Jacob Pinto, Jacob Turk, Daniel Gomez, James Lucana, Jan de Sweevts, Felix (cha-cha) de Souza (known as the ‘Prince of Slavers’ and second only to Aaron Lopez), Simeon Potter, Isaac Elizer, Jacob Rod, Jacol) Itodrigues Rivera, Haym Isaac Carregal, Abraham Touro, Moses Hays, Moses Lopez, Judah Touro, Abrtham Mendes and Abraham All.”


    “Two of the biggest names in the City of London had previously undisclosed links to slavery in the British colonies, documents seen by the Financial Times have revealed.

    Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the banking family’s 19th-century patriarch, and James William Freshfield, founder of Freshfields, the top City law firm, benefited financially from slavery, records from the National Archives show, even though both have often been portrayed as opponents of slavery.”

  11. G Ranch says:

    Just today in the news is the arrest for “engaging in a conspiracy to commit forced labor and document servitude” of Mordechai Orian, the president and founder of Global Horizons based in California. An ISRAELI who was featured in a story “Bound for America” by John Bowe, Mother Jones Magazine, MAY 5, 2010.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I think this topic and the Israeli involvement in 9/11 is two subjects we need to keep bringing up.
    This is off topic but I just heard another oil rig has exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe I’m wrong, but I find it suspicious!

  13. Steelback says:

    Unsurprisingly the Rothschilds were heavily involved in secession as well. They had key agents in the Confederate government,especially its Treasury,who at war’s end conspired to have Lincoln assassinated. The funding for the assassination came via a Canadian (i.e.British Rothschild) bank.

    That perennial ingredient in all wars and revolutions Jewish fringe freemasonry imported particularly from France also played a role in instigating the Civil War in Charleston. Like Albert Pike,Beauregard who blazed his guns on Sumter was a Charleston Templar Lodge member. The Scottish Rite and Knights Kadosch were also active in Charleston.

    “Denial” the Freudian/Frankfurt term used as a psy-op mind control weapon by Jewish Holocaust fundamentalist outfits like the ADL is actually a better description of Jewish attitudes to their manifold past and current crimes against humanity.

    To take the Jewish proclivity for endogamy and incest as one example we find that Freud’s own “denial” syndrome took the form of projecting the predominantly Jewish crime of incest on to Gentiles via his Oedipus complex theory. The theory is based on an absurdly disingenuous misreading of the original Greek myth and became one of many psy-war weapons used by Jews like Freud and his heirs in the Frankfurt School to instill guilt in Gentiles.

    Today’s phenomenon wherein whole swathes of the host community are mind-control slaves incapable of perceiving Jews as perpetrators (of debt slavery,911,war,revolution,serial lying etc.) first and victims hardly ever is an merely an extension of the crimes they committed against their black slaves!

  14. Flanders says:

    Citing a BBC report, C of CC tells us that, “Gaddafi warns that Europe could “turn black.”

    “Speaking in Rome, Libyan dictator warned that tens of millions of black Africans would love to flood Europe. Gaddafi offered his services in halting the African invasion in exchange for $4 Billion a year in aid for Libya.

    Note: Recently Italy defied the United States by normalizing relations with its historical adversary Libya in exchange for Libyan cooperation in repatriating illegal aliens from Africa. Gaddafi is currently hoping to gain more influence in European affairs by offering to expand this help to other nations.

    A similar arrangement exists between historical enemies Egypt and Israel, where Egypt is working to halt the flow of sub-Saharan Africans to Israel and repatriating illegals caught in Israel.”

  15. Flanders says:

    The article deals more with the continuing jewish involvement in the white slave trade than it does with the jews involved in the importation of black slaves. “Jews and the White Slave Trade”, by Dr. William Pierce.

    “Steven Spielberg’s pseudo-historical film about a 19th-century mutiny and massacre aboard a Spanish slave ship, Amistad, and the subsequent trial of the Black mutineers is being praised by the reviewers. Spielberg, one of the wealthiest and most successful of Hollywood’s Jewish film makers, is also being praised by his kinsmen in various so-called “human rights” organizations for using his propaganda skills to sensitize White, Gentile audiences to the horrors of slavery and make them feel just a little more guilty for treating non-Whites so badly in the past. What the film doesn’t mention, of course, is that Spielberg’s Jewish kinsmen owned many, though not all, of the ships involved in the 18th- and 19th-century Atlantic trade in Black slaves and, in fact, played a very prominent role in bringing Black slaves to America.

    The film tends to steer one away from blaming anyone for slavery except White Gentiles. This bit of misdirection is interesting in light of the fact that Jews have been dominant in the slave trade since at least Roman times — especially the trade in White slaves. Jewish slave dealers followed Caesar’s armies everywhere — into Gaul, into Germany, and into other northern lands — eager to buy as slaves all of the captives of the Romans — especially the female captives.

    Jews have remained dominant in the White slave trade until the present day — although during the Middle Ages the Christian Church tried unsuccessfully a number of times to stop them, beginning in the fifth century with an edict by the emperor Theodosius II against Jews owning Christian slaves. After being banned from owning or dealing in slaves by one emperor, the Jews would wait until the next emperor came along, then they would buy a charter giving them a monopoly in the slave trade.” [Continues at the link]

  16. Octo says:

    “To take the Jewish proclivity for endogamy and incest as one example we find that Freud’s own “denial” syndrome took the form of projecting the predominantly Jewish crime of incest on to Gentiles via his Oedipus complex theory. The theory is based on an absurdly disingenuous misreading of the original Greek myth and became one of many psy-war weapons used by Jews like Freud and his heirs in the Frankfurt School to instill guilt in Gentiles.” — Steelback

    Propaganda by its very nature is an enterprise for perverting the significance of events and of insinuating false intentions. There are two salient aspects of this fact. First of all, the propagandist must insist on the purity of his own intentions and, at the same time, hurl accusations at his enemy. But the accusation is never made haphazardly or groundlessly (9). The propagandist will not accuse the enemy of just an misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has and of trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit. He who wants to provoke war not only proclaims his own peaceful intentions but also accuses the other party of provocation. He who uses concentration camps accuses his neighbor of doing so. He who intends to establish a dictatorship always insists that his adversaries are bent on dictatorship. The accusation aimed at the other’s intentions clearly reveals the intentions of the accuser. But the public cannot see this because the revelation is interwoven with facts. The mechanism used here is to slip from the facts, which would demand factual judgment, to moral terrain and to ethical judgment.

    Jaques Ellul, “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes” (New York: 1973) Page 58.

    The Jews are essentially an ironic people. More often than not, go 180° from what they individually or collectively swear to, and one finds the Truth. The examples are ubiquitous: Belarus’ Lukashenko says White Russian couples (what native Belarussians literally translate to) should have at least three children, Belarus is ostensibly “Europe’s last dictatorship”.

    What was Freudian psycho analysis but the projection of Jewish neuroses onto the gullible goyim? CG Jung said categorically that there were irreconciliable “differences between Aryan and Jewish psychology.”

    Teaching a class on The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews cost Tony Martin his career:

    Cheers, Incogman, for throwing WordPress off your back. Everything is skewed through the Jew prism: e.g., WordPress categorized this blog as “adult” when 85% of the internet is pornography of the most degrading sort.

    Cheers, Cannibal Rabbi; Cheers Rock: is gtrman or Biker still around?


    Did you ever get in on the Gulf cleanup?

  17. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Nice to see you!
    Biker is still extant. Geronimo is awol. Last i read GTRman was a coupla months ago! I think he was having computer problems.

    Nice distilling of the one trick pony that is judaism.

    Basically, one finger pointing at you, three back at themselves.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Octo is back! Glad to see you have returned!

  19. Marshall says:

    OOPS there goes the neighborhood 😀 How’s it going Octo? No, when I heard the stories about the benzene I declined to road trip over there. Apparently BP’s workers are getting ripped off too, go figure!!!

  20. Glad to see Octo back as well…. I guess it took time for him to find Incogman again after the bastards cut off his wordpress account!

  21. Sen10L says:

    I saw the DD videoes about the jewbish role of slavery. I don’t wish to deviate too far off topic. But, I thought this might be good for the intellectuals out there, which I’m not. I’m more of an observer. I have a Engl comp class this fall and I need to define PROPAGANDA/brainwashing/ and some interesting details to back up my thesis. Give me your best shot but something that would be acceptable in a class that needs a refreshment course. I just feel it’s an opportunity to align some fallacies and get the realities flourishing in acadamia again. I have a course called Inventing Arguments and it’s so GD chuttzpah bs it make me want to puke. We discuss Mel today and it wasn’t pretty. Wouls appreciate any and all imput. You are my family so give me anything of note. I am grateful.

  22. Sen10L says:

    Octo? I wished I had time but I’m slammed these days with a full load at BS indoctrination classes. Missed you and of course many others that have made contributions to solving the puzzle.

  23. Sen10L says:

    Wishing all a great weekend and holiday. I’ve got the class covered. Just put that out there to put in my two cents worth since I have seen it first hand. It’s a GD lock on what Julian Lee referred to a no-talk zone.

  24. Mav7770 says:

    And this just in on CNN

    6 charged in human trafficking scheme involving Thai workers

    Who do you think is involved?

  25. Marshall says:

    Watch out Ma770-

    High probability the FBI agent in charge is a Joo too, with a last name like “Simon.” He might be appointed to cover the thing up. So Incog- this guy is GOP, who not only imports illegals, but shafts them as well, and then speaks out about illegals? The Jew knows no shame. Might be interesting to run down all his political ties…follow the shekels, of which I am sure there are many!!!

  26. John Sierra says:

    It would be great to see a mass of the black population to actually wake up and realize that whitey is not to blame. To see their anger and frustration of not being able to cope with living in a first world western society directed at joos would be fabulous to say the least.

  27. Flanders says:

    Incogman, Don’t know if you have heard about this.

    “Bill Maher recently made an appearance on ‘Larry King Live’; during the course of the show he casually uttered the ‘N-word’.”

  28. Flanders says:

    I don’t know how to link it directly. It is on left column under “What’s Hot”.

  29. Flanders says:

    I don’t know how to link it directly. It is on left column under “What’s Hot”.

    Wrong again. I have to click the Home Page for Thaiindian News and then scroll down the left column to Hot Now.

  30. TedKramer says:

    Almost all NRA members, similar to the actual overall bulk with Americans, will be engaged inside a serious dialogue about how you will may very best avert dangerous men and women from finding guns, suggests Jon Lowy, a good attorney with the Brady Center to be able to Reduce Gun Violence, which in turn advocates more restrictive gun laws. A NRA statement do certainly not attempt so that you can engage that will dialog, that’s where the American people usually are at.Randi Weingarten, president in the American Federation with Teachers, issued a statement dismissing the NRA technique: Schools must stay safe sanctuaries, certainly not armed fortresses.Brand new Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie echoed that sentiment, declaring he failed to consider any single armed guard would provide a great deal basic safety in addition to multiple guards wouldn’t normally often be conducive to a optimistic learning environment.

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