Jews and Obama: Lover’s Spat or Much Worse?

ONE OF THE things some people try to call me is “racist” and “anti-Semitic.” But I’ve known for a long time I’m neither, believe it or not (as the terms are generally meant). Go ahead Chuckys, get your chuckling over with now, just come back and you tell me what you think, if you’re so smart.

First off, “anti-Semitic” is a nonsense word. I don’t “hate” Semitic people, like the Egypshuns or Sawdee ‘Rabians. Sure, I think they should live in desert land and not in overwhelming numbers in the White world. America is for temperate earth dwellers, and I know they would feel more comfortable hanging out with smelly camels in arid environments; covered up in sweaty sheets while doing that bizarre tongue yelling thing and swinging their scimitars wildly around the place.

But more specifically, almost all of the Jews I’m talking about here are not really Semitic. I don’t give a flying flock what the damn Jews try to tell us; they’re big fat liars, usually. These Jews are mostly a Eastern European people, descended from the Khazars — a Hunnish/Turkish race. People say it’s “Mongol” but I’ve looked into it a bit and it’s more accurate to say “Hunnish.” Doesn’t sound as creepy as Mongol, as in that asiatic bad ass, Genghis Khan, I’ll admit.

These “Ashkenazi” Jew creeps are not the same kind of people as the Semite ones of the Middle east, like the Palestinians, who sadly have more “Israelite” DNA than those who call themselves “Jews” and God’s Chosen. Hell, anyone with brain-one comparing the two groups of people can see that one right off the bat.

Please read on to see if INCOG MAN has gone OBAMA CRAZY!

Second, blacks don’t bother me a bit simply because of their brown skin, or nappy little heads. Far as I’m concerned, they can shake that big booty 24/7 — drinking cheap malt liquor, eating massive amounts of chicken, while jumping around like Zulus to some rhythmic jungle beat. Just as long as I don’t have to pay for it (taxes, Affirmative Action, special favors up the ying-yang), or have it anywhere I have to hear it, smell it or see it. I believe that’s more than fair.

And I sure as hell can’t have them committing crime on my fellow Whites. They can put a cap in themselves left and right over stolen TV’s, or getting dissed over the stupidest things, but they had better not touch a fine blond, brown, red, brunette hair on our big fat heads. Got that, my brothers?

OK, enough bona fiding about my true non-racist insides. You either believe me, don’t or you really don’t give a damn. Whatever it is, I don’t blame you!

The new INCOG MAN?

Lately, there’s been some talk about Obama stiffening his half-breed spine to the Jews. I’m here to tell you if true, it would be fantastic! But get the operative “IF” word there. Didn’t I once say on this blog someplace (don’t make me find it, I’m lazy now), if Obama boy threw the Jews out, I’d be marching up and down the street with an afro wig on, pants way down around my White butt, holding an Obama sign and chanting YES WE CAN, like the biggest yogurt-eating, cross-eyed liberal saperstein who ever lived? Hell, I might even buy a pair of Birkenstok sandals, to complete my snazzy new “progressive” look.

Before you run off yelling “INCOG MAN has flipped his everlasting wig!” I ask you to go click on my “ObamaNation” topic listing in my Subject “cloud” over on the left. Like magic, a listing of previous articles on Obama will appear on your screen. Pick one at random and you’ll see INCOG is not exactly Obama’s best bud. You might even conclude I’m a national security risk, a prime investigatory subject by the Secret Service/CIA/FBI/DHS/NSA/MOSSAD. When it comes to me, I’m probably not just on the “No Fly” list, but soon to be on the “No Breathing” one too.

Oh, sure, that’s not enough for mental case Jews like “The Mad Jewess,” who calls me an Obama-loving Bolshevik just about every 10 minutes over on her worthless, seldom-visited “blog.” Funny, the wack-job Jewess just can’t bring herself to admit most of the Bolsheviks were lousy Jews, and the entire Red revolution bankrolled by rich Wall Streeter Jews back in the USA!

But let’s look at what people are now saying before I ramble on so much, as I’m wont to do.

First, Rahm Israel Emmanuel, the faggy little loud-mouthed Jew Chief of Staff for Obama just left the White House, supposedly to run for mayor of Chicago. Rahmbo (what a joke nickname) is the son of a former Irgun terrorist — some crazed Jews who committed terror acts against the Brits and Palestinians when they stole the land back in 1948. Plus, the punky little Jew served in Israel’s army as real Americans were off fighting in the first Gulf war. OK, so Tinkerbell’s gone (for now).

His Jew bud David Axelrod says he’ll be leaving next year to handle Obama’s re-election campaign (but watch him leave after the November mid-term elections). Peter Orszog, the creepy little Hungarian Jew who somehow is always present whenever nations financially bite the dust (Russia, Iceland, the US), left a couple of months ago from the Office of Management and Budget. Larry Summers (Samuelson), a fat-nosed Crypto-Jew and Chief WH economic advisor, is also jumping ship.

And then Israel snubbed Obama, by not showing up for his UN speech last month. No, they didn’t stand up and walk away in a huff during the speech, like the US did when Ahmadinajad from Iran spoke. The Israelis just didn’t show up. And no, it wasn’t because they were stuck in traffic (someone asked me that seriously). This wasn’t quite as big a slap in the face as standing up and walking out during the speech, but does send a message.

Make crystal clear note that the mainstream media failed to report anything on this, but went on and on about Ahmadinajad’s speech, where he merely asked for a UN investigation into 9/11, and then constantly replayed the American UN delegates walking out because he was “crazy” to say such a thing. But not a word was breathed about the so-innocent Israelis snubbing Obama, even by the so-called conservative FOX network and Glenn Beck. Get it yet about Jew-controlled media?

And don’t forget the slap in the face Israelis PM Bibi Netanyahu gave Biden not long ago when he visited Israel and they announced the construction of condos on the Palestinian’s own land. Bibi boy also broke the glass on a plaque he was just about to give him while in front of everyone. Hell, I’m thick-headed and I still get it.

The White House Jews may be making a quiet getaway, before International Jewry either: A) unleashes a tidal wave of bad press about Obama, B) another false-flag attack to get us Americans all bunged-up about Iran, or C) does a Dallas Texas on Obama’s Mulatto ass, enlisting some convenient Iranian sap or even possibly a White “hater” Oswald-type to off the prez — sure to turn street Negroes ballistic.

Anything is possible with these crazy damn Jews who nurse grudges going back thousands of years. These people still hate pharohs so much, they picketed the National Art Museum when the dead and dried-up King Tut came to town (just kidding).

For your homework assignment tonight, I want you to go read Mark Glenn’s Exodus of Jewish Advisors from Obama’s WH not a Omen of Good Things to Come and this one from Tex Marr’s Obama Tells Jews No More. Glenn’s article is more pragmatic and accurate, I think.

Obammy is going to have to do a whole hellava lot more before old INCOG goes marching up and down the street holding an Obama sign, let me tell you. First, he needs to get DOJ’s Eric Holder to classify AIPAC as an agent for a foreign government, which it is of course. Two, he needs to somehow break the media head lock the Jews have on this country. Three, he needs to put some financial bite into the Israelis by telling the State Department to “lose” any checks made out to Israel for awhile (forever, if I had anything to do with it).

For me, that would just be a start. You can well imagine the rest of the things I would do. Suffice to say, Jews everywhere would be screaming bloody murder. Hell, they do that now over virtually nothing.

But has Obama had enough of these jerkwads? Wouldn’t you? The real question is how far he can and will go. My guess is not far. Go back to the last three things I said: There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of any of that happening.

OK, what’s all this got to do with me? You might ask. Well, use what you can in your conversations with others, that’s what. You don’t have get all excited at the moment, just use the facts, no matter how small and insignificant, to possibly plant some seeds out there. Folks, this is grass planting season (really), and also for getting people Jew aware. But you won’t know how much has germinated until the spring, so don’t feel you’re not getting anywhere right off.

Plus, if the perfidious Israelis really do something to Obama, or another false-flag anywhere, people might make the connection to what you previously said. Let the Jews do all the fertilizing since they are so full of BS to begin with. Real doubt is starting to creep in with everybody, even some of the braindead if you can believe it.

If the media starts coming down on Obama, which I doubt to any great extent, make sure you tell people strongly it’s the Jews who are ticked at Obama for not starting a war with Iran. Keep it simple. Let them make as many connections as possible. Little trick: People love to think they got it all by themselves. Kind of jacks them up a bit.

Another possibility: Big Jewry may now think Obama was a mistake after seeing so many Americans pissed. They miscalculated big time. Way back during the beginnings of the 2008 campaign they could have unleashed their media to put the kaboosh on Obama’s candidacy; but they wanted him to run, as a part of their long-running project to Socialize and Jewify America.

Only thing is they started him out too soon, not considering how many patriotic Americans are still out here. It’s ironic blowback from working us all up with the Muslim terror crap so we go to war for whatever Jew gambit. Even for the almighty Jews it’s sometimes impossible to have two things at once.

Another strong possibility is that the Big Jewry is afraid Obama might soon pull a “bonaparte” on them. This refers to the Big Jewry that secretly backed Napolean Bonaparte (that short guy) and, once he assumed real power in France, turned his back on Jewry. Apparently, Hitler and Stalin did the same thing leading to WWII and the death of tens of millions.

Big Jewry is sick and tired of getting the shaft, after constantly pouring big bucks into some “Shabbos Goyim” (their paid bitches), only to have them turn around and think they are the big shots. And Obama may be stuck-up enough to do precisely that.

But then again, this whole thing may be a giant Jew gambit from start to finish. Let’s say you got yourself an ambitious man of color, and your target population is primed for voting for a non-White. You saw how big Tiger Woods became. Once in office, you wanted the guy to do a few things at first, but the main reason why you wanted him in, was to turn him into a racial martyr at just the right moment. Of course, you don’t tell him that.

Jews are big time racial schemers, itching to get regain control of a nation like they once did in Russia. While almost all people are just trying to enjoy life, etc. Big Jewry (the string pullers) are thinking down the road, “if we did this, they might do that and then we’ll be there to do…” Just think about how much Jews love playing chess and we know the lives of us Goyim mean jack to them, when it comes right down to it.

Obama may be the sacrificial pawn, being positioned for removal from the board. Mark Glenn says it well (you should definitely read it):

…the Jewish owned/managed mainstream media in America made the most of it in driving home the theme to Obama–NO ONE is untouchable, Mr. President. The impossible-to-avoid-noting similarities between this event and the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by the Israeli-born Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan on June 5, 1968 for reasons dealing with the political situation in the Middle East were as subtle as the horse’s head under the bed sheets in the movie The Godfather.

OK, so you can go back to laughing about me becoming an Obama nut. Just don’t blow it all off like it’s nothing, bozos, and start thinking about what’s going down!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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128 Responses to Jews and Obama: Lover’s Spat or Much Worse?

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Oprah found a way to make it up to them!

    Oprah Committed to Ending Palestinian Domination

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    You know when you give those ciggies up, you’re just going to pile on more pounds, right?

    Your jdl buddies are going to have to roll you on, and off stage, up and down a ramp!

    Or raise and lower you, using a small, industrial crane.

    I can’t see a block and tackle, handling the load.

    Jeepers, creepers, woman!

    How selfish is that!

  3. My Name says:

    Wake Up, America!

    “It is time for the American people to rise up and throw
    these bums out. Putting them in jail for malfeasance and
    corruption would be even better. I would like to see a panel
    of USS Liberty survivors and widows and orphans of the dead
    intelligence officers question Franks, Weiner, Pascrell, and
    Towns about their plan to free Pollard. Better still, I
    would like to see some US veterans groups and their
    publications develop a backbone and take up the cause,
    finally saying that enough is enough since it is our
    soldiers, sailors, and airmen who have paid the price in
    their blood for the Israeli connection. And then there is
    the intelligence community. Its leading lobby, Association
    of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), has long ignored
    Israeli espionage and prefers to regularly express concern
    about “Islamofascism.” Look in your own backyard folks, it
    is the Israelis who are skinning us alive, not the Muslims,
    and Pollard is the poster child of what exactly is being
    done to us.”

  4. Count Cherep says:

    The Mad Jewess seems to be laboring under the delusion that Obama nationalized the banks! The Bush/Obama front for the jewish bankers bailed out the banks by borrowing more money from the Federal Reserve, which we the taxpayers and our children’s children will be responsible for repaying unless we defeat the bloodsucking jews.

    Kenny’s Sideshow posted a good article about the machinations of the jewish international bankers and their shabbat goyim collaborators and how they are plundering us:

  5. You know when you give those ciggies up, you’re just going to pile on more pounds, right?

    Rabbi… I dont smoke ciggies. Yuck. Anyway, I dont know why you had to add my blog to this post incogman. Why dont you just leave me alone?

  6. Eges says:

    Real Muslims hate Obama, I am an Aryan Muslim who hates him. He is just the house nigger of the jews. I’d be pro-Obama if he was anti-israel but that is just a stupid lie republikwans promote. He is Zionist scum and if he weren’t the jews would have assassinated him.

  7. Yeah, you go ahead and yuk it up, Jewess. My next blog post will have you right winger Jews screaming bloody murder!

    —–Well, just right there you freely admit that you are not on the side of the right, that means only one thing, you are with the left.
    Matthew 25: 30-41
    34″Then the King will say to those on His RIGHT, ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, (A)inherit the kingdom prepared for you (B)from the foundation of the world.


    41″Then He will also say to those on His LEFT, ‘(J)Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the (K)eternal fire which has been prepared for (L)the devil and his angels;
    So be prepared for HELL…

    BTW Incog, there is really nothing that you do that irritates me, or upsets me. I couldnt care less. This nation is upside down and all you talk about is the JEWWWS, which is why this blog need the Mad Jewess, b/c it has gotten totally monotonous.
    You need to get with people that are volunteering at the border in Mexico, these same people that myself and my husband by thous. rounds of ammo for voluntary soliders in Arpaios army, meanwhile you, Incog– just type, type a lot of nothinness.

  8. INCOG MAN says:

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root…”
    — Henry David Thoreau

  9. l.rudolf says:

    this was a good and encouraging article by Michael James, who btw. knows the psyche of individual Jews (what myself can investigate only indirectly)
    Lisbon And The Zionist Nightmare:
    Why I Love My People
    Upon the burden sufficient to the strength of your shoulders, all things depend.
    You are European Americans, ancestral English, Saxons, the spawn of the great races of the Irish Gaels, the Gauls, the Picts, the Scots. You are the one force in this world that stands between universal Tyranny and absolute Freedom.
    In the course of the last year since I was bankrupted, disenfranchised by the Jewish Lobby and forced offline, I became physically weak and financially impoverished.
    Yes, it is hard to teach a Jew (who hates the True Creator) the value of hard work and genuine productivity and to steer him away from his pathological tendency to subvert and undermine all that is wholesome and good about the world in which we seek to understand and accommodate a multitude of paradoxes and anomalies. Jews can, with patience and consideration, be inducted in the fineries of actually producing artefacts of value that possess within themselves no speculative designs. Jews are capable of contributing to the good of humanity by producing useful goods and services from which others may derive some form of benefit. Jews can, given adequate psychiatric and practical training, actually learn to work with their own hands. It’s a tough shout, but nothing is impossible.

    By default, most Jews in their teenage years, as was the case with all the Jewish lads who attended my Grammar school in England, are ordinary, caring, rational and pleasant human beings. Then, at some indeterminate point in time, they become infected with the most deadly virus known to mankind. It’s called ‘Zionism’. It’s probably the worst form of cancer any man or woman is liable to contract. It begins by affecting one’s normal, mentally-sound thinking processes. The psychological illness often manifests itself in the form of lies, manipulation, violence, false flag attacks (such as Mossad’s 9-11) and all manner of bizarre machinations designed to persuade young Americans and Europeans to piss away their blood for a cause worth not one single strip of recycled toilet paper…………
    Michael James at

  10. Count Cherep says:

    Sex Plague
    Dr. Lasha Darkmoon
    October 6, 2010

    Who is to blame for the sex addictions we see suppurating all round us? This licentiousness, growing by the day, thanks to the internet and the mass media, is far deadlier and more destructive than it was half a century ago, before the sexual revolution.

    Those who are responsible for this sickening depravity are clearly the people who started the sexual revolution. They are the people, moreover, who control the mass media.

    Who controls the media? Who determines the imagery and attitudes drip-feeding steadily into the minds of the public? Who runs Hollywood? Who contaminates mass consciousness? Who defiles the collective mind? Who pulls the puppet strings of marionette man? Who are the Bad Shepherds leading the sheeple astray?

    Who are to blame, in short, for letting the world go to hell in a handcart?

    I won’t bother to answer that question. More to the point, I dare not. If you don’t know who owns the media—lock, stock and barrel—you’re wasting your time reading this article.

    Read the rest:

  11. Count Cherep says:

    The international jew bankers are on a roll:

    IMF Calls for Huge New Round of Bank Bailouts

    The IMF is calling for a huge new round of bank bailouts.
    As the Telegraph noted yesterday:

    Lenders across Europe and the US are facing a $4 trillion refinancing hurdle in the coming 24 months and many still need to recapitalise, the Washington-based organisation said in its Global Financial Stability Report. Governments will have to inject fresh equity into banks – particularly in Spain, Germany and the US – as well as prop up their funding structures by extending emergency support.

    Read the rest:

    They intend to steal everything we’ve got, including our very lives and the lives of our children.

  12. Count Cherep says:

    by CrackSmokeRepublican
    on Thu, 10/07/2010 – 23:40

    The Fed is Jew Talmudic…nothing more nor nothing less…

    ever since Warburg came to NY from Germany:

    The Fed will disappear only after the non-Jewish “Goyim” wake up to the SCAMS and RIPOFFS known as Babylonian TALMUDIC JEWRY.

    Quibble all you like about curves, supply and demand, yields, employment, offerings, etc. but at the end of times…it is IDIOT JEW PAGAN BABYLONIA — there really is no other sound explanation. Warburg and Schiff funded the Bolshevik takeovers of Russia, Hungary and Germany during and after WWI…. as per the Protocols of the Elders of Zion…

    Read the rest:

  13. John Smith says:

    Jew OR Muslim NO difference.
    This is ‘our’ 21st century and we alone ‘allow’ these barbaric bastards to carry out their horrifying ritual practices on domestic livestock that for the most part our white farmers have raised. We stopped this decades ago as WE the white race that is ADVANCED..!!!

    How can ANYONE say we’re all “equal”?

    Not for the faint hearted.

  14. Barney says:

    Banks MUST be nationalised. That way “government money” really will BE government money, owned outright by the people of the country, with NO INTEREST charged. We won’t have to pay for using what we already own.

    As for the so-called “bailouts”, as I understand it these were nothing but agreements to charge the people interest (=extra tax) on money that never existed. Fraud and treason in plain English.

    The government goes to the bank and PRETENDS to “borrow” money, and then give it straight back to the bank they borrowed it from, meaning no money ever changed hands – even in theory as a computer entry – but from that point on, the people are held forever liable for the compound interest on that imaginary money.

    It’s like a burglar promising not to steal anything on condition that you feed and house his entire family down through the generations. Any gun owner would know how to deal with that situation.

    Banks can never run out of money, simply because they create all the “money” they want whenever they like. They don’t even have to print it, but just type it into a computer. Governments alone will issue our money once “we the people” end this blatant TREASON by taking control of our own countries.

    In Britain we’ve had 316 years of zog debt in place of real money, so imagine what the compound interest on all that government spending must be by now.

    When the people take control, all debt will be abolished (except between individuals of course) and every penny in existence declared the absolute property of the state, meaning the people. No interest. No taxes to private bankers. No kike control. Just freedom to develop our true potential as the inventive White Race.

    Niggers and muds will be sent back to their own countries of course, but it could be worth keeping the disempowered kikes as hostages or “inhuman shields”, just in case there are a few that international jewry consider too valuable to bomb. Keep a Rothschild or a Rockefeller chained up at every potential target, so if we get bombed, they get it first.

    As for TMJ’s left-right ranting, war isn’t about deciding who’s right. War determines who’s left. (She won’t understand that in a million years.)

    Btw, thanks for the Mike James link l.rudolf. We haven’t heard much from him lately. I hope he can avoid the fate of Edgar Steel and Curt Maynard. There must be a lot of jew-awareness and quiet anger over there, just waiting for the right time.

  15. Barney says:

    This proves nothing, but try typing the following into any Microsoft word processor or text editor other than Notepad, the bigger the better.


    Now select that text and change the font to “wingdings”. Interesting?

    I’m not sure where I stole it from, but it makes useful propaganda. Print a few copies in A5 size or less and leave them on buses, trains and in library books. What could be better to plant the idea in the minds of the sheeple?

  16. rocketman says:

    Interesting indeed Barney.

  17. Louis from Montreal says:

    @ John Smith, That is one gross video link! Do both Jews and Arabs use this disgusting method to slaughter animals?

  18. Count Cherep says:


    You are absolutely correct in stating “Banks MUST be nationalised. That way “government money” really will BE government money, owned outright by the people of the country, with NO INTEREST charged. We won’t have to pay for using what we already own.” Andno jews should be allowed in banking.

    Here is a good article on the subject:

    Who Are Their Prey ?
    By J. Speer Williams

    Our once great nation struggled as a mere thirteen colonies under the British coin of the realm, that is until they issued their own currency, they called Colonial Script. This helped the Colonies to enjoy an envious prosperity, until the European Banking Cartel, under the direction of the Rothschild clan, demanded that England’s King George III outlaw the Colonies from printing their own money, and go back to the currency of the Bank of England, which was owned by the International Banking Cartel.

    Almost immediately, the Colonies fell into an economic decline, so severe that Benjamin Franklin wrote, “In one year, the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed.”

    Read the rest:

  19. Count Cherep says:

    Here’s a handy list of “Who’s Jew” in the media:

  20. John Smith says:

    That is THEIR method of ritual slaughter and they’re allowed to practise this barbarism in our “western” countries along with chicken swinging slaughter/fuck fests at kippoor time?

    That’s the reality

    What do the do-fucking gooders and animal rights people DO about that?????????

  21. Louis from Montreal says:

    Good question John, but don’t ask the idiots at PETA.

  22. mudshredder says:

    Incog, your “new Incog” pic reminds me of the funniest thing I ever saw on a jobsite shitter wall. Remember the 16-1700s diangram of the brain where it showed al the differnt emotions coming from differnet parts of brain, the way they thought it worked? Well this was titled “niggars brain” and it showed the brain with every part labeled with ,”watermelon, fried chicken, white women, cadillac, cocaine” i about fell over in my own shit! Glad to see you back up though i rarely comment, now prothink is down, you must be doing a great job the jew is doing their best to get rid of you and Mike.
    Thank you white brother,

  23. warrior.hun says:

    Dear All, just a few thoughts of PRESIDENT OBAMA BEING HALF JEW. The reason his so-called being muslim-myth is just disinfo, psyops, to gain sympathy from the muslim masses who are supposed to think one of theirs is trying at last negotiate a fair peace with the muslim world, that he is secretly on their side. He is not: he is secretly on the other side: kind of funny that I in Europe know OBAMA IS JEWISH, and you do not…Well, of course, there are people on this earth who think that a terrorrist group called Al Qaeda actually exists and hate your freedom…(Disinfo. Bin Laden is CIA so take it from there:either planned own goal, or cover-up for a Mossad black-op, or both, without third possibility. Why am I not laughing? Because Hungarian soldiers are dying in Afghanistan, hoping USA will favor us. Yeah, sure. The jew leaders laughing their dicks off about “incorrigibly fascist” hungarians are fighting instead of them. At least the Fuhrer gave us back Transsylvania for joining the war against Sovietunion. I am still waiting when Obama will offer the same…Obama: Him being half black was used for the black masses to vote for him as one man, and also for the PC-dumbed white folks to vote for him just to show how anti-racist and modern they are. But the reason he got the OK is being half jew from his “white”mother side-well, which means 100 percent jewishness by jewish law. About her mother: in good old USA 1950s, 1960s, which decent christian white girl would fuck with a black male but a lefty commie-jew whore? Just wondering…If you wait for the american corporate mass media to say OBAMA IS HALF JEW-well, folks, you will have a long wait ahead. But in israeli papers they were bragging about the new jew president of USA. DO NOT BELIEVE ME: CHECK FOR YOURSELVES. And never fall for PC. Being “racist” or “anti-semite” means that you believe that based on religion or skin colour other people are inferior and therefore should be enslaved and mass murdered freely. I wonder: have you ever met anyone who was thinking like that? No one, not ever, yes? Peing patriot, oldschool nationalist, pro-white is just following your ratio, instinct, and psychologically the only sound behaviour form. PEOPLE ARE TRIBAL, NOT MULTICULTURAL. You have to stick to your kind, because no matter how liberal you are, you will not be one of them, whichever coloured minority you defend. They will laugh at you when you will try to explain that you are on their side on a street encounter, rape you, rob you, kill you. And if one of you is attacked, all your people is attacked: the only way is to step up next to your people, defend them if you are there. You are americans, you have guns, my people do not have-1956 anticommunist revolution showed to the people of power what happens when masses have weapons-but you have, so if you see black youth attacking a white man or woman, step up and offer a helping bullet. If you people can count on each other, nothing is impossible.

  24. GTRman says:

    Re: My earlier post about the “Metro” – of course all mentioned were jews. Not sure about Shia Labeouf , but when a skinny, average looking dark-skinned talent-vaccuum becomes “hollywoods most bankable star” i just assume so. See also Adam Sandler, Rob Schnieder, Ben Stiller, Seth Rogen etc etc etc etc etc etc……ad nauseum.

    Incog, I can only access your site about every other day. Most annoying. Anyone else in UK have this ( Oops, cant locate server ) problem?

    Still my favourite blog /site. TELL A FRIEND!

  25. GTRman says:

    Just read previous thread and comments. Noticed that Incogman also said “TELL A FRIEND” in caps. Total coincidence.

    Anyone in USA know who Ricky Gervais is? Well , the jews love him , especially Larry “Pussy Rash” David ( Ive shown that clip to a few people and the reaction is the same: absolute disgust and disbelief – a good “hook” to show folks just how low these fuckers can stoop ( ) Anyway , Ricky’s ego and bank balance is now so bloated that he can send out his very-own gouim chimp to be funny for him : A program called “An Idiot Abroad” on Sky One. Last nights show had Karl Pilkington visit Israel. Im sure some P.R. coup was expected. It backfired. The viewer was left with images of an insane military society, freaky-looking jews headbanging at the wall, and guns, guns ,guns.

    The guy hated it and couldnt wait to leave.

  26. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    No problems here GTRman. I use the Firefox browser, what you on?

    Could it be because you’re so close to the Metropolis?

    I don’t know how though.

    Look what the holocaust caused now!

    Butt-boy ahoy-hoy!


    He is bad enough being a Muslim from Kenya, but now hes a JEWWW too LOL!!!

  28. @As for TMJ’s left-right ranting, war isn’t about deciding who’s right. War determines who’s left. (She won’t understand that in a million years.)
    Barney, Excuse you…. You mean who is left alive. And I am skilled in survival, ty.

    Didnt these animals tell you that I was a Civi-volunteer in the army for 4 years? Plus I am a JEW terrorist -eyeroll-

    I have more heart, more guts, more anything than everyone here put together, I will be the one who is “LEFT”
    Look how I am “LEFT” in the incog vs. mad jewess blog war… ME, and incog had to pay to host himself

  29. INCOG MAN says:

    Best thing that ever happened to me. I can do even more on my site than ever. Reach more, greater flexibility, etc. etc. I’m even getting more unique visitor hits.

    Versus your sucky blog? Hell, I get more comments on a mere picture post than you do for an entire month!

  30. Incog,

    You bring a lot of valuable shit to the fore and I appreciate your gumption. I love my people too; it does not necessarily mean I detest others for the way they were naturally born. Most of all, I am against the fact that the situation in America is not an organic outgrowth of the choices and struggles of its own people. I wish, plainly, to maintain our nation as a majority, our people enjoying their own home bred culture, liberties and freedoms. Ahminidjad, one of few people -let alone leaders- in the world to openly stand against Israel (sponsoring ‘holocaust’ conferences. putting his ass on the line) deserves more than to be name called “Almond Dinner Job.” Don’t bring your subject down to the level of hounds and fools. Remember, Washington and Jefferson consorted with the world while also positively affirming their nation and place. Not all whites are golden, some are pedophiles, and sickening Jew ass-kissers. Likewise, not all other people are bad (I hope you believe) just because they are not-white. Ahminidjad is an outstanding example of human greatness, period. Please spare your frivolous name calling for those who really deserve it, not those who really don’t. I do like most of your humor quite a bit. But Ahminidjad IS NOT worthy of ridicule the way Jon Stewart likewise metes it out to the diligent and undeserving. This is, by the way and after all, very serious business we are involved in.


  31. INCOG MAN says:

    You’re right, allovertheplace. My bad. I’ll change his name back.

  32. I am glad for that, Incog.


  33. INCOG MAN says:

    Paste your link in here and what section of my blog roll and I’ll stick it in.

  34. Warrior hun, you have got a point.

  35. Interesting.

    Didn’t hear about this in the ‘news’. Louis Farrakhan 10/3/10:

  36. Incog,

    Was that paste your link in here to me?


  37. Dave says:

    Not only does warrior.hun have a point, he gets the point.

  38. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, and tell me what section of my blog roll to put it.


  39. Dave says:

    I don’t know of any media in israel or elsewhere that claims Obama is a jew. I do know that he has a “half-bother” in indonesia that was born from a jewess.

  40. Dave says:

    I may be wrong about the Indonesia thing, it may be China or some other mongoloid land. I do know for a fact that Obama has a jewish brother. Perhaps his Kenyan father wasn’t such a good muslim after all…

  41. Dave says:

    The name of the jewess that bedded down with this Kenyan is Ruth Nidesand. Perhaps, our “right winger” jewess commentator has something to say about this… Somehow, I doubt it.


  42. Geronimo says:


    Didn’t hear about this in the ‘news’. Louis Farrakhan 10/3/10:”

    Great video, one I decided to download for future reference. I have 100% more respect for men such as the much-maligned by the mainstream media Louis Farrakhan who seek to truly unshackle their people from the chains of MSM garbage culture and government dependence and improve their community than sham artist such as Obama.

    By the way I followed a suggestion posted in Stormfront to download and preserve videos from David Duke’s channel and found (I’m not revealing how) that youtube is imbedding code into Duke’s and other white nationalist videos that isn’t found in others, such as Farrakans. Likely a spyware or virus of some kind. I’m not using my main computer on the internet so I don’t give a hoot but perhaps others don’t take these precautions. Just a bit of heads up.

  43. Geronimo says:

    Suggested viewing;
    Aryan Studies, P1

  44. Dave says:

    “(I’m not revealing how) that youtube is imbedding code into Duke’s and other white nationalist videos that isn’t found in others, such as Farrakans”

    WHAT! More paranoia???


  45. Geronimo says:

    Paranoia? It’s logical to assume if they saw fit to yank Dr. Duke’s channel they’ll just as well use it as a honeypot once reinstated.

  46. Dave says:

    Did you know that there is a “secret” link to your Adobe Flash settings. I may or may not be correct in listing it as this:

    Anyway, there is a Firefox extension that deletes this tracking info everytime you close your browser. BetterPrivacy is the name of this extension.


  47. warrior.hun says:

    Thanks Toby, I am not alone than in my wiew that there is info on the net proving OBAMA IS JEWISH. I think jews were bragging about the first jewish president of USA in Haaretz magazine, but I can not read hebrew, and the translation can be misleading. I am not trying to convince you people that OBAMA IS JEWISH, I could not care less if you believe it or not: I am not even living in USA. WHAT I WOULD LIKE YOU TO DO IS TO CHECK FOR YOURSELVES, and USE YOUR BRAINS. After 911 it was set up as a clash of civilisations. The muslim masses hate USA because they know very well that terrorrist attacks in muslim world are carried out by Mossad/CIA/Blackwater operatives-well, the ones which killed en masse muslim victims. Of course the military targets are attacked by the local resistance movements. British agens trying to blow up the biggest mosque in Iraq, Mossad agents recruiting as Al-Qaeda on the Palestin territories…These people are not just consist of a few raghead goatherds on camelback. They have brain, too. So after the so hated Bush, the powers that be wanted someone who, while carrying out the jew agenda, can be seen as the muslim masses as if one of them won the lottery ticket. “By deception we shall win” says Mossad motto. DO YOU THINK THERE ARE ISLAMISTS BEHIND THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE? Yes, islam has so great power over New York City decision making powers…Any decent muslim wanting to get on with life in NYC and knowing the official 19 Arabs story would want to spit all of America in the face with an action like the Ground Zero Mosque? Come on…It is as true as the Palestinians celebrating the fall of WTC live on CNN on 911 (another clue of Mossad involvement if you missed it). It is disinfo, psyops. They want you to hate the muslims, kill the muslims, and still feel as being the attacked one. You are attacked all right. Unfortunately by not the ones you are killing.

  48. GTRman says:

    Who “carried the can” for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the whole “war on terror” bullshit? Who gets the blame for 911 in the kosher 911 “truth” movement?

    Thats right, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. All “gentiles”. Or, as Micheal Moore might say, “Stupid White Men”.

    The “war” with Iran is inevitable , and a large “false flag” is highly likely.

    Are these prominent jews with their very jewy names slipping away to be replaced with a Whitehouse staffed with “stupid white men” to take the bullet?

  49. Flanders says:

    I cannot download the document, but I enclose the link for whoever can. It is from a comment listed as news here:

    SPLC now part of Homeland Security

    “Southern Poverty Law Center is Now Officially Part of DHS. The CEO of SPLC now sits on the DHS “Working Group on Countering Violent Extremism” along with the leaders of other So-called Non Government Organizations and select “law enforcement” officers such as the Clark County Nevada Sheriff, Doug Gillespie. What does the working group do? Make recommendations on training and how to use all of the local resources – police, social services, media, NGO’s, you name it – to fight “extremism. So, now no need to file a FOIA request to discover that SPLC is writing the reports naming constitutionalists as possible terrorists. Now it is in your face and the mask is off.”

    The document is here:

    Any person purporting to be an American (and this includes law enforcement or military), but cannot recognize the good in Whites and the bad and ugly in the continuing jewish-instigated and led invasion of America by “immigrants” is not American, and definately is not White. They have had too much time to play those silly games of invading our homeland and it’s time to put them on the run.

  50. tru american says:

    just thought you might want to look up NIMS Training. Fema is training all college campuses in the USA to take over in case of an “Emergency” They are in a tisy to get the training done. Might have something to do with this

  51. warrior.hun says:

    Dear INCOG and all, just one thing about Hunnish races. Blaming only khazaar or askenazi jews is kind of tricky when you consider the Talmud and Judaic laws as a source of evil: Talmud was not written by askenazi jews now, was it? The dividing of jews to sefardim and askenazim is just a division like zionist jews and normal Cohens: one group of jews is evil and the other is kind of normal… And how to choose from the actual jewish persons which one is normal and which is enemy? We cannot act and start the “pogrom” without knowing now, can we, othervise the “innocent” jew can get hurt instead of the evil one, yes? The jews of america are “Zionist” in a way, like helping israel, but they have the other side of the coin too, which is ruling America, yes? And what about the trying of ruling other countries before zionism even started?If you deal with zionists only, khazar only, and so on, then still remains the “good” part of the tribe after cleaning the house to pick up the matters just where the fallen have left it. So this is not Hunnish race business. THIS IS JEW RACE BUSINESS.

  52. Shit, Incog, I didn’t get back to my computer till now.

    I presume you are talking about

    Glad to be part of your blogroll.


  53. Hun

    My sentiments exactly. All of it.

    I would add a little more.

    Bush was a jew. If not in actual fact of secret conversion, certainly through his masonic evil. Note also that Barbara has quite classic jewish features: very narrow chin and very slanted eyes. His younger daughter, Jenna, looks American, but his older one, forgot her name (not too much exposure for her!), looks like the variety of jew one would see on the evening news (not that I watch that anymore, I assure you).

    I came across the notion at first on some obscure Christian ‘fringe’ site. While I did not read much of what they had to say -by that I mean all of it- it was not lost on me that the demon (bush) had no moral qualms about betraying ‘his’ country (in so many ways!), nor about killing millions of innocent people.

    If in football, a runner fakes left and goes right, it is acknowledged as a fake; in ‘American’ media the first line critiquing yet another tragic national betrayal is ‘it was a mistake.’

    Are we so easily taken? Sadly, most of us. Very sadly. So ironic that so many perceive the small things that would not affect us so much while being effectively blind to the really big things that do in a very, very profound respect. Tragic too. Tragic, as well, that I, and my own, must be taken up in their ignorance, fear, stupidity, tribal-reactiveness and foolishness.

  54. Whoops, meant to say ‘Laura,’ not ‘Barbara.’

  55. Incog,

    For crying out loud.

    Here I am again.

    I suppose ‘Exposing the Jew Zionists’ would be the most appropriate category under which to put americanalliance/for the American Nation. I only got as far as the “paste your link here” and then my personal memory bank got full. Heh, heh.

    Sorry for the confusion.


  56. Geronimo
    Louis Farrakhan occasionally does name the Jews but he typically points his finger to a White non-Jew, as the problem. I have also NEVER heard him honestly criticize Obama. If anyone can’t see ALL the evidence that 9/11 was a KOSHER JOB, they are likely, lobotomized, intellectually dishonest, paid propagandists or “controlled opposition”.

    NOTHING HAS CHANGED. – IF AND WHEN the Jewish Oligarchy decides Obama has LOST all his usefulness in the White-house, HE WILL BE, THROWN OUT, DISGRACED, OR ASSASSINATED – which could be their plan all along, make him a Martyr.


    9/11 Zinni: Iraq War WAS FOR ISRAEL’S BENEFIT

  57. warrior.hun says:

    Dear All, about OBAMA BEING THE FIRST JEWISH PRESIDENT OF THE USA: some american-jewish leader called Alan Solow bragged about it among lots of others. DO NOT BELIEVE ME. CHECK FOR YOURSELVES. Now, about his “acting against jews as a muslim”: as there are jews who “attack” the jews as if one of us to reach some end for them (compulsory reading is the Protocol of learned elders of Sion, but if you did not read it, what are you dong here?) to funnel anti-semite sentiment in shape to divert harm from the tribe: is it just possible, I wonder, that the Obama-Jew conflict is a stage-managed media event of disinfo and psyops? Do we have to take it at face value? When we know that nobody gets elected qand remains in office without a big jewish OK? Is it possible that “jews leaving the White House with a tantrum” is kind of similar when after 1956 in Hungary, when Kádár realised that anti-communist sentiment run high partly because of the lots of jewish commissars, the main faces of politics first line got changed to “goyim” faces, and jews like Apró held themselves in the shadows behind? That way they still controlled everything but the open face of government seemed national? Just wondering…

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