One Halloween Movie JEW-lywood Will Never Do!

ONE ONLY HAS to pay somewhat close attention to the movies coming out of Jew-controlled Hollywood to see why America has been so brainwashed with Jewy thinking over the decades. Hell, everybody sees it, they just don’t want to say so openly. Some might label it “Culture Wars,” because they’re too gutless to name the prime suspects and risk getting called an evil “White-supremacist-anti-semite-nazi” like me.

Surely, you’ve noticed how all the heroes (or even God himself) are now all black, while the villains are usually White guys who look like they came from either a Prussian military academy, or some Alabama backwoods burg. If the hero does happen to be a White guy, you can be sure they’ll put in a black to pave the way somehow — like Ving “I’m gonna get Medieval on your ass” Rhames as the expert computer hacker in “Mission Impossible.” Yeah, like he was so believable in that role.

What’s more, the monsters and mutants are all White now. They don’t even do green monsters any longer, for crying out loud. And just how many freaky inbred White families from West Virginia can they get away with? Or, for that matter, how many movies can they do with Jewy-looking Nerds dishing out “justified” comeuppance to mean White WASP frat boys and getting the hot blond shiksa cheerleaders in the end? I guess they figure we won’t notice, huh?

I say it’s high time for us to make some truly scary movies for White people and I have just the screenplay to shoot! Please click the “Continue reading” button to see my concept storyboards for INCOG MAN’s Halloween movie for White people — just make sure to follow on from beginning to the end!

Working Title: Rosemary’s Little Jew

You’re a midwestern girl who moves into a foreboding old New York apartment building with her new husband, a city man who works as a junior broker at Goldman Sachs.

You notice all the neighbors are very Jewish and nosy.

It dawns on you that your new husband once said his family were something called “Marranos” and then abruptly changed the subject.

You suspect he might be a homo too, since he’s always leaving for the Midtown YMCA right after dinner — wearing his favorite black leather biker outfit.

You get morning sickness and find out you’re knocked-up, but can’t figure out how — your husband hasn’t laid a hand on you since that wierd time he made you cut your hair short and dress up in a boy scout uniform — then had a few problems with… umm… your anatomy.

Maybe it was that horrible nightmare you had on the night your husband invited over that strange Kenyan from the UN with the odd name, Babu Obongostein. You dimly recall the two insisting you join them doing hits of Israeli ecstasy and shots of absinthe before passing out.

The nosy and creepy Jewess across the hall starts making you drink a foul Kosher concoction every day.

Something seems a wee bit unnatural about your pregnancy.

They send you to a doctor they swear is the best, but he’s a big fat Jew too!

It all becomes crystal clear when a good friend gives you a copy of Hitchcock’s “The Synagogue of Satan” to read.

You try to call INCOG MAN, but his parents don’t like collect phone calls from crazy women in New York and besides, he hasn’t even been born yet they yell.

Your husband and his Jew pals force you to have a late-term abortion against your will; this finally makes you snap and you grab up the biggest knife you can find.

You stumble across a whole mess of drunk, talkative Jews right inside your closet!

It’s a meeting of the Ashkenazi Demonic League (ADL) and they were just kidding about you having an abortion (this time). “Go ahead, have a look at the dream child” they chant in unison.

Seeing your own baby for the first time, you come dangerously close to massive, uncontrollable projectile vomiting.

F*$&! It really was that black sonnavabitch Babu Obongostein!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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125 Responses to One Halloween Movie JEW-lywood Will Never Do!

  1. Dave says:

    In “Japanese” characters, AKA Chinese characters that the Japs use to write with. “Akira’s” name means “orthodox wisdom”. He is most obviously a 30 somethingisch that seeks self gratification in his cause. PSHAW!

    Who calls themself wise?

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “You retards that follow him don’t even know that.”

    I don’t “follow” anyone, never have.

    “unicode”? Brian Akira?

    Do you think by, using a preposterously meaningless expression, it elevates your sophistry?

    Like it or lump it.

    His unicode name always seems to be on the edge of your tongue Dave!

    Why’s that then?

  3. Dave says:

    BWAHAHAHA one of the fools accused me of blasphemy for questioning the wise one…


  4. Dave says:

    You call me a supremacist if you must. Time will tell the truth. I’m “counting” on it. 😉


  5. Hoff says:

    I might mention here that I have found Zionism very deceitful. There is a double meaning in all the words Zionists use, and [Chaim] Weizmann himself said one time, ‘Let the British or anyone else talk about Zionism and they can use our terminology, but we know what the meaning of it is. It has one meaning to us, one meaning to the Gentiles.’ They’ve always had this double-entendre in everything that they have done.

    Whenever they use words you have to try to find out what is the context in which they are using these words.

    Hoff: What have l told you over and over again? That whatever the jews do they use codewords to HIDE what the no good jews are up to.

    ”Then Emmanuel Cellar pounded upon Mr. Truman’s desk and said, ‘And if you don’t come out for a Jewish state we’ll run you out of town.’”

    This is Mandatory Read!

    lncogland have turned two million hits.

  6. American born says:

    Your right Rich, “pretending” to be intellectuals is for the birds.
    We are suppose to just not question anything and go along just to get along.
    After all the war is looming, who cares why?
    @ GDL,
    The teachings of Jesus were not of subservience, I totally agree.

  7. Octo says:

    Rich, why aren’t you working out till you puke instead of engaging in this “childish horseplay?”

  8. American born says:

    Hey Rich,
    Obviously no way for me to very this, but I am a work out fanatic. I get over 300 lbs on the bench. I wrestled three years in High school heavy weight.
    If you could see the other sites Im into they are mostly strenght training.
    So your idea that everybody who posts here is a psysically weak person, your way off.

  9. American born says:

    If you ever need a workout routine dont be shy to ask me.
    Ill be more than happy to hook you up bro.

  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “He is most obviously a 30 somethingisch that seeks self gratification in his cause. PSHAW!”

    Not you though!

    Oh no!

    What does pshaw mean? Is it a variant of hhrrrmmm? And bwahaha? Care to explain? Expound? Extrapolate? Evince?

    Clear it up, like?

    For us, the legion of dufii?

    What was Michael like?

  11. Dave says:


    Do I seek self gratification? Do I even give shout outs to my fellow “computer pixel brothers”. I’m an ass. I don’t come here for “cyber friends”. It’s so damn obvious.

    I really only care for those that I can look in the eye. Yes, face to face.

    That last attempt of yours was so weak…

  12. Octo says:

    “So your idea that everybody who posts here is a psysically weak person, your way off.”

    True dat, as the nig-nogs say. I’ve been into MMA since the 90’s, C & J 215 for five or six reps, and I’m still pretty fast for an old man.

    Crossfit’s Workout Of the Day (WOD) is all you need, Rich. Next time you open your mouth to call someone a weakling, puke will be flowing from it.

  13. American born says:

    Rich, Im up to 185 on the military press.
    That the one where you lift a bar with weights over your head. LOL
    If your just getting into Rich, start slow, dont injure yourself being overconfident!! LOL

  14. Dave says:

    I never said that everyone that posts here is physically weak. Don’t put words in my mouth. That’s what they do.

  15. Dave says:

    “Don’t get into a word fight with a German-Swede.” – Anonymous

  16. Octo says:

    BTW, one thing I’ve learned from my involutarily itinerant lifestyle of the past few years, is that you shouldn’t rely on a gym (too dear) or a room full of home equipment (too dear and bulky).

    Here’s a good tool for the job:

    I have one in 40, 50, 70 and 88 lbs. Everything old is new again…

    More often than not, anything our ancestors did for many generations, with diet, exercise, protections for women, e.g., were GOOD things, that we should emulate.

    Modernity is a Jewish disease. Kill your tv, and read this book: you’ll be cured.

  17. American born says:

    Since you brought it up Ill offer some advise. When Im not “pretending” to be an intellectual I love discussing workout routines.

    I mixed this one in.

  18. American born says:

    Drop sets are awesome.
    I start at 185, an olympic bar (45lbs) with 45’s , two dimes and two 5lbs weights on each
    I get two sometimes three.
    Without a break, I get up and remove the 5’s, push out two, without a break drop the dimes and so on.
    Drop sets will leave beat as hell, but they build muscle big time.
    I usually take three minutes rest to maximise the burn.

    After I do drop sets I change into a lower weight and pump out as many as I can. On these I give myself a strict 45 sec. break. I up the weight by ten lbs and repeat.

    Its all about the burn Rich, no burn no muscle building. Remember that Rich, its key.
    I see alot of pussies in the gym who dont push it, they are wasteing their time.

    One more thing that is key Rich, eat within 30 minutes of your workout Rich.
    Your muscles will go into shock and not develop.

    Well Rich, I know my useless posts here on jews are a waste of your time, but maybe this can help you out bro.

  19. Dave says:

    I’ll never call myself wise. I’ll not even mention any incident of another calling me wise. I will however, call myself perceptive.

    I perceive a bunch of whiny little bitches that are hell bent on defending the honor of a halfbreed. I look forward to laughing at them once again. Am I an evil jew because of this fact? Will the truth ever be told?

    Yes. The truth will be told and the honor of my race will be restored. I am no prophet. Just another guy that resides in the real world and deals with real facts and fights against a real foe.



    Yes, I’ll leave it to God to sort out the details. Whiny little bitches! I’ve got this damn juice all over the place!

  20. Dave says:

    I heard a rumor that they even have juice in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Of course, Ive also heard rumors that there is no such thing as tax free money for American citizens regardless of their location on planet earth…

    Who knows… it’s prolly a bunch of rubish!

  21. Dave says:

    My suggestion is that we send the juice over to Zimbabwe and let the negroids over there drink it all up. The people of Zimbabwe deserve to drink juice, they never had respect for the bread that we gave them.


  22. American born says:

    Mix in bicepts and tricepts in on the same day, No break in between bi’s and tri’s.
    You will get a cardio benefit as well. Do pyramids when working out your arms. Start as high as you can with very few reps, then lower the weight and increase reps.
    Remember Rich, no breaks between alternating between bi’s and tri’s.

    If you need anymore tips Im usually here wasting my time “pretending” to be an intellectual.

  23. Dave says:


    Is that an attempt to prove yourself to not be what I stated? If so, it’s not working.

    Sorry, no link to any image…

    Nice to see that you took Anonymous’ advice about not getting into a “word fight” and relented to images, though. It shows your capacity to learn.

  24. Thule says:

    @Flanders: – a Bank.

  25. anti-zionist says:

    American born is right about the arm workout but keep it short most people over train arms.

  26. American born says:

    Anti zionist.
    You are correct, I limit myself to only three sets on bi’s and three sets on tri’s on arm day.

    I also do this after my day off. This way my back and chest work outs dont effect my arm work out.

    Its all about push (chest) and pull (back). The bi’s and tri’s get a workout alone on chest and back.

    I give them a dayoff and then beat the hell out of them.

    Next day I work my legs. Giving the whole upper body time to rest and build.

  27. l.rudolf says:

    There were often stages in the Christian Occident with catastrophes, tragic wars (e.g. the battles between Kaiser and Rome and the 30 years war for the German Reich) – with degeneracy like absolutism of the princes (Louis XIV.) – but there then at the same time the great classical music was created. Now this degeneracy of our modern time is without example (perhaps the late Roman empire).
    Christianity was accepted by the Europeans and was then a religion of warriors, the knights, who held women in high esteem, protected the farmers against robbers, helped the weak and so on. Originally Christians did not allow usury, as also Islam should not allow. That is why the bankers have subverted the one and fight the other in endless wars. Also Christians are held to follow truth and honesty. Things that got lost in the jewish owned media. Just to remember Matthew 23 about the pharisees. But I think, to follow basic virtues and physical exercise, like gymnastics or nature, is good without question, no matter what the lying elders of zion do.In Europe Christendom is weakened unfortunately and some preachers are misleading, having adjusted to the modern dogmas and media.

  28. American born says:

    I also have a day where I do weighted dips (45lbs), shrugs (225lbs as many as I can) and right to sit ups (as many as I can). No rest period between.
    I do this five times.

    Killer fucking burn.

  29. Octo says:

    “I also have a day where I do weighted dips (45lbs), shrugs (225lbs as many as I can) and right to sit ups (as many as I can). No rest period between.
    I do this five times.”

    There’s a Crossfit workout right there: short and intense (max muscle stim declines after 40 min or so) and your heart rate is up the entire time so you get metabolic conditioning (cardio) also.

    Weighted dips and pullups are great in any capacity, it’s true. Good to mix with bodyweight ones. These are excellent,

    but I recommend using push up bars…

  30. American born says:

    Funny you mention it Octo,

    I use thas routine on a rest day. My workout split incorporates a ten day cycle.

    Im in and out of the gym on this day in half an hour.

    I used to do pull ups on this day but I blew my shoulder out about six months or so back.
    My mistake was going from weighted dips to pull ups without a rest. Being that Iam 6 4 260lbs this repetitious strain on the shoulders blew out my right shoulder.

    Dips work the shoulder hard and then close grip over handed pull ups was too much.
    So I incorporated shrugs instead.

    But this is usually a quick in and out work out. I use machines now to work the lats.
    I still get pain when I do pull ups so I dont.

    My back workout is three sets of lat pull downs (start at 190 and work up to 230)
    Close grip palms inward pull downs (start where I leave off 230 and work up to the full stack with only a few reps)
    Then to seated rows , then to a few machines.

    I always like to end every workout with dips. Dips work back, chest arms and even abs.

  31. American born says:

    On your above post, I agree. I use the gym because its there and I just like being in the gym.

    However, one only needs: push ups , pull ups , squats (high amount of reps without weight) , sit ups , dips , and if your strong enough hand stand presses ( I do know guys who do them). No barbells needed.

  32. Dave says:

    While you morons that seek “cyber unity” partake in your bonding rituals, Detroit City burns. Alas, who cares… Henry Ford built that city and the niggers are destroying what’s left of it as we speak. Who cares about White people? It’s the Arab/Muslim “anti-semites” we need to join with…

    Henry Ford once received a medal from Hitler for his efforts. Regrettably, the Arabs were most effected by his “media” department. I’m sure Hitler wanted to emphasize the fact that Arabs where the greatest thing every. Yes, that what he wanted…

    Seriously, the niggers are burning what they can at this very moment of a once great city that they never had the capacity to build. Pussy footers! Anything for a friend though, right?

  33. Dave says:

    WTF! I might as well proclaim this as Moor day or Berber day or whatever… Who cares! MORONS!

  34. Dave says:

    At least this fellow that I very strongly rebuked for his desire or tendency to return to his “Arab roots” got the message. Now, it seems his friends are his former enemies. Funny how that kind of crap happens, right?

    I’m looking forward to watching it play out. Anywho, I can attest that he is not German nor Nordic. Just as I can personally revoke the title the now dead Führer bestowed upon “Akira’s” people. Yes, I’m allowed to do that. Don’t question my authority!

  35. Octo says:

    @American born

    You need to do these before dips, pushups, handstand pushups or bench press, especially now that you’ve an injury.

    I find focusing on keeping my elbows tightly by my sides during dips keeps the shoulder joints stable.

    Pavel Tsatsouline’s book The Naked Warrior is a great resource on bodyweight resistance.

  36. American born says:

    Good form is key.
    You mentioned you were a MMA fan. I am too.
    I bumped into Roy Nelson aka Big Country a few weeks back. I live in Vegas and was paying my quarterly property tax which is demanded here by the corrupt thieves who run this shit hole (my money has probrally been given to some nigger on crack). Anyway he was walking out as I walked in.
    Lots of fight clubs here in Vegas. Randy Courture has a club here, about ten minutes drive from me. I drive by it alot and Im tempted to go inside and see about training.
    Lots of fighters train in my gym as well, I can always tell by the wrestling shoes and cardio they are into.

  37. Octo says:

    You have a wrestling base, that’s a good start for MMA, or at least BJJ. You have to go six nights a week to to get even halfway decent at all aspects of MMA. I wanted to get back into BJJ, but my last job had me up at 4:30 every morning. I can’t get by on four hours of sleep a night.

  38. American born says:

    Yep, its all or nothing in training. Missing days will not be tolerated. Coaches lose intrests and wont bother.
    Anyway, good talking to you Octo.
    Its back to uncovering the massive crimes on humanity delt out by the jewish mafia.
    One day they will all hang!!

  39. Dave says:

    While I never tire of listening to desk jockeys speak of their hard work and their gym memberships, I suppose I should interject the question our English-Irish gal Mrs. Twain asked, “Do you got the touch?”. Apparently not, she makes Chippewa babies now… 😉

    That don’t impress me much.

  40. Hoff says:


    Excerpt from The Ultimate World Order — As Pictured in “The Jewish Utopia” By Robert H. Williams

    The Jewish machine made “war” on the feudal estates of Europe and later on the landed aristocracy, precipitating the bloody French Revolution and subsequent Communist-type class revolutions, which destroyed the last vestiges of the landed estates and many of the people who had built them.

    The landed estates had been founded by the finest of the Teutonic and Celtic tribesmen, the leaders of the red headed Celts, Goths and Norse Vikings, the Fair Angles and Saxons . . . giant men, described by historians as men of great stature, personal dignity, dogged honesty and general leadership.

    It was this mighty racial leadership, the foundation of this age of civilization, which had to be wiped out if the nationalistic Jews were to march on.

    The propagandists of Jewish revolutions ever have disguised their real aims; they shape their revolutions along class and religious lines, but the result is race warfare, since it is by and large the remnants of the old northern blood and character, even though mixed with other white elements, which constitute the “upper class.”

    The men of ability and ambition naturally become the upper class, and in Europe and the Americas, these men are for the most part men of Anglo-Saxon and closely related stock. And as for the war on religion, both the Communists and the Zionists hate Christianity, attack it from without and infiltrate and change it from within — and in killing millions of Christian leaders the Communists destroy the gentile leadership.

    The war is against us, but the Jewish strategists, apparently considering themselves to be a racial unit, have always been too smart to use the word race (except in writing strictly for their own kind; Mr. Higger, for instance, speaks of his people as a race.)

    Their appeal, analyzed, is exactly a racial appeal, but outnumbered a hundred to one by people of other races, they would be foolish to launch out openly on a race war. Rather they must condemn as bigotry any thought of race while, paradoxically, quickening the “race” or tribal pride of their own people by constant talk of race bigotry and “anti-Semitism” among people who oppose their program.

    Notice how this cunning propaganda works: it makes the gentiles (the Whites) ashamed to stand up for the survival of their race, fearing to be called a scare name. But it makes the Jews feel that they are being attacked racially, and thus it quickens their “race” pride.

  41. Hoff says:

    “Rape and Reality in America”

  42. Biker says:

    agreed, most people overtrain arms. most chest and shoulder workouts also work the tri’s, most back workouts also work the bi’s. i do chest/tri’s on the same day (day 1) run or some other cardio (day 2) shoulders/forearms (day 3) break (day 4 ) run/cardio (day 5) squats/calves (day 6) run/cardio (day 7). after every weight workout i also do the ‘dirty 50’ 50 incline situps, 50 leg lefts. the abs are the only muscle that you can safely train daily, so knock them out! core strength and endurance are what you want in a fight, a giant chest and 500lb bench wont mean shit if you have a fat/soft midsection, or are worn out after 30 seconds. arms are over trained often, but so are legs! one or two days with weights are enough most of the time for legs. i saw a guy get thrown out of the army because he couldnt finish the required 2 mile run! he could squat 600lbs, but after running half a mile, those huge legs filled up with blood and became tree stumps. remember that speed and endurance are just as important as strength. a good balance is what you want. WTSHTF you want to be able to hit hard, but also get away fast… hit it and quit it as they used to say in the Airborne.

  43. Biker says:

    shite! day 5 is an ass kicker, i also do back/bi’s on Friday, forgot to put that in there lol

  44. American says:

    Still one of my favorite videos:


  45. Rich says:

    Hey A B,
    With all that working out don’t forget to sleep once in a while. With a rigorous w/o like that you must need at least 2 hours of sleep a day. God knows I would need at least 16 hours my damned self.

  46. GTRman says:

    Ive just finished a rigorous workout myself – I sat through “Predators” and took field notes.

    “Well, I did it. Ive just sat through “Predators”.

    As you have already noted, it should have been called “Superjew and Israeli Girl”. As with most of these pieces of crap, its essentially a promo for a more lucrative video game. I squeezed some compensatory enjoyment out of it by correctly predicting every scene and piece of dialogue.

    List of (cartoon ) characters:

    The Man With The Schnoz, Superjew (hope he never makes a 3-D film )

    Israeli Girl.

    Spitnaz hulk

    Inscrutable Yakusa

    African warrior hulk

    That big ugly Mexican ‘ Machete ‘ hulk

    White criminal Multiple Rapist dude. (Memorable dialogue : “If we get out of here Im gonna do so much cocaine. Then Im gonna go out and rape some fine bitches” )

    Nerdy white guy Doctor with Specs.

    Plot: Not really

    Lots of noise and that.

    Deaths in chronological order:

    Another Black guy who shows up, but not for long
    ( Larry Fishburne )
    White Raper
    Japanese ( In Samurai sword fight with alien , naturally )

    Then, in a ‘clever twist’, it turns out the OTHER white guy, the doctor, is ALSO a psychopath murder, who tries to do for Israeli Girl.

    Who’da thunk it?

    Anyway, Superjew saves Israeli Girl after a scrap with Mr Predator, where he gets his scrawny- but- recently- muscled bod out, in a pork-free parody of Swarzenegger.


    Here endeth.

  47. GTRman says:

    “The Road” is yet another bleak, post-apocolyptic film based on the novel by Cormack McCarthy. Its not bad. Doesnt really stand up to a second watch. I saw it again last night and noticed a few “motifs” that escaped my eye the first time. Not sure whether they are in the book, or just “seasoning” added by the filmmakers.

    Theres a scene where the father and son discover a seemingly empty house, the boy keeps noticing ominous ‘clues’ that his father misses -large chains with hooks, big cooking pots, etc.

    In the house the camera lingers with a wink on large piles of shoes…..
    In the cellar are starving, wailing people who are kept as food…..the visuals are all very hollywood /holocaust…

    There are a couple of other “winks” in the film but I cant remember.

    Anyway, all white people are evil cannibal savages. GOT THAT?

    Hey, I dont spend all my time watching crap, I hardly ever have the TV on at home.
    I do a care work job with 17 hour shifts, there is no internet there, I try to read but its not easy ‘ on duty’.

  48. Where the hell is Marshall? GTRman says:

    Marshall, where are ya? Missing your unique input here. You OK?

  49. Marshall says:

    My laptop HD crashed but I got a new one for $79 and am back in action, full of sound and fury as usual!!! Luckily, I back my good stuff up online at which everybody should use since it’s 1.) Free 2.) Lets you access your stuff from anywhere, and 3.) Lets you share files with anybody

    As far as working out goes, my program consists of alot of one-armed curls and aerobic napping. I get my “six-pack abs” the real way, with six-packs!!! Smoking repeatedly raises my heart rate to the target zone without even having to break a sweat. 18 holes of golf in a cart weekly burns off any residual calories I haven’t gotten already through vigorous typing and mouse movements.

    When I get the urge to overeat, I whip out my trusty picture of Elena Kagan and my appetite disappears immediately!!! Richard Simmons is envious of my free program…eventually I’ll drive that queer Jewboi into the breadline, just watch 🙂

  50. Marshall says:

    What is it with this Adrian Brody guy’s rise to fame GTRman? This guy is supposed to some new action hero? I heard Anne Frank hid from the Nazis for three years in one of his nostrils LMAO!!! Oops…answered my own question…family is Chosenoid on both sides 🙂

    WIKI entry

    Brody was born in Woodhaven, Queens, New York, the son of Sylvia Plachy, a photojournalist, and Elliot Brody, a retired history professor and painter.[1] Brody’s father is of Polish-Jewish descent; Brody’s Catholic mother was born in Budapest, Hungary, the daughter of a Catholic Hungarian aristocrat father and a Czech Jewish mother.[2]

  51. GTRman says:

    I read on a site somewhere a piece titled something like “Is Hollywood trying to brainwash us with Jewish leading men?” Something like that.

    In the forties , fifties, sixties etc, many leading men were jews, but , like Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Paul Newman, etc, they were not jewy-looking and certainly adopted “Anglo” sounding names.

    Fast forwards to now : Jewy looking jews like Brody (surely Brodovitch..) with names like “Liv Schrieber” or “Seth Rogen” in films with titles like “Greenberg” and “Dinner for Schmucks”

    Anyone here see a pattern? !!!

  52. Marshall says:

    Liv Schreiber plays cross-dressing queer Ex-Marine in that crappy Joo-fest “Taking Woodstock.” Notice how the Chosenoids love to flaunt their depravity, hmm? Don’t get me going on Gene Simmons again GTRman :-O HEY!!! Guitar Rig 4 now has a 100% FREE version out, snag it before they change their minds man!!!,,20300409,00.html

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