The Blood Libel — A Real-Life Satanic Conspiracy?


THERE’S A FASCINATING video snippet from an Oprah Winfrey show dated May 1, 1989 (ironically Commie Day), called “Mexican Satanic Cult Murders,” where the über-uppity, rotund black host had on a most curious guest, under disguise and going by the pseudonym “Rachel.”

Now, people will say that this woman was out of her mind, and she may have been to some extent (watch video below and judge for yourself), yet they use that as an excuse to throw everything out, like it was all nothing but crazy talk. However, here’s the thing: She could indeed have had problems and still told the truth. In other words, her mental issues stemmed from actual childhood events, which would not be the least surprising, considering.

Oprah introduces her to the audience: “As a child my next guest was also used in worshiping the devil, participated in human sacrifice rituals and cannibalism.” Oprah adds, “she is currently in extensive therapy, suffers from multiple personality disorder, meaning she’s blocked out many of the terrifying and painful memories of her childhood. Meet Rachel, who’s in disguise to protect her identity.”

Oprah goes on: “Rachel said she witnessed the ritual sacrifice of children, as well as being abused herself.” Rachel replies: “I was born into a family that believes in this.” Oprah naïvely asks: “And this is a — does everyone else think it’s a nice Jewish family? From the outside, you appear to be a nice Jewish girl… and you are all worshiping the devil inside the home?”

“Right,” says Rachel. She then blurts out something really mind-blowing: “There’s other Jewish families across the country. It’s not just my own family.”

Get that: Other Jewish families across the country — a network of evil Jews involved in this kind of thing. What kind of detail like that comes from out of the blue? She also mentions a Kabbalistic book called “Lilith’s Cave,” that I once found a copy of in my local library (may have been a different version). As I recall, the book was filled with convoluted Jewy hocus-pocus and silly demonic allusions that made little sense.

Oprah goes on: “Really? And so who knows about it? Lots of people now…” Ha ha ha. Rachel starts to explain: “Um, I talked to police detective in the Chicago area…”

Unfortunately, Oprah interrupts at this moment and asks: “So when you were brought up in this evilness, did you just think it was normal?”

Watch this video NOW!

Watch it yourself and you be the judge. Video may get soon get deleted by ADL Jews (the censoring Jews do it all the time — note the poor generation copy). If so, do a search and you should be able to find it somewhere, but please let me know.

Too bad Oprah didn’t pursue what Rachel learned from the police detective, since there was once an incident of suspected “Blood Libel” in the Chicago area way back in 1955 and early 1956, a series of grisly killings still carefully ignored by the media to this day. “Rachel” may even have been referring to a police detective familiar with this very case.

The Jews have such a powerful presence in the Windy City that they vie with New York as capital of American Jewdom. Gangsters like Al “Scarface” Capone and Sam Giancana never came close to the power of Jewry, especially not in the media control Jewry has long had (just think about how much they get away with smearing Italians on TV and film).*

Let’s also remember that Obama’s rapid rise to the presidency was at the behest of the hugely rich Chicago Jew machine, Jews like billionaire Penny Pritzker and scores of others who, no matter what the right-winger Zionist Jews want to say, are to blame for putting Obama in office.

When Oprah merely mentions that “Rachel” came from a Jewish family, this alone put her dangerously close to losing her career (think about that for a minute). Like always, psycho Jews wanted to do what they did recently to White House correspondent Helen Thomas and CNN’s Rick Sanchez — ruin her for daring to mention these precious unmentionables.

Muslim-hating Neocon Jews, like stuck-up radio host Debbie Schlussel, claim Oprah made no apology, but she most certainly did to powerful backroom Jews all over the place. Truth is, Oprah had no idea at the time of what kind of bee’s nest she knocked over with these vengeful people, who never forget or forgive.

In fact, if it wasn’t for her immediate and utter groveling to the Chicago Jewish establishment, Oprah’s name would be a forgotten footnote to the Reagan years. When the powerful Chicago Jew Judge Marovitz died in 2001, Oprah was asked why she attended his memorial. She said he was “a dear friend who helped her out when she most needed him,” but when asked how, Oprah smartly replied “I’m not saying.”

Undoubtedly, because of all the help from Chicago Jews to keep her TV career, Oprah always touts holocaust crap, like doing shows from Auschwitz with Elie Wiesel in tow, selling holocaust books and documentaries, no matter how scurrilous the author.

Newspaper clipping from the time.

Getting back to the Chicago 1955 case: Between October and January of 1956, a total of 5 White children — 2 brothers, a friend and followed soon by 2 sisters, were abducted and murdered in a ritualistic fashion. The murder victims were John and Anton Schuessler, Jr., Robert Peterson, Barbara and Patricia Grimes.

They had been kept alive for some time after being abducted. Their dead bodies were naked, ligature marks suggested they had been bound by wrists and held in confinement before being bleed out by small cuts and puncture wounds. Weakened to the point of death, they may have been thrown into an outdoor cage where exposure from freezing Chicago weather finished them off.

14 year-old Bobby Peterson appears to had fought hard for his life. He was beaten about the head with a blunt object and strangled unconscious by someone with long claw-like fingernails that left deep scratches on his throat.

At least one of the girls had ice pick-like punctures, both had been frozen to death and dumped naked next to a road. The older one also may have been raped.

Marks on one body matched up with the floor mats of a luxury Packard automobile, so the killer or killers may have been well-to-do.

The two little girls have been described as being sadistically tortured, repeatedly punctured with a sharp pointed object like an ice pick, or leather owl in the upper torso, thighs and buttocks. This may have been part of the blood collecting process.

The two boys appear to have been nailed through the hands and feet, just like Jesus suffered on the cross. They also had some kind of horrible injuries to the mouth and eyes, in a manner still never publicly revealed. Both body dumps had enough similarities to ascribe to one killer or group of killers.

Most tellingly, the wounds on the boys were found to contain an unspecified grain, possibly wheat. People have speculated that had to do with making Jewish unleavened bread dishes like “Matsos,” or the favorite of Purim called “Haman’s Ears,” using fresh Goyim blood as an ingredient.

At the time, there was intense public interest in the case. Because of all these strange details, the Chicago Sun-Times simply wrote that a “religious cult” might be involved. but within 10 minutes of the paper’s release, trucks were hurriedly sent out across the city to bring the edition back in; copies were ripped off news stands and returned to the Sun-Time’s building where they were burned. Copies did survive.

The father of the two Schuessler boys managed to read a copy and became rightfully incensed; he demanded the cops investigate the new angle. Instead, the Cook County head Sheriff, a Jew named Joseph Lohman, turned it all around and told him he was under suspicion (typical Jew tactic). He immediately dispatched a Jewish deputy named Horowitz and some police thugs to ransack Mr. Schuessler’s home looking for “evidence.”

Lohman put the grieving family under house arrest and forbade them from talking to anyone about the case. The Jewish sheriff also appointed another member of the Tribe to investigate the murders, a Jew named Harry Gloss. Two Irish city detectives, Lieutenants James Lynch and James McMahon, angrily complained that the Cook County investigators destroyed evidence, threatened witnesses, and worked to impede their investigation at every turn.

Even after passing a lie detector test and having a firm alibi, the father of the two boys was harassed non-stop by the Jew police. Then they forced Schuessler into a Sanitarium run by a evil little Jew named Dr. Leon Steinfeld, where the father died on the same day. The “good” doctor claimed the 42 year-old suffered from a natural heart attack, but it was soon revealed the man was tortured with electro-shock “therapy” the very afternoon he arrived!

The coroner for Cook County, another Irishman named Dr. Thomas McCarron, rightfully called Steinfeld a charlatan and murderer, turning over documents to the District Attorney. A few nights later a bomb blew off the door to McCarron’s house to intimidate him and the DA ordered him to stay silent. Although an inquest was made, nothing came of it, other than Dr. Steinfeld having to leave the country, where he was soon found hanging in a hotel bathroom, allegedly a suicide.

As a side note, during WWII, this same Dr. Steinfeld was convicted of giving medical help to Jew boys so they could avoid the draft by scamming Army doctors with temporarily conjured-up medical conditions, like heart palpitations and skin rashes to avoid serving at the front. Typical Jews! And the evil doctor still managed to keep his license and become a Sanitarium director, obviously.

The whole affair so unnerved the Chicago Jewish community that a Jewish newspaper man took up a collection and presented $100,000 (about 2 million today) to what was left of the poor Schuessler family so they would shut the hell up.

The Beilis Case

The creepy-looking Jew Menahem Mendel Beilis (A) was the focus of a 1911 Kiev, Russia case that had International Jews hopping mad. The young victim, Andrey Yushinsky, was found sitting straight up dead in a cave (B), drained white of blood (C), and with numerous punctures exactly where blood-letting would be most effective (D). The Jew media went into hyperdrive, accusing every non-Jew they could. When Jews gained power as Bolsheviks in 1917, they executed many of those involved in the case, including the trial judge and Father Justin Pranaitis (E). To this day, Jews insist the woman Vera Chenberyak (F) was behind the killing, even though they have zero evidence. A relative of Beilis from New York named Schneerson just happened to be visiting at the time of the murder — could he be related to the Goyim-hating Chabidist Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (G), who was even once proclaimed “Messiah” by the orthodox Jews and honored by President Reagan?

The 1955/56 Chicago murders are certainly not the only case with details such as this. There was the famous Mendel Beilis case in 1911 Russia, before the 1917 Bolshevik revolution (a Jewish Coup D’Etat of Christians, actually). Jews immediately went into overdrive, and Jewish newspapers publicly cast suspicions on a relative of the victim’s mother, saying she ran a criminal conspiracy responsible for killing the boy.

The boy’s body was found in a small cave (Lilith’s?) that witnesses saw Beilis, superintendent of a nearby brick factory, leaving. The factory was discovered to contain a secret Jewish synagogue and hospice, along with possible evidence of the crime. Two children witnesses were silenced forever with poison. The police arrested the mother and refused to allow her to attend her own son’s burial, while a rich Jew lawyer tried vainly to bribe her into silence.

Even though Beilis was eventually acquitted by an all Christian jury, this was not enough for vengeful Jews. When the Jew Bolsheviks took power in 1917, they threw the mother back in jail to rot and Lenin ordered the CHEKA secret police to summarily execute the judge, chief prosecutor, numerous witnesses and the Roman Catholic priest author of The Talmud Unmasked, a book that exposed the outright hate Christian language contained in the Jewish Talmud. As usual, the guy is still branded as “anti-Semitic” to this day.

Whether Beilis was innocent or not, manipulative Jews at places like Kikepidia cleverly leave out the part where all these people in the case were brutally executed by the commies. Once Jews assume dictatorial power they soon turn to racial blood vengeance against Gentiles, no matter what. These self-centered and spiteful people don’t care!

Using the Beilis case as an excuse (but really because of long-running Jewish plans to topple Christian Russia), Jewry forced the unwilling President Taft to punish the Czar by revoking important trade treaties. After he finally acceded to their continual demands and backroom political threats, Taft was awarded a stupid B’nai B’rith Friendship Medal, and is seen in the official photo unsmiling as the bossy little Jews pin it on his chest.

The Beilis case also involved a man named Schneerson from New York who just happened to be visiting Mendel Beilis at the time of the killing. Beilis was most likely tasked at getting rid of the body used in honor of this one visit. Beilis and his “poor, oppressed” Jew family eventually ended-up in the US, undoubtedly set for life.

Curiously, the visiting man also had the same last name as the Chabidist-Lubavitch “Rebbe,” Menachem Mendel Schneerson, once called the Jewish “Messiah.” This modern day Hasidic cult was (and is still is) hugely powerful — enough to make President Ronald Reagan sign an executive order that a Spring day chosen by the Chosen would henceforth be known as “Education Day” in this Jew’s honor (official US commemorative medallion on the right). Most non-Jews have never even heard of the old Goyim-hating geezer. Further, NWO string-puller, Senator Richard Gephardt spearheaded a law in 1991 proclaiming America to be founded on the Jewish Noahide laws. Bet you didn’t know that one, either!

This “Blood Libel” business has gone back centuries. Could an ancient sacrificial ritual have survived in hidden form from the days of Abraham and the Old Testament? Has “PC” and American racial stupidity acted to blind us to a sinister cult operating under our very noses?

There’s been maybe hundreds of cases down through-out the centuries, all the crime details very much like one another (too much for one article). You could go HERE for much more. There’s far too many well-documented cases to simply blow off because of “ignorance” and “superstition” from the unwashed Goyim masses.

A few examples: In 1380, Germans in the principality of Swabia caught Jews in the very act of killing a child kidnapped from his parents. Another famous case was the murder of a young boy in England, so heart-breaking and thoroughly documented that the Catholic Church granted him sainthood (St. Simon of Trent). I’m sure the Jews loved that.

Workers demolishing a old synagogue in the lower East Side of Manhattan came across a human skeleton of a young girl in the basement’s coal bin (newspaper clipping on the right). Who the poor girl was or her killers has never been known. Was she the victim of a long ago Jewish ritual or just a common-place sex crime?

Ariel Toafler, the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome and imminent professor of history in Israel, authored a book he called “Blood Passover.” In it, he fully documented historically this Jewish ritual actually occurring in medieval Italy. He did his research directly from old synagogue tracts written at the time and secretly held. His book was so believable and damning, that Global Jewry and the ADL (anti-Defamation League) went totally ballistic and demanded it taken off the shelves everywhere and destroyed.

But not before enough copies were bought, thankfully. Today it’s possible to read an English translation online. Go HERE to read. The more you look into this “Blood Libel” business, the more you will see that it’s not all crazy. Beside Toafler, numerous Jews who converted to Christianity over the years have admitted all this is true.

Is the “Blood Libel” Still Going On?

Nationwide, every year, several thousand children go missing. Almost all are found alive, usually some unstable parent is responsible for kidnapping a child, or possibly a husband screwed-over by a liberal judge (males are often discriminated against in divorce court).

But somewhere around 115 to 150 children really do disappear into thin air — never to be seen alive again. Some might eventually be discovered dead at the hands of a twisted pedophile killer — be it a White, black, Asian or Hispanic. But we almost always only hear of the White perv killers in the national news. In fact, several black serial killers in the past have purposefully targeted White children to satisfy their sickness, plus get back at hated whitey.

The real question here is how many Gentile children get abducted, drugged and find themselves waking up in the clutches of some freaky Jew and/or Satanic cult; suffer through a painful and horrifying ritual death; their innocent child bodies then chopped to hamburger in special non-Kosher meat packing plants — instead of dumped on the side of the road like a sack of garbage as the cult once did?

And could International Jewry’s New World Order power be the end result of Satanic forces for real? Imagine evil Beezlebub needing a human force on earth to do his bidding — who better to enlist but Khazar Jewry?

In fact, it may not be Jewry ultimately responsible for all the evil in the world. Sure, most of them are general purpose pompous asses and the holocaust is a bunch of crap, but let’s say a secret Satanic network is buried deep within Jewry and is the real driving force to the NWO, corruption and the moral degradation of human cultures?

This Satanic system would work perfectly, continually feeding hell more damned souls while, at the same time, whittling down and destroying the Christian church.

Should you not be the religious type, consider this: What if the deep-seated hatred and jealousy of Gentiles so manifested by Jewry has somehow joined up with an age-old child sacrifice ritual, perhaps the worship of Molech (a demonic god of early tribes in the eastern Mediterranean region)? And virtually all of the Jewish population knows next-to-nothing about this embedded and deeply secretive cult, which only comprises a few hundred to a few thousand outwardly Jewish members.

To protect themselves, they don’t all meet together in sinister robed conclaves like in the movies, but carry out their evil Satanic rites within small family groups loosely and secretly affiliated with each other. It would be just like underground cell tactics in revolutionary movements; acting to insulate the over-all group from discovery and allowing them to quickly cauterize any police busts to save the rest — so much the easier since the media won’t touch the subject with a 10 foot pole.

They have gained so much financial and political power over the last hundred years or so by JEWdicious use of blackmail, corruption, selected assassination and vote tampering — all the while cloaked from the public by PC politics — that they are on the verge of success for their evil Global Agenda.

Returning to the brouhaha over Oprah’s 1989 “Mexican Satanic Cult Murder” show, is it possible that rich Jews involved with the real-life “Blood Libel” cleverly decided to use Oprah, like they were merely trying to help her out? Why not use the outrage of little Jews to roast her for a time, then come forward as her savior? That way Oprah would surely push even more “PC” Jewish propaganda, further protecting their satanic conspiricy from discovery down the road.

Folks, the problem with Jewry might be a hidden evil, so vile, so hellish and demonic, that those of us who work to alert people around us and dare to fight back are really fighting for God and/or goodness itself. Think about that one!

And sure, I may be speculating a bit here (OK, maybe a lot), yet I may have gotten something right. If I soon turn up dead in a lonely roadside ditch — my stark white naked corpse drained of all blood, twisted into horrible contortions by weather and rigor mortis, riddled with bloody ice pick punctures and my head bashed-in — then you’ll know the evil bastards caught up with me, but I went down swinging!

— Phillip Marlowe

* To visualize the power of Jewry scrambling your brain, simply compare this 1955 case of 5 White children murdered in Chicago with the Mississippi lynching of a “poor innocent” Negro, Emmet Till, in the same year. Just ask yourself which case have you heard the most about?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Octo says:

    “The revolution* is powerless so long as the concepts of family and family ties remain.”

    * Revolution = jewish banker financed and instigated coup

  2. Octo says:

    Where did skunk’s links go?

    There were all about ritual murder and organized child abuse –completely relevant — that’s why I posted them.

  3. My Name says:

    You know, In The Old Days: henry kissenger was a “German”
    Now-A-Days, He Is Known As A: “KIKE”
    bush (german/ashkeNAZI): “Fool me once, shame … shame on … you.” Long, uncomfortable pause. “Fool me? can’t get fooled again!” Just Sayin’

  4. My Name says:

    Read ’em & Weep dave:

    Ashkenazi Jews, also known as Ashkenazic Jews or Ashkenazim (Hebrew:, pronounced [?a?k?’nazim], singular: [?a?k?’nazi]; also, Yehudei Ashkenaz, “the Jews of Ashkenaz”), are the Jews descended from the medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine in Germany from Alsace in the south to the Rhineland in the north. Ashkenaz is the medieval Hebrew name for this region and thus for Germany. Thus, Ashkenazim or Ashkenazi Jews are literally “German Jews.” Later, Jews from Western and Central Europe came to be called “Ashkenaz” because the main centers of Jewish learning were located in Germany. (See Usage of the name for the term’s etymology.) Ashkenaz is also a Japhetic patriarch in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10).

    All Central European Jews came to be known as Ashkenazim, and the Central European German speaking region became the original territory of Ashkenaz.

  5. Octo says:

    Dearborn Independent, in an article in January, 1921 entitled: “Taft Once Tried to Resist Jews and Failed.” To quote:

    “Mr. Taft once stood out against the Jews, was strongly denounced as unfavorable to the Jews, was soundly beaten by the Jews on a matter on which he had taken a firm stand, and has ever since shown that he has learned his lesson by accommodating the Jews in their desires …

    “For centuries Russia has had her own troubles with the Jews and, as the world knows, has at last fallen prostrate before Jewish power which for centuries, has been working to undermine her … The biggest hoax in modern times was the propaganda against Russia as the persecutor of the Jews. Russia devoted to the Jews a large part of the most favored section of the land, and was always lax in those laws which prohibited Jews from settling in other parts of the country that the Jew was able to create an underground system throughout the whole of Russia which controlled the grain trade, controlled public opinion, and utterly baffled the Czar’s government. The cry of ‘persecution’ arose because the Jews were not permitted to exploit the peasants as much as they desired. They have, however, gained that privilege since.”

  6. My Name says:

    Why dave, it is almost as if /you/ don’t want people to SEE:
    The WHITE GERMAN ashkeNAZI jew coming, like before!!!
    Well, I do, SEE??? We need to “Take The Mask Off Zorro”!!!
    So that “My People” can SEE the duplicitous WHITE GERMAN
    ashkeNAZI jew coming a mile away!!! So that we truly don’t
    get FOOLED AGAIN!!! Here is a list of some FAMOUS White
    German ashkeNAZI jews, I should’ve included before:
    Moses Isserles • Vilna Gaon • Heinrich Heine
    Sigmund Freud • Theodore Herzl • Gustav Mahler
    Albert Einstein • Emmy Noether • Lise Meitner
    Franz Kafka • Golda Meir • George Gershwin
    John von Neumann • Leonard Bernstein • Anne Frank
    cite: Here:

  7. Leif Oldhart says:

    Hey Incogman.Kudos to your continuing excellent blogging, including posts like this one. Your graphic work has reached an all-time stupendous high as well.

    Now about this “alleged” blood libel business. Folks who doubt that at least some subset among the jews is involved in human sacrifice of innocent gentile children should suspend their disbelief and examine the evidence. JR Rare Books website hosts many PDFs, all free downloads. Pro-White literature and hard-to-find rare old out of print books as well — the type that seem to vanish from the market, maybe because the jews run the used book business. JR has a LOT of old books dealing with “Jewish Ritual Murder.” And none of them written by nasty “neo-nazis,” either. Mostly they pre-date that era. So check it out.

    I’ll never forget how when I first heard about the concept, online, I just couldn’t accept it. I already knew that jews controlled the money system, had probably started WWI, and other truths, but this blood libel business just seemed too off the wall and far fetched. Wow, it didn’t take me long reading the right material to see how it really could be true. Then an examination of day to day jewish behavior in Palestine and around the world convinced me that if it could be true, it must be true, at least in some instances, BUT THEY ALL HELP COVER IT UP! Just like you won’t here any “good” jews suggesting that Israel did 911.

    Let me leave you with something to think about.
    Can you picture a really sweet looking, beautiful, charming, German American 11th grade girl, kind, intelligent, well mannered, and as gorgeous as any woman who ever walked the face of the planet? Well, in my home town a girl answering this description vanished one day from her gas station job. Walking across the large lot, she was there one minute and the next time anyone noticed she was gone. NEVER to be seen again. She had no problems at home. She had no enemies. She wasn’t bold enough to run away and she had no reason to do so. She had a nice boyfriend, a younger neighbor of mine. Her older brother was my good friend. To this day, she has never been seen again. That was around 1972. The brother has passed, but I asked the boyfriend about it several years back and he told me that as far as he knew she had never been seen again. She hadn’t acted odd beforehand and they had plans for the weekend. She just vanished. At that time the town in question had maybe one black and no hispanic residents, nor were any nearby, and those who passed through stuck out and were noticed and remembered, sometimes by the police. So tell me. What do you think happened to Cindy?

  8. Dave says:

    Why does my existence here threaten you so, My Name? It’s not as if I’m the target you needed to vent your true feelings. So, you have a problem with Germans… Let’s just get down to the dirty facts here. I’m an American citizen and was not born in Germany. Why then, do I call myself German? Is it because of some flag I wave above my head?

    My Name, I am German because of my ancestors. I am German because of my progenitors. I require no name change, I require no plastic surgery, I require no flag, to claim that I am. What’s your problem? Why do you fear me?

    Those were rhetorical questions, My Name. I already know the answer. Don’t bother explaining. You don’t understand. You probably think my surname has the word gold in it. Just as I know that wearing “white face” is just another ruse.

  9. My Name says:

    White German Asheke-Nazi jews
    Why don’t you want people to KNOW about them dave??? When “The Bible” says that “My People” are “Destroyed for a lack of Knowledge”!!! /you/ don’t want to see good Germans DESTOYED by jews, again, do ya???

  10. Dave says:

    They are not White, My Name. I’ll talk about them and realize their existence over and over. That’s what we do here. Why does this distinction bother you? HAHAHA! You infantile fool!

  11. My Name says:

    Not White, Thus Spracht: /dave/, with NO documenting substantiation, ergo: it must be true – NOT!!!

    /you/ bring precious little to the table when it comes to outing jews as far as I have seen!!!

    Why don’t /you/ want PEOPLE to KNOW about SUBVERTING INFILTRAITORS from within hmm, /dave/???

  12. Dave says:

    HAHAHA! Where is your documentation, My Shame? Don’t forget my “friend” that I already know who you are. No documentation needed for that thrust of mine. You’ve already supplied enough from your own keyboard…

    Don’t make me release my Anglo animosity, my Saxon storm, my Pomeranian pummel…

    I’m teetering on the brink right now! I’M TEETERING! 😛

  13. My Name says:

    You do have a SHORT memory; I laready provided it on this page!!!

    Take a look at this picture of “gabi ashkeNAZI” the is ra eli army chief of staff; he sure enough looks WHITE to me!!! I sure as hell wouldn’t want ANYONE to FOOLED by /him/ would /you/, dave??? Here

  14. Dave says:

    Why are you talking to me, My Shame? I’ll take it you’ve never heard of the ol’ one drop rule. Yes, you’re seething at the teeth in some sort of style to directly attack my specific ethnic group. Why is that? You’re not the first, nor will you be the last. Yes, you don’t understand. I know exactly why, too. Just as everyone else that reads your material here does.


  15. My Name says:

    It think that /YOU/ FEAR PEOPLE KNOWING that white german asheke-NAZI-jews are problematic /you/ MUSN”T be as PRO-NON-JEW_GERMAN as /you/ like to put on!!!!!! /you/ jus’ lookin’ to PASS for non-jew-German /dave/??? /you/ wouldn’t REALLY be white german ashkeNAZI jew would ya, /dave/???

    And, Oh By The Way, my questions to you aren’t RHETORICAL /dave/!!! I NOTICE that /you EVADE them ALL!!!!!! ‘Nuff Said’

  16. Dave says:

    You’re a sub par thinker, My Shame. Your point is always the same. Speaking of evasive behavior, what exactly is it that your trying to ask me? My answer: You aren’t asking me anything. You’re just saying something. Fear not! We all hear it.

  17. Dave says:

    Is this the scary truth you speak of?

    Jewess: Scarlett Johansson

    Mother: Melanie Sloan

  18. Flanders says:

    This may not really fit in this category, but it is something that I want to have more exposure. I’ve previously posted about this conjecture, but I think this is a new report on the same matter. It seems important to me for the reason that if it is proven false, it is no big deal. If it is proven valid, and there should be ways to do so, then it can conclusively show a concealed 911 conspiracy. It is my understanding that it is proveable already that Barbara Olsen could not have called Ted Olsen from the plane while the “hijacking” was taking place, as has been the contention of Ted Olsen and the FBI.

    Ted Olsen defended Jonathan Pollard, which has nothing perhaps to do with this issue, but it could if the contention is somehow proven. One huge indication that there may be substance behind it is that Lady Booth Olsen has such little known history. The biggest is the physical similarities shown between Barbara and Lady Booth and the timeline of events leading to the marriage so soon following the “death” of Olsen’s spouse. More unlikely, but could there be some type of a connection between Lady Booth and Cherie Booth, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair? I really do not think that this gets enough attention, because it has so much potential in the event a deliberate scam is proven.

    While checking for links on this, I came across another theory which seems stranger than the Booth/Olsen issue, and I have no ideas about that, but I’ll leave the link for those who do have an interest.

  19. Flanders says:

    As you can tell, I transposed the sites to link. Here is the one on Olsen/Booth.

  20. My Name says:

    White German Ashke-NAZI jew, ben nut&yahoo, is in town to tell (p)resident illegal alien jungle bunny, bury soetoro, puppet on a string, what to do, no doubt, can you say: Bought & Paid for??? I knew you could!!! This “nigger” sure LOOKS “white” to me!!! Here as a matter of fact all these “is ra eli jews” do!!! It’s all been a white german ashkenazi jew plot!!! That hitler, what a kidder!!! Can we whollyTOAST one for you??? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu is set to arrive in the US for talks with White House Here Come on, is he “Premier or Prime Minister”??? We just don’t have enough superlatives to throw around “The Supreme Leader”, this “jews” name do we??? Maybe, we could merely prop him up in the temple over there and WORSHIP him as god. Speaking of temple: Why is the MASONIC “House of the Temple” a scant 13 blocks due North of the White House??? Separation of temple, mosque, synagogue, & STATE anyone??? WAKE-UP to the white German ashkeNAZI “jew” plotters or get FOOLED again!!! 🙁

  21. jews give me PMS! says:

    Ante Pavelic was married to a Jew. His top butchers of Serbs, Slavko Kveternik, Macek, were Jews. Franjo Tudjman was a Jew. They disguise themselves as Catholics and murder Orthodox Christians in the name of the Holy Father. They followed the teachings of the Jew Josip Frank who brainwashed Croatian peasants that they are descended from Ostrogoths and Romans, and not Slavs, like the untermenschen Serbs. The untermenschen idea is a Jewish idea. Same as the Marranos and all the fake Jewish converts throughout history. But Madeline Albright, the Jew who was saved from Ante Pavelic and Hitler by those same Serbs who were massacred on their own territory, grew up to bomb the shit out of Serbia and had the Serbs ethnically cleansed from their ancestral lands from the Military Frontere (which was the Habsburg dynasty’s lands of defence against the Ottoman Turks, also Jewish led) through Bosnia all the way to Kosovo. Jews will murder other Jews and they will stab the gentiles who protect them in the back. The Ustashi are recent history and their political party is still active in Zagreb. They are a two pronged fork and the white nationalists and revisionists ignore this because they want the Serbs and Croats to be united in the name of white unity, just like Jew Freemason Josip Broz Tito forced brotherhood and unity down their throats. For the Serbian people, NEVER AGAIN! REVENGE OF SERBIA MUST COME.

  22. jews give me PMS! says:

    This should explain why the Jews in Washington and all the Western democracies, along with Isreal supported Croatia and the Bosnian and Kosovo Albanian Muslims against the Serbs. It was the exact same set up in WW2.

  23. Vatic says:

    Here is an even better one of Barbara and Lady Booth Olsen. Its an overlay and like finger prints, head structure and configuration is unique to each person, and their overlay matches perfectly which is an impossibility if they were two different people.

    Lady Booth Overlay on Barbara Olsen a perfect match

  24. jews give me PMS! says:

    All those who supported Ante Pavelic and the Ustashi during world war two and again in the 1990s, whether jew, zionist, mossad, goy, white, black, muslim, american, brit, german, aryan, freemason, purple, martian or whatever the hell you consider yourself to be, and for all those who suppressed this information and still do, may you burn in Hell for eternity and may you eat your own children alive.

  25. templeton st. william says:

    lindbergh baby autopsy is intersting in that regard..congressman Lindbergh had tried to impeach the federal reserve parasites…lindbergh pilot took up the torch against these mongrels because the khazar power was destroying his 1918 guv agents entered a publisher printing house where his book “yout country at war and what happens to you after the war” was being printed and the copies and plates were destroyed..each war is a sacrifice to the rabbis “god”…lindberghs baby was taken and drained of blood as revenge for opposing the powers embedded..and it was blamed on a german….looking at who makes the $ off war and who controls when planned wars are conducted are khazazr powers..the idea is to kill the friendlies cuz they are easier to get.(heroin and diamond and oil based wars past and present produce millions of corpses vitnam being up there wit 5 million civilian corpses at the pleasure of zionist america).1918-ww1 was a quadruple header with the spanish(gentile) flu the devolvment of russia and germany at the same time..russia is where gas chambers were used on gentiles not germany…have alot of dead gentiles as in ww2 (90-100 million)english revolution,regicide of christion king 1649…1788,french revolution just as destructive to france as russian rev…usa bloodless coup via 1913 fedres act(civilWar seems to have roots in jewish financial perfidy)1905 attempted russian coup then successpool in 1917..I think that one pleased the talmaniacs as the dereg of Americn S&L Banks and the crafty plan of bronfman whiskey jews creating prohibition for $…spanish civil war vs.bolshevik scum killed 1/10th of spanish pop mostly women and children just like all the fucking wars these aliens ended when germany stepped in to help franco..the scumsheviks were trying to “ethnically” cleanse christians of all denominations and any other gentile they could terminate…the real holacaust happened to germany and true to their word the khazars got us into the war and used te usa to bomb 61 major metro cities besides dresden..funny how they downplay the numbers which some people believe to be 700,000…it is with truth spoken that there were only 2.3 million jews in europe during ww2 and that scores of “jews” served in german armed forces,and lived freely as avowed aryanized anti-communists in germany during ww2….heydrich eikmann etc..hitler may have been baited into attacking russia first being told russia was going to attack germany..normally nothing to fear but knowing america would be mobilized he may have sought a quick resolution to snuffing out the no good bolsheviks and then maybe hoping to befriend england as well sending hess to neg.a deal before the genocidal saturation bombing started..correct me if time line is off but adolf gave england back the 300,000 men off dunkirk as peace offering…zionist commies had a different plan..genocide of germans after the war what with the DEF status roundups nothing has ever really touched on a possible quiet murder of 20 million more germans stuck in the eastern cross reported 6 million abortions from 45-48…russian jew ehrenberg and stalins idea of recreation..most german people thought of hitler as a pawn and a joke and the bombing of all these cities only served to rampup death disease and starvation in the camps and cities…redcross reported jew deaths at what fluctuated from 70-90-150 then do the jews sue the usa right now in the courts for 200 billion because we supposedly didnt blow up the tracks around hungary? and so more jews were supposedly killed..the safest place to be was the camps from aerial reaseon people were dying and jews were only 15% of the inmate pop was because of the bombing in the first place…the USA should issue a past due bill to the illegal state of israel for what it cost for america to fight in ww2 with interest..all the families of the dead are morally entitled to damages from the organatzi b’nai b’rith global purse…if england and the usa had stayed the fuck out of that war ..??..hitler had to go and he disobeyed his rockefeller zioznaz handlers so it goes..the holacaust never existed until zionist “allegedly”backed nazzi party took a stroll in skokie,ill in 1970…..then all of a sudden jewish families were split in 2 over this new info about the “H” and then people who had survived 11 death camps were unveiled i sad before the real death camps were in ussr under jewish domination from 1917-1987…all the methods of killing were simply borrowed from true stories in russia and superimposed on would take 20 years to incinerate that many people in those double dutch ovens and they were alwaus breaking down so they had to shut down both sides….yeah it seems that the water tables under these camps was a problem for burying typhus dead..typhus is like an lsd trip with extreme hallucinations….I like what the gen patton said about it all and they zionized him ..a computer hard drive or 10 of em is not enough to chronicle the litany of religious hatred of gentiles nor the jeolosy of gentiles property and families…i wont go on ..a good laugh is einstein ..tis fuck was so stupid he barely passed the prep school he had to take to get into some damn skoll or another and they wouldnt let him in without refresher skool and so he goes up te educ ladder and virtually fails in this school…he plagiarized the theory of relativity from del pretto a scientist who was published in an itallian science paper 2-3years prior to einstein publication…and even more the guy del pretto likely plagiarized this shit from some group of scientists 14 years earlier …. ….rate of semite blood dilution in semite descendants is .02% …. ,,,,interesting reading but as jesus said it much simpler ,,ye are of your father the devil and that
    they were all “jews”in satans synagogue..there are extremely few real israelite hebrews by blood presently alive today who descended directly from shem ->-> etc thru jacob and 12 tribes ..adios

  26. Liberty says:

    “GDL says:
    October 30, 2010 at 8:01 pm
    Satan/Jews thrive off of a lack of knowledge and awareness. Once we regain our knowledge and awareness we have powerful weapons there alone. How many of us who have awakened to the Jew now feel like we are in a land of zombies and aliens?



    @GDL: I know EXACTLY how you feel. It’s scary too. It’s like waking up and finding out there IS a Boogeyman. It’s leading me back to my Christian roots. I never understood how whites are the only group not allowed to have “pride”. They’ve been literally feeding off us for all of time. Everything that is happening in the world.. I don’t know. Each time I wake up a little more…
    and then- I see stuff that makes me shudder:

    …chills run down my spine. I’ve been researching the Egyptology, Mysticism, Politics, conpiracies, UFO’s NWO, Rothschilds, Illuminati, Icke, Jones (change agents), FEMA, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, and on and on and deeper down the rabbit hole we go! I knew it had to lead to the culprits. Having been trained and indoctrinated by media bombardment and alpha waves for 40 years makes it so that you can’t see the very culprit you knew it your heart it was all along. Don’t want to be “racist” though. They like to rob our right to make distinctions, but believe it is only their right to discriminate- and when you call them on it- you’re an anti semite! I love mel Gibsosn more every day.
    To the HOST INCOGMAN: Thank you for a GREAT SITE. You do good work and the world needs the truth!

  27. Marshall says:

    Pastor Wickstrom starts in 5 minutes Liberty 🙂

  28. JamesTheJust says:


    You’re like a bloodhound on the scent of truth.

    You go brother!

  29. Ora says:

    Do you people not realize this was a religious Jewish practice against these 3 boys, and 2 girls?

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