Criminal Negro Spitefully Kills 4 Elderly Whites

Scumbag Negro and his big-mouthed wife screamed bloody murder about California’s three strike law, but when a worthless judge cut him a little slack, he went and took it out on 4 elderly Whites — viciously killing them after breaking into their homes. [INCOG]

From CoCC

A career thug who appeared on the Montel William’s Show to denounce California’s “racist three strikes law” has been arrested for the brutal murders of four white people in a series of home invasions.

This monster was released under new “three strike leniency” rules. Four white people have been brutally murdered because LA District Attorney’s office granted leniency FOUR times.

Montell Williams even gave the thug a platform to rail against the “racist justice system” on national tv.

He is now accused of being a serial killer who targeted white people.

After killing 2 Whites already, Ewell broke into the home of Leamon and Robyn Turnage, strangled both to death and then sold stolen home items to a pawn shop. He was busted a day after trying to use the couple’s ATM cards to buy gas. The filthy, Jew-controlled mainstream TV news never breathed a word, even the so-called “conservative” FOX. I guess they were too busy reporting on White criminals, like that Connecticut home invasion trial, huh? [INCOG]

LA Times…

To hear him tell his story, John Wesley Ewell was the victim of an overly harsh criminal justice system.

The South Los Angeles hairstylist complained to journalists over the last decade about the unfairness of the state’s tough three-strikes law, saying he lived in fear that even a small offense would land him back in prison for life.

He even appeared on the “The Montel Williams Show” to argue the case against three strikes. A caption that flashed on the screen when Ewell spoke read: “Afraid to leave his house because he has 2 ‘Strikes.’”

But Ewell is now charged with murdering four people in a series of home invasion robberies that terrorized the South Bay this fall. On Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty during a brief appearance at the Airport Courthouse.

His well-fed wife, Carmen Ewell, at a meeting of the anti-three strikes group.

Far from embodying the severity of the justice system, Ewell benefited from its lenience over the last 16 years, according to a Times review of court records and interviews.

Ewell has a lengthy criminal history that includes two robbery convictions from the 1980s. Nevertheless, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office decided on four occasions against seeking to use the full weight of the three-strikes law when he was charged with new crimes.

And this year, after Ewell was arrested three times for allegedly stealing from Home Depot stores, a judge agreed to delay sending Ewell to prison so he could take care of some medical problems.

It was during that delay, authorities say, that Ewell robbed three homes and killed the victims.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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234 Responses to Criminal Negro Spitefully Kills 4 Elderly Whites

  1. Akira says:

    BTW, Oliver J. went on to serve four decades as a gov’t — opposition — gov’t — etc hack and a disgrace and a coward and a disgrace — such is par for the course for pathetic irish politicians. All full of bluster when they start out, and then they’ll sell their grannies for the promise of a vote or a pint.

    Still, he spoke the truth in his first parliamentary speech at least — it was all downhill from there…

  2. GTRman says:

    “Poor bastard spent his 30 pieces of judenfetzen on Smirnoff & 7-11.” -Octo

    Yes , ‘Smirnoff’ is almost certainly jewish , as is ‘7-up’ which is probably part of schweppes/coca cola, and the discount German supermarket where I bought said items, Lidl, is probably jewish too. ( Lidl and Aldi are owned by two ‘German’ brothers )

    The bottle of voddy was ‘special offer ‘ @ ten english pounds ( 15 normally) and the fizzy was also cheap at 60 pence. (normally twice that ) All in all, it’s a cheap night in , in a country where a pint of lager in a pub can cost nearly 4 pounds!

    The smoking ban has hit the pubs hard, closing at a rate of 50 a week, I read.

    Whats ten pound sixty in dollars at the moment? About 18 dollars?

    Anyway, I enjoyed it. Cheers.

  3. Biker says:

    thats crazy GTRman! but then, its 2 dollars for a bottle of Bud where im at. the smoking ban is killing here also. i just dont get it! ” im in a pub, getting DRUNK. i am then going to DRIVE home, and have UNPROTECTED SEX with someone that ive known for 2 hours. PLEASE get that cigarette away from me!” like the rest of the jewy P.C. laws and bullshit, this makes NO SENSE.

  4. GTRman says:

    Thats a funny comment Biker. “Get that cigarette away from me” ! I dont know if the smoking ban was to ‘protect the livestock’ , to cut medical costs, etc, or simply an exercise in Kontroll. You’re right that it makes no sense. Non-smoking bars could have opened up and ‘let the market decide’. Seperate rooms for non-smokers , modern ventilation/extraction systems…No, TOTAL BAN. Virtually worldwide.
    Social engineering, I suppose. I remember saying to the smug non-smokers at the time, “theyre coming for YOU next”. And they are.

    By accident or design ( the paranoiac in me suspects the latter) folk in the UK have been driven / tempted from the pubs , and even cinemas, etc , with huge screen surround-sound home cinema TV systems , the smoking ban , expensive (mostly tax ) drinks in pubs and bars, cheap booze in supermarkets , and the generally unsafe feeling on the streets.
    And of course, when people are watching TV together , theyre generally not talking.
    Thats if theyre even in the same room watching the same TV!

  5. RocketMan says:

    And now GTRman, the TV has been brought out to the family mini-van.
    I was in traffic the other day and looked over at a family next to me, father driving, mother texting, 3 kids in the back each with a headset on watching the little monitors in the seat backs.
    I wondered if they’re even watching the same thing, but more than that i wondered, is there no such thing as family discussion?
    i didn’t get a close enough look but i’d bet the father was texting while driving or playing with his GPS.
    I don’t play with all those gagets like the family of drones next to me in traffic, i looked at it as a destruction of family fabric.
    have these people nothing to say to one another while in such a confined space ?
    It’s ignorance by distraction, i wonder who’s behind it eh?
    It may take some one smarter than a “brain surgeon” to figure that one out.

  6. GTRman says:

    I have witnessed seperately at least 2 people , both young single parents, lolling on the sofa with : TV on , laptop open, and mobile phone in hand ( with ‘solitaire’ or some other game ) as the kid sits there ignored . Then starts acting up for attention.

    The effect of tv on young kids is almost spooky. If you gave them a drink or foodstuff that produced total catatonia you wouldnt buy it again. Then there are the violent temper tantrums when screen goes off.

  7. GTRman says:

    Sorry to go on, but, Rocketman, last time I got a train I was amazed at how few people were reading books or even magazines. Most were watching ‘movies’ on a 2 or 3 inch screen. Cant go on a 2 hour journey without watching a fkn film? Sad. Pathetic even.

  8. RocketMan says:

    most people i work with are watching their mini-screens all night, pathetic indeed.
    read a book or magazine? thats so 20th century.

  9. RocketMan says:

    the single parent scenario you mention above describes my girlfriends daughter to a tee.
    she has two young ones, the attention to the children comes from me and joy only it seems.
    the cell phone/facebook addiction this bitch is on has me wanting to kick her arse.
    we basically are raising her kids for her as she sits unemployed and distracted with bullshit.
    the father of the children? i won’t even go into it.

  10. GTRman says:

    So true. And guess what? Dont worry if you didnt get your TV fix , cos here in the UK you can turn on any radio station and all they talk about is LAST NIGHTS DAMNED TV !!!!

    I swear this is true. Tv on the radio. ( Then a break for ‘news’ , sports , wheather , traffic updates…)

  11. RocketMan says:

    same here man, what happened on american idol, survivor, hells kitchen, sports, blah, blah, blah.
    and then there’s the music programming, i’m stuck at work all night listening to other peoples radio’s, all stations owned by “clear channel”.
    i swear you can tell the time by what songs are playing during the night, it’s like they just play the same disc over and over. it’s very disturbing.
    i listen to a college station that plays jazz and blues from 9 till midnight, you should see the looks i get.
    A young black dude asked me one night, whats it you be listening to?
    i told him it’s what his grandfather listened to.

    last night a couple of guys had the monday night football game on the radio,
    grown men supposed to be working, yelling LETS GO JETS,, J-E-T-S JETS !
    Annoying to say the least.

  12. Hoff says:

    Spot two jews. Like the jews woulf giva F about a dead nogess.

    “Video Shows Woman Dying on NY Hospital Floor ”

  13. Octo says:


    I’d post this on your site, but then no one but you would read it.

    “That’s not the American people’s fault. Oy Vey! We’re persecuted! It’s not our fault! We didn’t do anything. They made us do it. We’re weak. We’re just too dumb to know better. We’re a bunch of little weaklings. Don’t blame us. We’re victims. They forced us. Oy Vey…

    Just not silly buggers who moan about things like, “Oh we didn’t do that, that’s not America, we were made to invade here and attack there and what can we do about it, boo hoo, we’re just white folks is all…” — Akira

    So you’re casting the American people in the role of Tätervolk, as the Jews have done to the German people? But you would never apply that same standard to the Japanese, despite the fact that they are considered a “Race of Perpetrators” by everyone in the Pacific rim except themselves.

    Go pay some reparations to an Ainu, Korean, Chinese or Mongolian, you hypocrite.

  14. Fredsaid says:

    Just found your great site now. I white, right and hate jews and niggers.

  15. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jew-Powered Racist-Negroid Slaughters White Girl In Negro Fashion

  16. Joann says:

    May be it would be best to tell your readers the truth, ‘all the victims were not white.” I’m sure you omitted that to create more anger from them. He does deserve to die but not because he killed four white people but because he killed four people period.

  17. Jake says:

    Joann, the point is that black-on-white crime is reported to a percentage that would be defined as “negligible,” while a colossal percentage of violent crimes is perpetrated by…blacks…and while I didn’t read the article (no need,) if not all of his victims are white, then it will be reported as a footnote.

    Oh, but if it’s white-on-black crime, we’ll hear about it NON-STOP for MONTHS, while the magical negroes Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson whine about “dat rayciss whitey!”

    It’s a double standard that should piss you off; but you’re too worried about being “rayciss.”

    All other races are racist, for one; and two, if you don’t believe me, go live in a less-than-reputable area of Detroit or L.A. for a month. Preferably an all-black neighborhood. Come back in a month and tell us of your experiences…if you’re not raped or dead.

  18. Jake says:

    *if not all of his victims are white, then the black-on-white crime will be reported as a footnote, while the article would be woefully bemoaning the death of the blacks*

  19. Joann says:

    Jake, commenting on something you don’t know about isn’t a very smart thing to do. May be you should read the article before commenting, that just tells me you have no idea what you are talking about. All his victims were not white. John Wesley Ewell should get the death penalty and if it was up to me I’d make sure he died the same day he got caught but it’s not. Justice is justice no matter what skin color the victims were. Too many people are spending too much time worried about the wrong thing. Racism is no more than the fear of someone different from you. Stop being so damn scared!

  20. Ashamed of White people says:

    30 years ago that nigger would be hanging from a tree.

  21. Ashamed of White people says:

    30 years ago that nigger would of been hanging from a tree.

  22. 30 years ago that nigger would be hanging from a tree..

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