Happy New Year White People!

Look, I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke up your backside and say the coming year is going to be all nice and sweet. We have the owned media to do that. Regardless of what they say, we can be quite certain it will get worse before it gets better.

If you notice, the media has been working overtime to convince you things are looking up. They’ve been doing that for the last two damn years, really. They’ve been running reports on people shopping at the malls buying stupid Chinese junk, with worthless Judenfetzen paper. Just the other day they happily announced jobless claims were “only” 388,000 for the week, versus the expected 430,000. Wow! That’s really some improvement, huh?

The only way we can start to improve things in this country is by taking it back from the lousy Jews in control of the media, Wall Street and Capital Hill. And we have to do it by any means necessary.

Each of us can make a big difference by alerting everyone you know about the Jew. The more aware Americans out there, the more support we’ll have when it comes down to it and the faster we can rebuild this country once we succeed. It won’t be easy, but we can do it.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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124 Responses to Happy New Year White People!

  1. American born says:

    Did you see that video of White women being hanged in nigger kanye video?
    Im at a loss for words.
    This shit has to stop, evil grows step by step. That video is a leap.

  2. Flanders says:

    I had heard that name before, American Born, but didn’t know who Kayne West is. I still don’t. He’s just a house-nigger who’s being used as a symbol for the message that the jewish media know will be put across to the minorities and the blind followers. I agree with you that it is some type of leap.

    I don’t know how the masses of the public will interpret the video, but you can bet that the caballistic Marxist jews know beforehand. They know the effects that any of their media will have before it is released. Without a series of the same type, it is difficult for us to know, but we do know it is not what is good for Whites – and THAT is what is interpreted as being good (by the jews who made it) for the jews.

  3. American born says:

    Im done being angry about this shit. It is what it is.
    Its time to be ready for the day when shit hit hits the fan. Its beyond fixable, its done.
    No votes or popular concensus is going to change anything.
    This is going to have to be done by force. If were lucky, we may get a leader to stop this shit. If not, we’re the kulaks.
    I believe something will happen to wake up the masses, wishful thinking maybe.

  4. Hoff says:

    THE SECRET HOLOCAUST by Eustace Mullins. The whole book in full text.


  5. American born says:

    kanye west is a nigger rat. He is not even worth the time.
    The jews push these rats, so called “gangsters” as heros.
    Have you ever seen the mexican trash rodrigez or some title he carries.
    The SOB is featured on chidren shows. A vile piece of shit. The jews pay him millions to indoctrinate kids.
    dora the explorer is another off shoot of the red stone machine.
    Aside from the nigger rappers they sneak into our homes thru the juden vision. They have gotten so low, they are aiming at children.

  6. Rock says:

    Sumthings gunna happen AB.
    You can feel it in the air.
    Even the most brain dead sheeple I know are getting antsy an don’t know why.
    Its just a matter of awakening others and preparedness now.
    And hope.

  7. Flanders says:

    American Born, Media controls populations. The rest of jewish operations surround the media’s central power and use it as an adjunct for their own power (the Fed, leftist educators, etc.). That is why the media must change hands if Whites are to survive. It is necessary before any real change can happen.

    People really don’t understand the crucial position that jew media has in controlling their lives. Their message is received by all of the masses in the US and is rebroadcast to the world market. A White or a true American message is delivered only in segments which fit the overall message that jew media controllers want to send, and that portion is a small fraction of the overall messages. NO really truthful explicit White or truly positive American message gets through those portals.

    MSM has the eyes and ears of every American, even those of us without a television are bombarded with the message, whether on alternative media or conversations. It has turned quite a few people away from loyalty to our race and our nation’s true vital interests. It will be what is used to conduct campaigns against us and to make people afraid to help or assist even when they know it is against their own long term interests. Our own people are trained to become traitors and cowards and to help in hunting down and eradicating anyone who stands for Whites or for an America based on the true American spirit. The jew media steals souls, the real souls of goodness and freedom, from the American people.

    Any real message that any White or American have is so small in relation to the overall controlled media market that it is barely heard. We have to search for sites to build even a slight fragment of what we should be hearing on our own media and throughout the world. Even then, we are harrassed and hounded.


  8. American born says:

    It is in the air. Confusion leads to answers. People are pissed the fuck off.
    I see it too.
    Perhaps, if you believe in God, this is a test of faith.
    One thing will prove, TIME will tell.
    At the rate of jew lies, they are burning their candle at both ends. The result, in time will not be favorable.

  9. warrior.hun says:

    Dear All,

    Happy white New Year.

    I would like to advise for all to read the Hungarian writer Louis Marschalko’s book titled “The world conquerors-The real war criminals”.
    Here is a link on Amazon:
    But I bet you can download it in PDF version from the net, if you google up the name and title.
    I am reading this exact book at the moment. Let me tell you: Mein Kampf-with all the respect to Uncle Wolf-is not as clear as this great literature. Maybe I am just biased towards my fellow countryman-prove me wrong after reading it!

    Enjoy your read!

    And while we are at it, I have a confession. For myself and for the world. For a long time I was trying to explain that I am not anti-semite or racist in the sense they explain it on MSM as being one who wants to put others on cattle trains and gas them in camps. Of course I want neither-but they know it just as well, the fucking judaic hypocrites!
    My confession:
    I am an anti-semite! And I am racist, too! I am a nazi fascist person!
    And I am proud of it!
    I love my white, Christian nation and country and ready to live or die for it!

  10. Rocketman says:

    Them cupcakes be racist’ , Hip Hop blackfaced cupcakes in the news.


    Yea, but what if they where chocolate and white womens be eatin’ em’?

  11. Rocketman says:

    Roll the dice Boy, dis’ game be rassis’.


  12. Rocketman says:

    What dat nigga be sayin?

    “Conquer, stomp ya, stop your silly nonsense
    None of you niggers know where the swamp is
    None of you niggers have seen the carnage that I’ve seen
    I still hear fiends scream in my dream
    Murder murder in black convertibles
    I kill a block I murder avenues
    Rape and pillage a village, women and children
    Everybody wanna know what my Achilles heel is
    LOVE I don’t get enough of it
    All I get is these vampires and blood suckers
    All I see is these niggers, I’ve made millionaires”

    Yes white folks, this is what the jews sell to your children.

  13. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    “Hitler… one of the most significant figures who ever lived”
    President J.F. Kennedy

    “Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived…
    He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.
    He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”

    – John F. Kennedy,
    President of the
    United States of America (AMEN.)

  14. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    “… Hitler is one of the greatest men. The old trust him, the young idolise him. It is the worship of a national hero who has served his country.”

    – David Lloyd George,
    Prime Minister and Statesman,
    Great Britain.

  15. Sito;FAEM.COM says:


    When Adolf took office in 1933, Germany was the European country with the bleakest future; possibly no country in the world had worse prospects. Germany was technically bankrupt with no likelihood of rehabilitation. The reasons for this were many and varied:

    Massive unemployment
    Industrial stagnation
    Crippling strike actions by unions
    Private investment had fallen to one sixth
    Collapse in agricultural prices
    Escalating numbers of bankrupt companies
    Total earnings had fallen by half
    90% of the German people were in dire straits
    The Versailles treaty confiscated the richest mineral land and imposed escalating debt repayments that would not be lifted for fifty years.
    Communists, funded by the Soviet Union, were taking advantage of the political turmoil with frequent strike action and violent abortive coups.

  16. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    On taking up office as Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler was determined to address the economic catastrophe and coupled problems of unemployment and crime by any means and as soon as possible. He summoned the Reichsbank President, Dr. Hans Luther to his office. Luther was a frugal and practical man. Since the total remaining State Funds equaled only 150 million marks, he offered Adolf no assistance or advice. Adolf decided that Luther was not the man for the job.

    Having turned the party newspaper, Volkisher Beobachter, around from economic ruin to solid profitability, Adolf had developed a keen and sound interest in economics, and had solid ideas on what could and what could not be done with the German economy. Next he summoned Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, and put the same request to him. These two brilliant minds met, and the historic result was the scheme known as “Mefo Bonds”

    “It was necessary to discover a method that would avoid inflating the investment holdings of the Reichsbank immoderately and consequently increasing the circulation of money excessively.”
    – Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s Finance Minister

  17. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    Thousands of Unemployed march in Berlin.

    By the end of Adolf Hitler’s first year in office unemployment had fallen from 6,000,000 to 3,374,000. An unprecedented 2,627,000 jobs had been created at a time when the rest of the world was in deep eceonomic recession.

    Mefo Bonds, when presented to the Reichsbank could be converted into cash. Schacht designed the bonds to be short term so that there would be ready public acceptance of the bonds, which paid an interest rate of four percent, an acceptable figure at that time, and normal banknotes hidden under the mattress paid no interest at all! The public eagerly accepted the bonds and Adolf had his billions with which to create jobs without causing inflation. In the next four years the public subscribed to over 12 Billion marks worth of Mefo Bonds.

    “The nation does not live for the sake of the economic system, and the economic system does not exist for the sake of capital. On the contrary, capital is the servant of the economic system and the economic system is the servant of the people.”

    – Adolf Hitler. First Reichstag Speech

  18. Sito;FAEM.COM says:


    As the creation of jobs progressed, government income automatically increased due to several factors:

    Many unemployed and destitute no longer needed to be supported out of State Funds
    The newly employed now paid tax from their wages
    With increased confidence, private industry in turn dared to expand and employ new staff
    “I don’t think Hitler was reduced to begging for my help. If I had not served him, he would have found other methods, other means. He was not a man to give up.”
    – Hjalmar Schacht, on trial at Nuremberg

  19. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    “Prejudices aside, anybody visiting Germany again for the first time after an interval of five years, cannot fail to be impressed by the obvious signs of an economic renaissance. He would see factories, formerly dilapidated and closed down, now reopened and refitted, working again under normal conditions. He would see an army of employed workers increased by hundreds of thousands, and above all, note the loading ramps piled high with commodities, stand amazed at the constant stream of big transport lorries, each with its four-wheeled or six-wheeled trailer… all the signs and portents, which five years ago told the story of business depression, had vanished into thin air and been replaced by an auspicious display of re-awakened enterprise.
    – Cesare Santoro


    Adolf’s economic policy was based on the renewal of industry through large public works. Later the billions invested would be returned to the State by painless tax revenues. Germany soon saw the results and all opposition to his leadership melted away before the economic miracle.

    Large projects were undertaken, including the world’s first freeways, or Autobahns, and the world’s cheapest family car, the Volkswagen, also innovated by Adolf Hitler.

  20. Sito;FAEM.COM says:


    Five years of National Socialist industrial and economic activity show that:

    Paper manufacture has increased by 50%
    The manufacture of diesel oil has increased by 66%
    The production of coal has increased by 68%
    The production of oil fuel has increased by 80%
    The production of mineral oil has increased by 90%
    The production of artificial silk has increased by 100%
    The production of Kerosene has increased by 110%
    The production of steel has increased by 167%
    The production of lubricating oil has increased by 190%

    “German economic salvation has been brought about solely through the efforts of the German people and the experience they have gained. Countries abroad have contributed nothing to this.” “We have made it possible, without gold and without foreign exchange, to maintain the value of the German mark. Behind the German mark stands the German capacity for work, while some foreign countries, suffocated by gold, have been compelled to devalue their currencies.” — “Today in May, 1938, the world around us suffers from the anxiety which the unemployment of millions brings with it. In Germany we begin to be anxious because we have not enough workmen.”

    Adolf Hitler

  21. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    The first freeways in the world were built in Germany. They were conceived by a poor struggling artist called Adolf Hitler. The books he read educated him on many aspects of city and road planning, and he had a knack to simplify complex problems, and a gift to keep ideas in harmony with nature. His dreams of wide safe beautiful roads led him to study bridges and architecture. He would later personally authorize bridge designs, and sometimes launch competitions where the best design and beauty would earn money and prestige.

    The freeways would be 24 metres in width, and be in harmony with the landscape. Local natural rock would be used in preference, to enhance the beautiful roads that came together and diverged like great works of art.

    Even service stations and restaurants were planned beforehand, blending in with local architecture and in harmony with the surroundings.

    The Autobahn project was also designed to provide work for the unemployed. Normal roads were usually paved with bitumen or asphalt which Germany had to import, but Germany had no foreign exchange at all, so it invented roads paved with concrete slabs, with all material available in Germany.

    The freeways were toll-free. Adolf would not penalize the public for travelling. Hundreds of new businesses sprang up along the 2,000km of freeway that were completed before the war. The new roads eliminated congestion on old roads and generated tax revenues from new businesses.

    Tourism and commerce flourished as never before.


  22. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    Europe and the West in the 1930’s was a product of the Industrial Revolution. The world of Oliver Twist and industrial lives of quiet desperation were still part of the scene. Throughout Europe it was often the case that workers were not entitled to paid vacations, and when this was the case, it rarely amounted to more than 5 days per year. Mostly the only time off was Sundays and public holidays. Besides, there was almost nowhere that a normal laborer could afford to go on vacation, so there was little point?

    Adolf promulgated legislation that gave workers a right to annual vacation time, up to 21 days per year. This was three times more than the next country in Europe (France) was to implement in 1936, as a copy-cat measure to soothe their own workers.

    A giant vacation organization for workers was established, with the duty to provide affordable and enjoyable holidays for workers. Luxury trains, clean, well run holiday resorts in the mountains and at the seashore were built. The program included shops, hotels and convalescent homes.

    Big cruise ships such as “Wilhelm Gustloff”, “Robert Ley”, “Cap Arkona” and
    others enabled German workers to take sea cruises. These “Stength Through Joy” ships were barred from British harbors because the British government did not want British workers to see what was available to German workers under National Socialism.

    Before the war began more than half of all Germans had taken advantage of this program to enjoy a luxurious and easily affordable holiday.


    Workers on projects far away from home had always been neglected. Now their needs were catered for. Recreation facilities were established that moved site as construction advanced. Fourteen crews provided movies and other entertainment at different camp sites throughout Germany. Materials were provided to provide comfort, recreation and education, if desired. Laborers had the right to visit their families at intervals. Laborers were given public recognition for the work they did. Labor in Germany became something respected and celebrated.

    The “Strength Through Joy” organisation supplied cruise ships, of the highest standard, to enable workers to enjoy an annual vacation.

    Holidaymakers dancing aboard a cruise liner
    on a trip through the Mediterranean.

    Plush yet affordable luxury on board ship

  23. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    “Step by step I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi aggression and terror.
    I believe now that Hitler and the German people did not want war. But we declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of balance of power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans’ around Roosevelt. We ignore Hitler’s pleadings not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realise that Hitler was right. He offered us the co-operation of Germany; instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Union. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentlessly pursued now, only under a different label.”

    – British Attorney General, Sir Hartley Shawcross,
    Stourbridge, March 16th, 1984

    Lord Hartley Shawcross
    “I believe now that Hitler and the German people did not want war”

    Lord Rothermere was the first known
    person to refer to Adolf Hitler as
    “ADOLF THE GREAT” “He has a supreme intellect. I have known only two other men to whom I could apply such distinction – Lord Northcliffe and Lloyd George. If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant clear answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He believes that Germany has a Divine calling and that the German people are destined to save Europe from the revolutionary attacks of Communism. He values family life very highly, whereas Communism is its worst enemy. He has thoroughly cleansed the moral, ethical life of Germany”

    – Viscount Rothermere

  24. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    “Hitler’s political aim and policy is directed toward attaining his goal without loss of blood. He succeeded in ascending to the highest power position in Germany with very little spilling of blood or loss of human life in a land of 68 million inhabitants. Austria was annexed without one shot being fired. The unrest in Palestine cost more lives during the past five years than that in Germany and Austria since its inception and the establishment of the Hitler regime.”
    Daily Mail, May 20, 1938

    “I believe in the Holy German people inside and outside the German frontiers. I believe in Adolf Hitler, who by the grace of God, was sent to give the German people faith in themselves once more.”

    – Rudolf Hess
    Deputy leader of the NSDAP

  25. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    “I think that it must be admitted that National Socialism has done a great deal for Germany. It has undoubtedly cleaned up Germany in the ordinary moral sense of the word. The defeatism, the corruption so manifest a characteristic in the days after the war has disappeared, at any rate from public view. It has given discipline and order and a sense of purpose to the great majority of young people who in earlier days did not know where to go or what they were living for.”

    His Lordship, the Marquess of Lothian, British Ambassador to Washington, June, 29th, 1937

    : “The spectacle of Germany today is a tremendous experience. Fifteen years after the war in which the allied powers thought they had destroyed her, Germany is on her feet again. As compared with 1922 and 1931, when I last saw Germany, the change is miraculous. The people are confident, enthusiastic and courageous. They have recovered their morale. In 1931 the German people were going to pieces. But now they are themselves again, no doubt about that! The masses of the people are increasingly with Hitler. I have been fooling myself all along that this was not so, but now I know it is so.”

    John H. Holmes, Pastor. Community Church. N. Y Times, July, 12th, 1935

  26. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    “I am not worthy to speak aloud of Adolf Hitler, and his
    life and work do not invite sentimental words.
    “He was a warrior for mankind and a herald of the gospel
    of justice for all nations. He was a reformative figure of the
    highest rank, and it was his historic fate that he had to work
    in a time of unprecedented baseness, which in the end brought him down.
    “Thus, I suppose, must the ordinary West European look
    upon Adolf Hitler. And we, his close followers, now bow
    our heads before his mortal shroud.”
    — Norwegian writer and Nobel Prize-winner, Knut Hamsun,
    upon the death of Adolf Hitler, Aftenposten, 1 May 1945

  27. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    HAIL HITLER…………………

  28. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    by Robert Frenz – 8 FEB 98

    While at university, I approached a well-endowed young lady who happened to be checking people in and out of one of our swim meets. Her name was Laurie Altman and so I introduced myself as Bruce Friedman. Since I was not African or Asian, I thought this would suffice. Laurie immediately burst into laughter with, “Who do you think you are kidding?”

    I reflected upon this some 40 years later while reading some blightwing “racist” material. To people who supposedly knew that jews were the cause of all their problems, I was amazed that none of them could tell you what a jew was and clearly none of them could point one out on the street. It wasn’t that simple, I suppose. The question wouldn’t leave my mind: “If the jews can recognize a non-jew on sight then why couldn’t a White racist recognize a jew on sight?” It is obvious to me that jews really have an edge in this department. In other words, their general intelligence seems to be on a higher level than it does for the “supremacists.” There seems to be something basic here and although blightwingers like to blame the jews, the fault really lies within themselves. It’s easy to observe.

    Over the years, in my teaching experience, I’ve had a liberal sprinkling of varied types of students. Since mathematics was the subject, I never saw a Black. My courses were not on the required list. Anyway, there existed a disturbing difference between my perceived views of the typical jewish students and the typical White student.

    White fathers love to see their sons playing street hockey and White mothers love to tote their boys from one soccer game to the other. Their daughters train at Judo, or some other foolishness — dead-pan Chuck Norris and his 360-degree pirouettes comes to mind — and the goal seems to be popularity and “show biz” success. On the other hand, I have never seen one set of jewish parents encourage their offspring in anything other than pure academics. They place an astounding value upon education (“Hymie, you are going to be a doctor!”) and this is reflected in the classroom. One section comes to mind.

    Sidney was jewish and ranked, relative to that group, somewhere about the 85-percentile mark. The more intelligent boys were content to play “macho man” in front of the girls who, with the exception of the two jewish girls, were busy playing with their lipstick, fondling their hair and rubbing their thighs together. At the local sports get-togethers, the machos and their giggling-female worshippers swooned, gyrated, and generally behaved like a pack of African wild dogs returning home from a hunt. This one class had seven jews in it and I never saw one of them at any of these “whoopee” sports sessions. They were home studying.

    Sidney (not his real name) came into my life again when he popped up as a Supreme Court jurist. He was effectively “running” much of the city. One other former student – Sarah — became a part of the top-level administration at a well-known Ohio university. My two brightest students never went on to control anything. They became salaried employees of a jewish-run engineering/electronic concern. This, I think, tells most of the story: Whitey, the f*ck-off, DESERVES to be working for the jew. Patronage, of course, has always existed but examine the school/work behavior of jews and Whites. Our problems sprout from an absolute bizarre attitude towards learning — learning anything — which is pandemic amongst White people. (Why do I have to learn this?) Is it any wonder that Asians are excelling in our universities? When Whitey looks for the easy way out, then he’ll be replaced by people who are willing to work! Although some very hard-working Whites get the old “jew-screw” when it comes to employment opportunities, one must never forget that it was White people who allowed this condition to materialize in the first place.

    Although not discovered until later, I noticed that my university “bull sessions” were moving in the direction of being jewish by population. I frankly got tired of conversations involving who played “bury the wiener” last night or who could do the fastest five-laps in the pool. As I sought out people who were interested in topics, and not personalities, I slowly discovered that I was in the middle of the Zuckermans, Wirzups, Goulinskys and Bergashes.

    It is a sad thing when a people as gifted as the Whites are — especially the German element — appear not to have the requisites, nor desire, to run their own country. I prefer to have all of the jews shipped to Israel, or Madagascar, and live in a White-run society. From what I have seen, however, to replace the jews with our current batch of “good-time Charleys” and Internet nitwits, would be a disaster which would far exceed any imagined hurt engendered by the jews who now infest all levels of power in this land. Until the so-called Whites finally start acting like real Aryans, I shall continue to mutter, and complain, full-well knowing that the jews have only filled the massive void left by the vacating White people.


  29. Sito;FAEM.COM says:



    14 Jan 98
    “Christian” means relating to, or belonging to Christ, that is, the King. The King, in this case, refers to Jesus who spent his boyhood in Nazareth. Thus, Christians congregate believing in the holiness of Christ Jesus. Christ is divine, so they claim. On the other hand, the jews claim that Christ was not divine; was not born of a virgin; and therefore just a mortal teacher — a rabbi, in their world. So my question is this: What in hell is a Judeo-Christian? What in hell is Judeo-Christianity? Can we have a rational union of religious peoples where one portion believes one thing while the other portion believes the opposite? Talk about 1984-type dimwits!

    OK. The jews tell us that Jesus was one of them. The spineless christians, after claiming the opposite for centuries, now shout to the heavens that Christ was a jew. The “true jews” put their own idiosyncratic spin on the story. Even the present Pope joins in. So where does that leave us?

    According to those who claim that they alone are God’s “chosen,” jews can only receive “jewish genes” from their mothers. One is a jew if his mother was a jew. Daddy sperm-donor doesn’t count. So, whether Mary was a virgin, or not, it remains that she must have been a jewess. However, given this immense, and relatively singular importance, the lineage of Mary is sadly lacking from the Bible. Through the maze of begots, begets, begats, and begones, Joseph’s kin is not hard to locate, and trace. It appears then, that while the Judeo-Bible is loaded with importance concerning males, it severely down-plays the role of women — those critters responsible for determining who a jew is in the first place! Wacky is as wacky does.

    The “beasts” of the Bible are also interesting. There are the wild beasts and beasts of specifically four-feet. Some beasts have two-feet and can talk, wear sackcloth and can copulate with women (Lev:18:23) — which is a no-no punishable by death. Some writers believe that this special beast of the field was the African Black. The Bible, in many of its books, denounces race-mixing as well as faggotry but these Z-rated verses are rarely mentioned anymore. Lastly, we have the mardi-gras type of beasts with various assortments of heads, horns, feet, baubles, bangles, beads, etc. — a mish-mash of oddities straight out of some perverts fashion shop, a Spielberg movie, or adorning some inner-city pimp-mobile.

    There is a special beast — a “chosen” beast complete with a name, a mark and a number. We all know that the number is 666 (Rev:13:18). These “natural brute beasts” (2Pt:2:12) do have a name but their mark is not necessarily their number. Perhaps the number leads to the mark.

    The sum of 1,2,3 is 6. The product of 1,2,3 is 6. “6” immediately brings to mind the 6,000,000 — with its 6 zeros. “6” also reminds us of the six-sided cells of the bees’ honeycomb. It is the image of the mindless twits of Orwell’s 1984 and the proposed “brown-man” of the sought-after New World Order. When 6,000,000 is divided by 666, the remainder is 6. World War Two’s Zionist-directed D-day invasion began on the 6th day of the 6th month in the 6th year of the war. Is something distilling out?

    The 6-sided star (Solomon’s seal; the star of David) can be formed by using 6 single lines. It can be formed by using 6 double-crossed lines (X’s). It can be formed by using 6 triple-joined lines (triangles). Single, double, triple — we’ve seen this 1,2,3 before.

    The Beast has more than one mark. Some of them appear on grocery items where it is getting nearly impossible to sell anything without them. One has a difficult time entering the marketing business without having the mark. In fact, it is becoming increasingly dangerous to be anti-666. People live in fear of being branded an anti-666ite. When a blight-winger is called an anti-666, he immediately yodels, “Who me? Why, some of my best friends are 666’s. I might even have an uncle who is a 666.” The Latin word for six is sex and we all know who controls that industry — porno and all.

    We are living in the 6th millennia which is completely controlled by the Beast. All those opposing the Beast will suffer frustration, injury and usually defeat.

    The “great red dragon” (communism) gave power to the Beast (Rev:12:3) and (Rev:13:4) “…who is able to make war with him?” Look at our “stealth” aircraft technology and atomic weaponry. Who can stand up to this? “Who rules America if not 666 — the number of the Beast?”


  30. Hoff says:

    Mandatory read.

    The Power Behind The Scenes
    By Bill Guru

    The aftermath of the Second World War is just as convincing of the power of Jewry as the aftermath of the First World War. In the aftermath of the first conflict the Jewish delegations at Paris achieved some amazing things. These included the mandate over Palestine, the incorporation of the language of the Balfour Declaration in the text of the mandate, the minorities treaties in Central Europe and the Covenant of the League of Nations. But in the aftermath of World war Two, the Jewish achievement in power politics was even more amazing. First came the great Nuremberg Trial where the German defendants were hung during the Jewish high holidays of October 1946. But even more impressive was the immense army of “carpetbaggers” who followed the American and British armies into Germany. They were joined by a similar army of occupiers from the Soviet east. These occupiers wore British, American and Soviet uniforms but all displayed the same ethnicity. The Hungarian author, Louis Marschalko, describes the process in his extremely rare book, “The World Conquerors”, published in English translation in 1958.

    In Chapter Nine, “Revenge Is Ours”, Marschalko writes:

    “On May 9th, 1945, the revenge of Jehovah was turned loose over Europe. The planes of the British and American forces were still called ‘liberators’ but Eisenhower announced:

    “We are not coming as liberators but as conquerors!’

    But were the Americans, in fact, the real victors? In the wake of the advancing American forces a sinister fifth column followed, the members of which in ninety-nine per cent of the cases were not Americans. This revengeful army was made up of emigrants from Eastern European countries, of black market operators from Brooklyn ghettos, of Czech, Polish and Hungarian Jews who took refuge in London and of criminal inmates from the liberated concentration camps. They filled all major and minor posts in the C.I.C., organised according to the Morgenthau Plan, they swarmed in the O.S.S., in the various commissions searching for war criminals, as well as in the American security organizations. They became mayors of German towns and commandants of P.O.W. camps. They administered LaGuardia’s U.N.N.R.A. They occupied key positions in the American forces and thus exercised control over them.

    There were only 2,524 German war criminals on the original list of the U.N., but soon the C.I.C. and the American conquerors were conducting a search for one million German ‘war criminals’. At first the Soviets wanted to shoot 50,000 Germans summarily, then they proposed to bring 200,000 ‘war criminals’ to trial at Nuremberg.

    Simultaneously, the conquering flood began to move eastwards. A mass of several hundred thousand released from the concentration camps surged toward Poland, Hungary, Roumania and Yugoslavia, to become officers in the Communist police forces and other terror organizations and to assume judicial powers in the people’s tribunals and so be able to pass sentence upon innocent people in an orgy of revenge. They were welcomed with open arms by the Soviet MVD who were in control of the Eastern European countries. The pattern was everywhere the same. In the forefront there was either an American, a Soviet or a French general but in each case a Jewish deputy dogged his heels.

    Actually, Europe did not fall under the Russians, British or Americans, but under Jewish occupation. Everything that had rightly or wrongly belonged to Europe for 2000 years now disintegrated. The avengers continued doing (but more cruelly) the very things they had set down as crimes against Hitler. This was no occupation by the forces of American democracy or Bolshevism but by those of a victorious Jewish nationalism glowing with hatred. Ensconced in key positions among the occupying powers, they were able to punish everyone, whether innocent or guilty. In their eyes there was but one crime ­ to have opposed, or to be in a position to oppose, Jewish nationalism

    The Western and the Eastern Jew set out hand-in-hand to liquidate the Christian upper classes who had succeeded in escaping from Bolshevism. These were considered unreliable people. Vlassow’s Cossacks, for instance, wanted to fight against Bolshevism. But whoever resists Bolshevism is actually fighting one section of the Jewish world-kingdom. These Cossacks knew very well who were the commissars of the collective farms (kolkhoz) before whom the Russian peasant had to go down on his knees. In 1940 they had seen the “Russian” MVD entering Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and thus knew the Jews almost exclusively organized the deportation of tens of thousands of unfortunate people from these small Baltic states. These people were dangerous because they had witnessed certain things. These witnesses must be slain!

    How can one account for the fate of Vlassov’s Cossacks otherwise than by Jewish nationalism operating behind the visible power. How else could such inhumanity be accounted for when British democracy allowed armed military police to deploy against thousands of unarmed Cossacks.”

    Louis Marschalko here touches upon one of the great hidden secrets of the Second World War ­ the true identity of the conquerors. The British, Americans and Soviet Russians were merely the front men for the real power. Very little academic research has been done on the facts he recounts. It is one of those subjects that “respectable intellectuals” just do not delve into. Nevertheless, the facts are precisely as Marschalko recounts them. A Jewish terror did descend upon Europe after World War Two. This terror was as omnipresent as it has been little mentioned since. Whether it was Herbert Lehman or Fiorello LaGuardia running the UNNRA or Ana Pauker terrorizing Romania, it was, as Marschalko says, the terror of the Jew. Jews everywhere seized the finest properties in Europe. They lived it up at the expense of the defeated while portraying themselves as the greatest of martyrs.

    None of this fits the story in the history books ­ which is why it is deleted. A few individuals, such as British general Sir Frederick Morgan and American general George Patton, tried to blow the whistle on what was going on but were quickly silenced. Morgan spoke of a huge flood of Jews pouring down the Balkans out of the Iron Curtain countries toward Palestine. At first the charge was denied but then admitted. Morgan was quickly removed and replaced for daring to tell the truth. General Patton wrote scathingly on how displaced person, meaning Jews, were living it up as virtual privileged saints in Germany after the war. What happened to Patton, and the reasons for it, is only too well known. Post World War Two Europe was a Jews harvest. “Survivors” proliferated in American and British uniforms; Jewish commissars dominated in Stalinist governments; refugees swarmed to the best hotels and UNRRA supply depots on their way to the Holy Land.

    To investigate any of this in detail is to raise immediate questions about the Jewish extermination story. Thus, the rich and fallow territory of the Jewish conquest of post-World War Two Europe lies largely unexplored. In all probability that shall continue. The subject is loaded with historical dynamite.


  31. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    A major problem with all discourse is that people usually harbor their individualized meanings for the sounds they make. Thus, ‘love’ can mean a feeling towards a hot fudge sundae or the urge some men get when someone bends over in front of them in a shower. I have specific ideas in mind when I use certain words and often people seem to forget this and peruse the material using their definitions.

    A person is of a certain blood. This, in a mixed sense, is true of his children. That unit of so-related people is a family. Extensions of this are what we call kin. The blood related groups enlarge to tribes and tribes compose nations, that is, a race. Bantus, or Japanese, do not have a lineage remotely equal to mine. That is why they belong to a different race. The term ‘human race’ is a misnomer launched into popular use by those who wish to blur distinctions or seek to eliminate one race or the other. In fact, the differences between the races are so pronounced that Blacks, Yellows and Whites technically belong to different species. (Inter-fertility occurs frequently across the species boundary.)

    We often loose sight of the real world as a result of being intimidated by ‘experts’ waving their usually useless college degrees (I have 3) in the faces of those whom wish to intimidate. And never let yourself be out-voted when it comes to truth. Six million people wearing watches which cannot keep the correct time are not a source of factual information in this regard. People are generally intellectually lazy and this makes them prone to accept and believe utter nonsense.

    National Socialism is thus about nations. Those nations can be Black, Yellow, White or even a sub-race. It’s true that many nations have held certain chunks of geography as their own for centuries but the boundaries set by rivers, oceans and mountains do not make a nation. It’s the nation, in contest with others usually, which defines those boundaries. America in not a nation. It once was. Japan is still a nation and I fervently hope it remains so.

    In this discussion I shall use the term community to embrace any subset of nation.

    Socialism is much like the word ivory. It once meant something rather specific but today its mention usually invokes an image of soap. Once an adjunct to community, socialism today is defined in recent dictionaries as a precursor to communism. Indeed, many equate the two. I use it in the sense of a close aggregate of people belonging to the same nation. Community interests are social interests and any system, or activity so enclosed, constitutes socialism. We are submerged in Marxian definitions and we should never lose sight of that fact, ever.

    National Socialism is thus concerned with race and the interaction of the included members. In a more narrow sense, National Socialism not only embraces the interests of the community, as opposed to ‘rugged individualism’, but also implies that quality people make better communities and that quality is far more desirable than quantity. (Sorry Pope, but you lose on this one.) It further assumes that the biological quality of its future members can not only be improved but that it should be a national goal. Furthermore, individual interests have to take second place relative to community interests. Here in upside down America, decent people are often subjected to, and are admonished to tolerate, public nuisances who often are little more than criminal predators. The ‘do your own thing’ person who is burdensome to the community should be disposed of as expeditiously as possible. Vladimir Ilich Lenin soon discarded his fellow tribe member Karl Heinrich Marx’s notion and said that those who do not work should not eat. I would further extend this by saying that unproductive people should not be allowed to breed, much less vote or eat.

    It is therefore easy to see the reasons why National Socialism invokes such venomous hatred. “National” is really racism and most assume falsely that socialism is merely diluted communism. Communism is an idea which is international in scope. This means that it is really anti-national. Within this foolish framework, the term National Socialism becomes little other than an oxymoron.

    On a more singular level, personal responsibility to a community, whether family or race, is an anathema to the free-for-all ‘pursuit of happiness’ aberration which has infected and crippled most American minds. “I should be allowed to bang on my drums at 3 A.M. in the morning and if you are annoyed, then you should move somewhere else.” A healthy community would confiscate the offender’s drums and if he showed up with another set, promptly run him out of town. An efficient community would insure that he never saw another sunrise.

    As Eric Thomson pointed out, National Socialism is really Natural Socialism. Nowhere in Nature do we find the strong being sacrificed in order to preserve the useless. Whatever we preserve for the present will become our future. They breed. We feed.

    Citizenship, that is, a formal recognition that you are a member of a racial community should not be a birthright. It is something which should be earned. One must demonstrate a potential for enhancing the welfare of his community — by engaging in useful community service for a protracted period — and a reasonable prospect that his usefulness will continue.

    Race-mixing is detrimental to everything National Socialism stands for. Race-mixing is detrimental to the continuation of those attributes contained in the natural order of things. A mulatto, for example is a very poor Black and he is equally a very poor White. Although slightly more intelligent than the Black, as far as test scores seem to indicate, he is utterly inferior to the Black in problem solving.

    A great concern of the voting nitwits is ‘health care’ which is really a misnomer for what healthy man needs care? It really is sickness care and it’s no coincidence that over 50 percent of our population is ill from one thing or the other. If they haven’t serious problems then they are plagued with poor eyesight, toenail fungus, yeast infections, allergies, and anal pruritus. If our present population had to run the ‘gauntlet’ of life which was present only 100 years ago, 50 percent of them wouldn’t be alive today. We preserve the weak and the health problems, and other social ills, multiply — all in the name of humanity or some Mideastern religion.

    Sick people envy the healthy. The ugly envy the beautiful. The stupid envy the intelligent. Fermenting envy breeds resentment and ultimately hate. Communism, whether of the Russian or American variety, creates hatred for that which is perceived to be superior. (The alliance during WW II was more than a mutual convenience.) Since National Socialism is directed towards the goal of improvement of the continued generations, it is not hard to understand why it is so hated. One National Socialist has at least a thousand enemies.

    We are living in an age where the blood of the Golden Goose is being demanded by those weary of rolling the Golden Eggs which they could never, ever create. If that protoplasmic pottage known as “mankind” ever achieves its goal of universal flotsam, then Nature will still have the last say. One can definitely count on those little bacteria to even the books.

    by Robert Frenz

    26 May 1999


  32. Hoff says:

    Played golf with Joe Kennedy (U.S. Ambassador to Britain). He says that Chamberlain stated that America and world Jewry forced England into World War II.

    – James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy (later Secretary of Defense), Diary, December 27, 1945 entry.


  33. Hoff says:

    ” What would have happened if millions of American and British people, struggling with coupons and lines at the gas stations, had learned that in 1942 Standard Oil of New Jersey [part of the Rockefeller empire] managers shipped the enemy’s fuel through neutral Switzerland and that the enemy was shipping Allied fuel?

    Suppose the public had discovered that the Chase Bank in Nazi-occupied Paris after Pearl Harbor was doing millions of dollars’ worth of business with the enemy with the full knowledge of the head office in Manhattan [the Rockefeller family among others?]

    Or that Ford trucks were being built for the German occupation troops in France with authorization from Dearborn, Michigan?

    Or that Colonel Sosthenes Behn, the head of the international American telephone conglomerate ITT, flew from New York to Madrid to Berne during the war to help improve Hitler’s communications systems and improve the robot bombs that devastated London?

    Or that ITT built the FockeWulfs that dropped bombs on British and American troops?

    Or that crucial ball bearings were shipped to Nazi-associated customers in Latin America with the collusion of the vice-chairman of the U.S. War Production Board in partnership with Goering’s cousin in Philadelphia when American forces were desperately short of them?

    Or that such arrangements were known about in Washington and either sanctioned or deliberately ignored?”

    Charles Higham, researcher, about U.S.-Nazi collaboration during WWII


    In his book “Mein Leben als deutscher Jude” (“My Life as a German Jew”), Dr. Nahum Goldmann describes the “phenomenal rise of German Jewry” as follows:
    “German Jewry, which found its temporary end during the Nazi period, was one of the most interesting and for modern Jewish history most influential centers of European Jewry. During the era of emancipation, i.e. in the second half of the nineteenth and in the early twentieth century, it had experienced a meteoric rise…. It had fully participated in the rapid industrial rise of Imperial Germany, made a substantial contribution to it and acquired a renowned position in German economic life.

    Seen from the economic point of view, no Jewish minority in any other country, not even that in America could possibly compete with the German Jews. They were involved in large scale banking, a situation unparallelled elsewhere, and, by way of high finance, they had also penetrated German industry.

    A considerable portion of the wholesale trade was Jewish. They controlled even such branches of industry which is in general not in Jewish hands. Examples are shipping or the electrical industry, and names such as Ballin and Rathenau do confirm this statement. I hardly know of any other branch of emancipated Jewry in Europe or the American continent that was as deeply rooted in the general economy as was German Jewry. American Jews of today are absolutely as well as relatively richer than the German Jews were at the time, it is true, but even in America with its unlimited possibilities the Jews have not succeeded in penetrating into the central spheres of industry (steel, iron, heavy industry, high finance, shipping), as was the case in Germany.

    Their position in the intellectual life of the country was equally unique. In literature, they were represented by illustrious names. The theatre was largely in their hands. The daily press, above all its internationally influential sector, was essentually owned by Jews or controlled by them. As paradoxical as this may sound today, after the Hitler era, I have no hesitation to say that hardly any section of the Jewish people has made such extensive use of the emancipation offered to them in the nineteenth century as the German Jews! In short, the history of the Jews in Germany from 1870 to 1933 is probably the most glorious rise that has ever been achieved by any branch of the Jewish people”. (p. 116)

    “The majority of the German Jews were never fully assimilated and were much more Jewish than the Jews in other West European countries”. (p.120)

    “My work in those years was essentially of a propagandistic nature. I was too young and unknown to play a part in the leading circles of Germany, let alone of world Zionism, which was partially controlled from Berlin”. (p. 121)—“

  34. Hoff says:



  35. Hoff says:

    “The Hitler Project ”

    The Transfer (Haavara) Agreement of 1933 was one of the most important incidents in the Holocaust framework. Under this agreement some 2.5 million Jews were to be traded for trucks. The agreement never came to fruition because the Zionists could not take that number of Jews to Palestine. (25-6853, 6854)

    Burg had discovered that the German Zionist leaders requested as early as 1933 that the Jews be required to wear the yellow star. The Zionists saw it not as an insult but as a heroic gesture, just like the SS wore the swastika. In 1938 the director of the Zionist movement in the Third Reich brought about the wearing of the yellow star by the Jews against the wishes of both Göring and Goebbels. (25-6850)

    Burg wrote in his books about the co-operation which existed between the Zionist leadership, including David Ben-Gurion, with the Nazi regime prior to the war. (26 6877) Several days after Hitler had been named Chancellor, Rabbi Leo Baeck, a leader of the Zionist organizations in Germany, announced publicly that the interests of Jewry were identical with the interests of National Socialism. Burg testified that Baeck meant “Zionism,” not “Jewry.”

    The Zionists at that time in Germany constituted one and a half percent of the Jewish population. A few days later another Zionist leader made a similar declaration. The sense of these declarations, testified Burg, was as follows: ‘We nationalist Jews, meaning Zionists, are in agreement with this regime. We are not ashamed of our nationalist thoughts.’ The Germans who had to deal with the Jewish question co-operated immediately with this minority of Jews in order to prove to the whole world that they were not anti-Jewish but were co-operating with the Jews. (26-6878, 6879)

    In the early 1930s, as result of this co-operation between the Nazis and Zionists, some 120,000 Jews emigrated from Germany to Palestine. Difficulties began, however, when Britain, which administered Palestine, refused to issue any more immigration permits because of Arab unrest. (26-6879, 6880)

    Zionists in Germany worked at organizing schools for children in the Jewish language, workshops for young people, etc., to help prepare people to emigrate at some point to Palestine. The Zionists were interested only in emigration to Palestine and did everything they could to make sure that outside of Palestine no Jews were admitted. The Nazis were interested in getting the Jews to emigrate wherever they could. Nevertheless, co-operation continued between the Zionists and the Nazis, such people as Adolf Eichmann, Golda Meir and David Ben-Gurion, until 1942 when the Zionist leaders were of the opinion they had reached their goal. Burg stated that even at that point Germany’s defeat could be seen and the Zionists became like “rats leaving a sinking ship.” (26-6880 to 6884)

    Burg discussed the topic of Nazi and Zionist co-operation often with Zündel. Burg believed that the Zionists were the guilty party and that the Germans had been trapped. To brush everything over, the Zionists behaved like the cunning thief who runs ahead of the police screaming “Stop the thief!” It was Zündel’s duty to fight against it and Burg stated he would help. Why? “Because otherwise it will never come to a reconciliation of the people. The truth is slowly coming out, and this is how, provoked by the Zionist leaders, a hatred against the Jews is growing.”
    Burg discussed with Zündel who was responsible for the upset in the world between Germans and Jews. He told Zündel that the First World War had brought the Zionists a homestead in Palestine but not a nation. This was much too little and everything had to be done to create a state of Israel. This was only possible by war activity.

  36. Hoff says:

    Under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, only two flags were permitted in Nazi Germany. One was the swastika. The other was the blue and white banner of Zionism.

    According to Lenni Brenner’s online book Zionism in the Age of Dictators (Ch.7), the Zionist party was the only other political party in Nazi Germany that enjoyed a measure of freedom, and could publish a newspaper. The reason: Zionists and Nazis had a common interest, making German Jews go to Palestine.


  37. Hoff says:

    The World Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years.
    – Rabbi M. Perlzweig (head of the British Section of the World Jewish Congress), Toronto Evening Telegram, February 26, 1940


  38. Hoff says:

    Louis Marschalko [ Louis Marschalko – Metapedia ], of 3000 total personnel at the trial, 2400 were Jews. The man in charge of of procuring all personnel for the trial, Colonel David “Mickey” Marcus, was a Zionist Jew.


  39. Silvernickel says:

    I was watching that despicable jewish produced kanye west video. It shows white women hanging and being imprisoned and no doubt implied sexual assaults.

    “West’s CD’s are released by Rick Rubin’s Def Jam, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. MTV recently named Kanye West its 2010 Man of the Year.”

    This is a nasty Judeo-Negro production to awaken the masses to the ‘jew perps’ behind it.


  40. Rocketman says:

    They didn’t only build ford trucks in france Hoff.

    Here’s Proof.


  41. Octo says:

    “Suppose the public had discovered that the Chase Bank in Nazi-occupied Paris after Pearl Harbor was doing millions of dollars’ worth of business with the enemy with the full knowledge of the head office in Manhattan…”

    Chase Manhattan Bank might be better known to those here by its former name, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., the Jacob Schiff fronted Rothschild satellite that sent at least 20 million in gold to finance the Bolshevik coup in Russia.

    “Dr. Nahum Goldmann describes the “phenomenal rise of German Jewry..”

    The “Big Jew” who gave the order to murder JFK.

  42. Hoff says:

    l can’t get on YouTube. lt simply wont open. ls it just me ..?

  43. Hoff says:

    @ war.hun: l can’t find the book. You have the book?


    Kosovo – the jew made gangster”state”.


  44. Biker says:

    FORD, but also Coca-Cola! the most popular soft drink in Hitlers Germany? FANTA. Orange or Lemon-Lime.

  45. L.Rudolf says:

    To some point the Zionists cooperated with the NS in making Jews emigrate. but then (don’t know when) the NS didn’t like the idea of them going to Palestine, at latest 1939 of course, and wanted to transfer them to the East – and Jews and Zionists continued their propaganda against Germany.. There is a good description by Ingrid Weckert, but not in English. some other here: http://www.ihr.org/main/search.shtml if you write int search: ” Weckert”
    Me haven’t got and coudn’t find in the internet that book The world conquerors by Marschalko.
    and in some detail from: Zionism and the Third Reich by Mark Weber
    about in the middle of the article:
    A Foreign Office circular bulletin of June 22, 1937, cautioned that in spite of support for Jewish settlement in Palestine, “it would nevertheless be a mistake to assume that Germany supports the formation of a state structure in Palestine under some form of Jewish control. In view of the anti-German agitation of international Jewry, Germany cannot agree that the formation of a Palestine Jewish state would help the peaceful development of the nations of the world.”26 “The proclamation of a Jewish state or a Jewish-administrated Palestine,” warned an internal memorandum by the Jewish affairs section of the SS, “would create for Germany a new enemy, one that would have a deep influence on developments in the Near East.” Another SS agency predicted that a Jewish state “would work to bring special minority protection to Jews in every country, therefore giving legal protection to the exploitation activity of world Jewry.”27 In January 1939, Hitler’s new Foreign Minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, likewise warned in another circular bulletin that “Germany must regard the formation of a Jewish state as dangerous” because it “would bring an international increase in power to world Jewry.” … Hitler decided to support their emigration. But controversies and doubts were there.

    The centerpiece of German-Zionist cooperation during the Hitler era was the Transfer Agreement, a pact that enabled tens of thousands of German Jews to migrate to Palestine with their wealth. The Agreement, also known as the Haavara (Hebrew for “transfer”), was concluded in August 1933 following talks…

  46. BALDER says:

    Under judeo-capitalism (which is redundant, according to economist Werner Sombart), we’ve long been at war. Sun Tzu and Clausewitz would define war as invasion and occupation by aliens with the consequent dispossession of the host population, including the destruction of jobs, factories and productive infrastructure. Another factor of war is the saturation of the host population with genocidal psywar propaganda. The fact that it is ‘our’ government which inflicts this war upon us does not make it any less a war. On the contrary! Our Zionist enemies wage war upon us more effectively, because most of us do not see their hostile, destructive, anti-American imperialism as war. As long as we continue to identify ourselves and our interests with our Zionist enemies and their interests, we shall continue to suffer as Judeo-American sheeple, with no hope of salvation.

  47. Silvernickel says:

    By unanimous consent in the Senate, Chai Feldblum, a lesbian [jewish yenta] law professor and the primary author of the pro-homosexual Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), was finally confirmed as a member of the powerful Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which wields enormous power over the nation’s employers.


    I guess this is why when I visit my local jewish-owned Kroger grocery stores, the majority of cashiers and floor managers are always negroes now.

  48. Silvernickel says:

    and I have noticed many apparently gay male managers at various grocery stores as well. Very effeminate types sometimes managing the negroid cashiers

  49. Count Cherep says:

    L.Rudolf, I’ve looked for THE WORLD CONQUERORS by Louis Marschalko on the internet too, and I can only find it as a torrent download, which you have to sign up for. I tried using Vuze, but that didn’t work. The book is available here:


    “Hungarian author gives horrifying glimpses of the agony behind the Iron Curtain and describes the plot (by Kaganovich’s Soviet Union and Jewish Bolshevism) attacking Christianity thus enslaving millions of Europeans, and how it will extend to the Western world. Some topics include World Dominion, World Banking, Why Hitler had to go, the “Six Million”, Israel has the Atomic Bomb, fulfillment of the Protocols, Secret Powers, and the Hungarian Freedom Revolt. Paper 300 pages”

  50. Marshall says:

    John Cougar bags Meg Ryan??? Cool Jack, but Diane is looking a little strange these days…I think the years or some surgery are catching up. Nevertheless, nice to see her out of the grip of the Jew ain’t it? 🙂


  51. 30.06 says:

    To God our thanks for comrades tried and true .

  52. Jictiodoglita says:

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