Rush Limbaugh Spills The Beans

“I see you white guys are here discussing our Jewish masters. Before I say anything, my Jewish handlers are telling me to tell you to ‘put a foreign country before your own and support Israel.’ Pay no attention to that Jew behind the curtain…” 

By Pat Healy

Pay no attention to that Jew behind the curtain — while I, the great EL RUSHBO speak to you peons from ON HIGH…like the voice of GOD himself  disguising indoctrination as news, commentary and entertainment.

Welcome to the EIB Network

My Israeli Boss: This is the Israeli who signs my check. Just look at the beak on that bitch.

Hello folks, and welcome to the EIB network where I — God’s gift to radio, will enlighten you with jew-spin. Sure, I’ll Lie For 400 MIL

That’s right folks – they pay me 400 million Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to act as an propaganda tool in support of the Jewish Nation. Who pays me you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

A Well Kept Secret

An Israeli woman by the name of Orit Gadiesh…used to work in “Israeli Intelligence”…actually the rumor is that she’s MOSSAD…well — she’s the CEO of a company called Bain Capital Partners in Boston.

Bain Capital owns Clear Channel Communications — and I work directly for Clear Channel Premier Radio Networks. Bain acquired Clear Channel in 2006.

One of Israel’s Propaganda Arms

You didn’t know that a Foreign Power is exercising control over your mass media?

Most of you probably are unaware that through Clear Channel alone, the Jewish Nation effectively controls the content of Kosher messages sent out to more than 154 million people, or 75% of the 18+ U.S. population.

My Kosher bosses own over 800 radio stations reaching more than 97 million listeners every week.

And folks, Premiere Radio Networks, who syndicates me also syndicates over 90 other Kosher radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio stations affiliations reaching over 190 million listeners a week. And all of that is just CLEAR CHANNEL. There’s a whole lot more Kosher Media than that. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The enormity of control that the Jewish Nation exerts of you is almost unimaginable.

Foreign Control Of Media Presents Huge National Security Problem

Repeat After Me: I'm a Patriot and I love Israel

Anyway, Orit Gadiesh is an Israeli national with direct ties to the Israeli Intelligence community — and as you know — propaganda is real important to those Israeli Intelligence types.

They pay me lots of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to:

1) Channel your anger away from Israel and Jews,
2) Get you to associate “patriotism” with support for a foreign nation — Israel, and
3) Package it all up in a “Conservative” message base that is specifically targeted at YOU.

My Jewish Propaganda Job

The Jewish Nation: Know any Iraq/Afghanistan vets? This is what they're fighting and dying for.

My job is all about propaganda and focusing your anger about the Jewish agenda on everything but the Jews.

Sure, I’m allowed to play the “Left” vs. “Right” angle, “Conservative” vs “Liberal,” “Republican” vs “Democrat,” and even to some extent I can talk about “Affirmative Action” and “Illegal Immigration”….but NEVER Jews except to tell you to “Put a foreign country before your own and support Israel.”

I’ll even read cue cards saying “Israel is the only Democratic Nation in the Middle East” and “Israel just wants peace”….stuff like that.

I can’t say anything truthful about the Jews or their true agenda.

They would immediately cut off my supply of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes if I did that.

My Listeners

What Do You Think? LOL

My listeners are generally good people. The backbone of America — who know “something’s wrong with this picture” and look to me for answers.

So I make sure to frame their concerns within the confines of The Jewish Agenda.

Lenin didn’t say “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it” for nothing. You sure won’t be hearing me tell you on my show that Lenin was also a Jew…or that Trotsky was a Jew…or that Marx was a Jew. Those are subjects I won’t go near with a 10 foot pole. That would be almost as bad as if I opined that perhaps the official story of the Holocaust might be somewhat flawed.

You will NEVER hear me make any such statements EVER.

In fact, if you’re not quite sure about where my loyalties lie, get a pad and pencil and the next time you listen to me – write down every time I say something critical of either “Israel” or “Jews.”

Passengers On My Private Jet Have to Go Thru My BodyScanner

I gotta admit folks, you people out there who listen to me on a regular basis…and support me……..well, you’re retards. Makes me laugh to think about it.

What do I care as long as I get my pile of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes?

Right — I don’t care. Nobody’s ever going to accuse me of being a “patriot.” That’s for sure.

I only care about me and what those notes can do for me. How else could a portly guy like me get an 18 year old hottie to give him oral sex on his own private jet?

Consider that the next time you’re flying coach.

Foreign Control of Banking and Financial Systems Present Huge National Security Problem

That brings up an interesting subject folks….listen – open up your wallet and take out a bill and look at it. I’ll wait while you do that…………… Ok.

Look at the top margin on the front.

What does it say? It says “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE.” It doesn’t say “UNITED STATES NOTE”, does it? No.

Hold on, a caller is asking: “Rush, why are you calling Federal Reserve Notes Jewish”? Caller, I know this may come as a shock to you but the Jewish Federal Reserve is run by Jews. And Jews, as you know, are devoted to the Jewish Nation — Israel. Case in point: Ben Shalom Bernanke. Shalom, caller.

So what exactly is the origin of that note? Who issued it and under what authority? It says right on there that the United States Government did NOT issue that note.

The FEDERAL RESERVE issued that note. Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve is “Federal” in name only. Just like “Federal Express,” it’s a private entity. Yes, the Private Jewish Federal Reserve issued that note. How did that happen — magic?

Jewish Magic

Ever hear of “Jewish Lighting”? Well, there’s also such a thing as “Jewish Magic.” Jewish Magic is when a group of foreign International Bankers bribe members of congress and the President (Woodrow Wilson, in this case) to enact a law giving a private group of Jewish bankers the exclusive right to “create” your money and lend it to your government for repayment plus interest.

Oh…and the interest rate for repayment is set by those same Jewish bankers. Is that awesome or what, folks?

Can you imagine the kind of power that a situation like that would entail for that group of Jewish bankers? Just imagine the implications of that kind of power.

Apparently, Thomas Jefferson could imagine the implications of that kind of power — as he said:

“The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin.”

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

How did Jefferson know that? Because that was the whole reason the Revolutionary War was fought. The Jewish Bank of England was in control of the British government and saw the colonies as a nice addition to their financial portfolio.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Hang on folks…a caller asks “Rush, why are you calling the Jewish Bank of England Jewish?” Ok caller, the Bank of England is a “Rothschild” bank. Rothschild means “Red Shield” in German.

Rothschild is an assumed name taken by a Jewish banker named Meyer Amschel Bauer — who founded the Bank of England (among others). Gotta know your history folks…get with the program.

Not About Tea

So why the war? I’ll give you a hint: the Revolution wasn’t about TEA.

The colonies started printing their own money — and that’s a big Jewish no-no. It deprives them of their power over you. That’s the same thing Hitler did to resurrect the German economy.

Anyway, we’ve had this Jewish Federal Reserve thing since 1913. So how does it work again?

It goes like this: The Jewish Federal Reserve banks literally “create” money by simply making a “book entry”. That’s right — they just write down a number…and that amount of money is “created.”

Then, they lend it to the US government with a promise to repay it plus interest.

That’s what “debt-based” currency is. It’s based on your “debt” to the Jews and your “interest” payments to the Jews.

Folks, you’re looking confused. Do you need to re-read that? Go ahead if you need to.

Ok, a caller want’s to know what the alternative is. Go ahead caller: “Rush, first I want to say what an honor it is to grovel before you within earshot of millions of listeners. Thank you so much for taking my call.” Yes, caller the pleasure is all yours. Go ahead with your question. “Well, Rush…if the Jewish Federal Reserve is so bad…what’s the alternative? I mean, we need money — right? What’s the difference if the Jews manage our currency?”

Caller, The Jewish Federal Reserve Bank is only one head of the Hydra. There are others. But to simplify the problem for you, what it all boils down to is “Profit Motive” and “Private Agenda.”

Privatized Jewish Monopoly

The problem is this: Jewish corruption bribed away the right to print/create our currency to a Jewish Banking cabal in 1913. They can arbitrarily set the value of your currency at will.

This Jewish Banking group is a private profit-seeking entity. Privatization can be a good thing when mixed with “market competition”. However, in this case, this private Jewish Banking group has a “Monopoly” with no competition, has it’s own profit motive and is aligned with the interests of a foreign nation….The Jewish Nation.

Other than that — it’s great.

Private Monopoly Control and Manipulation

Private monopoly control and manipulation of the National Currency should NEVER be allowed.

Does it matter? Maybe not now…because the Jews literally “own” your Congress. But, the issuance of currency should ONLY be in the hands of government. NEVER private individuals.


Profit motive and agenda….that’s why. In this case it’s even worse than just “profit motive.” Here we are facing the furtherance of the agenda of a foreign nation…The Jewish Nation.

Due to the fact that many people are catching on to The Jewish Magic Trick at this point I could even see a possibility that the so-called, “Federal Reserve Bank” could, in fact, be “ended” for political reasons.

So, naturally, the authority to issue currency would be returned to the government where is should have always been.

Will that solve the problem?


Why not?

Because, this same Jewish cabal literally owns your Congress. How many Jews, plus sell-outs populate your Senate? Start counting them. I’d bet at this point …….. all of them are either a Jew or a sell-out worshipper of The Jewish Nation.

How many Jews are on your Supreme Court right now? 4 of 9. Let’s say they get one more Jew on there. Then it will be the Jewish Supreme Kosher Court.

So, now you understand why they also control your media…right? Media control helps get certain people elected…and ensures that others don’t.

So what will fix this?

We have to “Press the Reset Button”….”Flush the Toilet”…..”Start Over.”

Otherwise…………more of the same.

Bottom line: We have to remove Jews and Jewish Influence from the equation.

Folks, this situation is WORSE than if the Armed Forces of the United States were under the direct control of some guy in Brooklyn — rather than the President of the United States. It’s actually worse because through the subversion of our money system — the Jews have taken control over the entire government — not just the military (which they are using to further their own agenda).

Interest-Based Jewish Capitalism

Ain’t collecting interest great?

Did you know that collecting interest is a sin under Islam? It’s called “Riba.” It’s a sin because it leads to “interest slavery.” A great evil — the weight of which you live under right now.

So now you know why you’re being programmed to believe that Islam is “evil.” It sure is evil, especially if you’re a Jewish Banker. Islamic banks are forbidden to charge interest.

Yes, the Jewish Bankers just get deluged with money from essentially nowhere. Isn’t that awesome?

I guess that’s why they call them the “chosen” people. Long story short, with all that money they have subverted governments, manipulated economic depressions, acquired assets, and even hired propaganda tools like me.

Interest Slavery

Under Hitler, Germany did away with “interest slavery.” They kicked out the Jewish Bankers and started printing their own money — based on….nothing.

Nothing at all but the confidence of the German worker. They forbade “unearned income” and made “work” mandatory…hence the German phrase “Arbeit macht frei” — which means “work liberates” or “work will set you free.”

Work Will Set You Free

Once their economy and their currency were under their control, in 5 years Germany went from a destitute nation to the world’s most powerful economy. Simply by reforming its money and banking systems.

You’re not allowed to know about that. Just the Holocaust. That’s all you need to know about Hitler’s Germany. The Holocaust, “death” camps, gas chambers and the suffer-hink. Never mind if it’s not true. All you need to know is that Jews are “victims”.

Shadow Government

A caller is asking “Rush, what does this Jewish Federal Reserve thing have to do with niggers?” Caller, The Jewish Federal Reserve System is your Shadow Government.

The JEWISH STATE a.k.a. Israel

Those Jews are pulling all the strings here. They even tell me what to say and when to say it…at least when I’m on the air.

Collective Guilt Campaign

This Jewish Shadow Government implemented the “collective guilt campaign” in post WW2 Germany which sought to individually charge each and every white German with this really big whopper of an atrocity called the Holocaust.

Don’t Worry – They Raped Her Afterward. She “deserved” it.

Why Collective Guilt?

The Collective Guilt Campaign was designed as an attempt to get the remaining German people to disassociate from National Socialist Germany. The Campaign sought to equate Nationalism and self-preservation as somehow “evil.”

We’ve All Seen The HOLOCAUST Pictures

Then those clever bastards guilted and coerced the rest of the world into allowing them to create a Jewish Nation. That’s what I call chutzpa!

During the final months of the war, the Germans were not ABLE to supply the camps (or German civilians) with food or medicine. Lots of people died of TYPHUS — including German civilians.

How about the US CIVIL WAR prisoners held at ANDERSONVILLE. Were civil war soldiers being “HOLOCAUSTED”?

Were typhus victims in Togo-Benin, West Africa, Bangladesh and Haiti, recently — “HOLOCAUSTED”?

The same game-plan of “collective guilt” was then used against each and every individual white American in the United States during the Jew/Communist “civil rights campaign” for the Slavery of negroes.

Never mind that the center of Slavery in the US was Newport, Rhode Island and that essentially ALL of the slave traders were Jews. The slave traders were Jews, the slave ship owners were Jews and the slave ship crews were Jews.

Never mind that the Jews didn’t free the slaves — white men freed them.

Never mind any of that — you as a white person are guilty.

Why Collective Guilt Again?

You as a white person must forever be guilty!

Because it worked the first time.

So Team Jew is out there running the same play over and over. So far, your defense has been rather lackluster. From up here in the stands, it looks like your team doesn’t even seem to know that a game is being played at all. It’s almost as if your coaching staff is working for the other side.

Hell, even I can see this and I never played sports at all because my rotund physique would have put me at too much of an advantage.

But I sure do watch a lot of niggerball — so even I, El Rushbo, know when a team keeps running the same play.

Team Jew

Caller, go ahead: “Um — Rush, so basically Team Jew keeps running the same play on us? So, why don’t we recognize it and plug the hole?”

Caller, in order to recognize the play — you first have to recognize that you’re in a game and facing an opponent — right caller?

Well, Team Jew is doing everything it can to cover the fact that they even exist. They’re trying to be “invisible.” This is why you get fired for connecting the dots between, say, banking and Jews — media and Jews — or government policy and Jews.

Ever notice that Jews commonly change their names to non-Jewish sounding names? That’s one of their devices to attempt to become “invisible” to you. You see caller — Team Jew doesn’t want you to know they’re there. But they are there — and they’re scoring points on you. Look at ’em go.

You know the saying: “Fool me once — shame on you… fool me twice — shame on me”…right? The reason they used it again on White Americans was because it worked on White Germans. And you White Americans are genetically similar to your brother Germans.

The aim of the Collective Guilt Campaign with respect to the Negroes was to get white people to disassociate with their own heritage — because it is somehow “evil.”

Catching on yet?

This was done to damage white European solidarity. You are reaping the benefits of all that today…especially in places like Detroit. Visit Detroit sometime…it’s the American Haiti.

Slavery is alive and well TODAY in SHITTY AFRICA. It took WHITE MEN to end slavery in the civilized world. That’s right…WHITE MEN.

Endgame: Communism & Jew Control

Essentially, the goal is to crash the current system and replace it with Jew-run communism as they did in Soviet Russia. Some people call that the “new world order.” Call it what you will, but cultural Marxism (aka, political correctness) and communism go hand in hand.

Karl Marx’s real name was Mordecai — his father was a Rabbi. He was just another Jew that changed his name so that his Jewishness was “invisible.” Didn’t want to be THAT obvious, especially since most of the chief instigator of the so-called “Russian Revolution” were….you guess it — Jews. That Jewish cocksucker worked to promote an underclass uprising against white leadership — sold the whole thing as “freedom” from “oppression” just so the Jews could jump in and run things. People became even less free and far more oppressed….all to the benefit of the Jew.

The object was to replace the white leadership with JEWISH leadership — and rape the nation.

In fact, the whole underlying motive behind “multi-culturalism” is the removal of white leadership — replacing it with JEWS. And then, rape the nation.

Remember what I said about Team Jew running the same plays on you? The play they run to subvert nations is as simple as one, two, three…

One: Promote the “underclass”.
Two: Remove white leadership, and
Three: Replace with Jews (or ethnic puppet, if necessary)…

Get it?

And they’re doing the same thing here — and in all white nations. The reason why they’re importing all the mud people is because they constitute an “instant underclass” — just add water. Because they’re congenital underachievers, they are easily led towards communism. As the population of the “underclass” rises — your chances of survival diminish.

It’s all about Jews destroying white civilization to the benefit of Jews. That’s what they’re trying to do.

We are opposed around the world by a Ruthless and Monolithic Jewish Conspiracy…

BTW, “Covet Means” is code for: Banking and Finance. This includes the IMF and World Bank. See “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” for how they “expand their sphere of influence.”

The Jewish Conspiracy combines:

Scientific, and
Political operations.

Do not underestimate the enormity of this problem


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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353 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Spills The Beans

  1. Wile E. Kayotee says:

    JFK had need of funds (without Congress approval) and his guys found old Civil War fractional US notes (mostly 25c) and re-issued these as (Treasury red seal) $2 notes in 1963. Then he decided to issue lots more “Treasury” (red seal) notes of $100 without borrowing from Federal Reserve…. contrary to the 1933 deal (after Fed Res paper $ expansion, and then contraction collapse, drove Fed govt to bankruptcy. So to pay Fed Reserve they seaized ALL GOLD IN CIRCULATION – largest heist in history! – and gave it to Fed Reserve! – which then almost doubled price of gold too! ($20.67 to $35.)

    It’s likely JFK was told to STOP HIS intrusion into Fed Res usury racket, but he did not.
    So clearly he had to be removed… and was, very soon! [And the Remover had to be silenced also, since he knew too much. So a low criminal got that job.] I have a $2 but no $100 (then very much for a kid!) and these notes were rapidly withdrawn by obedient Lyndon B Johnson, who also pushed black power laws and massive alien immigration.

    Anyhow that is how I see events around 1963-65 (researched since my childhood days).
    If others have info on this, please write here…


    In reality the “takeover” plan probably was set up by Freemasons (eg Washington etc) who drove the US Revolution in the first place to dump a King who was actually sworn to uphold fixed laws (Bible Law, which says WE* are not to pay interest, but can get it of others and own slaves of others! Lev 25:44-46 & Deut 23:19-20) – although he deviated a lot and let Parliament make all sorts of invalid laws.

    So, we got HUMANISM (de facto state religion) – and democracy (technically republic) to make ANY laws. Folks with an agenda against us merely had to control OPINION and make sure folks they could control get elected, and then steer then to destroy us by tiny steps (at least until we are mostly fooled and almost totally disarmed).

    Note that Adam Weishaupt, a Masonic Jewish schemer, was caught and exposed in his plan to drive humanism into lodges, then to removed monarchs (most under Bible Law) as happened in violent humanist French Revolution. This was STUDIED in colleges in early 1800s! See Robison’s old book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” (1798, reprinted in 1960s by “right wingers” or it would have totally vanished!)

    OK so we had Weishauptian Masonic changelings who introduced democracy. Why?

    Because democracy allows any laws you can connive to get passed, no matter how toxic to the population you intend to control.

    See an old revelation by the (self-proclaimed) “first human relations council, namely one Edward Bernays (a Jew), who pushed smoking tobacco, fluoriding public water (but he never smoked or drank public water), entering WWI, even CBS, and his brother’s psychoanalysis. (Sigmond Freud another weird mind controller who wanted to know all your dark secrets…. for blackmailing??) Bernays taught top echelon folks how to do PR and he even wrote an obscure book for them (1928) PROPAGANDA. He evn boasted that ina democracy, the government is not controlled bythe folks we thin run it… (but by his types!) Roll ahead 80 years…

    I think 2008 was a “final exam” of USA. It passed the deep dummy test… at the polls!
    A significant number of us were so controlled we could not see who was us, vs. anti-us.


    All this implies a triple solution to the problem:

    First, repudiate HUMANISM. (Founding Fathers said “We hold these thruths to be self-evident: all men were created equal….” That is blatanly folse! No two folks are equal!)

    Second, repudiate manmade lawmaking over us, especially not media-manipulated democratic/republican lawmaking. Restort God’s fixed Bible Law. (It empowers us*.)

    Third, repudiate the Fed Res and all paper/electronic artifical money, and interest and debt owed by you or any state that claims a right to tax you to pay it for state debts.
    And restore use of silver money for daily trade (plus direct barter also).

    If you accomplish liviang via these three, you will be outside of “babylon” system!

    To actually live that way may require other activites to turn off “babylon” that will not let you just go free… as was the case with JFK. So get appropriate affiliations & actions.

    Comments on this are welcome here…

    *PS: The folks addressed as special people in the OT Bible were Israelites (not “Jews” a word first see in 2 Kings 16. Modern “Jews” have roots in a later group of Edomites defeated ca 130 bc by John Hyrcanus, who forced them to become “Jews,” plus later Khazars converted about 740 AD, plus mixed Raidan Arabia Yemenis.)

    Real Israelites were a special control group of Adamites = “nations” or “gentiles” listed n Gen 5:10 chapter. Christ oppened salvation to all these folks, but not to others!
    (Not all in the world! John 19:7). Certaily he rejected so-called “Jews” who rejected him (John 10:22-31) – which fact the controlled “churching” business refuses to tell folks!

    Christ came but/only to “lost” Israelites (Mat 10:5 & 15:24) They were put among Aryan tribes called MEDES, as noted in 2 Kings 17 & 18. Capital of Media was the old city of Ecbatana, now under Hamadan, IRAN (a word from “aryan” meaning noble).
    Research this stuff! (Commercial churching will not waste a nickel on real archeology!)
    I have in hand an ancient coin (Tetradrachm) of King Mithradates II of this area (called Parthia in 100 BC) from Ecbatana mint. He looks… European. (They migrated to fill Europe, Russia etc.) Try to get real history facts and dump the myths we’re fed!

    PPS: Many smaller coins of Parthia have cruder artwork and recut noses etc. Don’t buy an ugly one as a good example… and the good examples are not cheap!!

    Bible “money” was the word keceph, meaning SILVER. Use that as our trade standard.
    A shekel was about 85-90% pure and about 14-15 grams. So call 0.40 oz troy of silver a shekel. Thus a US silver quarter (1892-1964) has nearly 0.45 shekel of silver in it; a dime 0.18 shekel; half dollar 0.90 shekel (not debased clads 1965-1976); a silver dollar is a bit overweight at 1.92 shekel. Why not call 1/100 shekel a Jack (for Pres. Jackson, who crushed the alien-run early US Bank of USA.) Despite a controlled system, some men actually attacked the enemy… and won! (At least for many years until Fed Res.)
    I’d see nothing wrong with using large copper tokens for Jacks, such was also used in ancient coinage. (The original US copper cent was about 10 grams; we had tiny silver 5c and even 3c in the 1800s also.) Of course WAGES AND PRICES were on the order of a silver dime per hour of hard farm field work in early 1900s USA South , before paper money took over and inflated. (This may guide how to pay a mostly black workforce.)Westerners (mostly white) got 2-3 times more! A 1900-1910 US skilled hard-working craftsman (stone mason, plumber) anywhere got about 50-65c per hour. Intellectuals got less! We must design roughtly what groups and activities ought to be earning, not go by the present “value” of silver and wages in mainstream paper economics. Silver supply is not much more than in 1900-1910, but population is way up!

    An ancient Roman soldier at time of Jesus got paid about a silver dime “denarius” per day; he could buy about 20 loaves of bread in most areas; but only 10 loaves in costly Rome! (One lady counted costs to run her home of 4 folks for a year. It was 200 denarii.) By 200s AD a Roman soldier’s wages went up double, triple, but coins became very debased silver. He could buy even less bread! Lowest bread wages were in early years of the English industrial revolution, when many folks found their old skills useless, and massive companies drove common folks into the ground regarding real income! They also imported child labor etc to keep wages down. So things can get WORSE, and technology itself does not really mean better living overall! Research this type of stuff.

    ** Note! Folks from Media, Parthia (and breakaway Elam) were among first “gentile” converts to Christ at the famous Pentecost event…. says Acts 2:7-9. The “magi” also came from here – (NOT men of three races! ) Now pieces begin to fit a coherent picture!

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