Senate Repeals “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

The Senate just voted to overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” today. After Obama boy signs it (he will, possibly being Gay himself) and the military goes through some sort of bull setting things up, Gays will be able to join openly. Imagine what our forefathers would think of all this?

On a positive note, they did vote down the “Dream Act” (for now).

I guess they had to give the liberals something, huh? Now we’ll have more Gays flooding the services, taking up paper-pushing positions behind the lines, getting it in the rear with the gear. As usual, more Christian heteros will be forced towards the front and have to do all the tough work and fighting.

Thank God, at least the Marine Corp were dead-set against it. Those kind of guys don’t want Nancy-boys prancing around, whining about everything and crying like little wusses whenever they get a hang-nail. Nor do they want to see these sickos performing their foul acts wherever they can. Trust me, they will.

The new Army?

Homos have a major hard for the military — all the macho stuff and uniforms gets them off, big-time. For them, it’ll be a big show. Soon, you’ll see certain brigades noted for being mostly Gay through-out — they’ll start gravitating together once the word gets out and embedded Gay officers let it be known they turn a blind eye to fraternization.

This country has become a big fat Jew joke. One good thing: Real patriots in the service will be disgusted and start waking up, most likely leaving the military and being back stateside to help out in what is sure to come.

The Jews insist on corrupting every major institution in America. This vote will give new impetus in efforts to legalise same sex marriage across the county, stepped-up homo indoctrination in our schools and even more nasty things on TV.

Next, it’ll be bestiality they push. Think that’s so ridiculous? Think again: Frank Kameny, the Jew responsible for pressuring the American Psychiatric Association to declassify homosexuality as a mental disease, thought bestiality was OK, “as long as the animal doesn’t mind,” the sick Jew once wrote when defending his “lifestyle.”

Absolutely no nation has ever survived this kind of internal corruption. Folks, this is all part of the long-running Jewish agenda against the White race.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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150 Responses to Senate Repeals “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

  1. Jo Jackson says:


    How about Sharon Osbourne? She likes chickens….. as does that other nutter Ruby Wax 😉 It’s debatable what turned Ozzy into a gibbering wreck? LOL!
    Then there’s Steve Wright – almost the spitting image of that freaky self righteous fag Simon Fanshawe. The pair of ’em look like Maureen Lipman with facial hair!

    You’re right about Nigella Lawson – she’s truly a kinky fruit cake. Massive tits focused for maximum effect

  2. Hoff says:

    “BEN BERNANKE 60 MINUTES [DEC 5 2010] ” — 15 min.

  3. GTRman says:

    Joe Jackson : ” GTRman
    Yeah I saw your script – too true.”

    Just to be clear , that was no script , it was a real-time snapshot of that nights TV.

    Just in case anyone thinks I was exaggerating.

  4. GTRman says:

    Joe : Re – “Simon Fanshawe”. Gay Brighton MP. He made a documentary for BBC3 a few years back about the gay scene , in Brighton. Even he came away DISGUSTED. I dont think it was ever shown. WONDER WHY ? But there are clips on Joo-Toob.

  5. GTRman says:

    Jo Jackson – if you live in London – how many people do you meet that speak English?

    Last time I went , the only Engrish I heard was in Chinatown !

  6. Octo says:

    “…But, ideally , only 4 hours a day are spent getting the neccessarys. The rest?

    Staring at the sky /trees…Making a boat.” — GTRman

    Leave Marshall out of this.

    “…when I was a kid , I had “Action Man ” figures.”

    Did you get a message from him?

    I was on a jewtube vid thread last night re: the repealing of “DADT” as the bonesmugglers familiarly referred to it. Swarms of them, posting every few seconds, “We won!… it’s great to be part of history…we don’t care what you breeders want…I’m a bi vet, I experienced jealousy (?)…DEATH THREATS (sure you did, Drama Queen).”

    I reminded them that the Romans, who were pretty tolerant about homosexuality, forbade it between soldiers, as they knew it could only lead to a breakdown of military discipline. I got no response other than the textual gay pride parade. There’s a stolen word that irks me. “Gay?” There is no more humorless bunch on earth, except perhaps Jews; neither will brook being mocked for a second, and both are natural totalitarians. Of course, there are many qualified as both.

    The Homocracy: An increasingly powerful privileged class pretending they’re a persecuted class.

    I’m left thinking of the Camp of the Saints, that tiny band of White men remaining at the end…

  7. Flanders says:

    Hoff, That Bernanke interview at your 7:39 link showed that he sure doesn’t lie very good to be a trained economist, especially with him being a jew. It was worth watching just to see the splendor of that FRB office at around the 4:30 mark. You could spill a gallon of coffee on that table and it wouldn’t even be noticed! Did you note all of the BS reasons that he gave why the big Banks are not loaning to small business despite the big Banks having been bailed out by the taxpayers? Consolidation of the jew business monopoly is the whole purpose of the FRB, other than paying the sweat and blood of Americans to the benefit of international banking jews in London, Paris and Bonn.

  8. Octo says:

    “Hoff, That Bernanke interview at your 7:39 link showed that he sure doesn’t lie very good to be a trained economist, especially with him being a jew…”

    Netanyahu was the same in a recent vid I watched the other day. It’s a good sign. It shows the pressure is getting to them. 9/11 was the point of no return for every Jew on earth.

  9. Flanders says:

    Let’s not forget that some of these homos, although being pansies, are also dangerous – especially when they are jewish, too. Such is the case with Dylan Klebold who came from a long line of subversives.

    “Sol Yassenoff. Yassenoff, Klebold’s great-grandfather, was part of the wave of Jewish immigrants from Russia who were predicted by nativist American activists to be a threat to the security of the country. They became involved in a wide-range of anarchist, Communist and leftist activities upon setting foot on American soil and their descendants, such as Klebold, have been involved in all sorts of assassinations, bombings, mayhem and lawlessness, ever since. Such figures as Charles Lindbergh called for keeping Yassenoff-types out, altogether, as threats to the nation’s bloodline, as well as security. Yassenoff’s vast fortune has been used to fund Jewish causes, such as the Columbus, Ohio Jewish Center, and the lavish lifestyle of Klebold and his family. Nationalists have called for a full investigation into the fund-raising, associations and involvement of leftist organizations in the tutoring and instigation of Klebold.”

  10. Octo says:

    The Jews figured out that guilt projection is the most effective way to destroy other groups. Definitely Whites, anyway.

  11. GTRman says:

    I can now finally see why there is that bogus “third man ( tall , yellow-blond acne-face in Trenchcoat ) “mystery” in the columbine case. NOT AT ALL was it a couple of JEWISH freaks , it , once again , was a sinister Nazi, CIA , plot , with a couple of jewby patsies.

    Der , of COURSE !

  12. GTRman says:

    For “acne-scarred blonde nazi third man ” hypothesis , search Joe Vialls, I think.

  13. Flanders says:

    I think it was Judicial, Inc.’s exposure on the Columbine killers and that Aruba killing, Holloway, as being the work of jews which made them so dangerous that organized jewry took away their internet existence. The way in which the Skunk exposed them on those and other matters was just too overwhelming when people saw the truth. He certainly had a knack for finding out and presenting the details in a way which was effective.

  14. Jake says:

    While I think that gays are a slight bit creepy sometimes, there’s one up-side of this…I think; if TSHTF, perhaps the half-gay military that’s called to keep us shut up in a martial law event won’t be as effective…just my two cents.

  15. Jo Jackson says:

    London is virtually detached from the rest of the country. It’s become an alien ridden abomination on a scale fast approaching Johannesburg in some parts. Everywhere you look you see shit…. from Hyde Park to the Strand the place is littered with fucking mud people from wide grinning picanninies to pyjama clad rag heads, bearded yids in curlers to jowly sallow complexioned untermensch from eastern Europe interspersed with miserable guilt/fear ridden white people clinging on to life for a daily existence.
    It’s fucking horrible!!

    How the place still attracts ‘tourists’ is beyond me. Other large cities in the UK are not far behind, Birmingham is probably worse.

    I thank God I don’t live anywhere near London albeit I’m just 45 minutes away using a fast train. I’ve only seen 2 niggers and 3 pakis in my village of late but that will change no doubt with the overspill in immigration as it continues.

    Incog I don’t know about America but in this country when an immigrant arrives they immediately claim asylum. ‘Asylum’ in this country means a one way ticket to luxurious ‘freedom’ at local taxpayers expense. It also enriches buy-to-let vamps in the property market.
    First off they get housed. If they can’t find a council house which is the norm nowadays as they’ve all been sold off, they get placed in private housing which is let out by unscrupulous private landlords screwing up to 3 times the going rate or what should be a reasonable rent from THE taxpayer! The majority of these ‘landlords’ are jews and muds from India/Pakistan.

    This is one of the reasons they do not want to cap immigration. Government handlers “the rich” want to flood the country with turd worlders forcing the demand for homes through the ceiling. This in turn artificially forces up the price of property and thus they make a really good PARASITIC living off the taxpayer in terms of rent returns by UN obligations to accommodate “refugees” and what have you.

    For example a landlord mortgaging a one bedroomed flat from our now tax payer propped banks for say £100.00 per week can let the same property out to an asylum seeker for up to £300.00 per week. This is guaranteed income as the government is forced to pay it until the AS finds work and is able to fend for himself if ever?

    Secondly the AS receives “income support” up to £65.00 per week for food. If he’s depressed or has a disability it’s increased to £90.00 per week.

    If the AS has children s/he gets £30.00 per week per child, plus free health care, dentistry, education, EMA (Education maintenance allowance) i.e pocket money of around £30 per week everything!

    As they don’t work they’re entitled to a free TV licence reduced train/bus fares clothing allowances.
    Some of these people even manage to get cars out of the system to find a job that they don’t really want! They work anyway on their own scams like taxi driving, drug dealing, pimping etc.

    If they get caught there’s a tax funded legal aid system paying parasitic attorneys, many of them foreign, to defend them to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds in some cases.

    Even the immigration centre itself in this country is a laughing stock. They had a case recently whereby a nigger from Zimbabwe was employed within the immigration services and was handed the authority to allow or not to allow other immigrants the right of abode in this country? You can’t make this up so you can just imagine what he got away with before he got caught accepting bribes.

    That is the reason this country is so fucked up and fast approaching the sink hole!

  16. Barney says:

    Jo Jackson – GTRman and myself don’t know each other personally, apart from here at IncogLand, but we live about 25 miles apart on the South Coast of England. It would be interesting to know (roughly) where you are, but of course that’s up to you.

    Climate change has been mentioned in this thread, so I might as well add my thoughts here.

    We get a few inches of global warming on the ground and the entire country comes to a stop, but there’s something different this time.

    Back in the summer, all flights were grounded across much of Europe because the politicians lied about imaginary dangers from an imaginary ash cloud emanating from an Icelandic volcano.

    In previous winters we’ve been told airport runways have a built-in heating system to melt snow and ice. This year there’s no mention of this heating system, which I understand (I could be wrong) to be similar to underfloor heating, and all the airports are closed due to snow on the runways.

    Perhaps I’m over-simplifying things, but with the DNA-destroying naked scanners and mandatory granny-groping at airports, could it be that this is all part of the same plot to stop people flying?

    GTRman – I’d never suggest anyone actually do this of course 😉 , but I sometimes fantasise about sending a rocket down London Road on the first Saturday in August, sending the entire annual freak show back to hell. Either that or demolish Kemp Town (this won’t mean much to our American cousins, but I’m sure someone could imagine something similar in San Fransicko or some other queer town).

    Octo – I couldn’t agree more about the queers’ appropriation of the word “gay”, a word that properly means cheerful. They’re the most miserable bunch of wankers you could ever meet, and they ARE exactly like the kikenvermin that promote them, childish, hate-filled vindictive SCUM.

    It’s also grammatically incorrect to invent the non-word “gays”. Cheerful – or gay – is a state of mind, not an object, and certainly not a disgusting pervert. One cannot have “a cheerful” or a group of “cheerfuls”. Cheerful people perhaps, but never cheerfuls or gays. The word can’t have a plural.

    Btw, you won’t be seeing much of me here for the next couple of weeks, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve been captured by ZOG (I hope!). I’ve got a new computer coming soon that I’ll be spending a bit of time getting used to, plus there’s all the family and other commitments over Christmas, so I won’t be on line as much as I’d like.


  17. Sen10L says:

    I was shocked when I read some comments on FB from three people I knew when we where growing up and are now professing Christians going on and on about how they liked that the DADT policy was overturned and adding that any one willing to serve their nation should deserve respect… etc. blather…blah. blah. What was more amazing is that the circle of friends I have on FB are mostly Chrstians and where also their frinds and not one had the nuggets to say anything against the new policy or of the queer lovefest that I had to break-up before they brainwashed anymore supposed Christians. Geez!

  18. Jo Jackson says:

    Barney I’m between Brands Hatch and Biggin Hill.
    Not entirely off the radar as Croydon’s overspill is fast approaching.
    Happy Xmas! to one and all

  19. Lynda says:

    Barney, I don’t think you are oversimplifiying things.

    To them we are sheeple. What does the corporate farm do with sheeple – they herd them into yards, stock runs and holding pens etc.

    They don’t want all these sheeple moving around. They can’t make flying illegal – that would be too obvious. They already have no fly lists – which are growing exponentially. You can get on the no-fly for suspicious behaviour at an airport. Make a joke about Obama, pick your nose while looking at a security camera, resist the confiscation of your hairspray – you’re on the no-fly.

    So yes, I would say making flying so inconvenient, stressful, dangerous and offensive is only a strategy for slowing the population down. Just like they herded the Palestinians into enclaves, they want to ground the Whites, slow down the Whites with checkpoints and herd them into enclaves with racial crime, invasions and foreclosures.

  20. Sen10L says:

    I see IncogMan has fans around the worlld. Sick bastards!
    InCogMan’s Tribute To My Gay Aryan BoyFriends! ( A Marbus Persentatoian! LOL) 🙂

  21. Marshall says:

    Get ready for a new Jewlywood movie like “G.I. Jane” for queers in the SEALS. Marsh odds= 70% within 2 years, what do you guys think? :-O

  22. Your buddy, RUE PAUL helped put the fags into action.
    I told ya all- you are in the SAME boat as the Marxist/Bolsheviks/Leftists/Progressives, whatever the hell you call yourselves THIS week.
    Commies-NAZIs- the SAME.

  23. Ron Paul sponsored or co-sponsored 15 earmarks totalling $17,113,000 in fiscal year 2010 ranking 242nd out of 435 representatives. To learn more about earmarks, visit our Earmarks section

    THIS is the ahole you want to ‘audit the fed’
    Ha Ha Ha.

    A Pro-FAG Earmarker.

  24. GDL says:

    Get it straight jewess!

    We don’t want any of you Jews around. No matter what direction you stand you are all one and the same….”what’s good for Jews and bad for everyone else.” We don’t like the fake terrorist state of Israel…..home of Satan’s seed. Get back there and await your punishment psycho.


  25. GTRman says:

    Seems like we dislike all the same folks as you , ” disfunctional yenta ” and a FEW MORE BESIDES!

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