The Usual Jew BS On The “History” Channel

LAST WEEK THE “History” Channel had another Hitler-bashing pile of crap called “Third Reich, THE RISE” and “Third Reich, THE FALL.” Of course, it was the usual wall-to-wall Jewish victimhood propaganda. When are these people ever going to shut up?

One of the usual things they go on about is the Nazi boycott of Jewish business declared on April 1, 1933 by Joseph Goebbels. Funny, they never, ever mention the fact World Jewry declared a boycott of German goods a full week before. Nor do they mention that the Nazi boycott was only for one damn day, either. I guess that kind of honesty might get people questioning the entire line of Jew bull, huh?

Waaah! Never forget. Waaah!

They acted this way long before WWII and the so-called “holocaust.” It’s just insane all the cry-baby screeching the Jews do, while at the same time lying straight to your face!

The psychotic Jews were trying to crash and burn Adolf Hitler’s “New Germany” before it even got off the ground. Hitler had barely been in office for 2 months and had done nothing at all to Jews anywhere, outside of telling the truth about the Jew in public. You can never, ever say one word about these self-centered cry babies before they organize world-wide to bring you down.

Jews are so unbelievably hypocritical they can’t see, nor ever admit when they’ve done the least thing wrong, or had it coming to them, even down to the single individual Jew committing a crime somewhere. They consider themselves the “Chosen Ones” and “The Light Upon Nations” who are just so perfect. So they lie forever and should you say one GD thing about absolutely anything these precious hypocrites do, its you who’s the evil “anti-Semite Nazi!”

To get justice, good White men eventually had to string the pervert Jew up.

It’s just like that 1913 story about Leo Frank (right) in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s a sick Jew pervert who obviously raped and strangled that beautiful young Goyim girl to death, but to this damn day the Jews keep insisting he was innocent and only convicted because of all the “anti-Semitism” in the South. Hell, the police could easily have charged this black man at his factory, but once they realized the skinny little Jew was guilty as sin, they let true justice take it’s course — howling Jews or not.

Hat’s off to those brave Southerners!

Here’s a typical explanation of the boycott of 1933 up on the Internet today (probably a Jew wrote it):

Why did the Nazis boycott the Jews businesses?

The Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, boycotted the jews business out of jealously. [sic] The Jews, historically good businessmen, were prospering in Germany greater than other businessmen. The National Socialists, out of jealousy, began to boycott the jews and spread lies in order to steal the business back. Read HERE

I love it: The ever-so-innocent Jews were just too good of businessmen that the Gentiles had to enact a state-sponsored boycott to rid them of competitors for one lousy day. Right.

They never mention all the Jewish money that flooded in from foreign countries like the US to buy up suffering German businesses after the country was purposefully laid low by WWI, the Treaty of Versailles and the inflation-generating money policies of the Jewish-controlled Weimar Republic. Like human locusts, the Jews did the same thing in the US South after the Civil War.

Nor do they ever mention mention the tens of thousands of Jews that served in Hitler’s army, including 5 Generals! That’s right: Jews wearing Nazi uniforms and fighting for the Third Reich. One might think that would make for some interesting “History” Channel TV, no?

Nor do they ever discuss the Zionists who worked with Hitler to get German Jews to move out of Germany and into Palestine. Nor the eventual price-gouging on oil imports to Germany, for example. When Germany resorted to buying it’s oil from Mexico, instead of British Petroleum, they actually came out ahead.

In fact, Germany’s fantastic success in divorcing itself from the money powers of International Jewry and becoming a industrial powerhouse on it’s own was the prime motivating factor behind WWII — the filthy Globalist Jews could never let that kind of success go on and become common knowledge!

At least 2000 ethnic Germans were killed by Poles before Hitler invaded.

Another giant lie (among many) in the “History” Channel’s “Third Reich, THE FALL” was the ethnic Germans getting genocided by the Poles in the Danzig corridor (right). The show portrayed it all as nothing but Nazi lies, even implying the Nazis went out and did the killing themselves.

As usual, the Jew-controlled Western press failed to report one thing on these Polish atrocities, caring nothing about White people getting victimized (much like what’s happening in South Africa today). The Zio entity known as America and England kept mum, undoubtedly wanting to bait the German people-loving Hitler into war. And it worked.

You see, the entire war must be the fault of evil White Nazis wanting to take over the planet by goose-stepping around and killing innocent civilians every chance they could. The idea being, whatever horrors eventually did happen to the German civilians were well-deserved since they elected the “evil anti-Semite” Hitler in the first place, according to the Jew version of reality now forced down our throats every 5 minutes.

The Jews can never do wrong, and they are exactly the same today. Hell, the Israelis could eat live Palestinian babies on TV and Jews everywhere would expect you to keep your mouth shut.

If the Israelis steal a piece of land or blows away a Palestinian political leader with drone strike and another Palestinian kills an Israeli in reprisal, the Jews go effin’ nuts. They’ll start machine-gunning and bombing every single Palestinian in range.

The “History” Channel is chock-full of Jew propaganda. Last week, when they knew the “Dream Act” was coming up in the Senate, they ran this slick pro-immigration piece called “The Naturalized,” yanking viewer’s emotions about poor immigrants wanting to live in America (making sure to have plenty of White immigrant stories). Of course, they also didn’t bother to distinguish illegal versus legal. Doesn’t really matter, brainwashing-wise.

If you pay just a little close attention, you’ll see the Jew lies every night on the “History” Channel. Just the other night they had Jesus being betrayed by his disciple, Judas (they can’t exactly change his name — yet), in the Garden of Gethsemane with the infamous kiss on the cheek. In their recreation and narration, they had Roman guards (Gentiles) arrest Jesus — when the New Testament explicitly states it was Temple guards that did it — i.e. Jew thugs employed by the Jewish elite Pharisees.

The fact that it was the Jews who had the Romans crucify Jesus is something they dearly want to eradicate from history — right along with worship of Jesus in any form. The Jewish control of the media is exactly why you see so much Christianity-bashing today (especially of the Catholic church). These people hate not only us, but Jesus Christ too!

Folks, once the tricky Jews gained control the media (and they have), all kinds of BS starts happening. From pushing liberal and Marxist politics; to promoting interracial sex and PC brainwashing; to changing history and outright lying; to not reporting anything on their evils and transgressions. George Orwell’s “1984” is happening right the hell now and Mr. Jew is the screenwriter, producer and director!

If you’re relatively new to the Jew question, it’s critically important for you to start looking into matters for yourself as much as possible on the Internet. The media in America and the West are now in the hands of Jews and their Zionist hired guns; plus, they are working towards more control of the Internet and some way to censor the growing Jew talk without too many getting wise. They hope you will not awaken to what they are up to and remain stupid.


Haven’t You Just Had It With These Devious Hypocrites?

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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