White People Most Definitely ROCK!

JUST STOP AND think a minute about everything the White, European race has done over the centuries, even long before any history was written. From sublime art to spectacular architecture; from lasting literature to masterful music; from unbelievable inventions to powerful civilizations and empires — all the way to the exploration of the Seven Seas and the entire planet Earth! Our race has even reached the heavens and visited the moon, for crying out loud.

No doubt about it: Whites have done far greater things than any other race on the planet by a long shot. That’s not empty bragging, mind you — simply stating the obvious. Our accomplishments are so astounding that anti-White forces out there work hard to keep us from even recognizing we are a race!

Our racial history is so breathtaking in scope that one must truly wonder if we have indeed been touched by a divine God, Odin in Valhalla, or maybe even had our DNA manipulated by aliens from an advanced star system — whatever you believe, it doesn’t matter. But since anti-Whites so greatly fear our race, they exacerbate different belief systems to keep us at each other’s throats.

The basic motive of “PC” politics is to get Whites to believe pride in our race must be a sign of hating other races. Indeed, because White people are usually fair, good-natured and, most especially, champions of the little guy, they’ve used those very things to turn ourselves against each other. This insidious tactic has now been promoted for more than 50 years. If you’re a White person, please read on.


They are indeed scared of us. White people DO kick some serious ass. Pound for pound, we are the sexiest, smartest, strongest, toughest, coolest and most creative race to ever stroll the globe. And everyone knows it, deep down. They just don’t want us to know it, and work over-time trying to keep us confused and inhibited from coming to that logical conclusion. 

Sometimes the scientific establishment even gets a little nervous when they find evidence of our special greatness. They might bury it in some dusty, cavernous museum basement — not wanting to risk getting other races riled and the Multicult PC police all worked up, possibly losing funding from Globalist Foundations. Hell, they have difficulties accepting any legitimate archaeology that shows White European people landed on the North American continent long before any “Amerindians” crossed over the Bering land bridge.

Be that as it may, the valient Norsemen and a White Italian named Columbus and his Spanish crew, eventually did brave the Atlantic to the Americas, by using the Sail and Sextant — more brilliant White inventions. But the possibility of White Europeans making it to North America long before the Indians makes PC freaks everywhere go totally nuts simply because of another possible White success story!

The Astounding White Race!

The creative accomplishments of the White, European race are simply astounding — be it mechanical inventions, engineering, architecture, art, science, mathmatics, literature, agriculture — you name it. Absolutely no other race has ever come close.

Ever been to a top-notch art museum, or to Europe? If you happen to get to see the artwork of White civilizations up close and in person, you’ll know the deal. Incredible oil paintings where the colors seem to glow from inner glazes; sculptures so life-like you might think a real person was magically transformed into polished marble; incredibly engineered and breathtaking architecture; wondrous miniature clockwork and tons of other inventions, like the gun, airplane and the automobile.

The sheer scale of White accomplishments is simply impossible to list for anything less than volumes. Point to any page in the encyclopedia with your eyes closed and chances are that a White invention will be staring right back at you!

Sure, other races have done some great things. No doubt about it. But taken as a whole, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion the White race has always been the greatest. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — that’s PC brainwashing in action!

And think for a minute about the title to this article here: “White People ROCK!” Try saying that one out loud at work or even at home. You’ll probably get called a Nazi, Racist, Klansman, Nativist, Xenophobe, or the favorite if any of the rest don’t work: “White Supremacist.” 

Why is “White Supremacist” such a favorite word? Because we are indeed THE SUPREME RACE, that’s why. Jealousy is such a bitch.

Think about something real simple: Hair. Whether Swedish or Spanish, Hungarian or American, we come in brunette, red head, brown, blond and every shade in between. What about all the other races? They sure as hell don’t have our kind of sexy variety, now do they? And not a dime spent on relaxers.

As mentioned before, they want people to think that just because you take pride in your own race, you simply must “hate” anyone not White. They’ve been carefully putting that one out there for over 50 years, trying to get Whites to fear expressing the least pride openly. Just try capitalizing the word “White” anywhere and people will take notice, often pretend to be highly offended, even though everyone capitalizes nouns like African-American, Blacks, Jews (who look, but are NOT White), Japanese, Chicanos, etc. etc.

Haven’t you ever saw something on TV where if you reversed the races around in your head — like if they said “White,” you changed it to “Black” — you would know a huge uproar would occur? That’s because it’s A-OK for White people to be denigrated openly (most often as goofy and boring). They try to make it all fun and games to be sure, but they would never get away with anything of the sort with other races.  

And you know how torqued-up they get about Tea Party people being racist? That’s a manifestation of the real fear they have of us Whites becoming politically active as a race. They practically have conniption fits whenever we get together in any large organizations; frightened that we might start comparing notes on what’s going down and what parasites they really are.

Now, who the-flying-you-know-what started all the mess we find ourselves today?

It began with a combination of Big Jewry’s long-running ambition to create a One World government and little Jewry’s paranoia jacked-up by “holocaust” propaganda used by these same people to create Israel. Think that’s a bunch of hogwash? Just who the hell do you think is behind allowing all this immigration into our countries, the NWO and European Union business?

The Jews are scared shitless we might all turn “Nazi” on them, like these tough-as-nails Waffen SS soldiers.

The little Jews (along with brainwashed and corrupted Whites) act as gatekeepers, foot soldiers, activists and “agent provocateurs” for this fabulously wealthy International Jew class because they fear the possibility of Whites figuring out the deal and going all “Nazi” once again. This “holocaust” business has gone straight to their pointy little heads.

In fact, this understanding will pretty much explain what is truly going on in today’s world. 

And these people sure as hell don’t care whenever other races get together, now do they? You can have the Congressional Black Caucus, Black Entertainment TV, Jewish-only summer camps, Latino immigration and political groups, etc., etc., etc. Everyone else can be prideful of their own race EXCEPT White people! 

One big thing you probably already noticed: Why is it they all want to live in our countries? Not just America, mind you, but Canada, Australia, Britain, Scandinavia and Europe. Hell, they come from everywhere, don’t they? Instead of working with each other to clean up their own damn countries they only work hard to get to ours. Even the tin-pot corrupt dictators embezzle money so they can eventually retire (or escape) to our lands. 

Once here, they often scam the system when possible. Sure, some work hard to make it, but for every sob story the multicult media tells us, it’s guaranteed they are dozens of worthless scum living on government welfare and freebies, thanks to the bleeding-hearts, do-gooders and liberals. Get enough of these freeloaders and countries come apart at the seams. That’s happening right the hell now: California and New York are hovering close to bankruptcy. 

All one has to do to see what a multicult hell-hole they’ve turned America into, is walk into most any rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike. Sadly, for too many Whites now, it’s right out the door. And it’s only going to get worse and worse until we put a stop to Jewry. 

Try to imagine the way America was back in 1960. It was 90% White back then. The Jews hated that fact with a passion — you can see how they constantly paint the fifties as a bad time in Hollywood movies. It’s also why you have immigration of non-Whites and the media always pushing interracial sex. And don’t say you haven’t noticed! 

Because of White predominance, the 1950’s are constantly portrayed as a terrible period in American history by Jewish Hollywood.

One prime example (among many) of Jewy brainwashing is the movie “Pleasantville,” where everything is black and white and all the White town elders are old, boring and dogmatic. Even being married to the same tired White guy is turned into a nightmare for the “oppressed” White housewife, frightened to death by seeing “color” for the first time, obvious code for multiculturalism. Folks, this is all Jewish BS, pure and simple.

Let’s take another simple example. If you get the “History” Channel, you know how worthless it’s become lately. Low production-cost shows like “Axmen,” “American Pickers, “Pawn Stars” and even “Cajun Pawn Stars” crowd the schedule; the programming has little to no real history (especially non-existent is anything on commies or Israel). The network is now an utter joke, mostly nothing but fluff and the usual, tiresome Hitler stuff.

This past Tuesday, after a whole day of Evil Hitler documentaries, utilizing the customary demonic background music, they climaxed with a brand new, slick special called “Third Reich, THE RISE,” concluding the next night with the “Third Reich, THE FALL.” It was four hours of blatant Jewish propaganda, mostly about how victimized the Jews were. The Jewish/Israeli brainwashing of America is now getting so obvious as to be ridiculous.

Ask yourself: Why do they go on and on and on about Nazi Germany but never, ever do anything about Communism? Even though tens of millions more died under the Commies than the Nazis? Because so much of the Soviet leadership and Police State apparatus were Jewish, that’s why!

What we’re now seeing is a huge uptick in anti-Nazi propaganda. This is an obvious attempt to head-off rising anti-Semitism in response to the Jewish multicultural fiasco now bankrupting and destroying our countries through illegal immigration, unemployment and the welfare state. Add to all this, the artificially-created “wars on terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jew scam artists and NWO Jew banking class running us straight into the ground.

Right now, one can witness in real-time exactly why Germany so understandably fell under the spell of the Fuhrer; these root causes always go carefully unmentioned on the “History” Channel, merely leave you thinking it was only because of mass insanity, ignorance and unwarranted religious hatred by the White, Gentile Germans.    

While on the subject of Hitler’s Germany: Haven’t you noticed how they go on about the Nazi predilection with racial purity? That’s so much hypocrisy. The Jews were and are every bit as preoccupied with racial purity as the Nazis. In fact, the Nazi Germans modeled the Nuremburg race laws on Jewish religious edicts. 

Hell, Israel now openly and freely calls itself a “Jewish State” right at this very moment (imagine if a White country did that?). They also burn books all the time, such as the New Testament of Jesus Christ. Only Jews are allowed to drive on certain roads and hold certain positions. Israel is actually the most “racist” country on the planet.  

Jews are without a doubt the world’s biggest hypocrites, bar none. Problem is, they now have control of the media and decide what and how to say things to the public. 

Starting to get it now? Step back a bit, and you’ll see they are desperate they are to keep us White people from seeing how they are and to keep us from coming together as a race. They are deathly afraid of White people being proud of ourselves and will scream out “Nazis” at the drop of the hat!

Tricky dick Jew intellectuals have been screwing with White people’s heads for decades.

Because of their long-running and selfish paranoia about White people, Jews tirelessly work behind the scenes to quietly erode our numbers and influence in our own countries. This very motive lies at the very heart of everything bad now happening to America — just spend a little time looking into things and you’ll start to see it right off the bat.

White people, such as yourself, coming to this logical conclusion scares the living bejeesus out of the Jews! 

If you happen to be a young man or women reading here, just think about how relationships between the sexes has now been totally screwed up by Jewish social engineering, crass materialism, or the ever-increasing immoralities blatantly pushed by the media. Surely, you’ve noticed?

And it’s not just Gay stuff, either. It’s now a positive for the guys to care only about getting some quick “trim” anywhere they can and all the women are expected to “put out” at the drop of a zipper. If you don’t, they want people to think something is wrong with you, when it’s not — that’s how society has been sickened and all our values and institutions have been turned ass-backwards by these people.

Also notice how those who do tie the knot feel they must “have it all,” and run around town like crazed people trying fulfill obligations most Whites naturally take responsibility. This is why most of us are always burned-out, too tired and unwilling to take the time to see the big picture clearly.

More profit, more perversion, less White reproduction. “Oy vey, what’s not to like?”

No wonder decent, respectful and long-lasting relationships between men and women has become so difficult, nowadays. Just think about where all this has come from and you’ll soon reach the same conclusion about the hugely negative influence Jews have had on White countries.

These subversive, materialistic little bastards have got to be stopped, or all of us will go positively insane or worse!

The more you think about White people’s incredible talents — our sense of work, organization, responsibility — and compare that to how they always portray us as evil, Nazis, oppressors, slavers and even boring (ridiculous) every damn chance they get, you’ll be just as angry and outraged as so many Whites are becoming today.

Whites do kick some serious ass, when we have to. The only problem is it’s all too often our own ass we kick. That’s about to change in a big, big way.

Our countries have been clearly put on the wrong track by Jewish influence. No doubt about it. If we don’t find a way to come together and put a screeching halt to these people soon, one day in the future we very well might wake up in another Jewish Communist State and suffer tens of millions dead as they consolidate their Police State apparatus and whittle our race down even further.


Tell all of your friends and family to get ready: The White race will soon be heard from in a very big way. Any who seek to confuse and intimidate you with Jew-created slanders, tell them straight to the face and in no uncertain terms that the time has come to shut up with the PC crap, join together as patriotic White Americans and put a stop to where this nation is headed. NOW!

Thank you for your time.

— Phillip Marlowe

March of the Titans

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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290 Responses to White People Most Definitely ROCK!

  1. RocketMan says:

    Now, that’s talent! Nice work Mav.

  2. Count Cherep says:


    I see Simon Gibson finally gave you the credit you deserve:

    White people most definitely rock!
    By SIMON GIBSON | Published: DECEMBER 19, 2010
    Check out this excerpt of a post by the incogman, over at http://www.incogman.net

    One Comment
    Posted December 24, 2010 at 12:07 am | Permalink
    Hey?…….Incogman called and says he wants His above article back with proper nomen and full credit.

  3. Silvernickel says:


  4. Silvernickel says:

    American Born, I have visited that website in the past as well. That is where it was finally confirmed for me that ancient whites created the Egyptian civilization, built those otherworldly Pyramids, then had their civilization wrecked over the millenia by negroids to the south and Semitic tribes (hebrews) and civilizations to the East. The culture and civilization became ‘mulattoized’ an corrupted it seems. The final kingdom pharoahs were negroid and mulattos. That is why the modern day Pan-African negroids lay claim to Egypt and the pyramids in spite of the obvious white mummies of Seti and Ramses the great of the old kindgoms. I imagine in the future millenia, Negroids and mulattos that still roam this land will claim they created/built the great cities uncovered in North America. They will proudly look at that big silver arch near that ancient river called the Mississipi and proclaim they are descendants of amazing engineers. Of course their brains will be racked with confusion of what had happened to this great city by the now dried up Lake Erie. Seems to have died out or been abandoned along time before the others….lol

    Ah, the parallels to the USA.

  5. Marshall says:

    Or they will see these huge arches and determine that we were a massive civilization that worshipped a clown and refused to eat our veggies


  6. Marshall says:

    Not so sure Katy Perry hasn’t gone down the Joo craphole either Incog, these lyrics are pretty f’d up-



  7. GTRman says:

    Great vids here . Im no expert but this guy sounds Scandinavian to me. He’s good :

    ( I would give credit to Akira as I just found these at his place , but as I recall I first posted them there a good few months back! Anyway , ‘Akira -approved’.. )

    Dammit I cant pull them up on youtube , theyre all here :


  8. Edster says:

    Incogman…I love your point of view. I find other racially aware websites are too extreme (disinfo?) or just too soft. Yours is right on target!

  9. Octo says:

    re: what women want

    “I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness. I want a man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot. I don’t mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, God, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don’t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding.”

    — Anaïs Nin

    I understand there are women who don’t want to live like this, some are lesbians, some aren’t, but if a woman wants to avoid marriage and children, she should be truly exceptional at something.

  10. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Octo,
    This is again a great example on what they say about what modern women want in the media, and what the feminist women say they want for themselves, is a lie, mind-manipulation directed towards men and women, which should be ignored. I had a few terrible years without women because I was acting against my instinct.
    I am lucky because one women showed the error of my ways and showed me that real women has nothing to do with the picture and ideology of women we are bombarded with from the media 24/7. And from a weak and fearful metrosexual guy she transformed me to an adult male who loves women. I cannot thank her enough. She made my life have a meaning, and although she left me, I have now confidence with the rest of ’em.

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