White America: Let’s Celebrate Lee-Jackson Day!

Oil painting of Robert E. Lee on Traveller, by Louis Mathieu Didier Guillaume, c. 1862-65

ASTRIDE HIS HORSE, Little Sorrel, the tough and sometimes eccentric general with the fiery blue-green eyes, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, silently watched his men trudge down the narrow plank road towards Catharine Furnace, a crude iron smelter set deep within the twisted pine scrub of the Wilderness. Next to him sat mounted General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall’s corp commanders, as the tail end of a cavalry unit under J. E. B. Stuart rode on ahead.

Realizing many of his division commanders nearby were VMI graduates (Jackson taught there before the war), the general leaned back in his saddle and said matter-of-factly: “Gentlemen, the Virginia Military Institute will be heard from today.”

Stonewall was leading his entire corp on a risky 14 mile march, planned with General Lee over a small campfire only hours before. Lee had already divided his small army in two, one to face the Union army coming across Kelly’s ford on the Rappahannock river and another substantial part to fend off attack on his rear coming from Fredericksburg. Now he was to divide his army once again, this time to out-flank the pompous Union General, “Fighting Joe” Hooker, now headquartered at Chancellorsville, little more than a few ramshackle buildings and a traveller’s inn on the road west of Fredericksburg.

It was one of the boldest military movements in all history. Too bad today’s lousy PC apparatchiks still work to slime any White pride in this moment because of all the total BS about slavery and fear of White solidarity. Like the holocaust, when will these jerkwads ever shut the hell up?

Stonewall Jackson by David Brendann, Library of Congress collection.

Barely an hour before twilight and darkness, Jackson asks Robert Rhodes, his general leading the attack, if the men were ready. When answered in the affirmative, Jackson simply says “You can go forward then.”

The Yankees had gathered to eat their evening grub, when they started noticing deer and other wildlife running past (some Union soldiers even reported seeing a black bear). Right then, a screeching cry rang out from the woods to the front — it was the fearsome Rebel Yell, thought to sound something like “yeeeeeee-haw!” Elderly Confederate veterans at the 75th anniversary of Gettysburg in 1938 were recorded in a newsreel making a sound like “wa-woo-woohoo, wa-woo woohoo.” But to this day, no one really knows how it sounds because you had to be on the receiving end to get the full effect.

Jackson had unleashed his entire 26,000 men corp on the Union right, “dangling in the air.” The Yankees ran for their lives as General Jackson’s men rushed forth, clearly intent on giving the bayonet to each and every one of the invaders of the State of Virginia and the South. Hooker’s army completely fell apart and retreated pell-mell from the onslaught of Confederate fury!

The foolish Union General Hooker, rendered delirious from a Confederate shell hitting a nearby porch column and maybe a few quick nips from his flask of spirits, turned over his forces to General Darius Couch while his army retreated towards the river at US ford (where I once camped for a night).

As twilight finally descended, the landscape was luridly lite by Chancellorsville outbuildings set aflame and the ground littered with dead horses, broken and discarded muskets, torn paper powder cartridges, upturned cannons and caissons. Among the debris of war, lay the dead of both sides; wounded and captured Yankees wandered aimlessly around, quietly sobbing to themselves that the Union had just lost another battle to the great Lee and Jackson!

As the rag-tag rebel army advanced on the sorely beaten and retreating Union army, the men saw General Lee, riding with his staff through the littered Chancellorsville battle-scape on his faithful horse Traveller. His men dearly loved “Marsh Lee” and quickly surrounded him to shout heartfelt congratulations on another glorious victory!

In a truly horrible turn of events, Jackson was mortally wounded by his own men that evening while out reconnoitering the enemy. When he died a few weeks later from pneumonia brought on by fever, his famous last words were “let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees.” Lee, hoping for his recovery, had only recently wrote to him saying “you may have lost your left arm, but I surely have lost my right.”

And he did, too.


God, I would give absolutely anything to have seen the dramatic sight of Lee riding into Chancellorsville that evening!

When the 2003 movie “Gods and Generals” left out this incredible scene of Lee riding forth in victory, I practically had conniption fits, but later realized the possibility that Jew suits and “PC” politics may have stayed the director’s hand.

Nevertheless, one should definitely go and buy the DVD — just for the opening credits alone — a montage of battle flags from both sides set to a soul-stirring Irish ballad from the time (video below). Plus, actor Robert Duvall is totally believable as Robert E. Lee and Stephen Lang most definitely deserved the Oscar for his sublime portrayal of Jackson (but didn’t since the film wasn’t another confusing piece of “edgy angst” PC crap, or the umpteenth holocaust movie).

The brilliant opening credits to the movie “Gods and Generals.” I often have trouble watching this part — because it literally brings tears to my eyes! 

The story of Jackson saying “gentlemen, the Virginia Military Institute will be heard from today” always made my father beam, being a proud VMI graduate himself. According to him and many historians, Jackson probably said “…the corp will be heard from today,” since VMI grads — then and now — always called themselves “the corp.”

I remember as a young boy visiting the chapel at VMI, inspired by a large painting shows the young cadets of VMI making a charge on the Yankees during the battle of New Market in 1864. Visiting battlefields as a kid, I’ve found Minnie balls and even a piece of cannon shrapnel completely without the use of a metal detector. I’ve also visited the graves of Lee and Stonewall and once visited the place they buried his left arm after amputation!

Do I think Lee and Jackson were perfect? No, I don’t. No man can truly be perfect, although both men were decent and worked hard to lead honorable lives. To celebrate these two genuine heroes, is much more important for Whites than the proven plagiarist and Jew-created Marxist, Martin Luther King, completely pushed on America by the multicult media so as to instill pride in blacks and guilt in White people.

You see, a person may not always win in the end, but it’s how honorably he comports himself while trying. Far too many Americans today have been brainwashed by Jewry not only in pushing PC politics, but also in taking the easy way out, by cheating or any tricky tactic they can come up with to beat the other guy and/or the system. The idea is “the ends justifies the means.”

These lousy SOBs even have a word to celebrate using sneaky tactics for individual advancement and profit: “Chutzpah.” Let these subversive Eastern European bastards call me naive — I myself will always look up to real-life heroes like Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson; hope to have the backbone and courage to live like they did — fighting to the death all “those people” with every ounce of effort and ability — without resorting to dishonorable methods.

And what I hope and fervently pray for is that today’s subversive, false-flag mothers will soon hear the Rebel Yell right in their fat faces, recreated just for them and screamed by the millions as we take back our lands from these corrupt and immoral people!

— Phillip Marlowe 

PS: I proudly own a memorial pewter medallion of Lee, cast in the last year of Lee’s life (1870) for the veterans of the Army of Northern Virginia. I also have at least two ancestors, that I know of, who served in his army, one dying from wounds received at the battle of Mechanicsville. Although foggy (my mountain ancestry crosses several state lines), I might also have some blood from a general in the Army of Tennessee (not Lee’s army) — eerily looking like a carbon copy of the man. 

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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197 Responses to White America: Let’s Celebrate Lee-Jackson Day!

  1. Rich says:

    I’m sure it’s a tough game Incog!
    Monitoring this stuff. People get out of hand, but as long as the goal stays the same…out the Frickin jew. Than successs is still possible!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do believe this “Anonymous” is really “Dave”

    Seriously? What tipped you off? The fact I questioned your authority?


  3. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Thanks for blessing my thrust!

    “I’ve seen attempts on your part to demand strict adherence to the presently defined definitions. ”

    I’d need to see some examples of that, before i concede.

    Proof like.

    The “little tough” always gets me.

    I seem to have a “little tough” blind spot!

    Thanks to your lazy eye, it’s being kept under strict observation.

  4. Rich says:

    You seem to be quite a peculiar commenter! Nothing else, just very curious about your angle.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Are you so thick skulled that a though cannot penetrate? My vector points at the jew. That is all.


    P.S. Apparently the “White power” image I used was to offensive to INCOG MAN.

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    It wasn’t your avatar poindexter.

  7. INCOG MAN says:

    Now back in SPAMblinka with the rest of the Jews and homos!

  8. Flanders says:

    Just to let everyone know, there is a new take on Loughner’s shrine. Explained in the second link.


  9. Rich says:

    Sorry boys and gals…….not too much! Here!

  10. GTRman says:

    Incogmans “Wonk” piece got onto David Ickes headlines . Via ‘rebel news’.

    Shame its not a direct link , but should bring a few newbies , god knows how many hits that site gets , millions a week I imagine.



  11. Rich says:

    Be ready good white men, if younz dont think the shit is quite close to hitting the fan………..well than…Oh you know whats next!


  12. Flanders says:

    Good link, Rich. It’s a matter of time. We’re going through the phases – silent majority – moral majority – overlooked majority – suppressed majority – oppressed majority – KICK ASS majority!

    Another view on the infiltration of aliens into America. THESE were the dangerous ones and the activities of them and others like them are why Whites are being oppressed within their own country. The author of this older article wasn’t aware of the relationship between Freemasonary [CFR, Bilderberg, and Trilateralists are some at the higher levels] and jewry, but it is good info for that time period.

    “The following list of names was primarily compiled from the book “The New Crowd: The changing of the Jewish Guard on Wall Street” by Jewish authors Ehrlich and Rehfeld.

    “The older Jewish generation of “German” Jews were called ‘Our Crowd’ (some of these ‘German’ Jews were already firmly established before the American Civil War! But many became prominent just after the Civil War – many of these Jews profited heavily from the slave trade in the Americas)”.

    These family names included:

    Goldman; Sachs; Warburg; Schiff; Loeb; Alfred Ochs (NY Times 1848 etc.) ; Seligman – Hellman (Wells Fargo & Lehman) ; Ochs (of Tennessee); Alfred Huger Moses (a southerner Jew); Adolph Lewisohn; John Loeb; Stone; Hamill; Hentz; Sidney James Weinberg; Frank Atschul; Arthur Levitt Sr.; I.W. Harper (bourbon); Jesselman; Ullman; Robert; Berhard; Phillips; Englehard; Margarate; Ryan (daughter of Otto Kahn); Lee Radziwill ;

    Names of the ‘newer’ Jewish generation of “Eastern European” Jews called ‘The New Crowd’ are given below. They migrated to the US in 2 major exoduses: 1) in the early 1900’s, 2) just after WWII and 3) after the collapse of the Soviet Bloc (these particular Eastern Jews are not mentioned in the book and are not officially ‘new crowd’ Jews – although they come from the same origins).

    Charles Bluhdorn (Gulf & Western); Sanford I. Weill (American Express, Travellers Group, Shearson-Lehman); Peter Cohen; Arm and Hammer (baking soda tycoon); Felix Rohaytn (panderer and political/economic deal maker); Alan Greenburg; Ira Harris (Wall Street swindler); Meyer (the ‘French’ Jew); Bruce Wasserstein; Jerome Kohlberg; Joseph Flom; Martin Lipton; T. Boone Pickens; Carl I Cahn; Henry Kravis; Saul Steinberg; Lewis Glucksman; Ivan Boesky; Martin Siegal; Michael Milken; Belzbergs (‘Canadian’ Jews); James Wolfensohn (‘Australian’ Jews); Schroder (London merchant bankers); Carl Mueller; Jon Rotensreich; Lewis Ranieri; Edmond Safra (International banker and ‘Lebanese’ Jew); Pritzker; Crown; Martin Siegel; Jerome Kohlberg; Henry Kravis; George Roberts; Fred Joseph; Michael Milken; I.W. ‘Tubby’ Burnham; Robert Maxwell (aka Ludwig Hoch ‘Czech’ Jew – later masqueraded as an ‘English’ Jew); Marty Lipton (‘poison pill’); Donald Drapkin; Lord Weidenfeld (an ‘English nobleman’ jew); Alfred Kingsley; Ronald Perelman; Sir James Goldsmith (another ‘English nobleman’ Jew); Erwin Jacobs; Bernard Baruch (a lone wolf Wall Street thug); Samuel Bronfman (Seagrams empire); David Sarnoff (RCA Records); Marshall Cogan; Arthur Carter; I.W. Burnham; Roger Berlind; Muriel Siebert (the first established Jewish female Wall Street thug); Meshulam Riklis (an Israeli Jew); Martin Davis; Merv Adelson (Lorimar); Eli Broad; Oscar Wyatt Sr.; Sol Linowitz; Rabbi David Gordis (yes rabbis are thugs with kosher seals of approval!); Robert Freeman; Tim Tabor; Martin Siegal; Richard Wigton; Victor & Steve Posner (Russian Jews); Jacques Bemberg (another dopple-ganging Jew); Baron Harry Openheimer (South African diamonds); Alvin Einbender; Jerome Kohlberg (LBO leveraged buy outs – a Jewish corporate raider and thug); Lewis Rudin; Irving Shapiro (former DuPont & ‘Industrial Policy Group’ thug); Roone Arledge; Clay Felker; Shulman; Max Frankel (NY Times Editor) Joyce Purnick & Paul Marks – (Jewish Eugenic Schemers)”.


  13. Anon says:

    Why is it that the “English” jews always get overlooked? Heh, sure, there are many, many “German” and even more “Russian” jews but, the “English” ones are usually neglected. BTW, thanks for financially/politically destroying the true defenders of the European races “English” jews!

    What about the jews that have WASP names? Call me a jew if you want for mentioning this fact but, any idiot wouldn’t use a “-stein” or “-sky” name that intended to remain “incognito”.

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “the “English” ones are usually neglected.”

    You’re not wrong mystery entity!

    I’ts hand to mouth, when it comes to child sacrifice and war-making over here, for the sad, sorry, ingrates.
    They must curse the day they were born here (God knows i do), and not in the U.S.A., where they could “tear it up”, to their (black) heart’s content.

    Sometimes i cry.

    I do hope Peruvian men like baldy women!

    I expect they’ll get used to it.


  15. Flanders says:

    More worrisome than jewry is the attitude of those who should be our own people.

    It’s not often I would recommend reading material written by a homosexual who died from a progressive disease from full-blown AIDS, but this is one which deserves to be read and understood.

    “Joe Six-Pack has the right to remain uninformed, however, there are dire consequences as the price for his ignorance!

    Does the scene above look even remotely familiar to you? Perhaps, you recognize a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. This type of person wraps themselves in the flag, and does not want to hear about how things are falling apart in this country. Why is this? It is so, because as long as their comfort and hobbies and obsessions remain available, they do not care if the world falls down around them.

    It is said that SILENCE EQUALS CONSENT — and this is the way in which the majority of all of our family, friends, and co-workers behave. Their continued silence also indoctrinates them to ACCEPT the illegalities that go on in the world — becoming part of the landscape of their daily life. As long as their football games are on, and they have continued access to their beer, cigarettes, and their Internet porn, they just don’t care about issues that WILL come to affect their own children’s lives.”


  16. Flanders says:

    Think you will enjoy this.

    Crickets & Bin Laden……

    “I was in the yard yesterday looking at my pecan trees and picking up limbs that had fallen to the ground. It was quiet until the crickets started getting loud, so I went to the shed and turned on the radio to listen to NPR.

    The crickets win. NPR – what the fuck is this drivel? Why is everyone on NPR speaking with an English accent? I thought we threw those motherfuckers out of my country back in the 1700’s. Apparently they’re back.

    Although obvious to me – the fakery that is the media in the US is blatantly and unashamedly “New World Order” appoved. It is nothing more than a bunch of clap-trap know-it-alls who know nothing blabbing about high-brow shit I don’t care about. You know – like what the price of Earl Grey tea is in South Africa. And why “nation-building” has not shown a profit – but a horrible horrible loss to the citizens of America.” [Continues]


  17. Anon says:

    “They must curse the day they were born here”

    I’m sure they do. They probably get all verklempt about it and wail “oy vey” over and over. I suppose I should have mentioned the “American” jews too. The problem with that is I’ve rarely seen a red skinned jew in the natural habitat over here. You see, a small amount of people still consider English, German, Russian etc. to be an ethnicity. You might know them as your folk (that must be an Icelandic term, who knows). 😉

    America is a WASP land after all… Right?

  18. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Couldn’t give a monkeys fuck WHAT they consider themselves.

    If they despise the kike in all its facets, i consider THEM brothers.

    Everything else will be a matter of joshing, and banter, after the fact.

    Now shut up and SING!

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    I’m sorry but i can’t take seriously, the concerns, of a grown man, who forces his podger, up another man’s arse.

    Especially when he/it feigns concern for the well-being of children.

    “they just don’t care about issues that WILL come to affect their own children’s lives.”

    You, buttboy-ahoy, are one of these issues.

  20. BALDER says:

    Hitler knew that his economic policy and his return to socialist Christianity would incite international Jewry, but he was willing to take that chance. He acted on behalf of God, whereas the “Allies” acted on behalf of the devil himself. It is a hard reality to come to terms with when you realize that your own grandfathers died for the defense and implementation of the system of the Antichrist. Americans, Britons, Jews, and anyone else who had fought on the side of the Allies during WWII were all fighting for Satan. If you do not think so, then tell me that the world in which we live today is a godly and just world that Christ would have envisioned for His people. You cannot possibly defend that position knowing what you know about 90% of the world’s inhabitants. Take a look at Africa, Viet Nam, China, Korea, or even most countries in South America, and tell me that this is a loving and prosperous world of hope, Christianness, and love.

  21. GTRman says:

    Anon – its easy to spot those English jews – they will have “Lord ” or “Sir” at the beginning of their name.

    Blair had a ‘ yard sale ‘ of titles : Sold to the highest bugger.

    Off the top of my head : Lord Alan Sugar , Sir Phillip Green , Sir Ben Kingsley , Lord Levy , Lord Ashcroft , Lord Adonis , and of course there are many Lord / Baron Rothschilds.
    List here ( pedokikea )

    Another jew talking bout another jew talking about another jew in a jewy jewspaper :
    ” What Jewish conspiracy?
    The anti-semites are out in force on Jonathan Freedland’s blog about Lord Levy.

    Jonathan Freedland posted a piece on the arrest of Lord Levy yesterday on Comment is Free and then a slightly tidied up version appeared in the Guardian this morning. There are, therefore, two separate comment threads relating to this piece.

    Freedland argued that the scandal of loans-for-peerages goes to the heart of New Labour’s relationships with corporate power and that Levy will not be (and should not be) the fall-guy or the scapegoat for this political problem problem.

    Freedland is right to flag up the danger of an anti-semitic undercurrent lurking around this story. “In the routine descriptions of him as a ‘flamboyant north London businessman’ many in Britain’s Jewish community have long detected old-fashioned prejudice.” Traditional English anti-semitism has a habit of lurking gently under the surface. It is gentle and unspoken. It operates through a nudge here and a wink there. So Freedland mentions it – but it is not the point of the story and should not become the point of the story. ”

    Then there’s this , another miraculous “rags to riches ” story :

    Jew Baron Alliance
    The Jew Daveed Davoud, Lord of the Realm, Great British Law-Giver, Baron Alliance

    ” More than 50 years ago, I arrived in Manchester—the home of textiles—as a teenage Jewish immigrant with very little English and only a few pounds in my pocket—the princely sum of £14 to be precise. The generous, warm-hearted Lancashire folk welcomed me, a stranger, and helped me to get started. Before long, I began to repay my adopted country by making an increasing contribution to its industrial and commercial life—as well as to the Chancellor’s coffers. Over the years, I have realised many times how fortunate and privileged I have been to benefit from the democratic traditions of this nation and the tolerance and friendliness of its people.

    Let me take the opportunity to thank noble Lords for their kind welcome and, of course, I must not forget the officers and staff who have given me such gracious help since my arrival—again as a stranger, but now in this place.

    Being a stranger is one of my topics today. In the past century, Britain has undergone enormous social change. One aspect of that change has been the arrival of some 3 million immigrants. That is the greatest influx in our country’s history—a country whose welcome of immigrants has not only benefited it but has helped to shape its history.

    Such an inflow is bound to put social strains on any receiving society. It is comforting and a great tribute to the British temperament that tensions have not been more marked. In fact, the influx of immigrants can be seen as complementing our society in helping a growing economy and, with a falling birth-rate, providing much-needed additional manpower.”
    yada yada :

    Another list . Very few military men and only 4 boxers . I note theyve got Jordan aka Katie Price listed. They can have her.

  22. Well…. Its MLK day in the Zionist Jewish controlled United States of America today!

    I know this is a day where you guys (and goys) are supposed to celebrate “Human Rights”… Well… I have news for you guys in that the damned Zionist pigs in Israel (sorry to insult the pigs) are now calling for extermination camps for the Palestinians!

    Here is my article on this atrocity:


    So enjoy your day off….. But remember these people in occupied Palestine that are now seriously fighting for their very lives against the real monsters on the planet!

  23. Am I pissed about that? Damn right! They scream “Holy Co$t! Holy Co$t” every time anyone stands up against their actions, and here they are actually calling for outright extermination of the true people of Palestine, the Palestinians themselves!

    “Human Rights” my ass! The only “Human Rights” that these beasts continue to promote are the rights of them to enslave the rest of us!

  24. RocketMan says:

    So enjoy your day off….. NTS, White people work on MLK Day save for gov. workers.
    The niggers have every day off.

  25. No day off here in Canuckistan, Rocketman…. We (thankfully) do not celebrate MLK day here (yet)!

    Sorry, but I cannot celebrate a day dedicated to a criminal like MLK…. Some may not like that statement, but I stand behind that conviction.

  26. RocketMan says:

    No need for apology, some of us here in the JewSA know MLK was a POS tool and a woman beater.

  27. BALDER says:

    More and more and more and more. That seems to be the trend and our goal. What will be left, if things proceed, other than oceans of talking apes and man-made structures? It will be an ant world or some variety of wildebeest herd all content to gaze up each other’s rear ends and breathe in each other’s faces. “Swarm” comes to mind and I find such a prospect as very sickening, if not frightening. I firmly believe that the Aryan soul not only craves space and natural beauty, but cannot exist long without it. We are actively creating a world which we cannot live in. That’s insane.

  28. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    There are large numbers of non jews who are rabidly pro-Israel. All “Christian” TVangeleists fall into this category. They’d gladly nuke the whole planet to save the “chosen”. They are the kosher goyim and make dandy cannon fodder for the cause of Israel — except their leaders who will be safe in their bomb shelters.

  29. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    As the worm turns, methinks more and more jews will claim to be on “our side”. See the video The Sweet Jew to understand what I mean. Here’s some stuff on the desirability of jews changing their ways — http://www.wernercohn.com/Shahak.html –. How does a leopard change it’s spots anyway?

  30. Sito: The answer is… They don’t!

    Remember the phrase: “Beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothing!” .. That is especially true when it comes to the so called “self hating Jews” that appear to be on our side, but still believe in the evil teachings, and follow the teachings, of their Torah and Talmud!

    A true convert from their pure evil would outright call the teachings of the Torah and Talmud evil, and publicly address that issue… Few of these criminals are willing to take that necessary step.

    Remember also their habit of lying outright… Because they believe strongly in their Kol Nidre, which gives these liars their “rite” to lie outright to the ‘Goyim’…. Because in the eyes of their god, Lucifer, it is perfectly natural!

  31. Count Cherep says:

    A steaming pile of feces mixed with some kernels of truth, courtesy of Gordon’s Duff:


    “King defined greatness. The silence today, the silence of the last decade and more? No American leader can be called great, none now, certainly not in decades, not since the deaths of John and Robert Kennedy. This lack of “greatness” is a national tragedy.
    There is no greater symbol of “greatness” than that put forth by Martin Luther King in his “I have a dream” speech…”

    Smell it at the link, but don’t eat it:

    Celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
    Michael Leon praises his fallen comrade MLK, shills for the Obama administration:

  32. Thanks for that respite, Incog, reminding us of our American glory. It is vital that we remain connected to our history. These constant manic eruptions from the media serve to actively confound us and while passively removing us from considering our legacy.

    America has been taken over by parasites that seek to feed off of us. Instead of shackling us in chains, they shackle us with debt. To keep themselves from being detected, they broadcast signals that point in every direction but to their devouring presence. They pair this with every form of infiltration, subversion, intimidation and terrorism. Our very greatest enemy – one who is very actively destroying us – incessantly tells us it is our greatest freind. They send us to our very deaths, smile, and tell us it is for our own good, sot their own. A big funeral the trade far a cheap, ignorant, throwaway life. Truth around here is rarer than pink diamonds. Do not people know that you cannot be correct without truth? Do not people also know you cannot also achieve anything without being correct? And that you connot have truth without honest enquiry; and that for that you need freedom; and for that rights; and for that self-determination; for self-determination you need power and for power you need a nation – a confederacy of your own. That is why the truly weak and non-self-sufficient wizard behind the curtain is destroying the nation, because it destroys you, and makes you a slave. Same with your Christian heritage. Your Christian heritage and you national heritage used to be one and the same. With no values, you have nothing to fight for and nothing to fight with. They muddle, mix and confuse all information so that you become unknowledgeable, unpowerful, unmoored. all of the things that are so simple that we take them for granted the easiest are the first to go – our common sense, our sense of belonging, the simple whoever of our culture and custom, and our sense of right and wrong in the simple things – while “we” chase ever more non-sensical contrived chimeras like “gay rights,” and “holocaust” reparations, etc, etc, ad-infintim. It was formerly understood that citizens of a nation had special rights in their domain. They had privileges. Who has these things now? It’s not us. It’s everyone but us, with one particular group above all others. Whose nation is this now? This is what is going on. It is going on all over the world. The silver lining on this very, very dark cloud is that all that remains now is that what is going on in our nations (pick one) is anything but national interest and national heritage; it is anything but common sense; anything but truth, and certainly anything but the correct way.

  33. Hoff says:

    Freedland is right to flag up the danger of an anti-semitic undercurrent lurking around this story. “In the routine descriptions of him as a ‘flamboyant north London businessman’ many in Britain’s Jewish community have long detected old-fashioned prejudice.” Traditional English anti-semitism has a habit of lurking gently under the surface. It is gentle and unspoken. It operates through a nudge here and a wink there. So Freedland mentions it – but it is not the point of the story and should not become the point of the story. ”


    Hoff says: Damn are those goyim a clever bunch of insane jew-hating NAZIs. This is how they holohoaxed six million jews – by telephaty. “It is gentle and unspoken. It operates through a nudge here and a wink there.

  34. knuckledgragger says:

    Happy Nigger Day, aey-one! Today we celebrate not the ability of a spook bein’ hassled by da man to rise up an’ make sumpin of hisseff, but the ability of the everpresent jew to shove whatever he pleases down our collective throats.
    Indeed, it is not the coon who counts, wiff his ability to more-or-less organize a collective porch-sitting in the capital of our Nation, but the ability of the media-weilding hebrew to distract your ire with the glorious lure of fuh-ball, bax-kitball, and buying sparkly stuff for your woman.
    So a tip of the hat to the dead-weight spooks among us, whom we honor ironically by not going to work, and a big “fuck you” to the semitic thought police that have made this whole charade possible.
    Plagiarists, Communists, and short-changed whiners unite! Free shit and holidays for all!!

  35. Count Cherep says:

    Here’s a comment on “Celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr” in case it gets deleted:

    Denise says:
    January 17, 2011 at 10:29 am
    I have a dream that peoplediscover the TRUTH aobut the grotesque Commie fraud!

    All Civil Wrongs were EVER about was destroying White America ,and ripping off Whitey. The USA is rapidly becoming South Afreaka!

    Why does “Moral Icon” need to have his FBI records sealed for years?

  36. Yeah, I gnome what u-a sayin, knuckledragger. Issa buncha fucki’ boo shi, mayun?

  37. Hoff says:

    Both 60 Minutes and The New York Times have corroborated what Sack wrote: that late in World War II, thousands of Jews sought revenge for the Holocaust.

    They set up 1,255 concentration camps for German civilians—German men, women, children and babies. There they beat, whipped, tortured and murdered the Germans.

    The real-life people in An Eye for an Eye are Jews like Shlomo (left) who turned the Holocaust upside-down.


  38. Hoff says:

    The jews did this.

    The reason for the notoriety is the author’s conclusion that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, as head of the American occupation of Germany in 1945, deliberately starved to death German prisoners of war in staggering numbers. Mr. Bacque charges that “the victims undoubtedly number over 800,000, almost certainly over 800,000 and quite likely over a million. Their deaths were knowingly caused by army officers who had sufficient resources to keep the prisoners alive.”

    Eisenhower’s method, according to Mr. Bacque, was simple: he changed the designation of the prisoners from “Prisoners of War” (P.O.W.), required by the Geneva Convention to be fed the same rations as American G.I.’s, to “Disarmed Enemy Forces” (D.E.F.), which allowed him to cut their rations to starvation level. Mr. Bacque says the D.E.F. were also denied medical supplies and shelter. They died by the hundreds of thousands. Their deaths were covered up on Army records by listing them as “other looses” on charts showing weekly totals of prisoners on hand, numbers discharged and so forth.


  39. Hoff says:

    The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America. The book details the movement of blacks from the rural South to the industrial cities of the North from 1940 to 1970. Mr. Lemann discussed the origins of ..
    Read More
    Mr. Lemann, correspondent for Atlantic Monthly, discussed his recent book, The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America. The book details the movement of blacks from the rural South to the industrial cities of the North from 1940 to 1970. Mr. Lemann discussed the origins of the migration, which includes the mass production of the mechanical cotton picker, which freed numbers of blacks from the sharecropper system, and the development of ghettos in the industrial cities of the North. He decided to write the book on the urban migration of the blacks as a means to explain the development of ghettos, a subject he came upon while writing a newspaper feature on the welfare system. Mr. Lemann said he hoped his book would help people gain a greater insight into the development and continuation of ghettos in American cities.


  40. Z.O.G. says:

    INCOG, got a new one for you:

    Who Controls the Senate?

  41. Silvernickel says:

    haha…Dave is like the Terminator robot, with it’s fake skin completely burned off; still coming at you and looking for more action.

    Hello Dave


  42. Severus says:

    The problem with “historians” today is that they allow current Jewish control of Western society and the media to view the past from this insane, distorted Judaic prism. The past “is what it is.” One cannot demonize an era because of how its people behaved since said behavior was the prevailing norm at the time. Once our people learn to discern Jewish “moral bias” from historicity we will all be able to advance to a higher plane.

    One thing I notice, for example: MLK, a hound dog and plagiarist from what I can tell, is celebrated instead of a TRUE Black hero, Lonnie Lawrence Dennis. Dennis was a fascist, NS sympathizer. He met Goebbels, Goering and even Hitler in Germany. He wanted to raise Blacks up as opposed to selling them out to Jewish interests and lobby groups or keeping them down. Dennis was a mulatto himself, and a genius to boot. He attended Exeter and Harvard and had a Mensa IQ.

    Anyway, I am all for celebrating European heroes like General Lee, but let us also celebrate the non-European Americans who fought, suffered and died for European ideals. Instead of MLK Day we need Lonnie Lawrence Dennis Day (LLD).

    The following video is a tribute to Lawrence Dennis, America’s “Alfred Rosenberg”:


    I highly recommend his books “The Coming American Fascism,” “Is Capitalism Doomed,” and “The Dynamics of War and Revolution.” You can still get most of these from Amazon.


  43. Rifleman Dodd says:

    Now there’s a man worth commemorating.

  44. Sen10L says:

    HebeMart is a retart. He’s swallowed the matrix pill.

  45. Barney says:

    Count Cherep’s comment “smell it at the link, but don’t eat it” reminds me of an old joke that fits all the kikery we’re expected to swallow.

    A man sees something on the ground and stops to look at it, eventually saying “looks like … ”

    Poking a finger in it, he sniffs it and says “smells like … ”

    Licking his finger, he says “tastes like … ”

    Finally he says “lucky I didn’t step in it”.

    That’s exactly what kikery is, pure devil shit.

    Why don’t sharks eat kikes? Professional ethics.

    Why don’t sharks eat niggers? They think it’s whale shit.

    Sorry everyone. I just couldn’t resist it.

    The good news is that General Lee and Stonewall Jackson WILL be back to help us exterminate the devil’s horde for all time. Not them personally of course, but there’ll be others just like them. All over the world good people have had more than enough of the kikes’ ugly faces and evil ways. We will NOT be overrun by the savages they’ve brought to our countries and we do NOT accept their fake “laws” used to steal our God-given birthright.

    White People built the modern world, and no kike “law” can override the true LAWS of GOD. We built this world and we’re NOT giving it away to vermin and their pet jungle critters who couldn’t even build a fire if we gave them the wood AND the matches.

    If you think I’m angry, you ain’t seen nuthin yet, but as Kipling says in his “When the Saxon learned to hate”, very little of that seething hatred shows on the surface, and that’s what’s going to scare the shit out of those ugly, lying bastards when we suddenly EXPLODE in their shitty little rat faces.

    (My apologies to rats for likening these intelligent and attractive little furry creatures to satan’s mindless robots.)

    I’m just one extremely angry White Man, but there are millions more like me wherever the devil’s zombies are screwing with our lives. We don’t show it. We just carry on with our useless, ruined lives, grovelling to the bastards just as before, yes sir, no sir, then one day it will be TAKE THAT YOU CUR!

    Only then will the White Man be truly free, and then we’ll find out what White ingenuity can really achieve. The stars will be ours.

    All commercial “debt” is fraudulent. Taxes are fraudulent. Eternal land “ownership” is a sick joke. How can anybody own anything FOREVER when we’re not here forever?

    Our White countries are OURS. Niggers belong in niggerland (niggereria?), muds in the various mudlands, and kikes belong with their father in hell.

    We just fly them back to their country of origin, dump them at the airport and come back for more. What happens after that is no concern of ours. We don’t need anyone’s permission to throw their rubbish back where it came from.

    What we do with the half breeds will need to be sorted out at the time, but our countries WILL be 100% WHITE again, and kike-faggot free for all time.

    (kike and faggot – same thing as far as I’m concerned)

    As for the worthless name-changing nigger (more kikery) known as MLK, why can’t we Whites have a day to commemorate our own heroes rather than being expected to worship some lying coon?

    Ok. I know the answer, but one day we will, and Herr Hitler will be honoured as the greatest White Man of all time.

  46. Flanders says:

    To a great man – A great Southerner – Robert E. Lee


  47. GTRman says:

    Hey Barney – get off the fence and tell us what you really think !

  48. Flanders says:

    A link I have just come across about General Lee.


  49. Flanders says:

    Are the jews finally coming out of the closet?

    “SPLC mouthpiece Mark Potok appears on Communist Party USA website.”


  50. Flanders says:

    More groups associated with SPLC, one dealing with Homoland Security and the other a possible attempt to entrap an innocent American.



  51. Biker says:

    what DID MLK do besides get shot? JFK got shot too! George S. Patton day? no. Nikola Tesla day? no again. Werner von Braun day? god no! are you nuts?! Mother Theresa day? HAAAAAA! no. Vasco de Gama, Amerigo Vespucci, Ponce de Leon, or a Henry Hudson day? you HAVE Columbus (for now) what more do you want? an ANYONE that was at the Alamo day? the what? oh yeah, that. nope

    Lee-Jackson day? WHAT ?! talk like that could get you arrested!

    MLK day? of COURSE! and every city in the US will have a street bearing his name to boot! fuckin putrid.

  52. GTRman says:

    During the late eighties /early nineties , seemed like every housing estate or community centre got renamed ” Mandella Heights ” or ” The Marcus Garvey Centre “.

  53. GTRman says:

    ( In UK that is )

  54. Flanders says:

    John De Nugent has a lengthy posting on Marcus Garvey at this, the comment #6, at VNN below. If what he states is true, then Garvey is the type of black who should be celebrated. The jews apparantly didn’t like Garvey because he wanted to unite all blacks and to move them to establish a country and a government of their own. He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in August 1914 and at one time was said to have more than two million members. Attempting to set up in Liberia, Garvey was set upon by the Jewish Defamation League and jew communists, such as W.E. Dubois (They don’t want unity within any of the other races, and they want any unity to exist only among the jews, and the jews do have that as a nation of international scam artists and traitors among all of the other races). You can read the rest of the account at the link, but this is one of the bits of information:

    “According to Garvey, “I regard the Klan, the Anglo-Saxon clubs and White American societies, as far as the Negro is concerned, as better friends of the race than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together. I like honesty and fair play. You may call me a Klansman if you will, but, potentially, every white man is a Klansman, as far as the Negro in competition with whites socially, economically and politically is concerned, and there is no use lying.”


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