Let’s Kick The Lousy JEWS Right The Hell Out!

LET’S GET THIS one straight, right off the bat: We’re never going to be able to vote ourselves out of this mess. Not with Big Jewry owning the media and working non-stop to keep White people stupid. No way, no how, are they ever going to let anyone get elected willing to give us the straight skinny about much, or say the least thing bad about that devious little country in the Mideast: Israel.

You like to think of yourself as a nice guy and want to act all shocked that this kind of article and artwork was posted on the Internet? Get real, bozo. These nation-wreckers have long fostered the whole Mr. Nice Guy business — all the liberal multicult PC crap — so as to hide behind as they take this country on a giant friggin’ Jew Joy Ride.

Let me once again reiterate my website’s Numero Uno message here: The Jews overall, have been absolute, total traitors to the American concept. The bastards are clearly only loyal to the Jewish race and Israel. Some might ask: Isn’t Israel palsy-walsy with America? What a sorry joke that’s always been. Israel has not only been the world’s biggest albatross around this country’s neck, but backstabbers of historic proportions.

Here we have 9/11 — a horrendous, traumatic assault on America’s head by totally devious Zionist forces. Ample evidence proves it was a false flag operation, done in cooperation with Israeli right-wingers, the MOSSAD (or Shin Bet) and corrupted, traitorous “Shabbos Goys” (non-Jews serving Jewish interests) elevated to positions of authority by the Jew media. 9/11, by itself, is more than enough reason to rise up and put a screeching halt to these historically subversive and self-centered people.


What’s more, the Jews are working towards a day America itself is nothing and the White race is a powerless, spat-upon minority. Who do you think is really behind the New World Order, Globalism, non-White immigration into our countries, miscegenation (interracial sex), abortion, homos and non-stop sleaze in the media?

International Jew money has had control of the US financial system ever since that Goyim fool president, Woodrow Wilson, signed the Federal Reserve act in 1913. JFK, apparently, was thinking of getting around all that and wanted to put a stop to the Israeli Bomb too, but you see what happened to him, don’t you?

And these paranoid Jews have been jerking America’s chains all along. All this “Islamafascist” crap is nothing more than a long-running Jew gambit to establish what they call “Eretz Ysreal” (a Middle East Jewish empire), and genocide what’s left of the Palestinians. Hell, there’s plenty of evidence the whole Jew business was really the cause of both WWI (to establish Jew Marxist rule over Russia) and WWII, which killed tens of millions of innocent Goyim (to keep Germany from being successful Judenfrei and to establish Israel in 1948).

Jewish Marxism and Zionist global chicanery for Israel has been the cause of enormous pain, suffering and death to untold tens of millions upon millions of non-Jewish people world-wide. Don’t you ever wonder why they don’t breath a word about these things on the so-called “History” Channel? Just think about how exported Marxist political thought killed tens of millions of screaming Chinamen alone!

Do you think they could have covered up 9/11 unless the Jews controlled the mass media? Hell, it’s well known in the media to talk seriously about any of this means career death. You can see how they stay silent, or ridicule anything to do with it.

Oh, sure, your regular, mom and pop, dentist Jew down the street isn’t getting any top secret instructions from the big Rabbi Rambam working on the Jew Agenda in some high-tech underground synagogue in Poughkeepsie, New York. Anybody with brains knows that’s a bunch of bull.

And that’s exactly what the real Jewish power apex banks on you thinking. However, regular Jews quietly know just what Israel’s MOSSAD is willing to do, hence the next-door neighbor Jew now does everything he can to keep regular Americans flummoxed on subjects like 9/11, Jewry’s financial scams, the Palestinians and their historical involvement in murderous Communism, or anything to do with their socially-corrosive nature in general. Which is a lot.

Jews SUCK so much that most White people just can’t seem to get their TV-addled heads around it.

Nervy Bastards Think They Own THE WORLD

While the Jews successfully had the courts remove Christian symbols from public places, they have ZERO problem erecting the menorah anywhere they damn well please, including a 90′ tall one in front of the White House every year (A). Jew control groups, like the ADL, carefully monitor and tell us Gentiles what we can or can’t put up during holidays (B). Meanwhile, all of us Gentiles pony up a secret little extortion tax on just about everything we buy — not just groceries, either — to Kosher rackets so Orthodox Jews can lay around and study the Goyim-hating Talmud. Go in your kitchen right now and you’ll find the Jew symbol (C) on the very first thing you look!

The Jew’s inner behavior and racial agenda to turn the White race into a victimized, corrupted minority should be readily apparent by now. Once you realize what’s going on, the more pissed you will be. Folks, these are devious and totally immoral people — steadily working Jewish goals — all of which will end-up destroying America and the White race, without a doubt.

Nothing will ever get any better in America until we deal with these lousy Jews. The sooner we get that one the better.

From the continual slide of America into the gutter morality-wise; to the constant TV BS of Democrat versus Republican politics; immigration of Meztisos or any non-Whites into our formerly White majority nations; to the never-ending wars and strife in the Mideast — anything for “precious” Israel and that bastard country’s little games of dispossessing the Palestinians, while threatening other countries around them.

The more you study “The Jew Question,” the more you’ll agree where I’m coming from. And you had better start soon, because Jewry is now desperate to find any way possible to censor real free speech on the Internet and shut up the fast growing Jew-awareness.

The Jew has always been America and the White race’s enemy from day-one. It’s GD high time we take the bulls by the horns and use force to take back this country!

Let’s say everything goes to hell and a hand basket real fast. Chances are, the Jews will do another big false flag on this country’s head — this time to pin on White American patriots as an excuse to come after us and bring down a full-on Commie Jew police state. Many of the fence sitters will recognize it for what it is, but far too many Sheeple will still ignore it, as usual.

People never seem to be able to accept what’s happening to them until it’s staring them right in the face!

The trouble going on right now is PC brainwashing about Jews still infects too many patriotic Whites, constantly having to make a big point about not being “anti-Semitic.” And yes, many White political groups are undoubtedly infested with Jew Neocons — those slick as snot Jews who now pretend to have been “conservative” all along.

Corrupt Mishpucka Jew, Rahm Emanuel, just got installed as Chicago’s mayor.

Jews have the instinctual ability to bury themselves into White groups and, like chameleons, change their outward political persona on a dime. Hell, they act like pro-Whites all the time and know the lingo, since they spend so much time acting as agent provocateurs within our people.

It’s weird — Jews are just like some kind of insidious, diabolical alien race!

Very soon after the real troubles begin, a now openly Marxist “ZOG” or Zionist Owned Government will try to separate out patriotic White military members not already fighting overseas in the Jew wars and send them south on the pretext of border control with Mexico, or deploy them back to the Mideast, possibly as part of a ground invasion of Iran.

Chances are, most people will wuss out (only 10% of the population were active in the first American revolution). White liberals, homos and Jews, regardless of how amped-up and vitrolic they might act, are basic cowards when you get down to brass tacks. This type will cry like babies even at the thought of losing the smallest of creature comforts.

Realizing THE JIG is now up in America, Jewry will enlist militant blacks and hispanics as political “commissars” and give them command of newly formed “revolution brigades,” tasked with “domestic security.” This will undoubtedly entail crimes against defenseless Whites, hoping to lure in pro-White forces for ambush by police state apparatchiks — possibly even resorting to WMD.

They may have just enough corrupted White Shabbos Goys and violent psychos on a special roster they can sprinkle through “revolution” brigades to give them a somewhat multicult look. These will be dangerous types, psychologically tested in the military to hold little patriotism, while enjoying “expressing authority.”

The real revolution may only take a matter of months or weeks, actually, depending on how fast the rest of the American population and military finally gets it about the Jew. The more communication methods utilized in the wake of government censorship and crackdowns, the more combat effectives will rush to engage local ZOG forces.

Once enough Americans get the full picture of Jewish perfidy, the tidal wave of insurrection will be unstoppable. Military and police forces will dessert wholesale over to the White patriot side. Shabbos Goy traitors and spineless White liberals will suddenly try to reinvent themselves overnight, telling everyone they were with us all along. 

The beginning stage is already in effect. The Internet is abuzz about the Jew and it’s spreading far too rapidly for the Jew to get a handle on matters without tipping their hand. They know it too. That’s why you have so much stealth initiatives to control the Internet under the guise of “the war on terror.”

Very soon, the “Jew Question” will reach critical mass and explode across the country like a prairie grass fire, completely unstoppable by Jewry and ZOG Shabbos Goys. 

It will probably not be major ground force activity as in warfare in the past (like marching armies), but countless thousands of small guerrilla actions on the local level. After the initial conflict begins, cities and regional areas will fall fast, followed shortly by State governments. It will be like dominoes.

And that’s what we have to do: Take over as many localities and state governments in the country as possible. Washington DC will fall readily, once the food stops coming in. Jew York city will be the very next on the list, if it even manages to survive that long.

Jews always in YOUR FACE

Whether you know it or not, smug, know-it-all Jews are all over your TV screens and behind the camera. The Globalist Zionists own the media (lock, stock and barrel) and we’ll never get the straight scoop except through them. They even have the GD nerve to put on little Jew punks to tell us what’s up! Go HERE to see just how many really control what America watches.

Once we finally take back this country, the very first thing is remove all Jewish control from the mainstream media. That goes without saying. Each and every Jew, whatever pro-Zionist Goyim that can be identified, needs to be escorted firmly out the door — immediately. Sure, they’ll be a lot of screaming and crying and stuff. Any who try to stop us may just get the bayonet.

Two, we need to take over and arrest all those found working at all the Federal Reserves nationwide. We’ll bring in computer experts and White accountants to unravel the whole stinking mess. We’ll certainly have to “gently persuade” insiders to lay out what they know, or risk our more than justified wrath on the spot.

Three, at the same time we need to quickly arrest any and all members of Jewish traitor organizations, such as the “American” Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC); Abe Foxman and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL); Council of Presidents and the myriad associated Jewish groups; Jewish Defense League (JDL) and all the rest (literally tons of Jew traitor groups out there).

Special teams will round up all the members of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), most especially the perfidious Jew owners, Joe Levine, Mark Potok and Morris Dees. These SOBs have been milking the PC business for decades.

All of these people shall be incarcerated and “vigorously” interrogated, right along with computer forensic operations at their Jew operations to uncover the extent of their traitorous activities against America.

9/11 traitors like Shabbos Goys George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and all the “Sayanim” Jews: Larry Silverstein, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim, Philip Zelikow, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith and the rest of the devious NeoCOHEN bastards behind 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq, need to be detained and interrogated by using whatever methods they once deemed legal for Islamic “terrorists.”

Should that lousy country Israel make veiled threats about starting WWIII and/or using the Big One on us, we’ll tell the whole world if one thing happens, America will turn Israel into a sheet of radioactive glass — no questions asked. If one Israeli sub heads for open water, it will become fair game for our Hunter/Killer subs on the prowl in the Med and the Red Sea.

The devious Zionist bastards can yell and scream all they want, but by this time, the entire world will openly applaud our efforts.

And to make sure the Global Zionists get the message, we’ll let them know we mean business by sinking one of their billion dollar yachts, detonate a conventional cruise missile 1000 feet over the City of London and another one just off the beach in front of Lord Rothschild’s Mediterranean villa — as he dines lavishly with his Jew cronies and Goyim puppets. That’ll get their attention.

To make room in our prisons, we’ll need to radically expedite the legal sentences for those on death row and free any low-rent criminals with word that if they commit another crime, they’ll be subject to mortal punishment. Then we can consolidate the common criminals, freeing-up needed jail space for the traitor Jews and Shabbos Goys now being frog-marched out of Washington DC, Jew York city, Chicago, LA and any other enclaves of perfidious Jewry found.

We will probably have to build “special compounds” to accomodate the numbers (better yet, force the traitors to build at gunpoint). Let them yell and scream “Nazi” all the want — they do anyways over the least little thing. If they become too shrill during round up procedures, we may be forced to give them the big boot right in their fat, know-it-all faces, or worse, to shut them up.

The MURDEROUS “Chosen Ones”

Incarcerated Jews will be forced to watch documentaries about their belief in “collective punishment” while getting a big fat dose for themselves!

The traitor Jews incarcerated in our special compounds will be required to watch all the documentaries now being broadcast of just what they’ve done to America and the world. All the financial scams, 9/11, the war crimes, property theft and inhumanity against the Palestinians and Lebanese, pushing immigration of non-Whites, the perversions out of Hollywood and social frictions like faggotry, race relations and abortion. Devious MOSSAD Ops against the USA going back decades will be fully exposed.

Should the prisoners close or dare to avert their eyes, on-hand guards will “gently” prod them back open.

Special teams will also need to be dispatched to take into custody all the anti-White big mouths such as Tim Wise, Leonard Zuskind, Noel Ignatiev, Jason Levin, along with race extortion hustlers like “Reverend” Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, to name but a few.

Zio Media personalities like Chris Matthews, Bill O’Reilly, Andrea Mitchell, Sean Hannity, Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, Geraldo Rivera, etc. etc., and many of those behind the camera will, most definitely, richly deserve incarceration.

All of these bastards will be put to work in heavy-labor work gangs building the special compounds required for the rest of the Zio traitors.

Some of the media Shabbos Goys, such as Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, may try to convince us they’ve finally seen the light about the Jew and wish to tell the country. We may be able to use them for awareness purposes, but they will first need to cry and beg for mercy on-air to the country.

Many of the traitors arrested should be sent straight away to heavy-labor work gangs. Fat toady “Bishop” John Hagee, Mike Suckabee, Pam Geller, Bill Maher (technically full Jew on his mother’s side), John Bolton (typical Shabbos Goy) and a multitude of others come to mind. Nothing will be finer than seeing such bastards slaving away doing real manual labor for a change.

Remember, these people have worked for the destruction of this country and the White race. One must not be the least bit emotional about their fate. They clearly had it coming.

Meanwhile, teams of communications people need to immediately shut down any wire transfer capabilities around the country to keep the Jews (and illegals) from bleeding the country any more. This action will be in coordination with the New York takeover. All travel out of the US needs to be halted. We will certainly have to seal the border with Canada as soon as possible and carefully check those who attempt escape to Mexico.

Rich Globalists like George Soros, all the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, Ben Shalom Bernanke, Larry Fink, Henry Kravis, the Koch and Tisch families, CFR’s Richard Haas, to name but a few, will undoubtedly fly the coop aboard luxurious private jets at the first whiff of real trouble. Mark my words: They will be dealt with in time. 

We don’t need to fret too much about any small right-winger Jew groups like the JTF trying fight back. Once the country gets the real deal vis-a-vis the Jews, these little groups of IDF pretend-commandos can be finished off at our leisure. Perhaps brigades of long-time pro-Whites (such as moi) can be given the honor of snuffing out these final pockets of Jew resistance.

“American” Jewry in general should be immediately outlawed from holding positions in government, media, high finance, the military, any defense contractors and even education. Those proven to be pro-Israel and Zionist will be subject to immediate deportation, that is, if they do not hold valuable prosecution information. They should be stripped of whatever bank accounts and property that can be found.

Logistics, or lack of foreign nations willing to accept them, may require us to hold them in our special compounds until we can give them the boot.

What to do with little Jewry, like that nice Jew dentist you have? Perhaps the little ones should be giving a choice between getting kicked out of this country, or mandatory sterilization. They should also be forced to recite and sign a pledge denying any belief in the Talmud and any loyalty whatsoever to Israel. All synagogues and “holocaust” museums will be closed and bulldozed to the ground. The sterilization procedure must be non-reversible and each undergoing the operation will be given a special ID that cannot be duplicated.

Any Jews got a problem with that, they can just get the flock out — NOW.

Surely the Jews are going to scream bloody murder, calling us all Hitlers and stuff. But don’t they already no matter what we say or do? Haven’t you gotten just plain sick and tired of all the BS from them about White people being racist, xenophobic and anti-semitic just for being against illegal immigration and the financially ruinous course we’re on?

This time, we’ll give them something to scream about! Oh yeah, we will.

Jews ALWAYS get Kicked Out

Screaming hypocrite Jews so love to play the persecuted ones. I say we give them another big ass historical event to cry the blues over for another century — I do believe the bastards asked for it!

Jews deported must be fully documented and videotaped leaving, so we can show proof once they start again making up more stories about being genocided. Perhaps we’ll get non-Jew representatives from other countries to act as observers so they can witness the Jews getting their asses kicked out.

And sure, there’s going to be a few isolated instances of Jews getting a little on-the-spot “Einsatzgruppen” treatment. Massacres happen all the time during civil unrest. Americans will become totally hopped-up angry when they discover just how bad it’s really been with this bunch all along. It would not be the least bit surprising, actually.

We’ll have to work to limit the massacres as much as possible. Our race must stay honorable and moral — even after the masses finally learn just how murderous the Jews have been with the allied carpet bombings of Germany, Commie NKVD-type killings and starvation genocides. All of that should not be enough to make the White race stoop to their level.

Our openly stated motive shall only be to divorce ourselves from Jewry and to kick their subversive asses out of America, by any means necessary. It will certainly require some degree of of force and violence till they finally get the message on just how serious we are.

After that, they’ll be timid as church mice. Hell, many of them will probably off themselves when they realize just how badly they screwed up their cushy lives in America.

Once the Jews are rounded up and kicked out of the country, we needn’t be concerned with their fate whatsoever. No matter how terrible it turns out. They can starve to death in the Mexican Sonoran desert, live in some jungle hovel with Negroid pygmies, or end-up as dirt slaves in the blood diamond mines of Angola (totally appropriate).

Should other countries reasonably refuse to let them in, so be it. After-all, who can blame them?

We should try to limit as much as possible any Jews escaping to Canada, since it’s a White country manipulated by Jewry too. We should join forces with pro-Whites there and work to free them; right along with Great Britain, Australia and the rest of Europe for that matter. We’ll infiltrate, smuggle and beam all kinds of material into those countries once we’re finally free here.

Yep, we’re going to have to do all this in the near future without a doubt. America simply must divorce herself from Jewry in a big, big way, should we have any hope for America to survive as a sovereign country. All that, plus the White race had better soon put a stop to them before they turn us into a victimized minority in our very own countries.

Thank you for your time.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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306 Responses to Let’s Kick The Lousy JEWS Right The Hell Out!

  1. Leif Oldhart says:

    You might as well just say, “everything in America has been *MADE* by the Jews, because by this late date, almost everything has! Rest assured that somewhere near the very center of such things — no matter how good they may seem — lies a tiny bit of pure poison: just enough and no more to ruin and pervert that which otherwise might be wholesome and beneficial. What can we do about this? Any ideas?

  2. dana says:

    All I wanted to know is why there are no gentile people in movies or on t.v. It seems that black or Indian people are o.k. But, I can’t help noticing that all the credits are Jewish. As a person who was trying to get into the movie business as well as my two sons, it was always a slap in the face. Then, later, as a nurse, I worked with older Jewish people and learned how they hated every other race and wouldn’t accept them into their family. I just don’t understand it. As a girl I grew up after the War and was always sensitive about their sufferings even though I knew a lot of gentiles suffered as well. Lots of my friends needed to go to ‘colonies’ to get strong because they didn’t get enough nutrients during the ‘war’ years. My best friend lost all her teeth because of that war! The Jews got payments from the German government yearly for their sufferings. The rest of the Dutch people didn’t and I heard lots of their stories first hand, it wasn’t pretty. As a person born right after that war, I can tell you, it wasn’t only the Jews that suffered! I would never think of a race as different but….. I can’t help noticing that everything in show business, movies, t.v., you name it, in other words, all the power and money in the world is going to the Jews! Something wrong here and I’m not kidding!

  3. Wendy says:

    Do something about it. Go to various websites like U tube and let everyone know about this Jew poison.

  4. t bone says:

    Its wonderful that you see the problem.
    But look at how much time went by as the jews pulled the wool over your eyes.

    We are all victims of this ‘jew system’ and its abuse of power/manipulation of Gentiles.

    Our job now is to expose the jew agenda so that other Gentiles can decide for themselves, hopefully earlier in life rather than later.

    Some people dont have the facility/ time/environment to do that much, but we can all at least do a little.

  5. JamesTheJust says:

    Dear Dana,

    Welcome to the real world. Keep trudging forward sister. This rabbit hole is deep; straight to the pit.

  6. catalin says:

    Doubtlessly we must do it something ,the situation for us become desperately, i saw too many crimes against of whites from everywher ;whites genocid from south africa , the africanisation of america , and extermination of caucasians from europe .., personally i can’t resist!, everyday i’m watching how we whites are pushed mor and more to the total extincion……(pls excuse my poor english)

  7. Thrace says:

    Catalin are you Romanian?
    Cause if you are, so am I! I am glad to see this great website is more and more popular to my countrymen!

  8. Leif Oldhart says:

    Why not implant all Jews with special chips that contain a proximity sensor and. . . a wee tad plastic explosive. So when any two of the nasty critters get within, say 666 feet of one another… BANG! Two less problems in the world. This could be stuck at the base of the neck, to avoid needing a large amount of explosive or causing “collateral damage.”

  9. Jameson says:

    The Jews are so entrenched in power and have such a collaborative and conspiratorial network worldwide that it will take a worldwide effort to stop them! They destroyed the international banking system through New York Jew investment bankers selling junk derivatives backed by junk residential mortgages. They bribed the Jew rating agencies to keep rating these derivatives AAA while they were selling off this junk as fast as they could. Even Jesus, a Jew, had their number. He said the Jews were the children of Satan and he was right! Jews are an insidious, predatory, mercenary, and criminal people. When non-Jews complain about how Jews viciously mistreat them, the Jews pull out the victim card and yell “Anti-Semite!” Yes, it’s about time all us “Anti-Semites” get organized and get the Jews out of the U.S.A.! Send them back to Israel to fight their own wars! Jews are cowards and physically inferior so they let the Gentiles die in these Obama Jew wars. Obama has more Jews in his administration than any other President in history. Both Google and Bing (Jew-run monopolies) are the two biggest contributors to Obama’s superpacs! Google runs the government and that criminal Sergey Brin, a Zionist Jew, who runs Google should be the first Jew sent back to Israel.

  10. jewdeath universally says:

    The day will come when the non jew will stand and slaughter the albino and regular jew along side of all the non jew traitors. Only a jew sympathizer traitor will talk about wasting time shipping jews to another land to only come back and lie, steal, and murder the non jew again.

  11. mark says:

    I don’t like the jews running our country we need too kick them out back to Germany where they belong the jewtV that teaches people absolutely nothing but to be dumbed down and to blow stuff up even retard cops get their info from jewTV they like seen peoples shit blown up and death they get a big kick out of it. jews are the reason free speech HAS gone down the toilet and they want to get rid of the internet. we need to send those jews a packing.

  12. genadi says:


    ‘Islamization of Europe a good thing’

    Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should ‘rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.’ He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God

    “Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there,” the rabbi explained as the ethical reason for favoring Muslims, quoting shocking descriptions from the Rishonim literature (written by leading rabbis who lived during the 11th to 15th centuries) about pogroms and mass murders committed by Christians against Jews.

    “We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

    “A now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won’t be able to atone for.”



  14. Jim Jevons says:

    Everything that is said here is thoroughly correct. I am one of the very few people in academia who isn’t either a jew or somebody who has cravenly submitted to the jews. The jews in academia are not smart. They are plagiarists. Plagiarism seems to be acceptable within Judaism. The Academy is now a flaming husk. Its hiring-practices are counter-meritocratic. All thanks to this despicable, mendacious menace. I am now convinced, after years of trying to tell myself otherwise, that these people are fundamentally deceptive. In fact, I am now not only convinced of it: I have irrefutable evidence of it. The dean of the institution that employs me has turned said institution into a Laundromat for Zionist-blood-bucks. Western Civilization is being undermined, in the most radical and malicious way conceivable. I urge you to pursue your anti-jewish, anti-Zionist, anti-negro agenda with complete and total prejudice. “Jim Jevons” (not real name)

  15. t bone says:

    Great comment, Jim.

    You should join in on the current article’s disscussion – Another Cleveland Black Serial Killer.

  16. Greg says:

    Congrats Jim,

    You’ve come to the right place.

  17. Robert Frothingham says:

    During the trials the jews should be handled according to the laws and standards they set up for us: if they are found to be ‘enemy combatants’ (f.ex. working to undermine our laws & liberties under the US Constitution) or aiding the enemy (jews) according to the NDAA they will can be summarily executed without charges, trial, or representation. Waterboarding, sleep deprivation, etc which they have determined to not be torture can be applied to extract intel and confessions. An eye for an eye as their plagiarized book of fiction says.

    Of course we would never apply these barbaric standards to real Americans and will repeal such anti-American laws once the trials are over.

    It would be tempting to pull a Nuremburg on the jews and present fake shrunken heads and all manner of ridiculous concocted evidence to rub their hook noses in but we will not stoop to their level.

    The national debt to the Fed will be cancelled and only founding stock Americans of proven pedigree will be allowed to work at the central bank which will issue debt free US dollars.

    One draconian law will need to stay on the books, however. A sort of Justinian’s Code on steroids: any American in academia, media, gov’t, law, politics, technology, military etc. convicted of accepting money from a foreign jew for any reason will have their assets seized and face execution for treason.

  18. PosterofComments says:

    @Jim Jevons: Completely agree.

  19. Carlos says:

    Looks like the next tragedy for the Jews is brewing, initially in the US but wiln spread. Like all antisemitic waves before, it will catch Jews flat footed. It is irrational and suicidal for IPAC to try to run US policies forever. Jews always lost their influence and ended up persecuted. It will be no different this time as they have proven to be over and over totally unable to win the respect of the host population.

    Do not be fooled by the public atonement for the Holocaust; many Germans off the record will tell you: “we have no Jews, the US has the largest most powerful Jewish community but look the US sinking fast in spite of its amazing resources and vast land while us i Germany are 90 million packed in a territory of 600 by 300 miles and the vast majoriy. Germans have far better quality of live than the vast majority of Americans.

    Only question it what will be the trigger and when.

  20. This has been a brewing situation since the British washed their hands in 1946 of the “Jewish question”. No country would take these gypsee people and the boat landed in British controlled Palrestine. What the hell is that? A colony that was financially unablel to pay retrebute to Britain, All throught-out the war this one (Britain) behaved as a poor rich girl having mud thrown in her face and needed a big boy to stop it. The United States supplied the “nation” with nuclear material technology and enrichment machines to defend themselveles (Israel) from the Arabs due to the Rothechild family and their international banking concerns in an associotion known as the “Illumanati”. These group(s) are well known for the financial crisis (2008) and who wins and loses financially back in 1914 to 2014. Watch JP Morgan and see why 13 billion in payout does not matter to the bank. Jews beware and begone. No mas.

  21. Dhess says:

    everything your saying is what we are trying to say, join us at http://www.anglodefenseleague.com and go to the forum.

  22. INCOG MAN says:

    Looks good, Dhess. Will put in your link here.

  23. Cedric says:

    Boy, I’ll say Jewey has taken control and owning everything of value in USA and globally, How or why one might ask. This simple the European Jews more than 5000 years ago took control of other peoples money and wealth as Goldsmiths which was the starting point of what’s known today as World Banking System-Fractional centralized Banking with Jewry as the kings of very diversified forms of Global ‘USURY’. Virtually a money control monopoly giving them a legal position of evaluation, issuance & distribution in every nation except Iran, Cuba & North Korea. Did I mention Jews have been expelled from every nation in Europe since 250AD more than 109 times for synonymous motives? Currently the largest number of admitted/known to JEWS either live in Israel or USA. Because JEW control over everything in USA has existed several generations now they have kept our educational system from knowing, WHY Europe had a long history of expelling JEWs and the reasons why! It’s time White American’s act such as those did in past European history since 250AD. It’s time citizens of USA take legal ownership and control of the U.S. Dollar along with the entire banking system and kick their ASSES out for good.



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