The Tao of The BOB

GRASSHOPPER, LET US now meditate upon a pleasant subject much discussed in survivalist and preparedness forums — a very important something called the “Go-bag” or “Bug-Out Bag” (BOB). All too often the confused, but well-intentioned acolytes of survival, will fail to understand the most important precepts and sadly become the tortoise rather than the hare.

As everyone reading this should know, already have something packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice is critical. If only for the possibility of natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, angry former lovers and spouses from hell showing up unexpectedly. These days, a natural gas line could blow up half the neighborhood and you’ll need to get out the door toot suite with an overnight bag, just to crash with your creepy mother-in-law’s (a disaster in itself). That is, if you’re not toast already.

Let’s look at things from a practical point of view. One, you can’t possibly carry enough on your back to last more than a few weeks or so. Just not going to happen. Hollywood apocalyptic movies will have the non-White hero always ready for whatever comes his way, walking around with a tiny backpack, along with a giant machete, shotgun and never-ending supply of shells as he survives for 30 years in a landscape filled with White mutants and destruction (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical/Asteroid/History Channel prophecy — whatever).

Remember this: Any of that happens, you’ll probably going to be dead anyways. Whatever hard work and money you put into your gear just might make the day for some low-life Post-apocalyptic slimeball who stumbles across your grinning, shriveled corpse and BOB. I know that picture sucks, big-time, but there you have it.

Nevertheless, here’s how to set up what you need to be ready and still keep it as inexpensive as possible, just in case you have any guts left to fight back and the will to survive what is more probable to happen.

Confederates captured at Gettysburg. These tough men only had a rollup wool blanket (worn diagonally across the body), a cheap satchel, tin canteen and coffee cup (you can see how they keep it handy). They considered themselves lucky to also have a bag of coffee beans, flour and a chunk of mealy bacon wrapped in a greasy rag!

First thing you must do is separate out in your brain what your BOB should be versus all the other survival stuff you might think you need. The BOB should complement, yet still be independent from what I call: “Car camping.” As in what you might use on vacation, going to a national park for a little R&R or, if necessary, what you have time to throw into the car in the event of something really catastrophic.

Your BOB is only for the absolute barest essentials you need to live for just a few days: Food, water, cover from the elements, some sort of fire-starting items, first-aid. May not sound like a lot, but trust me, this stuff takes up more than enough room and weight.

Think of the BOB is what you grab as you run out of the house, if everything is going to hell in a hand basket everywhere (if you can’t hunker down and defend in place) — right along with a pistol or assault rifle, and ammo. This time of year, you’ll also need to remember a warm coat, long underwear and clothing.

If you’re in a situation where you do have some time however, that’s where the car camping concept will come into place. Plus, car camping is great for just that to begin with: Vacations in the great outdoors, fishing, hunting, getting away from all the multicult assholes around you. Also, the whole camping business is perfect cover for getting needed BOB stuff without the wife getting pissed!

Simply put, Grasshopper: The BOB is merely a small but possibly critical, sub “nucleus” to your car camping set-up, but kept nearby for quick egress in extreme tactical situations.

You could have it all in a cheap duffle bag if you wanted, stored in the corner of the closet or under the bed. Get one with a carrying strap to sling over the shoulder. Cheaper than Dirt has a British military surplus one for $10. Hell, everyone should have at least one of these in their bedrooms, ready to roll.

Also, having it handy gives you the time to think about what you really need to put in there in the first place. Let’s say you remember that you have to take a certain kind of pill for health reasons: Next time you refill the prescription, jam a few extra pills in your BOB, right there in your closet.

Let’s say you come across this really cool fold-out chair at a yard sale, perfect for camping. You know that’s not going to be realistic for your BOB, so you put it with your car camping stash out in the garage. That’s also where you keep your roomy Cabela’s 4-person Alaskan tent, sleeping bags, tons of extra ammo, flamethrower (just kidding) and outdoor cookware set with that oh-so-important cast-iron griddle for big country breakfests.

Let me repeat: The car camping set-up is what you have time to throw into the trunk, the back of your pick-up, so you can high-tail it to Grandma’s house out in the hinterlands, or to set-up a base camp somewhere with other like-minded Whites. You make the call: Do I want this on my back while making my way through hell and will it really give me the extra edge to survive?

There’s a scene in the movie “Platoon” where the good guy sergeant Elias goes through the packs of rookie grunts Charlie Sheen and Bubble butt (who gets killed). He throws out this and that, trying to be nice about it. You need to find a mental way to be the hard sergeant Elias to yourself.

What you really want to go for is minimalist backpacking — extreme lightweight camping. There’s a lot of tree-hugging, yogurt heads really into this, but these pansies hysterically insist on brightly colored gear, so people don’t get the wrong idea and think they’re Neonazis types like me.

Continues HERE My own personal set-up and tips!

— Phillip Marlowe

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  1. Biker says:

    HA! thats what i tell the wife Bailey, “its nothing more than a pretty ROCK. how about i find you one in the driveway, put in my brass tumbler overnight, drill a hole through it and with a nice leather strap, make you a necklace?” and thats what i did! made a necklace for all the women in my family. the cost? $10.00 for a nice pair of flat leather boot laces, and the electricty to run the tumbler. i already have a drill press and a masonry bit! i tell her the same thing the jews at the jew lry store tell her. “this is priceless! you are paying for the craftsmanship, not the raw materials” LOL

  2. Bailey says:

    My great uncle Don used to make rings out of silver coin, made wedding rings for almost the whole family as gifts. He was one crafty german, would build pocket watches using spare parts collected in a dozen or so Bugler Tobacco cans and give them as gifts also. Amazing Talent, and No Money For The Jew!

  3. Bailey says:

    Hey, Wait a minute there t-bone, I know many retards with a higher IQ than niggers.
    Diamond merchants on welfare in the catskills is something i learned here at incogland.
    Being the White Slave that i am, i don’t have time to go searching ’cause it’s off to work.

  4. Bailey says:

    Thanks Biker, There ya go t-bone!

  5. t bone says:

    Thanx for the link Biker. I want to see what happens/happened. The sentence for these welfare scamming kikes was 4-14 years. Their atty (goldstein) said ‘these are not wealthy people’. But they owned a multitude of houses/real estate.WTF?????????????
    They will (or already have) get off. The jew-diciary system will see to it. Look at marv albert-beats/rapes a woman-doesnt go to jail and keeps his spot in the media. Then theres lizzie grubman-backs her car into 16 people intentionally and spends 2 months in a country club. Today shes on the high horse. I could go on but unlike these nigger-kike crooks-I have to go to work now.
    Jews always get a slap on the wrist.

  6. Biker says:

    my shift starts at 4 Bailey, but im only 5min from work, i can fall outta bed and be there lol. lunch is 9:30-10:00pm… ILL BE BAAACK! lol

  7. Hoff says:

    incogland = 2,9 million hits.

  8. /t\s/s\st/w\ __....---*---....__ says:

    citizenfitz run on the knockoff jhews stealing billions to include dav shackheim and the missing 2.3 trilloin etc and 200 billion $ the knockoffs are suing thr usa for from failure to bomb hungary railways ww2 currently in congress as a bill of sum shit…call it SWINDLERZ LIST and make a movie where all the badguys get crushed under a bulldozer,rated b for bloody good…link to 200 billion$ currently in congress…the usa should be billing the finance dept for world jhewry for the total cost and lives lost in ww2 and by their own rules USA is entitled to a settlement… …the chosen ones litterally posess all the rest of usa’s core assets now includin trillions in negotiable bonds….forget gold and silver …you cant eat it and it will in the face of a serious famine be wirth considerbly less…are we stil in the bob aisle?…take your iodine already..troops are trackable by spook satteloites because of irradiation from DU,these are high levels and can irradiate everyone they come in contact with,my point is 350 thou tons of the stealthy DU is in the wind looking for a warm lung to invade….w-patriot says whatsuop in te air with spray and a good precautions especially with your water at home(purification)some com air craft are set up for spraying as its been spilled….field surgical kits w bactrin ,mms,coloSilver has fony badrap..firewater for wound and anesth,,your basic 300 f1 vessicular rebridging tools..a real highgrade medbag ,some blood volumizer w/iv setup…overwhelming chaos will inevitably hit the fan,like a backing up into the fan ,dis ass trous…the rest is up to your indomitable creativity and imagination ….it aint done till ya git the nestlechoco and powdered cow ..home taps should anywise be completely fing filtered Y2K everone bugged out but the incredible software preventing that and still does could be shut down…there is a computer in europe is a whole city block large and 4 stories hi,and in 1985 it was capable of cuntaining trillions of times more info than the largest supercomputer in the day,,whatever a sensory input is this bad boy as 135 of em in 1985 speak..I wonder if this wanted to be stealth box has a name,but some non gmo “kook” may have seen the correlation of the rush to get everything linked thru the intranets and internets,and this common mkt tool and y2k …reliving medeival tymes………………………..

  9. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Ultimate Liberty: Food Security

    Easier Than You Think

    This clip is 5:24 long. It shows how you can grow a surprising amount of food in a small space. They call this raised bed gardening. At least they use to call it that. Maybe they have a different name now.

  10. germaniajim says:

    Let us not forget that wooden matches can be dipped in wax to make them waterproof, It is no fun making a fire in the rain, speaking from experience, I also carry a minimal supply of very dry tinder in which to start said fire, Measure twice, cut once people

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