What Will Happen To “Beloved” Israel Now?

Corrupt, former PM of Israel Ehud Olmert yuks it up with Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. Probably got through talking about how much the suckers in the US pay them to be buds.

TONIGHT, GLENN BECK asked his viewers to pray for Israel. Right. Like, we should give a flying f about Israel? All this Egypt business has got the Zionuts in the USA wailing about Israel being put into danger — it’s embarrassingly obvious that this is far more important to them than how it effects the US citizen.

As an American I say: Let’s tell all these jackinape Ziotraitors where to stuff it. Israel is a piece of crap country that could care less what happens to us, unless it hurts the poor widdle “American” Jews running PR, scam and spy ops for them back over here. And half the friggin’ world now hates us because of our blind support of these devious bastards.

Oh, sure, I’ve heard a few sparse comments on how it might cause gas prices to skyrocket, with the Suez canal possibly getting shut down by the “evil Muslim Brotherhood,” should they seize the reins of power. But that concern takes a GD backseat to the chance of Israel now facing a Egypt like the one during the days of Abdul Nasser, when Egypt was leading the Muslim world against the “brave, besieged” Israel, as Eastern European Jewry took over and rousted out as many Palestinians as they could get away with.

Let me tell you something right off the bat: It’s not “little” Israel who should worry but every one of the Muslim countries surrounding these GD Jews. The Israelis are armed to the teeth, got the nuke and itching to finally expand “Eretz Israel” to the banks of the Nile in Egypt and the Euphrates river in Iraq.

Hell, just give those wacked-out Jews an excuse and they’ll go on another major Mideast Goyim kill-spree! And with US supplied weapons as usual, paid for by all us American taxpayers (read suckers). They should go ahead and put in a new deduction field to everyone’s paychecks just for the Jews.

Also, make clear note on how the media reported on Obama telling the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak not to shut down the Internet and silence the Egyptian people, since we’re just so concerned with freedom of speech and all. Uh, doesn’t anyone remember Jew Senator “Joe” Lieberman spearheading a law enabling Obama to shut down our Internet just a few months ago? That bill is now coming back for a vote.

The hypocrisies of the Jewish-owned media doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot. They might be yapping away about democracy for the common Egyptian at the moment, but where the hell where they for the last 30 years? And what about all the torture the Egyptian military did to the people during this time? I guess our “brave, free” media couldn’t be bothered all this time since the Egyptians were busy torturing Muslim “terrorists” we sent them via “rendition” flights.

These US media people are lying, two-faced bastards!

There’s a better than even chance that all of this Egyptian business is a part of long-running Jew schemes in the Mideast, anyways. The Jews want to weaken neighboring Muslim countries, breaking them into smaller units so they can eventually expand the borders of “Eretz Israel” (right) like they’ve always wanted. Plus, any regional or even global war would be, at the very least, perfect cover to oust whatever Palestinians still clinging on in the West bank and Gaza. This is exactly what they are up to.

This Jewish agenda will (and has) cost all of us Americans, dearly. At the pumps, our tax money and very possibly even more White Gentile lives (more Arab-Americans join the US military than cowardly “American” Jews). None of these devious GD Jews give a damn!

I understand Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul) said we should cut-off funding to the entire Mideast. Effin’ a-tweet! Although I may be sympatico with the Arabs because of the devious Jew bastards victimizing them all the time; basically, I think America is best left doing what our founding fathers said — leave foreign entanglements alone.

Now, people will howl: “INCOG FREAK, what about the gas prices then?” I’d rather see us pay fair and square on the open market than giving our money away freely to a bunch of crazy Jews and ragheads any GD day of the week! Hell, we could probably get it a damn lot cheaper from Iran and Venezuela with honesty like that.

And we’re already in Iraq sitting on tons of oil that we’re not taking for our troubles and Kuwait is right next door. I say we become buds with all the Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites instead of the trouble-making Israeli Jews with their traitorous, socially-corrosive Jew agents back in the US, who only give a shit about Israel and Jews in general to begin with.

Oh, I’m just some fool who’s too naive to know real “Politiks” on the global scale. BS, I see it for what it is exactly. The damn tail has been wagging the dog for the last 50 years and the tail is Israel and the traitor Jews embedded back here.

We need to cut-off the bastard Israel state, toss the lousy Jews in power here out on their ass (media too), print our own GD money and things will be fantastic in just a few short years. That is, unless the Jews try to get someone else to go to war with us, like they usually do. Jews just can’t have a White country go “Judenfrei” for long — too dangerous to Global Jewry that the rest of the world might get the possibilty and do the same.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Bailey says:

    Here are some answers to a question i’ve been asking random sheeple for a long time.
    Why is the Worlds Economy in the tank but Israhell is booming?
    Sadly, People don’t get it.


    As if we didn’t know already!


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