Celebration… COME ON!

FOLKS, I’M PLEASED to announce another milestone for INCOG LAND: 3 million hits. Now, you might think that’s no biggie, but I have to kindly disagree with you. I’m only one guy, and do everything here on my own. Graphics, writing (with the occasional pick-up copy) and any computer razzmatazz that I can do.

I’ve noticed a distinct upturn in traffic over the last couple of months (March is averaging over 3,800 hits a day). I would get all braggidacio, but I really think it’s because more and more people are coming to the same conclusions as myself and all the rest of you pro-White visitors and contributors here (you know who you are — let’s hope ZOG doesn’t).

I’m also closing in on breaking 400,000 Alexa stats, too (out of 182 million sites world-wide). I fully expect in the near future to see a flood of even more Whites coming here, at least until the time the Feds try to stop it and enact complete censorship of any Jew-aware sites and blogs on the Internet. All of us know they will eventually.

But please, let’s not let that concern us now. The farther the message is spread now, while possible, the easier things will be later. As they say: Make hay while the sun shines.

I had a dream not long ago, where a large crowd of unknown people were applauding me. I woke up feeling happy and satisfied for some reason. I don’t know what it meant, but I hope it means I had some success at waking White people up and made some kind of difference down the road.

I truly sense a sea-change on the horizon and think the White race will eventually prevail. Although we will go through some serious crap in the near future, I’m certain we shall overcome the forces of evil and hypocrisy now beclouding the judgement of Americans.

Thank all of you for your support!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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535 Responses to Celebration… COME ON!

  1. t bone says:

    SG’s UFO theory was a few months ago?
    I’ll try to find it.

  2. Bailey says:

    t bone, It was the first time he posted here.

  3. t bone says:

    thx Bailey, I’m in Dec 2010…havent seen it yet

  4. Biker says:

    HA! ive been clicking thru them also, too much good stuff! Jew x 4, a second rate piece of wood not good enough to support anything, or work with. and i was looking for a Jeep! lol

  5. Bailey says:

    Yea, fun site but i gotta go do work now, flooded basements are an act of god.

    Thank God, I get to go clean out a basement today, I’ll get paid in Jew Paper.
    Enough to be Jew Drunk all weekend!

    Later Jew, LOL!

  6. Bailey says:

    The act of humping a prostitute and not paying.


  7. Biker says:

    ya gatta love this one, Dickipedia.


    good luck with the basement! being jews we should have some stupid goy doing the work huh? ive gatta go fire up the Husqvarna and clear branches, heavy snow/ice/rain made my trees shed like a dog with mange. but, im putting it off for as long as possible. vorking in a foot ov snow? oy vey its Saturday!

  8. t bone says:

    Bailey…in my search for the UFO theory I found some great stuff by Balder. He knows his shit.

  9. Biker says:

    ha! why do jews watch porn in rewind? they get off seeing the hooker give the money back.

  10. t bone says:

    A jewboi says to his father:
    ‘Dad can I have 50 dollars?’
    The father says:
    ’40 dollars?…what do you need 30 dollars for?’

  11. Biker says:

    haaaa gatta love jew jokes.

    check the pic of Rahmbo for his Dickipedia entry. Bela lugosi? Neanderthal? or just run of the mill jew DICK?


  12. t bone says:

    Still cant find that post.
    @ stargazer
    I’m trying to find a post of yours about a UFO/jew theory. I never read it. I hear its an interesting theory though.
    Do you know exactly where it is?….or could you explain the jist of it ?

  13. hollowcrap says:

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    Though their tongues are swollen
    Keep them goys blabbing

    Rain and wind and weather
    Hell bent for leather
    Wishing my gal was by my side

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    Good bagels, vittels, lovin’, kissin’
    Are waiting at the end of my ride

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    Though they’re disapproving
    Keep them goy blabbing

    Don’t try to understand the goy
    Just rope, throw and brand ’em
    Soon we’ll be living high and wide

    My heart calculatin’
    My true love will be waitin’
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    Blabbing, blabbing,blabbing
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    Blabbing, blabbing, blabbing


  14. t bone says:

    For approx. 2000 years we’ve relied on the Christian calender. The jews have their own calender, as most of you know.
    If the jews, with the power they have, decided to change the calender to their perception of time; it could wipe everything out. Money would be devalued because the date would no longer have credibility. But the creditors would still expect reimbursement. I’ve looked this idea up but to no avail.
    However,there seems to be a lot of irony when it comes to the jews and Hitlers politics. They trash him, yet they seem to implement his ideology; in their own twisted way of course.
    It’s evident in Palestine as well as their belief in jewish nationalism…so to speak.
    Hitler made Germany very powerful by establishing a new currency. This is why I feel that its possible for jews to find a loophole that would enable them to do just that.

  15. Marshall says:

    Insert Jewhide here Hollowcrap:



  16. Marshall says:

    Yes indeed T-Bone-

    Jews have their own calendar, a 6000-year one in fact. Masons use the same system, a 6000-year calendar based on “A.L.” instead of “A.D.”

    A.L. being “Anno Lucis” (as in Lucifer, ahem) do you have to be a genius to figure out what Masons and Jews worship? All references to Jesus Christ are purposefully omitted in any Masonic degree ritual.

    Masons and goats? Nice coverup article here:


    Go figure!!!



  17. Marshall says:

    Dickipedia Biker LMAO!!!

    JOOFO? Unidentified Feldman Object?

    Name changin’ bastiges


  18. t bone says:

    Yeah Marsh,
    That jew calendar thing has me concerned. One of those jew holidays constitutes their ‘jew years day’ event. I remember one of my bills was late because the due date was on the jew new year and the business closed shop for that reason. I argued it and after a major headache, finally got it waived. Never before has this happened. The jew holidays are on the rise.
    Finding a way to rid the Christian calendar spells trouble. They hate Christianity so why not.

  19. Biker says:

    haaaaaaaaaahahaha! JewFO! theyd show up in a giant caravan of UFO’s, make all earthlings pity them for how they’ve been poisecuted throughout the galaxy, sell us some second rate furniture, fake jewelry, and worthless investments, start a huge war where half of Earth killed the other half, then quietly slip away to another planet… wait a gaddam minute here, did they already land!?!?!?!?! like 1,000 years ago?

  20. Julian Lee says:

    “The jew holidays are on the rise.”

    That is true. I think that Jews can feel, sniff out, their rising cultural power, power embedded in the western governments, in the media, schools, and money lenders. I think they’re feeling it’s mighty fine to be a Jew, since they almost secretly run everything now. (Thanks to Gentiles getting talked into never talking about their ethnic collective and its agenda, and being tricked into assigning them World’s Victim status when they are, in fact, the world’s masters of genocide and the German camps were far more humane and pleasant than the Jewish gulags in which the genocided Whites, etc.). I see more and more of them getting into their holidays now. I see more and more of the older ones wearing all black, which seems to be a Jewish thing though I’m not sure. I have one calling card outfit — Iscard — that always sends me this strange email informing me that they are going to be observing a Jewish holiday on such-and-such day. This is indeed the Jewish Golden Age, and we are at Peak Jews. But it all came about by their tricking us to make them off limits for analysis and discussion. And they did this through media propaganda and psychological conditioning. And they did that through media ownership. Jews should not be allowed to be media owners in Gentile founded countries. It lets them become the teachers of Gentiles, and they use that power for their own benefit as a tribe, and against our own life.

    Yeah, Jews are getting into their Sabbath and their holidays now, because they feel the power. They always did feel it, up to a point. And that’s part of the basic dishonesty that always present in the minds of Jews as they live among Gentiles. Truly, living among Gentiles corrupts them and destroys their honesty. They have to be furtive, double-minded, two-faced, hypocritical, false all day long. They didn’t like their ghettos, but that’s in fact partly what made them a cohesive community. (Everything’s dualistic.) Jewish honchos have a Jewish point when raging against Jewish “assimilation,” because it’s their covert cohesive network (unassimilated) that gives them extraordinary power over everybody else. (Secrecy and lies always give power.)

    Thorny problems — the “Jewish problem.” It’s bigger than ever now, after 60 years of no-talk and letting do whatever the hell they want, unremarked and uncriticized. You can’t have it all, Jews: Massive covert power over your host populations PLUS nobody disliking you or even talking about you. Time to get spiritual, Jews. Realize the basic unhappiness that is inevitable with power, the need to control, the obligation to manage and control everybody, or even the way it feels when you kill your enemies. Does it really feel good? Does it really elevate you? Could you consider that Gentiles and Christianity are an emanation of yourself? Evolve, Jews. I myself don’t mind if you remain “a people.” That makes the world interesting. But not one that controls everybody else. You don’t even have a proper psychological rationale for it, since the “6 million” and “gas chambers” thing is a lie, your people massacred real millions in Russia and Armenia, and you perpetrated the first known effective genocides in recorded history. Why be surprised? Your very religion tells you that’s good. Evolve. Upgrade your religion or something.

  21. Julian Lee says:

    hollow: “Blabber mouths, blabber mouths, blabber mouths…”

    I sincere your serious posts with good content.
    Communication and free speech are an essential ingredient in this battle. I have to ask again: Are you against communication? Blogs? Free speech?

  22. Julian Lee says:

    Gentiles should affirm and also add new things to their calendar. One of the days should be “The Day of the Jew.” On that day a rich man should retire and old airliner by crashing it (remote controlled, like on 9-11) into a skyscraper that needs to be retired. It should be loaded with fuel. The Whites should gather on all the surrounding hills and watch it burn through the day and through the night, and longer, with no collapse. In fact, on bigger holidays they should crash 3 jets into one building, to create the same point. That should be the “Day of the Jew.” Veterans Day should be renamed “The Day of Mourning Many Fathers” with a sub-name of “No More Wars of for the Jews,” and a vernacular 3rd name of “War Pigs Day.”

  23. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Julian, you have an M.O.

    Irredeemable pussy and perennial mental masturbator. Do you really think that doesn’t show up in every post you make, by whatever name? You’re dumb enough to think everybody is so dumb.

  24. Julian Lee says:

    Citizenfitz says: “Julian it’s an unintended tribute to your effectiveness that the hasbarats have singled you out for “the treatment”.

    I’ve been getting special attention from them ever since I started posting in my own name and showing my own face. That’s what enrages them especially: Seeing us unafraid to state our views. They want the fear to spread and get firmed up, which they feel will psychologically validate their coming attempts to control speech. (“You were ashamed of your opinions, after all!”) They do not want the attitude of fearlessness (to speak about them) to spread among us. Anybody who speaks about them in his own name and face is considered a special “problem” by them. (An “offense” against the Psychological Judenreich, which wants to soon become a de facto Judenreich.)

    So yeah, I’m used to it.

  25. Julian Lee says:

    Louis, you’re an amateur. Jewish posters always like to sexualize and perv up a board, I note, with words like “masturbation.”

    Keep it clean, Jew. You might last a few days.

    Oh, and “pussy’s” playground talk for Gentiles. For Jews, it’s not the most sophisticated hasbarating. I’m an old man. You need to try that on some 15 year-old, son.

  26. Louis LeFlamme says:

    I’ve seen you pull out all the stops to mold popular opinion and the use that popular opinion to leverage out people who are smarter and better than you. It’s one of the more subtle jew tricks. I’m not fooled by you. You’re an irredeemable pussy and that’s in the essence of everything you post, by whatever name.

  27. Louis LeFlamme says:

    and, who but a narcissist would advertise such a distorted and fucked up clownface? Jennifer Chen would be obvious, if she ever made plays for a face like that.

  28. Julian Lee says:

    I’ll read your hasbaratting posts a bit later, Mr. Flamey.

    I notice Incogman appears to be under a denial-of-service attack. This has been happening more and more lately it seems. It stands as a sign that Incogman is a real dissident (which is something I myself believe). I wonder if all the hasbarat attention the site’s getting the past few days has something to do with the Jews ratcheting up their Big Brother speech suppression tactics.

  29. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Surely, you would know what hasbarats do

  30. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Hey, I know! Let’s race mix with jews! That’s the answer! The clean thing will make the unclean thing clean. Those laws of YHVH are such a lie! Let’s unite with Julian as our leader. He’s smarter than God, but be careful because jews are smarter tha YHVH too. Ask them if you don’t believe me.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Jewboy Louis LeFlamme sleeps with the fishs.

      My site is getting bombarded with Jewy DOS attacks. Sorry about that.

  31. Marshall says:

    Yeah Biker & T-Bone…they’ve already been here for a long, long time. Check out the crypto, Ben Hinnious the Dark Sith Lord!!!


    Julian, you seem to have gotten Louise LaFlamer’s panties all in a wad. I can help, but save some because it’s my last can.



  32. Julian Lee says:

    Hah. He seemed to be agitated.

    Oh well, I promised I would answer his last ziobabble. For the record:

    a) Jews are the masters of whispering, accusing, etc. b) They especially don’t like those unafraid to criticize them openly, c) Incogman is the one “molding” (influencing) popular opinion here, d) I am just another poster here, I hope there are soon many more like me, e) There are many, many posters here smarter than me and making Great and valuable contributions (I am a minor poster here by comparison to Flanders, Hoff, and others). f) the trolls I’ve participated in fingering were also spotted by others, including Incogman, g) “Modus operandi” is, of course, a word associated with deceit/crime, h) I am not leadership material. I am just a poster here. i) My “modus operandi” is simply: 1) to post, 2) and post sincerely, and 3) honestly state my view without fear. I hope more do the same and use the same “modus operandi.” His “modus operandi” (like the rest) is to pretend to be an “anti-semite,” garbage-up the blog, and take potshots at the occasional selected target.

    Extraordinary to be able to pack 10-20 lies and accusations into 2 small paragraphs, eh? Enough of him.

    The DOS attacks that seem to be happening here is a sign that the traitors (Zionists, etc.) definitely do not like this blog, by the way. Keep it clean, keep it decent, but name the name and call out what they’re doing, and we can keep spreading the word till everybody knows.

  33. anonymous says:

    jew-lyin- Yellow star for you jewlian.

  34. INCOG MAN says:

    anonymous: You’re the lying Jew. Back in SPAMblinka you go.

  35. Julian Lee says:

    anne: “…looking around online, couldn’t find anywhere to buy your songs.”

    A better response to Anne: The past 2 days your post inspired me to work on one of my tunes. I’ve just made “Anthem For the Men of the West” available free as a downloadable MP3 here:


    You can also hear it stream right away without a download here: http://www.rebwest.com/anthem/

    It’s the first full-length song I’ve put out there as a free download. It’s a much improved mix over what was out there before. Download “Anthem” and share it with a friend, for a White wakeup, and to celebrate Incogman’s new millionth view and the value of free political speech.

    Nothing like a woman to inspire men to get things done! =/8o)= (I never thought anybody was noticing my little tunes.)

  36. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    Julian Lee says:

    “keep spreading the word till everybody knows.” THEN WHAT????? We’re still going to be slaves labors for the vatican/jew/banksters.They will still have the power.What good will it do if “everybody knows”??????

  37. Jon says:

    Nice Fender Jaguar!

  38. SBD TV says:

    Watch your silver coinage. It could be worth more than its face value.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8zX57nSCuE&w=640&h=390%5D

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