Dr. INCOG’s Strange But True!

In his on-going Negro science quest, Dr. INCOG goes where no White man has gone before… or ever should.

GREETINGS, FELLOW NEGROLOGISTS! By utilizing advanced imagery, infrared spectral analysis, electromagnetic flux capacitors and other White invented watchamacallits, I’ve discovered many fascinating facts about the Negroes and their entertaining antics during my ground-breaking “Black is Beautiful” field studies.

So let me share with you now a few of the exciting discoveries I may have missed telling you about during earlier dispatches from the field. Oh sure, I know my Jewish colleagues will raise “Cain” that I revealed such things to the general public, but hell, I strongly suspect those little nerds might all be homos, anyway.

Yes, indeed, Dr. INCOG’s findings will certainly amaze and astound everyone. That is, those of you not hogtied and twisted up in knots trying to be “PC!”

PLEASE NOTE: No need for any of you White Libtards to go further. I’m sure you enjoy the suffering of Jew-instilled “White Guilt” and wish to continue on with your multicultural delusions.

Black house flies (musca domestica) have evolved to take advantage of the fecund ecological niche offered by stinky Negro buttocks.

Increasingly, seismic scientists are concerned that boisterous Negro nightclubs along fault lines in Compton, California and East St. Louis, Illinois, may trigger earthquakes by a sudden displacement of the earth’s crust.

There is absolutely no proof that UFOs are piloted by funky, purple-haired Negro lezbos. Chinese hermaphrodite midgets, maybe.

Bigfoot will forever refuse to come down from the hills until we do something about all the Negroes running loose.

Black workers at poultry farms must always disguise themselves as White to prevent panic attacks and massive die-offs among the chickens due to heart failure.

Velcro was first conceived back in the early 1970’s when White NASA scientists saw this TV ad for Afro-Sheen.

The decibel levels reached by screaming militant Negroes have been recorded at an astounding twice that of turbine-powered jet aircraft.

Like so many White kids, adult Negroes are overly fond of Count Chocula cereal, too.

Next to fashion models and manufactured Jew media celebrities, Negroes are the most photographed people on the planet.

Every year, the nation’s chimney sweeps come across the mummified remains of dozens of would-be Negro burglars.

According to the ever-so-wise Hollywood Jews, God might be like some old Negro horndog from Mississippi.

Snazzy Negroes always insist on helping each other out during natural disasters.

Many Negroes can have creative and interesting names.

Negroes are often witnessed practicing for track and field events.

Some White kids, minds hopelessly twisted by Jew media, actually wish to be Negro.

 As we see in Detroit and many other fine US cities today, ancient civilizations were also once competantly administered by the noble Negro.

On the rare occasion, even mainstream TV will tell it like it is.

As the streets of America look more and more like the Animal Planet, ask yourself this: Isn’t “multiculturalism” just so wonderful?


My “Black is Beautiful” Project Continues Unabated


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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90 Responses to Dr. INCOG’s Strange But True!

  1. Flanders says:

    Nice sermon you give, Satan Within:

    “For starters, I will SMASH your fucking teeth out with a crowbar and RIP your tongue out of your head so that I won’t have to listen to another syllable of your stupid bullshit as I continue, very very very slowly and thoroughly using lots of metal-working and woodworking equipment…”.

    Sounds very much like the sermon you gave to Jesus Christ when he rejected your magnificent offer of “the richs of the whole earth” and rejected your twisted Pharisee scriptures. You seem to consider James and other real and unified White people as being a danger to the multicultural message you and your jew masses are trying to convey to the world. You and your minions settled for a Cross and Crown of Thorns for Jesus Christ. Did they not have crowbars and metal working equipment in Jesus’ time?

    Leave Hasbarat! You and others of your kind hate that reams of true information are made available for anyone who figures out that what is wrong with our nation and our world is evidence showing that it is the jews who are central to all of the major (and most of the minor) ills and evil. People can learn more from the materials cited and made available to them by the efforts of the knowledgeable people commenting at Incogman, and the informative posts by Incogman that lay the duplicities in the open, than they would ever be able to discover by their own individual searches and efforts.

    The readers just need to learn to block out the intentionally disruptive, vulgar and misleading statements of hasbara like yourself, and the everyday banter among regular commenters, and to concentrate on taking away the knowledge and information which is made available for them. Along with the information they can obtain about jewry’s intentions, they can gain an understanding that Whites and all true beleivers in freedom and liberty must learn in order to unify against the jewish powers who consider all others as competitors and enemies, and to use them against each other. They need to learn that behind the Wal-Mart type of Happy Face put on by the public jew, there are the true jews, those who harbor and express a deep and pathological hatred for all persons and things which are real and good – the same attitude of sick hatred as you demonstrate toward James.

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    Looks like the Manhatten Jew HasbaRAT “Goy with two brain cells” has stopped by here recently (comment from “Inquire within”).

    Hell, if I wanted Jew, I could delete your comments with a push of a button.

    You think anyone in his right mind would think I’m a Jew operation? I can’t stand you hypocrite liars.

    Folks, this is what the Jew does; come up with any kind of bull, just so we fight among each other. These are totally tricky and devious bastards! Plain and simple.

  3. JamesTheJust says:

    “For starters, I will SMASH your fucking teeth out with a crowbar and RIP your tongue out of your head so that I won’t have to listen to another syllable of your stupid bullshit as I continue, very very very slowly and thoroughly using lots of metal-working and woodworking equipment…”.


    That slimeball would call me a jew only once to my face. He’d NEVER say anything again. That’s the funny thing about the net…any lowlife jew can spew their garbage, but in reality, jews are wimps who murder defenseless women and children, all the while whining about how persecuted they are.

    I wish the White race would finally wake up and realize that there is a decrepit old jew-fart behind the curtain. Edomites are no match for the White children of YAH.

    InQUEER Rearend is nothing but a faggot wimp.

  4. T.S.S.st.W.//\/\\//\/\./ nxj zx says:

    everything in life is conditional ..is one of the laws of nature….time is fun when your hhavin flies ….venus fly trap or violation of the laws of nature..need brain bleach to get the flies in dat ass out of mind for im out of my mind ….great diet photo for advertis,,look you can be fat and have maggots eating your stinking flesh and you can be arrested for cruelty to flies who are just tryin to repossess their stomach sacs offa maammas fat ass…and so on….beehive yourself…it flies in the face of nausea….jeez..I can eat over anything anywere but that pic toxified my appetite for about 11 seconds …great job INCOG Ha-ha ha…..may the gmo flies off the world fly up the globalists asses…speaking of cruelty to flies…they will be well fed soon on the carrion of gmo khazzars and transgensder lubavithcers….soon at a store near you .soon ken and barbie transgender dolls ,,barbie homorfrodyke doll to be released later for xmas….kengender bender with 2 assholes doll to be released only in israel this year..feedback has been very enthusiastic…..and a new israeli version of rubins cube is two male dolls stuck together and you have to gigure out how to get schlomo and ben dewbehien apart…..

  5. Barney says:

    I’m probably showing a bit too much respect here to someone who doesn’t deserve it, but …

    Inquire Within – Some valid points there, but please don’t attack people for what they believe. I share some of your doubts regarding CI and “British Israel”, though I do strongly suspect that Jesus, assuming He was a real person and not a recycled myth, was almost certainly White (a Gaul from Gallilee/Gaulilee), but we have to respect people’s right to believe whatever makes sense to them.

    My main argument with CI is that it’s racially-based rather than spiritually-based. True Israel (as I see it) refers to all people who share a certain belief rather than being tied in to a particular bloodline. The White Race has it’s evil bastards too, and those are definitely NOT true Israel, though in general, it cannot be denied that the White Race is Nature’s finest.

    I have some good friends who are CI, and whether I share their beliefs or not, I respect the individuals and their religion.

    The real religion of the White Race is probably Asatru, and I believe we have some followers on here, but I don’t really know very much about it at present.

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses are, imho, tricked into following a false re£igion based on demonic pre-Christianity plus the (opium dream?) book of “revelation”, but at the lower levels, you couldn’t meet nicer, more genuine people who truly believe themselves to be Christian and who live their lives accordingly.

    Ok, so the Witnesses preach at you, but get beyond that and you could end up with a friend for life.

    I’m drawn more to Ben Klassen’s “Creativity” religion aimed at Nature’s finest, the Noble White Race. Where I disagree with him is in his rejection of spirituality as “spooks in the sky”, but apart from that, everything makes sense. If we can’t see it for ourselves, and all we have is the word of a known liar (jew) who claims to hear voices in his head, it can’t be proven to exist, so discard it.

    I was never able to swallow the entire Christian doctrine, so instead I chose to to follow my conscience and to study Nature for guidance. Religious books can be altered, censored, “approved” or completely falsified, whereas the Natural world is the only thing that can be considered a bible written in God’s own handwriting.

    Better to genuinely believe something others reject than to be a hypocrite, pretending to believe something because we’re told, usually by some bloke in a frock who’s known to be a professional liar “God only speaks to me, so you know I’m telling the truth”.

    Believe what you truly believe, but don’t condemn others if their beliefs don’t match up with yours. We’re all on different paths, and what’s true for one is seldom true for all.

    In my experience, White people who genuinely believe in something beyond this world are all on the same side, and we’re not afraid to die for what we believe in because we know there is no death.

    Inquire Within – I’m not getting into all this “you’re a jew” squabbling that crops up here from time to time, but you do go on like a hasbarat. Don’t you have anything positive to say?

    You also say “THIS SITE IS A KIKE NAME-GATHERING OP”. We already know that. I’m convinced IncogMan is who he claims to be, but we know the kikenvermin are monitoring all “dissident” sites. What you probably don’t realise though is that WE DON’T CARE. Everybody here is on The List and has been for a long time. What of it? Your “people” are planning to murder us all, so what does it matter if they know who some of us are? They can’t win. For once that well-worn phrase is actually true. God IS on OUR side in this war to end wars forever. He will NOT allow His finest creation to be destroyed by a dirty, smelly, ugly, ignorant bunch of criminals that have neither the morals not the intelligence of a retarded worm.

    To everyone else on here, I’ll repeat something I’ve said before. The free download link no longer exists, thanks to ZOG censorship, but the book is still available to order (for money), so if you can spare a few dollars/pounds/euros get a copy of Harold Covington’s “The Brigade” and be prepared to LIVE IT. Our future depends on it.

    Do nothing illegal while those fake jew laws still apply. One day soon those laws will be obselete, and that’s when we’ll make our own laws. The non-human creatures from hell that call themselves jews have already condemned themselves with their own words and deeds. No need to waste court time establishing what is already proven. By their own admission they are GUILTY as charged. All we need do is act on that verdict, and that goes for their accomplices among the otherwise Human races and species.

    There is only one penalty for treason.

  6. Inquire Within says:

    Barney said:
    “The Jehovah’s Witnesses are, imho, tricked into following a false re£igion based on demonic pre-Christianity plus the (opium dream?) book of “revelation”, but at the lower levels, you couldn’t meet nicer, more genuine people…”

    Yep, you hit it right on the head, the founder of that denomination, Charles Taze Russell, was probably a high-level Mason and black magician, meaning Babylonian Satan-worshipper, and the real purpose of his CULT is leading trusting truth-hungry people hopelessly into the lair of Satan.

    Which is actually a perfect analogy for this site. Trusting naive goy saps hungry for the Truth come here believing they’re getting “the real low-down” on the Jews, when all they’re really getting is their minds fucked with BY secret Jews— which makes this site A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, just like the Joho’s church. Hey, I’m not scared off by them either; I’m HERE aren’t I? Anybody who visits this or any other URL gets a Mossad telescope up his ass THAT SECOND.

    You seem like a smart guy; you too will probably eventually have enough “data” to realize that the creeps who “live” here can not possibly be sincere. I’m just giving you fair warning NOW. That’s all I’m “about.”

  7. tssstw says:

    some people read more, some less ..some people have differing degrees of dicsernment on te whole thing goin on around us …soon as you see one thing in all its caananite sleaxe you are getting hit with 10 more truths ..some people simply cannot taKE TE REALITY ..BUT FOR children of the movement like inqueer within ,they only incite hatred to himself and his stupid statements ….even the lucifer can quote scripture as jesus dealt with that ….in all honesty it is more fun to ignore the big ego’s with the tiny voices…spamblinka may be in your immediate future internet warrior I>W> … http://judicial-inc-archive.blogspot.com/ … judicial full monty is backed up and back up …nice short stories of a long battle

  8. American born says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    nigger speaks on his own race, as animals.

  9. Von Riemann says:

    (LMAO), I love your stufff @ Incogman… I been periodically reading your stuff for the past few months and have your website saved in my “White Pride” folder in my browser for the few websites for quick-viewing… You add factual based info, with sarcastic racial-seditious humor and like that!!! I often find myself not knowing whether to laugh or cry, but usually bust out laughing with tears mixed in, and those pics you have are, well—I just cannot explain it as I am still pissing myself over this blog-post, because it’s true!!!

    The most shocking photo that made me puke and laugh at the same time, is the fat-ass Black bitch with flies in her butt-crack!!!(lol), I am sending these pictures to a friend in Idaho too celebrate Black history month…(lol) However: all those ears and laughter turned into disgust and hatred when I came upon the picture of that Nigger child-molesting “Nation of Islam” mutated freak Michael Jackson standing next to false-statue of a Black Pharohess, Queen Nefertiti (ca. 1370 BC – ca. 1330 BC)…


    Does she look like a Nigger too you??? She is Whiter then a KKKlan’s robe and hood!!!

    Here’s Cleopatra VII (Late 69 BC[1] – August 12, 30 BC), who the Niggers and Jews/Libs/Trotskyites/Marcuse-Goldman radicals also hijack as being Black—she is so White/Germanic/Aryan(i.e.Indo-European/Germanic), that a Ghost on Hell-o-Ween wishes they had her White skin/appearance…


    These Homo.Habilis/Africanus/Erectus primate Negro’s are getting way out of control, with this gene/history hijacking crap, and I am quite frankly sick and tired of it!!! It’s a proven fact, through scientific/DNA analysis that the original Egyptians were of Germanic-Celt DNA, as was the entire Roman nobility of J.Ceaser who was Germanic from Gaulle…That picture is just more Niggrish “Nation of Islam” bullshit/lies/centrism, like the Blacks building the Pyramids… It wasn’t until the Turko-Mongoloid Semites from Asia invaded and genocided our Indo-European ancestors like they did in Persia, Babylon, Summaria, Canaan, Assyria, etc; and fuck-ed up those societies to identical fashion how the Jews are destroying America through homosexuality, race-mixing, abortions, beastiality, crime, perversion, degeneracy,etc; that the Jews and Arabs brought in the Negro’s around the 7th century A.D under Islam via Sudan, Libya, etc; that blacks finally took power in Egypt as they did in S.Afrika, after the indigenous Whites where virtually wiped-out as we see in America with B.Obama the Muslim/Jew-Kenyan illegal…

    (LOL), but nonetheless @ Incogman has shown us the limits to which the Negro steals our Aryan history/genes, just as the Mongoloids/Mestizo-Indians do with our Germanic-Solutrean ancestors such as the Peruvian Mummies,Greenland Man, and Kennewick Man; and the Kikes, well—the Kikes steal/plagiarize/blackmail/extort/claim/heckle in everything of our as their own…

    Anyways: Here is a couple of stories I find worthy for Incogman to list in blog-post…

    Washington, D.C and the Pentagon Report: Too many whites, white-men leading military—need stop future recruiting of Whites, need more diversity men and White-women…

    and Y’all will get a kick out of this breaking story…

    An outraged Diversity {most likely Negro} shoots-up Taco Bell with air-gun; then shoots it out with the cops with real automatic rifle at his motel, over Tac Bell raising their (Crunchy Beef Burrito) from .99 cents to $1.49…


  10. Von Riemann says:

    @ American born…

    No offense directed at you personally brother, but that Negro-Zionist “Jew-Thinker” D.Manning isn’t on our side and is our enemy…D.Manning is a hardcore Zionist, who routinely peddles the “Holohoax” Jew lies, as well as the Black creationist garbage about Egypt, Moses, etc; and claims numerously that upwards of around 25 million Jews died at the hands of us evil Germans and Nazis in gas-chambers, and runs off at the mouth denigrating us Germans [your race-blood/kin] 24/7…I am bored of the weakness in our struggle, and right-wingers who bring “Token” non-whites onto their shows/websites with a suit-and-tie claiming to be intellectuals as if that will give us validity and respect with the masses of sheep, or, liberals and call off the radical Jew-Mud “Race-Hustlers” like Mark Potock, Morris Dees, Abe Foxman, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Floyd Cochran, etc; and other assorted mentally-ill sociopathic petty-criminal dregs. You see these “Tea-Partier’s” with this (DIEversity) craze as well, bringing all these “Tokens” into their right-wing organizations, until there hardly is any Whites left—and the Blacks still laugh at them behind their backs and call them “Racist-Honkies” even more…We Whites cannot have or celebrate or defend anything in this world anymore, without the Jews and Red’s forcing us to accept a Token, or group of Tokens, into the mix…(and it makes us look weak, cowardly, double-talkers, etc; as if we are push-overs and don’t believe what we really claim to believe!)

    D.Manning may be correct with his notion, but so what??? I can get news-clippings to tell me all I need too know about the Groid savages!!! What Manning preaches, is no different and nothing new too me, and anyone else in the racialist struggle, without bringing a Token into the mix… What Manning preaches has been professed by the likes of Tom Metzger, Mat Hale, William Pierce, etc; and mass others throughout our struggle and is nothing new— so I don’t need a Negro to make me feel good, intelligent, politically correct, and fashionable…This is a “White Only” separatist struggle, for the (14 Words) and White homelands!!

    However: if you want too promote a non-white who has honor and is race-conscious, and hates the Blacks, Jews, Mulattos, Queers, and Muslims to boot—then their is [Mahatma Ghandi] and his National-Socialist “Azad Hind” legions who defended Berlin and Hitler up to the final day…


    D.Manning should be despised by all honorable Pan-Aryan White-Racialist/Separatist/Tribalist/Folkist—not held as a friend!!! Because of his attacks against us Germans on behalf of Jews, I consider him to be a Naigger as well and lump him in his the rest of his peeps.

  11. anti-zionist says:

    I havent watched a movie in a while but last night I caught the last half of a movie called taken. It was so comical at how much fuken propaganda is in this trash. Blacks portrayed as smart and capable of complex crimes. If they where so smart how come they always get caught and fill the prisons. plus I caught plenty of subtle” black man with blond in the back ground”, BS. I almost puked!!

  12. Greg says:

    Funny stuff Incog,

    My oh my how in the world have we allowed ourselves to be duped by Jewish propaganda so pitifully that we Whites would worship such a lowly race of people?

    I must restate a previous statement I made: It is an absolute insult to the White race for anyone to believe that negroes have risen up and taken over America. No way/no how could negroes be brought into a White nation as slaves and then rise up and take it over by realizing all along that they are mighty and are ready to move on up. NO! NO! NO! its the Jew.




  13. Inquire Within says:

    hey tssstw

    At least I can write a coherent sentence and PUNCTUATE 😉


  14. Julian Lee says:

    The news has reported that some “tourists” just had a “bikini riot” at a Burger King. More at 7:00.

  15. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, I like how the media obscures the race. White people are seeing right thru the media bull.

    Also, note how this newer version of my site’s software is showing the video now.

  16. American born says:

    Yeah, thats a hell of a video there, Julian. I’ve seen it on at least three other pro White blogs today. Looks like its going viral.

    As it should, at this point it should be obvious to anyone how niggers really are. Not the way they are portrayed on the juden vision.

    This is their normal behavior.

    Here is a link to an Amren story about a couple of savage niggers who attacked a White guy just for being a White guy. I doubt any hate crime charges will be persued.

    Cal U Football Players Charged in Racial Attack


    They beez college niggaz n sheit

  17. Bailey says:

    Wow, if those was white folks trashin’ burger king the cops would have been there in less than the 1min.41sec. length of the video.
    Must be new policy to not call the PO’lice if it’s niggers trashing the joint.
    After all, that would be rassis.

  18. Bailey says:

    From American Borns link…..

    Mr. Harding is a 6-foot-4, 240-pound linebacker for the Vulcans and Mr. Whiteleather is a 5-foot-10, 170-pound defensive back.

    Both are sacks of shit.
    A nigger named Whiteleather?

  19. Flanders says:

    Those bikini clad jigaboonesses had better stay unmarried. Women who marry niggers are in mortal danger. That’s fine by me with the white race traitors who marry them. I have absolutely no respect for any white woman who consorts with any of them. All I feel is contempt for anyone who is that low. Any woman who has been with anyone other than White is not White and I only mourn for the depravity that has caused their demise. The link to the story below goes to a report about an Australian white murdered by her Sudanese ape “boyfriend”.

    “Black men are at least nine times more likely to commit femicide than white men. In fact, the figure seems to go up when black men are involved in interracial relationships. A huge study on femicide in the United States found that white women married to black men were 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their spouse than white women married to white men.

    Black men are the leading cause of death for all young blacks, both male and female.”

    “Interracial love stories keep ending in murder for white women”


  20. White Guy says:

    That comment from INCOG MAN about the Golden Corral buffets is right on. One of them closed down in my town after the fat jigs destroyed the profit margins in a matter of weeks.

    I saw a real ape-out too, at a Micky d’s just the other night. These people are realy animals, when you get down to it.

  21. YamBam says:

    Ditto that, I also can confirm how these chimps destroy those all you can eat deals. Apes brign their entire families and friends and their families and live there all night long… waitresses all hate working their tables, refilling drinks and bringing endless plates. When the packs of chimps finally leave, they don’t even leave decent tips for the slaving staff.

    Even chimp waitresses prefer to avoid these tables, knowing all too well all the work they do is for nothing. Ape staff may get a little more than non chimp staff but not as much as they would from other respectable customers.

    After a few weeks of these deals, the restaurant shuts it down because these chimps not only ruin any and all the profits but also run off other customers who hate their loud cackling and yelling. They ruin everything they touch. They are only a step away from going total chimp out as witnessed by other restaurants. They all should be banned!

  22. White Wolf says:

    Dr. INCOG, what is utterly strange but true is that pinko commie race-traitor Greg Bacons’ GOON SQUAD is listed under “White Blogs”. Not that it’s the only false-front listed in the sidebar. And while many of them do (of course – how else to lure newly awakening folks???) divulge some valuable insights, it’s only in the interest of ultimately obfuscating, misdirecting and misinforming in the end – A HUGE DISSERVICE TO NEWLY AWAKENING WHITES.

    From pinko commie Bacons’ blog today:

    “That would explain how we got into the DNA mix and why us ‘white folks’ are the most violent breed of people on the planet. Our warped criminal DNA ancestry helps turn us into psychotic bastards, living off the backs of others, from whom we’ve stolen untold trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth over the centuries.”

    Leaving direct links to DIVERSIONARY and SUBVERSIVE “resources” strikes me as not very responsible to the cause. And Bacon gets thrown in with the Wise’s of the world in my book.

    And while I am at it, WHY IN THE HELL does Dr. Duke apparently choose to align so damn cozily with KOSHERFRONT???!!! Seriously, that is highly questionable association.

    Strange but true.

  23. White Wolf says:

    Why not a section on the sidebar for PHONY WHITE BLOGS???

  24. White Wolf says:

    For Greg Bacon to one day sing:

    “I’m just a phony white blogger
    (phony white blog)
    I’m a phony white blogger
    (phony white blog)
    I’m just a phony white blogger –
    Phony white blogger!”

    (done to a Foreigner tune I’m sure Greg Pinko Bacon would enjoy singing – “Dirty White Boy”)

  25. t bone says:

    White Wolf
    That is one of my concerns too.
    Are there a few PWB you could list now?…that we should be aware of?

  26. White Wolf says:

    Phony truth teller works, too.

  27. JamesTheJust says:

    That’s fine by me with the white race traitors who marry them. I have absolutely no respect for any white woman who consorts with any of them. All I feel is contempt for anyone who is that low. Any woman who has been with anyone other than White is not White and I only mourn for the depravity that has caused their demise.

    I feel the same way! Not only is the White-trash whore laying with a beast, she is spitting in the face of all her forebearers, who gave us the glorious past we all share as White people.

    A treasonous whore is ever there was one.

    Ditto for Whites men who sleep around with other races; not our own.

    YOU are aiding and abetting the enemy! YOU help them destroy our race!

  28. White Wolf says:

    Tbone, it would be easier to list the few I do trust. Incog, for his own part, does stay away from the divisive bs and does tell it like it is within his own works – again, without dragging divisive concerns into it. I also thoroughly appreciate the works being done over at VNN.

    To answer your question, though – Goon Squad and Stormfront (kosher) really stand out.

  29. mike says:

    When B.L.M. terrorists attempt to loot and burn our city of Minneapolis MN. I pray all looters and Terrorists with gas bombs will be shot on site. Please shoot to kill all Black Lies Matter terrorist destroyers. Stack the terrorist destroyers like cord wood and put a stop to their destructive selfish terroristic actions.

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