JTF Leader Exposed as Christian-Hater

Although Jew Freakboy Chaim Ben Pesach was kicked out trying to make “Aliyah” to Israel, he’s still a big-mouthed Israel-Firster to this day.

I’VE BEEN SAYING this from the get-go: The Jew big-mouths over at the JTF forum who act all pro-America and buddy-buddy with Christians, are really just doing the Jew thing — milking Christian Zionists for money and support for Israel. Like so many Jews, the Jewish Task Force wackos actually hate Christianity, and are not much different from lefty Jews in control of the media.

They can’t stand Christianity, because they hate Jesus Christ and his message. Simple as that. But they know well, without the support of Christians in the US, all bets are off as far as Israel is concerned. It constantly amazes me when I see Christians bending over for Israel, while at the same time the Jews back here openly denigrate Jesus. Man, there has got to be some kind of devil shit going on.

The JTF leader, Chaim Ben Pesach (real name: Victor Vancier), is exposed in the video (below) making numerous Christian-bashing comments on the Hebrew version site of the JTF called HAYAMIN.org. He’s smart enough not to say those kinds of things on the English JTF forum, where befuddled American Christian Zionists might see it and put two and two together about these two-faced hypocrites.

It sounds like maybe a Jew did the video, possibly a “Jew for Jesus” type. This is why Israel-Firster Jews really hate the Jews for Jesus organization with a passion, since some of them can read Hebrew and know all the in’s and out’s of the Christian-hating Talmudic and Zionist Jewry.

Please click “Continue reading” and watch the video where one Jew exposes the secret Christian hate of the JTF. Added bonus: Some nutty JDL woman who may or may not be Chaim’s main squeeze!


Christians: Just watch this video where some Jew guy tells you what they really think about Christianity.

Chaim Ben Pesach has been arrested numerous times for pissant smoke bomb type acts against Egyptian and Russian targets (to spring the “oppressed” Jews so they could come here and sponge off US taxpayers). He was once sentenced to 10 years but eventually released after going on a hunger strike over not getting fed Kosher food.

This freak is so nutty even the Israeli government once refused him entry (he’s way too much trouble) when he tried to make “aliyah” to Israel. Security forces held him at the Tel Aviv airport and sent his skinny ass back to America for us to deal with.

Basically, the guy is a über-hysterical, “Never Again,” Israel-Firster Jew who can’t ever live in the “Stolen Land.” That must have broke his brain.

This video is titled “the wife of Victor Vancier.” I don’t know if she is or not, but she’s definitely one totally crazed, obscene JDL Jewess (note the Star of Satan around her neck). She sure scares the bejeesus out of me!

I just hope all those JTF freaks will see this post here and get all torqued-up knowing that any true Christians who might read it, will finally start to reevaluate their support of these people and that evil little country in the Mideast: Israel. And it would be about damn time, I’d say.

I also want those JTF boys and girls to realize that America is fast waking up to their traitorous activities; they’ll soon be hearing from INCOG MAN and his well-armed White Patriot brigade in person once the SHTF and the revolution starts to take back America. Got that, Jews?

Yep, I’ll be the guy on the electronic bullhorn somewhere outside your Jew York City sewer system bunkers, wearing crisply-pressed subdued urban camo, steel-toed combat boots and Ray-Ban sunglasses, screaming at you city rats to come out with your hands up; that is, if you want to live long enough to get your fat asses kicked out of the country.

Maybe Israel will let that SOB Victor Vancier in this time. LOL.

And if you don’t surrender, we’ll flood your bunkers with tons of raw Puerto Rican and Negro sewage and pick you off as you float by — spluttering and spitting while covered head to toe in stinking crap and used condoms.

Talk about mud people!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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293 Responses to JTF Leader Exposed as Christian-Hater

  1. Toby says:

    Some of you good researchers may be able to find that jew abortion video: The title was “Abortion: The Kosher Slaughter”.

  2. Marshall says:

    It’s still on Youtube Toby, but I’d download it while it still is.


  3. chameleon de cinnibar says:

    commanderess ZZZZZzzzzzzz……. ..yalliz a isozioassed freak in nazzion robes..its up to someone more gracious than I to pray that te curse you have invoked upon yourself isnt terminal,,i could care less for your soul if you have one..have ya ever heard of blaspheming the holy spirit..I’ll bet you live alone in a dirty trailor in a dismaal dingy trailoer park in a shit hole like detroit and have wild fantasies and delusions of grandeur..good luck with that….when the jewass hits the fan there are no atheists in a foxhole unless theyre porkin the damn thing …loser……have another billy beer fooool..look out your window tonite their waitin for ya with a net

  4. Kamelion says:

    citizen-fitz check out newsturmer-com for some shit…look at typhus as one of the most hallucinatory ailments that can surpass lsd …most of the kamp interns got this bug ,and they would imagine all sorts of insane tings such as the lacking serial # supposed kamp survivor eli weasel who said lawwdy lawdy i saw blood squirtin out o da ground for 6million minutes,supposedly where the bodies were deposited…….time is fun when your havvin flies…..no id card march 11 as several states oppose and dhs is backsteppin …if it comes keep your license in a lead lined sheath or line your gluvKumpaartment with lead..Lead has other wonderful uses as well ..many applications to explore…keep the faith,stoke the flames of faith/power thru krist ps. good advice randall

  5. Toby says:

    Follow up on:

    Jewish Ritualistic Satanic Human Sacrifice

    Yo, here’s a vid of Vicky Polin (JEWISH) who says that Jewish Ritualistic Satanic Human Sacrifice is alive and well.

    Here the jewess is on Oprah:


    I can’t be on the net too long this a.m. due to work, family obligations, et al., but for those who doubt that jews are not concurrently and proactively still involved in this horrific albeit illegal activity, this is just more irrefutable proof that jews are, in fact, still very much involved in this practice.

    My personal take on jew Vicky’s appearance on Oprah show, is that the jews (who clearly are the masters of their puppet Oprah), anyway, the jews, in an insurrmountable display of arrogance and belligerance – wanted to go public with this despicable and vile jew Satanic practice. Jews, actually do want people to know on one psychological level that they are involved in this (intimidation, fear factor, a sort of jew control mechanism for the masses, etc). Even then, most people will see it concretely right in front of their face and still deny it occurs.

    Sounds pretty much like most other jew criminal activities: It is right in our face and yet, most people decide to look in the other direction and deny its existence. This is how to prop up, grant impunity, and exonerate the massive jew criminal network. To the extent that the masses keep looking in the other direction and denying horrific jew crimes of stealing, lying and murdering is to the extent that jews will continue to be granted impunity and exoneration for their crimes. They must be brought to justice. This is an imperative. Actually our White Christ tasked us with prosecuting the jews for their crimes against humanity. He didn’t ask us to deal with and bring the jews to justice – he told us to. There’s a huge difference.

    Cheers all. Be safe all – keep your children safe. Jew Passover is here and this is when they really ratchet up and dial up their Satanic Ritualistic Human Sacrifice practices.

  6. t bone says:

    I’m suprised that the jew media didnt censor that oprah vid.
    It is in our face, more now than ever. A lot of people are in denial but somethings got to give.

  7. JamesTheJust says:

    Marshall said:

    I still say Toby, both Nazareth and Bethlehem are in Galilee, and the Bible refers to the whole area as “The Galilee of the gentiles.” Bit of a puzzle, isn’t it?

    The word “gentile” is Latin. Ever wonder why a Latin word was inserted into a Greek text 900 years after the fact? By this time, the EDOMITE jews had fully infiltrated the CAT-HOLE-LICK church. (The Domenicis were key players and they were jews)

    ANSWER: It was meant to confuse and deceive. The actual Greek word is Ethnos and it is only ever used to refer to the Israelite nations. It is from this we get the word Ethnicity. So whenever you read that word, change it in your mind to the ETHNIC nations of Israel. And make NO MISTAKE, those nations were and are WHITE as the driven snow.

    I am a Saxon. I am Isaac’s son and in Isaac shall our seed be called.

  8. Marshall says:

    That’s making A LOT of sense James. Not to mention that the Pharisaic Jews said they had “never been in bondage to any man.” If that’s the case, how could they have been the true Israelites? Is that a no-brainer or what?

    Speaking of Catholicism, check out the term “Catholicos” I found in the Jewish Encyclopedia…the plot doth thicken!!!

    The Great Sanhedrin alone had the right to appoint, or confirm the appointment of, the high priest. His consecration might take place only in the day-time. Two high priests must not be appointed together. Every high priest had a “mishneh” (a second) called the Segan, or “memunneh,” to stand at his right; another assistant was the “catholicos”(“Yad,” l.c. 16-17). The right of succession was in the direct, or, the direct failing, the collateral, line, provided the conditions concerning physical fitness were fulfilled (ib. 20; Ket. 103b; Sifra, ?edoshim). For offenses which entailed flagellation the high priest could be sentenced by a court of three; after submitting to the penalty he could resume his office (“Yad,” l.c. 22). The high priest was expected to be superior to all other priests in physique, in wisdom, in dignity, and in material wealth; if he was poor his brother priests contributed to make him rich (Yoma 18a; “Yad,” l.c. v. 1); but none of these conditions was indispensable. The high priest was required to be mindful of his honor. He might not mingle with the common people, nor permit himself to be seen disrobed, or in a public bath, etc.; but he might invite others to bathe with him (Tosef., Sanh. iv.; “Yad,” l.c. v. 3). He might not participate in a public banquet, but he might pay a visit of consolation to mourners, though even then his dignity was guarded by prescribed etiquette (Sanh. 18-19; “Yad,” l.c. v. 4).

    Read more: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?letter=H&artid=721#ixzz15VIPzk7N

    While on Catholicism, which I think is really starting to go into La-La land in about a thousand ways, check this freak out-



  9. JamesTheJust says:

    Wow Marshall. That was disgusting…not surprising but disgusting.

  10. Count Cherep says:

    The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder
    By Ariel Toaff

  11. Macaca says:

    Professor INCOG,

    I hope you’ve long-ago eaten your breakfast, and it’s well on its way to becoming another welfare-niglet in yer terlit, because I would NEVER want to turn your stomach, even at this belated hour. In today’s Jew Nork Pissed, the Zionist butt-monkey Rich Lowry chidingly and scornfully lays the ghost of the “myth” that all Arab hatred of the US and Israel is fundamentally based on Israel’s “perfidy”. Nope not so, apparently. Lowry cites “ex-diplomat” Aaron David Miller and some other blatant Yiddish lick-spittle named Adam Garfinkle in his studied refutation of the Auld Myth.

    So, the new Arab-upon-Arab revolutions in the Near East are to be taken as irrefutable evidence that Israel, with its long (65+year) history, is in actuality totally innocent—not in one, single iota responsible for Arab rage. It’s now and always has been simmering hatred of their own ruling elites who have milked, even destroyed, their economic wealth, suppressed their political and free expression, etc.

    Gawd A’mighty! National Review long ago became an AIPAC/Zionist puppet, but do they actually think we are as stupid as they themselves? He calls the lamentable Jimma Cawtuh a “professional naif”. Oh…..my…Gawd, Lowry, what the fook do you think YOU are?

    If you’re not a naif yourself, then you’re something far worse, a liar and an obfuscatory butt-monkey, spewing the Zionist line. Did anyone forcing themselves to read this miss out on the ethnicity of Lowry’s unimpeachable sources of the real truth? AARON DAVID Miller and Adam GARFINKLE? Jesus wept, what an idiot Lowry is and, by extension, the Jew Nork Pissed editorial staff. They must (as I suppose ALL Jews do) think we are lubing up our behinds for the next dose of Kikified “revisionist history of Israel”.


  12. Jesse says:

    yeah chaim ben pesach is pretty much scum. listening to him has ruined my life and I’m praying to God to get back on track. When read objectively, the words of Jesus Christ are brilliant it is too bad that Jews feel they have to bash Jesus when his words on prayer and charity are so right on the money. I actually moved to Israel because of listening to him but it fell apart because I brought part of his attitude with me. The reality of Israel is nothing like what Chaim Ben Pesach preaches. The Israeli government and military is capable of handling problems very well and Chaim is just a loudmouth who actually has no military experience. What a fuck up listening to a 55 year old virgin who glorifies going to jail. That is trully a son of Gehinnom. Maybe he did some good deeds but he has no place belittling or criticizing so many people and condemning so many people to hell. What a God awful philosophy he espouses.

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