Psycho Mugabe Blames Whites for Mass Murder

MAN, JUST LOOK at this crazy-looking, murderous Negro! Just who does he think he is, a Black Hitler, with that queer soul patch on his upper lip? El presidente of Zimbabwe (formerly White-ruled, British Rhodesia), Robert Mugabe (above), is now reporting that his people “found” 640+ bodies in a mine shaft and it’s all the fault of “evil racist Whites” from over 30 years ago!

Totally ridiculous. Negroes are so whacked in the head. It sounds like the guy is taking a page straight out of the Jew holocrap playbook; they would have found any supposed massacres long before now (and I bet the bodies still have plenty of tissue left). What’s more, the guy is calling in real-life Witch doctors to identify them (seriously), instead of using more scientific methods like DNA.

It’s so obvious that these bodies are of his dead political enemies left over from the last “election” that he stole to keep in office three years ago. You can bet the man’s security forces have all the info they need to ID the bodies, because they’re the ones who executed them to begin with.

Oh, you won’t hear anything about this on “World News Tonight,” Israeli-owned ABC-Disney (Stanley Gold, Shamrock Holdings in Tel Aviv), or the other mainstream Jew organs they control in America. Are you kidding me? The Globalist Jews forced Ian Smith to give up decent and competant White control of Rhodesia, handing the county to Mugabe on a silver platter. The Globalist NWO Jews then went on to finish destroying White rule in South Africa — now the bodies are everywhere.

Mugabe (right) with the head of Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Happyton Bonyongwe (left), and Constantine Chiwenga, the angry gorilla in the center, commander of the Zimbabwean Army.

Now, the few White farmers still left there live in constant fear of Mugabe’s men showing up to confiscate what property and lands they still have, possibly even torturing and killing them on the spot. It’s little wonder the country is now always on the verge of starvation, when it used to export food. In 2009, Obama pledged another 73 million of our tax money to the sub-Saharan stinkhole.

About the only thing going for the place are blood diamonds, which the International Jews love getting their greedy, filthy hands on.

And it’s just so rich we’re supposed to act all concerned about genocide in Libya and spend billions of the US taxpayer’s money enforcing a no-fly zone on Khadafi’s ass, when this kind of thing goes on constantly in Zimbabwe and everywhere else in the Turd-world.

I guess all that Libyan oil had nothing to do with it, nor the fact one of the very first things the rebel forces did was establish central banking, just like the thievery of the Globalist Jews since 1913 with the Federal Reserve act. Before all this Mideast “Day of Rage” stuff started, the Libyans had their own internal currency, so outside NWO forces could not get a cut in the profits and live off the labors of the citizens like they do with us.

Funny how all that works, huh?

— Phillip Marlowe

Why Not Bomb Mugabe?

Israel Loves Mugabe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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143 Responses to Psycho Mugabe Blames Whites for Mass Murder

  1. Jo Jackson says:


    No surprises there.
    In France they used to guillotine treacherous fucks like this.
    England desperately, desperately, desperately!!!!! needs a new form of Cromwell.

    The whole establishment needs routing out for extermination. It’s run by the UAF!

  2. hollowcrap says:

    “Robert Mugabe has stated white people in Zimbabwe are to be considered inferior to blacks. The president has vowed to educate Zimbabwean children that whites are second or third class citizens.”

  3. Snowy Smith says:

    When are they going to prosecute him in the International World Court
    A Left Wing Extremist Military Dictator.
    He lives is luxury off stolen money in a 400 roomed mansion while his people starve.
    Has many overseas luxury homes, bank accounts with $Billions stolen money
    He has turned Zimbabwe from a thriving almost first world country with one of the best education systems in the World, one of the best farming systems in the World to a third World Totalitarian Slum with NO education system and NO farming.
    When are they going to prosecute him in the International World Court for Genocide, Murder, Fraud, Theft, Corruption, Vote Rigging, Sale of Blood Diamonds, Theft of thousands of White Farms, Murder of White Farmers, stealing the Countries resources, forcing his people to live in poverty?
    When are they going to prosecute him?

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