Talmudic Judaism — Must Watch Video!

Talmudic Judaism — Dr. William Pierce

From White Civil Rights

This video is more than highly recommended, it is really a must watch for anyone to fully understand the hyper-racist foundations within Judaism and the real nature of the Zionist “Jewish State.”

This video has a tremendous power to it, and Ares has done best editing work yet. It has state of the art effects, but woven together in a way that looks like it was not done for effect but is a naturally moving tapestry of video that creates a mood and power through its pacing and illustration and editing techniques.

I consider it nothing less than a masterpiece and one that should make every racial supremacist, extremist Jew go wild. Why? – Because the facts are irrefutable. No wonder they have already got the video removed from some sites.

Here is a new link:

Talmudic Judaism – Dr. William Pierce on Vimeo


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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401 Responses to Talmudic Judaism — Must Watch Video!

  1. Stargazer says:

    No, Jewboy. I made no self-contradictions. And I proved you wrong over and over again, with no coherent response from you, except slanders. “Gaystar” – that’s really clever – you’re such a (nit)wit. But it’s a typical response from a Jew like you – when you can’t win an argument, resort to slandering your opponent. Why don’t you and your Jewish friend “JamesTheJust” stop polluting this board with your pseudo “Christian Identity” disinformation BS? Follow your own advice and go worship your tribal god Yahweh/Jehovah (Baal).

  2. Z.O.G. says:

    Gee, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Christianity is an ancient Near Eastern mystery cult that is completely opposed to science, logic, and reason? You know, the things that make White Europeans superior to nigger African bushmen?

  3. Z.O.G. says:

    Nope, it’s just a historical fact, idiot.

  4. Z.O.G. says:

    You’re the most obvious fake here, “WHITEMAN”. Exactly who do you think you’re fooling with that lame Hollywood Nazi stereotype?

  5. Z.O.G. says:

    Joe Cortina is just another racial egalitarian Christian who is afraid to talk about race.

  6. Stargazer says:

    More slanders from the Jewboy who calls himself “Citizenfitz,” in an attempt to sound like an upright Irishman. Don’t project your homosexuality onto me, Jew.

  7. Z.O.G. says:

    Nice Hollywood Nazi impression there, “whiteman”.

  8. Z.O.G. says:

    …the great Christian saints

    Ah, the great Christian saints. You mean like these?

    Black / African Saints

    The history of the Church is full of many black / African Catholic saints, who received recognition for great deeds or meritorious conduct. Many lost their lives in defense of the faith. Many were also honored for their contributions to the Church and their community.



  9. Z.O.G. says:

    It means what it says. No more, no less.

  10. Z.O.G. says:

    The Hollywood Nazi guy has spoken!

  11. Z.O.G. says:

    Curt Maynard wasn’t exactly a credible source. He married a fat brown-skinned Mestizo woman and had a daughter with her. Later, he went insane and shot and killed his fat beaner ex-wife and then killed himself too.

  12. Z.O.G. says:

    Ah, so you’re from Tex-ass, the home of fat Jew tool Alex Jones.

  13. Z.O.G. says:

    I like how “Julian Lee” tries to combine one non-White religion(Christianity) with another non-White religion(Hinduism) to come up with his own personal kooky religion.

    Funny stuff.

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    ZOG: If you don’t stop with the shit-stirring, I’ll send you packing to SPAMblinka. Texacan Whites are fine people. John Bell Hood was a hero of mine.

  15. JamesTheJust says:


    We know that scripture said that most Israelites would rather believe a lie.

    When I first learned of the truth, I studied all the ancient historians, all the ancient archeological findings…I could not get enough. I thirsted for knowledge.

    I thought all my kinspeople would want to hear this good news. I was wrong. Lots of our people are too caught up in dogma. Lots of people are Christians only because their families and ancestors were Christians. They never gone beyond that point. And when you try to explain things to them, they hate you. And as we know, this was also prophesied.

    It’s just the way it is. I never expected jew-wise people to be that way, but many are.

    And the “funniest” thing is; that all these people; whether JEWdeo Xtian or jew-wise Christian, believe that the jews are the people of the O.T. because the jews say so! Now, that’s ironic, yes?

    Somehow, these people believe that the GOD of the O.T. is EVIL, but the GOD of the N.T. is good. How insulting to YHWH is that? Their god is evidently schizophrenic.

  16. INCOG MAN says:

    I just read this BS ZOG. Curt Maynard knew the score and was another Texas hero of mine. You’re nothing but a big fat hasbaRAT. Enjoy SPAMblinka.

  17. Marshall says:

    Joe Cortina isn’t scared of anything. I however, am quite terrified of this:


  18. JamesTheJust says:


    When people tell me the jews of today are the Israelites of the O.T. I always ask them why they believe this. They usually don’t reply because they will have to admit that they believe this lie just because the jews say so.

    It’s funniest when I ask jew-wise people this, since they already know that they jews are always lying.

  19. JamesTheJust says:

    No, you believe that it is THEIR book, when it is not. BTW: The first FIVE books are the Torah and that’s all they claim as theirs.

    You also have little to no understanding of ancient history and this is your biggest handicap.

  20. JamesTheJust says:

    Apparently ZOG the jew and Stargazer are buddies. And Stargazer has gotten himself caught up in attacking Whites. Hmmmmm.

    Yeah, there are jews animals like ZOG whose sum total of comments amount to nothing more than attacks on Whites, while if known jews like Mad Jewass comment, he is silent.

    Then there is stargazer who seems to take great delight in joining in on the eating frenzy while having a love/hate relationship with his hippy mamers geeezuz.

    Strange world.

    There are far more CI people on this site than me. I happen to be more vocal than most.

    Notice that ZOG has never denied being a jew when confronted with the question?

  21. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Looks like jewlyin got his ass kicked again. Pretty funny watching the squirrel climb that rope. It is quite entertaining to see the hasbarats and zoglings getting bitch slapped hard lately. I’ve had to K.O. the incogman team two or three times already myself. Every time the team gets caught is another White victory in my book. jk guys

    If you have something to say to Joe Cortina why don’t you head over there and say it to his face on his blog? Answer: Because those ass kickings hurt don’t they? The only thing I’ve seen even slightly to question Joe about is why they haven’t shut his blog down for telling the straight out hard core truth about jew filth and kike scum, like they usually do, and I wish he would write more often. He would probably kick your ass in person for free.

    STAY OUT OF THE FUCKING RAIN IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE. If you think it was raining hell before, it’s really RAINING HELL now straight from the jew god of hell pluto–can you say plutonium? This looks bad and there is no ‘cure’. It’s raining ten different kinds of radioactive particles from nano-sized dust on up. Those fucking kikes are lying like hell to cover up the nuclear false flag they are doing to us. Hasbarats go to your sinogogues and prey (yes, p r e y we don’t find you). Now FUCKHOFF hehe

  22. JamesTheJust says:

    “IT” would never confront Joe to his face. The “IT” ZOG is sitting comfortably in “ITS” hasbarat cell in TelAviv while “ITS” male lover is on “ITS” lap.

    “ITS” too busy bashing every White everywhere.

    Oh those heroic Edomite jews. Give them a gun and they still won’t fight real men, They’ll go after defenseless women and children. The pussy “IT” ZOG face Joe? ROFLOL!

  23. INCOG MAN says:

    WHITE PATRIOT: Only a hasbaRAT would make a comment like that. Enjoy SPAMblinka with your hasbaRAT buddies.

  24. Flanders says:

    Somebody who promotes athiesm, similar to ancient Jewish mystery cults is much more likely to be a Jew.

    Especially when they demean and decry the White man’s traditional beliefs and religions, attempting to infer that they are inferior to jewish-inspired athiestic moral relativisms.

  25. Citizenfitz says:

    Gaystar, Jews are supposed to have some wit. You must be a half Jew.

  26. Citizenfitz says:

    It’s better w/o the nested replies. It makes it easier to keep track of the jewveniles here.

  27. Stargazer says:



    “Apparently ZOG the jew and Stargazer are buddies. And Stargazer has gotten himself caught up in attacking Whites. Hmmmmm.

    Then there is stargazer who seems to take great delight in joining in on the eating frenzy while having a love/hate relationship with his hippy mamers geeezuz.”

    1. I don’t know who ZOG is, or whether he’s a Jew or not – everyone here seems to think so. I think it’s possible that he’s an atheist, a pagan, a disillusioned Christian, or a Jew, but who knows? I think it’s more likely that he’s just saying things that you simply don’t want to hear, especially about the Jewish Old Testament (Torah). You and CitizenShitz, as supposed wannabe Jew “Christian Identity” nutcases (or, in my opinion, actual Jews masquerading as CI nutcases) simply can’t stand it when anyone attacks your beloved bloodthirsty Jewish tribal god Yahweh/Jehovah (Baal).

    2. I have NEVER attacked Whites, asshole! Not on this site or anywhere else. I have never had anything but positive things to say about White people here. Why are you trying to put words in my mouth, and why are you making false accusations against me that I’m attacking Whites? Just another example of the slanders from you and your Jewish friend CitizenShitz. Both of you seem to be quite good at name-calling, slanders, and false accusations – more typical Jewish hasbarat traits.

    3. “…while having a love/hate relationship with his hippy mamers geeezuz.” I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say there – maybe you should try English instead of your pigeon Hebrew. There’s no such word as “mamer,” but there is the Hebrew word “mamzer,” which means “bastard” (I just looked it up here):


    …So, what you really said to me in your pigeon Hebrew was, “…while having a love/hate relationship with his hippy bastard Jesus.”

    INCOGMAN, ARE YOU READING THIS??? Here is another one of your valued hasbarats, “JamesTheJust,” exposing himself as a JEW for all to see! He’s just called Jesus a bastard, and several days before Easter! What do you say about this? Do you approve or disapprove of his comment???

  28. jon tomas says:

    listen guys, im a proud jewish zionist and i understand your frustration with my people because thru the ages from the begining of time you tried to kill us off and you couldnt. roman, syrians, babalonions, greeks, german, persia, russia, and 50 other nations thru the years and what happend?? tell me what happend? what happnd to rome? the greeks? the persions? hitler?? yes u guessed it, there down in the toliet of hell while once again, the jew stands alive and stronger than ever. didnt u idiots learn a lesson? didnt you?? u mean to tell me that all those nations and people and there beliefs that tried to exterminate the jews are in excriment while the jews are alive and you dont get it yet?? what about the wars with israel? do u remember that? when a billion arabs all joined together to wage war on the little old jews that use to be kicked around got trampled and ran away like fags. remember? syria, iran, iraq, eygpt, lebanon,,and 3 others? what happend my little christian friends??

    i know guys, u feel insecure and scared and i dont blame u. you should feel that way unless you all change your beliefs and stop trying to put down and kill israel and the jews. do u know why im saying this? its only because i want to help u guys. your going to get slapped down to like all those other nations and people. arent u embarrassed already?? how much abuse can u take?? stop it already!!! you lost once again. u didnt learn your lesson from the others?? okay then, dont say i didnt warn you. shalom shitheads

  29. Julian Lee says:

    “…u mean to tell me that all those nations and people and there beliefs that tried to exterminate the jews are in excriment while the jews are alive and you dont get it yet?? what about the wars with israel? …when a billion arabs all joined together to wage war on the little old jews that use to be kicked around got trampled and ran away like fags. remember? syria, iran, iraq, eygpt, lebanon,,and 3 others? what happend my little christian friends??

    Nobody has ever actually tried to exterminate you. That’s Jewish hype and whining. But you have tried to exterminate peoples. Now we have learned our lessons.
    And we’ve learned that we had it right the past 20 centuries: We kept you in your ghettos and out of our society.

    For 20 centuries you were kept at the margins of society and without a country. Since that’s been your history for the bulk of known time, it will surely be your state again. Though you’ve worked to rule the world, you don’t have conditioning or karma for ruling the world, and any such rule will be ugly and brief.

  30. Julian Lee says:

    “Looks like Julian got his ass kicked again.

    I don’t recall that event. Or the first time. Did I miss something?

  31. Julian Lee says:

    “I like how “Julian Lee” tries to combine one non-White religion(Christianity) with another non-White religion(Hinduism) to come up with his own personal kooky religion.”

    What gibberish he posts. But this needs to be seaid:

    — Vedanta and Yoga were brought to the Indian continent by tall, White, blue-eyed Aryans.

    — Christianity was always a White European religion. It was the White Europeans who embraced it and developed it. The vast majority of Christian saints are White Europeans. The vast majority of Christian churches are in White European countries. And the teachings of Christianity, quite different than those of Jewry, appealed to the White European heart and mind while Talmudism was repulsive to it.

    And Julian Lee’s my real life name and my actual legal name, hasbaratus.

    What is “spamblinka,” by the way.

  32. Citizenfitz says:

    jon tomas:

    “Poor Jews! You invoked a dreadful curse in saying, ‘His blood be on us and our children.'” St. Alphonsus Maria Ligouri

  33. Julian Lee says:

    Much of your past is religious fictional, and your military doings would not have been possible if you had become a succubus to America regularly draining our blood. You specialize in deception and psychological manipulation using false stories. Your strength has come from deception and covertness, and that never lasts. According to your own archeologists in Israel, even your tales of a past “Kingdom of David,” and “Temple of Solomon” — are false stories.

    “In contrast to this academic fraud (Scofield) we have the works of Israel Finkelstein, the Israeli archaeologist who wrote The Bible Unearthed based upon modern scientific studies of the Holy Land.

    “He concluded that the ancient Hebrews were descendants of the Canaanites. The Hebrews lived in the mountains and their fellow Canaanites lived on the lower elevations. This means that those few modern Israelis who can trace their ancestry back to Palestine are genetically related to the Palestinians against whom they are committing war crimes.

    “The most sacred holiday in Judaism is Passover. This commemorates the day that the Jewish God was alleged to have killed the first born of the Egyptians while passing over the homes of the Hebrews. This event and the liberation of the Hebrew slaves from bondage in Egypt never happened at least according to modern Israeli scientists.

    “The most famous kings of ancient Israel were David and Solomon. They were said by the Bible writers to have built an Empire and then to have constructed a great Temple to the Jewish God in Jerusalem. Modern Israeli scientists have dug up the whole of ancient Israel and Jerusalem. They say there never was at any time a unified kingdom of Israel and Judah. They were always separate entities and in fact the city of Jerusalem at the time of David had only 1,600 residents. David was not a king. There never was a Temple of Solomon. And that story about the Queen of Sheeba visiting Solomon in Jerusalem was just more fiction. “

    Here’s some positive news and views:

    Zionism’s Coming Undone — Part I

    Zionism’s Coming Undone — Part II

    And a new video by Original Savage Chick (Lidia):

    Obama In 2012?

    Rabbis say Obama can’t get 2012 re-election unless he frees mega-Traitor Jonathan Pollard.

  34. Julian Lee says:

    Oh, that last post above was directed to the Proud Zionist (Proud Genocider) Jon Tomas who was hyping Jewish Victory:

    listen guys, im a proud jewish zionist and i understand your frustration with my people because thru the ages from the begining of time you tried to kill us off and you couldnt…

    etc. etc.

  35. Julian Lee says:

    “…Before Their End Game”


    “My final point today is a lesser known aspect of the 911 story and concerns Susan Lindauer who is Andy Card’s cousin. Card was George W Bush’s Chief of Staff. Lindauer wrote the book Extreme Prejudice and was arrested under the Patriot Act. She was released after the 2008 elections. The evidence that convicted her was that the Iraqi UN ambassador had bought her a cheeseburger at lunch in New York. Under the Patriot Act receiving anything from a terrorist is a criminal act. Her defense was that she was working for the CIA. She was asked by the CIA to talk to the Iraqis as a back channel and to deliver messages from the CIA and later also the NSA to the Iraqis. But a Jewish judge in New York convicted her under the Patriot Act.

    “The remarkable part of her book is what she says happened on 911. It relates to that story Bush told about seeing the first plane (Flight 11) hit the World Trade Center North Tower. He said he saw it on a monitor before going in to the classroom to read to the children early in the morning of 911. At the time most people thought Bush made up the story because on 911 no TV broadcaster had video of the first plane hitting the WTC. All they had was footage of the second plane hitting the South Tower until the next day on 9-12.

    “Susan Lindauer said that she called her CIA handler Richard Fuisz on 911 and he said he saw video the Israelis sent the CIA and other departments of the first plane hitting the WTC. Dr Fuisz told Susan Lindauer that the Israelis as much as admitted they did 911 by sending in nearly live footage of the first plane. So now we know Bush did see the first plane hit the WTC on 911.

    “Alan Sabrosky was a former Director of Studies at the Army War College. He is of partially Jewish descent and has told both us and his friends inside the military that Israel did 911. He concluded that the Israelis are gambling everything on their ability to pull off their End Game before the American people find out what really happened on 911.

    “We need to take back the right to tell our own stories.

    “We need to accelerate our attack on the tales of Zionism.

    “Hammer home the point that the Sephardic Jews are descendants of the Canaanites and the Ashkenazis are not.

    “Hammer home the cost of allowing the Jewish Crime Network to take over our de-regulated banking system and print our currency. Remind people that we are not through paying for the Bailouts. The cost of food and gasoline will soon double over last year’s prices.

    “Hammer home the point that Israel sent live videos of the first plane (Flight 11) hitting the North Tower of the WTC to the CIA and other US agencies. Bush saw this video before entering the classroom in Florida. This was a brazen admission that they did 911.

    “Israel openly declared war on the United States of America on 9-11-2001.”


    Jews Out of Government! Jews Out of Media! Jews Out of Schools!

  36. Julian Lee says:

    I hope awakened White Gentile Americans keep stocking up on guns and ammo in preparation for whatever “end game” scenarios planned by the Zionist entity that has invaded our land.

  37. Stargazer says:

    @Julian Lee:

    Julian, see this link please, and comment – this is important:


  38. Julian Lee says:

    This fellow is writing some really heavy-duty stuff. There is a change in this country.

    “To continue my explanation of why I believe Zionism is losing its grip on America I would like to discuss where their storytelling has been most egregious which is to say the Holocaust.

    “After World War II, we were told that six million Jews had been killed in concentration camps in Germany, Poland and elsewhere. Confessions derived under torture were used as evidence. Then we were told that there were no death camps in Germany but that the total was the same. Then the Polish authorities revised the estimated number of deaths at Auschwitz-Birkenau down from 4,000,000 to 1,500,000, but the total number of Jewish deaths was still claimed to be six million. In fact you can be imprisoned in Europe for questioning the six million figure.

    “It is not well known but the International Red Cross was granted monthly access to all German camps including Auschwitz. Neither Bush nor Obama has granted access to America’s secret prisons where Bush freely admitted torture is practiced. The Red Cross had inside men in the camps. Not one gave any details of gas chambers prior to the end of the war.

    “There were 150 British soldiers who were engineers and held at Auschwitz-Birkenau. They were forced to work maintaining the plants there that made gasoline from coal using a Russian patent developed in 1915. Nobody has ever asked any of these 150 British engineers if they had seen any gas chambers.

    “The total number of deaths at the camps was estimated by the International Red Cross to have been 300,000 but this figure included non-Jews. The 1950 World Almanac said there were 800,000 more Jews alive in 1950 than in 1940.

    “By comparison, half a million German civilians died in 14 hours of bombing at Dresden on the night of February 13, 1945 after Germany had largely ceased to function. The allies built bombers prior to the war which were designed to kill civilians. This is a war crime.

    “Major General JFC Fuller in his book World War II questioned the allied bombing campaign. He made weekly recommendations to the Bombing Committee to take out specific targets, such as, the plant that made starters for submarines and the only plant making a high octane additive. Yet none of these high value targets were ever bombed though 25 German cities were destroyed. It is well known that the allied bombers avoided bombing American owned properties. England had to compensate Henry Ford for bombing a Ford truck plant in France in the early days of the war.

    “I have said before that I used to work in an Ivy League medical research facility. 11 of the 12 Jewish doctors and medical researchers there told me they didn’t believe in the Holocaust.

    “The Jewish people were largely in charge of the Soviet Union when sixty million human beings were brutally exterminated. The Jewish people are in charge of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem where war crimes have become routine. There is no moral or philosophical reason why Jewish people today can claim the right to persecute Palestinians for whatever might or might not have happened 65 years ago.

    “I have long held that the Holocaust was a way for Jewish people to say, “I didn’t do that. He did that” (in reference to war crimes.) I also believe that the Holocaust is a way for Jewish people to say that their suffering is unique (because they are human and you are not.) [Note: Like my theory that they came up with “holocaust” because they knew that Dresden really was a holocaust and they wanted to distract from it and steal its thunder.]

    “For my next topic I would like to draw upon the works of the untranslated French author Herve Ryssen. Fortunately there is a series of translated interviews here: http://www.toqonline.com/tag/herve-ryssen/

    Ryssen tells us that Jewish people have been campaigning for open borders and the destruction of white culture to create a One World state to be run by ethnically pure Jews. We can see the results of that philosophy in California. But I see another and darker purpose to their destruction of American culture.

    Suppose you were a banker in New York who receives annual salaries and bonuses in excess of a hundred million dollars. You are worried that any day now the mobs will get sick of paying for your Bailouts and come looking for you especially after the nationwide food riots begin. If someone applied the lessons learned from the Mideast to America, you might want to get the natives to fight each other rather than come looking for you with a rope.”

    Zionism Will Come Undone, Part II

    Jews out of American government! Jews out of Finance! Jews out of Media! Jews out of the Schools!

  39. Julian Lee says:

    This YouTube comments thread has a poster called “GermanAuthority” posting in the comments.


    It is likely he is a Jewish agent. (His channel gives the strong impression he is, I’ve had many dealings with them.) Notice how he is proceeding with his comments; the strategies he is taking, and consider the intended effects of his comments. It is a very good little education in how Jews work among the various White peoples. He is pretending to be a German nationalist and, as a “German nationalist,” is insulting Americans and other peoples who are making German-positive statements on the thread. Sort of “We Germans hate you Americans,” and “nobody’s as good as we Germans” and “Only Germans can do National Socialism.”

    It’s very interesting to study his strategies. I just asked him a test question.

  40. DONE HERE says:


  41. kerdasi amaq says:

    JTJ said…“Then there is stargazer who seems to take great delight in joining in on the eating frenzy while having a love/hate relationship with his hippy mamers geeezuz.”

    I read this as a description of “Stargazers” portrayal of Jesus.

  42. Bailey says:

    Oh Fuck, Here we go again.
    Allow me to interupt..



  43. TONY says:

    nice you are up and running again!!!

  44. INCOG MAN says:

    Jew DOS attack. Typical Jew Saturday. The law of Moses says nothing about computers.

  45. Bailey says:

    Rat Bastards.

  46. Flanders says:

    I found this while searching other matters in case it is helpful for someone:


    Signatures collected at the Zionist Congress in Zurich.

    A unique collection of 52 signatures in pencil on six separate sheets of paper, each 5¾x7, three bearing imprint of lion and “Baur au Lac/Zurich” in upper left, signed at the Zionist Congress held in Zurich, Switzerland, probably the Sixteenth Congress in 1929. Most are signed in English, a few in Hebrew. Includes: Léon Blum (Jewish Prime Minister of France, 1936-1937, 1938), Herbert Samuel (1st High Commissioner of Palestine, 1920-1925), M. Dizengoff (founder and 1st Mayor of Tel-Aviv), Vera R. Weizmann (First Lady, wife of 1st President of Israel Chaim Weizmann), Morris Rothenberg, Herbert Solow, James N. Rosenberg, Cyrus Adler, Carla Marburg Rothschild, Janet Lieberman, Rebecca Herzmark Safer, Simon Marks, David M. Bressler, Meyer Spielman and 38 others. A few days after the Sixteenth Congress had closed, riots broke out in Palestine. The Zionist movement was in chaos and Chaim Weizmann, re-elected President of the World Zionist Organization, resigned.”
    Description provided:


  47. Lynda says:

    Shalom, Jon.

    You seem to think that the White race has been exclusively occupied with ‘trying to kill jews’. You only wish.

    The White race has been occupied with thriving, building, creating, inventing, adventuring and cultivating our spiritual focus. We have become concerned with jews only incidentally. And that is because your people insist upon parasitizing us, appropriating our goods, censoring us, making war upon us and attempting to rule us. This is the only reason why we are concerned with jews at all.

    The jews are what, maybe 5% of the American population counting your cryptos.

    Why should you rule the majority demographic? Nobody cares if you want to live in your jewish enclaves swinging your chickens and observing all thousands of stupid rules and regulations. Nobody cares if you just want to assimilate, live and let live. Nobody cares if you don’t want to assimilate, live and let live.

    You are the most boring people on the planet – so go enjoy yourselves.

    But start up the tribal networking for the tribal agenda to predate upon and parasitize the goyim, then you Yids and the Whites are going to rumble. And don’t give me that crap about Israel. You Yids never so much as stuck a toe in ‘the holy land’ until you invaded it in the twentieth century.

  48. Phil says:

    jon tomas says:
    “listen guys, im a proud jewish zionist and i understand your frustration with my people because thru the ages from the begining of time you tried to kill us off and you couldnt. roman, syrians, babalonions, greeks, german, persia, russia, and 50 other nations thru the years and what happend??”

    Proud Jewish Zionist is like saying “proud thieving, lying, murderous rat.”

    The only reasons you ratz were ‘persecuted’ those times that you really were–and not those fictional tales or yore–by us ‘evil, intolerant, Jew-hating’ Gentiles is because of your subversive, criminal, nation-wrecking nature and deep-seated Talmudic hatred for us that continues to this day, you slippery, condescending rat.


  49. Phil says:

    Lynda says:
    April 26, 2011 at 8:01 am
    “You seem to think that the White race has been exclusively occupied with ‘trying to kill jews’. You only wish.”

    Yes Linda, more embellished/fabricated Jewish fables of “poisecution” that is instilled in these ratz from infancy. That’s okay, the whole world is becoming Jew-wise ALL AT ONCE, an event heretofore never having occurred in history. That’s right Jewboys and girls, no more running to another country and setting up shop all over amongst an ignorant (i.e, un-Jew-wise) host nation’s people with your hostile to Gentiles, Jewish networking, usual nation-wrecking, culture-perverting, subversive activities, etc..

    These parasitical ratz never, ever, seem to get it and never learn their lesson. Oh sure, in their eyes they’re not doing anything wrong…they’re just God’s ‘chosen’ acting in whatever way they want, and we, the hated Gentiles, especially us White gentiles, are the ‘bad’ guys if we have the nerve to notice, complain or even do something about.

    That Jews see no error it their ways is akin to a nigger blasting his music disturbing your peace and you calling the cops to put an end to it; and in his view, you’re the no-good, racist motherf*cer who’s at fault–NOT HIM.


  50. American says:

    I pick Phil for my team. 🙂

    Well said!

  51. t bone says:

    Exactly Phil,
    I had problems with my negro neighbors always making noise (5 people-2 adults and 3 niglets) in their one bedroom apartment.
    I called the cops after months of torture. Two White officers show up and they are nasty to me, but nice to the niggers.
    Talk about feeling helpless.

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